Thursday, August 22, 2013

First Tier Elephant Dung: University of Alabama School of Law

Tuition: In-state law students – attending on a full-time basis – will be charged $20,770 in tuition, for the 2013-2014 school year. Non-resident, full-time law students will be bent over a coffee table, at a cost of $34,840 – for 2013-2014. It’s nice to see a public toilet taking such an intere$t in their pupils, huh?!

Ranking: According to US “News” & World Report, the University of Alabama Sewer of Law is the 21st most prestigious law school in the entire nation. It even shares this designation with George Washington University, which MUST make it a great in$titution, right?!?! You might think that is impressive, but keep in mind that this is definitely a regional school – at best. Try landing a decent attorney position outside of the South, with a degree from this commode.

Employment Placement Data: Let’s take a look at the Employment Summary report for the Alabama JD Class of 2012. Under Employment Status, you will note that the school claims a 94% “placement rate” within nine months of graduation, i.e. 158/168. Then again, the school did not know the job status for four members of this cohort. When JDs get jobs, they typically cannot wait to report that information. If we use the entire class, then the placement rate falls to 91.9 percent, i.e. 158/172. You will also see that the public toilet hired three members of the Class of 2012 in law school or university funded positions. Those posts are listed as full-time, long term.

Scroll down to the section labeled Employment Type. A total of 80 graduates ended up working in private law firms. This number includes the following: 12 desperate solos; 34 people working in firms of 2-10 lawyers; and 12 more employed by offices of 11-25 attorneys. In stark contrast, only damn member of this class found work in a firm of more than 500 lawyers. Do you still like YOUR odds, lemming?!?!

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the University of Alabama JD Class of 2012 who incurred debt for law school - as $67,611. In fact, 79 percent of this school’s 2012 class took on such toxic debt. Remember that this figure does not include undergraduate debt – and it also does not take accrued interest into account.

Alabama’s Long-Time Law Dean Leaves…for InfiLaw:

Paul Campos authored a Lawyers, Guns & Money blog entry entitled “Does your conscience bother you?” - back on July 6, 2013. Check out the segment below:

“[I]t ought to tell us something when the University of Alabama announced last week that Kenneth Randall, who had been dean of the university’s law school for 20 years, was “retiring” effective immediately, to enter what the university’s president characterized demurely as “the private sector.”

“The private sector” turns out to be . . . well let’s allow ex-Dean Randall to speak for himself: 

We all are still working on the margins of traditional education with distance ed; it is high time to create economies of scale industry-wide; to bring law to non-lawyers; to create hybrid models of brick-and-mortar and technology-based programs; to train lawyers to deliver legal services in the new technology-based ways clients demand; and to train law students for jobs that don’t require a bar license. We need inclusive education, that breaks down geographical and other boundaries.

The InfiLaw System offered a special opportunity, supporting me to lead a new venture, InfiLaw Ventures, both to create new content, and to deliver existing content in ways that expand markets and serve student learners who otherwise might be left out of education….We will joint venture with schools nationally and internationally. I’ve been involved in traditional legal education. But the ABA rules on distance education need updating. We need the accreditors and educators and innovators coming together to meet the new realities of legal education.” [Emphasis mine]

It's obvious that Kenneth Randall is leaving for browner pastures - unless the pigs at InfiLaw are tossing more green in his direction.  As Elie Mystal pointed out, under Randall, the public commode went from 38th greatest - in 2010 - to the 21st most phenomenal law school in the United States. The rat had also been dean for 20 years. According to his old school bio, the academic thief holds four law degrees! I’m sure that the InfiLaw excrement piles will see their ranking soar.

Do You Enjoy Toilet Water?:

This past Spring, the Alabama State Bar published a report labeled “Thinking Of Going To Law School?” Head down to the subheading Early Hires - 0-3 Months:

“For those who found employment within 3 months after admission, the largest group (43.3%) found it in the private practice setting of firms having 1 to 5 lawyers. This result is not surprising, since we know that approximately two-thirds of Alabama lawyers practice in the 1 to 5 lawyer setting.” [Emphasis mine]

Those who took more than one year to find a job ended up working in such firms at an even higher rate.  The employment statistics from the University of Alabama SOL Class of 2012 reflect this reality, as well. Have fun fighting established law firms - and locally known attorneys - for family law and DUI cases. Make sure to have some decent start up money, if you take this TTT route.

Conclusion: You may think that an additional $70K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt is a small price to pay for a chance to be admitted to this garbage “profession.” However, keep in mind that the USN&WR figure cited above does not include interest that accrues while you are enrolled in this advanced Humanities program. Do you think that you can make good money as a small town lawyer, in a boutique firm, in an area already overrun with such attorneys? If you have a decent job, with a chance for advancement, be smart - and stick to that position.


  1. Two ply roll tide.

  2. I am sure that Alabama grads recall with gratitude the elevated pedagogy of their Constitutional Law and Professional Responsibility prof Paul Horwitz, specialist on the religion clauses of the First Amendment and scourge of the scamblogs.

    Paul Horwitz has some interesting things to say about training lawyers, including:

    1. “I am just about ready to shoot any student who walks into law school with the Chemerinsky con law treatise and without the assigned con law casebook (and yes, it has happened [the business with the books, not the shooting]).”

    2. “Talking in class, and other ways of throwing yourself into the mix, is a terrific, bad-consequence-free way of actually starting to practice at being a lawyer. Take advantage.”

    3. “I don't necessarily see a one-to-one correspondence between having practical skills and being good at imparting those skills; plenty of brilliant swimming coaches are not themselves Olympics-level swimmers.”

    sources: (See numbered paragraph #4 and #8 of this lengthy post). (Horwitz comment, at Aug 11, 2011 2:46:48 PM, on his own Campos-bashing post “I am Law Prof,” at Prawfsblawg)

  3. I was born in Alabama and lived there for the first 24 years of my life. This article is correct that most lawyers in the state practice in small firms. Some barely eke out a living, some get by OK, and (at least in my home town) a handful make a very good living. Strangely enough, the latter tend to come from upper class families with strong political and social connections. It really is a good ole boy network. If you are not from the area where you want to practice and do not come from a "respected" family then the odds are very much against you.

  4. It's like that in a lot of areas. The thing is a lot of those kids don't take out a cent for law school. And they've got connections. (If their parents can't hire them because of nepotism laws, you can be sure the parents friends can hire them.) So they've got a huge head start.

    The only thing that makes me smile a little is knowing that pretty much all those gorgeous Southern belles at SEC schools (you know, the ones in the stands on Saturday) are blowing big black guys on the football team. If only their daddies or white boyfriends knew.

  5. Freshmen speech to GT students.

    Georgia Tech doesn't have a law school does it?

    If they don't they should open one and hire this kid as the dean.

  6. ^ Um, why do you refer to him as a "kid," Roachturd? Does he still live with HIS parents?

  7. Bring on the Scholocaust. Roast these cunts in the ovens.

    I'll stuff them in. Fuck, I'll be the Shitler of the Scholocaust. I hate hate hate hate FUCKING HATE HATE HATE law schools and law professors and they need to fucking STOP.

  8. Alabama is home to so many ham and egg lawyers. Forget that shit.

  9. How it feels to wake up feeling trapped with six figure debt for the rest of your days or at least the best years of your life:

    1. It makes feel like you are jumping down the street on the way the Broadway?

      I thought that it would make you feel like this.

  10. Kenneth Randall took a cue from Randal Graves and got a gig where he wouldn't have to deal with "the fucking customers." Now he just peddles bullshit to other bullshitters in a giant circle jerk.

  11. Where do you get these pictures?

  12. Let's take a look at some of the law journals at this public cesspool. We'll start with the Alabama Civil Rights & Liberties Law Review. You can't make this stuff up, people.

    "The Alabama Civil Rights & Civil Liberties Law Review is a new publication at the University of Alabama that seeks to examine civil rights and civil liberties issues through the thought and writing of leading 21st century civil rights advocates and scholars.

    Issues that the Law Review hopes to cover include: age, gender, and race discrimination, disability rights, fair housing, voting rights and others[.]"

    Does anyone else find this ironic? When you think of cosmopolitan areas, Alabama does not come to mind.

    Case in point: George Wallace, flanked by police, blocking the entrance of two black men trying to enroll at the University of Alabama, in 1963. Take a look at the History Channel's web entry, "Jun 11, 1963: University of Alabama desegregated."

    "Facing federalized Alabama National Guard troops, Alabama Governor George Wallace ends his blockade of the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and allows two African American students to enroll.

    George Wallace, one of the most controversial politicians in U.S. history, was elected governor of Alabama in 1962 under an ultra-segregationist platform. In his 1963 inaugural address, he promised his white followers: "Segregation now! Segregation tomorrow! Segregation forever!" When African American students attempted to desegregate the University of Alabama in June 1963, Alabama's new governor, flanked by state troopers, literally blocked the door of the enrollment office. The U.S. Supreme Court, however, had declared segregation unconstitutional in 1954's Brown v. Board of Education, and the executive branch undertook aggressive tactics to enforce the ruling.

    On June 10, 1963, President John F. Kennedy federalized National Guard troops and deployed them to the University of Alabama to force its desegregation. The next day, Governor Wallace yielded to the federal pressure, and two African American students--Vivian Malone and James A. Hood--successfully enrolled. In September of the same year, Wallace again attempted to block the desegregation of an Alabama public school--this time Tuskegee High School in Huntsville--but President Kennedy once again employed his executive authority and federalized National Guard troops. Wallace had little choice but to yield."

    There is also the matter of the Selma to Montgomery marches, and the vile events leading up those actions.

    If you are a student editor on this journal, and you put this on your resume, do employers laugh in your face? Alabama has a indelible “legacy” of slavery, secession, racism, mob lynching, Jim Crow, state troopers spraying black people with fire hydrants, setting police dogs on black children, etc.

    1. Why would ANYONE want to go to the shithole state of Alabama? From the top ten list of most racist states in the usa; buying gasoline while black. SOURCE:

      "It happened in April 2012 on my way from Massachusetts to Texas, I rented a brand new 2012 Jeep Grand-Cherokee, somewhere in Alabama stopped for some gas, going in to the gas station counter with my 50 bucks in my hand cause(up to there I had drove and used my visa card at different states in less than 24 hours, so it was blocked). Entering the shop there were 4
      white dudes chatting with the man at the counter, I said HI to them then handed my 50 bucks

      " may I have some gas please at pump number 1?"

      the guys stopped chatting and the answer was "WE DON'T HAVE GAS TODAY".

      Right there I looked outside and saw two white guys with gas nozzles in filling the gas to their cars as usual. Immediately, some struck in my mind "RACISM" went out took off like 4 miles ahead found a SUNUCO gas station had my tank filled went on my trip. I'm from Africa, can't believe up to today of what happened.

    2. Yes there are a lot of vile people there. History of vile politicians too--Wallace was just one. There was that state court judge who almost got on the supreme court by pandering about displaying the ten commandments, ranting about how a lesbian was not fit to have custody of her child because she was gay, etc. If I still did not have family there I wouldn't have any reason to go back.

    3. "The Alabama Civil Rights & Civil Liberties Law Review... the thought and writing of leading 21st century civil rights advocates and scholars."

      Alabama is in the 21st century?

    4. The theocrat judge I referred to in the post above is Roy Moore. Just for fun I googled him and discovered he is now the chief "justice" of the Alabama supreme court, in spite of earlier being removed from the bench for refusing to obey a court order to remove the ten commandments from his courtroom. That a state would elect him for such a position says it all.

    5. Alabama is a great state to visit. This SF Bay area resident goes there enough. You don't have to go far in my area to get backwoods/racial attitudes just take a look at the San Francisco, CA Craiglist rant/rave section.

    6. @yoko ono. What do you mean you stupid fucking bitch? Alabama was a shitty place for that black guy to try to buy a tank of goddamn gas for his car. You should move to Alabama if you think it's a great place to visit you dumb cunt.

  13. Alabama is a dirty backwards shithole.


    Now, we will review something called the Journal of the Legal Profession. Take a look at the published description:

    “The Journal of the Legal Profession was the nation's first periodical exploring legal ethics and problems confronting the profession. For over thirty years, essays by distinguished judges, attorneys, and legal scholars have constituted the Journal of the Legal Profession's main text.

    The student staff, selected from the top 25% of students after their first year in law school, conducts research and writes commentary on cases raising questions of professional ethics. The publication provides students a unique opportunity to examine the legal community from an ethics perspective and to present their findings and opinions to an international readership.”

    Does anyone with a functioning brain view the legal “profession” as ethical?!?! We all know that the law school pigs have no moral decency - and no guiding principles, other than money! Can you imagine the dreck that these students will read and edit?

    If you are still awake after reading the University of Alabama summaries above, then check out the following:

    “The Law & Psychology Review is a law journal that addresses the interplay between the disciplines of law and psychology. Founded in 1975 by law students of the University of Alabama who were concerned with the rights of the mentally disabled, the Law & Psychology Review was one of the first journals to combine the disciplines of law and the behavioral sciences. The journal has significantly developed since its establishment, such that it has recently been named by Washington & Lee University School of Law as the top student-edited law journal pertaining to both law and psychology.”

    At least this tripe is only published once a year, according to the rest of the description. Perhaps one of the student editors can publish a piece on the mindset of idiots applying to law school today – especially to unaccredited dung pits such as Indiana Tech Law Sewer.

    1. They love to prattle on and on about legal ethics and professionalism. As if it was really that complicated.

      1. Don't steal from clients

      2. Don't lie--to anyone---not to clients, not to judges, not to opposing counsel, not to other parties.

      3. Do the best job you can for each of your clients.

      4. Don't take on a case you are unqualified to handle, unless you plan to engage qualified co-counsel.

      That covers about 97% of it.

  15. The main patrons of lawyers in America have always been the middle class. They bought the houses and had enough money to need tax advice and estate planning and got divorced a lot. That's why we have so many lawyers, because we used to have a big middle class. Now, we don't. The customers are broke, and now the legal market is shrinking. Stay Out of Law School -END OF FUCKING STORY.

    1. You sir hit the nail on the fucking head.

      Everyone knows there are tens of millions of broke people in the US. They have legal problems and not just criminal charges. But they have no fucking money to pay for legal services. So that's moot.

      Well, the middle class is shrinking. (Thanks automation and globalization.) So fewer people can afford to pay a lawyer. Throw in the gigantic debt and the lawyer glut and you have a disaster.

    2. And rather than pay for a real live attorney, they can save a bit of money by using to create a will, or incorporate a business, etc. Lemmings- listen up, the market for lawyers is shinking. The law schools will talk shit about the huge unmet need for legal services, but you need to ask yourself whether all these people with unmet legal needs actually have the money to pay a lawyer!

      Don't be fucking stupid lemmings. This isn't the 1880s where clients can pay you with chickens, shiny apples, or baskets of sweet corn. You need actual fucking money to pay off that student loan debt and folks don't have money to pay for lawyers, you're seriously SOL.

  16. Lemmings!! you can still drop out! You can return loans to the gov't within 2 weeks of disbursement and get a 100% refund.

  17. Real prestigious, a law school if you want classmates who are racist backward Hee-Haw dumbfucks:

    1. The last U.S.anti-miscegenation laws were lifted FOUR DECADES AGO. However, 21% of Alabama citizens believe interracial marriage should be illegal-- These backwards fucks are literally 40 years behind the curve.
    2. 45% of Alabama Repulicans believe Obama is a Muslim.


  18. No one else has mentioned it. But Alabama is a poor state.

    Alabama is 46th in household income and 44th in per capita.

    You can't repay your student loans in scrip.

    1. However, prescriptions are another matter entirely. Prescription painkillers are hill-billy currency. Alabama had the country's highest rate of filling prescriptions for narcotics. They love their oxycontin and vicodin.

  19. Just talked to a faculty member of the University of Hawaii Law School. He was telling me about how the powers that be there are really starting to sweat re: the plummeting number of applications, and how the word is getting out about the abysmal employment prospects for most of its recent grads.


  20. The ABA shitbags will probably just allow anyone with a BA to apply. Before you know it, no lsat will be needed.

  21. You still posting about the law schools?

    Does Cryn Johannsen need to suck your dick again, nando?

    1. Why should Nando not post about law schools?

  22. Hillbilly national anthem

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    1. The Hillbilly national anthem needs to add a verse or two for accuracy:
      1. pig fucking.
      2. cousin fucking.
      3. being an all-around backwards dumb fuck.
      4. Having retarded kids

  23. Cousin fucking probably adds some spice to your typical divorce case down there.

    1. 'Squeal Like a Pig' is the Alabama State Motto and the cousin fucking is high school and college sport.

  24. What we really need is a PAINTROACH national anthem. It should detail how much fun it is to be a lazy, grifting sack of dogshit who always goes to the "emergency room" so he can score some "free" medical treatment.

    It could also have a chorus about how you will never, EVER do any work - even though the heavens may fall.

    There's a lot of human jetsam on this site, Paintroach, but you really take the cake. You may well be the laziest motherfucker in the history of the world - and in the Age of Obama, that is really saying something.

  25. This clown practiced law for a grand total of 2 years and then retreated into academia.

    Fucking classic..

    An alphabet-soup mix of advanced degrees from elite schools after his JD. Why isn't he out there hustling in the Real World of law with his degrees vs. being in academia?

    Those who can't, or won't, teach.

    Easy Money.

    1. And those who really can't end up kvetching at everyone else. I'm not a fan of Ken Randall's, but give the man his props. He earned them.

  26. Check out this MSN Money article entitled “The poorest counties in America.” According to the Main Street staff writers, “These 15 counties have the nation's highest poverty rates, with the worst at or close to 50%, according to the most recent Census Bureau data.” Read the first entry below:

    “No. 15: Wilcox County, Ala.
    Poverty rate: 39.6%

    Poverty rate of children under 18: 52.5%

    Median household income: $21,611

    About half of the counties on this list are located in the South, where the jobless rate is higher than the national average, at more than 9%. The median annual income of residents of this rural county between Montgomery and Mobile is less than half of the national median income. In addition, the county's high school graduation rate of 71.1% trails Alabama's 80.8% average.”

    According to this Wikipedia entry, Alabama is home to seven of the 100 poorest counties, by MEDIAN HOUSEHOLD INCOME, in the U.S. What a tremendous area to open up a law office, huh?!?! Here is the information from that listing, which the ranking and income level provided:

    6. Wilcox County; $16,504;
    18. Sumter County, $18911;
    29. Greene County, 19,819;
    34. Perry County, $20,200;
    40. Bullock County, $20,605;
    55. Macon County, $21,280;
    79. Conecuh County, $22,111.

    Yes, Alabama even tops well-known poverty-stricken states such as West Virginia and South Dakota in this area. That is one hell of an “accomplishment,” right?! Based on this data, Alabama is FOURTH, in terms of number of counties on this list:

    “Number of counties by state in the 100 poorest counties: Kentucky, 29; Mississippi, 13; Texas, 10; Alabama, 7.”

    In sum, this is a dirt poor state. As the state bar has mentioned, most lawyers work in firms of 1-5 attorneys. When you work in such small law offices, in good areas, you don’t make much money. Now, imagine working in toilet law in this state. Do you still think taking out an additional $70K-$100K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt is a small price to pay for a chance to enter this gutter “profession”?!?!

    1. Like in "To Kill A Mockingbird", you may need to accept payment for your services in something other than currency in Alabama.

  27. Alabama rednecks don't care about being piss poor. They're proud of having the best college football team in America. That's all that matters to them.

  28. Let's now review the preamble to the Alabama State Bar's document entitled "Thinking of Law School?" I provided a hyperlink to the report, in the main entry.

    "Popular culture has made a career in law look easy and lucrative. But this is complete fiction. Lawyers who are practicing today bear little resemblance to characters we see each week on television or read about in novels.

    Before you go any further, you need to make a realistic assessment by honestly answering three questions below. If you can’t give an honest answer then you really don’t need to continue on this page.

    1. Why do you want to go to law school?
    2. Can you afford law school?
    3. Do you really want to be a lawyer?

    We cannot stress enough that the answer to Q2 is critically important. Becoming a lawyer usually takes seven years of full-time study after high school—four years of undergraduate study in college, followed by three years of law school. Essentially, you will be losing at least three years of potential earnings while you are in law school and the debt you will incur is likely to exceed $100,000 according to some estimates.

    There is an old adage about law school: “The first year they scare you to death. The second year they work you to death. The third year they bore you to death.”

    Are you still interested in law as a career because the cold, hard reality is that not everyone is cut out to be a lawyer. And, there is no guarantee that you will find a job as a lawyer. The new reality is that there are fewer positions available for lawyers whether it be in a law firm or in a public service setting. In fact, most law school graduates wind up having to hang their own shingle in order to practice law.

    Our best career advice to you is to carefully read the following information which appears in the publication produced by the Alabama State Bar, “Law as a Career: What You Should Know Before Applying to Law School.”Next, we suggest you read the summary report titled “Survey of New Admittees Regarding Law Student Debt and Post Law School Employment.” This will give you a dose of the reality that awaits your decision."

    Even some state bar associations have conceded that the economics don't make sense for many people who want to attain a "legal education." They also noted that there simply are not enough lawyer jobs for the number of JDs pumped out each year. This particular organization repeats these concerns throughout the report. If you cannot be bothered to read this 16 page document – which includes charts, graphs and lists - then how in the hell do you expect to be an attorney?

  29. Wow...some serious bashing of the State of Alabama. I've lived in Alabama most of my life and it is a nice place to live. I'm not saying that you should move here, but I've been pretty much everywhere in this country and I could work anywhere I wanted to and yet I choose to live here.

    Talking about Wallace and dogs and stuff that happened 50 years ago would be like going to Germany and blaming the folks for starting for WW2. Speaking of Germany, per capita income in Alabama is 41,415 which is higher than the 40,394 in Germany. And no one talks about Germany being a poor country.

    Yes, there are pockets of relatively extreme poverty in Alabama. The counties listed above are all rural, black belt counties (named both for the good soil and larger percentage of African Americans.) All together, those counties make up 1.6% of the population of Alabama. More relevant are the cities of Huntsville, Mobile and Birmingham. Huntsville has one of the highest per capita incomes in the south (many engineering jobs here). Mobile is an old port town on the Mobile Bay. Birmingham is a regional medical center located in foothills of the Appalachians.

    1. Nice spin attempt.

      Alabama is 46th in household income and 44th in per capita. That qualifies the state as dirt poor.

    2. @11:08AM You stupid Alabama fucktard.

      'Wallace and dogs and stuff'? You stupid Alabama fucktard, George Wallace's legacy is one of hatred and bigotry and that is what he deserves to be remembered for.

      Also, by 'stuff' I assume you mean racism, lynchings and the KKK, correct? Of course, the KKK is still active in Alabama, correct? In fact, in celebration of racism and slavery, you trash still display the rebel flag everywhere don't you?

      You could work anywhere you 'wanted to'? No you can't you stupid fuckwit, I sincerely doubt you'd be welcome in less bigoted places, especially with your one front tooth, and your 'first-cousin wife'.

      Finally, George Wallace defines you and the State of Alabama, so get used to it, you bigoted, pig-fucking simpleton.

    3. You want to know why Americans despise Alabama and Southerners? See this photo from the civil rights era, 'Alabama's Finest' at work keeping the coloreds in their place.

    4. If you don't want to live in Alabama, no one is going to force you to. However, lots of people do want to live there, and in the first years of this decade, the state's population has grown at a faster rate that those of more liberal states such as Illinois, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

  30. ^ Too bad they can't have him put our beloved Paintroachie to work. No, even he couldn't move that mountain of roachshit. John Koch wouldn't bend his back even if he was on FIRE. Lazy lazy lazy.

  31. 4:54 that picture was taken in Birmingham. It really doesn't look like that anymore, but you can visit the place where it all happened and pay $15 to go to the museum. Help some po folks out would ya!

  32. I know Ken Randall. He ruled Alabama's faculty with an iron fist and would put you on the enemies' list in a New York minute if you failed to do what he said. Several careers have been tanked because of this little Napoleon with his elevator lift shoes. (Yes, he wears lifts.) He's smart, vicious, and vindictive. Very vindictive.

    Still, he's had a very good career at Alabama, and he's built a good reputation for himself. I'm amazed he's putting that reputation at risk by working for Infilaw. That company and its "management team" have proven they're out to destroy legal education--not improve it. The outcomes for students haven't improved by their corporate practices, and Lord knows the outcomes for faculty owned by these schools are dismal.

    Why would Ken Randall associate himself with a corporation known for buying bottom tier schools and producing poor outcomes? Maybe it's because Infilaw's paying him a boat load of money. He'll probably have a certain period of time to find course designers, hire content experts, and develop a sales pitch to get other deans to buy the online courses he wants to produce. But if he doesn't produce the outcomes they expect, I'm sure they'll find another job for Ken. It's always handy to have a dean from a first-tier school with good ABA connections on the payroll.

  33. This school is for chumps that don't mind making shit wages in a small market.

  34. I was on board with your blog until I came upon this one. The employment numbers, bar passage rates, and low tuition are simply contradictory to your negative opinions about Alabama. In fact, I read nothing here that is empirically negative. Nor anything in the comments that is anecdotally negative. From these comments you've made about a relatively good tier one law school I can only deduce that you foster negative opinions about EVERY law school just for the sake of them being a law school. This takes away from your overall message. If perhaps you tailored your reviews to schools that were actually terrible it might give more force and persuasion to your opinions. However, simply bashing every law school despite their rankings and employment numbers makes you that much more dismissible, and detracts from your blog.

  35. Whoever created this site sounds like a stupid son-of-a-bitch living in his mom's basement because he made a 121 on his LSAT. Get a fucking job morons.

  36. Of course this school is a piece of shit. It enrolls Alabamans that like to fuck their sisters.


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