Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lingering Excrement: Fourth Tier Thomas M. Cooley Law School's Nest Egg

More Porky Pies from Don LeDuc:

The Lansing State Journal published Matthew Miller’s piece, “Cooley Law School weathering decline in enrollment,” on August 18, 2013. Take a look at this opening: 


“From the outside, what was happening at Thomas M. Cooley Law School in the fall of 2010 looked like another chapter in the school’s explosive growth. 

Enrollment topped 4,000 students, spread across four campuses in Michigan. The newest, in Ann Arbor, had opened the year before. And, though it’s a nonprofit, Cooley was pulling in money. It began that fiscal year with $90 million in net assets and closed it with $111 million.

In retrospect, it was a high-water mark. Students had flocked to law schools after the economic meltdown of 2008. Cooley’s leaders didn’t pass on the opportunity.

Enrollment has fallen sharply since. Cooley had 3,219 students last fall, even after the opening of a fifth campus near Tampa, Fla. Don LeDuc, Cooley’s president and dean, said the entering class this fall will be “significantly smaller” than the previous year. As for the money, he calls it a nest egg. “Our model has basically been the grasshopper and the ants from your fables,” LeDuc said. “We set aside a fair amount of money to weather what we thought the storm would be. Our only concern is how long this lasts.” [Emphasis mine]

For $ome rea$on, Cockroach Don LeDuc did not mention his concern for his students or their job prospects. He must have forgot to do so, right?!?! Later on, the author wrote:

“Cooley hasn’t cut faculty positions like some other schools, but it has allowed vacancies to remain unfilled, LeDuc said. 

This fall, it will raise tuition by 9 percent for first-year students, bringing the cost of the first 30 credits to $43,500, and by 8 percent for everyone else.

It hasn’t lowered its admission standards, LeDuc said. The median LSAT score of its entering class slipped from 146 two years ago to 145 last year, but that reflects a reduction in the number of higher-scoring applicants rather than a drop in the school’s minimum requirements for admission, he said. But LeDuc doesn’t see a drop in minimum requirements as out of the question.

“Sooner or later you’ve got to make a choice,” he said, “because you need enough revenue to cover what your expenses are.” [Emphasis mine]

Bitch, you have no admi$$ion$ standards. Hell, your median LSAT score for your entering class is 145!!

Pathetic 2013 LSAT and UGPA 25th-75th Percentile Figures:


According to the Top Law Schools listing above, an LSAT score of 142 would place an applicant in the 25th percentile for the 2013 class entering at TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer! A 151 on the LSAT would put you at the 75th percentile for this rat-hole. It’s nice to see that an ABA-accredited dung heap has such stringent admi$$ion$ “standards,” huh?!?!

Based on this same listing, a UGPA of 2.57 was good enough for the 25th percentile at TTTT Cooley. Keep in mind that these grades include people who majored in Political “Science,” Psychology, English Literature, American History, etc. - at various college$ and univer$itie$. An undergraduate GPA of 3.36 would set you firmly in the 75th percentile at this pile of excrement.

A Four Year College Degree Not Necessary for Admission to Cooley!:


Check out this filth, from the fourth tier trash pit:

“Applying Without a Bachelor's Degree

Please note: Some state bars require a bachelor's degree; however, the State Bar of Michigan does not. Please check the educational requirements of the bar in the state in which you plan to practice law. 

Most Cooley students have a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. Yet, under court rules adopted by the Michigan Supreme Court, an applicant may also attend if the student has completed at least 60 semester hours or 90 quarter hours either toward an undergraduate degree from an accredited school or from an accredited junior or community college. 

Cooley Law School welcomes inquiries from individuals with associate's degrees or 60 to 90 credits at a four-year institution.” [Emphasis mine]

At what point will these hags start accepting students armed with nothing more than a high school diploma or GED?!?! Their mothers must be very proud. You would think that a supposed “institution of higher learning” would be embarrassed to post this garbage. 

Pig LeDuc’s Compensation as Cooley Dean:


According to the 2011 Form 990 for Thomas M. Cooley Law School, i.e Employer ID No. 38-1988915, Don LeDuc raked in $605,507 in TOTAL COMPENSATION for the tax year ending August 31, 2011. At those sums, the Michigan mustached dung beetle will do and say/hiss anything to keep the gravy train of federally-backed student loans rolling along.

Conclusion: The pigs, rats and cockroaches at this diploma mill DO NOT GIVE ONE DAMN ABOUT YOU, the student. In their eyes, YOU are simply a bag of money. They need asses in seats, preferably those attached to people with small brains. Remember, the admi$$ion$ “standards” at this place essentially amount to an open enrollment policy - since anyone who really wants to go to law school can gain admission to this putrid dump. Yet, LeDuc has not ruled out decreasing minimum requirements. If the ABA cared about its own reputation, then the dolts would strip this pile of waste of its accreditation.


  1. WHy is a non-profit school hoarding money? The reporter should have asked that of the pig dean.

    1. It's a Non Profit??? How can it< I agree

  2. If I were a recent Cooley grad, I would be outraged by the "grasshopper and the ants" comment.

    It is proof that the Cooley administration overcharged its students for years so that the faculty could continue to live large even after students stop enrolling.

    That would be fine if it were a for-profit business, but it blows my mind that institutions can behave like this and maintain non-profit status.

  3. Wasn't there talk about this shithole merging with Western Michigan U a while back?

  4. It goes without saying but...

    Thomas M. Cooley Law School is the biggest shit pile of any accredited U.S. law school.

    1. I thought the top dung pit in the USA was Texas Southern (Thurgood Marshall) School of Law.

    2. How did they even get accredited anyway?

  5. $43.5K a year to attend the laughing stock of all law schools? And they still have close to 4,000 lemmings paying that king's ransom for an inherently defective degree? Please comb through the top 100 law firm websites and see how many Cooley grads you find employed as associates. You will need one hand to do the count.

    1. You could be born with a deformed 3 fingered hand and count 'em all. And those Cooley grads that are working in the biggest firms as associates are those with political or family connections.

      They would've gotten in regardless of where they went to school. Yes, it's true. Despite being from wealthy families and having access to the best schools and tutors their whole lives, sometimes the kids are still too dumb to get into a real law school.

    2. Most of the students at Cooley do actually have deformed bodies and deformed minds.

      it's like watching the clientele at a poor peoples disability daycare center, with its aimless wandering retards who look utterly lost and its cripples and deformed limb tards who sit there in corners in wheelchairs jerking their heads around.

      Cooley is a toilet.

    3. I think it would be an interesting exercise to find those 3 people out of all the top 100 who came from Cooley. I would be interested to read an article explaining how that happened.

  6. http://tv.msnbc.com/2013/08/26/ny-ag-trump-university-a-scam-from-top-to-bottom/

    I'm surprised Trump University doesn't have a law school.

  7. "Grasshopper and ants."

    Actually, its flies (deans and profs) on shit (student loans).

  8. And to think countless lemmings are attending orientation this week with all this information available at their fingertips if they simply ran a google search. That old saying "a fool and their money are soon parted" rings true. Just stupid.

    There is a law school not too far from where I live. Maybe I should just stand by the entrance with a TTR sign? We have to do more to bring down this filthy industry.

  9. A few years ago, I tried to convince my neighbor's son not to attend Cooley Law School. In fact, for a couple of years, my neighbors did not talk to my wife or I because they resented the advice I gave to the son (I told the son to retake the LSAT and attend a better law school). Early this year, my neighbors started acting friendly again and inviting us to parties and baking us cakes and pies. Well, I later found out their ulterior motives: the father was trying to butter me up into having me hire his son to work at my firm after he graduated in May. I politely told my neighbor that there were no openings and he then proceeded to ask me for advice. I replied: "Dan, the last time you asked me for advice, I gave it candidly and you resented me for it. In fact, you didn't speak to me for over two years. Now you want my advice? Here it is: your son should have listened to me 3 years ago because if he had, he wouldn't be facing a crappy future in the legal profession." I walked away. I realize I probably won't speak to my neighbors again. The lesson I learned from all this is that people will do whatever they are predisposed to doing. Sure, they may ask for "advice" but in reality they are seeking validation for their terrible choices. When they don't receive the validation, you become the "hater" or the jealous one. My neighbor's son is fucked. No one in my legal community would hire a Cooley grad. Not one and I am not exaggerating.

    1. You did the best you could and I applaud you. People don't want to hear the truth; they want to hear that which confirms their pre-existing biases. You upset them when you gave them the unvarnished truth, and to be honest, do you think they would have learned any other way?

      Now their son will be joining the ranks of disillusioned Lemmings and will one day join us in the fight against the Toilets. It didn't necessarily have to be this way but it will make his conviction to the cause -destroying the corrupt law school brand- all the stronger.

    2. Cooley doesn't even hire Cooley grads. Look at who they hired to defend them from the lawsuit by their former students. Not one Cooley grad.

    3. Awful story.

      But did you really try to energetically get the message across and early on to the parents with enough emphasis?

      It all sounds so tragic, because I kept thinking that somewhere in a suburban neighborhood and inland in America, there are 2 neighboring families that were all along insincere and commercially motivated friends, and are now no longer commercially motivated friends.

      Did you give your advice out of a spirit of altruism or instead to protect your elite legal community from the Cooley creeps?

      In other words, it sounds like you never liked the neighbors or their kid, and slammed the gate of your elite club on them and with pleasure after seeing how vulnerable they are, as any mean SOB would readily do.

      Deep thoughts.

    4. Given that they didn't speak to him for two years, I am not sure how much more energetic he could have been. Are you suggesting that he should have advised him to go to Touro instead?

    5. Good one.

      But they likely did see each other once in a while- albeit from a distance- and I would wager that they exchanged nods or waves.

      And the rules of evidence say that that is a statement of friendship and commercial solidarity.

      Something there is that doesn't love a wall, and good fences make good neighbors, but still......come on!

  10. Cooley Law School is shittier than shit.

  11. You can have a law degree for the price of 3 years of your life and 120,000 USD in debt that you will be utterly unable to pay back.... OR, you can buy a 100-trillion dollar bill from Zimbabwe on Ebay for 4 dollars, shipped within the working week. They are worth exactly the same amount.

    1. THAT IS COMPLETELY UNTRUE! The 100 trillion note from Zimbabwe still has some worth due to its being a novelty.

  12. http://www.freep.com/article/20130306/NEWS06/130306105/Thomas-M-Cooley-Law-School-master-s-degree-in-homeland-security-and-national-security-law

    On March 6, 2013, the Detroit Free Press posted the following AP story, under the headline “Cooley Law School adds homeland security degree.” Here is the entire text of this nonsense:

    “The Thomas M. Cooley Law School says it will start offering a master's degree in homeland security and national security law.

    The private nonprofit law school in Lansing announced the new degree program Wednesday. It says it got approval Feb. 26 from the Higher Learning Commission to offer the degree and says the American Bar Association gave its OK earlier this year.

    Cooley says it will start offering the new degree with the term that starts in September. There will be on campus and online class options.

    The school says Brig. Gen. Michael McDaniel now teaches constitutional law and homeland security courses at Cooley and developed the curriculum for the homeland and national security program.” [Emphasis mine]

    I have corrected the numerous, basic misspellings in this article. Perhaps the hack who wrote this was a Cooley grad.

    How many attorneys practice “national security law”?!?! Hell, TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer is a national laughingstock among ABA-accredited dung pits. These poor fools will not be considered for such sensitive posts, due to the pathetic caliber of their law school.


    Georgetown Univer$ity Law Cesspool also offers a one year, National Security Law LLM program.


    The University of Virginia hosts something called the Center for National Security Law. Look at the furnished description: “A Nonpartisan, Nonprofit Interdisciplinary Center for Advanced Scholarship and Education About Legal Issues Affecting U.S. National Security.”


    Columbia Law School offers National Security Law courses, seminars and events to its students.

    Apparently, Cooley simply wants the top-ranked, i.e. only, LLM program in homeland security and national security law, in the country.


  13. Maybe Cooley was accredited because someone had to be last.

  14. Cooley was accredited because the ABA will accredit any school. Shit, even Indiana Tech will get the ABA stamp of approval.

  15. "the Michigan mustached dung beetle"

    Fucking hilarious.

  16. Give Cooley credit. Its near where the epicenter of our national security problems are the biggest ie Detroit and Chicago.

  17. How are you doing today, Cooley cockroaches?!?!


    IP Lookup Location For IP Address:
    Continent: North America (NA)
    Country: United States (US)
    Capital: Washington
    State: Michigan
    City Location: Lansing
    Area: 517
    ISP: US Signal Company, L.L.C.
    Organization: Thomas M Cooley Law School
    Time zone: America/Kentucky/Monticello

    Additional IP Lookup Info for IP Address:
    Continent Lat/Lon: 46.07305/-100.546
    Country Lat/Lon: 38/-98
    City Lat/Lon: (42.7325)/(-84.5555)
    IP Language: English
    IP Address Speed: Corporate Internet Speed
    [ Check Internet Speed]
    IP Currency: United States dollar($) (USD)
    IDD Code: +1

    From Analytics, for August 28, 2013:

    10:47am Lansing, MI, USA 1 action 10s
    9:14am Lansing, MI, USA 1 action 10s
    8:56am Lansing, MI, USA 1 action 10s google.com [secure search]
    7:29am Lansing, MI, USA 1 action 10s
    7:20am Lansing, MI, USA 1 action 10s
    7:10am Lansing, MI, USA 1 action 10s
    6:53am Lansing, MI, USA 1 action 10s
    6:08am Lansing, MI, USA 1 action 10s

    Unique ID: 228718312
    IP address:
    Locale: Lansing, MI, USA/English
    Platform: Google Chrome 21.0/Windows XP/1024x768

    In the final analysis, you KNOW that TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer is a true trash heap. Check out how people view you, upon learning that you received your JD from this stink pit.

  18. Hey guys, I saved up money doing doc review and decided to pursue my dream of becoming a musician. This is my first song, which is a very personal piece: http://youtu.be/jGQ4nT3_SiY

    Please listen to it, and let me know your thoughts on it.

  19. Nando, did you see this?

    From the Chronicle of Higher Ed.

    "Charleston School of Law Confirms Sale to For-Profit Chain
    Comments (10)
    The Charleston School of Law, a for-profit institution in South Carolina, on Wednesday announced that its founders and directors had signed an agreement to transfer ownership of the institution to the InfiLaw System, which operates three other for-profit law schools, The Post and Courier reported.

    The law school had previously entered into a management-services agreement with InfiLaw, a step that fueled speculation about an impending sale because it is often the first step toward such a deal. Students and alumni then raised concerns that a sale to InfiLaw would diminish the value of their degrees and harm the school’s reputation.

    In order to go forward, the deal must be approved by the American Bar Association and the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. The school said in its announcement that such approval was expected to take months.

    Two of the school’s founders, Robert S. Carr and George C. Kosko, said in a joint statement that the decision had been made because a majority of the founders “expressed a desire to pull back and retire.” Mr. Carr said that InfiLaw Management Solutions, a subsidiary of the chain, would provide consulting services but would “not make any operational decisions.”

    The school’s statement said that the directors had indicated that they were “willing to consider well-thought-out and financially viable alternative offers.”

    The founders’ statement said that they had “looked at other options, such as becoming a nonprofit institution and a sale to a current owner.” But they concluded that “none of the options would have done as much to protect the interests of the law school for the foreseeable future as the InfiLaw transaction.”

  20. Nando:

    Below is a link to a debate between two law professors as to whether the third year of law school should be abolished. One of the pigs is enthusiastically for it, and one seems somewhat against it. Could you profile the pig that is for keeping the third year of law school, and maybe make a post about abolishing the third year of law school?

    Even Obama has said that law school should only be 2 years, evidencing the fact that this is a hot topic in the legal community.


    1. Did either professor talk about how this would address the lack of JD required jobs upon graduation?

  21. Not at all. It was more about have "prepared" law school makes you to practice law. They acted as if having trouble finding jobs was not an issue. It goes to show you how out of touch these pigs are.

  22. How many ABA-accredited trash heaps have an entire blog dedicated to them? Check out the site entitled "THE THOMAS M. COOLEY LAW SCHOOL SCAM." On February 14, 2011, a former Cooley law student posted a hilarious rant against the commode. Review this epic blast to the pigs’ snouts:


    “Consider this a PUBLIC SERVICE FOR ANYONE CONSIDERING THOMAS M. COOLEY LAW SCHOOL. In fact, I am probably doing YOU THE BIGGEST FAVOR OF YOUR LIFE by raising public awareness and offering you this advice….all free of charge! As a prior student who was fortunate enough to GET OUT OF COOLEY let me lay a SMACKDOWN on this TTTT (Third Tier Toilet Trash) school.

    Sorry to say there are little to no job prospects graduating from this school. Most graduates or people planning to attend do not have a shot in hell of actually practicing law, unless they either have GUARANTEED EMPLOYMENT, or believe that hanging a shingle in a dingy rented office post-graduation will provide the returns necessary to justify the 50k cost per year for attendance at this joke of a law school.

    Cooley is without a doubt one of the three worst law schools in the United States. Given that there are 193 ABA Approved Law Schools, this is QUITE AN ACCOMPLISHMENT. In addition to the horrendous ranking of this commode, Cooley is also a “punching bag” favorite in legal forums and ridiculed and considered THE BIGGEST JOKE of all law schools amongst other law students and the legal community at large. There are multiple reasons for this:

    1) AN OPEN DOOR POLICY- They accept just about anybody. Go write the LSAT without studying, send Cooley a free application with no recent Felony convictions, and YOU WILL GET ACCEPTED.

    2) ATTRITION RATE AND ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES- The first year attrition rate is about 26%. On your WAY OUT Cooley thanks you for your first year tuition payment, now have a nice life!

    3) THE “COOLEY RANKINGS”- Contrary to the US NEWS that ranks the school amongst the fourth-tier trash of America, Cooley begs to differ as they publish their own “Cooley Rankings” on their website ranking it as the SECOND BEST school in America!

    4) THE COOLEY “BUSINESS SCHOOL” IS A DIPLOMA MILL- A day and evening program, approximately 84% of enrolment on a part-time basis, a full-time weekend law program….basically creating ANY WAY you can think of to earn a degree from their school [EXCEPT AN ONLINE J.D. PROGRAM-an honor that until this point I believe only Florida Coastal has achieved (still awaiting a formal announcement from Thomas M. Cooley regarding a new online program)].

    5) THE NON-EMPLOYMENT OF ITS GRADS- I can say I knew no one who 1) was about to graduate and had found any employment prior to graduation OR 2) anyone who had graduated and eventually found a job[.]”

    The first time I read this entry, I laughed for about 30 minutes solid. Hell, I had tears running down my face and my ribs were sore. This first entry ought to be required reading for anyone who wants to take the LSAT.

  23. Mr. Infinity/Chris Knorps has posted on his blog that he is not going to post anymore because his wife (right hand) is pregnant.

    1. Christopher Knorps is a piece of fucking shit.

      If you're reading this Christopher, have fun raising another man's kid, faggot. (That is, if you actually had a wife.)

    2. If his right hand is that swollen, he should go see a doctor.

  24. Cooley, the open enrollment law school. How the fuck does this thing have ABA approval?

  25. These schools should be taxed as for-profit institutions. When you have a Dean making $600k per year and university presidents regularly pulling in 7 figures it's time to change the regs.

  26. It is truly revealing that pig LeDuc refers to that money as a "nest egg" while hundreds of Cooley grads suffer under crushing debt loads and grim employment prospects. If pig LeDuc cared about the grads and education they'd use that nest egg to help them with scholarships, grants, and even assistance packages to recent grads still struggling to find work . Instead, pig LeDuc is just concerned with keeping Cooley's coffers full so he can feed his fat face.

    People like LeDuc and Thomas Jefferson's Rudy Haspl are the worst that our society has to offer. They get rich by ruining other people's lives. I have more respect for a crack dealer because the crack user knows what they are spending their money on and the crack dealer does not misrepresent himself saying crack is good for you or makes your life better. However, law deans/admins lie to law students saying law school will make their lives better all the while knowing they are screwing them for life given employment data and indebtedness.

    They are vile, disgusting people.

  27. Unfortunately I attended Cooley for 2 semesters. Only met a few people I would let walk my dogs, let alone defend me. The entire process was beyond sad. A pure scam.

    1. Unbelievable that National Jurist Magazine just gave Cooley an A rating for practical legal "training" and ranked Cooley # 17 out of the so called top 93 law schools in that category. National Jurist magazine should get a big fat F in scholarly writing.

  28. I am so tired of the Cooley hoopla that they spin. I graduated from Cooley in 2000, and fortunately had no intention of ever going to work for anyone, as though, I would have stood a chance up against real law school graduates. I will say though, that while President Brennan was in office, as a student you at least had the feeling that you were actually completing against other students. Grades were what you made,were not voided, changed, given another 3 chances, or had any "Aspirational Goals".
    Of course the "Educatoral Aspirational Goals" were the idea of Don Leduc, who displays the mind of someone with early onset Alzheimer's disease.
    As a parent who put 3 children through law school, it never would have occurred to me to allow them to attend a sub-standard school and receive a sub-standard education.
    Today, by what has gone on at the law school, and the discriminatory reduction in professors, my only hope is that many of the profs no longer teaching, can hang in and no take their "transparent parachute", and fight the good fight.
    Shame on you Chuck, 15 years ago you had all of the integrity and fire, that made it a joy to attend your classes.. Too bad a pod of you was left under your bedroom window, and Don Leduc captured it and turned you into a clone.

    1. PART I
      I attended the McCooley Law Cesschool for 3 terms in 2000-2001 before I was academically dismissed. I should have been denied entrance in the first place considering my pathetic performance on the LSAT. I got a 135. That's even low by McCooley standards, and I could barely make it through reading a paragraph, let alone an entire case.

      Attending Cooley was the worst mistake I have made in my life. I've been deeply depressed and suicidal since getting kicked out of there over a decade ago, and I've barely put a dent in the money I owe them because I barely make 5 figures a year. It was my fault, and Cooley didn't ruin my life. It just provided me with the opportunity to ruin my life, and it did seem like a predatory scam to me.

      After my stellar LSAT performance, I gave up on the idea of attending law school. I decided instead to join the world of work. It turned out nobody wanted someone who graduated with a worthless degree from a "diploma mill" university. Out of desperation, I checked out Cooley's booklet that was mailed to me. I really had no interest in going to Michigan, but no one would hire me and I had no other plans. So I checked out the booklet and found out they had a mathematical formula (combining your undergrad GPA with your LSAT score) that pretty much guaranteed acceptance as long as you weren't a recent felon. I did the math and was surprised to learn that I would be accepted. This was in late July and classes started in September, but I still filled out the free admission application and was granted admission and financial aid that covered my tuition.

      I did an online search on McCooley before submitting the application, but there just wasn't the information available about it that there is today. The only info I could find about it was that it was ranked a 4th-tier law school by US News and World Report and that it was going to be tough. Being a naive idiot who was just happy to have a law school accept me, I wasn't bothered by this at all (especially since I had a high GPA from a low-rated college). And I think there have been thousands like me who have succumbed to this "marketing machine" trap that McCooley has contrived over the years. The "open door policy" is very attractive to those with nowhere else to go. I'm not saying all McCooley students fall into this category. I'm just saying that they have profited off losers like me who suck at life.

    2. PART II

      I applaud everyone from the bloggers to the law professors who add legitimacy to the argument for exposing the McCooley for the fraudulent cash cow that I believe it is. After I was dismissed from the school, I sent a series of emails to LeDuc and another dean inquiring about certain policies. I don't remember all the questions I asked, but I recall questioning LeDuc about why the LSAT requirement wasn't higher and why he and Brennan created those stupid rankings. They answered the first couple of emails dodging the questions entirely and then ignored the rest. Despite this, I kept sending emails demanding answers, erroneously figuring it was owed to me since I would be paying for a year of law school that did absolutely nothing for me for the rest of my life. I wanted to understand what happened to me and others and wanted them to know their policies hurt people.

      I admittedly crossed the line in 1 of my emails, and they, of course, sent me a restraining order ensuring that I wouldn't send them anymore emails and banning me from buying a gun for a year. If I had a gun at the time, I would've blown my own brains out. I wouldn't have harmed them.

      I don't think my efforts were wasted though. I believe Cooley did raise its LSAT score requirement a few years later, and I think it's because LeDuc realized there were too many idiots like myself getting in, and they didn't want to have to deal with the mentally challenged and ill because that can be dangerous. People with LSATS in the 140s are teachable. There's very little hope for those in the 130s though. I could barely figure out how to open my test booklet.

      I really hope that LeDuc doesn't opt to lower the standards again. That would cement my belief that he is nothing but a "greed monster." He already gets $600 K a year to polish that turd. Isn't that enough?

      I am taking great delight in the fact that the McCooley can't afford to field a first-year class at its Ann Arbor campus. It's like a small victory for me.

      It seems like the expansion of the law school into 5 campuses during a recession at a time when the legal market is oversaturated was such a stupid move, and I look forward to further demise for McCooley. I'm all for the professors being laid off because they were in on the scam and have a severance package, but I do feel bad for the janitorial staff if any of them lost their jobs.

    3. PART III

      Why couldn't Cooley just be humble and have 1 campus? Why did they have to get naming rights for a minor league baseball stadium and open five branches essentially rubbing its wealth into the faces of the thousands of lives it has helped ruin? They have unnecessarily had "small man" syndrome and always have the need to puff out their chests. There was no point in doing that. When they were the largest law school in America, they were the Goliath. They should have let the graduates speak for the school themselves instead of creating irrelevant rankings to do so.

      Seriously, who cares about library stats? Law graduates only need to know if they'll be able to pass the bar and if they'll be able to find employment. I remember when some of my friends transferred to better law schools (Cooley was referred to as a "community law school" at the time) that they would receive a copy of the rankings stacking up McCooley up against the law school they were transferring to. This inferred that they were going to a lesser school. Nobody, of course, stayed based on those stupid rankings. They just laughed at it, and all those rankings did was make McCooley a laughingstock and put a target on the back of its graduates. Other 4th-tier schools don't do this shit, so why does Cooley?

      Anytime anyone criticizes Cooley with a post, a bunch of Cooley grads come out of the woodwork and let us know how successful they've been due to Cooley. I'm not at all disputing the facts that there are successful Cooley grads. I'm just saying that it's an exception, and it's usually the students who already have a real job and are in the part-time program or those who have some kind of scholarship. It's rare for the Joe that barely got in to be successful unless they have a family member who can hook him or her up.

      The only thing I'm glad about is that I didn't graduate from Cooley. If I would've survived 3 years there and received a JD somehow only to not be able to find employment anywhere with around $100 K in debt, that would have destroyed me. And kudos to all for putting out the word against this evil empire. All we can do is hope people do the research and listen and pray that they don't attend this heap of dog dung. McCooley has been dirty over the years and, consequently, they deserve to fall hard and have their bottom line negatively impacted. They have been negatively impacting thousands of bottom lines for too long. I hope to see McCooley's death before I die. It would be justice to me if LeDuc and Brennan didn't have a legacy.

      I want to make it clear to cover my butt that the above was based solely on my own personal experiences with the Cooley, and it is my opinion based on what I observed. There's nothing factual about my post that anybody should make a decision on. I advise reading other blogs for that. In other words, please don't send your lawyers after me again, Cooley. I've suffered enough.

  29. Consider yourself lucky you were kicked out only after a year and did not graduate with 3 times more debt. My first term roommate was from the same city as mine and we started our very first classes together. He decided to quit after his poor grades were posted for the first term and just went back home. I continued on and graduated and even past the bar exam my first attempt. Well, my roommate who dropped out now is doing much better financially than I am doing and he did not waste money for an extra two years or lose opportunity costs. And for those who think that the bar associations promoting the concept of diversity will be helpful in your job search, my experience is that it is all a scam. I went to law school because of a physical disability that limited my career choices graduating from high school and college. Figured the professional world would be accommodating. It is not. Even an ABA article admitted that less than even a quarter of a percentage of law partners are disabled and even fewer associates. Those are the insurmountable hurdles disabled graduates face. And when you graduate from a lower tier law school it makes it even that much harder. You will read articles from the ABA and various law schools about "
    diversity" pledges but that is all they are.....just pledges.


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