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Corruption Central: Update on the Paul Pless and Chancellor Richard Herman Cases at the University of Illinois College of Law

Update on the Supposed Lone Scammer, Paul Pless:

On August 30, 2013, OTLSS posted an epic entry labeled “Update re: Paul Pless and Illinois Law.” Take a look at the segment below:

“Pless is a realtor, as we all know, but on one site, he gives away a little too much information – one word too much, in fact. On his Trulia profile, he posts the following as his interests, and gives away a little piece of information that connects all the dots:

Interests: When not helping clients buy or sell their home I enjoy spending time with my family. My wife, Stacey Tutt, is a Professor and very active in the community as a Board Member of United Way. We have a wonderful daughter and 300 pounds of dog in the energetic Duke and Ramsey.

Married to a professor? Hmmm. I looked up Professor Stacey Tutt. Guess where she works. Yup, Stacey Tutt is a professor at Illinois University College of Law, the very same place that ruined her husband’s career. That alone is odd.

But look at those dates. She was hired in June 2011, right before the school went public with the stats scandal. Right at the time where Pless would have been in the dean’s office trying to work out a solution. The dean is worried sick because he knows he told Pless to fudge the stats. Pless is crying, perhaps, because how will he look after his baby daughter with no job and a wife who makes around $55K (as per the current vacancy for a managing attorney, her prior job at Prairie State Legal Services, which is hardly going to compensate for the loss of Pless's $130K salary at the law school)? The family relied on Paul's healthy salary, and a drop from a combined income of almost $200K to just over $50K would have been devastating.

So the dean – or Pless – has a great idea.” [Emphasis mine]

Then again, the timing and circumstances could simply be a series of incredible coincidences, right?!?! According to the Salary Guide provided by the Daily Illini, Stacey L. Tutt “earned” $90,500 as an assistant clinical “professor” - in 2012. Thanks to the anonymous OTLSS commenter from 8:35 am, for that info. 

Commenter dybbuk23 posted this reply at 4:46 am:

“This has appeared nowhere in the media. However, the University Ethics report, issued on Nov. 7, 2011 (prepared by Jones Day and Duff & Phelps under the direction of the University) mentions this fishy decision in a single footnote (below) (p. 104, n. 43).

"Pless’s wife was hired by COL as a clinical instructor beginning in the current academic year. (There are no COL policies prohibiting the hiring of the spouses of employees—Pless’s wife had previously worked in COL’s placement office; she has never been employed in the Admissions Office.) Smith and other COL administrators and faculty members considered this hiring during the preceding academic year (2009-2010). At times, certain COL personnel viewed the prospect of hiring Pless’s wife favorably based, in part, on Pless’s position and performance at COL. For his part, Smith expressed to faculty and administrators that the decision whether to hire Pless’s wife would be made without regard to Pless or any desire to retain Pless. The investigation has not revealed any irregularities with respect to this hiring."

This is oddly-worded footnote that does not refer to Pless's wife by name. Moreover, Stacey Tutt is not listed as one of the 23 University employees interviewed during the inquiry. (p. 16)” [Emphasis mine]

For $ome rea$on, this report - funded by this public univer$ity - omitted this “trivial” data. Could this merely be another one of those supposed “oversights” that benefits the school?! If you buy the school’s explanation, then you need to be placed on a window sill and watered twice a week.

Richard Herman, Former UI Chancellor and Currently Overpaid Faculty Member:

This public sewage pit is no stranger to corruption. Check out this Chicago Tribune article, entitled “University of Illinois admissions: Chancellor says 'we have to fix' system.” Reporters Jodi S. Cohen, Stacy St. Clair and Tara Malone wrote the piece, which was published on July 7, 2009. Look at this excerpt:,0,370456.story

“The University of Illinois' favoritism toward students backed by powerful sponsors must come to an end, the principal enforcer of the campus' secret admissions system testified Monday.

Chancellor Richard Herman took responsibility for the special treatment given to students with political connections but weak academic credentials. He also acknowledged trying to mitigate damage to the law school by seeking jobs for graduates and thereby improving the school's job-placement rate.” [Emphasis mine]

Jodi S. Cohen’s follow-up piece, “After scandal, U. of I.'s former chancellor isn't teaching but still makes $212,000,” appeared in the May 6, 2013 edition of the Tribune. Look at this opening:

“Richard Herman doesn't have to do much teaching as part of his $212,000 faculty job at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 

When he resigned as chancellor after a high-profile admissions scandal, he made a deal to teach just two classes a year in the College of Education, where a professor typically teaches four.” [Emphasis mine]

Two paragraphs later, Cohen stated:

“Herman is one of several top U. of I. officials who resigned under pressure in recent years and subsequently moved into high-paying faculty positions.”

Yes, Pig Richard Herman was certainly punished for his unscrupulous actions. [Read: This bastard was richly rewarded for taking the blame and keeping his mouth shut.]

Conclusion: The University of Illinois overall - and the Commode of Law in particular - is a moral cesspool. A nest of cockroaches has more integrity than these $elf-intere$ted bitches and hags. In the final analysis, “higher education” is designed to provide academic thieves with high paid salaries for little to no actual “work.” YOU, the student, are a mere means to an end. The law school pigs don’t care if you end up owing $190K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt - while working as a JD barista or doc review monkey. Hell, they do not give a damn if you end up in a dumpster or in a food pantry line. The swine only look out for themselves.


  1. BOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nando hits back with a roundhouse to the snout!

    This is not just blogging, this is journalism. You stepped it up this time!

  2. 1. The gang at OLSS started to publish comments that put Nando down for supposedly not posting on this topic soon enough and that should be noted.

    2. OLSS is way out of line by allowing "moderated" poems like this:

    I am probably not the only one that thinks the name of the anon poet that calls himself Maurice Leiter should be known.

    I am sure the Patron Saints, Campos and Tamanaha would agree on this one, or at least lend a frown.

    1. Yes, you're probably not the only one. Brian Leiter would doubtless like to "out" the poet too.

      I personally find Maurice Leiter's work bold and lyrical -- often quite breathtaking in its scatological imagery. But I understand that poetry isn't for everyone. Some people will always prefer to frequent websites that feature pictures of turds and toilets.

  3. I agree w/ Johnny Debtor's comment that the supposedly 'moderated' poem should not have been allowed. It really discredits the movement. When I read scamblogs, I want to hear about the scam - not feel like I am reading porn. Jeez, if I wanted that crap, I could go somewhere else.

    Great tie-in, Nando, to Richard Herman. That was previously unknown to me. When I read crap like that, I honestly don't know why this movement hasn't progressed much further. All this stuff is so corrupt...What are the American people doing, sleeping?

    1. Stop the faux outrage. You are reading TTR, king of the shock scamblogs, and you are offended by an isolated anal sex reference in a piece of schtick poetry?

      Get a grip.

    2. Johnny likes to advocate for the types of people who would gladly rape him financially because of a flaming case of Stockholm Syndrome.

    3. The Maurice Leiter poet funny guy wrote very similar funny poems in the past about me.

      It is "funny" meaning strange and not ha ha funny

      Also, people seem to forget that there is a difference between 3rd/4th tier reality and 1st and second tier reality.

      The Campos blog got a little hard to relate to after a while because it became a place by a 1st tier LawProf and for a lot of 1st tier or HYS people to complain about how hard life is and moreover 20 years out of school.

      As for Stockholm syndrome? I just do not see how Brian Leiter or HYS relates to the lower tier schools and people and whatever Leiter does or says does not really bother or offend me as it might the HYS gang.

      As for Lois Turner, I don't really know who she is. A former professor? A current professor of law? Or someone impersonating someone named Lois Turner?

      Or someone impersonating someone who is impersonating someone who is impersonating someone named Lois Turner?

      Oh well, OLSS banned me and the anal sex poet has his bona fides and blessing by the OLSS mods.

      And so it shall be ever thus.

      On a lighter note the early morning edition of The Town Tattler printed this headline:


    4. Debtor:

      The Dean of Touro Law is blogging on the Faculty Lounge. Instead of getting overwrought about anonymous commentators, you should post your story and concerns on her thread(s).

      By the way, this is in no sense a taunting comment-- I really think you should address the dean of the school that hurt you so badly.

    5. I appreciate what you are saying, but it wouldn't accomplish anything.

      I have fun with the witchcraft stuff as in: "here is the scholarship" work the student loan money pays for. Similar to spacelaw or international environmental culinary studies etc.

      In the past they looked plenty at my blogging and nowadays the only reply one gets for so many thins is no reply.

      I'm content with something Dona Furiosa expressed about her blog and in so many words: Just a small blog among friends and a limited group of readers.

      Kind of like what any support group has.

    6. "I appreciate what you are saying, but it wouldn't accomplish anything."

      It will accomplish more than you think. At the very least, it will make the dean look ridiculous when the conversation turns from him and onto you.

      You can make change by disrupting the conversation, Painter.

    7. Painter's not smart enough to figure that out. He's a quitter. What do you expect from him? You can't expect him to put forth some actual effort now.

    8. Exactly.

      Why address the issues or attempt to tackle the actual problem(s) when its easier to talk about contarcting the SPLC if someone makes a "racist" comment or comment about a poem no one else finds an issue with because its "insulting" to 2 academic pigs?

      That's my boy..

    9. Yeah let him talk about witchcraft classes at TTTTouro. That's all he's good for. Well that and writing stupid poems.

    10. It will not make the dean look ridiculous and I will only be ignored.

      What do you want from me? As it is I get almost daily views from the FBI/Dept. of Justice in Washington DC as well as the US Dept. of Defense Network, and even in the past from Homeland Security.

      If you are wondering about why Campos shut down his blog you might want to consider all of that as a hypothetical.

      There are two mutually exclusive players in the scam.

      1. The Schools that get their money up front and wash their hands of the student after graduation.

      2. The banking system that takes the debt and runs with it in so many ways that we are all familiar with.

      If 1 and 2 are intertwined, then show me how.

      As for Anti Semitic remarks and poems about anal sex on other subjects, you will probably have the former banned on OLSS, and the latter praised by OLSS.

      I have met in my life rich Jews and poor Jews.

      I had two, or actually three 1L classmates at Touro that flunked out or dropped out, and were miserable in Law School and were Jewish.

      So lets not go there.

    11. Painter, read between the lines. What they are saying is that they want you to bother the people of that board for a while. Plus you are one of Touro's most infamous students, so that would have an effect.

  4. My cat Tigger just took a steamy, custard brown dump (This is the Angry Accountant)September 1, 2013 at 10:10 PM

    These assholes have no shame. I ride the trolley with gangbangers who just got out of jail who have more a conscious than these fartknockers. At least if a gangbanger robs you, he takes your money up front and is honest with you and they do not leave you in debt. The asshole Financial Aid office jerks forgot to tell me that my scholarship monrpey counted as income for property tax purposes in my state! So I got my ass audited for the last 6 years of being subjected to the higher education scam. Right now I am getting double-penetration: paying off student loan debt and paying back taxes from the scholarships I received.

  5. Those law school administrators are dirt bags. Law schools are corrupt, some more than others.

  6. By the way, Nando, your worthless archnemesis Mr. Infinity has officially ended his crappy law school shill blog. The delusional little turd plagiarized Paul Campos' farewell post on Inside the law School Scam. What a class act.

    (I copy-pasted the blog post in its entirety so the punk won't get any more ad revenue via clicks from TTR readers.)

    The Frugal Law Student Guide

    Thursday, August 29, 2013

    "Goodbye is too good a word"

    Dear Readers,

    Thank you for reading over the years. I am ending this blog. I decided I would no longer post on it once I found out that I was having a child. Yes, that's right. Me, a law graduate, having a child. Who would have thought, huh?

    Once I found out my wife was pregnant, I knew I would no longer be involved in the scamblog movement. I knew right then that I would not be another Nando, a.k.a. obsessive over a dying movement at the expense of his family. One day, I imagine, when he is old and wasted, he will look back at this worthless crusade of his and realize that much of his life was in waste. However, for the time being, his fragile ego is so wrapped up in his childish blog that he spends little time with his wife and family, instead opting to post on the internet day by day, hour by hour. Grow up.

    With that, it is time to say goodbye. Thank you for reading. This blog continues to make money for me, so I will not be taking it down. You may go through the posts and read what you like. However, I will not be back to publish comments or the like.

    To all of you who have your lives wrapped up in the "scamblogs" and the law school whine, grow up and move on with your lives. It disgusts me when I think how you have turned yourselves into such a wretched group of people when you should be happy for what you have. In my life I have never come across such a sickening group. You must all be very proud of yourselves. Is this who you thought you would become when you entered law school?

    I could go on and on and type thousands of words on this subject, yet I do not want to allow myself to get wrapped up in it any longer. If one of you snaps out of this emo rage I will have done some good.

    And that is all.

    Goodbye is too good a word. I really should say good f***ing riddance.

    Thank you for reading.


    On November 8, 2011, Elie Mystal posted an ATL entry labeled “Illinois Law And The Lone Gunman Theory of Admissions Fraud.” Take a look at the portion below:

    “It’s time to check in on the scandal involving the University of Illinois College of Law and its false reporting on the qualifications of its admitted students. Every time we do look at Illinois, the school tells us that “this time” they’ve figured out the full extent of the problem — and it’s a bigger mess than the last time they piped up.

    On that scale, today is no different. When the story first broke in September, Illinois claimed that admissions data had only been falsified for one year. Then, a few weeks later, Illinois said that data for four class years had been falsified. Today, Illinois says it has completed a two-month investigation that cost the school $1 million. Now they’re saying that the admissions data for six class years have been compromised, based on a report prepared for the school by Jones Day and Duff & Phelps.

    I wonder how many years of lying Illinois would have discovered if they spent $2 million?

    But people will be distracted from the ever growing number of times Illinois is self-reporting it lied to people. That’s because today, Illinois has offered up a sacrificial lamb. There’s a head on a platter, there’s a body on the pyre, and Illinois College of Law would have you believe that it has identified the one, the only, the sole person responsible for this entire scandal….

    Dean of Admissions Paul Pless, please place your head on this Fighting Illini guillotine, because the College of Law is putting this on you, and you alone.”

    In the final analysis, Paul Pless was not sufficiently punished for his role in this fraud. Then again, the pigs are primarily interested in getting asses in seats - at any cost to their institutional "integrity." After all, federally-backed student loan dollars pay the cockroaches' bloated, unjustified salaries.

    Lastly, no one gives a damn about Pathological Liar Christopher Knorps - or his views on this stink pit industry. The waterhead claimed to be married for a while - soon after posting a blog entry where he mentioned that he went on a date and bought the girl some ice cream. Yes, what a badass, huh?!?!

    I remember when the pussy kept bragging that he and his wife would be traveling to Egypt. During his stay there - in the midst of violent protests - he never once mentioned his imaginary spouse. In fact, he visited TTR several dozen times while he was on a foreign vacation. By the way, I'm surprised the piece of trash didn't invent some children in his false narrative. The kid has no life and no balls. What a sad, pathetic creature. He even had to steal Paul Campos's title for his final blog post.

  8. America is the scam capital of the world. No question about it. Everybody's got an angle. Not one day goes by without someone or some industry trying to sell you on some bullshit. Why would the law schools be any different?

  9. John,

    I skimmed over those comments after I re-posted this entry. Initially, this piece was not ready, since I had only stumbled upon the Richard Herman story. I prefer to take my time. Hell, I only post 6-7 articles per month.

    Let’s review the Chicago Tribune piece from July 7, 2009, which I cited to in the main entry – in order to see a Blagojevich connection:,0,370456.story

    "I deeply regret that and firmly believe the system for handling external inquiries must be reformed," said Herman, the top administrator of the Urbana-Champaign campus since 2005. He later said, "We have to fix it."

    Herman faced tough questions about his role in admitting an unqualified law school applicant backed by then- Gov. Rod Blagojevich in 2006 while seeking a promise from the governor's go-between, university trustee Lawrence Eppley, that five law school graduates would get jobs.

    Herman said he requested the jobs from Eppley, an attorney, "out of extreme frustration" over the directive to admit the applicant, who the Tribune has reported was a relative of one of Blagojevich's deep-pocketed campaign donors. Another one of the donor's relatives had been pushed into the law school two years earlier and ranked in the bottom quarter of the class, a school official testified Monday.

    Herman said he believed Eppley was carrying requests for Blagojevich because the trustee palled around with the governor's staffers, including attending U. of I. athletic events with Chris Kelly, an indicted Blagojevich fundraiser.”

    The St. Louis Post-Dispatch published an AP article entitled “Blagojevich gets his federal prison ID number” – on March 6, 2012. Check out the text of the entire article below:

    “Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich has a federal prison identification number.

    The Federal Bureau of Prisons has given Blagojevich the number 40892-424.

    Typically, once inmates are assigned a number, it is their individual number throughout their prison term. It is also typically affixed to their prison clothes.

    The 55-year-old Blagojevich has been ordered to report to prison on March 15. While he has asked to be incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Institution Englewood in Colorado, he could be sent elsewhere.

    Blagojevich in December received a 14-year sentence. He was sentenced on 18 corruption-related counts, including charges that he tried to sell or trade the U.S. Senate seat vacated by President Barack Obama.”

    1. If prospective law students read this closely...they should realize that they are screwed if they aren't connected. In a market where less than 50% get good jobs, you have government officials and lawyers pushing through their less-qualified friends and family.

      After 3 years, who do you think gets the job: the kid who is friends with the governor/mayor/partner or the anonymous kid who put his nose in the books and tried hard?

  10. When he gets out of prison, maybe Blago can serve on the board of trustees for this school.

    1. Blago should run for President of the ABA.

  11. The criminal syndicate known as the ABA is located in Chicago. He'd be a shoe in.

  12. Didn't UI fall in the rankings due to this? That's all those assholes care about.

  13. I guess everyone is on vacation this week. 20 comments for Nando's hard work?

    Or is everyone frightened off by the talk of lawsuits over this story from some shit-stirring incompetent professor who clearly never advised a client in his entire life?

    1. Nando- thanks for your relentless work and effort in bringing this to light!



    Let's return to the "Investigative Report, University of Illinois College of Law Class Profile Reporting" - issued on November 7, 2011, by Jones Day and Duff & Phelps, "under the direction of the Office of Univer$ity Coun$el and the Univer$ity "Ethics" Office." Scroll down to page 104, which is 107 of the PDF.

    "6. Knowledge and Involvement of Other COL Personnel - The investigation has discovered no information indicating that any person other than Pless had knowledge of, or was in any way complicit in, the changes to individual student LSAT scores or GPAs, or the miscalculation or misreporting of COL sensitivity data. To the contrary, it appears that changes to individual student data were made as a means to creating artificial support for LSAT and GPA statistics that Pless provided to other persons. It is reasonable to infer that Pless would likely have concealed these changes (indeed, his practice was to overwrite them) and would have disclosed them only if necessary to support his prior calculations. With the exception of Admissions Office personnel, other persons did not have access to the spreadsheets on which the changes were made, nor could they have in any event compared student data on those spreadsheet (sic) with corresponding LSAC data due to their lack of access to the LSAC database. And while Admissions Office personnel did have access to both internal spreadsheets maintained by Pless and the LSAC database, no other Admissions Office personnel had any responsibility for the calculations or the reporting thereof."

    Well, that sums it up briefly. It is all so neat and clean. In the end, the University of Illinois Commode of Law cockroaches kept changing their story. If you honestly believe that a lone admi$$ion$ office rat was solely responsible for this inflation scheme, then you suffer from diminished mental capacity.

    Elie Mystal wrote an excellent piece labeled “University of Illinois Law School Fined and Censored For Inflated LSAT Scandal” – on July 24, 2012. Check out this excerpt:

    “Today the ABA fined Illinois Law $250,000. The ABA also censured the law school.

    The Chicago Tribune reports that this is the first time the ABA has fined a law school for inaccurate consumer information. I guess that’s a step in the right direction. Still, considering the average salary for an Illinois College of Law full professor is $194,624, it’s hard to see the fine meaning very much to the school’s operations…

    To bring you back up to speed, Illinois has already admitted their wrongdoing. They’ve just maintained that the false LSAT score reports were the actions of one lone administrator.

    The Tribune reports that the ABA didn’t really buy Illinois’s theory[.]”

    Of course, the ABA pigs had to hand down a weak-ass penalty, in order to give the impression that they give a damn about this conduct. Does anyone with an IQ above room temperature believe that this fine will deter other law school cockroaches?!?!

  15. I miss the old JD Junkyard blog.

    But if anyone has a hankering to looked at junked cars, here is a cool youtube vid by a person that is a scale modeler and excellent artist that makes junkyard cars:

  16. Why is this guy not in jail? In my home state, knowingly presenting false information in order to procure something of value from soneone else is considered fraud.

    Never mind, it was a rhetorical question. We all know the laws do not apply to you if you are part of the ruling class. Like the fed govt hunting down Snowden like a dog, while no one is talking about prosecuting that asshat Clapper who lied to congress about how extensively our govt spies on all of us.

  17. Dude, the problem is that you don't want to work. You would rather just play on youtube all day.

    It must be nice to not have to work, and to have your parents provide everything to you for free. But every dream has a price. In 10 years, they will probably have died of old age - and you will be a 60-something dingleberry with a monster-sized gap on your resume. So enjoy the freebies while they last.

    Or just get a fucking job.

  18. The legal profession is a dying scam. Elite grads get biglaw for 3-4 years and/or a federal clerkship. Then most burn out and get fired from biglaw bc they don't generate enough business. Then those elite big law outcasts run to their local neighborhood law school diploma mill to "teach" civil procedure and the schools entice lemmings bc they think if their teacher worked at Sullivan and Cromwell then they will too. So these Harvard JD types get a legal career for a handful of years before jumping on the law school scam sinking ship because biglaw feels obligated to hire elite grads for a few years to maintain hire employment rates and "prestige" in the T14 circle. But after a few years when employment data is satisfied for those immediate preceding years those recent elite grads get shitcanned.

    That's the elite law model. Now imagine if you're a TT orTTT grad.

  19. So they are getting a divorce to help further the grand conspiracy?


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