Friday, September 6, 2013

First Tier Bulldog Droppings: University of Georgia School of Law

Tuition: Georgia residents attending this law school on a full-time basis will be charged $16,506 in tuition – for the 2013-2014 school year. Full-time, out-of-state students will be slapped with a big-ass tuition bill of $34,176 – for 2013-2014. Don’t forget that these suckers will also pay $2,234 in fees for the current academic year. Yes, these academics are truly serving the public, huh?!

Estimated, Total Cost of Attendance: The pigs estimate that living expenses and books and supplies will add another $17,534 to the tab. This brings the total, published COA to $36,274 for in-state, full-time law students and $53,944 for non-resident, full-time idiots. Keep in mind that the bitches and hags at these “in$titution$ of higher learning” only count nine-month living costs.

Seeing that actual students will require twelve months of living expenses, I will pro-rate the following items: room and board; transportation; and miscellaneous. For instance, the swine claim that transportation will only amount to $1,128. Perhaps the swine hired a comedy writer to post that figure. After making these adjustments, we reach a more accurate, estimated total COA of $41,529 for Georgia residents attending law school full-time and $59,199 for out-of-state, full-time students – for the current year.

Ranking: According to Pussy Bob Morse and US “News” & World Report, the Univer$ity of Georgia $chool of Law is rated as the 33rd greatest, most wonderful law school in the entire country. Hell, it only shares this distinction with the College of William and Mary and the University of Wisconsin. Then again, Ohio State University Moritz Sewer of Law Cockroach Alan Michaels recently told a local NPR affiliate  that his 36th ranked toilet is “elite.” In that case, UGA’s law school must defy description.

Published Employment Statistics: Take a look at the commode’s Employment Summary for 2012 Graduates. Based off this chart, a total of 194 members of this cohort were employed – whether in “bar passage required” positions, “JD Advantage” jobs, professional or non-professional posts, full-time, part-time, short term or long term. There were 229 total grads. Of that figure, four people did not provide their employment status to the school. Being kind to this public trash pit – knowing that JDs who choose not to contact the school typically do not have jobs – the “placement” rate was 86.2 percent, i.e. 194/225.

Three graduates from the Class of 2012 were placed in law school or university funded positions. Two of these posts were part-time. Isn’t it nice to see the law schools looking out for their students?!?! After all, these ABA-accredited diploma mills would not do so for ulterior reasons, right?!

Scroll down to Employment Type for this class. This data purports to show that a total of 104 graduates found jobs in private law firms. Four desperate souls started solo practices, while 31 ended up in firms of 2-10 attorneys. Another 12 grads went to work for firms with 11-25 lawyers. Two sole practitioners listed their work as part-time, as did five of the lawyers employed in 2-10 man firms. To be fair, 30 grads reported that they were working in Biglaw.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the University of Georgia JD Class of 2012 who incurred debt for law school - as $80,775. Furthermore, 74 percent of this school’s 2012 class took on such foul debt. Remember that this figure does not include undergraduate debt – and it also does not take accrued interest into account.

Conclusion: The University of Georgia Sewer of Law is a trap school, as defined by Paul Campos in his February 13, 2012 entry. First of all, attending this toilet is expensive. Secondly, the Atlanta area may be viewed by lemmings as a desirable place to live. Lastly, it features superficially attractive employment and salary statistics. In this specific case, income expectations would be based on the number of grads who landed Biglaw. However, only 13.1% of the Class of 2012 landed those positions, i.e. 30/229. Plus, associates are often out on their ass within 3-5 years, if they do not rake in big dollar clients. 

In the final analysis, you will not be served well by incurring an additional $85K-$120K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt for a “legal education.” Catherine Rampell, in her June 27, 2011 New York Times Economix piece, “The Lawyer Surplus, State by State,” reported that Georgia had the 15th most glutted job market in the U.S. Look at the following numbers for the state: 779 Annual Estimated Openings for 2010-2015; 1,217 Bar Exam Passers in 2009; and a Surplus of 438 attorneys. You simply do not need to take on suffocating amounts of student debt, so that the greedy pig “law professors” and administrators can maintain their cushy lifestyles – for their minimal amount of “work.” Those jackals get paid up front, in full – while YOU, the student and recent graduate, are left holding the bag.


  1. My only complaint about this article is the dog shown is too cute for this shithole. Otherwise good job.

  2. 8:26--I agree. But it proves that if dogs aren't "man's best friend", they're definitely better for us than law schools could ever be.

  3. Kiddies, see that rug or parchment on the floor? The one the dog is shitting on? You see that?

    That might as well be your fucking law degree. The job market is saturated to the hilt.

  4. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS IDIOT!!! He is a disgruntled law school graduate who was unable to find a job due to his inability to function in normal society. He is a whiner, a complainer, and, overall, quite lame. Go to law school!! It is fun and you will get paid well! What, a few "lemmings" can't make it, have poor social skills, can't network, or are just too stupid to practice law? Overall, you have much better earning potential if you go to law school than if you do not; argue with that there Nando. You are a loser.

  5. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS IDIOT!!! He is a disgruntled law school graduate who was unable to find a job due to his inability to function in normal society. He is a whiner, a complainer, and, overall, quite lame. Go to law school!! It is fun and you will get paid well! What, a few "lemmings" can't make it, have poor social skills, can't network, or are just too stupid to practice law? Overall, you have much better earning potential if you go to law school than if you do not; argue with that there Nando. You are a loser.

    1. Hey Christopher Knorps. So much for your promise to stop blogging, faggot. What's that, about the 10th time for you now?

      If you're looking at law school, do not listen to Christopher Knorps. He is a stupid piece of shit and a liar. He's never practiced law (and he's getting ready to open his thin envelope from the NY bar informing him he's failed the exam). I would go on about this shitbag, but I don't have all day. He has his own TTR blog entry. Eight minutes before I'm off for the weekend. Can someone post that link?

    2. No, Nando is right. Nando relies on facts to make his case. (When one Party to an argument uses solid facts and the other side uses wild hyperbole and tries to appeal solely to your gut, you are a fool to listen to the hyperbole.)

      Aspiring lemmings, use your common sense. If a law school graduates 500 people a year and there are only jobs for 250 of them, what do you think YOUR odds are, eh? Not good.

      Consider the motivation of those trying to sell you on law school. Law schools want that tuition money. In return they make no employment promises of any kind. Do you know how many schools have been sued over fraudulent employment statistics? Scam bloggers like Nando do not benefit in any way from the scam, except in he satisfaction of seeing these "people" exposed as the charlatans they are.

      Look, if you don't believe me, at least head over to Paul Campos' blog.

  6. All of these posts defending "Nando" are in fact written by Nando and his lemmings. He could not succeed in the real world and so he trolls the internet insulting people. Sweet life bro; when your mom cooks you dinner tonight, remember to thank her. I'll be kissing my UVA Law Degree & going out to eat at an expensive restaurant because I make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year as an attorney. Sorry that you couldn't handle it Nando; some of us actually are intelligent and successful (much unlike yourself).

    1. Hello ball-less cockroach.

      You are now claiming to be a graduate of Univer$ity of Virginia Sewer of Law. The only person mentally ill enough to claim that law school is “fun” is Knorps. Nice use of all caps, tool. That is another dead giveaway that you are the piece of garbage calling itself Mr. InfiniTTy. Plus, only that waterhead would want to kiss his law degree. By the way, I haven't lived at my parents' home since I was 18 years old, Bitch. I don’t see that as a big accomplishment, as this is the case for most people. Also, I found a full-time, non-law job with great benefits two months after graduating from Third Tier Drake. That was due to my individual effort and knowledge, not the school's "name" or reputation.

      On March 29, 2011 Elie Mystal published an ATL piece entitled "Law Students at a Top School Protest Continued Unemployment." Check out this killer opening:

      "Too often, people act like post-graduation unemployment is a malady that affects only students at lower-ranked law schools. People act like only lazy students at third-tier institutions — or “rank not published” institutions, if you prefer — end up desperate for work after three years of legal education.

      But we know better. We know that the threat of unemployment is very real to all law school students. Sure, the higher-ranked schools might do a better job of getting their students jobs, at least in percentage terms; but even top schools have students who want to work but cannot find jobs.

      Students at one top-ten law school are sick of suffering in silence. They want everybody, especially admitted students, to know that going to an elite law school doesn’t guarantee you a good job.

      Given the state of the legal economy and the cost of law school tuition, it’s a wonder that this kind of thing doesn’t happen more often….

      Unemployed students at UVA Law School are protesting, blaming the law school administration for their wretched fate. Tipsters report that a number of UVA 3Ls have been menacing the 0Ls at UVA admitted students’ weekend. The disgruntled current students were wearing these t-shirts when they met the prospective students:

      $40,000 a year
      and NO JOB" [Emphasis in original]

      Lastly, congratulations on being a successful male escort for gay businessmen in the Virginia/DC area. When you are at that "expensive restaurant" with your date, we know that you will be under the table serving up dessert to your boyfriend for the evening. Blow your way to the top if you want, but don’t brag about it, mental deficient. Your mother must be very proud that you turned out to be such a pathetic piece of trash.

    2. @1:07PM
      Hey fucktard, eat shit and die. BTW, you're not worth responding to, my response is for any 0L lemmings that might come across your shit post. I'm employed as a consultant, provide for my family and have quite a bit of experience as an attorney. Nando's observations are spot-on and that's why I comment on this site, to prevent others from making the 'law school mistake'. I despise assholes who claim the only people on these sites are bitter, unemployed law grads. I think I'm part of a fairly large group of law grads who have practiced law, and sincerely wish SOMEONE had told us how shitty the whole deal was BEFORE we made the decision to go to law school. I went to law school over 20 years ago, btw.

      Take note lemmings, law sucks. It really does and please ignore lying assholes like 1:07.

    3. 1:07, go to that fancy restaurant (McDonalds?) and fill up good. Grab yourself an extra large fry. And maybe a dollar menu burger for the road. Fucking idiot.

    4. 1:07 (Knorps):

      You have serious mental issues. You live on these blogs. You come on here posing as different success stories. Last week you were on here pretending to be an accomplished solo PI lawyer and extolling the virtues of a solo practice. Another time you made some dumbass comment about contingency pay. Today you are a UVA law grad who is in biglaw making "hundreds of thousands of dollars" practicing in the DC/Virginia area I assume. You recently discontinued your blog because you claimed to be having a child (even though you were posting about taking out dates and about not wanting to tell them of your student loans). Now you're back on here with yet another new identity. You have issues.

      Listen, idiot, we all know who you are. We wouldn't respond to your drivel except that some unassuming 0L might see it and actually believe it.

      The tier 1 trap schools are being exposed on this blog now because the legal profession is dying and what's left of it is such an inside game that if you don't have serious connections at firms/government offices via family or close family friends the odds of you practicing law successfully are heavily against you. The law firm I work at gets countless unsolicited resumes that are all rejected or go unanswered but magically some partner's friend's son shows up to clerk in the summer. If you are a grad that gets biglaw through grades/OCI you are worked to death for 4 years and if you haven't brought in business (regardless of meeting the billable hours goal) you are fired. Biglaw is "eat what you kill" and that's it. Read that article in The New Republic about Biglaw before you keep thinking that it's such a wonderland and is insulated from the economic winds. Midlaw is roughly the same but you're dealing with regional/state/local clients instead of national/international ones like biglaw. And midlaw clients want litigations and transactions to be DONE and billing finished. They don't pay in perpetuity. They also haggle with you on bills and the bills always get cut. Small(shit)law is steady if you can live off of $40k/year or have some side gigs set up like town judge/attorney positions to supplement your income. But getting those jobs requires connections and political juice.

      I know many lawyers who practice law at firms and after developed good relationships with certain clients took jobs elsewhere as in-house lawyers, consultants, or compliance officers because they were sick of the profession and saw better opportunities. Hell, I know a guy who did real estate law and then opened his own property management company and is now very successful. More than he'd ever been if he continued doing real estate law. Every lawyer I know who has a decent standard of living has other streams of income aside from their law practice/salary. One partner at my firm owns an RV camping ground and makes a ton off of that. Another owns a vacation home in South Carolina on a golf resort he rents out for cash.

      So shut the fuck up already you stupid fucking cunt. You know jack shit about how this profession works or how the world works for that matter.

    5. "Connections" is an understatement: If you have a family-owned firm to work for (owned by your father, for instance) you can earn a great living ... if not, you are stuck looking for "alternative careers," like yard work, making sandwiches, doing porn, or being a subsistence fisherman.

  7. @107,

    An expensive restaurant? Eat up, dude - if you were as "intelligent" as you claim to be, you would be saving that money - assuming you are even on the level. You might be WORKING at that "expensive restaurant" 2 or 3 years from now.

  8. You know, it's really been awhile since Nando went thermonuclear on some poor dupe. I miss those days.

    1:07 just got a huge serving of shut the fuck up and get your facts straight.

  9. For so it has been written:

    In the final days, they who are among the trusting and righteous and the victims of the law school scam shalt be embraced by the Holy One, and it is they who shalt be taken up on high, and exalted; whilst the greedy and the misers, and those who had willingly chosen to partake of the cup of evil shalt be hurled down, and cast into the fiery pit and flames of eternal damnation.

    Woe be unto every lost soul and scammer who hast partaken of the bitter harvest of sin, and who now drinketh the bitter dregs of their wicked deeds in the forsaken, incendiary land of eternal damnation.

    Yea! For so it has been written: They who hath earned their just recompense in the eyes of the Lord shalt partake of the sweetness of the cup of righteousness and the fruits of the good, while bitter and never ending shalt be the pitiable cries of lamentation of the damned and for all eternity.

  10. @401,

    Taken up on high and exalted? So you are actually going to fly inside the gigantic black booty that you worship and live there for the rest of eternity? That is your version of heaven, right? Bring noseplugs.

  11. $80 grand may not sound like much to ambitious kids. But it is more than enough to ruin you financially. And it has to be repaid. With interest, of course.

  12. The legal job market has collapsed. It has fucking collapsed - it is GONE! My own parents thought I was staying unemployed intentionally to screw with them, until I started taking $8/hr temp jobs. I'm currently in a staring match with Income-based Repayment forms.... and I give the fuck up. I don't want the "lawyer" title any more, I just want my life back.

  13. Nando, if you read on top law school forum, you find out a lot of kids actually think legal jobs that pay 50k~60k are considered SHIT LAW. OMG, those kids will be extremely lucky to get jobs that pay that much in this legal market.

  14. Lemmings might not mind Atlanta, but it's a shithole.


    "Alexander Campbell King Law Library

    The Alexander Campbell King Law Library provides access to more than 450,000 digital and print titles. Spectacular windows and hand-crafted cherry furniture by Thos. Moser make the library one of the most beautiful library facilities in the country."

    Yes, who wouldn't want to shell out $16,506 or $34,176 in annual tuition - plus $2,234 in fees - for this experience?!?! Notice the current accompanying picture, which features three smiling women - black, white and one who appears to be Asian - and one man. The school has employed the false diversity imagery used in corporate advertisements. Hell, the only thing missing is a kid in a wheelchair.

    “Dean Rusk Center for International Law and Policy

    The Dean Rusk Center was established in 1977 to expand the scope of research, teaching, and service in international law and policy in order to increase understanding of international issues, provide a sound basis for foreign policy decision-making, and contribute solutions to global problems. Today the Center serves as a nucleus for collaboration between University of Georgia School of Law faculty and students, the law school community, and diverse international partners on foreign and transnational legal and policy matters.

    In fulfillment of its mission to globalize legal education at the University of Georgia, the Center invites scholars from abroad to engage in collaborative research with faculty and to teach short courses that enhance the law school's educational offerings. In addition to faculty exchange programs with foreign universities, the Rusk Center administers a popular study abroad semester program for Georgia Law students at the University of Oxford and highly praised summer programs in Beijing and Shanghai, and Brussels and Geneva. The Global Internship Program with placements in more than thirty countries around the world provides another excellent opportunity to gain international experience.”

    How many UGA Sewer of Law grads will become “international” lawyers - or impact world affairs?! By the way, Cockroach Dean Rusk was U.$. $ecretary of $tate from January 21, 1961 to January 20, 1969. Read Ted Sorensen’s work “Counselor” or David Halberstam’s ass-kicking 1972 book “The Best and the Brightest.” You will learn that John Kennedy acted as his own secretary of state, and that Rusk was largely useless.

    “As Secretary of State he believed in the use of military action to combat Communism. Despite private misgivings about the Bay of Pigs invasion, he remained noncommittal during the Executive Council meetings leading up to the attack and never opposed it outright. During the Cuban missile crisis he supported diplomatic efforts. Early in his tenure, he had strong doubts about US intervention in Vietnam, but later his vigorous public defense of US actions in the Vietnam War made him a frequent target of anti-war protests.” [Internal citation omitted]

  16. Nando's girlfriend Cryn Johannsen's really impressed because Obama used the word crisis when talking about studnet debt. Big fucking deal.

    1. I do not blame Nando - chubby girls give very good head.

    2. I'll bet Cryn can suck a mean dick.

    3. Chris Knorps gives a better head yet.

    4. Chris Knorps wants to go to CA to hang around the bath houses.

  17. Check out the University of Georgia's newest law professor-- Lee Feinstein, former ambassador to Poland, former Senior Advisor in the Defense Department, former Principal Director at the Department of State, and foreign policy advisor to Hilary Clinton.

    Lots of law professors have remarkably meager accomplishments. But there are others, like Feinstein, who have an impressive background-- but of a singularly elite nature that cannot possibly bolster the opportunities or professional skills of grads of a sub T14 law school.

    For these honchos, law school is easy bucks and prestige while they wait around for a plum government position. Unfortunately, as usual, it is scammed law students who have to pay the bills.

  18. The Angry Accountant tells it like it is.September 7, 2013 at 8:51 PM

    Public accounting is like law too, if you CANNOT bring in business your ass will not be hired for the firm. Public accounting may be slightly better but it still sucks and you are disposable. I tried the public accounting route it sucks. Now I do aircraft hydraulics and have a shop and hangar across from the airport. I like my life much better and I wish I did not go to college or Grad school or take the CPA exam.

    The only solo lawyer I know who does well is a guy who works as an adjunct part-time at a college teaching business law and his wife is a Chief Operating Officer of a family holding company that owns franchise interests in restaurants and hotels PLUS she is a college professor! And did I forget to mention she is a lawyer also?

    All those youngsters I feel sorry for them. They may be having fun doing their dumb law school skits (so called Law Revue skit contests) they like to post on Youtube but when they hit reality, it is going to hit them in the face.

    Of course there is always ONE jackass who gets that Big Accouting or Big Law job who thinks thry are independently successful but in reality they got major help from mom, dad or some family friend.

    1. Law school is for chumps. What's infuriating is when you see some asshole making $60K or more who's unhappy in his or her job and then goes to law school. It's much worse when those people have kids to support.

    2. The Angry AccountantSeptember 8, 2013 at 10:42 PM

      I agree. There are dumb asses out there who have good paying jobs here in California, usually in the tech sector and they get some stupid ass revelation that they are going to be a patent lawyer. So they quit their great job which they are quite fortunate to have considering that these tech companies are fixing to hire H-1 B visa holders from India at a minutes notice, and they go to law school. These morons who just quit their job get suckered into Santa Clara which really is a shitty law school, but since Santa Clara is based in Silicon Valley they get fooled into Santa Clara's touting of their close proximity to tech companies.

  19. If you are an adult parent making $60K a year and you decide to recklessly enroll in a TTT law school, I think that is the criminal equivalent of endangering the welfare of a minor (i.e., your children who will probably starve or be taken by Child Protective Services when you can no longer afford to feed them).

  20. This school could lead to disaster for nonresidents.

  21. Does PSLF stand for "Public Service Lackey Fuck You?"

  22. A Poem for Ann Coulter:

    She even thinks that up in Heaven
    her conservative class lies late
    and sleeps

    while lost, student loan slaves
    like so many slobs
    work the public service jobs

    and pray for forgiveness
    from the liberal crumbs and snobs
    and knaves
    within her silken sheets.

  23. Take a look at some of the garbage journal offerings at the Univer$ity of Georgia $chool of Law:

    "About the Journal of Intellectual Property Law

    The Journal of Intellectual Property Law was founded in 1993 and is the nation's oldest student-edited law journal devoted exclusively to the field of intellectual property law.

    The Journal is run by the students at the University of Georgia School of Law and publishes two volumes each year (Fall & Spring) with articles by leading scholars, judges, practicing attorneys, and students that address the constantly changing subject areas of trade secrets, patent law, trademarks, copyrights, Internet law, and entertainment & sports law.

    In 1999, an empirical study ranked the Journal as the best student-run intellectual property and seventeenth best specialized journal in the United States."

    How exactly does "sports law" fit into intellectual property?! In the end, no one really cares. What does matter is that 14 years ago, a non-cited "empirical study" rated this as the 17th greatest, most fantastic specialized journal in the land. If you are a student editor, make sure to tell the southern belle undergrads about this feat. If you do so, they'll ditch their football player boyfriends and dig their nails into your back. [Disclaimer: this clearly will not happen.]

    “The Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law is a preeminent forum for academic discussion on current international subjects. From its inception in 1971 as a student initiative supported by former U.S. Secretary of State and UGA Law Professor Dean Rusk, the International Journal features work by legal scholars and practitioners as well as student notes written by International Journal members.

    With a staff composed entirely of second- and third- year law students, the International Journal publishes three times each year. The International Journal serves as a valuable research tool for practicing lawyers and students of the law. It also provides opportunities for International Journal members to develop their own editing and writing skills.”

    Wow! This can help you – a college graduate and a law student – to learn how to write and edit. Where else can you develop these skills – for less than an additional $85K-$140K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt?!?! More importantly, DO NOT EXPECT international law firms to come calling because they want to hire your ass.

  24. Nando,

    I'm a longtime follower and fan of your blog. I am also a current student at the University of North Dakota School of Law. I write to you with the suggestion that you consider UND as a future topic for your blog.

    There are a number of troubling things happening at UND. In the midst of the booming North Dakota economy, UND is only able to attain a employment score of 63 on law school transparency scale. Yet, UND is now building an 11 million dollar addition to the school in an attempt to increase enrollment. The dean, whose salary of $250,000 (which is twice as much as a ND Supreme Court Justice), has relentlessly pushed for this addition by using fearmongering saying school would lose its ABA accreditation without additional space, which is nonsense.

    This empire building is occurring in the grim realities of the ND legal market. An average UND undergraduate carries about $25,000 in debt, while the average UND Law grad carries about $65,000. Accordingly, the average UND law grad graduates with about $90,000 in educational debt. This number is outlandish given that the average entry level position in ND pays about $45,000. Instead of reducing the number of students and using the 11 million dollars to lower tuition so as to better coincide with the realities of the legal market, UND law is expanding to furnish more debt-laden graduates to an already over-saturated legal market.

    Such a reality is concerning and deserves publicity.



  25. The Angry Accountant gives YOU the best advice ever.September 9, 2013 at 9:11 AM

    Basically, do not trust all Governments (municipal, state and Federal) and corportions (including the ones you invest in or work for) because they are all out to get you. Governments only care about collecting taxes for their workers salaries and pensioners (I mean what a scam, issuing more debt to pay for old dinosaurs to sit on their asses?) and corporations only care about their elite executives and elite shareholders. Oh yes and of course the higher education elites like the grad school and law school deans. I cannot believe I paid $45,000 on a grad degree to give some asshole dean a job.

    In other words, if you are not a corporate pig executive, government employee or higher education scammer, then you ARE fucked. My advice to anyone if you have a good paying job, KEEP it and SAVE your money. Do not go to grad school or law school, heck do NOT even go to college if you already have a good job. Live in a small apartment and ride the bus if you can and SAVE your money. Do NOT even invest in financial markets because they are out to screw you. SAVE your money because they are all AGAINST you, the elites, because at any moment they can screw you over.

  26. Same shit is happening with business schools. Top grads from NYU, Wharton, etc. get their 3-4 year contracts in big financial firms and then they get canned. It's just a way for the schools to maintain prestige and show their grads go on to good firms for propaganda purposes. Then the employment data comes out for that cohort and the layoffs happen. Then all those elite grads who get cut loose from Goldman slither back into academia at state schools or other colleges teaching business lemmings who think a BA or MBA from a state business school will get them on wall street. Biglaw, big finance, and big accounting just give stints to elite grads and then those elite grads that don't make the cut run to academia and teach lemmings. That's all they have. If lemmings smartened up and stopped going then the elites themselves would be in a bind. But I guess what makes them the elites is they're smart enough to use the scam to their advantage.

    1. As an MBA, I would be very interested in hearing more about this. It was obvious to me that all my classmates getting jobs at McKinsey, on Wall Street, etc., would not be able to stay there long-term. Like law firms, these companies use a pyramid structure. It is (relatively) easy to get in as a peon, but good luck becoming a senior executive who gets to have a full career there. Also, like law firms, many of these entry-level jobs pay well, but require the graduates to live in highly expensive cities like New York, so that much of the money gets burned.

  27. Lawyers are scavengers. Especially if you're in small law (shitlaw). You have to drum up business. Pass out business cards at family functions, in grocery stores, laundromats.If you square away $10K do you spend that on one billboard or buy a couple of local radio ads? Do you put that in the fucking bank?

    If you're in law school right now, you probably think I'm kidding. Well, I was in the trenches for a long time. I don't give a fuck what you think. The thing about shitlawyers is that they're not shitty lawyers. They know their stuff real well. They can beat you senseless in court, if you're a baby lawyer.

    I've seen skilled, experienced lawyers hand out business cards, stop by hospital beds, scan the newspapers for accident victims. Why do you want to enter this shittier than shit profession?

    1. The Angry AccountantSeptember 9, 2013 at 6:56 PM

      The small accounting firms is the same thing. They are skilled accountants just like the small law firm lawyers, but there is not enough work. In the area of tax practice, you got all these asshole Enrolled Agents and others who crowd the field. I wanted to be a tax attorney, but I realized there was no way I could succeed if there are IRS attorneys who actually drafted the treasury regulations, who cannot make any money.

    2. The Angry AccountantSeptember 9, 2013 at 6:59 PM

      I also agree with you about solo or small firm attorneys. I know some solo attorneys who are bulldogs who could eat a recent law school graduate for breakfast. I know mean son of a bitch lawyers who could fucking put the system on trial and win, but they cannot make any money because the field is crowded and many people cannot afford attorneys. I do not know what the fuck these law school morons who do their dumb Law Revue skits on Youtube are thinking?

    3. When it comes to those who have been practicing law for a while, small law is not "shit" law unless you are a "shit" lawyer without the competence to make it. Most lawyers sooner or later end up in "small law" and that is what practicing law is all about. Small lawyers are their own bosses and if at all competent can work as hard or as not hard as they choose to to make a decent or sometimes very good living. I would suggest any lawyer in the "trenches" for a long time and unable to make it simply didn't try hard enough or did not have the aptitude for the game. Practicing law takes not only a reasonable amount of intelligence, but it also takes personality. If you are lacking in either of these attributes, you never should have gone into law in the first place.

  28. @8:58am,

    How are you a fan of this blog and be currently enrolled in a law school? That is completely insane and stupid! I cannot understand why people would go to law school now. If you are a 1L you should drop out so your life isnt screwed.

    1. Once you're in a grad program, it's difficult to get out. The work you put in, the money put in, the life you built, builds just enough doubt to be swayed by 'common sense' conveyed by the media.
      Even in medicine, though employment is guaranteed, the training is so painful, I would think a decent fraction (maybe 20 percent) would quit at some point.
      Pharmacy is also graduating more people than are retiring and is ever ramping up enrollment, making it the worst employment outcome in health care. In pharmacy we said, first year drop out second year drop out, third year is iffy, and fourth year is a shame/crime...

  29. Nando:

    Thought you would appreciate this:

    Career Advisor at McGeorge

    A link in the posting leads to UOP-McGeorge school of law.

  30. @ Anonymous, 12:34am 9/6,

    That's the least convincing argument that a pro-law schooler has ever made against Nando. Pretty sad.

    As for UGA, I didn't think this school would come under attack for Nando. After all, schoo's ranked okay and is one of the strong schools in this state. Costs are low compared to the other law schools if you're from Georgia. But again, even the graduates of this school are not getting jobs. I personally know at least 4 people right now from this school that graduated in 12 that are still unemployed.

    At any rate, law school is everything exactly Nando makes it out to be. If you can get past his poor taste for pictures, and just read his advice at the very beginning: (scholarship, guaranteed job, Top 10 schools) you'll be fine to go to law school then.

    I graduated from Mercer in 2012 so I know what legal market in GA is like. After job hunting from last year's bar passage hoping to become a prosecutor, I finally landed a job this past weekend in Atlanta. This is after 15 interviews (although the job offer came from the 14th interview).

    What's funny is that...I was doing quite well financially. Unlike many other law grads, I had a marketable skill in SAT test prepping and was tutoring at 40/hr. I was working 30 hours a week and I was also working as a part-time defense attorney and that also brought me about $2000 a month pretty consistently because I was taking court appointed cases.

    I am actually taking somewhat of a paycut getting my "dream job" in Atlanta. Given I will have to scale back the part-time job because of a new job that pays only $54k.

    While my story might sound like some success story, especially having gone to a TTT and having graduated at the bottom 1/3, this is not so, consider:

    (1) I was debt free because I went to UGA with full scholarship undergrad.

    (2) Prior to going to law school, I was bringing home about $40k a year as a test prep teacher.

    (3) After 4 years (3 in law school 1 post) of free labor internships, and falling in debt 150k+ I have just now landed a job paying 54k...

    If that calculus does not scare you, I don't know what will.

    Thank god for the public loan service program. I'll be off the hook on this damn loan in ten years!

    Stay away from law school.

  31. Thank you for doing an expose on this highly overrated school. People in my state just won't shut up about it because of the sports and the more rigorous admissions process and there are also a lot of people that I know that act like they're better than others just because they go to some party school with good football. It's really annoying and I'm not surprised in the slightest that their law school isn't as great as it's cracked up to be.

    The biggest positive about UGA would be that it's pretty cheap because of the HOPE scholarship and all, but that covers most of the other colleges here.


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