Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Profiles in Judicial Diarrhea: Joel Pressman, San Diego County Superior Court “Judge”/Pig

The Swine’s Decision Regarding Class Certification in Alaburda vs. TJ$L:


Joel Pressman issued the following middle finger/tripe, on September 20, 2013 at 10:30 am:

“Given the individualized nature of the relief in this case, it is difficult to determine whether any class representative would have “typical” claims.

Thomas Jefferson’s Motion for Protective Order appears moot in light of the [c]ourt’s ruling on class certification.” 

At this point, no one should be surprised with such a “ruling.” Politicians in black robes commonly referred to as "judges" view themselves as gatekeepers of the “profession.” They don’t want to see successful lawsuits against ABA-accredited toilets – even against lowly FOURTH TIER DUNG PITS such as TTTThoma$ Jeffer$on Sewer of Law. Permitting these cases to reach discovery – or worse, a jury – would potentially reveal the level of in$titional rot involved in “legal education.”

Pressman Changes Course from Earlier:


On December 8, 2012, San Diego Union-Tribune reporter Greg Moran covered Pressman’s denial of TJ$L’s motion for summary judgment in his piece entitled “Suit against Thomas Jefferson law school goes forward.” For $ome rea$on, this was not front page news on the Wall Street Journal. Look at the excerpt below:

“But Pressman sided with the graduates. He wrote that as a consumer Alaburda was purchasing a legal education. 

“Representations regarding that legal education are material to the decision of whether to enroll,” Pressman wrote. 

Brian Procel, the lawyer for the graduates, said the judge’s decision “was a tremendous ruling for the plaintiffs.” [Emphasis mine]

Pussy Joel Pressman changed his tune quick, huh? Perhaps he didn’t like having a pair of balls, after all. By the way, Joel: the next time you shave your old, wrinkly vagina, don't glue those pubes onto your face.  It's never a good idea.

Apparently, the owners got to this rat. This happens all the time in politics. You may see a city councilman, state representative or member of Congre$$ take up a worthy cause – only to be stonewalled by higher-up pigs, i.e. “Do you want all of your bills this session to be DOA? It’s best just to let this one go. We can’t help those guys anyway.”

Other Coverage:


Law School Truth Center posted an entry labeled “This Thomas Jefferson Has His Hos, Too.” Check out this portion:

“Game over.

Do not pass go. Do not collect a refund on your tuition. 

My favorite part:

In support of the Opposition, TJSL has presented 111 declarations of graduates. The declarations indicate differences in what factors influenced the graduates to attend TJSL and differing weights to those various factors. Declarants included 42 different factors and less than 15% of the declarants identified employment statistics as important.”

The cesspool was able to get 111 tools to claim that employment statistics were only important to less than 15 percent of them. Yes, what a convincing argument! After all, people choose to get a four year degree, earn strong undergraduate GPAs, register with LSAC, take prep courses, spend countless hours on old exams, score well on the LSAT, convince “professors” and employers to write letters of recommendation, write personal statements, fill out several applications, etc. – all while shelling out hundreds or thousands of dollars in the process – because they don’t expect to practice law, right?!?! As with the other cases, it is obvious that Cockroach Joel Pressman wanted this result, and he relied on mental gymnastics in order to “reach” that decision.


As JD Junkyard poster “JohnDoeee” noted, on September 21, 2013 at 9:16 am – in response to the topic “TJSL – Plaintiff’s Motion for Class Certification is DENIED”:

“I knew, one way or the other, that TPTB were going to find a way - find a way, I said - to quash this thing. 

Law is a noble profession? 

My ass... 

You can write any opinion to justify any desired outcome. Just distinguish enough facts, or use word-play. And / or logic-play, etc.

I remember thinking the same thing reading those bloviated cases from the Supreme Court.” [Emphasis mine]

Law students with any observation skills and the ability to be honest with themselves soon discovered this reality – usually within a week or two of law school. “Judges” are mere politicians in black dresses. Why the hell do you think that the selection, nomination and confirmation process is so heated? Why else would the supposed nine best “judges” in the country often decide cases on a 5-4 vote?!

Conclusion: Joel Pressman is a piece of trash who does not have the balls, backbone, character or integrity to be the first judge to allow discovery in a suit against the law school cockroaches/swindlers. In the end, law grads seeking to sue TTTThoma$ Jeffer$on Sewer of Law will need to do so on an individual basis. Good luck trying to find legal representation. What lawyer will take on a case with such a low potential payoff and remote chance of success? You must simply avoid going to law school, in the first place.  The judicial swine will continue to safeguard the academic thieves and alleged "institutions of higher education."


  1. An interesting inquiry would be to determine if Pressman has a lifetime appointment or if he needs to be re-appointed/nominated after a certain period or time. Or if he is an elected judge. If Judges are elected in that jurisdiction, then it's obvious the bar association and local law school enforcers held a "fundraiser" for him (translation: buttonholed him in a room and told him to lose his morals or they'd run someone against him). If he needs to be re-appointed, then the bar associations/law school pig lobbyists probably made some veiled threat towards him that they'd lobby the Governor to drop him or lobby the State Senate Judiciary Committee to block his reappointment. If he has lifetime tenure, then he either got a kickback or he's just an asshole.

    The fight goes on though. In the end, it doesn't matter if some rat in a black robe dismisses a lawsuit. The most important thing is that the applicant pool is shrinking. With less applicants overall, the pigs are sweating and pulling our every conceivable tactic to lure in lemmings. Whether its the scholarship bait-and-switch, shamelessly going after foreign students, or, in the case of "elite" schools, allowing exorbitant amounts of transfer students, the pigs are scrambling to up enrollment.

    So don't worry about this hiccup. Numbers don't lie. The tide is turning.

    1. He ran in the last election. Unopposed.

    2. Any old lawyer can run against this guy for a 6 year term.

      The system is corrupt. Time to change it from within. I'm down to work on the campaign of the first scamblogger who wants a judgeship.


  2. Judges as a class have no balls. These old men are constantly worried about getting one of their precious decisions overturned by a higher tribunal. They have gigantic egos and they are sensitive to the slightest criticism.

    So in the hopes you happen to see this entry, Pressman, here's to ya:

    ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
    ..........''...\.......... _.·´

  3. I know this is very difficult for many of you to accept, but the majority of Judges do try to follow the law. They have biases sure, but the majority of them also have integrity and try to make reasoned decisions.

    Additionally, it appears this Judge might have had a good reason for declining class action status. You guys yourselves have noted the Special Snowflake syndrome, where many go to Law School on the belief that THEY will be successful, which would mean the fudging of employment statistics DID NOT sway them. They would have gone anyway.

    That being said, denying class action status IS NOT a death knell to the cause. Surely there is one attorney willing to take a case and proceed forward on behalf of one student, and upon receiving all of that discovery, may well be able to share the same with other lawyers. As the cases develop, as discovery is obtained and exchanged, that will make the cases following up that much easier.

    In the end, if a Student has 250K in debt and was defrauded in to going to law school, perhaps he will be angry enough to pay a lawyer to represent him against his law school whom he claimes defrauded him, or better yet, get in the law library, and represent himself. After all, he does have a J.D. right? He can get assistance from any number of lawyers and still do the great majority of the leg work to pursue his own case. Filing the Complaint, filing Interrogatories, Requests for Production, Requests for Admission. As the objections come in, file Motions to Compel. This stuff is not rocket science after all.

    Too many of you just assume the worst and don't even try. That is your biggest failures.

    1. If you want to drink the Koolaid, fine. Quit trying to convince others to drink that shit.

      Judges have no integrity. And 'following the law' benefits rich cocksuckers since the laws are written for their benefit.

    2. ^^^^^^^^ Thank you.

      Exactly. As far as proceeding on your own, lol! You'll be stone-walled and bled dry as an individual claimant.

      Get a real IQ 8:26.. And try using it.

      Sounds plausible in theory. But almost impossible in fact. Where's the money going to come from to proceed with all the necessary court costs, etc?

      And I also agree: Lay off the Kool-Aid.

      Laws are for the rich, written by the rich, etc. Proceeding as an individual is like David vs. Goliath but without even a slingshot or God's help. In other words, futile and hopeless.

    3. "Laws are for the rich, written by the rich, etc. Proceeding as an individual is like David vs. Goliath but without even a slingshot or God's help. In other words, futile and hopeless."

      I think I can see what the problem is for many of you. You simply live in an alternative reality. What a shocker you are angry and embittered. You create a fantasy world with your own rules, and then get angry at the rules you have created. Its really sad how clueless some of you really are. You have absolutely no understanding of the way things actually work, especially in the legal world. If you did, you would be in the world directing your anger in a way that would be beneficial to your cause.

      "Sounds plausible in theory. But almost impossible in fact. Where's the money going to come from to proceed with all the necessary court costs, etc?"

      Just how much money do you think it would take to pursue this case so long as you are not paying attorney fees to do so? You don't need expensive expert witnesses. All you need is documentation held by the law schools and a deposition or two of some of the law school players, perhaps the Dean of Admissions, etc. Something like this could be done dirt cheap, but you have given up already.

      Perhaps this is understandable, most of you do not understand the ruling of the Judge or why he ruled in the manner he did. And I don't understand why you don't. When I went to law school, I may not have no the technical details of how to practice law, but at least I had a pretty good understanding of the law, how to do legal research, how to figure things out. Why can't you guys do the same?

    4. @1:35

      You done licking Pressman's balls yet, faggot?

      The laws are written for the rich. It's always been that way. Even in Rome and Greece.

    5. If Judges just followed the law we'd still have slavery, blacks being counted as 3/5 a person in the census, no voting rights for women/blacks, miscegenation laws, poll taxes, literacy test to qualify for voting, school segregation, jim crow, etc. Did you not take constitutional law in law school?

      I'm not a judicial activist but don't feed us that weak-ass line. He could have given them class certification and we all know it. He's just a puppet for the industry. I'm sure he'll be rewarded with a nice adjunct position at a San Diego area law sewer making an extra $40k/yr teaching one class 4 hours a week and have some TA do all the grading and classroom instruction preparation.

    6. Riighht...Slaverly was abolished and women's right to vote established because judges decided 'to not follow the laws.' The Civil war and two constitutional amendments (not to mention the myriad of state and local LEGISLATION pre-dating those events) had nothing to do with it. Dumbass. Apparently you not failed to take constitutional law but also skipped elementary history.

      Tweaking (or subverting) class certification standards under FRCP 23 has nothing to do with either event in any case.

    7. The court had nothing to do with setting in motion the abolition of slavery? Ever hear of the Dred Scott Decision, retard? As far as women's suffrage, did you ever read Minor v. Happersett, mentally deficient troll? Those were both examples of the court ruling unjustly and helping to spur reform and war. They "followed the law." Of course, you glossed over the ten other instances I gave where the Supreme Court struck down racist laws. What about the host of other laws that were struck down via judicial review like separate but equal? Segregation laws were on the books in a dozen states and were "the law." What about Brown v. Board of Education? After all, Plessy v. Ferguson was the precedent at the time of the deciding of Brown. They ditched Plessy because it was the right thing to do. Maybe you're the one who skipped con law and history.

      Here, the right thing to do would have been to give them class certification. They could have then legally solicited potential class members to join the class action and Thomas Jefferson Law "School" would have been screwed. I read Pearlment's BS opinion. He could have given the class certification (it's only four pages but your pea brain might not be able to handle that).

      Also, simpleton, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure have no place here as this was a state court action in the Superior Court of California.

    8. Are you fucking kidding me? Courts can, of course, serve as vehicles to facilitate social justice. But your original post failed to make that point, which appears to be that we'd have unjust results if JUDGES did not decide to ignore the law. Perhaps you would have been better off citing examples of cases where the judicial branch refused to either apply the letter of the law or engage in an unjust interpretation of it that was not mandated or a foregone conclusion. You didn't, and your additional explication is still lacking. For example, as you note, in Minor v. Happersett, the Supreme Court DID follow what it believed to be the law, that the Constitution did not guarantee women the right to vote. Ultimately there was a constitutional amendment. It is not an example of judges deciding to IGNORE an unjust law or flout its application, which is the point the post I responded to attempted to argue. Your original examples were also inapposite (though the point you wanted to make could have been illustrated). So spare me your righteous indignation.

      Fair point re the Federal Rules. The California rules than, which have similar certification standards.

    9. Listen, idiot, Plessy was law when Brown came up and the court dismantled Plessy because it was the right thing to do. Do you have any idea how many times the court has invalidated prior precedent in the name of social justice? There are tons of examples of the court invalidating precedent because that precedent operated to the detriment of a segment of our population.

      Ultimately Judges are people and the Judges in Brown had a better moral compass than the Judges in Plessy given the times. Pressman could have done the right thing here and been a trailblazer and really taken law schools to task on their false employment data and made them accountable to the countless students they financially ruined and left with very few job prospects while taking enormous salaries for themselves. Don't sit there and tell me there wasn't any grey area with respect to the class certification in this case. I read his opinion. You damn well know the decision could have gone either way. This wasn't a blatant misuse of the class action on behalf of these kids. If it would have been viewed as so outrageous, let the appeals court reverse it. Lord knows the pigs at TJLS have more than enough in their coffers to pay for the lawsuit.

      I'm not sure where you got that off-the-wall interpretation of my comment from. So much for that elite law school education of yours. Assuming you are a lawyer and not this loser name Chirs Knorps who trolls this blog from time to time who has this perverse sense of duty to defend the law school scam even though he put himself something like $200k because of fake employment stats.

      This isn't "righteous indignation" I went to law school on the cheap and lived light so to keep my spending down. I'm not looking for a bailout. I can take care of myself and I'm employed. But I'd like to see a terrible wrong corrected and have law schools learn once and for all that they can't finesse employment stats and trick unassuming 20 somethings into attending when the law school admins KNOW they are lying to the kids and having them take out outrageous amounts of debt and financially ruining themselves for life. The legal system ought to allow these kids a voice and take these law school bastards to task on this issue. I'd like to see this expanded to all colleges but law schools are the ones who peddle manufactured employment stats to young people. Do you not give a damn about these kids being destroyed so some baby boomer pig of a professor can drive a Mercedes?

  4. Of course no judge has the guts to kill the cash cow.

    If the law school scam collapses, where will judges go for hordes of free interns/externs?

    If the scam collapses, how will judges line their pockets as adjuncts or lecturers?

    If the scam collapses, will hordes of unemployed but highly credentialed "academics" start competing with judges for their jobs?

    No judge wants to find out the answer to these questions.

    1. Most judges are not hiring their interns out of the schools from which students are suing but from far better schools that would continue on if half the law schools in the country closed tomorrow. It is also highly dubious that the judges are motivated by concerns of professors flooding the ranks of the unemployed and 'competing' with them for jobs. Most professors neither have the experiential skillset nor ass-kicking ability needed to become a judge.

  5. ^^^^ this is so utterly ridiculous. Some of you do live in Outer Space. You know, I really am sympathetic to your cause but you really need to get over yourselves and maybe try looking in the mirror, asking yourselves whether this warped, fantasy way of thinking is doing you any good..

    1. Agreed. Most posters here have a defeatist victim mentality, which is why they won't ever be successful at anything they do. The website does a serving by highlight very real, institutional problems in the law industry. But it is largely undermined by this warped vantage point. Who you know and good connections definitely help greatly in this world. But it is certainly possible to come from humble beginnings and get ahead. It happens all the time. You are not 'doomed' because your parents aren't rich and there is not some massive conspiracy at play.

    2. Is this the newest knorps offensive on TTR trying to change the dialogue from the truth to deluded thinking about getting ahead on just hard work?

      This isn't a warped vantage point, idiot. This is truth. What makes the law grad doomed is the massive debt load and grim job prospects. Good luck getting ahead in an industry where OCI is largely ceremonial and sending out resumes to firms just gets you a fuck off form letter in response. If you dont have connections and a family network to rely on, you are fucked in this field.

      I hope you aren't this dumb for real.

    3. Yes, he is this dumb.

    4. No fucking idiot @ 5:26. People who actually go to top law schools get callbacks and job offers through the OCI process without money or family connections all the time. People on this website would know that if they had actually graduated from any of these schools. Where this website is correct is that if you don't fit that bill, you are in trouble in the current economy. Hell, even with connections and money, you are pretty fucked if you are graduating from a shitty law school. Little can compensate for that absent serious cash flow and connections,. But kids at that level don't need to slave away for a measly $160,000 a year anyway. Some us actually work in the industry already and know what we are talking about.

    5. ^If they have your fellatio skills, they'll get job offers too.

    6. Asswipe at 10:54- I graduated from a TTT on a scholarship and currently work in midlaw in NJ. I graduated top 10% of my class, was on law review, and clerked for a State court judge after I graduated. I only got my clerkship because I was an unpaid intern one summer at the courthouse and became friendly with people there and kept in touch with them and they pushed me through the door (got the internship on my own). OCI was BS at my school and I got my firm job because of having been a law clerk and also partly through family connections. Applying for clerkships in NJ is totally on your own, no school helps you do that. OCI is a crock of shit at most schools. My friend's son goes to NYU law and he had lots of OCI interviews that made him feel warm and fuzzy. Then one of the firms there let slip that they had already filled their spots but came anyway because some Dean at the school knew someone at the firm and called in the favor to give the illusion of another "employer" being there. Sure, they may get call backs and even job offers, but that doesn't guarantee you anything past your initial job contract in biglaw. Hell, Columbia is now trying to point their grads towards compliance jobs the market is that bad.

      The "elite" law school scam is 1 year federal clerkship, 3-4 years in biglaw, layoffs and then all the "elite" biglaw outcasts go running for law school jobs or worm their way into govt. I know plenty of biglaw associates who got kicked to the curb after the 3 year job contract was up because they didn't bring in enough business. They billed their hours but that's not enough. Biglaw is "eat what you kill" and it is currently shrinking terribly. All those elite grads are scrambling for law school jobs, government jobs or in-house jobs. The biglaw model is dead. Are you a lawyer, you hack?

      The midlaw firm I work at (roughly a 40 attorney firm) as NOT ONE elite law grad. Being in NJ all our lawyers are from Seton Hall, Rutgers, Fordham, and some other area schools. It's all about who you know, at least around here. When I applied for this job I went to the judge for whom I was clerking to write me a recommendation for the firm and he knew a partner there and placed a call for me. That's how I got my interview and ultimately hired as an associate (also had a family angle). Somehow, all us simple-minded, non-elite law grads are making it work here, and it had NOTHING to do with OCI or a law school's career services office.

      I'm guessing Knorps has moved from his conciliatory rose-colored glasses tone to now being combative. Make sure to take your meds tonight, you stupid fucking cunt.

    7. TTT. Enough said. I wasn't talking about you.

    8. Anyway, your response is in line with my beliefs and experience anyway. Connections YOU forged helped you land your job. Many people that post here have the attitude it's not possible to forge your own connections and relationships that help you get ahead and that you are doomed unless you are 'born' into them.

    9. Do you honestly think that 100% of every graduating class of all top schools will be employed through of OCI? Connections are extremely important in this profession, regardless where you go to school. Some minorities and top 25% at tier 1 schools have an advantage and can get jobs through OCI, but don't think 100% of all grads of all tier 1 schools are walking into jobs without any connections. I've seen top grads from schools get passed over for summer clerkships because some partner's friend's son at New York Law School needed a summer job and he called in a favor. Also, nepotism runs rampant in law firms and firms are extremely incestuous. As I said in my original post, I got my job partly out of my own developed contact via the judge but also partly out of a family connection I had at that law firm.

      Nando just blew #8 UVA out of the water showing how that school hired 55 of its recent grads to university-funded positions. What about OCI for them, dumbass?

      I only respond to you because some unassuming 0L might be reading this and buy your cheap salesman talk.

      0L/Lemming- Do not believe this bald faced lie that you'll magically get a legal job by "networking" on your own or if you happen to get into a tier 1 trap school. You must have the beginnings of a legal network already established through a close family and friends. You shouldn't be starting your legal network from scratch on day 1 of law school. You will find it very difficult to get ahead.

      I don't understand your posts. Your comment at 4:40 mentions nothing about OCI and top law schools, just some vague comment about getting ahead from humble beginnings. But then you counter with top law schools and OCI in your statement at 10:54 only after I mention it being a dog and pony show at 90% of law schools (which most people would agree with). In fact, in your 4:40 comment you concede that connections are important.

    10. Listen, bud. My post at 10:54 was explicitly limited to top laws. And, no, obviously 100% of people who graduate from even top law schools will not be gainfully employed and maybe not even employed. I made that point myself on other threads, such as the UVA thread (however most from that institution - approximately 80% are; those are the statistics). My original post you are referring to was railing against the absolutely absurd comments in this thread that suggest it is categorically impossible to do well without mommy and daddy buying a position at a firm. It is those posts that are not taking into all situations.

      I think this website performs an important service. But I get irritated by the exaggerated hyperbole when not is necessary as the facts are enough for anyone to logically assess whether law school is the right choice given their particular situation. For many/most, it will not be. It is the defeatist, blame-the world mentality that most posters bather in here that needs to end. It's what's wrong with this country.

    11. http://www.avvo.com/attorneys/26505-wv-miles-berger-4509978.html

      Not everyone can make it big like this kid, a UVA grad.

    12. I agree with self-reliance and responsibility, but the law school pigs manufactured employment statistics for decades. Severe damage has already been done. Prior to the advent of the internet and scamblogs, they controlled employment statistics with an iron fist. The scamblogs really didn't take off until 2008-09 really, so I think people have a right to still be angry that they graduated into a profession that is oversaturated and weren't able to get jobs when they were told their school placed 90%+ of their grads into jobs. They published misleading employment statistics and salary data and charged outrageous tuition and justified the cost by saying the student would make it back given the job/salary data. That was an outright lie and they knew they were lying to students. Now, suddenly, their narrative as shifted to telling students to "network" and "get your name out there" as if that makes a damn bit of difference.

      I think currently given the limping economy and the media the tide has definitely turned and that is why you are seeing enrollment declining. But there was a very real period 4-5 years ago when this scam was still not uncovered and people were still buying what the law schools were selling no questions asked. Many of those people who enrolled then just graduated a year or so ago and now this is hitting the mainstream. Furthermore, there is still a large segment of the population unaware of the current state of the legal profession who think any law graduate anywhere can just magically join a law firm and start making $160k/yr.

      It is not hyperbole to say that the odds are seriously stacked against an unconnected law graduate today, whether they go to a tier 1 trap school or a tier 4 school like TJLS. I'm not sure if you ever stated you were an attorney, but I cannot stress enough the importance of connections and personal contacts in this profession. Knowing people, knowing them well, is very important. Even then, that is no guarantee to a job.

      No one is blaming the world. I'm sure many people here who have had a tough go of things blame themselves and regret their decision. But they relied on facts, figures, statistics, and salary data provided by schools. In short- they trusted the schools. Now, 3-4 years later, a lot of people have graduated into a frosty economy with few job prospects and a massive debt load. As far as calling people "defeatist" that's your perception. I'm sure many people on here are demoralized over their experiences trying to find legal employment. I'm sure some have given up all hope, and I'm sure some have kept applying to jobs and maybe even throwing up a hail mary and opening their own law office. But don't label people defeatist because they recognize the realities of legal education and how employees get chosen. It's an inside game, and if you're an attorney, you know that.

  6. The judge denied class action status.
    What am I missing?
    The case already survived summary judgment, and any of the other potential plaintiffs may pursue their own claims. This judge may end up ruing his decision if more cases like this end up clogging his docket.

    The only person who loses here is the plaintiff's attorney, can't up the contingency fee an extra 15% against all class members.

  7. @ 9/24 6:38 AM:

    I believe this answers your question:


    Anyone surprised?

  8. By his Martindale profile, Pressman was admitted to practice in 1972. A guy that old and in his position doesn't give a shit about law grads that are drowning in debt with no job.

    The whole law thing is a racket. Rich people write the laws. The rest of us are indoctrinated from an early age to believe the legal system is just. Yeah right. Give me a fucking break.

  9. Don't worry, the court of public opinion will crush these law school commodes. Would you buy a car that the manufacturer won a case for gas tanks exploding when the manufacturer won on a technicality? You would steer clear of it. All this controversy will cause the scanners demise.

  10. Like Billy Joel, who lives in a 20 plus dollar mansion and is a part of the boomer one percent, The Judge Pressman or whatever his name is might be one of the types that rides around on a Harley Davidson motorcycle so as to show his solidarity with the blue collar working class and also to alleviate his guilt and even get tattoos.


  11. I've appeared in front of Judge Pressman numerous times. He's a good guy. Remember a couple years ago when he was the only judge to let one of these cases go past the motion to dismiss stage? It took balls to do that. Now you guys are all saying he lacks "integrity" because his interpretation of the law said that there wasn't enough commonality for there to be a class action here. It makes the whole cause look bad to come out against the judge like this, as if we are all a bunch of whiners who start crying whenever we don't get exactly what we want.

  12. Nando:

    Please consider exploring "Stockholm Syndrome" for your next feature article. Law School grads who defend the law school scam or, in this case, indicate that earning a salary was not their primary motivation in attending Law School are suffering with this syndrome. Sometimes a victim's ego can only cope by identifying with and defending their abusers.

  13. If the law schools collapse, then where will retired judges get cushy jobs lecturing one "clinical" course per semester when they hit judicial retirement age?

    1. Bingo. Plenty of state court judges are adjuncts at local law sewers pocketing a little extra cash to pad their salaries. There is no conflict apparently. In fact, the schools love to have a judge or two on their adjunct roles so they look "prestigious", whatever the hell that word means anymore in the legal profession.

      It really is a rotten personality in this profession. They also like to go to law schools for speaking engagements and sit on "panel discussions" and speak to a room full of lemmings who were probably promised some class participation points if they attended. All just to boost their egos so they feel important and their opinion valued.

      I know this guy who works in energy who is so soft spoken and low key. He's worth millions of dollars and dresses like a typical person and drives a chevy. You'd never suspect this guy to be more than just an average joe. Then you see these loudmouth shitbag lawyers, professors, and judges who are maxing out at $200k/yr driving leased Mercedes and wearing flashy clothes. It's just sad how self-important they are and how much of an inferiority complex they all must have to feel the need to project such an image. I think I knew one judge who drove a minivan and didn't care about his image. The rest are all cunts who think they're better than you because they sucked enough political dick to get a judicial appointment.

  14. Pressman is a good judge. He doesn't deserve to be placed in the same category with the East Coast judges who basically said "yeah, it was fraud, but go complain to the Bar Associations or something." He has done the right thing in this case.

  15. Pressman is a good judge. He doesn't deserve to be placed in the same category with the East Coast judges who basically said "yeah, it was fraud, but go complain to the Bar Associations or something." He has done the right thing in this case.

  16. No wonder why Thomas Jefferson has one of the lowest bar passage rates in the country. The fact that. only 15% of the retards there say making a living was a factor in enrolling. I could understand an 18 year old joining the military saying that not taking out student loans. No wonder nobody wants to hire TJSL retards. Crack Heads in alley ways have better logical skills.

  17. It would not surprise me if someone leaned on Pressman to alter the course of the litigation. Judges are invested in the law school scam both indirectly and directly.

    Judges don't want to strike down the system that made them what they are. They also don't want to lose the honorariums and adjunct gigs that are a nice way to supplement their six figure salaries.

    Judges are like cops. You have the good (e.g., just, fair and cerebral), the bad (e.g., dumb judges, political hacks) and the ugly (e.g., corrupt judges on the take). Pressman is skating on all sides here. He has a chance to make history here but I am sure someone will reach him and show him the big picture (e.g., adverse ruling against law school=career suicide).

  18. Here is where it all stands IMHO. The Student Debt "Crisis" will resolve itself:

    1. Seamlessly and over much time and through a series of quasi buried legislative acts?

    2. By necessity since the government can't keep throwing money at something forever and not exhaust the supply of money?

    3. Choice A, and older debts will be settled but never forgiven (as per the wishes of Applebaum and Collinge) since forgiveness and/or bankruptcy protections would create a huge outcry and controversy?

    4. Choice B, and the debts will be settled?

    So you see, whatever the Judge says will be moot?

  19. This is my first post on Pig Joel Pressman. When he dismissed the toilet's motion for summary judgment last year, I did not write an entry on that ruling. At the time, I did not feel confident that this small “victory” was going to last long.


    Joel M. Pressman
    San Diego Superior Court
    Central Civil

    Born: 1946
    Undergraduate: University of California, Berkeley
    Law School: Univ. of California, Hastings
    Admitted to Practice: 1972
    Appointed to the Bench: 2001
    Appointed by: Gov. Gray Davis, Democrat"

    According to this profile, Pre$$man is a former member of a group called San Diego Consumer Attorneys. He was appointed to his current position by a shameless rat who was later recalled from office in a 2003 California special election.


    “[I]n the entirety of these United States just two governors have been yanked from office before their terms expired, Lynn Frazier and Gray Davis. Of the two, just one survives: California’s Davis.”

    Yes, that is quite an accomplishment, huh?!?!


    "Know Your Judge

    Consumer Justice is dedicated to educating consumers about issues they face in the legal system. One of CJ's endeavors is to develop profiles of judges to inform consumers about the background, preferences, affiliations, and philosophy of the judges deciding their cases."

    In the end, Joel Pressman is a 67 year old eunuch. At his age, he could have shown some testicular fortitude. The ass-hat who keeps defending Pressman’s decision, as well as the inherently corrupt legal $y$tem, does not understand that basic fact. By the way, Idiot, if “judges” had merely “followed the law” since the inception of this country, slavery would still be legal, Bitch. Plus, a man could still lawfully beat his wife. For your benefit, troll, you may want to mention this last point to your boyfriend so that he quits abusing your ass.

    1. "The ass-hat who keeps defending Pressman’s decision, as well as the inherently corrupt legal $y$tem, does not understand that basic fact. By the way, Idiot, if “judges” had merely “followed the law” since the inception of this country, slavery would still be legal",

      Strawman argument. The fact is that Pressman, whom I know nothing about other than from this case, appears to have made a reasoned decision which you simply don't get . . he denied class action status, he did not deny the right of individual claimants to move forward. Perhaps if you had actually learned something in law school, this would obvious to you.

    2. Learn how to read, waterhead. Check out this unaltered portion of the original entry:

      "Conclusion: Joel Pressman is a piece of trash who does not have the balls, backbone, character or integrity to be the first judge to allow discovery in a suit against the law school cockroaches/swindlers. In the end, law grads seeking to sue TTTThoma$ Jeffer$on Sewer of Law will need to do so on an individual basis. Good luck trying to find legal representation. What lawyer will take on a case with such a low potential payoff and remote chance of success?"

      Did you see the part where I specifically mentioned that those grads who want to sue TJ$L will need to do so individually?!?! If you had learned reading comprehension by now, Stupid, then I would not need to explain it to you again.


      Review this September 25, 2012 article from San Diego CityBeat reporter "Dave Maass." The piece was entitled "Judges keep car perks." Look at this opening paragraph:

      "Through a summer-long media blitz, San Diego County Superior Court officials warned the public about drastic, near-cataclysmic reductions in services on the horizon."

      Later on, the author noted:

      "As fall arrives, the court has begun shutting down outlying courtrooms, shortening hours, laying off some employees and furloughing others.

      But the Superior Court did not cut one line item: nearly $1 million per year in transportation allowances set aside for judges and executive managers.

      San Diego judges each receive $572 per month ($6,864 annually) in car stipends, while the presiding judge, assistant presiding judge and supervising judges each collect $674 per month ($8,088 annually).

      Between the 126 current judges, that’s $903,427 per year in vehicle allowances. Nine administrators collected a combined $59,472 per year, bringing the figure to $962,899. Another $8,281 was reimbursed for out-of-county travel.

      The 24-year-old practice is particular to San Diego County as a carryover from when the county government paid for the courts and the benefit was tied to the Board of Supervisors’ compensation package. Now, the state funds the court, and there’s no mandate from Sacramento to provide these vehicle allowances."

      The pigs love their perks. They don’t give a damn about the taxpayers. Now, take a look at the following excerpt:

      "Superior Court judge salaries— $178,789 per year—are protected by the state Constitution, and the number of judges is set by the state Legislature. They can’t be laid off, furloughed or have their salaries cut. The judges also control the budgeting process at the county level."

      Pressman is 67 years old and he makes a great living in his role. Hell, the figure above does not include any bonuses, allowances or benefits. If YOU cannot understand that "judges" serve the intere$t$ of the wealthy and the connected, then you truly are a lost cause. Grow a brain stem, dolt.

  20. @435,

    My money's on # 2, but definitely without any forgiveness on old loans.

    If D.C. really does run out of money, forgiving its accounts payable will be the last thing they do.

    Better just get a government job, or get used to your big-ass debt.

  21. "'If the law supposes that,' said Mr. Bumble, squeezing his hat emphatically in both hands, 'the law is a ass — a idiot."

  22. To the tool who keeps defending Pressman,

    How is San Diego, jackass?


    "IP Lookup Details:
    IP Information -
    Host name:
    Country: United States
    Country Code: US
    Region: CA
    City: San Diego
    Latitude: 32.7977
    Longitude: -117.1322"

    From my Analytics:

    Sep 24 2013 2:33pm 1 action 10s google.com [secure search]
    Sep 24 2013 2:03pm 7 actions 16m 33s google.com [secure search]
    Sep 24 2013 1:26pm 3 actions 9m 38s google.com [secure search]
    Sep 24 2013 12:35pm 2 actions 10s google.com [secure search]
    Sep 24 2013 12:15pm 1 action 10s google.com [secure search]
    Sep 24 2013 11:44am 1 action 10s google.com [secure search]
    Sep 24 2013 11:08am 3 actions 7m 38s google.com [secure search]
    Sep 24 2013 10:07am 3 actions 1m 18s google.com [secure search]
    Sep 24 2013 9:28am 4 actions 10m 24s google.com [secure search]
    Sep 24 2013 8:17am 13 actions 36m 32s google.com [secure search]

    Look at the visit times and activity above. It is clear that you posted the apologist comments from 8:26 am, 8:38 am, 8:58 am, and 1:35 pm yesterday – as well as the 9:46 am reply today. You claim that you know nothing about Pressman, but you apparently live or work in San Diego. Have you never had cases in front of this ass-wipe?

  23. And learn something about the law. It is juvenile to opine that just because a Judge does not take the position you want that the Judge is on the take, or biased, or told by "higher ups" what to do. This shows abject ignorance on your part and quite frankly is a typical opinion from a low IQ person who does not like the Court's ruling. Listen up dimwit. The Judge WAS PROBABLY RIGHT on the law. There could be a myriad number of reasons why somebody attended or didn't attend a law school. How the heck do you handle something like this in a class action manner? Its not like people taking a medication and all coming down with the same disease where causation is pretty easy to establish.

    And NO, it would not be difficult at all in taking on a law school for this type of fraudulent conduct. If it is as clear as you say it is, proving the same should be easy, right? Just show the fudged statistics the school used. It should go to a Jury, and the Jury should find on behalf of the Student IF the individual student proves his case.

    1. Hey Christopher Shitbag Knorps. You don't know anything about the law.

      Still waiting to hear back on your NY bar results?

    2. Sorry, but you just can't be right.

      Each and every motion, pleading, and objection raised in the course of a case must go exactly the way I want it to, or else the judge is a stooge, the system is irredeemably corrupt, and everybody is out to persecute me.

    3. You don't understand the nature of politics.

      Money rules, dumbshit.

  24. ^^^^ Look Junior with the sub IQ, I am not Christopher whatever. I believe in your cause, that you have been exploited by the law school educational complex (not you personally, clearly children or the childlike do not belong in law school). But quit whining about the people in the system who might end up being your best friends. You ain't getting anywhere without the Courts and defaming a Judge who is likely doing his best under the circumstances, is not going to win you any brownie points with any people who really matter and might be able to help you, just with other like minded children.

  25. This cunt makes $180K a year. And he still fucking needs $7,000 in car stipends? (With states everywhere cutting budgets no less.)

    Kids, the whole profession is a scam. Law school is just one small part of the scam.

  26. ^^^^ Geeze, are you all perpetually stupid?. Would you turn down the Stipend if you were in his position and the government offered it to you? Of course not, you're simply an envious child angry that you are going to be a loser all of your life. Also, many Judges who were successful in private practice made a heck of a lot more than a Judge's fixed income. And you loser Millennials sure do use sophisticated swear words, like "cunt". Some of you are just so low class, I don't understand how you ever could have expected to work in the law anyway.

    1. You're invested in this Pressman asshole. Go suck his dick again.

    2. Nando showed that the poster is in San Diego through the IP look-up. It's probably some admin from TJLS, Pearlman's law clerk or maybe even the rat bastard himself.

      Idiot: stop assuming that because someone posts on a blog and disagrees with you that they're a "loser" or have nothing else to do. Plenty of employed people use the internet and visit blogs. Just because we allow blog visitations/commentary to enjoy a portion of our downtime when we are on the web doesn't mean we're all unemployed losers living in mom's basement. Just because I choose to visit this website on my lunch hour or when I'm home in the evening doesn't mean I'm a "loser." Maybe you rationalize things by assuming people are "losers" because we disagree with your skewed perspective on reality. Enough with that already, it's tiresome and shows your arguments/statement are meritless. Stop attacking the person, attack the message. Why would a successful attorney in private practice take a pay cut to become a judge? The answer is that they wouldn't, most state court judges are woefully under-qualified and are just political party hacks who get appointed to the bench. The truly brilliant attorneys would never sacrifice income to be a state court judge living on a fixed income. Maybe a slight percentage of them are competent and became state judges because they truly believed in public service or they are just prestige-seeking whores who want people to call them "your honor" and "judge" when they walk around a courthouse or bar event.

  27. Palm Beach Florida seems to have an interest based on Nando's IP address list. Just Saying and I can think of one very prominent person with a residence in Palm Beach.

    Just saying.

  28. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4owt_IotBA

    For being chubby Cryn's kinds cute. I can see why nando gets mad when Cryn forgets to suck his dick in the morning.

  29. There is a website about Judicial corruption called JAIL4JUDGES.org and it is quite interesting reading. They should include all the scumbag judges who sided with the corrupt law schools on JAIL4JUDGES website. If the Supreme Court Justice Warren could make the Magic Bullet bullshit claim when he investigated the JFK murder, then you know all other judges in America are capable of either woeful stupidity or intentional complicity. They are all garbage.....every damn one of those cowards. Pimps have more dignity.

    1. http://newyorkcourtcorruption.blogspot.com/

      Average citizens are realizing that judges are corrupt assholes too. This is progress.

  30. Where is this dipshit Cristopher Knorps aka Mr. Infinity? I would like to ask him why in the fourth decade of his life he still is subsidized by his parents.

    1. What's funny is that we all know it's him and he still comes on here and denies it and trolls. Think about it- if I were Christopher Knorps and legitimately wasn't a blog troll here I'd be e-mailing Nando every day to take down that entry of me. When you google him that's one of the first things that comes up. Surely the dumbass has googled himself and has seen that entry. Imagine having your name on a blog entry like that when you actually weren't that person and Nando had gotten it wrong. It's going to damage his reputation for good. But the cunt doesn't fight to have it removed because he knows he was caught. Additionally, instead of just staying away he still comes on here posing as different success stories. On this thread he's pretending to be some lawyer talking about "hard work" and people's defeatist mentalities. On the UVA one he was a UVA alum working in biglaw in DC. Sometimes when he's off his meds he is combative. Other times he drops asinine comments about "contingency pay" and a recent law grad being able to succeed as a solo PI atty. He's even gone so far as to lie saying he's married and having a child.

      It must be sad being such a pathetic human being. Instead of getting off the internet and living a life, he trolls blogs all day religiously posting on this blog for whatever reason he cooked up in his tiny demented brain.

  31. The comments on this blog are so funny.

  32. Let's return to the consumer-justice.org profile of this Boomer pig:


    Again, you will note that Pig Joel Pressman was born in 1946. This makes him an early Boomer. Do you think that he gives one damn about the average college or law school grad today?!?!

    "Career as an Attorney

    Private practice, 1973-76
    Hadfield, Von Berolding, Graubart & Pressman, San Francisco, CA 1976-1978
    Pressman & Pressman, San Francisco, CA, 1978-83
    Kolodny & Pressman APC, San Diego, CA, 1983-2002"

    Apparently, this bastard practiced law for roughly 30 years - in various firms. He graduated with little to no student debt. The bearded rat cannot relate to the plaintiff(s) in this case. Perhaps he expects recent law grads to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” just as he allegedly did as a newly-admitted attorney back in 1972.

    Remember, Boomer pigs and cockroaches LOVE to claim that they did everything on their own - despite the fact that their idiotic parents coddled them and, in the process, inadvertently ingrained in them self-importance and insatiable greed. The hags have drained the treasury, and they feel that they are entitled to bleed us further before they die off.

    “Other Information
    Political Affiliation/Religion: Democrat/Jewish
    Interests: Skiing, travel and opera”

    His political and religious affiliations do not surprise anyone. After all, he was a consumer rights attorney and trial lawyer. As a Democrat, I’m sure that he feels the need for society to take care of its weakest members. For $ome rea$on, this did not extend to the class of people financially ruined by TTTThoma$ Jeffer$on Sewer of Law’s deception.

    Lastly, look at Pressman’s interests. Those hobbies listed above require money. If you live near a ski resort, you do not need to be wealthy - but you will be relying on discounts for admission after 4 pm. The pig makes at least $178,789 annually - not counting his $6,864 in wasteful, unnecessary car allowance. Do you think he means traveling to La Jolla on the weekends?!

    If you want to attend La Traviata in January 2014 at my local opera company - and you want to sit near the stage - each ticket will cost you $318! This dog does not care about the students. He relates to fellow “judges” and the power elite. It is beyond pathetic that a few dolts have defended this swine’s filthy decision.

  33. Just happened on this site when googleing Pressman because I have to appear in front of him soon. It sounds like you may have gone to TJSL. I did. Perhaps I knew you there. In any case, You make some good points about the cost and value of law school but... perhaps a little overbroad.

    If you want a job at a major law firm, yea, not going to happen. If you want a job at a not so great law firm you can do it but you have to get started as soon as you get in to school. You will never be as employable again as you are as a student. Why? They pay you peanuts and you have free access to the electronic libraries they don't want to pay for. Small local law firms LOVE students. And after three or four years of this in school you will be employed by them after if you are any good and picked a firm that is more than one greedy esq.

    Its also not that hard to get government jobs - not necessarily in the US Attorney office, although there are TJSL grads there, or the DA's office, although the DA herself is a TJSL grad, but lots of others including departments that just want a lawyer in them, not someone who goes to court. One friend took a teaching job at a community college teaching business law and real estate law classes - at a nice salary because she has a doctorate (JD). And government jobs, as well as other jobs, are easier to get if you are willing to move to a hell hole like Bakersfield or El Centro.

    I didn't want a job. I wanted to work for myself and I have been very happy doing it and do well. I make more than my brother who is a dentist, and no one is saying don't go to dental school.

    So depending on your expectations and on how you go about the job hunting process, if getting a job is what you want, I think TJSL is just fine.


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