Friday, September 20, 2013

Third Tier Pile of Wet Feces: Florida International University College of Law

Tuition: Florida residents attending this trash pit on a full-time basis will be charged $20,199 in tuition – for the 2013-2014 school year.  Out-of-state, full-time law students will be hit with a big-ass tuition bill of $34,443 – for the current academic year.  Student fees will add $399 to the figures above.

Ranking: At those prices, you would expect this school to have a somewhat decent reputation, correct?  According to US “News” & World Report, Florida InTTTernaTTTional Univer$iTTTy Commode of Law is rated as the 105th most prestigious and amazing law school in the entire nation.  In fact, FIU shares this distinct honor with the following three toilets: Mercer University, TTTexas TTTech, and Wayne State University.  Their mothers must be exceptionally proud.

Published Employment Statistics: Let’s review the Employment Summary for 2012 Graduates for this school.  There were a total of 184 JDs in this cohort.  Of that overall figure, 160 were employed within nine months of graduation.  Three members of this class did not report their job status to the commode.  Relying on this data, the “placement” rate was 88.4 percent, i.e. 160/181.  Four grads were placed in law school or university funded positions.

Scroll down to the subheading Employment Type.  A total of 99 graduates from this class ended up working in private law firms.  Thirteen desperate souls opened up solo practices.  Another 54 landed in firms of 2-10 attorneys – including five in part-time, long term positions and three working in part-time, short term posts.  Another 15 were hired by firms of 11-25 lawyers, with one in a full-time, shot term job.  Yes, those are tremendous outcomes, right?!?!

By the way, one damn person – among a group of 184 grads - found employment in a firm with more than 500 attorneys.  This means that 0.54% of this trash heap’s Class of 2012 landed in such firms.  Are you the top one half percent, delusional ass-hat?!?!  Do you like those odds, Lemming?!  Hell, that single JD likely had connections or wealth before he went to law school.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Florida InTTTernaTTTional Univer$iTTTy Commode of Law Class of 2012 who incurred debt for law school - as $94,937. Fully 88 percent of this school’s 2012 class took on such toxic debt. Remember that this figure does not include undergraduate debt – and it also does not take accrued interest into account.

Plethora of Florida Law Schools: According to this list, there are 10 ABA-accredited diploma mills in the state.  However, TLS did not include the following commodes: TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law $ewer’s campus in Tampa Bay and Ave Maria Law Sewer.  Yes, there are 12 ABA-accredited diploma mills located in Florida.

In good news, Florida International “University” has the fourth best law school in the state.  UF Levin is ranked 46th, FSU is listed as 48th, and the University of Miami is rated 76th.  Stetson is home to the 109th greatest law school in the country.  The remaining seven Florida law schools are in the fourth tier: Ave Maria, Barry University, FAMU, Florida Coastal, Nova Southeastern, St. Thomas University, and TTTThoma$ M. Cooley.

Florida’s Glutted Legal Market: On June 27, 2011, Catherine Rampell’s piece, “The Lawyer Surplus, State by State,” appeared in the New York Times Economix blog.  The data was compiled by Economic Modeling Specialists Inc.  Take a look at the following numbers for Florida:

“2010-2015 Estimated Annual Openings: 2,027
2009 Bar Exam Passers: 2,782
Surplus: 755”

Do you still view enrolling in a Florida third tier cesspool as a wise financial decision?  If so, then you likely need to read paint can warning labels, in order to make sure that you don‘t drink the contents, Idiot.

Conclusion: Do not even consider attending this third tier commode.  Based on data from EMSI, the state of Florida has the EIGHT MOST GLUTTED LAWYER JOB MARKET in the country.  There are also 12 ABA-accredited diploma mills located in the state.  Simply put, a JD from the FIU Commode of Law does not lead to decent job prospects.    

This school is a sweltering dung pit.  You will not be served well by incurring an additional $100K-$135K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt for a TTTT law degree.  Try to repay your immense student loans, purchase a home and start a family on a $40K annual salary, dumbass.  Again, the law school pigs do not have the slightest concern about YOUR future.  You are a mere means to an end, i.e. large sums of federally-backed student loan money.  The academic parasites get paid up front, in full - while YOU are stuck with the bill for the next 20-30 years.


  1. JDJunkyard is back in business!

  2. If someone put that turd in the picture in a field, it could grow crops. That's better than you can say about the shit named FIU College of Law.

  3. Why does this school use the term "International" in its moniker? Is it an internationally renowned school? Based on the dismal domestic ranking of the school, I would guess not. Or, does this school have a specialization in "International Law," which we (practicing lawyers) know is a sham practice that is designed to lure lemmings to law schools.

    That dream of prosecuting Josef Mengele, Idi Amin or Joseph Kony at the Hague? You might as well write it down on a piece of paper and shove in a pipe and smoke it.

    1. They teach international environmental space law.

    2. I thought that they taught international environmental space entertainment civil rights law (which would basically be the civil rights of Ewoks in the entertainment industry).

  4. I was thinking the same thing, 7:57. What's the ranking of the school's international law program? You know, because that's more important than the overall USN rank of 105.

  5. That might be the nastiest photo I've ever seen.

    Just sayin'.

    1. That is your brain after law school.

  6. Question. How can a regional piece of shit law school be international?

  7. @ 4:14PM

    Probably because of all the washed-up Cubans it has there...I once asked myself that same question about the word "international" in their name and one person who worked there told me that they 'pride themselves' in being a very open international university that accepts a lot of minorities/foreign students...

    Pathetic if you ask me, charing way too high of a price, its not like they are HSY law schools...

  8. Another shittier than shit law school. This what happens when the ABA has shit standards for accreditation.

  9. They rank #2 nationwide in scamming the Hispanic community.

  10. Does anyone have any information about law grads becoming expats? Are there blogs dedicated to that group? I've become interested in the idea after a kid I went to law school with moved to brazil with his fiancé and just does consultant work there now and has basically ignored his loans. Apparently he's planning on renouncing his citizenship and never coming back. But he has his physical diplomas and got a load of copies of his transcripts for his professional pursuits there. He closed his accounts here and moved his money overseas. Are there countries that will help enforce student loan debt collection?

    Curious to see ant experiences with this and if you can successfully evade student loans by moving abroad. Any people who can weigh in on this?

  11. John Edgar Hoover is a piece of fucking shitSeptember 20, 2013 at 10:09 PM

    The FBI should investigate the ABA. But the biggest cocksucker of them all who ran the FBI for 40+ years didn't go after the mafia.

  12. Take a look at this undated bulletin from the commode:


    FIU Law ranked #1 in Florida and #2 nationally in’s 2013 Annual Diversity Report—Best Schools for Diversity Practices. This marks the third year in a row that FIU Law earned high marks from the publication.

    Presently, FIU Law is outranking all of the nation’s law schools in several categories, including: highest percentage of Hispanic enrollment (43.1%), highest percentage of J.D. degrees earned by Hispanics (42.3%), and highest percentage of Hispanic faculty (32.3%).

    Other national publications also recognized FIU Law as ranking amongst the most diverse law schools in the nation in 2013. U.S. News & World Report ranked FIU Law #1 in Florida and #7 nationally in its Diversity Index. Princeton Review ranked FIU Law as #1 in Florida and #2 nationally for Best Environment for Minority Students, and #1 in Florida and #3 nationally for Most Diverse Faculty.

    “FIU Law proudly reflects the diverse Florida community and is proud to be recognized for living up to this ideal,” said R. Alexander Acosta, Dean of FIU Law. “We are equally proud to provide entry into the legal profession through a high-quality, dynamic, affordable legal education.”

    Hispanic Business’ ranking criteria is based on “enrollment, faculty, reputation, retention rate and the use of progressive programs to recruit, support and mentor Hispanic students.” Learn more about its methodology here."

    Since this public toilet is located in Miami, you would expect a large enrollment of Cuban students. The pigs are also relying on affinity fraud to attract racial minorities, i.e. the school claims that 32.3 percent of the faculty is Hispanic.

    Now, take a look at this excerpt from a me$$age from the dean, R. Alexander Acosta:

    “We are a majority-minority school of opportunity, recognized as one of the most diverse law schools in the nation. We concern ourselves with value, controlling tuition and offering our students what National Jurist has deemed one of the best-value legal educations in the country.”

    By the way, using the initial of your first name and your full middle name tends to be a tactic employed by rich white men. Due to its pretentiousness, it is a hallmark of douche-bags. No matter how hard you try to assimilate into that sub-human culture of greedy and wealthy pigs, Acosta, you will always be seen as inferior by those vile pieces of trash.

    1. I'm willing to be that the guys who traditionally initial their first names and use their full middle names wouldn't let "R. Alexander Acosta" anywhere near their golf clubs or social circles. They'll parade him around some fundraisers and conferences for the cameras so they look diverse and concerned about minorities and the pathetic moron probably feels accepted by them while they just use him as a frontman to get more students to indebt themselves with grad-plus loans that they somehow have a financial stake in. I bet the pig feels like he's "in" and "connected."

      He's probably one of those losers who tells himself that if he thinks and acts like them, he'll be them. Just like all the tools who join the student federalist society and student political clubs who drink the kool aide about self reliance, not realizing they will NEVER be a part of the elites no matter how hard they try to act like they are in the loop. Funny how most of the political leaders who preach self-reliance all came from privileged backgrounds and had everything handed to them courtesy of their families (see: Chris Christie, Mitt Romney, George W/JEB Bush, Paul Ryan, John McCain, Eric Cantor). It's easy to talk on and on about lazy welfare recipients when you have a trust fund the size of some small town budgets.

      You're nothing more than a useful idiot, "R. Alexander"

  13. Maybe those Cuban marielitos or "zanganos" want to become lawyers so they can try Fidel Castro for crimes against humanity at the Hague.

    Or, maybe they will just set up a shitshop for immigration law on Calle Ocho in Miami and file sham marriage petitions for a green card.

    FYI: The diversity card is played out in this profession. There are many starving Blacks and Hispanics in the law. Hell, I even met one who goes to a soup kitchen I volunteer at. It is a shame what these filthy pigs will do to enrich themselves.

    1. Cubans would go to law school so they can try Fidel for crimes against humanity.

      When that doesn't work out, they run for city hall and Congress. Fucking idiots.

  14. Law professors are fucking parasites.

  15. Penthouse and the porn industry gets to file for Bankruptcy while student loan debtors cannot.

    Is that because the US Congress values gamblers and even pornography and pimps it seems, over the consumer rights of individuals that have tried to better themselves through Higher education?

    Also, someone had a question on the TTR post before this one about leaving the USA on account of SL debt. If one googles that subject there is lots of reading material online.

    1. Which country are you looking at?

      Putin advises against Russia.

  16. Check out the commode's mi$$ion $tatement. Here is the opening, from that nonsense:

    "The mission of the Florida International University College of Law is to serve the citizens of the State of Florida, particularly South Florida, by providing access to the legal profession through a contemporary, high-quality educational program.

    Like the University and metropolitan communities of which they are a part, the student body, faculty and administration reflect a wide variety of backgrounds and interests. Out of this diversity, FIU Law seeks to create a scholarly community in which students and faculty discuss issues freely and with respect for differing perspectives."

    Uttering and publishing meaningless platitudes is what academic hacks and ass-clowns do best. Now look at the comical conclusion:

    "As a community of legal scholars, FIU Law has obligations to the region, state, nation and the international community to assist the legal profession and the society it serves. FIU Law seeks to graduate students who appreciate the lawyer’s professional and ethical obligations to serve the community. FIU Law will educate future lawyers who will understand the value – to the community and to them personally – of helping those in need. Students are required to satisfy a community service requirement, and participate in clinical legal work in which students represent clients who cannot afford legal representation. Faculty members model these values by participating in local, state, national and international professional service activities."

    In that case, who wouldn’t want to incur an additional $100K+ in NON-DISCHARGABLE debt - for a TTT law degree?!?! You would think that adults would be embarrassed to post such garbage on their website.

    I love how these bitches and hags act as if the only way you can “serve” your community or society is to get a JD. In the end, this is a ruse. Law school applicants often trumpet their “public service” background, or cite their desire to use their law degree help others, in their personal statement.

    If these people were that interested in doing good works, then they would be volunteering at food pantries and soup kitchens. Perhaps, they would donate their time, energy and resources in senior centers or in hospital burn wards. Or they might instead become a Big Brother or work with handicapped kids. They would not be pissing away three of their optimal years in the classroom, listening to “professors” drone on about archaic, parsed cases.

    1. This is why the law school scam is so evil. The deans and professors exploit students' naive dreams of helping poor people, saving the whales, protecting the environment, fighting for justice, etc.

      "Give us $150K so you can read overpriced compilations of public records and get bullied by professors with little to no practical experience. Then you will be ready to save the world!!"

  17. @155,

    Penthouse actually provides a product or service that people are willing to buy. You do not. All you do is sit on your ass watching YouTube videos all day.

    See the difference?

    1. Duh, if people are willing to buy the service Penthouse provides, then why is Penthouse declaring bankruptcy?

    2. @Anon from Sept. 22 4:22PM

      Is that you, Chris Knorps?

  18. Law school is corrupt.

  19. @1245,

    Um, because not ENOUGH people are buying their product?

    But seriously, if you can't grasp the difference between a business in the red and a lazy dingleberry who sits around watching YouTube all day, then maybe you should start living with the Roach's parents, too.

  20. Take a look at the Joint Degree programs offered by Florida InTTTernaTTTional Univer$iTTTy Commode of Law. You can’t make this stuff up, people.

    "As South Florida’s only public research university, FIU offers a broad range of high quality graduate level degree programs. Law students interested in interdisciplinary study may take advantage of these curricula through one of the following joint degree programs.

    • JD/M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration)
    • JD/M.A.L.A.C.S. (Master of Latin American & Caribbean Studies)
    • JD/M.P.A. (Master of Public Administration)
    • JD/M.S.E.S. (Master of Science in Environmental Studies)
    • JD/M.S.W. (Master of Social Work)
    • JD/M.S.Psych. (Master of Science in Psychology)
    • JD/MIB (Master of International Business)
    • JD/MSCJ (Master of Science in Criminal Justice)

    Students enrolled in a joint degree program will have the opportunity to study both law and another discipline in such a way that the study of each will enhance and complement the study of the other. Further, joint degree candidates will be able to obtain the two degrees in less time than it would take to obtain both degrees if pursued consecutively. Students interested in one of the joint degree programs should consult with the Office of the Registrar at the FIU Law for further information and advice.

    Each college offering the joint degree program manages its own, independent admissions process and procedures. For FIU Law, contact the Office of Law Admissions. In addition to these programs, students may be able to arrange for other cross disciplinary graduate studies, with advance permission from FIU Law and the Dean of the other graduate discipline. Normally, FIU Law will accept six credits of rigorous graduate courses completed in other FIU graduate programs. Students who have matriculated at FIU Law may propose a program of cross disciplinary study to the Office of the Registrar for approval by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs."

    Who the hell wouldn’t want to shell out tons of borrowed money for a combined JD and Master of Latin American & Caribbean Studies?!?! Perhaps, you prefer to earn a law degree and a Master’s degree in International Business – especially from a world-renowned school such as FIU Commode of Law.

    1. My favorite combo offered by Florida International Diploma Printing Factory is the JD/MS Psychology.

      Perhaps such a degree will give the graduate insight into why one would pay $200,000+ for a worthless pieces of paper.

    2. I think that combo would appeal to "disability advocates" who want to fight for justice for the disabled. Unfortunately most mentally ill people dont have any money to pay + public interest jobs like that are very scarce.

  21. It was just on the news and if you Google it you will find articles posted the past few days that California will allow undocumented foreigners to attend law schools and be admitted to the state bar. Now all these commodes will be advertising to apply at the Mexican-American border and will brag that diversity includes undocumented status.

  22. I have been blogging about my terrible experiences at FIU. I invite you and your friends to visit my blog:

  23. January 18, 2012

    Dr. Lakshmi N. Reddi, Dean
    University Graduate School
    Florida International University
    PC 230, Modesto A. Maidique Campus
    11200 Southwest 8th Street
    Miami, Florida 33199

    Dr. Kang K. Yen, Professor
    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    FIU College of Engineering and Computing
    10555 West Flagler St. EC3900
    Miami, Florida 33174

    Re: Jose J. Garcia – Panther ID 1390133

    Dear Dr. Reddi and Dr. Yen:

    The undersigned law firm has been retained by Mr. Jose J. Garcia (Panther ID 1390133) to assist in ascertaining the propriety of his dismissal from Florida International University’s (“FIU”) College of Engineering and Design Graduate Program (“Graduate Engineering Program). Pursuant to FIU’s Academic Grievance Procedure, we are submitting this Informal Grievance Letter on behalf of Mr. Garcia. Mr. Garcia’s grievance is as follows:

    In November 2000, Mr. Garcia was accepted into FIU’s Graduate Engineering Program, where he received his Master’s Degree. Thereafter, in July 2002, Mr. Garcia was accepted to FIU’s Graduate Engineering Program for pursuit of his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering.

    In January 2004, Mr. Garcia submitted the required form for the Appointment of Dissertation Committee (“Form D-1”) with “Networking” identified as the subject of his dissertation. Mr. Garcia’s dissertation committee consisted of the following professors: Dr. Kia Makki (Major Professor), Dr. Shih-Ming Lee, Dr. Subbarao Wunnava, Dr. Tadeusz Babij, Dr. Jean Andrian, and Dr. Syed Ahmed. Thereafter, in November 2004, Mr. Garcia submitted the form for the Program for Doctoral Degree and Application for Candidacy (“Form D-2”) and he was advanced a candidate for the Ph.D.

    In November 2007, Dr. Makki advised Mr. Garcia that he “did not understand” what Mr. Garcia was trying to do in his dissertation and that another committee member should be identified as Major Professor. The other committee members declined and one member advised Mr. Garcia that his project would be very difficult to implement. Dr. Makki identified a new Major Professor, Dr. Jian Wang, and on Dr. Wang’s recommendation, Mr. Garcia changed his dissertation topic to “Optical Routers.”

    When Mr. Garcia attempted to submit the form for the Appointment of Revised Dissertation Committee (“Form D-1r”) to reflect the changes, Dr. Makki advised him that Form D-1r was not necessary because he remained the Major Professor and would supervise the project. Notwithstanding these representations, Dr. Makki later advised Mr. Garcia that the dissertation subject would have to be changed a third time. On November 19, 2007, Mr. Garcia submitted Form D-1 identifying “Wireless Telecommunications” identified as the new dissertation area. Per Dr. Makki’s instructions that same day, Mr. Garcia submitted the form for the Doctoral Dissertation Proposal (“Form D-3”), but Mr. Garcia’s proposal was returned by the Graduate School due to grammatical and language revisions.

    And so on.......... violations, violations and professors that must be doing the dishes at a restaurant. Not simulating being professors

  24. Florida International University. THE WORST UNIVERSITY OF THE WORLD

  25. let me be clear here (in case any retards are considering this school). Florida International University College of Law is a ferocious, awful, disgusting, filthy, piece of fucking shit.

    Got that retards??

  26. JR. It already has, numbnuts.


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