Monday, October 28, 2013

ABA Cockroaches Release an Updated Garbage Report on the Future of “Legal Education”

A Brief Background:

On August 4, 2013, the sewer rats on the American Bar Association’s Task Force on the Future of “Legal Education” issued their first summary.  After spending several pages bitching about only having one full year to complete the project - and crying over harsh online criticism directed at the law school cockroaches - the dolts suggested that another task force be formed to further “study” the issue.  I covered this nonsense, back on August 4th.

Within a day or two of that post, the pussies decided to take down the link to their extremely super important report.  For $ome rea$on, the August document is now back up and online - yet it is now only 32 pages in length, instead of the original 34 sheets of toilet paper.  Who knows what the hags removed from this earth shattering treatise?!

The Updated 38 Page Pile of Rot:

On September 20, 2013, the pieces of trash on the ABA Task Force on the Future of “Legal Education” published the tripe below:

After spending nearly eight full pages - delineating a total of nine generic, vague suggestions - the pigs finally get to their recommendations - on page 28.  In their own mangled, meaningless words:

“The Task Force’s specific recommendations are as follows. 

A. American Bar Association 

The American Bar Association should undertake the following: 

1. Establish A Task Force or Commission With Appropriate Expertise to Examine and Recommend Reforms Regarding Law School Pricing and Financing. Issues Within the Scope of Such a Project Should Include: 

a. Cost-Based Pricing by Law Schools 
b. Discriminatory Pricing by Law Schools 
c. Reliance on Loans to Finance Law School Education 
d. The Structure of the Current Loan Program for Financing of Law School Education

2. Establish a Center or other Framework to Institutionalize the Process of Continuous Assessment and Improvement in the System of Legal Education. 

3. Establish a Mechanism for Gathering Information About Improvements in the System of Legal Education and Disseminate that Information to the Public. 

4. Establish Training and Continuing Education Programs for Prelaw Advisors to Improve their Understanding of the System of Legal Education and the Current Environment.”

As you can see, these bastards are not the least bit interested in altering the established garbage order.  Of course, these ball-less rodents believe that the ABA should establish another task force or committee to examine reforms pertaining to law school financing and pricing.  I wonder if they feel that such a group should be given an additional full year to make their suggestions.  What else do you expect from these $elf-intere$ted bureaucrats, “professors” and revenue collectors in black dresses?!?!

Other Coverage:

On October 4, 2013, the Forgotten Attorney posted a hilarious entry labeled “The ABA Task Force Releases Another DRAFT Report. When Will They Actually DO Something?”  Take a look at the following excerpt:

“Reform will create casualties – the question is who will be the first to die? Law schools will have to close. Biglaw will lose profits to domestic and overseas doc review firms. Small firms and solo practitioners will lose more of their clients to Legalzoom, document preparers like We the People and a new concept called the legal practitioner. Judges’ dockets will be clogged with pro se and frivolous cases. If the ABA lets the law school scam crisis continue, it will eventually lose credibility and the Department of Education will designate another entity to [accredit] law schools.

So with everyone bitching and moaning, will the ABA Task Force actually do something other than making recommendations? I doubt it. Look at the committee members – they are judges, older practitioners and law professors for the most part.” [Emphasis mine]

Conclusion: The bitches and hags at the American Bar A$$ociation do not give a damn about debt-strapped law students and graduates.  Why else would the dung beetles approve and accredit toilets such as TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer, WhiTTTTier or Wayne $TTTaTTTe Univer$iTTTy?!?!  Furthermore, “law professors” and administrators eschew change.  Even this worthless, updated report notes this basic fact - on pages 14 and 15 of the PDF.

In the end, if the swine wanted to find concrete, tangible solutions, they could do so easily.  The fact remains that the academic thieves are profiting handsomely off the scam.  They have no financial incentive to change such this sick, foul $y$tem.  The pigs’ goal is not to fundamentally change this filthy indu$TTTry.  If that was their aim, then they could have put 20 Lincoln Park Zoo monkeys in a room full of typewriters, for two weeks, and come up with better recommendations - and perhaps a few decent solutions.  


  1. I must object to your questioning the...uh, manhood of those rodents. They have the obvious power to reproduce their own kind.

  2. Has anyone seen a photograph of the current president of the ABA? He appears as if he's out of his mind, with no remaining cognitive function. His quoted words serve to confirm that impression.

  3. Law school is a shitty investment for almost everyone...but the professors.

    Think about it. Even the really smart kids that get into Biglaw or HYS could do better in something else. What's the quality of life for a biglaw lawyer working 80 hour weeks? Shit. If you're going to have that type of work schedule, you may as well be a fucking stockbroker. At least then you can have a chance to make a real financial killing. That might be worth the dark circles under your eyes, the thinning hair and constant stress.

    1. You're 100% right. Get an MBA from an ivy instead of a JD if you're in that boat. That goes for other schools like NYU, U of Chicago, etc. You'll make far more money on Wall Street working just as many hours as a biglaw hump who will never get partner and end up on the street scrounging around for a professorship at some TTT crapper. As I stated in a previous entry, I know an NYU law grad who worked at the UN until he got laid off. He cannot find a job in "international" law (whatever the hell that is) and is now trying to find a law school to hire him. He's had zero luck at getting a law school job and is unemployed. He should have just gone to business school and he'd be down at Goldman or JP Morgan with the rest of the NYU grads making a killing. I know guys at Goldman who are making $500k/yr. working just as hard as most attorneys out there.

      Of course, the real winners here are the law school pigs who work 10 hours a week and make $250k. Not bad.

    2. The fundamental problem with "international law" is that each nation makes its own laws. That what makes it a sovereign nation. I'm sure there are exceptions to the rule, but until we have a one-world government, international law will remain a sort of oxymoron.

    3. I remember in law school they had a class called "international business transactions" and I asked kids who took it what they thought (I took know international law classes because I knew their worthlessness). The kids said they basically sat around talkin about their trips abroad and briefly spoke about banking law. It was a total joke of a class and the pig professor is getting paid handsomely to conduct this shit class! These dumbass kids take these classes thinking they are going to be closing international oil deals in the UAE. I remember in my corps class these kids would say how they wanted to work on wall street...all the Corp law I've ever done was closely held corps with 2 or 3 people arguing over shit businesses or dental offices. But we drank the cool aid in school and the pigs knew none of us had a snowballs chance in hell of working on wall street or in an international firm all the while getting rich off our indebtedness. Disgusting bastards.

  4. Law school deans are the most dishonest professionals in our society. They claim to care about the disadvantaged and be liberal democrats, but all they care about is their high salaries, moving up the dean chain, and becoming federal judges.

    Law school deans cheat their students, rather than trying to make real change in law schools. They misrepresent their job placement, they use bait and switch scholarships which were thoroughly condemned by the Task Force Report, they hire their own graduates to look better in the us news rankings, and they lie whenever they think they think they can get away with it.

    Even some law professors agree,
    "There is no doubt, as Tamanaha asserts, that law schools, which ‘‘have long held themselves out as the conscience of the legal profession … have been engaging in disreputable practices’’ (p. x). Indeed, there are so many known instances of fraud that one suspects that we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. At the very least, this fact ought to raise questions about leadership: about the kinds of people central administrations and law faculties choose to lead law schools, what their real qualifications for handling these positions are, what pressures they operate under, and what should be expected of them."

    (Alfred Konefsky and Barry Sullivan

  5. The law schools are run by parasites.

  6. As noted above the Report does condemn the practice of robin hooding/bait and switch scholarships. This despicable practice has been adopted by some of the most liberal democratic law deans. I wonder what happens if one of them ever faces a congressional committee for a federal judgeship. "Well, ah, ah, ah Senator, everyone was doing it."

  7. "In the end, if the swine wanted to find concrete, tangible solutions, they could do so easily. The fact remains that the academic thieves are profiting handsomely off the scam. They have no financial incentive to change such this sick, foul system. The pigs’ goal is not to fundamentally change this filthy indusTTTry. If that was their goal, then they could have put 20 Lincoln Park Zoo monkeys in a room full of typewriters, for two weeks, and come up with better recommendations - and perhaps a few decent solutions."

    Exactly right. There were honest ways to solve the problems but the scamdeans chose to stuff themselves fat instead.

  8. Law professors are scum. They don't give a shit about students. Or the profession.

    Ask yourselves this question, kiddies. If law is such a great profession, why aren't your fucking professors working as lawyers?

    They obviously did well enough in law school to work at most any large law firm.

  9. If you complain about the law school scam your impossible six figure student loan debt and express frustration or anger, the Conservatives will tell you to see a psychiatrist or a priest or preacher.

    That is all I can reveal, but believe me when I say that that is what a rather high up conservative recently told me.

    What a system.

    1. Anonymous Libertarian here: It is amusing how "conservatives" will support using taxpayer money to fund education loans, allowing colleges and law schools to increase tuition endlessly (Think about It: If you handed out credit cards to everybody at an auction, will the going prices be lower or higher than normal?) but when the system buckles it is all your fault you greedy, lazy young person. The Left is no better, they just want their brethren in Tenured Academia to keep on getting those workfare checks, but conservatives are supposed to be the economically realistic ones - yet here they are, spouting the same "education for the knowledge jobs of the new economy" garbage as the rest.

    2. "If you complain about the law school scam your impossible six figure student loan debt and express frustration or anger, the Conservatives will tell you to see a psychiatrist or a priest or preacher."

      No, I think when you complain, that is what everybody says, liberal, conservative, republican, democrat, etc. Plus they tell you to lay off the alcohol and the internet as this column about you states. Remember this?

    3. Libertarian is a Republican that believes in abortion...

  10. Nando,

    You should have a list naming the top ten scam deans.

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. What happened? Did Cryn suck Nando's dick again or something?

  12. Hey Nando, have you check Drake Law's Symplicity page recently? There is a mortgage review job - JD Required, no less - for $14 an hour. Now, you can get a job building wind turbines for $12 an hour with just an HS diploma, so the value of law school is about $2 an hour - which you don't get to keep because of your student loans. The Scambloggers rest their case...

    1. This is what I saw also coming out from law school. And that was close to 2 decades ago. Money is the bottom line: What does the degree add to "dollars per hour?" The same type of garbage jobs for average, unconnected grads.

      Postings like this confirm that it's nothing. And, like you say, actually negative when you add in the loans. The proof is in the pudding. And you are right: The Scambloggers should rest their case on items just like this.

  13. The ABA task force cockroaches applaud the law school diploma mills that have changed their curriculum or offered more clinical programs. Back on February 17, 2012, Paul Campos summed up the situation concisely, with his post entitled “The message.”

    “Let us do a little exercise.

    Contrary to the disturbing things you may have read in the New York Times, legal education is actually changing in all sorts of wonderful ways, which are making our students far more practice-ready upon graduation.

    There aren't enough jobs.

    Contrary to the disturbing things etc., legal scholarship has entered a golden age, and is producing all sorts of wonderful insights regarding how to make The Best Legal System in the World even better.

    There aren't enough jobs.

    While it's true that a few law schools may have misled applicants into believing there were enough jobs, we are now starting to publish semi-transparent employment and salary statistics.

    Which reveal that there aren't enough jobs…

    As soon as the recession is over, there will be enough jobs.

    No there won't…

    You can do a lot of things with a law degree besides get one of those legal jobs which "some" say there aren't enough of.

    No you can't.

    If graduates network, and interview well, and move to Nebraska, and avoid falling prey to the desire for high-paying work, then things will work out for them.

    No they won't, because there aren't enough jobs.

    We need to hire more faculty, and open more centers, and create new administrative positions, and improve the Career Services Office, and spend $100 million on yet another building, and as a consequence of all this raise tuition ever-higher, because otherwise we'll fall in the rankings, and our graduates won't be able to get jobs.

    No, your graduates won't be able to get jobs because there aren't enough jobs."

    In the end, the ABA is simply trying to give you the impression that they are hard at work, coming up with meaningful recommendations – not solutions – to the crisis in U.S. “legal education.” They sure as hell don’t want an objective third party auditing this filth. After all, that might lead to real, substantive change. As far as the law school pigs are concerned, things are fine since the “educators” make a great living – regardless of the job market facing current students and recent grads.

  14. Does a blow job from Cryn Johannsen count?

    1. What do you think?

      A hummer from Cryn doesn't pay the bills and it doesn't put a roof over your fucking head.

    2. Does it count if she sucks your dick within 9 mos. of graduating with a law degree?

  15. Truly useless work product delivered by a batch of paper pushing charlatans. Must be the work of biglaw makework sandwich artistes!

  16. I love this one, Nando. Watching the cons who run "American law" and "American legal education" pull this one gives us insight into what's going to happen to other American professions, including medicine and non-legal education: to keep the money flowing, the scammers who pulled the original scam are going to recommend that the very same people form expensive new commissions to study the very problem that they created. We'll add yet another layer of neo-liberal tax bureaucracy to the existing system of waste, and for the next 20 years, it'll convince lemmings that things have changed.

    1. He's right.

      This is nothing but Damage Control / Spin. All designed with the goal of keeping the money flowing for as long as possible. It's the illusion, just like law school, that doing a task "X" produces or should produce result set "Y" but all the while everything was just so much window-dressing for the real goal which was for the school(s) to take your money.

  17. The legal profession (if you can call it that) is a pile of shit.

    Here's what people think when you mention lawyers:

  18. Head down to pages 31-32 of this dreck, in order to find the “specific recommendations” to the law school pigs:

    “E. Law Schools

    Each law school should undertake the following:

    1. Develop and Implement a Plan for Reducing the Cost and Limiting Increases in the
    Cost of Delivering the J.D. Education, and Continually Assess and Improve The Plan.

    2. Develop and Implement a Plan to Manage the Investment of Law School Resources in Faculty Scholarly Activity, and Continually Assess Success in Accomplishing the Goals in the Plan

    3. Develop a Clear Statement of the Value the Law School’s Program of Education and other Services Will Provide, Including Relation to Employment Opportunities, and Communicate that Statement to Students and Prospective Students.

    4. Adopt, as an Institution-Wide Responsibility, Promoting Career Success of Graduates and Develop Plans for Meeting that Responsibility
    5. Develop Comprehensive Programs of Financial Counseling for Law Students, and Continually Assess the Effectiveness of Such Programs.”

    Apparently, the rodents feel that capitalizing the first letter of each substantive word amounts to an official declaration. Hell, even the slave-owning swine who drafted and signed the U.$. declaration of independence did not capitalize every damn word.

    Anyway, it is CLEAR that no meaningful change will occur in “legal education” – as long as the pigs police themselves. They have every incentive to keep the scam going for as long as possible. $omehow, this ABA task force failed to direct the law schools to not lower their admi$$ion$ “standards.”

    On October 17, 2013, Jerry Organ posted a “Legal Whiteboard” entry labeled “Understanding Trends in Demographics of Law Students -- Part Two.”

    As you can see from the charts and analysis contained in the link above, ABA-accredited “institutions of higher learning” are becoming LESS SELECTIVE in the admi$$ion$ process – due to the fact that fewer people are now applying to law school. Furthermore, those with high LSAT scores are avoiding the scam at a much higher clip than those with below average test results. Of course, “law professors” will feel good about themselves – for merely providing a more diverse curriculum.

  19. @Oct 29, 6:28

    But the Adjunct Law Professor ended up denouncing the OLSS blog and withdrawing from it and not in a very nice way.

    If any OLSS writers read this I will recommend you accept the Adjunct Law Professor back again if she makes nice and apologizes etc.

    Yes I had a big problem with the way the Adjunct Law Professor would attack Brian Leiter with insane photos and would want to draw everyone else into a weekly roast of Leiter as per her MO and so I complained about it and I even wrote to Leiter and expressed my disapproval and wanted him to know I was not involved.

    Let me remind you that I went to a 4th tier law school and so Leiter is so far above anything that relates to me that I can never see Leiter as a good or bad person or one that would deign to even waste a second of thought about me.

    On the other hand, the Adjunct Law Professor, who seems to be a woman, attacked and attacked Leiter relentlessly and then me because I objected to her attacking Leiter and all I wanted her to do was to say who she was, given her obsession and all.


    As far as beer goes, I guess the Adjunct Law Professor is in favor of the return of Prohibition etc, and I want to say that I forgive her and she is welcome back into the fold, by gum and by golly, and my biggest regret is that her wits are no challenge for mine and so dealing with her is quite boring.

    But we must put up with these sorts of things from time to time I suppose, and give the dull witted a platform by which to express themselves, and tolerate a possible renaissance of Brian Leiter barbs and jabs and vendettas..........

    I suppose and hoooooooo.....hum.


  20. Here is the press release from the ABA cockroaches. It was posted on September 20, 2013, under the headline “ABA Task Force on the Future of Legal Education issues draft report on proposed reforms to pricing, accrediting and licensing.” Take a look at this opening:

    “Stating that the system of legal education in the United States is widely admired around the world but faces serious challenges, the American Bar Association Task Force on the Future of Legal Education today issued its draft report with recommendations.

    Key proposals call for changes in the pricing of legal education, liberalizing or eliminating certain accreditation standards, and speeding the pace of innovation and practical-skills training at law schools. The draft also calls on courts and bar authorities to devise new frameworks for licensing legal service providers.

    “The Task Force believes that if the participants in legal education continue to act in good faith on the recommendations presented here, with an appreciation of the urgency of coordinated change, significant benefits for students, society, and the system of legal education can be brought about quickly, and a foundation can be established for continuous adaptation and improvement,” the draft report states.

    The Task Force is soliciting public comment on the draft that will help the panel prepare a final report for consideration by the ABA House of Delegates. Neither the draft report nor the final report represents the policy or positions of the ABA.

    “While the Task Force is not finished with its work, this draft report represents our effort thus far to formulate solid proposals to ensure that legal education in the United States remains viable in light of substantial economic and structural changes,” said Task Force Chair Randall T. Shepard, former chief justice of the Indiana Supreme Court.”

    Does anyone – other than a $elf-intere$ted “law professor” or dean – believe that the U.S. $y$tem of “legal education” is admired around the globe?!?! Perhaps, mobsters and those who run pyramid schemes look at the law school scam with envy.

    I love how the swine admit the obvious, i.e. “Neither the draft report nor the final report represents the policy or positions of the ABA.” Of course, this didn’t stop the ABA Task Force on the Future of “Legal Education” from recommending that the ABA establish yet another task force or committee to examine reforms regarding law school diploma mill financing and pricing. The pussy recommendations from any such group would not represent the policy or po$ition$ of the ABA cockroaches, either. Meaningful change WILL NOT OCCUR from within this inherently corrupt organization.

  21. This is one of those posts where the pile of excrement is not nearly large enough to truly represent the absolute worthlessness of this so called professional organization.

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