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American University Washington College of Law Pigs Drop Admission Standards, in Order to Get Asses in Seats

Campos Delivers a Crushing Right Hook:

On September 27, 2013, Paul Campos blasted the American University Commode of Law pigs right in the snout, with his blog entry entitled “Dealing with the crash, Pt. 2.”  Check out this excerpt:

“American is arguably the biggest ripoff going in legal academia, as it combines “prestige” of a sort (it is normally ranked among the top quarter of ABA law schools) with sky-high sticker attendance costs (estimated as $71,070 per year for 2013-14), very little in the way of tuition discounts (more than 60% of the class is currently paying sticker, and almost all the rest get a miserly $10,000 discount off that $70K bill), and wretched employment statistics, which have combined to produce a massively indebted and seriously depressed student body.” [Emphasis mine]

Now, look at this portion of his epic conclusion:

“Like other schools, American had and has three options for dealing with this unpleasant and potentially unprofitable development, which are to reduce the size of its class, the cost of attendance, or the selectivity of its admissions — or some combination of these strategies.

While the University of Iowa represents a school that appears to have gone all in with the first option, American has shoved in its chips with the third. This fall’s entering class of 474 1Ls is at just about the average size for AU entering classes over the last decade, and while real as opposed to nominal tuition data isn’t officially available yet, all indications are that the school didn’t up its very small “scholarship” budget.

What it did instead was continue to slash admissions standards. The median LSAT for the entering class has declined from the 86th to the 70th percentile in just two years, and, even more tellingly, since 2009 the 25th percentile for full-time matriculants has fallen a startling seven points — from 160 (the 80.4 percentile) to 153, which is barely above average for LSAT takers (55.6%). To get some sense of what the latter stat signifies, consider that a decade ago, only 55.6% of all law school applicants were getting into any law school, and that only about two-thirds of LSAT takers even bothered to apply to law school at all. [Emphasis mine]

The Toilet’s Embarrassing Employment Placement Statistics: On April 10, 2013, Dan Filler posted a Faculty Lounge entry entitled “New Law School Rankings: Employment Data Cleaned Of School Funded Jobs” This article is based off of each ABA-accredited diploma mill’s Class of 2012 ABA Employment Report.  As the text and title make clear, the figures pertain to JD Required positions that are full-time, long term - and exclude law school funded jobs. Under these measures, American Univer$ity Wa$hington Commode of Law ranked 179th best in job placement!  Only 22 other trash heaps produce weaker results for their students.

Supposed Overall Ranking: American Univer$ity Wa$hington Commode of Law is allegedly the 56th greatest, most fantastic and amazing law school in the nation - according to US “News“ & World Report.  How in the hell can there be such a wide discrepancy between a school’s reputation and the job prospects for its students?

Charting the Drop in LSAT Scores: Simply scroll down to the school’s name or use the CTRL+F function under Admissions Data, in order to view the figures for first year law students entering American University COL in 2011:

“25th percentile LSAT: 159
Median LSAT score: 162
75th percentile LSAT: 163”

Numbers for the first year law class at American Univer$ity for 2013:

“25th percentile LSAT: 153
Median LSAT score: 157
75th percentile LSAT: 159”

Anyone with an IQ above room temperature will recognize that this is a significant drop-off, especially within a span of two years!  Perhaps the tide is turning against the law school cockroaches.  The general public is now much more informed about the numerous, huge risks of obtaining a “legal education.”

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the American Univer$ity JD Class of 2012 who incurred debt for law school - as $152,659.  This is the SIXTH LARGEST STUDENT DEBT FIGURE among ABA-accredited schools!  Then again, only 77 percent of this cesspool’s particular class took on such vile debt. Keep in mind that this figure does not include undergraduate debt – and it also does not take accrued interest into account.

Conclusion: American University Washington Commode of Law is a GROSSLY OVERPRICED, highly over-rated pile of buffalo excrement.  Why should you incur an additional $160K-$210K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt for such pathetic legal employment prospects?!?!  The law school pigs at this in$TTiTTuTTion have decided to cash in before the application and enrollment numbers drop further.  Again, these bitches and hags are only concerned with keeping the gravy train of federally-backed student loans rolling along.  If YOU end up in financial ruin, that will not affect the swine.  After all, they get paid up front, in full.


  1. Nando,

    I miss the values of the old days when a Bastille-like revolution would have resulted in students burning American U. Law School to the ground and subsequently beheading all faculty and staff. Why doesn't such abhorrence for injustice exist today?

    1. Libertarian every-man-for-himself-and-God-against-all mentality pervades thanks to the Koch brothers. I'd kill them all with a chainsaw. if I had the chance.

    2. I didn't realize your hatred for JD Painter and his brother ran so deep.

    3. The other Koch brothers, you nincom-fucking-poop.

  2. Watch for this school to be in the 70s next year.

  3. Damn, 474 1Ls? How the hell can this school boast about prestige with such a large class size?

    DC is arguably one of the worst places to go to law school. Most attendees come from another part of America so they don't have the ability to live at home and save money. All the big firms down there higher from the ivy league and, if they do lobbying, recruit lawyers who worked for members of Congress. I know people who work in lobbying outfits in DC making bank who went to state law schools and worked for members of congress from their home state and then after they left took jobs on K Street. You can waive into the DC bar anyway after 5 years. No room for a DC law grad (except maybe Georgetown) to break into the government affairs/legal scene down there. Members of Congress reward campaign staff and their home networks with staff jobs, not some random dipshit from American U. Law School. And at the end of the day there's no geographical area a DC law grad can retreat to where the school is well-known and has an established, visible alumni presence like University of South Carolina Law grads in South Carolina, UT law grads in Texas, UM law grads in Minnesota, etc.

    Lemmings- Beware of the D.C. law school trap. You will not be working in the west wing of the white house.

    1. Agreed. DC is an absolutely terrible location for non-T14 grads. I can't even name all the schools within a 3-hour drive from DC that fill their classes by selling the dream of working in "the nation's capital." Unfortunately, the fed gov and DC employers hire from the T14 and/or hire politically-connected grads. The fact that you went to school in/near DC will not help you get a paying job there. You won't be competitive back in your hometown, because employers there likely hire from the local state school and the T14.

  4. Those employment stats are fucking horrendous. Those are TTTT stats.

    1. I can't imagine how anyone enrolls at American with those stats. A kid paying sticker at American could probably get full ride at a 4th tier school and have better employment opportunities (still bad, of course).

  5. The others are right. Too many fools think they're special. Dummies from the sticks leave Montana or Wisconsin or wherever the fuck and go to DC. Under the delusion they'll become a K Street lobbyist (well paid shitbag).

    They think they'll make great connections (while making law review). But the thing is the connected and rich kids are way ahead of them. Those kids don't have to work hard or network. They've got a job lined up.

  6. Me and Algernon wheendt two uh luh schuul beecuse I wuz not a dummie and thuh teechers whure reely smardt too ahnd it is good two be smardt and think lhike uh luhyer.


  7. In another 2-3 years, you'll see the obvious in full view. That being the following: Social mobility in America is dead, the "American Dream" is now dead and has been for the past decade, if not two, and that law schools, and colleges for that matter, no longer have the luxury of covering up what I've known for sometime now - that the connected are the ones who get ahead at the end of the day. That the wealthy make the rules and make bank. And that the playing field never was level to begin with.

    Before the Internet Age, law schools and people in general could slough off those who didn't make it by being dismissive and claiming that, for whatever reasons, it was the individual's fault.

    No Sir. It's the same as it ever was. The Preferred, Protected, and Connected get ahead while everyone else falls behind. Only now it can't be covered up by the educational establishment and the media.

    It was always this way with some room at the Bar left over in the past. Now, that's no longer true and only the PPC win. Disproves pretty handily the myth of meritocracy. And that's all of America, not just education. However, because of the current situation, the education facet is the easiest in which to see this proof in action.

    Everything today is a scam, as others have said on this forum before. It's all for the top 1% at your expense.

    Buyer Beware.

  8. Replies
    1. Hello Indonesian asshole.

      Having fun in that shithole of country?

  9. 179th in job placement? USNWR only restricts rankings to 145 schools, right? So that means this is basically a fourth tier school since the goal for 99% of law students is to get employment after graduation. Every school that beats out American in that employment ranking which is ranked lower than American on USNWR should automatically be competitive for American's USNWR spot given the insane discrepancy between American's USNWR ranking and its employment ranking.

    Look no further than this article to see how corrupt and irrelevant the USNWR rankings truly are.

  10. Yes and no. Having interviewed corporate law counsel applicants, I can say not everyone is connected. Yes it helps, but sometimes being the right person, with the right social and legal skills helps. Law careers are a dog race, everyone is great, everyone is perfect, some have connections, and the rest have to go at it and compete. I wouldn't pay those prices for law school if I don't have to, but some crazy folks think $70K is a bargain for a good education, go figure.

  11. Everything in life is a crapshoot where rich people or those who are connected have advantages in any type of desirable employment. Law is no different so to continue to harp on that is a waste of time.

    The simple question that needs to be asked is whether the investment in law school at various tiers is worth the investment for the average person. Maybe it is, maybe it isnt, but for the typical non connected wealthy person, it is a way to potentially get rich or do well financially.

    Do many people fail at law or flat out hate it once they do it? Sure. Name a profession that does not have that problem. The average person that goes to law school does not rely on employment statistics to decide whether to go. Maybe they went because they thought that is what they wanted to do. Maybe for the money potential. Maybe they are trying to avoid managing a Walmart or Wendys because they dont have any skills to build or create things.

    The price of everything, including law school, is out of control when compared to the typical wage which has also gone down. That is why the middle class is dying slowly.

    This blog provides great advice about being sure whether to go to law school. The tuition costs have made folks who would take a chance and go due to other options like I did 20 years ago, now more carefully needing to consider their options. Tort reform and the value of legal services dropping cannot be ignored.

    Despite all these obvious statements, law schools will still survive because there will always be enough people who will take the risk and go despite the financial risk because of the rewards that potentially exist. Law is still one of the few professions where an unskilled person with a good mind and hard work ethic can get rich or atleast be very comfortable. For all the failures we read about, just talk to any law student or young lawyer about the stories they tell of having seen lawyers on many different levels, make real bank. Its enough to keep the profession perpetuating itself.

    Law Schools are not going anywhere, its just the failures with big student debt are going to be more vocal. When a middle class that used to be made up of many hard working smart people goes away, these same smart folks who end up broke or underemployed financially are going to speak up more about bad experiences. Despite all that, the risk takers in this world will always be there to fill the seats because the payoff has huge potential.


    Let’s take a closer look at Dan Filler’s entry, “New Law School Rankings: Employment Data Cleaned Of School Funded Jobs.”

    The following third tier toilets, as ranked by US “News” & World Report, have a higher employment “placement” rate than 56th rated American Univer$iTTy Wa$hingTTon Commode of Law – for full-time, long term positions requiring a law degree. I have listed the schools, next to their overall USN&WR rating:

    Seattle University, 102; St. Louis University, 102; University of Mississippi, 102; Florida International, 105; Mercer University, 105; Texas Tech, 105; Wayne State University, 105; DePaul University, 109; Third Tier Drake, 109; Stetson University, 109; University of Missouri-Kansas City, 109; Gonzaga University, 113; Hofstra, 113; Samford University, 113; Arkansas-Little Rock, 113; Montana, 113; Wyoming, 113; Cleveland State University, 119; Creighton, 119; Akron, 119; New Hampshire, 119; Vermont Law School, 119; University of St. Thomas, 124; University of the Pacific, 124; Campbell University, 126; Chapman University, 126; Drexel, 126; Hamline University, 126; Howard University, 126; Loyola University New Orleans, 126; Albany Law School, 132; CUNY, 132; Pace University, 134; Quinnipiac, 134; University of Baltimore, 134; Idaho, 134; Maine, 134; William Mitchell College of Law, 134; Southern Illinois University, 140; St. Mary’s, 140; North Dakota, 140; Washburn, 140; Duquesne, 144; South Texas Commode of Law, 144; Suffolk, 144; and the University of Memphis, 144.

    Yes, you read that list correctly. A total of FOURTY SIX law schools ranked in the THIRD TIER had HIGHER legal job placement rates, for their 2012 graduating classes, than the Class of 2012 from 56th “best” American University Washington Commode of Law. What a stellar “institution of higher learning,” huh?!?!

    In fact, only two members of the foul third tier had lower legal job placement figures than 56th greatest American Univer$iTTy Wa$hingTTon Commode of Law. Those schools are 126th rated Chapman and 144th ranked University of San Francisco. Chapman came in at 182nd best in terms of full-time, long-term jobs requiring a JD whereas USF was 4 spots from the very bottom at number 197.

    Again, how in the hell can a school that is ranked 56th “best” by US “News” & World Report feature such PATHETIC employment outcomes?!?! Hell, 46 of the 48 commodes occupying the third tier have higher legal job placements than a school that is historically rated in the top quarter of ABA-accredited diploma mills.

    Plus, keep in mind that the American University COL had the SIXTH HIGHEST average law student indebtedness figure for the Class of 2012. Review the chart again, and you will see a monstrous average sum of $152,659! At this point, only a waterhead would proceed to enter this trash pit.

    1. This is such a bunch of BS. All the TTTs you just listed should automatically be able to leapfrog to American's spot in USNWR. The main goal of law grads is to get jobs so if those schools have done a better job than American then they should be ranked HIGHER than American.

      And that COA is just offensive. Since most DC students aren't from that area and no wcholarships are given the majority of these kids are getting hit with that number. I commuted while I was in law school (with a 50 per cent scholarship) and lived light eating at home every night, packing lunch, etc. DC law students don't have any of that going for them.

      The law school pigs are truly vile.

  13. With placement numbers like that (in the only jobs that should count) this place should be a TTT. No question about it.

    1. I'm not sure I'd agree with thaTTTTT.

  14. Political Cunning 101:

    If some entity was trying to impersonate Sallie Mae, would your motive be to rush to the defense of the people being scammed by the impostor, or to rush to the defense of Sallie Mae?

    Or both?

    Just wondering.

  15. Fuck Sallie Mae.

    1. No, set the place on fire, with the CEO and the Board locked inside.


    We will now compare this commode's figures to those of the fourth tier garbage cans, based on Filler's data.

    The following FOURTH TIER LAW SCHOOLS, as ranked by US “News” & World Report, have a higher employment “placement” rate than 56th rated American Univer$iTTy Wa$hingTTon Commode of Law – for full-time, long term positions requiring a law degree. I have listed the schools, this time with their placement ranking next to the name of the in$TTTTiTTTTuTTTTion:

    Appalachian School of Law, 178; Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School, 160; Barry University, 141; California Western School of Law, 158; Capital University, 143; Charleston School of Law, 106; Elon University, 129; Faulkner University (Jones), 133; John Marshall Law School, 166; Liberty University, 128; Mississippi College, 77; New York Law School, 176; Northern Illinois University, 63; Northern Kentucky University (Chase), 156; Nova Southeastern University (Broad), 89; Ohio Northern University (Pettit), 82; Oklahoma City University, 107; Phoenix School of Law, 156; Regent University, 125; Roger Williams University, 122; Southern University Law Center, 162; Southwestern Law School, 156; St. Thomas University, 174; Texas Southern University (Marshall), 98; Texas Wesleyan University, 109; Touro College (Fuchsberg). 131; University of Dayton, 127; University of South Dakota, 63; University of Toledo, 118; Valparaiso University, 167; Widener University, 177; Widener University-Harrisburg, 148; and Willamette University (Collins), 117.

    A total of 33 schools/dung pits located in the FOURTH TIER had HIGHER LEGAL EMPLOYMENT PLACEMENT RATES than the 56th greatest, most magnificent law school in the land – according to US “News” & World Report. Bob Morse is a piece of garbage, and this juxtaposition of data shows that his rating scheme is also trash.

    In fact, only 14 of the 47 TTTTs had a lower placement rate for full-time, long-term positions requiring a law degree. Again, this information is based on each diploma mill’s Class of 2012 ABA Employment Report. Hell, this means that 70.2% of fourth tier law schools had better outcomes for their graduates than American Univer$iTTy Wa$hingTTon Commode of Law, i.e. 33/47.

    This is simply outrageous. Anyone who does not get upset or sickened by this info must be a shill, a “professor” or a mental midget. This helps explain why the bastards at one point hired “ethics guru” Ugly Jack Marshall as an adjunct.

  17. The rankings system is completely skewed, because a big part of the score is based on professors' and judges' opinions of each school. There is no freakin way any professor or judge knows anything about more than a handful of schools, so they rank the rest based on self-reinforcing reputations (or no info at all). Since more people have heard of American than some of the 3rd and 4th tier schools, it gets a higher "reputation" score, even though that category is deeply flawed.

    As others have said, Princeton school of law would rank in the first tier, even though such a school doesn't exist.

  18. It's on now.

    The law schools are on survival mode and it is only a matter of time before higher tier law school deans and professors call on the lower tier toilets to be shut down.

    So the question is, will the agents of Washiton School of Law start trashing Georgetown, GW and DC law school?

  19. Seriously? 33 fucking TTTTs have better job placement than American U? That's what matters. I didn't go to law school to become a fucking teacher.

  20. They need to feature law schools on "American Greed." American is a crappy law school with high tuition. 474 1L's, WTF...that is a lot of student loan misery.

  21. Listen- the law school pigs are disgusting pieces of trash and the ranking system is a farce. The reason this is all happening is because Nando and the scambloggers have pointed a spotlight on the fake employment stats and the horror show that is indebted life after law school. Since this generation gets its information primarily from the internet more and more prospective students are doing their own independent research before enrolling and finding websites like this. Sure, there are plenty of special snowflakes and lemmings who think they'll beat the odds. But the important thing to remember is that applications are down. This is nothing more than a desperate move by a failing TT looking at the possibility of now slipping into TTT status. But the goal now for the pigs is to maximize profits before the music stops so onward law school pig admissions deans!

  22. The law school swine are desperate. The aging Boomer pigs who teach at and run American Univer$iTTy Wa$hingTTon Commode of Law have decided that they don't even care about the reputation of their school.

    The cockroaches have put themselves first yet again. What a big surprise, huh?! The bitches and hags now seek to milk the federal student loan teat until they reach retirement age. Of course, if these GROSSLY OVERPAID academic thieves had saved a decent portion of their income, they could step aside now. It’s not as if these rats will need to adjust to a life of leisure, since the rodents only “teach” 4-6 hours per week anyway.

    Law schools across the nation HAVE BEEN FORCED TO CUT ENROLLMENT. I love how the commodes try to spin this as voluntary on their part. Applications are down, and those with higher LSAT scores are avoiding law school at a MUCH higher rate than those with lower test results.

    On June 7, 2013, Albany Business Review published reporter Adam Sichko’s article “Law school cuts enrollment, faculty next.” Take a look at this opening:

    “As few as 130 students will begin pursuing law degrees at Albany Law School this fall—half the size of the first-year class five years ago.

    The steep drop is the latest sign of the stark new economics confronting law schools nationwide, including Albany Law, the only law school within 90 miles of the state capital.”

    That is quite a drop in enrollment. You’re welcome, bitches!

    Now, check out this conclusion:

    “Smaller enrollment at Albany Law means [toilet dean and “president” Penelope] Andrews will trim the school’s roster of 50 full-time faculty. She says she has no set target yet, but wants to preserve the student-faculty ratio.

    Andrews also is exploring ways to raise revenue, including online courses and offering certification for non-lawyers.

    The law school’s annual budget is now $28.2 million, down about 12 percent from a couple of years ago.

    “For us, the gamble is the balance between a rich and rewarding experience for students, and the need to be fiscally responsible,” Andrews says. “Smaller is better for Albany Law School. That’s our legacy.”

    Cockroach Penelope Andrews is being disingenuous, at best. Law school has always been a gamble for the student, never for the school or the lending institutions. However, it is noteworthy that this pig used the word “gamble” to describe the school’s situation.

    1. Try this article on for size Nando. It's slightly more depressing.

  23. Law school is a welfare program for academic assholes who couldn't cut it in private law practice. Come to think of it, most law profs come from upper middle class families. Why should they work hard? That's for poor people. And the unconnected.


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