Monday, October 7, 2013

Chronicling a Sinking Turd: Albany Law School

Albany Law Sewer Planned for a Small Decrease in Class Size:

Back on January 14, 2013, Robert Gavin’s piece, entitled “Judging a law degree’s worth,” appeared in the Albany Times Union.  Take a look at the excerpt below:

“Max Heintz works 30 hours a week at a Stewart's Shop in Glenville. A friend works in Virginia for a moving company. Another friend works for his father's insurance business in western New York.

They are all 2012 graduates of Albany Law School.

"I'm still looking" for a job in the legal profession, said Heintz, 28, of Scotia, a 2012 graduate who passed the bar exam.

Their situations are the rule, not the exception.” [Emphasis mine]

Later on, the author provided this revealing info:

“Fewer students are choosing law school. Albany Law planned to downsize its incoming class by 10 students a year over three years. But the plan wasn't implemented — fewer students applied and were accepted.” [Emphasis mine]

It’s great to see the law school pigs sweat.  For far too long these bitches and hags at ABA-accredited dung pits have been able to publish misleading data, in order to get more asses in seats.

Standard & Poor’s Flushes the Independent Toilet:

On April 11, 2013, the Albany Times Union published reporter Scott Waldman’s article, “Standard & Poor’s downgrades Albany Law School.”  Check out this opening:

“Colleges and universities spend a lot of resources ensuring enrollment does one of two things: stabilize or increase.

Albany Law School is headed in the wrong direction. The school's enrollment has dropped 14 percent in just two years.

The school now enrolls 617 students, down from 720 in the 2010-2011 academic year. That loss has caught the attention of the Standard & Poor's bond rating agency, which downgraded the school's outlook from positive to stable. Standard & Poor's said the situation at Albany Law reflected a national trend of law schools losing students and tuition income.

Weakening demand for Albany Law has decreased net tuition revenue and put significant pressure on the school's operating performance, the report found.

The report suggested that Albany Law is more vulnerable to the national trend of enrollment decline because it is not connected to a larger university. Law schools that are part of a larger university or university system were better able to absorb losses of the last few years. Schools tied to a university also can better attract students amid the shrinking market in the future because they are more able to offer bigger financial aid packages.” [Emphasis mine]

Read the rest of the piece and you will see that S&P prognosticates that applications to and enrollment at Albany Law Sewer will drop for several more years before finally stabilizing at a smaller level.  How will this affect the group of parasites known as “law professors”?!

Albany Law Sewer’s Huge Drop in Enrollment:

Albany Business Review posted reporter Adam Sichko’s article “Law school cuts enrollment, faculty next” - on June 7, 2013. Review this opening left jab:

“As few as 130 students will begin pursuing law degrees at Albany Law School this fall—half the size of the first-year class five years ago.

The steep drop is the latest sign of the stark new economics confronting law schools nationwide, including Albany Law, the only law school within 90 miles of the state capital.” [Emphasis mine]

That is quite a drop in enrollment. You’re welcome, bitches!

Now, scroll down to Sichko’s conclusion:

“Smaller enrollment at Albany Law means [toilet dean and “president” Penelope] Andrews will trim the school’s roster of 50 full-time faculty. She says she has no set target yet, but wants to preserve the student-faculty ratio.

Andrews also is exploring ways to raise revenue, including online courses and offering certification for non-lawyers.

The law school’s annual budget is now $28.2 million, down about 12 percent from a couple of years ago.

“For us, the gamble is the balance between a rich and rewarding experience for students, and the need to be fiscally responsible,” Andrews says. “Smaller is better for Albany Law School. That’s our legacy.” [Emphasis mine]

Keep trying to spin this as a “voluntary reduction” of class sizes, Cockroach.  At least, fewer academic thieves will be on the payroll.

Conclusion: Albany Law Sewer is a festering THIRD TIER COMMODE, as it is currently ranked as the 132nd greatest, most phenomenal and fantastic law school in the country - by US “News” & World Report.  Having a gutter reputation does not stop these bastards from charging their students $43,248 in annual tuition - for the 2013-2014 school year, however.  Lastly, USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those unfortunate members of the Albany Law Sewer Class of 2012 who incurred debt for law school - as $113,674.  Fully 88 percent of this cohort took on such vile debt for a TTT law degree.

In sum, DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER ATTENDING this trash pit.  If you are not from a wealthy family, then you will almost certainly graduate from this cesspool with an additional $125K-$165K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt.  As you can see, this school already produces JDs who work at convenience stores, move furniture or sell insurance.  Don’t add your name to the list of casualties.


  1. Their situations are the rule, not the exception."

    If you're not privileged, protected or seriously connected, you're fucked in this profession.

    1. A few people can make it without connections if they are truly gifted, but those types are going to places like Harvard and Yale, not Albany.

    2. Lol Jesus, who are you people? I am an Albany Law 3L, on full scholarship, with a job waiting for me upon graduation. This was done with zero connections. While I agree for the most part with the mission statement at the top of the page, I disagree that Albany is a "sinking turd", as the author so eloquently put it. If you have the intelligence and the hustle, it is a path to a career. The sad truth is that if your LSAT scores and undergrad GPA were not enough to secure a scholarship offer at a 3rd tier school, you were bound to have a hard time from the beginning.

    3. I attended Third Tier Drake on a full scholarship for all three years, Bitch. As a result, I only incurred $37K in student debt, for my TTT degree.

      You must have a learning disability, if you don't understand why I described your school as a sinking turd. Look at the sources I cited, idiot. Standard & Poor's downgraded Albany Law School's outlook. The sewage pit has also seen a HUGE drop in enrollment, in recent years.

      As you can see, Albany Law Sewer is now the 132nd "best" law school in the country, according to US "New" & World Report. In sum, this ABA-accredited law school is a pile of rotten feces.

      Lastly, congratulations on finding a job at Target - with your Albany TTT law degree. Your parents must be very proud.

  2. Fuck you. Albany's got a lot of distinguished alumin.

    (from wikipedia)

    Albany Law School has numerous notable alumni. It is one of only twelve law schools in the United States to have graduated two or more justices of the United States Supreme Court: Robert H. Jackson and David Josiah Brewer. Seven judges of the New York State Court of Appeals, United States President William McKinley, current New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and over a dozen members of the United States Congress can also call Albany Law School their alma mater. The first woman admitted to the New York State Bar, Kate Stoneman, and the first African American man to graduate from law school in New York State, James Campbell Matthews,[5] also both attended Albany Law School.

    1. Wow...

      About 20 people over a 150-year timeframe.

      Sure sounds relevant to me..

      And lol! @ Cuomo, who was connected from Day 1 (his birth) and will be until his death.

    2. No, fuck you. From the Albany Law School website (click on "Careers"):

      "For alumni here in the Capital Region, Forbes ranked Albany 18th of 200 largest metro areas for best places for business and careers in the United States."

      This has nothing to do with the legal market and they know it.

    3. 11:37 am here again

      Fuck you. How many US Supreme Court justices graduated from your law school?

    4. Yeah, tell all the recent unemployed Albany law grads that William McKinley and some obscure 19th century associate justice went to their school and see if that makes a damn bit of difference in their lives. Why isn't Albany ranked higher given this illustrious alumni group? Maybe it has something to do with too many law grads for the amount of law jobs open and how connections are extremely important? You honestly think the legal job field today is like that when mckinley practiced law? Idiot.

      Also, Andy cuomo was literally born with a silver spoon in his mouth, maybe his fucking dad being governor and flirting with running for president in 1992 had something to do with him getting named HUD secretary and ultimately getting positioned in NY politics.

    5. @11:56 again

      No, 11:37/12:32, fuck you. Justice Brewer graduated in 1858 and Justice Jackson attended only one year at Albany but did not graduate. According to the Wikipedia article about Justice Jackson:

      "At age 18, he went to work as an apprentice in a two-lawyer Jamestown law office, then attended Albany Law School, in Albany, New York during 1911–12. Although Jackson completed the second year of the School's two-year program, it denied him a law degree because he was under age twenty-one."

      The Wikipedia article about Albany Law School was obviously written by the Albany Law School cheerleaders and trolls, and should be corrected immediately. The Albany Law School website, though technically accurate is misleading about this as well (it states "students and alumni....[had] seats on the US Supreme Court).

      Of course none of this is worth an icicle fart from a polar bear's asshole to the 50% of the current Albany law School graduates who are unemployed.

    6. TITCR.

      When nobody worth a fuck has graduated from your school within the last century, you need to find a new marketing initiative.

      11:37/12:32, Fuck yourself. Do yourself a favor; retake, score above the 50th percentile, and find a school that isn't a con.

    7. Okay the "Fuck you" thread is hilarious.

  3. Well for all of the distinguished alumni they have had 30 or 50 or 100 years ago that isn't helping current grads get jobs.

    % employed in full time, long term, bar passage required, non solo, non school funded jobs for class of 2012: 49.8%. About as good as a coin toss. And that doesn't even address how many of those real legal jobs actually pay enough to justify the expense of going here.

  4. The marketplace has spoken, the school is not offering a viable service for its grads. If the school was still relevant, it would be maintaining economic viability.

    The fact the Andrew Cuomo went to Albany (did he even pass the bar?) shows what a real dummy he is. If he had a half a brain he could have gone to Columbia, NYU or Harvard.

  5. @11:37 and 12:32 pm,

    I decline your offer. However, the next time your girlfriend gives me head, I'll make sure to stick my finger in her butthole. How does that sound to you, angry bastard?! As others have noted, no one gives a rat’s ass about the “quality” of students in 1866 or 1912. This does not help today’s debt-strapped graduates.

    Here is the saddest part of Gavin's piece, cited to in the main entry:

    "When I applied to law school, I remember people saying that there were lawyers in Boston scooping ice cream in Faneuil Hall," said Cheryl Coleman, a 1985 graduate of Albany Law School and one of the top defense lawyers in the Capital Region. "I don't know what people are looking for. If you go to law school expecting to make a zillion dollars, you're going to be disappointed anyway. I always thought that if you did your best and rose to the top that you'll get a job."

    Heintz said he is "absolutely not" sorry he attended law school.

    "Even if I was never to work as a lawyer I'd be happy I went because the skills and the discipline that I learned there would benefit me in any career field I go into to," Heintz said. "I really like this profession, I'm happy to be a part of it and I'm excited to start doing it — for real — in the near future."

    Passive cows/morons such as Max Heintz allow the law school scam to continue. Maybe if someone kicked him in his nuggets, he might get upset. Actually, he wouldn’t do anything. After all, he was FINANCIALLY RAPED by the pigs at Third Tier Albany Law Sewer – and he does not regret attending law school.

    Take a look at this photo, which accompanied the article. At least, Max Heintz received a MASSIVE law degree from this vile commode. Seriously, look at the size of that framed TTT diploma. The damn thing is the size of a phone booth.

    Here is the caption:

    “Max Heintz, 28, a 2012 graduate of Albany Law School with his diploma at his parent's Scotia home Friday Jan. 11, 2013.”

    The look on this fool’s face is beyond sad. It is the image of a man who has had his nuts removed. Yet, the dolt is “absolutely not” sorry that he attended law school.

    1. He doesn't understand.

      Nearly half his life - the better part, at that - is over.

      Can he retrain now?

      Can he pay off, or even service his debt?

      Is it likely that he will be in debt until he dies?

      He was interviewed at his parents' home. Not his own. Kinda telling.

      Meanwhile, the pigs at the school gave him the Iron Boot along with a big-ass diploma that's more a Scarlet Letter than anything else, and they're laughing all the way to the bank on that Sweet Fed. Loan Money..

      They got paid.


    2. Stockholm syndrome.

  6. To all the Albany PR people ... Fuck You! Someone obviously can't accept that a law school's historical age has not one iota to do with its perceived prestige. I applied to Albany. Glad I didn't go. While the building has an interesting gothic look, it's in Albany and it hasn't led to very many graduates getting paid attorney jobs as of late. Let's see how all that 150-year history plays out for ya after you've defaulted on your student loans. BTW - Fuck You!

    1. ^TITCR

      Let's see if the PR fuck responds.

    2. I doubt you'll hear from the shill again. It was probably some Albany Law School employee or special snowflake who logged on here just to regurgitate the alumni bit they throw out during open houses to entice lemming applicants.

      It's a better sales pitch to say that you are only one of 12 law schools to produce 2 or more Supreme Court justices than to say that only 50% of recent grads are employed in legal jobs 9 months after graduation. Next year when the employment/bar passage stats are even worse they'll start placing human-size cut outs of Governor Cuomo around the school as a reminder that you too can be Governor of New York (so long as your father was governor for 12 years, had a national profile, and whose choosing not to run for president is rewarded by the sitting president by giving you a cabinet position). Cuomo graduated from law school in 1982, the same year his old man was elected governor. Maybe the salesman should read Cuomo's fucking bio and learn how he owes his father his entire career before you throw his name around here like he's some rags-to-riches, salt of the earth Bill Clinton-type success story.

  7. When you are underemployed you can't mention the fact you have a higher education or even worse, a law degree.

    If the kid that is working for the moving company is stupid enough to discuss his background he will: 1. Confuse his co workers 2. Get hazed by them after they have a little while to think about it. 3. Either end up being resented or dismissed as a misfit or drug addict or alcoholic.

    That it is why I never discuss my past and let many of the people I meet assume I have a high school education and maybe tried college.

    I know it all sounds crazy but I speak from experience.

    1. See, I've done the exact opposite, with fairly positive results... I work non-law, and tell people I went to law school, worked shitlaw for 2 years, got laid off and now I'm so fucking pissed that I don't know what to do - which is all true. Most of my coworkers are college dropouts, and I think it makes them feel good - like they dodged a bullet.

    2. Risky. I assumed that having a pharmacist degree (sham doctorate for the academic pigs) would be a plus teaching high school chemistry. I have only had resentment and questions for my motivation of teaching, as well as my chemistry, biology knowledge dismissed because pharmacy is an 'applied science'. PHARMACY SCHOOL, and most other allied health care fields, ARE ALSO SCAMS!

  8. Uh oh...

  9. This kid is 28 years old??? He looks like he is almost 40!!! and he has this straight face and dressed all preppy sitting by the fire his PARENTS HOME!!!

    What a stooge, he probably wasn't thinking straight either when he got his bachelors in "political science" or "philosophy"...

    Thats another big issue, is that these idiots just choose easy street without getting a bachelors degree for something that they could fall back on that would at least be help for them to get a job like in Education, or in Business Admin or in Computer Science....plan know?

  10. Check out this unintentionally hilarious Albany Law recruitment video, structured as a “walking tour,” guided and narrated by an extremely attractive and enthusiastic young 2L.

    “Why did I pick Albany Law? Because it is in the heart of New York State’s capital, and you get to come to this amazing building every single day for classes!” [gestures behind her at Gothic monstrosity]. (0:06-0:12)

    “Hey, look, there’s the dean!” [Bearded scoundrel smiles and waves from the open second story window]. (0:20-0:24)

    “This is McKinley Lounge, where students come to socialize, to study, and just to hang out. But, the cool part of this room is that it is named after the 25th President, William McKinley, who is an Albany Law graduate!” (0:51-1:01)

    The tour goes on for six minutes like this, with the guide growing ever more excited over each drab little classroom, the lounge, the courtyard, the student bar association office, the fitness center, etc. The tour ends in the career services center, where she says 1,000 interviews a year are held. (which sounds impressive, until you realize how many students interview for one single job or, for that matter, one summer internship, paid or unpaid). The guide then introduces us to a person who landed a “pretty sweet job...with help from the career center.” He tells us about the job. It turns out it was a summer internship.

    1. I think that video destroyed the few remaining useful brain cells I have left.

      Curse you for posting that link.

      On a side note, why do Jewish girls go blonde? What's up with that?

    2. I think I will pass, not sure if I could tolerate that now.

      Why do they make a big deal about McKinley? Do law students really wanna end up like him? They know what happened to him, right?

    3. Just an FYI in case you missed it: The 'bearded scoundrel' in the video is former Dean Guernsey, now at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, of all places, which has been chronicled on this blog more than once.

    4. Then give him the choice: bullet to the back of the head, or eternal exile in Siberia.

      Fuck TJSL; fuck it hard, fuck it long.

    5. I cant believe I watched that garbage. Why dont they show Albany in late November through March.

      I went to my 4t crapper 20 years ago and oh that brought back memories and I just need to be shot for having gone through that shit school environment. One hot girl in school who was more just a flirt than a legal mind but she got a job likely doing insurance defense to where she can just be a snob like that Weiss chick whose only redeeming qualities are her breasts, which is all she needs. Flip flops, a smile, and some interviews with a Jew and a no accent having Jeremy Lin looking chinaman who cant decide which big powered job to take and its like that school is the place to be.

      If you are a white male that is not connected or some meek ugly chick with no personality, you might as well go do something else or plan on being solo handling trafic tickets or serving as a court appointed guardian for juveniles.

      Chicks like Weiss will have jobs and likely end up giving up law within a couple of years to get pregnant and stay at home while their rich businessman husband pulls in the bucks. She might as well just give the tour in a bikini but she isnt giving you the time of day when you enroll at her school.

      God those bad memories. I still wonder how successful those hot chicks I went to school with were. They know they have it made and are just pawns of the industry luring suckers like you and me to go to school where the odds of making real money to justify the loans are low.

      God I hated school

    6. @ 10:57- I know EXACTLY what you mean. I remember at my school during our oral arguments competition this hideous white kid (top 10%) spoke so eloquently and intelligently on the subject and DID NOT advance. He was so prepared with a tabbed binder and notes too. But the girl he went up against (idiot blonde chick) with big tits who stuttered and knew NOTHING advanced in the competition. Interestingly enough, the judges were either feminist twats or crusty old white men. She ended up getting hired by a county prosecutor's office and that kid ended up in shitlaw. It's also clear that certain groups help each other out (i.e., jewish kids go to jewish firms, irish kids to irish firms, etc.). Even the clerkship program in NJ. I had to fight like a wild dog for my clerkship. All the crusty old judges want a hot little girl to stare at every day and the female judges want to "help a girl" out. One of them was just downright creepy the way he'd stare at them and smile.

      One thing they don't teach you in law school (besides how to write a fucking complaint, the most basic of legal tasks) is that besides the importance of your grades, the legal profession is heavily about appearance too. So if you aren't connected, can't act like a politician, and aren't at least decent looking, you will struggle terribly. I remember at my old shitlaw firm 3 disgustingly ugly females were fired one after another but magically this smoking hot brunette associate survived every firm purge.

  11. I was going over a friends house to drink beer and watch sports on TV and my friend had this Guy over all the time unemployed and hanging around too. My friend is a childhood neighborhood friend so I figured his friend was a non-lawyer. Shocked to find out he graduated Albany Law some time ago and now lives in a small.apartment and does not even have a car. My friend drops him off and picks him up. Showed the Albany Law grad this blog a while ago. Poor Guy just likes to sit around and drink and play cards/ watch sports. How can he use his so called legal skills doing that?

    1. Probably because he shouldn't have gone to law school in the first place. At my TTT there were kids who simply had no business being in a law school evidence class. They embarrassed themselves when they were called on and would talk in class like they were on the corner. But these jackasses think a JD is a winning lottery ticket and the law school pigs are all too happy to perpetuate that myth. They don't give a damn if the lemmings are unemployable in the legal field, the pigs got the government loan money and are focused on the next crop of idiots by then.

      I remember there was this kid who got all Cs his first semester and the pigs persuaded him to not drop out. If they cared one iota about that kid they would have told him to drop out. But they need him to financially ruin himself so they can get paid.


    "William McKinley, Class of 1867

    U.S. President 1896-1901

    Born in 1843 in Niles, Ohio, William McKinley, Jr., grew up there, enrolled and studied briefly at Allegheny College, served for four years in the Union Army during the Civil War, and then served a year or so as an apprentice in the office of a Poland, Ohio, judge. In fall 1866, McKinley, age 25, came to Albany, one of the leading cities in the United States at the time, to study the science of the law. At Albany Law School, he attended lectures by its three faculty members and studied closely the judicial decisions they cited. In spring 1867, he returned to Canton, Ohio, to finish his preparation for the Ohio bar by reading law in an attorney's office, common practice at that time."

    According to this cesspool, McKinley attended law classes at Albany Law Sewer for one damn semester, i.e. autumn of 1866. In fact, let’s focus on the following description:

    "At Albany Law School, he attended lectures by its three faculty members and studied closely the judicial decisions they cited."

    In today's parlance, it sounds as though McKinley audited a few classes. Even if he was enrolled in those courses, how the hell can anyone claim that he was a member of a graduating class?!?! After a few months of attending lectures at the commode, he returned to Ohio and read law in an attorney’s office – in order to take the bar exam.

    “Robert H. Jackson's Timeline

    1892 February 13, born in Spring Creek, Pa.

    1910 Graduates from Jamestown High School, Jamestown, N.Y.; begins apprenticeship with Frank Mott in the two-person Jamestown law office.

    1911 Enters one-year program at Albany Law School; meets Irene Gerhardt while ice skating in Albany.

    1912 Receives Certificate of Graduation from Albany Law School – under age 21, he is too young to receive a law degree”

    Based on this timeline, furnished by the toilet, Jackson attended Albany Law Sewer for a single year. Then again, these long-deceased alumni do not help today’s students at the ABA-accredited dung heap find employment. As noted in the main entry, the school is currently rated as the 132nd greatest, most terrific and sensational law school in the entire nation – by US “News” & World Report.

    In good news, the commode only shares this distinct honor with one other school, i.e. CUNY. What a fantastic accomplishment, huh?!?!

  13. I think my law degree is about that big too, judging from the size of the cardboard tube in which it was sent to me (and it remains in that tube to this day, in a closet somewhere).

    I never bothered to get it framed or to hang it anywhere. I'm a goddamn lawyer, of course I have a law degree, it's nothing special to get excited over.

  14. At most of these TTTs, it seems like the law degrees are the size of fucking Murphy beds. Maybe it's a way to compensate for the shitty name of the school.

    1. ok guys guys... seriously, google "Cooley Law School Diploma" and click on just the IMAGES search.

      You'll see, not only the truly TREMENDOUS swathes of paper that these things are written on but, thanks to Nando, plenty of scat pics, toilet rolls, and neon signs saying "NOPE"

  15. I let my nephew draw on my law degree with a crayon.

  16. The Albany Video on YouTube (referenced above) speaks volumes about the school's desperation. I cracked up when I saw the professor waving out the window. What a staged stooge. Ridiculous. Just insert a hottie with perky McGillicuddies into the video and the student loan money will flow. It's as simple as that.

  17. its amazing what a bit of blonde pooty-tang will attract...all walks of life for those $$$$....where's the Coronel Sanders when you need him to make a comment on this board! lol

  18. The school should use that girl in a bikini. To get more applicants.

    Because they care about the students..and justice and all that other shit.

  19. Like with American in your previous post, Albany is in survival mode (aka an existential crisis).

    Since Albany is in the gutter tier, they have less to lose by lowering their admissions standards.

    But I'm hoping that some of their professors will start a law school turf war by attacking other schools' credentials and speak out against attending trap schools (like Fordham).

    BTW, I noticed a new blog appeared with posts exclusively from law school deans. We should say hello.

  20. Law schools are run for the benefit of the professors, not the students.

    Medical schools are run for the students, who will become doctors.

    1. That is the best quote that has ever emerged from the scamblogs.

      Thank you, whoever you are and I am going to print that out and frame it!

  21. An acquaintance of mine grew up in California and Hawaii before spending a year in Albany.

    "How did you end up in Albany?" I wondered.

    "By mistake," she deadpanned.

    At least she didn't go to the law school!

  22. I love how they list McKinley as an alum meanwhile he went there for a year before moving to Ohio to read for the bar (like ever other president until the mid-20th century). FDR left Columbia law before finishing and just read for the bar. Cardozo too. Of course, you can't do that anymore because the pigs at the ABA conspired to do away with that cheap and affordable way to become a lawyer. I think you can do it in NY still but it's impossible to satisfy. I'm fact, Cardozo left right when the pigs were getting greedy and adding a third year to the program.

    Now you need to drop $200k before they even let you sit for the bar. But someone has to pay for the dean's BMW, right?

  23. Some landfill called Belmont University College of Law in TN just received ABA accreditation. Squash one of these cockroaches and it seems ten more scurry out of the walls. It seems Nando's work trying to exterminate these filthy hives of pestilence will never end.

  24. Jesus Christ on a pogo stick--just what the world needs, another fucking law school. This tells you all that you need to know about the ABA.

  25. Let’s return to Adam Sichko’s piece, for a moment. Read the following portion of that article, in order to read the account of another dolt suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

    “The competition became especially tough in Albany County, already home to 4,600 lawyers—the second-most attorneys per capita of any county, behind New York County, home to Manhattan.

    Ian Penders is getting ready to enter that job market. Penders, 25, graduated from Albany Law in May, and he will take the bar exam next month.

    “Law school used to be a guarantee: Get a degree and you’ll do fine right away. Now it seems to be, get a degree, and within five years you’ll probably be OK,” Penders says. “It’s scary graduating with all that debt.”

    Penders is from a suburb of Rochester, and studied philosophy and English in college. He took out student loans to attend law school. He’s aiming for a job as a public defender, possibly in an upstate county’s district attorney’s office.

    “I wouldn’t trade this education for anything,” he says. “But if you’re doing law school just to hide from the real world for a little bit, that would be an absolutely miserable three years—not to mention a catastrophic financial decision.”

    Now, head to the photo below, which accompanied the main article. I have also provided the text of the caption.

    “Ian Penders
    Age: 25
    Born: Adams Basin (Rochester suburb)
    Education: bachelor’s, SUNY Brockport; juris doctorate, Albany Law School (May 2013)
    Taking the bar: July”

    As you can see, Ian Penders is another portly law grad in his mid-20s who appears to be 40 years old. Look at his “fashion” statement, i.e. long-sleeved, button-up teal shirt with khaki shorts and brown loafers – with no socks.

    Plus, you will notice that his briefcase is enormous. Perhaps, that contains his gigantic TTT law degree from Albany Law Sewer. Lastly, when you look closely at Ian Penders, you see the image of a man that has been castrated. Yet, this seething idiot “wouldn’t trade his education for anything.”

    Economic waterheads such as Ian Penders and Max Heintz allow the scam to persist, due to their passive attitude. These morons should be raising hell. After all, they pissed away three years of their lives – and incurred large sums of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt – to acquire a worthless product. People with brain stems attend professional school in order to enter secure careers in a chosen field. No one decides to spend seven years in “higher education” with the intent to work at convenience stores or sell insurance, upon completion of their studies.

    1. I knew a guy in Philadelphia who wore loafers with no socks, but that was mainly because he liked to smell like a wino.

      I wouldn't insult the guy on his looks, but yeah, he reminds me of Andy Richter. He should be running a small town bank or be a member of a small town council rather than waste his life in the lawl.

    2. Portly? I think you mean PORKY!!! I cannot believe Porky is only 25. wow.

  26. I think the underemployment issue is one that needs more attention.

    Being underemployed is a two edged sword in that it does bring in money to pay the bills, but it raises a red flag in the eyes of potential employers.

    So the resume someone who has no connections that got out of law school and is now working for a moving company or serving pizzas or coffee is not exactly going to look like Shineola in the eyes of a potential employer.

    He or she will look like something else.

  27. The only thing current alums have in common with Albany's illustrious "alumni" (e.g., McKinley, Jackson, etc.) is that formers' legal careers will be as cold, stiff and dead as the later. Attending Albany is akin to locking your legal career in a casket and sending it to the undertaker.

    If you are attending this school, you must have really bombed on the LSAT.

  28. Sgt. Lincoln OsirisOctober 9, 2013 at 7:55 PM

    If you go to this shithole, you're an idiot.

    If you're paying full sticker to go here you've gone full retard.

  29. Ian Spenders is truly a jack-ass thinking he will be a big shot lawyer in Rochester. Rochester's one time top Criminal defense attorney went to Federal Prison for murder and distributing cocaine. Happened because he was not making much money practicing law after the industry starting sliding downhill. Google. Do research on the web for disbarred attorney Anthony Leonardo of Rochester. He was a famous mob trial lawyer in New York State and Wikipedia even has a page devoted to him. Yet the jack-ass Ian Penders thinks will become an exotic lawyer in a city where its largest employer KODAK went bankrupt.

    1. So you've drawn the conclusion that a person can't be successful because a successful criminal attorney went to jail for selling cocaine? And the reason that this man is important is because he has an entire wikipedia page dedicated to his name? Good. Excellent observations.

  30. the law school is the only shit school on the street. the pharmacy school next door is graduating twice as many graduates that are needed in the profession. these suckers will also have the six figure debt while working at stewarts

  31. I go to a first tier law school, you will probably shit on my post too, but who knows what might happen.

    First, I agree with most of what you've said. It is downright f'in shameful for low tier programs to not cut the size of their classes to increase their job placement to at least 75% to 80%. I'm kinda proud of the fact that my school despite its high ranking did the responsible thing of cutting its class size by like 25% or so.

    Second, now here is the part I know you are going to fuck me on, but its true. The truth is that there are simply not enough state and federal defenders in the country to give anyone a fair shot. There is only one solution. Increase the number of judges, increase the number of defenders (so that defenders don't have case loads in excess of 600 cases a year) and basically make good on the promise of Gideon.

    You'll tell me this is idealistic bullshit, but then please explain how you can get some of the most brilliant minds in the country (see: Yale) to go into public interest work after they are graduated and make next to fuck all doing so.

    I think you are bitter (rightly so), a bit of a dick (justifiably) but I don't think you are an idiot (though a stupid reply could prove me wrong).

    Maybe graduates aren't looking for the right kind of jobs or are being too picky about what is out there for them at the bottom tier. I'm not going to apologize for having got here by working hard but I will apologize if I'm just dead wrong.

    Want a candid response to the post above.

  32. I'm a recent Albany Law graduate and I agree with the general spirit of these posts-- attending this school IS a poor investment for the vast majority of the students that go there. With that being said, if you know anything about the legal market in the Capital District you know that probably 70% of the attorneys here went to Albany Law. It is somewhat unique (at least for NY) in that there aren't any other law schools in the immediate area. Thus, as an Albany Law grad looking to work in Albany you are basically just competing for jobs with other Albany Law grads. The graduates who have the hardest time are those like the ones discussed in both articles, that is to say the ones who try to market their Albany Law degree elsewhere in the state and country. For those grads that are staying in the Capital District, the chances of finding a job improve exponentially, although anyone below the top half of the class is still going to have a real tough time finding any sort of real legal work. You may now commence with calling me a cocksucker, TTT fuck head, etc.


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