Friday, October 11, 2013

First Tier Protestant Meconium: Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law

Tuition: Students enrolled in this private commode will be slapped with a big-ass tuition bill of $46,519 - for the 2013-2014 school year.  In good news, part-time law students at SMU will only have a crowbar shoved up their anus to the tune of $34,889 for the 2013-2014 academic year.  It’s nice to see an ‘institution of higher education” puts its students’ interests first, right?!?!

Total Cost of Attendance: According to this same document, indirect expenses will add $20,238 to the price tag.  Books are estimated at $2,000, while living costs are listed as $15,500 and miscellaneous expenses are set at $2,738.  As such, the published, total COA for full-time suckers is $66,757.

Keep in mind that ABA-accredited diploma mills and trash pits base these costs on a nine-month basis.  Since actual students will require year-round expenses, we will prorate living and miscellaneous expenses - in order to reach a more accurate figure.  Doing so, the estimated COA for full-time law students at SMU is $72,837 - for 2013-2014.  Yes, that is one hell of a bargain, huh?!?!

Ranking: Bob Morse and his fellow hags at US “News” & World Report list $outhern Methodi$t Univer$ity Dead Man Walking Sewer of Law as the 48th greatest, most sensational and exhilarating law school in the entire United States.  In fact, this toilet shares this distinct honor with the following four law schools: Florida State, Tulane, UC Hastings and the University of Houston.

Published Employment “Placement” Statistics: Looking at the Class of 2012 Employment Report, you will immediately note that there were 293 members of this massive cohort.  Of that figure, a total of 273 graduates found a job of some sort within nine months of receiving their law degree.  This represents 93.2% of the class.  Hell, the garbage heap only placed three of these JDs in law school or university funded positions.

Scroll down to Employment Type.  You will notice that 166 grads from this class found employment in private law firms.  Five desperate fools decided to open solo practices, while 75 damn people went to work for law firms of 2-10 attorneys.  Another 27 were hired by firms of 11-25 lawyers.  Only 24 found employment in law offices with more than 500 attorneys.

SMU Law’s “Test Drive” Program:

Back on May 19, 2010, Elie Mystal posted an epic ATL post entitled “SMU Will Pay You Hire Their Graduates.”  Take a look at this killer opening:

“It was only a matter of time.

SMU Dedman School of Law is now officially willing to pay law firms to hire its graduates. The school is calling its new program “Test Drive,” which adds a nice layer of hilarity: Toyota wouldn’t pay me to test drive a Camry.

Even the logo for this program screams sadness:

Let’s look at the blast email from SMU career services…

This program is a shameless attempt to game the U.S. News rankings. SMU essentially admits as much in the opening paragraph of its Test Drive pitch:

We are pleased to report that over 97% of our graduates in the SMU Dedman School of Law Class of 2009 were employed nine months after graduation, and we want to support the Class of 2010 toward equally strong employment. To this goal, we initiated Test Drive, which allows employers to evaluate the legal knowledge, skills, work ethic and professionalism of our recent December 2009 or May 2010 graduates on a “no strings attached” basis.” [Emphasis mine]

Does anyone with an IQ above room temperature believe these pigs resorted to this filth, because they care about the students’ outcomes?!?!  [Hint: It is MUCH more likely that I am writing this entry as Lauren Graham has her ankles locked around my waist.]

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the $MU Dead Man Walking Law Class of 2012 who incurred debt for law school - as $113,266. Yet, only 70 percent of this school’s 2012 class took on such foul debt. Remember that this figure does not include undergraduate debt – and it also does not take accrued interest into account.

Conclusion: Avoid this Texas dung heap at all costs.  You will not be served well by incurring an additional $120K-$165K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt for a chance to practice law.  Again, fully 30% of the last graduating class did not take on any debt for their degree.  What does that tell you, Lemming?!?!

If YOU do not come from a wealthy family, then you are facing several significant disadvantages.  These include the following: (a) those boys and girls graduate with no student debt; (b) they do not need to bust their asses to earn stellar grades; (c) they have no need to start “networking” from day one of law school; and (d) their parents can get them a good job simply by making a few phone calls to their friends. Yet, you will be expected to compete with those connected, rich kids for the available number of legal job openings.  Lastly, don’t forget that Texas is the SEVENTH-MOST GLUTTED lawyer job market in the nation, according to Economic Modeling Specialists.


  1. 'Dead Man Walking Sewer of Law'

    Instant classic.

  2. "Dead Man Walking Sewer of Law"

    How appropriate in a state that has, since the Gregg v. Georgia decision, executed more prisoners, by far, than any other!

    1. Not only has Texas executed more prisoners than any other state since 1976, it has taken the extraordinary step of delivering lethal injections to patently innocent people.

      Google the name Cameron Todd Willingham and read about the disgraceful state of the Texas criminal justice system.

    2. The Angry Accountant thinks GG Allin is GOD compared to law school deans!November 17, 2013 at 6:33 PM

      Yeah he was the guy who convicted because of sham fire science and the fact he wore Led Zeppelin t-shirts.

  3. Miles Benjamin BergerOctober 11, 2013 at 10:00 AM

    You're poorly written, anger-laced, whiny rant was hilarious to read.

    So here's the story as I can see it - you went to Drake (an average law school at best) and could not find a job. Given your online rantings, you're inability to find a job in the legal field is likely due to your anger, you're clearly overt social awkwardness, and you're obvious lack of intelligence. I am sure that you are a horrendous interviewee. Were you unable to network? At WVU, nearly 90% of those WHO WANT TO FIND WORK actually find it. The legal industry in the state and area are booming. Have you ever heard of the Marcellus Shale?? Educate yourself - there are literally dozens of attorneys out of the previous few WVU classes who are working just doing oil and gas title. The work is not exciting but it pays quite well. My first job out (doing oil and gas title for a large West Virginia firm) I made $92,500.00. The hours were long and the work was boring but I was out of debt in six-eight months. EVERYONE who I know from school who has attempted to work in the legal profession has succeeded and done so.

    My apologies for you're life sucking; however, it does not mean that you need to share you're sob story with everyone else. Some people thoroughly enjoy law school and it truly is an amazing experience. I was out of debt in eight months. I have a phenomenal job and am on partner track. WVU is INCREDIBLY cheap, relatively speaking. Try to get you're facts in order before you write garbage like this. You are a microcosm of what is wrong with the United States.

    Sorry for partying,

    Miles Benjamin Berger
    A successful WV attorney

    P.S. Fuck all of you! I’m a winner!

    1. Please learn the difference between your and you're, Miles.

      Failing to make this elementary distinction, while simultaneously berating someone else for his "[...] obvious lack of intelligence," is pretty galling.

    2. Bitter grapes. You're all just jealous because I'm a success.

      Time to party for the weekend.

      A successful WV attorney

    3. Congrats on "winning" in Morgantown, WV. You went to a state law school and are now working in a one horse town in that state. I wouldn't go get a fat head of myself made if I were you.

      At which firm are you on partner track? I googled you and only saw an Avvo profile with you being associated with some shitlaw firm. If you were on the partner track at a decent firm I'd imagine someone as sad as yourself would have that showcased on a public linkedin profile or the firm would have a website. Then again, you're in West Virginia, where they are luck they have indoor plumbing. Enjoy partying in Morgansville, I bet it's a bash.

      Lastly, you are incredibly dumb for coming on here and disclosing your identity. What if nando makes an entry about you? Then when prospective clients/employers google you that will come up. Did you think of that, jackass? Google "Christopher Knorps" and see what comes up.

    4. Judging by the writing style it is again Mr.Infinity aka Christopher Knorps. Now is is postings a successful WV attorney. He must have forgotten to refill his medications.

    5. If the Avvo listing is corret, then Mr. Berger's phone number is: 304-284-9111. In addition, is address would be: 1756-F Mileground Road
      Morgantown, WV 26505.

  4. Hey Miles (a.k.a. Shitwhistle)

    We're all really impressed with your ability to make $92,500 servicing men on the oil rigs. Now take your winner self somewhere else.

  5. I believe the post by Miles Benjamin Berger is fake. The West Virginia Bar shows him being admitted on May 15, 2013. He is currently working at a law firm that has a web site that is under construction, probably been under construction for a long time. None of the practice areas mention gas or oil, just the typical small law practice areas.

    Why would he go into small law if he was raking in the dollars like he claims? Everyone knows small law firms don't pay much to an associate. He may be working for free, paid a very small salary, or paid based on a percentage of work billed. That is how shit law usually rolls.

    The law firm has a one star review that states: "Terrible representation. I would not refer anyone to this law firm....You are better off representing yourself."

    Chasing the dream in WV....HA!

    1. In that case, it's not: You believe the post to be fake. It clearly IS fake.

      If someone claims to have "made $92,500" and they were only admitted in May of 2013, then it's complete crap. It's less than 5 months later, the year is not out. There is NO way for them to have made $92,500 their first year out because they haven't even done a year.

      As an aside, do not troll this person. They probably have no idea someone is using their name on TTR. This is likely meant to get people, specifically Nando, in trouble.

  6. It is really bad taste to berate someone else for making it in the legal profession, which itself is hard. I see this every day. I recall speaking with big law firm interns over the summer asking me about work opportunities at my company and how only a certain % of them will get offers. Anways I come here for comments and am never disappointed.

    1. Yeah, we're just dishing back to him what he's serving out. He voluntarily chose to come on here calling people "losers" and "sucking" while bragging about "partying" and being "successful"

      Is it not in bad taste to do that? Think before you post.

  7. It's also poor taste for some baby (shit)lawyer to come on talking shit and bragging and telling everyone else they're losers. Sounds like the kid is working at a boutique small law firm. That's not exactly making it.

  8. Assuming MBB is for real, the sad thing is that $92, 500 is not all that much money after taxes.

    But as someone remarked above, it could be the same old World Traveling Law Student conducting yet another hoax so as to defend the indefensible.

    Which is a stupid thing to do, but he is not stupid when it comes to hiding his real identity after all.

  9. Here is the Avvo profile for West Virginia attorney Miles Berger. As you can see, he has only been licensed since 2013.


    We have not found any instances of professional misconduct for this lawyer.

    Less than a year since Miles Benjamin Berger was first licensed to practice law.

    State: West Virginia
    License status: Active for 1-3 years
    Year acquired: 2013
    Last updated by Avvo: 07/02/2013"

    That does not give anyone much time to rake in $92,500 in their first job right out of law school. Plus, the poster claimed to have paid off his entire student debt in 6-8 months.

    The profile lists Berger’s employer as Mark Everett, Attorney at Law, PLLC. Now head down to that employer’s homepage below:

    “Thank you for visiting our new website.

    At present, our web site is still under construction. We are making an effort to present you with our entire spectrum of offers as soon as possible.”

    Yes, Miles must be making quite a hefty salary, working for this small law firm in Morgantown, West Virginia.

    On the Contact page, Everett lists himself, one female associate and another woman as office manager. Miles Berger’s name is not listed anywhere.

    Here are the listed practice areas for this law office: Criminal Law; Divorces; Estates; Contracts; Personal Injury; DUI; Family Law; Real Estate; Wills; and Business Formations. I don’t see any mention of “gas and oil titles.” Then again, the poster asserted that he performed that task for “a large West Virginia law firm.” Perhaps Miles got tired of “making $92,500” and decided to move to a small Morgantown firm with one associate and a single office manager, right?!?!


    On May 24, 2013, the West Virginia Record published a staff report entitled "PERSONNEL FILE: Forty-six admitted to practice in West Virginia."

    Miles Berger was admitted to practice in West Virginia on May 15, 2013.

    Back on September 17, 2010, the Daily Athenaeum published a Jessica Leppar piece labeled “Constitutionality of same-sex marriage provides debate.” Look at this opening:

    “In honor of Constitution Day, the West Virginia University College of Law hosted a lecture on same-sex marriage and how it relates to the Constitution.

    Ruth Robson, the Visiting John T. Copenhaver Chair of the College of Law and a professor at the City University of New York School of Law, presented the lecture on Thursday.”

    Later in the article, Leppar wrote:

    “Miles Berger, a second-year law student, said while most students might agree Robson is a great professor, they might not agree with the issue of same-sex marriage she brought up in her lecture.

    "The lecture was interesting, but it is coming from a certain perspective," Berger said. "Professor Robson is saying some of these things because she is one of America's leading lesbian legal activists."

    Presenting the lecture as an unbiased look at the Constitution was "unfair," he said.

    "There is a difference between right and wrong, and as the line continues to get blurred, the country continues to suffer," Berger said.”

    Based on the quote directly above - and the comment on this thread - Miles Benjamin Berger is apparently quite concerned about the country going to hell. Evidently, he doesn’t understand that the nation has been firmly controlled by the wealthy pigs since its formal inception. He should direct his anger and bitchiness at the oligarchs and plutocrats.

    By the way, the TTR comment came from Morgantown, WV. Christopher Knorps is a piece of garbage, but he has never posted remarks on this site from that location.

    IP Lookup Details:
    IP Information -
    Host name:
    Country: United States
    Country Code: US
    Region: WV
    City: Dellslow
    Latitude: 39.6069
    Longitude: -79.8907

  11. Lol, I was waiting for Nando to bitch slap him and confirm this loser's location. I still can't wrap my mind around him attaching his name to such an asinine, juvenile comment. Now that will come up in a basic google search when a client or employer dos a little background research on him. It's more damaging than he thinks.

    Keep partying in morganstown- I'm sure manhattan has NOTHING on that beehive of nightlife, cultural, and activity.

  12. Cute law revue video from SMU. Law students ask Siri advice, and it responds with put-downs:

    Student: Siri, where is a good place to study.
    Siri: Here are directions to the University of Texas School of Law.

    Student: Search for alternative legal careers.
    Siri: Directing you to

    The place is clearly a trap, Even if Texas is less catastrophic for new law grads than most other states, these bright kids are still mostly headed for undesirable small law jobs and student debt loads that will take 25 years to repay.

  13. SMU's test drive is a fucking joke. It's meant to prop up the employment stats.

  14. Nando, what if somebody listed your real name, address, telephone number all over the place and spoke about what a douche you were?

    1. But Nando chooses to remain anonymous like all of us (including you). Miles consciously decided to put his name on that post. He could have just signed "West Virginia Attorney" or some other similar title, or not leave at all. If he's too stupid to remain anonymous that's no one's fault but his own.

      Miles is just a troll. He's not advocating an alternative point of view or why law school is a good idea by providing data or facts. The moron posted some idiotic comment about us being "losers" and him being a "winner" not realizing that you can google his name, see he's working in shitlaw in WV, was just admitted to the bar 5 months ago, and thus not being able to work a full year to earn $92,500.

      He has no one to blame but himself that now when you google him his TTR post comes up. This is the internet and he should have known to be more cautious.

  15. Miles Berger got bitchslapped.

  16. Nando

    What's the largest amount of cum you've deposited in Cryn Johannsen's mouth at one time?

  17. You've should've made a joke about big rich Texas!!!!!
    But attending law school these days for the nonconnected and protected is just stupid

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. As a student at the SMU Dedman, one of the FIVE schools currently ranked as 48th greatest law school in the country - by US “News” & World Report - you will have the unique opportunity to write onto the world-famous “Journal of Air Law and Commerce”!

    “JALC Journal

    About the Journal

    The Journal of Air Law and Commerce, a quarterly publication of the School of Law, was founded at Northwestern University in 1930 and moved to SMU in 1961. The oldest scholarly periodical in the English language devoted primarily to the legal and economic problems affecting aviation and space, it has a worldwide circulation with more than 2,300 subscribers in 54 countries. Articles by distinguished lawyers, economists, government officials, and scholars deal with domestic and international problems of the airline industry, private aviation, and space, as well as general legal topics that have a significant impact on the area of aviation. Also included are student commentaries on a variety of topical issues, casenotes on recent decisions, book reviews, and editorial comments.”

    Hell, if you end up as a student editor of this publicaTTTion and brag to Dallas area women about this accomplishment, they will seek to make you a member of “the mile high club.” [Disclaimer: nothing of the sort will happen.]

    The journal description also includes the following text:

    “Air Law Symposium

    In addition to publishing its quarterly issues, each spring, the Journal sponsors a Symposium devoted to aviation law and practice. The Symposium has gained a reputation as the leading forum for aviation law. Over thirty speakers present their papers at the two-day Dallas gathering, many of which are later published in JALC. Attendance at the Air Law Symposium has grown to over 500 attorneys, education, and insurance professionals worldwide. This year’s event promises to be an unforgettable educational experience. For more information on the upcoming Air Law Symposium as well as on-line registration information, please click here.”

    Who wouldn’t want to attend this supposedly “unforgettable educational experience”?!?! This is sure to be better than watching the Super Bowl with seats on the 50 yard line. Although, I’m pretty sure most men would consider being serviced by a slightly older, voluptuous vixen as a more worthwhile and truly remarkable tutorial.

    1. Does anyone know how many graduates of this school per year actually get paying jobs in air law? Has anyone asked the dean or the CSO?


    Chris55211/26/2012 (gives one star)

    Terrible representation. I would not refer anyone to this law firm. I was represented by Savannah Hull an attorney at Mark Everett's firm and nothing that she promised me took place. You are better off representing yourself..

  21. Nando is not Anon and never said he was.

    I am not either, and Paul Campos only remained anon for a few days before he decided it was better to just give his real name and deal with it all.

    As for me I think we live in an age where it is foolish to hide and since there is no more privacy we might as well go with it.

    We are all fucked anyway as far as privacy goes.

  22. I'm out in what many would call the stix and I've seen quite a few young law graduates get very nice jobs in the local law firms. The secret? THEIR PARENTS OWN THE DAMN LAW FIRM! The viable legal industry is now hereditary, and no amount of prestigious air law research is going to help you.

  23. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


    2. How do these two know each other? Did they meet at a cocksucker's convention or something?

    3. Listen dumbass, you are delusional. You are working in a mailroom. The big firms here in Newark, NJ have fucking ex-cons and people in narcotics anonymous from the ghetto working in their mailrooms. I went out with a friend of mine who used to work at McCarter and English and we met up with some guys from his mailroom who looked like they just walked off the set of a rap music video. Attorneys score drugs from guys in their mailrooms. I am not joking. If you aren't an in-house doc review monkey (aka "discovery attorney") there isn't a latter to climb because you aren't even doing legal-based work. In that case, I could see a person maybe getting put on staff as an associate attorney if they worked hard enough. How has it been applying your legal skills to sorting mail, moron? Also, learn how to speak properly, Mr. Muscle (idiot).

      As for your friend doing "oil and gas title" in WV, how did he make $92,500/yr. when he was admitted only 5 months ago? I guess they don't use calendars in WV.

    4. I have to make that noise Shane MacGowan of the Pogues make when he laughs:


  24. Thanks for this blog. I was able to point a friend to it who was thinking about law school.

  25. Please profile the University of South Dakota School of Law. (I don't think you have yet.)

  26. Nando, please consider exploring the law school pigs new tendency to admit the mentally and physically disabled. My friend went to his old TTT and noticed a handful of students who were clearly mentally limited (almost appeared to have downs syndrome) with some in wheelchairs. Some had low set ears, drooping eyes, etc. It was very disturbing. He contacted other alumni and trustees and they are working to have the dean removed over it.

    I know we always joke about someone having to be "retarded" to attend law school today but the pigs are actually now exploiting a group that has been medically diagnose as mentally and physically deficient. How immoral to take advantage of this vulnerable segment of society? Wait, I guess it's just "diversity."

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