Saturday, November 9, 2013

Drop a First Tier Deuce: Duke University School of Law

Tuition: Full-time law students at Duke Univer$ity will be charged the insane amount of $52,620 in tuition – for the 2013-2014 school year. To put this into perspective, this is higher than the current $52,400 tuition rate at Yale Law School. Isn’t it great to see that the students’ interests are placed first?!?!

Total Cost of Attendance: This same document includes a budget for the 2013-2014 academic year. With fees and living expenses added in, the high priced toilet lists a total, estimated COA of $75,103. Keep in mind that the pigs only consider nine month living costs, when calculating these figures. Surely, they don’t do this in order to deceive lemmings, and make the overall figure lower, right?!?! It MUST be a mere oversight that every single ABA-accredited diploma mill has failed to correct.

Seeing that actual law students will require living expenses over twelve months, I have pro-rated the following four items: rent &; utilities; food; personal; and local transportation. Doing so, we reach a more accurate total COA of $80,797 – for 2013-2014. That is one hell of a bargain, huh?!?!

Ranking: According to US “News” & World Report, Duke Univer$ity $chool of Law is the 11th best law school in the country. Who wouldn’t want to incur a king’s ransom in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for such a fancy law degree?!

Employment Placement Statistics: Based on this chart, there were 225 members of the Duke JD Class of 2012. Of this figure, 217 found some form of employment. Only one grad did not supply his status to the school. As such, the school reported that 96.9% of this class was employed within nine months of graduation, i.e. 217/224.

Scroll down to Employment Type, for a moment. You will notice that 126 graduates of this particular cohort ended up working in private law firms. Three of these positions were full-time, long-term and two of them were listed as part-time, short-term. To be fair to the greedy, gluttonous pigs, 21 JDs were employed by firms of 251-500 lawyers, and another 91 were hired by firm with more than 500 attorneys.

Duke Law’s Bridge to Practice Program: On June 10, 2010, Kashmir Hill posted an ATL entry labeled “The Secret to ‘100% Employed at Graduation’: Duke’s Bridge to Practice.” Look at the excerpt below:

“As Duke Law News reported, Duke worked hard to ensure its graduates had jobs. While it didn’t go the SMU route of paying employers to “test drive” its graduates, it does now provide stipends to some of its unemployed graduates to allow them to work for a couple months at no cost to employers. Using SMU’s car metaphor, the law school pays for the gas while Dukies and prospective employers take a little spin. Duke calls it “The Bridge to Practice” program. 

It started in 2008 — employing the nine graduates who would have otherwise ruined that nice round 100%. The numbers of participants have increased since then, as the economy has worsened.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, a perennial top 12 law school had to resort to this gimmick - in order to bolster its employment placement rate. In fact, this project is still in operation at Duke Law. It is now referred to as a fellowship program.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: “US News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Duke Law Class of 2012 who incurred debt for law school - as $131,092. Hell, 88 percent of this school’s 2012 class took on such foul debt. Remember that this figure does not include undergraduate debt – and it also does not take accrued interest into account, while the student is enrolled.

Outrageous University Salaries: Surprisingly, no member of the law school faculty or administration made the list of highest paid employees. Scroll down to page 90 of this ridiculously lengthy Form 990. You will notice that the head basketball coach, Michael Kryzewski, made $9,682,032 in TOTAL COMPENSATION - for the tax year ending June 30, 2012.

In case you were wondering, the rat’s salary far exceeds that of any NBA head coach - as of August 12, 2013. The highest listed salary is $7 million, even though the season is much longer, the stress is constant and the stakes are significantly higher. Who says that “higher education” doesn’t pay off handsomely?!?! 

Conclusion: Duke University School of Law is a place for rich kids. If you don’t belong to “the club,” then you will be out of place at this school. Connections, wealth and having the right family name trump “hard work” – when it comes to securing the best jobs. After all, YOU will be expected to take on an additional $145K-$185K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for a chance to enter the door. Plus, Biglaw positions are not exactly secure. If you don’t bring in a ton of business or are not on a path to becoming a partner within 3-5 years, you can look forward to being unceremoniously tossed out on your ass.


  1. Good job outcomes. But how many of them are still in biglaw 5 years out?

  2. You are overeaching here. This is a mill for the northern elite, southern trust fund babies, and rich Pakistani's to perpetuate their wealth through the practice of law.

    Like most professions, the bottom tier of folks need to move on to something else, but this place is means for the super rich to grow their wealth whether it be in law or later something else.

    The tuition costs here are irrelevant if you can gain admission.

  3. I had lunch this past week with a former law school classmate who works for a non-profit. She is the director of the non-profit and gets paid peanuts but she doesn't care because she is married to a neurosurgeon and lives in a $3M beautiful home.

    Anyway, she gave me a tour of her workplace and introduced me to several interns and newly minted lawyers. In fact, they were celebrating someone having come back from an oath ceremony.

    During lunch, my friend commented that there are two T10 grads who are working in her office while the school pays them $10 an hour. I won't mention the school because I don't want to embarrass these individuals, who seem very nice. However, I shook my head and thought this is hardly the outcome these people expected when they scored a 170 on the LSAT and graduated from a T10 law school. My friend assured me not to feel too sorry for these grads as they come from wealthy families. Then I thought, if they came from wealthy families, how come they are not using their connections to get a better paying job? I mean I was making $12 an hour while I was in college.

    The takeaway from this experience is that a T10 law degree is not a guarantee for a successful legal career. If you come from a wealthy family, like that arrogant moron that was the subject of Nando's last post, then may be you will be ok working in a low paying public interest job.

    1. This illustrates a good point--most public interest jobs pay so little that to have a decent quality of life one needs either family wealth or a high earning spouse/partner who is willing to pay most of the bills. There is a well known public interest law organization here + they pay about 35k per year. The attorneys (almost all are from HYS) either are trust fund babies or have high earning spouses.

    2. BTW, what I find so insidious about this is how the law school pays a pittance to these grads just so it can count them as employed and so they can keep up with the US News rankings. Wealthy kids don't need the $10/hr. jobs but the law schools desperately count these people as employed. If this isn't the hallmark of a scam, I don't know what is.

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  5. Most of the people with Ivy League degrees working at agencies like Greenpeace are in the Social Register. They're doing those jobs because they really don't need the job. Or the money. But they can count themselves among the productive this way.

    1. Exactly. Like JFK jr who was an assistant DA in Manhattan. At the time that job paid like 30K per year. Obviously he didnt need the money. But he was contributing something worthwhile and not just sitting on his ass.

      This has to be understood by lemmings who want to go to law school to "change the world." There are very few public interest jobs; the ones available generally go to connected HYS grads; and even if you get one you will generally need some other source of money

  6. The wealthy can afford the price of tuition and the public is getting served by those who can afford to take on these public interest jobs. You just have to recognize that to play this game, you need to be from old money. Otherwise, Duke and most law schools are not an option. Seeing that the LSATs have continuously dropped, only the wealthy and the idiots have signed up for law school.

  7. Law school is for rich kids. It's been that way for a while now. I mean who has $50K just for a single year's tuition? It's only worth taking on that much debt if you're going to med school. You'll be entering a real profession that way and you don't get confined to practicing in one state only when you get licensed. Talk about archaic.

  8. He's right.

    The above comment about the non-profit female married to a neurosurgeon perfectly sums up the legal "profession".

    It's nice to do good. Just make sure there's a sucker in the wings paying for your extravagant lifestyle while you're doing it. Limo. Liberal Alert!!

    The kids from toilets who actually want these jobs have no idea who really is best suited for them. And it's not them. They would live like rats in a job like that while the social butterflies work primarily as a hobby.

  9. I remember my legal writing professor at my TTT was a Duke Law grad. He was a nice guy and really smart. I researched him and saw he had done 4 years at a biglaw firm and now had a solo practice doing IP. I scratched my head wondering how such a bright guy was now an adjunct legal writing prof at a third tier law school supplementing his income as a solo practitioner. Now, after being in practice now for a while, you see the elite law school scam, which is: a 1 year federal clerkship, followed by the obligatory 3-4 years in biglaw, and finally a law school pig position. Only something like 1 in 5 biglaw associates make partner and those are the ones that have connections or are really rainmakers and able to bring in a good amount of business. The odds are against you as a 28 year old biglaw associate to make partner when you have older guys who have the network and experience to bring in business. No one is going to deal with you. Just read the article in The New Republic about Biglaw. It's three card monte for elite law grads. Anyway, I recently googled my old legal writing professor and sure as hell he's now some associate dean or something at a shithole law school on the west coast.

    Keep hammering the first tier Nando. It's crucial in bringing down the law school scam.

  10. I don't know. I understand third or fourth tier reality, but I have no concept of how it is with the upper tier schools.

    Not too long before I graduated, another alum from Touro described the school to me as good for getting credentialed for solo practice but one that would never land a person a job in biglaw.

    I think it was in 1995 and the news surprised me because I did not realize that the tier of the school really mattered because people in my world used to tell me: A law degree is a law degree is a law degree and that after a few years of practice no one will ask where you went to school or what your grades were. or care.

    While I was still in school and one time, after I had expressed my concern over my poor grades, a classmate of mine tried to console me with a story about someone who had graduated at the bottom of his class and had won a huge class action lawsuit and said: "Do you know what they call someone who has graduated at the bottom of the class?"

    The answer he gave, my friend said, was "Counselor"

    And one day I was sitting in the office of the Dean of Touro Law school and the Dean made a light joke of sorts about how the A students end up teaching, and that the B students ended up working for the C students.

    Into the ears of old Johnny the chump went the words, and so I pushed on and finished and barely graduated.


  11. Take a look at this post from the first tier commode:

    “3Ls: Bridge to Practice Information Session

    Tuesday, February 12, 2013 • 12:15 PM • Law School 4055Duke Law Events

    Come learn more about the Bridge to Practice Fellowship Program. This information session will outline how the Bridge to Practice Fellowship Program can assist you in your search for permanent employment. Prior Bridge to Practice Fellows will discuss how they leveraged their Bridge to Practice experiences into rewarding careers. For more information, contact the Career Center at”

    Now head to the page labeled “Bridge to Practice: Information for Employers”:

    “What we ask of host employers

    • We ask that you commit to providing a meaningful work experience for your fellow.

    • We ask that you support and facilitate the fellow’s pursuit of long-term employment through professional feedback and networking support. During the fellowship, graduates will be in regular communication with a Duke Law School career counselor about the graduate’s current work and ongoing plans to secure sub¬sequent long-term employment. Fellowship supervisors and career counselors may also communicate during the fellowship, and your support of these efforts is encouraged.

    • You are not expected to pay your fellow’s stipend; fellowships are funded by Duke Law alumni, donors and other resources.

    • You are not expected to permanently hire your fellow or to invite the fellow to remain at your organization beyond the fellowship period. A number of past hosts and fellows have decided to extend their relationship, and many fellowships have transitioned into long-term employment. Any work arrangements that extend beyond the fellowship term are to be determined by the host and fellow.

    • Your fellow may secure a long-term position prior to or during the fellowship. We ask for your understanding in the event that your fellow cannot complete the fellowship. If this happens, the Duke Law Career Center will work closely with you to ensure that your organization’s needs are met.”

    As you can see, this “program” is simply designed to bolster Duke Law’s employment placement rate further. The school has CLEARLY outlined that “host employers” are: (a) not expected to pay for the “fellowship”; and (b) not expected to offer permanent employment or to invite the lemming to stay at the company beyond the fellowship period.

    Duke Law doesn’t ask much of its participating employers. The students who enroll in this program are an afterthought. Then again, that should not surprise anyone who understands the real purpo$e of "higher education."

    1. Hey Nando, I been receiving a lot of school application fee waivers who would cover my application cost if I apply to their law schools, even some where I don't have a chance of ever getting in. since your in the busting scammer busines, why would they send me fee waivers if I'm underqualified. It doesn't make sense bc these schools are 2 tier schools.

    2. Probably just to boost the amount of applicants so as to create the appearance of interest in the school and thus selectivity.

      But don't kid yourself, a lot of these schools are hurting. Applications are down across the board. For some TTs it might be a good idea to waive an application fee if there is a chance of getting a lesser qualified student in there at full sticker price. After all, it's just about the fucking money for the law school pigs. Nando just did an article about American U law school lowering acceptance standards.

  12. I am a victim of fraud. I went to law school, first/second tier graduate.

  13. Don't forget the Duke Law Tuition Petition:


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    But thank you for that FASCINATING YouTube link. We will all DEFINITELY click on and watch your roach droppings.

    Do you get a gold coin every time you post one, Mr. YouTube Roach?

  16. @145,

    O RLY?

    YouTubeRoach, it sounds liek all it takes to "stop" YOU is the terrifying prospect of having to do an honest day's work.

  17. Have you come up for air yet or are you still swallowing Cryn's pussy?

    1. The Angry AccountantNovember 17, 2013 at 5:24 PM

      Cryn looks like an alien. I have realized why buy a woman (also known as marriage) when you can rent one for a night at a much cheaper price and not have to deal with any of the drama!

  18. On July 5, 2011, Time published a Zac Bissonnette piece entitled "Consumers Finally Figure Out That Law School is Overrated." Look at this excerpt:

    "Not so long ago, enrolling in law school was an almost guaranteed ticket to a six-figure salary. But with horror stories circulating through the media about six-figure debt loads and no jobs for recent law school grads, many students are reconsidering.

    And the slight decline in interest is leading a few law schools to slash the number of places in their new classes. Touro Law Center, Albany Law School and Creighton University School of Law have all announced plans to cut enrollment, and the Chronicle of Higher Education reports: “While most law schools are still claiming high job-placement rates, those numbers don’t seem to show up in other reports. A study by Northwestern University’s law school estimated that since January 2008, about 15,000 attorney and legal staff jobs have disappeared from the nation’s largest firms.”

    This is not a trend, lemmings!

    Check out this March 14, 2013 ATL entry from Tom Wallerstein - under the header “From Biglaw to Boutique: Job Security.” From the opening:

    “When I graduated from law school, one of the perceived benefits of working in Biglaw was job security. This manifested itself in various ways.

    First, firms rarely, if ever, conducted true “layoffs;” i.e., reductions in force based more on outside economic factors than qualitative assessments of the affected employees. The rate of hiring either accelerated or slowed, but rarely reversed.

    The “no layoff” tradition was to some extent rooted in a genteel culture, but more directly based on pure economics. Most Biglaw firms had more available work than they could handle at any given time. If work slowed, partners nonetheless were confident that it would pick back up…

    For Biglaw associates, this meant never having to worry about having enough work to do. To the contrary, associates always had an infinite amount of work and their only worry was how to carve out any free time to enjoy the fruits of their labor.”

    This gutter “profession” is not secure. Then again, that is the workplace in America. Low-wage, unstable jobs for the masses. What a great country, huh?!?!

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  21. To the commenter who posted at 9:09 pm,

    Here is the reason why such higher-ranked commodes offered you a fee waiver. Back on September 10, 2007, the “Law School Expert” Blog featured an entry entitled “Did a Law School Offer you an Application Fee Waiver?” The entire text is below:

    “I always learn something while reading Brian Leiter's Law School Reports blog and rankings site and here's a fact he posted about U.S. News Rankings that got my blood boiling (but for once I'm angry at the law schools and not at the ranking-fallacy issue):

    "2.5% of the overall score [US News Ranking] is the acceptance rate for students. Highly Manipulable. . . . many schools inflate their "selectivity" by giving fee waivers to applicants who have no chance of getting in. NYU is reported to have pioneered in this arena, but many others have followed suit."

    So many of my clients get excited and e-mail me when a school offers them a fee waiver. I don't like that law schools are preying on the hope and vulnerabilities of law school applicants (especially my applicants) and this makes it very easy to fight back -

    If your numbers aren't in the realm of realistic possibility for a school and they offer you a fee waiver without knowing anything about you, don't get sucked in. It's a silent protest, but a worthwhile one.”

    On October 21, 2009 at 3:33 pm, TLS user “snuggleuffagus” started a thread labeled “Fee Waiver a good sign?” Take a look at this reply from “dakatz” - from October 21, 2009 at 4:19 pm:

    “They typically mean nothing. In fact, many schools send waivers to students who clearly aren't qualified enough to gain an acceptance just so they can reject them and increase their selectivity. If a school gets 1,000 apps and accepts 200, they have 20% selectivity. But if they give out tons of waivers to kids they will inevitably reject and get 2,000 apps and still only accept 200, their selectivity rating goes up and their rank rises. It is to their advantage to reject more people so they do whatever they can to get more to apply.”

    In the final analysis, the law school pigs and cockroaches simply entice lemmings to apply via the fee waiver because they want to increase the toilet’s selectivity. The bastards always have an angle, i.e. improving the USN&WR ranking and raking in more money.

  22. Nando a hot tip for you. Please profile "Birmingham School of Law", unaccredited alma mater of shill-in-chief Keith Lee. This school is a "turd's turd". It's like a shit took a shit. Or a toilet that toilet's go to the toilet in, You get the picture.

    BSL is unaccredited and looking at its feeble faculty, it resorts to hiring its own unaccredited law grads to teach its students. Most of those professors also work in solos or small firms with their names in the title.

    The site is just full of classic scamminess that its worth a post, especially as Keith Lee is now shilling his book all over the net.

    Who would take advice from Keith when he graduated in 2010 from an unaccredited evening program and now works at a bullshit law firm with his buddies? This is the definition of a loser with a career that burst into flames before it even left the ground.

    And his photo is funny because there is one where he literally looks like he has emerged fresh from rolling in a pile of shit. Scroll to the bottom and take a look. Is shit eating a hobby of his? Because the rest of his photos have him with a shit eating grin on his face. One seems to have caught him in the act of eating it.

    Please please please profile this shining stinking example of the scam at its finest.

    1. Hahaha I just looked at his garbage propaganda website. Is this clown seriously a frontman for the scam and bankrolled by the ABA (or Association of American Law Schools) or is he just some delusional asswipe who thinks by doing this he'll "get business" and garner a reputation for being a visionary?

      I wouldn't be surprised if he is a Knorps-type who comes from a wealthy family in Alabama and is now "the lawyer in the family" who will dick around with his two similarly-situated buddies in their "boutique" (shit) law office waiting for their trust funds to mature. There is a sufficient amount of time between his undergrad and law school to suggest he was the typical rich kid who dicked off after college and finally realized at the age of 28 he had to do something with his life and decided on law school.

    2. The Angry AccountantNovember 17, 2013 at 5:33 PM

      The title of his law school book is the "The Sculptor and the Marble" lol! What bullshit is that....I have more respect for GG Allin he was a shithead but he was honest about, if he said he wanted to eat shit and run around naked, he would do it. Whereas these law school pigs are phonies and scum of the Earth.

  23. Agreed, Keith Lee needs to be profiled here. He is a unaccredited toilet grad who sold his soul to the ABA pimps.

  24. Whoever posted that YT link.

    I can;t get that song out of my head now you son of a bitch. Thanks for that.

  25. At one point in time I would have had issue with you profiling a school like Duke that used to have pretty much positive outcomes for most of its grads. But now, the very fact that they have to concoct these stealth employment programs and felllowships for their grads should sound the alarm to lemmings who are considering attending lesser scams...I mean law schools. If an esteemed school like Duke has to commit fraud on the market then you know the job situation must be really bad. Especially if one graduates from schools like Crooklyn and Shittin Hall and the like. God bless.


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