Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fourth Tier Trash Pit New England Law | Boston Shedding Faculty Due to Falling Enrollment

Wonderful News!:

On November 11, 2013, the NaTTTional Juri$TTT published Alicia Albertson’s piece, “New England Law downsizing enrollment, faculty size.”  Look at this excerpt:


“John O’Brien, previously the highest paid dean in the nation, will take a 25 percent pay cut this year, amid enrollment cutbacks and faculty buyouts at New England Law | Boston.

Its part of the school’s effort to stay ahead of the curve.

“Looking ahead, New England Law, like most law schools, anticipates fewer applications and smaller classes for the foreseeable future as a result of national trends,” said Patrick Collins, director of communications and marketing at the stand-alone law school. “The school is positioning itself for those realities.”

O’Brien’s salary will drop from $867,000 to around $650,000 a year. They faculty buyouts would go into effect for the 2014-2015 academic year.

“The Board of Trustees has proposed a generous incentive plan for voluntary separation by some faculty members, to take effect at the beginning of the new academic year,” Collins said. “The final number of participants in the plan will depend on faculty interest, enrollment projections, curricular needs and other institutional requirements.” [Emphasis mine]

You’re welcome, cockroaches!  I love how the bitches and hags at this dump tried to spin this as a “voluntary” reduction in student enrollment.  Yeah, sure it was their choice - and I decided not to ask Salma Hayek out last weekend.

Other Coverage:

Paul Campos reported on this development with his October 25, 2013 entry labeled “Law school dean threatens to summarily fire faculty who don’t accept buyouts or doubled teaching loads.”  Read the following portion:


“Paul Caron quotes an anonymous source “close to the situation” as they say:

New England School of Law plans to eliminate 14 fulltime faculty positions by August 1, 2014. Depending on how one counts, this is about 35-40% of the regular faculty. . . . Faculty have been told by Dean John O’Brien that these 14 positions will be eliminated according to the School’s needs, regardless of tenure or seniority. An incentive plan has been offered to senior faculty and certain clinical faculty, but those who don’t take it have been threatened with termination. Their decisions must be final by the end of the Fall term. Those who still do not comply or were not offered the plan, were told that if they remain, their workload during the next academic year will move from 2 to as much as 4 courses per semester and that they will be required to be at their desks from 9 to 5 each day of the work week or an equivalent time period if they are teaching evening classes.

(I asked Caron how confident he is in the source’s reliability, and he replied “100%.”).” [Emphasis mine]

I am enjoying this development thoroughly.

A Severe Uppercut to the Swines' Snouts:

The Law School Truth Center blog went off on Pig O’Brien, in the October 28, 2013 post entitled “The Intolerable Acts of King O'Brien.”  Check out this epic, hilarious opening:


“New England School of Law - close to the place where Britain really put the vicegrip on the American colonies' revolutionizing nutsack - is paying homage to that heritage by cracking the whip on its law professors:

35-40% cut in faculty.

Increased teaching loads to 8 classes per annum.

9-5 work schedule.

9-5 work schedule!!!!!!!

Intolerable.  These are academic professionals.” [Emphasis mine]

I’m sure that the academic thieves at this notorious dung pit are sweating their little balls off over this fact.  Remember, the vast majority of house cats work harder than these bastards.

Conclusion: John O’Brien is a reprehensible cockroach.  As you can see, New England Law | Boston is rated as a FOURTH TIER PILE OF TRASH - by US “News” & World Report.  Yes, that surely makes this sewer rat worth every penny of his $867K annual compensation, huh?!?!  In the last analysis, this commode announcing that it is cutting staff is akin to a plumber slicing a turd in half.  What’s the big deal?  Well, according to USN&WR, the average law student indebtedness figure for the NELB Class of 2012 stood at a $132,632.  In fact, 92% of this unfortunate cohort incurred debt for a TTTT law degree.  At least, these academic dung beetles will not be FINANCIALLY RAPING as many students each year.


  1. 34.8% employment rate. Not much that one can say to that. This really is one of the law schools of the damned. The only unusual thing that I notice about this school is that it didn't even bother to participate in the school-funded "job" charade. I guess they figured they would be low-ranked either way, so why spend the $10/hour to employ some students for a few days around the nine month mark?

    1. When I was there (graduated in 2009) I do believe that there were those school-funded "jobs". I remember other forms of puffery as well. I graduated and easily passed the bar in two states, but I definitely think that the fact my degree was from NESL held me back versus other job applicants, and also wonder the extent to which I could prove I was misled in the pre-application process.

  2. This school is a true shithole. So the head asshole is going from $867,000 down to $650K and we're supposed to be impressed?

  3. Nando, I really enjoy your posts. However, could use use a color other than yellow for your text? It would make it much easier on the eyes!

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  4. Great, Nando.

    Whatever happened to Indiana Tech, which was in a similar situation with only getting like 30% of the students it wanted for its first year? You should do a followup.

    1. The law school with an even 1-1 student/faculty ratio. You get andre douglas pond cummings all to yourself at indiana tech.

    2. wow. the name alone just makes me think of frog spawn. 'pond cummings'

    3. What a goddamn shithole. Looks like all the knuckle draggers who got lost trying to find Cooley ended up in Fort Wayne


      It was about 6 months ago they were "expecting a class of 100 with an LSAT of 156."

      Fuck these people. They deserve what they got. Especially the administrators and professors.

  5. Why would anyone with one fucking ounce of self esteem even consider such a gutter law school?

  6. New England Law is a garbage law school. It has very low admission standards. A lot of people that go there, would not get accepted at other places. O'Brien is a greedy pig.

  7. If any New England Law school professors someday end up in humiliating underemployment situations, they have old Johnny's sympathies:


  8. How about Suffolk, TJLS, JMLS, [InfiLaw cesspool of choice] and the other TTToilets with 300+ victims per annum? Those places haven't even posted how many people they've duped into buying their worthless-as-the-paper-it's-written-on "degree".

    Maybe it will be a pleasant surprise to see their dwindling enrollment putting them in a fiscally unsustainable situation.

    Not to be a dick, but I think these places deserve more scrutiny than Vanderbilt and Duke.

  9. Check out this Yelp review of the pile of rotting excrement now known as New England Law | Boston. User “Annie M.” furnished this epic comment on October 15, 2008:


    “I agree with Jeremy, this is a Tier 4 law school best known as "New England School of Flaw." The "campus" consists of one dull, grey building surrounded by various construction projects, which are incredibly distracting even in the classrooms. Their "re-branding" as New England Law | Boston is a joke- complete with typos on the school's facade wrapping- and the name change does little for the school's second-rate reputation; It's not fooling anyone. The education, as you can tell from the myriad of typos in the previous posts, is mediocre at best. Yes, you will pass the bar (on your third try, if you're lucky), but don't expect large firms to come knocking at your door.

    If you want a career as an ambulance chaser or a hack public defender, then by all means, this is the place for you! In the school's 100 year history they have little more than a handful of notable alumni- most of which aren't even recognizable outside of Boston city limits.

    Yes, it's less expensive than Suffolk, but as the old adage goes: You get what you pay for. Which in this case, is an embarrassing reputation for producing sub-par lawyers for sub-par firms.”

    Are you still thinking about attending this vile dung heap, Idiot?!?! Then read this biting post from accountholder “Jeremy B.” - published on January 10, 2008:

    “Worst. Law. School. Ever.

    First off, do not go to law school, the profession is losing the luster it once had and for those thinking they will make the big bucks, you are solely mistaken. NESL has a poor reputation in Boston and after going there, I am not surprised. I was not impressed with the teaching and the career services office is horrible. They don't work for you and misinterpret the hiring data after law school. The fact that they are an "independant" school is only hurting its image. If they would just sell out to a bigger college then the school would have a higher reputation.

    Trust me, you are better off getting your MBA. If you are stuck on getting into law school - stay away from NESL at all costs. Work on getting your LSAT up and getting into a better school because that is all law firms care about.”

    Anyone who even considers attending such a trash pit should be not be permitted to scrub toilets - as they don’t even have the mental diligence required to perform that menial job. The information is out there - and most of it comes from the schools, ABA, NALP, US “News” & World Report, state bar associations, major news outlets, etc. There is NO VALID REASON for disregarding such basic facts. If you are willfully ignorant, then you don’t deserve one iota of sympathy.

  10. Looks like Knorps did indeed pass the Illinois bar: http://www.iardc.org/ldetail.asp?id=186406352

    Type his "business" address into google and check out the mansion this cockscuker lives in with his parents. It says that this home was sold not even two weeks ago though, so I guess his parents just bought (or sold) the place. Regardless, I'm sure ol' Jackie won't be starving.

    This is why the bastard was so brazen and callous whenever he came on here. He is just a typical rich kid. His parents will take care of his loans and bankroll him. Also, his linkedin is updated to say he's a "legal fellow" at the Chicago Transit Authority: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/jack-knorps/10/974/6a0.

    I guess daddy pulled some strings and got his ass in the door. Funny how he would come on here always saying you should take responsibility and not expect a bail-out, meanwhile the fraud is going to end up being bailed out by his parents. The fucking kid lives in a $2 million house. Worst case scenario he just works as a hump in his dad's construction company and waits for his piece of the estate when his parents knock off.

    So in the end Knorps will get his little slice of life all bought and paid for by mommy and daddy. Almost ten years later, after going to college, law school, and wherever else he spent his 20s, he's right back in his hometown feeding off his parents like he's back in high school. He literally didn't develop in the least since high school graduation.

    1. Welcome to Chicago bureaucracy! You'd be amazed what a powerful daddy and political affiliation can get you!

      - R. Daley Jr.

    2. Tell me about it.

      - George W Bush

    3. Huh? Your party doesn't belong here.

      - R. Emanuel

    4. This is something you see a lot of in the "noble profession" of law. Everyone is told that hard work pays off when, in fact, its just the opposite. The people with connections always win out over the hard workers who mistakenly thought they had a fair chance. On top of it all, you get to experience being blamed and ridiculed when things don't work out. The so-called Givers in life are really Takers while the hard workers who really just want a small slice of the pie to call their own are labeled as Takers and have done nothing but give. They are the most damaged with loans and diminished job and QoL prospects while lazy, coddled rich kids with nary a worry on their shoulders can walk into plush inside jobs.

  11. Taking responsibility is for poor people.
    Hard work is for poor people.

    Rich kids go to college because it's a rite of passage. They don't need good grades. Shit, those cocksuckers don't need to study. If you're rich, you can spend your college years burying your face in co-ed crotches, getting high and wasted. And guess what? You're still gonna get the best jobs. You know the ones that pay State U grads $60K per year for no reason. (The typical BA is lucky to make $15 an hour.)

    Just be content knowing you worked for everything you've got while shit stains like Chris Knorps had everything handed to 'em.

  12. So glad I found your blog!! So glad I found your blog!! Such great tips, thanks for sharing! Oh and I'm your newest follower ;)Such great tips, thanks for sharing! Oh and I'm your newest follower ;)

  13. I remember a kid from law school who slouched in his seat and seemed to not be well prepared briefing his cases when called on and some of the professors would have a slight smile when calling on the kid.

    After law school I got a few letters in the mail that were adverts for his family law firm and there were even some business cards that had a magnetic backing, or refrigerator magnets in other words.

    I later learned that the family firm was a donor to the school.

  14. Dean O'Brien was Chair of the ABA section on Legal Education 2011-2012. This will tell you how serious the ABA is about meaningful reform in legal education. The evidence is fairly clear that an NESL degree is high cost/low value.

  15. John O'Brien is the dung beetle in that photo and the piece of shit is New England Law Boston.

    1. looks like that dung beetle is set for life then:

      Once again, an apt photo. Can't deny science:

  16. Take a look at this Boston Business Journal story, from September 8, 2008. Jesse Moyes was the reporter for this article headlined “Local law school changes name to play up Hub angle.” From the opening:


    “The New England School of Law is changing its name to New England Law Boston as it tries to use its downtown location to distinguish it from other law schools in the state.

    The school, which celebrates its centennial this year, has already begun reaching out to alumni, faculty and students about the name change. It plans to make an official announcement Sept. 23 during its convocation, where former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor is scheduled to be on hand.

    The re-branding is designed to help distinguish New England School of Law from similarly named schools, such as the Southern New England School of Law in Dartmouth and Western New England College School of Law in Springfield, said Dean John F. O’Brien. The decision to make the change was made after the school hired consultants to look into the confusion.

    “We’ve even been told the Massachusetts School of Law in Andover is also sometimes confused with us, and we’re looking to put an end to that,” O’Brien said.”

    Now scroll down to the concluding paragraph:

    “It’s not the first time the school has changed its name. Originally founded as a law school for women in 1908, it went by the name Portia School of Law, which came from a character in the Shakespeare play “The Merchant of Venice.” The school was opened to both male and female students in 1938 and adopted the New England School of Law moniker in 1969.”

    In the end, the pigs are MUCH MORE CONCERNED with their name than they are about their graduates’ outcomes. What a honorable group, huh?!?!


    By the way, WNEC has since changed its name to Western New England “University” School of Law.


    Also, Southern New England Sewer of Law was sold and had its garbage assets purchased by the new University of Ma$$achu$eTTTTs School of Law.

    Keep in mind that NELB and WNEU are both FOURTH TIER TRASH CANS, while the University of Massachusetts SOL is “Unranked” by USN&WR. O’Brien acted surprised that people would confuse these excrement piles. Also, the Massachusetts School of Law is a non-ABA accredited toilet.


  17. I just went on to the school's website. Tuition is $42K a year. Now that is just fucking ridiculous.

  18. All great truths begin as blasphemies.

    - George Bernard Shaw

  19. There is no limit to the bad things that can be said about this law school or the repugnant Dean O'Brien. New England School of Law is a trash pit that degrades the legal profession as a whole.

  20. I can't wait until some of these soon-to-be-ex law professors are shown the door. Some of them will spill the beans about any shady behavior going on there. Others may turn into the next Paul Campos.

    Get the popcorn ready.

  21. GG Allin > Dean O'BrienNovember 21, 2013 at 10:47 PM

    I got more respect for GG Allin than Dean O'Brien. What a piece of human vermin. Higher education is a scam, only linongthe pockets of fat pigs. CEOs are scum too but at least they provide a service or a product we actually use and mpst of the time, create jobs average people unlike these crappy law schools who only higher select people. I like how these colleges and universities hire foreign professors as if we do not have enough PhD holders in this country already. Academics ARE scum. As GG Allin would say, bite it you scum!

  22. On July 2, 2009, Boston Business Journal published Lisa van der Pool’s piece entitled “New England Law dean takes new moniker to new heights.” Read this portion:


    "New England Law Boston Dean John F. O’Brien collects U.S. Supreme Court justices.

    “They usually come and teach — which has been an amazing experience for the school,” O’Brien said. “It’s all part of the plan. We want people to know us, to know who we are and our reputation.”

    Records of those Supreme Court Justice’s visits — including those of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia — to the Boston-based school hang in framed photographs in the dean’s office. Usually, the justices are pictured with his daughter, Kara O’Brien, not O’Brien himself.

    Since 1988, O’Brien has labored to improve New England Law Boston as its dean. His tenure is the longest continuous service at one institution of any law school dean in the country, according to the school. Improvements range from earning membership into the well-regarded Association of American Law Schools to, late last year, changing the name of the 100-year-old institution to New England Law Boston, to emphasize its prime location in the heart of Boston.

    The school, which has an endowment of $35 million and usually hovers at 1,000 students, has been forced to constantly sharpen its game given the stiff competition from the likes of Harvard Law School, Boston College Law School, Boston University School of Law and Suffolk University School of Law, among others."

    Cockroach O’Brien, people do know about your school - and they recognize that it is a fourth tier pile of excrement! By the way, greedy pig: having the Supremes come to your TTTT does not make one difference in your commode’s ranking or reputation. Just ask Third Tier Drake.


    “Eleven U.S. Supreme Court Justices have delivered the Opperman Lecture: Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., Justice Stephen G. Breyer, Justice Clarence Thomas, Justice Antonin Scalia, Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, Justice Lewis F. Powell, Justice Harry A. Blackmun and Justice Samuel A. Alito.”

    Anyway, there is no way in hell that New England Law | Bo$TTTTon is in the same damn league as Harvard, BC, or Boston University. You were never competing for the same students, Ass-Hat.

    Keep playing up the Boston angle, bitch. Hell, your school was originally named Portia Law School, after a character in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. This goes to show that a pile of rubbish by any other name would smell just as repugnant.

  23. Alan Collinge is still at work and you can read his comment on this article here:


    Maybe some others around here can comment there as well.

  24. What is the worst thing about law school?

    1) Debt incurred?
    2) Few Jobs in the law?
    3) Law school takes optimistic people and turn them into depressive cynics?
    4) Law school takes sensitive, decent, women and turns them into bitches?
    5) Law School attracts Narcissists?
    6) Law School relegates people to a crummy profession that is all about money and nothing about loyalty, decency or justice?

    1. Why do I only have to pick one?

      ALL of them are true!

    2. All the Lawyer Jokes aside, I went to law school because I wanted to have a career of significance in the rural midwest that is my home. Lawyering is often mundane, but most of it is necessary and on occasion you can do great things. The John Adams Effect.

      It used to be true. Our problem is that we are coming into the working world after the best of things have already come and gone, and chasing after a sentiment from the past made me the biggest sucker imaginable. I work in manufacturing, and I have no real prospects of any kind, be they career, community, or relationships, but the debt still remains. They took everything from me - my previously debt-free lifestyle, my dignity, my future. They ripped out my insides, and then told me "to go and live, and it's your fault."

      Well, it is my fault. I never should have attended in the first place.

  25. @911,

    TTR is not your personal army, BootyRoach. Are you enjoying your Bootycare yet? Are you, you worthless fucking parasite?

  26. Check out this story about Brooklyn Law sponsoring a survey to promote their two year law degree.


  27. Elie Mystal sandblasted this filthy, corroded toilet with his October 28, 2013 entry entitled “Obscenely Compensated Dean Proposes Cutting Faculty Positions To Make Budget.” He comes out swinging, from the opening:


    "I’d say that New England Law School Dean John F. O’Brien “should be ashamed of himself,” but really, the man has already proven that he is not capable of experiencing the human emotion of “shame.” This is a guy who would probably ask the Ghost of Christmas Future how much he gets paid for a good haunting.

    O’Brien is well known around these parts for making $867,000 a year to run an unranked law school. No, that’s not a typo, and yes, I’ve sat in a diner with a New England law student and said, “If you give that nimrod $40,904 I’m gonna shoot him on general principles.”

    Now, O’Brien is asking the other faculty at New England to take a buyout or work like employees at Initech…

    TaxProf Blog has the story coming out of the Boston-based law school:

    New England Law | Boston plans to eliminate 14 fulltime faculty positions by August 1, 2014. Depending on how one counts, this is about 35-40% of the regular faculty… An incentive plan has been offered to senior faculty and certain clinical faculty, but those who don’t take it have been threatened with termination…

    Those who still do not comply or were not offered the plan, were told that if they remain, their workload during the next academic year will move from 2 to as much as 4 courses per semester and that they will be required to be at their desks from 9 to 5 each day of the work week or an equivalent time period if they are teaching evening classes.

    These are the kinds of things that look bad when your dean makes almost a million dollars."

    In the last analysis, John O’Brien is a vile pig. The “man” has no principles or integrity. He runs a FOURTH TIER TRASH PIT, and still raked in $867,000 per year. The school is going to cut 14 full-time faculty positions before the next initial class enters this cesspool.

    Yet, the school is not concerned about the attorney GLUT in Massachusetts or in the general region. Then again, what company or law firm outside of the state would even be interested in pursuing New England Law | Bo$TTTTon grads, in the first place?!?! Choke on your next overpriced lunch, gluttonous cockroach!

  28. I actually graduated from Nesl in 2007 and thought the academic experience was pretty okay. You get what you make of it not what you pay for. I'm now a part-time legal secretary for a small firm earning $30k base. Some of my classmates are currently working in doc review in NY and other major cities and are very competent. Those who down play their alma mater and their classmates/community are only voicing their bitterness because they have failed. It's easier to blame others than themselves. I love NESL, It's a great school with great professional training program and great faculty members. It is a small school at a national/international scale but the school has produced some of the scrappiest toiletlawyers and mediocre lawyers I know. I know them and this is my first hand experience. The legal market is tough indeed and i agree that decision to attend law school should be made cautiously. But in my practice and experience, that is the case for a lot of things.

  29. NESL has long been known for producing judges and lawyers that go into public service. The alumni go back to when it was the only school to allow women to pursue a legal education. Granted I did an LLM at BU afterward, but I got a great job after graduating from NESL and it certainly did not hold me back. I would not encourage ANYONE in the current economy to pursue a law degree without another skill to back it up, whether it be nursing, accounting, criminal justice. The jobs are not out there.
    Prepare to be self-employed no matter where you attend law school, and don't go unless you have a scholarship from an institution that plans to let you work your way through.

  30. Law mostly changes when government changes, but I think Lawyers are the one who can easily deal with all the legal issues. I want to appreciate you for sharing as being a law student this kind of articles helps me out and increases my knowledge, keep sharing and updating about new law and information :)


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