Friday, November 1, 2013

LLM Mania: More ABA-Accredited Toilets Offering Advanced Degrees in Legal Excrement

Proliferation of Idiotic LLM Programs:

On October 25, 2013, Jack CriTTenden’s rag, NaTTTional Juri$TTT, posted a story, under the headline “LL.M. degrees explode as law gets more specialized.”  Read this opening:

“The job market is tight and law firms are looking for graduates with specialized training. Enter the LL.M., a graduate degree that was once exclusive to tax lawyers and a few select others. The degree, however, has grown in popularity in recent years, and law schools are responding with more specialized offerings.

“We’re probably seeing an increase in LL.M. programs to what’s going on in the marketplace due to the job market,” said Christopher Pietruszkiewicz, dean and professor of law at Stetson University School of Law.

There are currently more than 265 LL.M. programs in 42 practice areas for U.S. students. In addition, foreign students can earn an LL.M. in U.S. Studies, and a handful of law schools open those programs to U.S. students as well.

The total number of programs has grown rapidly during the past 10 years — there were only 110 programs in 28 practice areas in 2000.” [Emphasis mine]

The LLM degree did not “grow in popularity” due to its inherent quality or worth, which isn’t much.  The fact remains that DESPERATE law grads are having a hell of a time finding any type of legal positions.  Each year, many foolishly decide to throw good money after bad, in an attempt to get an advanced Humanities degree from a better, name-brand school.

As this anonymous commenter – over at OTLSS – noted on October 29, 2013, at 8:20 am:

“What I am seeing in all this is a reaction to the scamblog movement. As applications decline more and more toilets are resorting to gimmicks that they hope will draw the snowflakes and lemmings to them for a supposed leg up." Sure, Loyola is ranked higher than Kent but if you come to Kent you will graduate "practice ready" and will have multiple offers from big law because they won't have to train you!" [Emphasis mine]

Another Space Law Program Has Liftoff!:

On August 19, 2013, the NaTTTional Juri$TTT published a piece entitled “Space Law: Mississippi launches LL.M.; Nebraska adds J.S.D.”  Check out the following hilarious portion:

“The University of Mississippi, which bills itself as a world leader in air and space law education, research, and public service, will offer the only LL.M. program in the U.S. that covers both air and space law. The University of Nebraska program focuses on Space, Cyber and Telecommunications Law.

Like its Nebraska counterpart, the University of Mississippi program will be offered online as well as on campus. It is designed for both U.S. and foreign-trained law school graduates and is available on a part-time and full-time basis. Mississippi has been home to the National Center for Remote Sensing, Air, and Space Law since 1999 and the Journal of Space Law since 2003.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, NASA is dying to hire people with LLMs from “powerhouses” such as 102nd ranked UniversiTTTy of Mississippi Sewer of Law - or the 61st greatest, most fantasticand amazing law school in the land, i.e. University of Nebraska Commode of Law.  In reality, there is a MUCH higher likelihood that Salma Hayek is moaning my name right row – while scratching her name into my back.

More Garbage Offerings by Desperate Law School Diploma Mills:

Also on August 19, 2013, the same TTT publication featured an article labeled “Miami, Florida International and West Virginia to each launch new LL.M. in 2014.”  Take a look at the excerpt below:

“West Virginia University is the eighth U.S. law school to offer an LL.M. in energy law. It’s Energy Law & Sustainable Development degree will kick off in August 2014.

“West Virginia is at the center of energy production for the country,” the school’s website states. “There is no better place to learn about the intersecting laws and policies governing all of the country’s energy resources than at WVU Law.” [Emphasis mine]

Oil companies can simply rely on experienced attorneys who deal in utilities.  None of those economic heavyweights is waiting to hire some ass-hat who is earning a useless LL.M. in “Energy Law & Sustainable Development” – from West Virginia University Commode of Law, the supposed 91st“best” law school in the country.  Then again, the toilet is sure to have the highest-rated LLM in this specific academic area. 

Conclusion: Since the number of applications has been shrinking for the last three years, there are fewer people enrolled in law school today.  The pigs are getting desperate for asses in seats. Let me ask each of you readers: Wouldn't YOU be personally embarrassed to offer such a garbage product at a ridiculous price?!?!  The question obviously does not apply to "law professors" or administrators - since they are sociopaths and have no shame or integrity.


  1. When's Cooley gonna start a space law LLM?

  2. I am currently getting a Space Law LLM. After that I will get an Animal Law LLM at Lewis & Clark Law School. I am going to be the world's leading expert in the laws governing sending animals into outer space.

    I'm not sure if the USA still sends vehicles into space. Maybe Russia is the only country that does that anymore. If so, I will get another LLM in International Law. Then I will be the world leading expert in International Animal Space Law. I will be rich, famous and respected and you LLM-badmouthers will be sorry!

    I will vigorously defend the rights of all larger mammals while in orbit or on the way to Mars, including horses, mules, zebras, goats, tapirs, rhinos, giraffes, etc.

    1. I think that the "Animals In Space" LLM should be renamed the "Laika" LLM.

      The first order of business after you get your Laika LLM is to sue the Soviet Union for letting Laika die a horrible death in space in 1957. Sunday is the fifty-sixth anniversary of this horrible atrocity.

      Oh wait...

  3. The first fucking American in space was NASA's Ham the Chimp.

  4. Man oh man.

    If there's one sure way to identify the total fools, this is it. I mean, you can defend the decisions of some Toileteers, those who might have attended LS before the 2008 collaspe. But doubling down on another $30+ K of nondischargeable debt and wasting more years of your life.

    That's like hitting yourself in the balls repeatedly with a hammer. Most folks are not dumb enough to do it more than once.

    I know a couple of fools who went this route after they couldn't find employment. Guess what? They're still unemployed or underemployed and are stuck with more debt.
    Who's laughing all the way to the bank? The Toilets.

    1. Could someone go through life as a permanent student, getting LLM after LLM until they died? Borrow enough to pay your living expenses, then the debt disappears when you die.

  5. LLM stands for Love Losing Money!

    1. No, "Lemmings Losing Money." One more L and it could be "Leveraged Lemmings Losing Money."

  6. I'm tired of all this shit.

    Let me break the lawyer profession down for those not in the know. Like the ones still planning on going to law school despite the rise of automation and LPOs.

    Lawyers serve the wealthy. They always have. It's always been that way. The easiest lawyer jobs are in the areas of law where your clients have money to pay you to represent them while the other side has no money for a lawyer.

    Eviction is a good example. Landlords and property management assholes always have money to pay you for legal help. (Paid for by the poor sucker tenants.) You file boilerplate, cut 'n paste shit with the courts. In most cases, the tenant gets scared and moves out. If they do bother to file an answer, it's not very good. So even if it goes to court, you have a huge advantage of knowing the law especially if it's your only area. Really no case. No contest.

    Other than that, the cases are a grind. (And how happy can you be knowing you're beating poor folk with no lawyer?) Why do think there's so many fucking bald, fat lawyers in their 30s? The stress and shitty quality of life got to them.

    If you're in this profession, get out. Make that get the fuck out asap.

    If you're thinking of going to law school, get your fucking head examined. Dumbshit.

    I got out five years in. I've never looked back. I now do well selling homes. Truth is I would've traded my shitty lawyer job (and aren't they all?) for a job selling daisies.

    1. The chart is wrong.

      If you go back through old posts on the various Internet forums re: the NYU LLM, you'll find that many, many of their grads are either out of work, never found a job in tax at a Big 4 or otherwise, or are on the Doc Review circuit.

      The dirty secret with LLM's is that you are competing in your classes with people who are already at firms and looking to specialize. I would wager that a majority of successful NYU LLM grads come from firms that are allowing them to attend PT or with leave FT.

      And, of course, you always have to allow for the connected kidz.

  7. “The job market is tight and law firms are looking for graduates with specialized training. Enter the LL.M., a graduate degree that was once exclusive to tax lawyers and a few select others. The degree, however, has grown in popularity in recent years, and law schools are responding with more specialized offerings."

    Law firms are looking for "specialized" graduates who specialize in being related to the chairman of British Petroleum or the CEO of Shell.

    1. Also right.

      Just come from the right background. It really does make things so much easier!

  8. In an age long before the smoking of cigarettes were banned from the indoor world or a mile or more from it, I remember standing around in a dingy old hallway of a courthouse and seeing and overhearing some slumped and slouched lawyers in ill fitting, older looking clothes and suits and with unpolished and crumpled shoes discussing a landlord tenant case. One lawyer, who was an older woman with very closely cropped, grayish hair, was bent over her thick glasses and cigarette, and seemed bemused over whatever it was that she was discussing about the case she was handling on behalf of a property management company.

    And I suddenly realized why Dickens always portrayed anything pertaining to law in a very dingy, and dirty and dark and dismal light, and the law office quarter of town always being located in very depressing and unlit corners of town.

    And that is because it IS that way.

    Maybe those that survive and thrive in it are moles of a sort.

    Or maybe not. But still, the law school scam seems to support the former view.

  9. I know a poor sod that I work with on the doc review circuit in NYC that went back for a Tax LLM from NYU. He signed the loan checks, got the LLM but is still stuck in doc review.

    Hooray, more debt and fewer career options. Where do i sign up?

  10. Hey Nando

    How are Cryn's labia?

  11. "there were only 110 programs in 28 practice areas in 2000."


  12. The Ann Coulter Chat finally banned me for good after I posted a copy of Edgar Allan Poe's poem: The Conqueror Worm.

    I had asked to be banned from the Ann Coulter chat but was told by a moderator that that was impossible.

    I guess the student loan situation is too much for Ann Coulter to handle and the conservatives as well.

    But really Nando and anyone else, be they liberal or conservative, I have tried to explain the process of the road to usury and impossible debt and have left a few posts up that will do so.

    1. So how many places have banned you so far? Outside the law school scam moderates its posts to this day because of you. I guess congratulations are in order.

  13. @330,

    Gosh! What an obvious conspiracy.

    So Coulter's moderator supposedly thinks that the site's readers DON'T want to read your Roachpoems and YouTube links?

    Pfft, a likely story.

    P.S. Why would you "ask to be banned," anyway? Just stop posting there. In fact, you should probably just "ban" yourself from the Internet altogether.

    P.P.S. Oh fuck off, "Night Pain."

    1. And he also wrote that he was "hanging up" his blog a few days ago. SURPRISE! He didn't..

      The post has it covered pretty well so no need to keep going into it.. Suffice to say, I can't really blame them for the banning. Same with OSTLSS.

    2. How many times has he hung up his blog so far? It has to be in the double digits.

    3. Hanging up the blog is a gimmick, like Geraldo Rivera's mustache or Ann Coulters long blonde hair or Lady Gaga's crazy outfits.

      As for being kicked off OLSS, I do comment and they do publish.

      As for OLSS, the Adjunct Law Professor had it in for me because I was critical of the way she attacked Leiter and is a colleague.

      Ad for the one that calls me a roach, he wrote last summer that he hoped I have bone cancer and that is a sick thing for a member of the bar to tell someone.

      As for getting kicked off the AC chat, well...some people might be proud of that. Just saying.

      The first time she kicked me off was when I told her I wanted to read romantic poetry to her on the beach as the sun was going down.

    4. Honestly, it is a horrible gimmick.

  14. Connections trump high grades, law review, or an LLM from Harvard. Why? Because those with connections are "in" no matter how fucking stupid they are. The kids that bust their hump are outsiders. Guess who the elite cocksuckers are going to stand by?

  15. You would be better off calling Nolo self help legal publishers and ordering every book they have rather than waste that money on an LLM. More law school means more meaningless academic theories than practical knowledge. LLM grads cannot fight a parking ticket

  16. Actually, this is a scammer's delight- a two-fer! Not only are you scamming the US grads who can't find jobs, you're scamming the foreign law grads, because in many states, foreign grads with an LLM from a US school can take the bar-woo-hoo! Even more unemployed, debt-ridden grads-now gone international! What's not to love?

  17. Paul Campos, in his October 12, 2012 post - entitled “LLM Programs” - wrote the following:

    “Three years ago the CU law faculty authorized a pilot LLM program, offering the degree in three different areas. The program hasn't been marketed at all, and is at this point tiny (we have five LLM students this year). We're being asked to reauthorize it for a couple of more years, with the understanding that the school will start marketing it aggressively to both current law students and mid-career professionals.

    I spent some time yesterday researching the issue, and discovered the following, much of which will not be news to better-informed readers:

    (1) ABA law schools currently offer more than 300 different LLM degrees (Here's a partial list). Total enrollment in such programs grew from 3,069 to 5,058 between 1999 and 2009.

    (2) The typical tuition cost for these degrees is equivalent to a year's tuition in a school's JD program.

    (3) Obtaining an LLM qualifies a foreign lawyer to sit for the bar in California, New York, Alabama, New Hampshire, Virginia, and the independent republic of Palau.

    (4) Neither the ABA nor NALP ask schools to report any statistics regarding employment outcomes for LLM graduates, and as far as I've been able to determine no such statistics exist.

    (5) The conventional wisdom regarding the value of LLM degrees for American law school graduates is reflected in this flowchart. (See also this characteristically mordant thread from JDU).”

    Lemmings truly are clueless dolts. You had a tenured professor at a tier 1 law school writing a scamblog for over 18 months - from August 7, 2011 through February 27, 2013 - consistently documenting the extent of the scheme. When Campos posted this specific entry, there were only five morons enrolled in the commode’s pilot LLM program. Now, you can earn an LLM in the following three areas:

    LLM in Entrepreneurial Law
    LLM in Information Technology & Intellectual Property Law
    LLM in Natural Resources Law

    Now, you understand why paint cans come with warnings labels. If those caution signs were not on those containers, LLM students would likely drink the liquid contents of the canister.

  18. WVU College of Law alum here, and still driving a taxi (my call center job is ending as my employer's contract is coming to an end). I have to admit I believed when I started at WVU that I was going to embark on an exciting career. It sure is interesting all right .... as long as I get decent tip money for the day. I frankly don't try to think about how I'm going to pay off a 30 year NON-DISCHARGEABLE DEBT on a cab driver pay. At least I can say I passed two bar exams, for whatever that is worth. I have certainly discovered how much weight a JD from the 91st greatest ABA law school in the nation is actually worth. LOL Oh well, if driving a cab was good enough for former WV Governor Bill Marland, I guess it's good enough for me. Maybe I can get a LLM in Transportation. Keep up the great work Nando!

  19. Intergalactic tax law LLM anyone?

  20. I took International Law once. Got an A. I took it because I had Income Tax that semester and wanted a shlock class to balance things out. It was interesting enough but completely useless. I can't believe they have LLMs for this crap.

  21. I took a comparative (shit) law class because I needed an easy A. That's another big secret of law school kids. After the grind and minutiae of first year, you can set yourself up with the easiest classes and schedule for years 2 and 3.

    One year, I had all of my classes on Mon and Tues. That year was easier than undergrad.

  22. Nando,

    In another place and time, these charlatans would have been tarred and feathered for running such scams.

  23. The other day, my asshole brother in law comes up to me and says "You know, there's a huge market for lawyers if you don't mind representing poor clients."

    So I said, "Well, I do mind doing work and not getting paid for it."

    I turned around and walked off. Good thing too, because the next words out of my mouth would've been "You think your sister would be happy living in a shitty little apartment instead of a house in a good neighborhood like we have now? Or what if I represented these bums without a nickel to their names and she had to go without her monthly hair appointment or pedicure. Think she'd be happy with that, asshole?"

    1. I know, I know.

      Boy, did you bite your tongue on that one. I've had to do it myself, many times. These people are idiots. And they don't want to / can't understand because they are not in your shoes.

      Everything should be free and easy. Until it's them. Then its different.


    2. The great irony is that in my experience, the working poor typically DO pay their legal bills if you're willing to set up a payment plan. Most of my deadbeat clients have been lower middle class.

  24. An LLM (yes, except for tax at a couple of schools) is a ruthless scam for already-scammed JDs. But it is a good deal for foreign lawyers seeking to qualify for the NYC or California bar. I mean, some of these LLM programs can be completed in one year, and through distance learning.

    I am not saying that foreign lawyers should not have a route to US bar admission. But law grads should be informed that there are newly admitted lawyers, even beyond the 45,000 who get JDs from ABA schools, competing for the 21,800 annual law job openings projected by the ABA for the rest of the decade.

  25. So guess who didn't make the July 2013 NY bar exam pass list? Chris Knorps. Where do I send my condolences?

    1. ^^^ I'll be damned and a monkey's uncle and ass.

      Are you sure???

      I thought the bar results came later.

    2. Take a look for yourself:

      His name does not appear. He should have spent more time studying for the bar exam instead of trolling scamblogs.

    3. Also going to Egypt. Maybe he can join Painter and paint houses.

  26. Thanks for that wonderful news, 2:43 pm!

    According to this list, Christopher Knorps did not pass the New York Bar Exam, which he sat for in July 2013. Apparently, being "top 18% at Western New England College" after one year of law school doesn't amount to much.


    Bitch Boy's name would have appeared in between those two successful candidates. How you do feel today, douche-bag?!?!

    Take a look at this press release from the New York $TTTaTTTe Board of Law Examiner$, from October 30, 2013:

    “The New York State Board of Law Examiners announced today that grading has been completed for the July 2013 bar examination. The Board examined 11,694 candidates during the two days of testing conducted on July 30-31, 2013.”

    Now check out the passage rates for first-time exam takers:

    “The passing rate for graduates of New York law schools who took the bar examination in July 2013 for the first time was 88%, which represents an increase of 3% from the results for this same group on the July 2012 exam. The passing rate for graduates of out-of-state law schools who took the exam for the first time in July 2013 was 84%, an increase of 2% from the results for this same group on the July 2012 exam. The graduates of all law schools accredited by the American Bar Association who took the bar examination for the first time achieved a passing rate of 86%, an increase of 3% from the results for this same group on the July 2012 exam.”

    Very impressive, Christopher.

    “Candidates received electronic notification of their examination results on Wednesday, October 30, 2013. A complete list of candidates passing the July 2013 bar examination will be available to the public on the Board's website at after 12:00 pm on Thursday, October 31, 2013.”

    I am laughing my ass off right now. Seriously, I have a Cheshire cat grin on my face. This is a great day, unless you are a piece of garbage named Christopher Knorps.

    Who wants me to post an updated TTR entry on this cockroach?

    1. Did he say that he was also going to sit for the California Bar? Those results aren't released to the public until November 24th. At any rate, definitely do an updated profile, especially since he uses the line "Mr. Infinity knows best" in all his web videos.

    2. You know, I almost feel bad for the guy. All that time and money and he still can't practice law. But then I remember how he just trolled all spring long and travelled ti Egypt instead of buckling down and studying. He busted painters chops terribly and mocked countless people here.

      So, Fucktard knorps, here's to NOT lookin' at ya name on the pass list.

      Please do an update Nando.

  27. West Virginia is the place of the Mothman Prophecy. Doom for the law grads was predicted.

  28. Congratulations, Christopher Knorps. Dickhead.

    As much as you hate Painter, and now both of you share the distinction of graduating from New York shithole law schools and failing the NY bar exam.

  29. I looked up a friend's kid who took the July 2013 NY Bar Exam--he passed. What is incredible is that my friend's kid had learning disabilities, had a low LSAT score (138) and has a short attention span. Yet this kid passed and Christopher Knorps failed. I suppose Knorps isn't worried since his daddy is still paying his bills. Isn't Knorps in his mid 30s? What a failure.

  30. And the best part of this LLM shit-paper is that foreigners get to do one year and sit for the Bar'Zam.

    More bodies to compete with.

    And yes, the schools are definitely catering to them. From what I've read, the fuckers, despite the TOEFL bs, can barely write coherently and yet get passing grades.

    It's just another law school scam.

    More money for the law schools to tap into. Everybody wins! Oh wait..

  31. @701,

    Actually, bone cancer is too good for you. I hope you live to be 160 years old. And I hope they take away IBR one month before your 25 years are up. I feel like I'm watching the share price of some dynamic stock I own gallop into the stratosphere. It's exciting!

    As for the Romney-loving Coultertard, you aren't fooling anyone. I think we both know that any "romantic poems" that YOU read would be dedicated to a gigantic black booty. LOL, what a romantic love story ...

    That's a hilarious story you're writing about your well-deserved debt disappearing. I'm guessing it is supposed to be set in some kind of dying-man delirium, right? It's what you imagine as you fly into that Great Majestic Black Booty in the sky, n'est ce-pas?

  32. Maybe the World Traveling Law Student shouldn't have gone to Egypt right before sitting for the bar exam. Or he could've spent time studying for the fuckin' thing instead of trolling scamblogs.

  33. Jack Whittington's name does not appear on the Texas list of bar passers. (Nor does his wife's.) Both were proud Tulsa law grads and Jack had all the answers about how he was going to "network" and thrive in sports law. He was a "columnist" at Solo Practice University. Today, his linkedin profile shows that he now goes by the name "Bobby Jack Whittington". After a stint as a car salesman, he's now a manufacturers rep. Looks like his sports law career wasn't a sure thing after all...or maybe he just didn't "network" enough. In any event, it appears that he's simply given up on passing the bar exam. Gosh, I wonder if he ever thinks about how much that law degree cost him...

  34. @9:33PM

    So bone cancer is too good for me?

    And now I know for sure that it was you who made the black booty remarks on TTR in the past as well because you were stupid enough to tie your bone cancer remark to your black booty (hallmark) remarks just now.

    You should be disbarred if you really are a member of the bar, or your clients should at least know how you communicate your hatred to people you don't agree with by wishing cancer on them and moreover telling them so.

    You also have a track record of writing on the internet which expresses: anyone who might support the current President of the United States is "Worshipping The Black Booty."

    I guess your freedom of speech allows you to do that. I don't know.

    Just what is your MO?

    1. "I guess your freedom of speech allows you to do that. I don't know."

      You don't know? Didn't they cover the Constitution in your law classes?

  35. Nando, Christopher J. Knorps has a nice google footprint. Apparently, he now likes to be called Jack Knorps:

    1. Matches his new nickname, "Jack Shit."

  36. This would take a bit of research, but a lot of law schools didn't really stockpile cash during the 2007-2011 enrollment boom. They used those "projected revenues" to issue bonds and get loans for new facilities. These school cannot go for long with suppressed revenues - much like Detroit, too much of their budget goes to debt service. The question is, which schools will default first?

  37. @8:20 P.M....Wow...he got a 138 on the LSAT and has learning disabilites but also passed the N.Y. bar? (being one of the most diificult in the whole U.S.)

    Congratulations to him in all respect, especially if he has learning disabilities and scored only 138 on the LSAT. I hope he will be able to get a good job.

    He showed good determination even with personal problems unlike Christoper Knorps who just trolled websites like this one, and in the end didn't even pass the bar exam...people and their choices with its consequences....

  38. On September 22, 2010, Elie Mystal posted an epic ATL entry entitled “What Is the Value of an LLM Degree?” Take a look at this opening:

    “Earlier this week, the legal blogosphere took a look at the “value” of an LL.M degree. I put “value” in scare quotes because the main point of the pieces in the National Law Journal and the WSJ Law Blog was that we don’t really know how valuable these degree programs are.

    Now, in most markets, not knowing whether or not something has value would kind of be a big deal. But when it comes to legal education, the inability to determine the value of the degree isn’t a problem.

    Faced with a lack of information about how much the LL.M credential is worth, law schools are quite happy to charge as much as possible for it anyway….

    The National Law Journal’s Karen Sloan has a line that would shock the conscience if we weren’t all so used to swallowing the crap law schools dish out. She writes in her NLJ article: “Even individual schools have difficulty quantifying the employment benefits of their own [LL.M] programs.”

    Setting up the following uppercut:

    “I wonder if the law schools have difficulty quantifying how much money they are making off of students who may or may not be getting any benefit from the extra year of school?”

    That was a rhetorical question. It’s obvious that law schools enjoy huge profit margins off of LL.M programs:

    Administrators point out that per-student costs tend to be lower for advanced law degree programs because the curriculum largely consists of classes already offered to J.D. students — meaning there is little need to hire additional faculty.

    “Are these programs a cash cow? Yes and no,” said Indiana University Maurer School of Law – Bloomington professor Carole Silver. “The school gets a year of tuition and the LL.M. students fill in the seats in classes that would otherwise be empty.”

    As Mystal then noted, the piece of garbage known as Carole Silver did not provide any answer as to why, in her view, LLM programs are not cash cows.

    Using the pig’s CV, you will quickly notice that this sewer rat is a career academic. In fact, she earned a JD from Indiana University-Bloomington in 1980 - and became an assistant “law professor” at Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago-Kent Commode of Law in 1982. Under “Other Professional Experience,” you will see that she was an associate at Sidley & Austin from 1980-1981 - before becoming a clerk for a federal appeals court pig “judge,” for one year.

    1. It must be nice to have been able to hide out in the world of academia for 30 years, build a pension, and work 6 hours per week, if that. I noticed she had a LOA in there too for a couple of years.

      Gravy Train coming to an end for pigs like this, as it should. SCL and she decided to run off into the Ivory Tower vs. private sector employment.

  39. My nephew just started an LLM program in International Law after he spent the last 6 years trying to pass the bar (he did finally) andworking as a paralegal until he got laid off after a year. Other than working as a paralegal, he has been unable to find any legal employment of any kind. He attended a TTT that is in the news lately for not so good reasons. Thankfully his parents footed his law school (and undergraduate tuition). This latest escapade will result in more of the same - a year long vacation in a far away locale at Daddy's expense ... and ... AND NO LEGAL JOB! Unless the LLM is in tax or you are an academic, or you are a fuzzy foreigner looking to break into the U.S. legal market, you are 100% wasting your money or you parent's money or the government's money - hell, I'm as a taxpayer, so I'm partially funding your ignorant pursuits. Please stop the madness and get a god damn job.

  40. NANDO - please post an update on the Knorrps idiot. Go back and find some juicy tidbits from his prior posts. I having a good laugh too. Good luck finding a legal job now Knorps. You're pretty much SOL. Hey, but there's always solo practice Knorps. I guess you can ask your rich parents to front you the cash now. Good luck sucker (Top 18%, World Traveling D-Bag from Western New England Craphole of Law)

  41. Let me sum up Knorps/World Traveling Law Student/Epic Fail/Frugal Law Student:

    He is not to blame for his attitude in a lot of ways because he clung to a belief in and stayed with the system and at the same time the system remained silent and never gave him any support for all of his bowing and scraping.

    Now that he is out there drifting in limbo, the BLS educational institution will not ever deign to admit even having known he existed, let alone be given a diploma by BLS.

    Still, he might have passed the bar in another jurisdiction.

    In my day the common understanding was that the shitheads that couldn't pass in NY would pass in New Jersey or PA or a less challenging and more MBE oriented state.

    And that is why Touro Law School had a lot of New Jersey kids attending in my day.

    At first I was very perplexed at the number of New Jersey people at Touro and in the hard copy facebook/student directory. Later I realized that they went to Touro because they couldn't get accepted into the New Jersey law schools and still needed an ABA sheepskin, no matter where from, so as to return to the "pass through" state of New Jersey of crazy highways and roads, and pass the relatively easy NJ bar exam.

    You can figure out the rest.

    I still like to think that there are legitimate Liberal Arts Universities out there that are dedicated to the real "education" of mankind and refuse to include a dubious if not sleazy Law School branch or wing, no matter how much easy student loan money it might bring in for the larger University.


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