Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Profiles in Duplicitous Swine: Edward Zelinsky, “Law Professor” at Cardozo Law School

The $elf-Intere$ted Parasite’s “Case” for Another Year:

On November 4, 2013, a dung beetle calling itself Edward Zelinsky posted an Oxford University Press blog entry labeled “Add a fourth year to law school.”  Take a look at his excrementitiously ripe “argument”:

“Three considerations counsel the need for an additional year of law school:

First, there is today much more law to learn than there was in the past. There are today whole new fields of law which did not exist a generation ago, e.g., health care law. Moreover, within pre-existing areas of the law, the amount of law has expanded enormously over the last two decades…

Second, through expanded LLM programs, we are de facto creeping towards four years of legal education. In many areas of the law, such as tax, LLM degrees have grown in prominence. Several factors are fueling the expansion of LLM programs. Chief among these is that there is now more law to cover in a fourth year of law school.

Rather than the currently haphazard growth of LLM programs, it would be more sensible to require universally a fourth year of education for all law students.

Third, many of the same critics who favor a two year law school curriculum also support expanded clinical education for law students. Such expanded clinical education should not come at the expense of substantive legal education but in addition to it.” [Emphasis mine]

Keep in mind that Cockroach Edward A. Zelinsky is something called the “Morris and Annie Trachman Professor of Law” at the 58th "greatest" law school in the country, i.e, the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law of Yeshiva University.  Now to the rodent’s conclusion:

“An ancillary benefit of a fourth year of legal education would, in the short run, be a reduction in the supply of law school graduates. A fourth year would also abate the job-related pressures students currently feel after the second year of law school by giving students another bite of the employment-related apple after their third year.

The world is more complicated than it used to be. For better or worse, the law’s complexity has grown apace. Well-trained lawyers in the 21st century will need to know more law than did their predecessors. A mandatory, universal fourth year of law school is the right response to the shortcomings of legal education in a complex world.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, the rat is clearly concerned with the attorney GLUT in this country, right?!?!  By the way, law school doesn’t teach people how to practice law, Bitch.  At this point, the students are bored to death by the third year.

Other Coverage:

Elie Mystal posted a November 5, 2013 ATL entry entitled “Law Professor Suggests Adding An Extra Year To Law School — Seriously?”  He rips Zelinsky’s garbage argument to shreds, and then delivers this epic conclusion:

“If technology is supposed to decrease the cost of legal education, then why hasn’t it already? Wh[y] hasn’t tuition at Cardozo gone down over the past ten years? Why are law schools terrified about the decreasing number of law school applicants? Is Professor Zelinsky honestly suggesting that somehow four years of law school will be cheaper than three? Why don’t we focus on retarding the current administrative outlays before we try to increase the cost of school by 33 percent?

Zelinsky’s idea is a joke, and not a funny one. It’s a callous thought experiment by a professor who seems more interested in helping law schools take advantage of their students, instead of seriously looking at what law students need in this challenging market.” [Emphasis mine]

“Law professors” love to joke that lawyers suck at math, but Pig Zelinsky’s piece takes that to a whole new level of stupid.

On November 7, 2013, MA of Outside the Law School Scam authored a post labeled “Edward Zelinsky: The Most Deluded Law Professor I Have Seen Yet.”  Check out this brilliant portion below:

“I see. So adding a fourth year of law school is going to cause administrators to say, "Hold on guys! These students are paying us way too much in tuition now. We need to cut costs pronto!" And this will be aided in some mysterious way by "technology". Ed, I see that you care more about buying a new Mercedes than the fact that the majority of your students will be unable to afford the lifestyle your school's glossy law porn promised them. What have law school administrators done to date that would lead anyone to the conclusion that adding another year of potential revenue will lead them to start thinking more about students? Most law students are already carrying educational debt from undergrad when schools like Cardozo add another $276,000 to the tally. A fourth year will only allow law school admins to hire more useless faculty and for people like Ed Zelinsky to keep writing more academic books about IRAs and how Baby Boomers can save more for retirement.” [Emphasis mine]

My only disagreement with this entire article is the headline.  I doubt that the academic thief is delusional.  He is merely trying to make potential law school applicants believe that he has their best interests at heart.  This is akin to the man who slowly approaches little kids with his old van, and tells them that their father asked him to pick them up from school today.

Conclusion: Edward Zelinsky is a shameless turd.  The jackal even compares “legal education” to medical school.  Apparently, he does not understand that medical students will enter a true profession, i.e. one that looks out for and protects its students and practitioners.  In the final analysis, this sewer rat does not give one damn about YOU, the law student or potential applicant.  He wants to burden you with an additional year of law school.  Remember that the bastard is aware of continuously falling applications and enrollment at ABA-accredited diploma mills.  His suggestion would merely ensure that the commodes and trash pits would rake in more money with fewer students.


  1. I like the term "glossy law porn".

    Why doesn't Cardozo simply do what Brooklyn is proposing? Just manufacture a 2-year program and sell it to the gullible Lemmings left out there - without telling them, of course, that it costs just as much as the standard 3-year program.

    Problem solved.

  2. Law professors are fucking parasites. And sociopaths. Can't forget that.

  3. Looks like another smug hook nose fuck. What'd you expect?

    1. That is exactly spot on.

  4. Hahaha so good. Crooklyn proposes a. 2 year program, Cardozo proposes a 4 year program. The pigs are sweating and their heads spinning so badly they don't know how to plug the hole in the ship. Clearly, Shylock here is advocating just bleeding already-duped idiots whereas Crooklyn is seeking to reel in those on the margin debating law school but who want to be in and out quicker.

    I love seeing these bastards squirm.

  5. Shylock is right. Jews are what, maybe 2% of the population, but 1/3 or 1/4 of all US law profs. Makes sense. They don't like hard work.

    1. Wonder if Nando will allow this bigoted post to Stand. I'm guessing he will. The have nots always resent those whom they perceive as being the haves . . . same old story. News for you 11:52, its the have nots that usually don't like hard work. That's why you are a loser. Sorry if you had neither the drive, ambition, work ethic or intelligence to get where you wanted to be. Don't blame others because you are a total failure.

    2. I'm glad to see you guys are finally starting to realize who runs and controls this country. Btw, the J** hasn't changed since recorded history:

      They control academia, the media / press, and the banks.

      Hard work? That's for the lesser people to do..

    3. The commentator at 12:41 seems more concerned with being a politically correct lemming instead of recognizing facts and trying to halt a scam economically ruining thousands of young people annually. The fact is that Jews make up the majority of law school professors and they are content to destroy countless lives to make a living. And, believe me, they only hire each other. They may hire the occasional minority but they close ranks like none other. That's a fact and my perception as a non-Jewish attorney and graduate of a TTT where 80% of the faculty were Jewish. Same thing with the banks were they used all these financial instruments and credit default swaps to ruin the economy, make millions, and get a bailout (Dick Fuld, Lloyd Blankfein, Jamie Dimond, etc.). Wake up.

      Also, you seem content with academics conning students because those students might be less "intelligent" or less informed than the law school pigs selling them dreams with glossy brochures and fake employment statistics? It's fine to do that?

    4. Not at all 207, I just don't like stupid, bigoted people of which you are one. What a surprise you went to a TTT.

    5. I went to that TTT on a full scholarship and graduated debt free (lived at home and paid for my car). I worked as a law clerk for a year with a judge and now work at a law firm. I'm a working professional and actually know what hard work is, unlike law "professors". So spare me your holier than thou speak. What I said is 100% and a reality. But keep your head in the sand, or up your ass, wherever it currently is.

    6. Wow, I'm really impressed. You did all that and you are still an ignorant slob. Impressive what education has done for you.

    7. I'm surprised you've resorted to name-calling and sarcasm given how high-brow you are. I'm afraid the only ignorant (and clueless) slob is you. You are beyond pathetic.

      Why don't you focus in on: 1.) the law school scam, and 2.) the people conducting the scam, instead of attacking the people telling it like it is.

      Also, I'm not a bigot. In fact, I have plenty of Jewish friends who openly acknowledge these facts and figures as well. Did that word penetrate your pea brain?- FACTS.

    8. I am very much against the scam, but bigoted white trash does not help the cause. I get you hate everything and anyone who is better than you, smarter than you, more well of than you. That has nothing to do with the scam, and the fact is that law professors simply are doing their job, just like you are doing your job . . although likely at a much lower level of intellectual and professional activity.

    9. Listen, jackass, you don't know me so your comments, like everything else you say, are pulled right out of your ass. I am not "bigoted white trash" (great labeling by the way, you are very open minded). I went to private schools my whole life and a private college. I have plenty of Jewish friends. I got my job at the firm through my own hard work. My family made it clear they wouldn't finance my law school so I went where I could get the degree for nothing because the ultimate goal was to be a lawyer in my hometown area. I did not need a T1 pedigree to be in midlaw in NJ, where I work. I graduated top 10%, got my clerkship, and then joined my firm. So you can pass judgment on me but I work 60+ hours a week and do just fine in my position. I don't "hate" anyone who is better than me. In fact, I have plenty of mentors in this profession and people that I look up to (including the Judge for whom I clerked, who was Jewish). Keep judging me individually, but you can pound sand up your ass, jack. The only people I hate are scamming academics who ruin peoples lives by promising them fantasies. Your comment "just doing their jobs" is total BS. They know full well that the legal jobs aren't there and tuition is absolutely ridiculous.

      Law professors, like this pig, consciously decide to pursue a profession that ruins countless lives annually. Furthermore, they LIE and publish misleading data about employment prospects and starting salaries. If you would feel content knowing you make money off of ruining the financial future of hundreds of young people annually, then I frankly care very little about what you think of me.

      Keep pure.

    10. The old "I have plenty of Jewish friends" argument, so its okay when I am bigoted, racist, ignorant as*h*le, and because I have "plenty of Jewish friends", that gives me more credibility when I say really stupid, ignorant stuff.

    11. And don't tell me about scamming. I've been a practicing lawyer for far longer than you, and our profession is one made up of Scammers. That's what we do. That's who we are. Scamming better than the next guy is our bread and butter. In a way, the Profs are at least removed from Scam of a profession, one that puts money above all decency, justice, truth and integrity in the name of zealously representing our clients. Fuk you and blaming law professors for having a Job you could only die for.

    12. You are a total moron. I don't scam my clients or colleagues. I'm sorry you do. You are what's wrong with the profession.

      Also, idiot, I would never want to be an academic. Before law school I was contemplating becoming a Political Scientist, but after working for a professor I realized I wasn't cut out for academia. I wanted to do real work in the real world and not be squirreled away on some campus doing research and scholarship no one cares about. The money for SOME academics might be good but I know I wouldn't like the work. You can say we "scam" but I have a client's interest at heart when they are paying me, unlike a true scamming academic who just wants the fucking money and could care less about students. I don't make misrepresentations to my clients like law school admins/profs do to law students with fake-ass employment stats. And if you do then we are two very different professionals. I actually care about my clients, if for no other reason then so they'll give me future business and recommend me to others. I don't have tenure at my job, you dolt.

    13. Riiiight. Because as a racial minority myself, I'm supposed to feel a lot better about Republican WASPs having disproportionate amounts of influence over various professions rather than people of Jewish origin?

      The amount of racist white trash filth spewed in these comments is appalling. This is a low point in the credibility of the scamblogging movement.

    14. Sorry you're so appalled. I bet if half of law professors were republican WASPs you wouldn't care if people were on here acknowledging that though, right? Wash the sand out of your vagina. Now you're a racial minority. What will you say next to bolster you're weak-ass position, knorps?

      And we know you're the same idiot who comes on here all the time to troll and derail the argument focusing on the scam. I've seen similar posts with that "riiiight" on them. Like in the post about judge pearlman. You live on these blogs. Get a life.

      You're a shill.

  6. LOL. Too bad you are not smart enough to compete. So who is to blame for you low IQ?

  7. Truth is, in our society, its always the lesser qualified who do the hard physical work. That's why lower IQ people are on the back of garbage trucks and are painting houses for a living. The smarter people are educating themselves, excelling, and getting the best paying and interesting jobs. That's the way its always been and always will be. And the guys at the bottom will always be resentful at the guys above them. That too is the way it has always been and always will be, which is probably why Law Profs laugh at many of you . . even if you are right about them. Why do they care what you all think? Why would they or should they?


    Yeah there's not a shit ton of Joos in the law schools. That's a figment of yer imagination.

  9. How exactly is adding an extra year of law skool going to lower the price tag? How's that work out?

  10. Great site. I didn't even know that Jews weren't white until I visited it. Its always good to get your information from a white trash hatesite.

  11. Take a look at this 2011 American Bar Foundation study entitled “After Tenure: Post-Tenure Law Professors in the United States.” Under the subheading Religion - on page 18 of this PDF - you will see the following:

    “The largest group of law professors who responded to this question identified themselves as Protestant (15%) while 11% reported that they were Jewish. Smaller groups identified themselves as Roman Catholic (7%) and Muslim. 4 About 12% of law professors with tenure stated that they had no religious affiliation. Interestingly, a large number of respondents did not answer this question, and a few respondents took time to comment that they did not wish to report on their religious preferences because they felt this to be a sensitive subject.”

    Now look at the accompanying graph, i.e. Table 2.8. Respondents by Religions Affiliation. I will list the weighted figures provided by the American Bar Foundation.

    “TABLE 2.8. Respondents by Religious Affiliation

    Religious Affiliation % (weighted)

    Roman Catholic 13.44
    Protestant 30.07
    Jewish 22.45
    Muslim *
    Other 10.89
    No Religious Affiliation 22.99
    TOTAL 100

    *The number of respondents was excluded because of a small N.”

    Now scroll down to the bottom of that page:

    “Family Background

    AT survey results indicated that many tenured law professors come from educated and thus relatively privileged backgrounds. Approximately 42% of these professors’ mothers (about three and a half times the national average) and 58% of their fathers obtained a bachelor’s degree and attended graduate school or obtained a graduate degree.”

    Are shills going to start complaining about people pointing out that a large percentage of tenured pigs come from privileged backgrounds?!?! Lastly, if you want to mention the racial, religious, or ethnic composition or class background of the scammers, then do so without using any of the slurs that some commenters have employed in this thread. To the overly sensitive pussies, learn how to keep your emotions in check - and look at the numbers objectively and then respond.

    1. Thank you Nando. I have noticed an increasingly offensive tone creeping into the comments both on your blog and on OTLLS.

      Were I a particularly cynical type, I might suspect that the scammers are sending their sock puppet armies in to try and distract from your posts with anti-Semitic, anti-black, anti-whatever comments.
      The truth is, no one can dispute the basic facts behind Nandos postings, and any well-deserved hatred he might reserve for the law school swine is free of discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc.

      sock-puppets, is it really worth whatever you're paid to be working for the bad guys?

  12. Read this "Jewish Law" commentary, which is a reproduction of Eugene Volokh's piece, which appeared in the October 12, 1998 edition of the Wall Street Journal. Volokh is a current “law professor” at UCLA. The article is labeled "Racial Politics at the Supreme Court." Check out the brief segment below:

    "Ethnic groups don't distribute themselves evenly throughout the workforce. Asians occupy more than 40% of the freshman class at the University of California at Berkeley. Jews, 2% of the full- time working population, make up 26% of the nation's law professors. Jews also tend to make up about 30% of the Supreme Court clerks, which means non-Jewish whites are underrepresented among the clerks compared to the population at large."

    That was written in 1998. Those figures may be higher now, but I truly don’t care. Hell, the current Supremes roster includes six members of the corporation known as the Roman Catholic Church – and three Jewish people. Does that reflect the religious makeup of the nation? In the penultimate paragraph, Volokh states that he is Jewish:

    “One could, of course, argue that the court should prefer applicants of certain races even if they are somewhat less qualified than their competitors of other races, because this would add "diversity" or be more "representative." But should the Supreme Court really start discriminating against more qualified clerkship applicants simply because of the color of their skins? What's more, as a Jew, I'm troubled that a serious attempt at ethnic balancing would require that there be at most one Jewish clerk every year, rather than the current average of about 10. While no one is suggesting such limits now, this is where the logic of seeking a clerkship cadre that "looks like America" would lead.”

    Are you going to get upset with Volokh, the Wall Street Journal, or the Jewish Law Blog for publishing those remarks? This is not garbage from Stormfront.

    According to the figures above, Jewish men and women do not comprise the majority of “law professors.” However, they constitute a large portion of that group, especially when you consider the overall population.

    Keep in mind that this specific post pertains to a greedy cockroach named Edward Zelinsky and his filthy article regarding the need for a mandatory fourth year of law school. Hell, he teaches at a school that takes advantage of, i.e. financially rapes, many Jewish law students.

    Based off of this US "News" & World Report chart on Average Law Student Indebtedness, 77 percent of the Cardozo Class of 2012 took on additional debt for law school. The average amount taken out by those students was $120,008. This shows that the swine are happy to ruin students, regardless of their racial or ethnic background.

    1. Remember that Cardozo is part of Yeshiva University and thus many of Cardozo's students are Jewish. The law school pigs don't care about your ethnicity. They just want your ass in the seat and tuition check cleared.

  13. These pigs are getting desperate. I love seeing it. Shit, we'll probably see some ABA school offer a law degree in 18 months (at the same price of a three year degree.)

  14. Law degrees! Law Degrees, Here! Get your Law Degrees, step right up and get your law degrees!

  15. Law degree for sale!
    Law degree for sale!
    One shitty and overpriced little law degree for sale!
    I’m really not kidding,
    So who’ll start the bidding?
    Do I hear the dollar?
    A nickel?
    A penny?
    Oh, isn’t there, isn’t there, isn’t there any
    One dipshit that will buy this shitty old law degree for sale,
    This shitty and overpriced little law degree for sale?

  16. Wait a second...I thought Edward was a WASP name. It's Jooish? Perhaps they forgot to change the family name too? Or maybe they thought that good old Eddy was enough. A good friend of mine is straight up Chinese. His parents named him James and we laugh about it sometimes. I have a strong feeling Edward's folks had more sinister motives.

    1. Lots of European immigrants began naming their children Anglo names in an effort to assimilate in the 20th century. I remember there was a book called "The Episcopalization of the Jews" talking about how Jewish-Americans have started adopting WASP culture and scrapping their more humble, middle class roots. But you can't talk about that or you're racist. Hell, I may be called white trash just for citing the existence of a book and summarizing it's topic. That PC pussy posting above might get "appalled". He's in charge of the fake outrage machine.

  17. If the Jews dominate everything, then why isn't Cardozo more of a powerhouse in admissions, networking, bigfirm jobs, SCOTUS scribes, etc.? It's a rather pathetic TTT, in my somewhat distant opinion. And it's not worth attending for three years, apart from Edward's four-year pipedream.

  18. Cardozo should go ahead and make its JD a four year program. See what that does to your enrolment numbers.

  19. Hahaha so good. Crooklyn proposes a. 2 year program, Cardozo proposes a 4 year program. The pigs are sweating and their heads spinning so badly they don't know how to plug the hole in the ship.

  20. I am not antisemitic and I don't consider myself racist either but I cannot deny facts. Blacks commit more crime than any other ethnic group. If I am walking in a dark alley and I see 5 Black guys approaching me, my instinct tells me to cross the street or turn around. If that makes me a racist, oh well. As for the Jews, it is a fact that they created the banking system that destroyed the global economy. Jews created the fractional reserve system, quantitative easing and lobbied hard to get Congress to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act. Does pointing out these facts make me antisemitic? In the bible, there was only one instance in where Jesus Christ became angry. It happened when he went to the marketplace and overturned the Jewish money changer's tables. Jesus was upset over the money changers ripping people off. The law school education industrial complex is ripping people off. I object to this, regardless of whether the professor ranks is highly comprised of Jews or Protestants.

    1. Jews have the highest iq on average over any other group including asians. Wasps are dullards by comparison. Is it a surprise the jews dominate in the more intellectual professions far out of proportion to their numbers? This too is a fact. Btw, to the extent jesus ever actually lived, which is far from certain, he was a jew.

    2. That is absolute bullshit. The highest IQs have nothing to do at all with race and are in fact distributed evenly across racial groups. You are way out of your league making such an assertion.

    3. Wrong. There are plenty of studies proving that different droups do have different average iqs. Jews are at the top of the pyramid. You can argue why that is all you want, but it is absolute fact. Look it up. Google is your friend.

    4. Jews are often smart and hard-working. I believe you and I've heard of the IQ test results. Its also true that many goyim are anti-Jewish, right?

      So here's an idea: why don't you awesome Jews go to someplace with eachother, away from everyone else. Then you can have the best society, full of geniuses with no evil gentiles around to bother you.

      Wouldn't that be awesome?

    5. Evet hear of a country called "israel"?

    6. Yeah. Can it survive without 20% of the US aid budget?

      How come the awesome Jewish state needs AIPAC twisting arms in the US gov't to extract cash from the American taxpayer?

    7. By the way, how come Jewish people are allowed to have an ethnic state with a religious identity, but European people are not allowed to?

      How come when Roman Catholics wanted to start a small a town in South Florida, they were threatened by the ACLU?*

      But when Muslims create exclusively Islamic communities in America, strangely there are no legal threats from the ACLU? Isn't that weird?

      For example, look at "Islamberg, NY" (no joke), where citizens sign an oath that reads: "I shall always hear and obey and whenever given the command, I shall readily fight for Allah's sake."

      *I'm not Roman Catholic by the way.

    8. Multiculturalism was a Jewish conspiracy to take out their arch nemesis--Christian Western Civ. Now that the tables are turning with the West declining, there are boycotts of Israel and the country may not last.
      And the clown claiming Jewish intellectual superiority in this thread: IQ is a pretty bogus artifact, predicated on education. The fact is Jews are tribal and keep it in the family--like every other non-Western group. Multiculturalism is for the goyum (cattle).

  21. Law schools are run for the benefit of the profs. Med schools are run for the benefit of the student and the profession.

    Law profs spend about 5 minutes practicing law and then teach you a bunch of useless theory. Medical schools use surgeons and practicing doctors (on sabbatical from their jobs) to teach. The last two years of class are all hands on labs where students learn how to treat sick people.

    Law profs make six figures for a few hours of what can liberally be construed as work. They sit around and write bullshit law review articles that (wait for it)...aren't peer reviewed. Med school teachers are vetted and are not published until their articles have been heavily scrutinized and approved by other practitioners and scientists.

    Oh, I almost forgot. Law schools have much much much lower admissions standards and they accept too many students relative to the job market for lawyers. Med schools weed out the profession during the admissions process so tens of thousands of grads aren’t fucked each year.

    See the difference?

    1. I am familiar with medical training. It pays off, but you better, totality of mind, be in love with medicine. It will kill you. There is nothing, not even war, that approximates it.

  22. For Nancy Leong and from a Non-Sock Puppet:

    The weather is fright'ning
    The thunder and lightning
    Seem to be having their way
    But as far as I'm concerned, it's a lovely day
    The turn in the weather
    Will keep us together
    So I can honestly say
    That as far as I'm concerned, it's a lovely day
    And everything's o.k.

    Isn't this a lovely day
    To be caught in the rain?
    You were going on your way
    Now you've got to remain

    Just as you were going, leaving me all at sea
    The clouds broke, they broke and oh!
    What a break for me

    I can see the sun up high
    Tho' we're caught in the storm
    I can see where you and i
    Could be cozy and warm

    Let the rain pitter patter
    But it really doesn't matter
    If the skies are gray
    Long as I can be with you it's a lovely day.

    Lyrics and music by Irving Berlin

  23. I am an early 1980s grad of Seton Hall Law. I worked in country government for 30 years. I retired with an ample pension and am now in private practice. God damn you all for ragging on others because you are too lazy or financially illiterate to make anything of yourselves! I worked like a dog to get to where I am, and I still do. I will be spending this entire upcoming Sunday in my office preparing for a deposition I have scheduled next week because I want to give my client effective representation and maintain my reputation as a professional. What did all of you lazy, entitled brats do besides cry on blogs and post pictures of shit? To hell with the lot of you. I have total disdain for you all. You should all get vasectomies because you are threats to the gene pool. Seriously- do not reproduce. I am not joking.

    1. Your job sounds horrible. Why not big law or Fed. gov.?

    2. So you managed to leech off the System for 30 years. Good job, Chief.. You just cemented every single "stereotype" regarding Boomers that was ever thought of. And, btw, when 'tards like you graduated, gov't jobs were easy to get and tuition didn't set people back by 6 figures. Chew on that. And please, by all means, rush with all due haste towards thou Final Judgement. Rid us all of the burden of supporting you in your final years. 30 years of soaking the taxpayers is more than enough.

    3. ttt2 rise of the lemmingsNovember 29, 2013 at 7:21 AM

      Uh oh! Sounds like the Valvoline Dean has gotten into the sockpuppet game!

  24. Nando you need to stop this racist stuff really quick before the sock puppets use it to their advantage. Seriously-- even if they have a point, the movement doesn't need it to continue, it has enough proof on its own without resorting to racism. Please remove and discourage this crap, otherwise we have nothing but shit pictures.

  25. @713,

    What did I tell ya? SUMMON THE CIVIL RIGHTS ROACH!!!

    The sweet, magical black booty-licious Civil Rights Roach Warrior. This insect palladin is a giant cockroach that buzzes and constantly flies around that bony Obama-booty that it worships. Obammy is now obliged to carry around a can of RAID just to ward off the zealous Roachie.

    If you want to know what it sounds liek when Paintroach stretches its filmy brown superfine wings and buzzes around that Obamabooty, take an ordinary playing card (the Ace of Diamonds, or whatev) and hold one end of it inside a fan. "Bzbzbzbbzbzbz!"


  26. Yes, please no more pointing out the great unspoken obvious truth that the Yids are a major problem! Better to just ignore the obvious or maybe next time don't show Ed "hook nose" prof's picture so the low IQ people don't put one and one together.

  27. Nancy Leong's husband.
    Former Yale Dean Harold Koh's wife
    Famous Yale prof Amy Chua's husband.

    What do these Asian people's spouses have in common? Jewish ancestry. I honestly wonder whether its required to get a job as law professor.

    And lets not forget prominent Roman Catholic Mary Ann Glendon - former ambassador to the Vatican. Her husband is as well.

    Imagine what proportion of law profs are either Jewish or married to Jews? 1/2? At the top schools, probably. Diversity = the white people are Jewish and lets make room for some non-white-males too, preferably with Jewish spouses.

    Please let's not hate Jews. Such hatred is evil, and history shows it never works anyway. Just wait. They are on track to destroy themselves anyway - see Iran's nuclear program and their hero Obama's policy towards it.

    1. The problem is, they will take us down with them. Israel has its hands so deeply in the pockets of the US that they're basically sexually abusing us, metaphorically speaking.

      And their bankers have concocted another brewing derivatives crisis that's estimated at 20-30x world GDP. There can be no bail-out. The hole simply cannot be plugged.

      I support my own race. It's taboo to think or speak this way today. As Robert Burns wrote:

      "O would some power the giftie gie us to see ourselves as others see us."

      They are first and foremost for themselves as a group. If they are superior people, then shouldn't they lead by example? Instead, it seems they do precisely the opposite. That is why they are hated.

    2. 1:42 back. What race is left to support? I'd like to support "my race," but its determined to commit suicide. They hate you and me anyway.

      1/3 to 1/2 of the population growth in Western Europe is driven by immigrants, esp Muslims. That's almost irreversible demography and would probably take a lot of murder to turn around. I don't want to be involved. Do you?

      So, thank you, Jewish and non-Jewish supporters of multiculturalism. The blood of the inevitable civil war is on your hands. Europe is going the way of North Africa and the Byzantine Empire -- earlier parts of Western civilization that were conquered by Islam and turned into worthless places.

      As for America, we basically have an open door to anyone who can get here. Look what they did to California. Have a walk around Los Angeles. Some of my relatives are illegal immigrants from South America and I see up close how they brought their scummy country's values, the ones that destroyed it, to America.

      The only things that might wake America up are: a huger financial crisis, Israel getting nuked, WW3 breaking out, worse terrorism than 9/11 on a regular basis, observing a bloody ethnic civil war in Europe, etc. Basically, only awful catastrophes. Reality has to hit REALLY hard for people to begin to question their multiculti brainwashing. Even then many don't wake up -- see that white girl recently who got beat up by a gang of "urban youth" in DC and then said in a TV interview that it wasn't her attackers' fault, they just needed to be "empowered".

      Like the TTT grad with no job and 150k debt who will tell you it was worth it, its the bank's fault, social justice, blah blah blah.

    3. 4:22 is spot on. If current birth rates continue, Sweden, Denmark, France, etc. will all be majority-muslim by 2050. And this isn't BS from white power websites; these are results of state-funded demographers who were hired to research this issue. So Europe will eventually become Eurabia, barring some total change in policies in those states. Although you see some anti-immigrant parties like the Sweden Democrats, the Northern League in Italy and the National Front in France, it's too little too late. Those parties never win elections to effect the meaningful change needed. That continent is damned due to the liberal-multicultural-utopia mindset of their pathetic elitist snob leaders.

      We'll be minority-majority in another generation too. We already saw what "white flight" did to cities like Detroit and Baltimore. But, unlike in ball-less left-wing Europe, we are armed to the teeth, so I'd expect much more violence here. Countless race-motivated crimes go unreported by the media daily, and if they are reported, for some reason the race of the assailant is never told. Of course, the one in a thousand times its a white guy, that is plastered all over the tv screen. In a sense, the third world and their ultra-liberal advocates are using our democracies to destroy our democracies.

      Have fun when you suddenly wake up and you're living in South Africa.

    4. This is an excellent post. I'm the first to bitch about the Chosen People but in the bigger picture they are a sideshow. In fact Israel getting nuked would infuriate me as I see them as being very annoying extended family members. If Iran were to ever somehow take down Israel it would be a horrific moment in history. That much should be cLear to everyone. There are many useful idiots in the remanants of the West who still have no clue as to what is happening demographically. LA is a foreign country. People outside CA who never go there have no idea how far gone it is.

    5. 4:22 back. Ever heard of the Islamic communities here in the USA?

      You'll be surprised to learn that Jewish lawyers deeply concerned about the separation of church and state don't wage legal warfare against them, like they do on Christmas trees on city property in smalltown America.

      See my comment above at November 28, 2013 at 10:16 AM thread.

  28. I agree with Nov. 28 @7:13PM

    And for all we know, the anon racist commenter could be the same troll that has been harassing me for a long time and who makes similar remarks regarding African Americans.

    Comments of this nature are given an especial consideration and attention given past histories and anyone that has been through a law school should well know that.

    When I was in College I interviewed a Jewish Survivor of a Nazi Concentration camp (now deceased) and who used to work with and was a friend of my fathers.

    The camp was actually the headquarters of where the Nazi's tried to produce counterfeit currency: Sachsenhausen.

    In any event, one thing that the man said in the interview that I always remembered is this:

    He said that whenever he saw "Harley Guys" all dressed up their leather and denim outfits and chains etc, he was reminded of the brutal prison guards that the SS used in the concentration camp.

    He said the guards behaved like idiots and were: "The boys that did not do well in school."

    And that is my comment for this TTR post and all I will add is that in my 1L year I had two Jewish friends that almost seemed like they were having nervous breakdowns from the stress and their poor academic performances. They both left after their 1L year.

    1. Yes. We need to distance ourselves from the race issue. Our issue is that law degrees are massively overvalued and oversold to people who are desperate, ignorant, or otherwise not in a position to correctly assess the value proposition of having a JD. Further, that this process is often based on misinformation on the part of the salesmen (law schools).

      Adding in some subtext about the racial makeup of law schools will detract from the message and will give people like Jack Knorps and Nancy Leong the ability to play the race card.

      Finally-- the Law School Scam Movement simply DOESN'T NEED the race issue to be effective, even if it's true. Even if there were a conspiracy by some ethnic group to 'rule' the law school scam game, it still doesn't matter that it's a scam and can be demonstrably proven as such with the facts.

      The bottom line is simple- adding in the race element to our platform is unnecessary to getting to where we ant to go and it could backfire. Therefore we should stay away from it and discourage it.

  29. To the piece of garbage who posted the November 28, 2013 5:30 comment:

    In order to see how “prestigious” your alma mater is, you should read Amir Efrati’s epic Wall Street Journal piece from September 24, 2007, which was entitled “Hard Case: Job Market Wanes for U.S. Lawyers.” Here is the hard-hitting opening:

    “A law degree isn't necessarily a license to print money these days.

    For graduates of elite law schools, prospects have never been better. Big law firms this year boosted their starting salaries to as high as $160,000. But the majority of law-school graduates are suffering from a supply-and-demand imbalance that's suppressing pay and job growth. The result: Graduates who don't score at the top of their class are struggling to find well-paying jobs to make payments on law-school debts that can exceed $100,000. Some are taking temporary contract work, reviewing documents for as little as $20 an hour, without benefits. And many are blaming their law schools for failing to warn them about the dark side of the job market.

    The law degree that Scott Bullock gained in 2005 from Seton Hall University -- where he says he ranked in the top third of his class -- is a "waste," he says. Some former high-school friends are earning considerably more as plumbers and electricians than the $50,000-a-year Mr. Bullock is making as a personal-injury attorney in Manhattan. To boot, he is paying off $118,000 in law-school debt.”

    Yes, $eTTon Haul Univer$iTTy Sewer of Law is a truly wonderful school, right?!?!

    Someone cached the 2010 entries for Big Small, Small Law. You can enter full screen mode to read this brilliant collection.

    Check out L4L’s June 27, 2010 post labeled “Lambs to the ‘Seton Hall Slaughter.”’ Take a look at this segment in particular, 5:30 pm ass-hat:

    “For starters (as we’ve amply noted countless times before), Cozen O’Connor is a huge 500+ lawyer firm located directly across the street from Seton Hall. The firm does not participated in Seton Hall’s On Campus Interview program, or even bother sending a secretary across the street for resume collection. This more than anything speaks volumes about how poor Seton Hall’s reputation is among large law firms. How do you expect to land in NYC biglaw when even Newark-based firms won’t interview Seton Hall students?”

    The lawyer field is much more GLUTTED now than it was back in the early 1980s, dinosaur. On top of that, cockroach, law school debt is strapping grads down with ridiculous amounts of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt. What is your archaic advice, fossil?!?! Should these freshly-minted JDs hang a shingle?!


    USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the $eTTon Haul JD Class of 2012 who incurred debt for law school - as $125,745. Hell, 82 percent of this toilet’s 2012 class took on such vile debt. Remember that this figure does not include undergraduate debt – and it also does not take accrued interest into account, while the student is enrolled.

    Again, 5:30 pm moron, what is your advice for these debt-strapped, broke-ass, hard-working graduates?!?! By the way, Bitch: laziness truly is a trait of the upper classes. Why do you think they have all that time for leisure?

    “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own efforts.

    - Filthy Pig John D. Rockefeller”

    In the final analysis, you need to shove your Seton Hall law degree firmly up your old, wrinkled, gray ass. Be happy that you were able to suck taxpayers dry for 30 years while working in “country government.” Presumably, you meant that you were a county parasite. Enjoy the bloated pension, you lazy bastard. Apparently, nothing is enough for you Boomer swine. You still feel the need to work on Sundays and bitch about it, in order to make more money.

    Robert Crook slammed your greedy generation in his April 23, 2012 piece “Why I don’t blog for the baby boomers.”

    Head to the link above, ass-wipe, and look at the cartoon. The picture is of a giant baby - representing the entitled retirement-age Boomer pigs - crying “Feed me! Change my diapers! Now!” The bottle is labeled Social Security and the diaper is Medical Care. Both are being hoisted by young people and taxpayers. That is about as apt description as one can find anywhere.

    This is my favorite segment from among several gems in Robert Crook’s epic blast:

    “Yes, indeed, all of that rhetoric from the boomers in the 1960s about changing the world, and boy, have they. They fought against the Vietnam War, only to create the Vietraq War themselves. (Apparently the only reason that they opposed the Vietnam War was to save their own skins. They were perfectly OK, however, with bogus warfare in Iraq. After all, it was someone else doing the dying for the baby boomers’ profits.) The American empire, which is being sucked dry by the vampires who comprise the corporate-military-prison-industrial complex (the majority of them boomers, of course), is on the brink of death, and even the North Pole is melting. The baby boomers ushered in change, indeed.

    The baby boomers are the first generation of Americans in the nation’s history who are leaving things much worse off for the generations that follow them.”

    It seems that you are proud of this tremendous “accomplishment.” Die in a car fire, useless rat. Also, I already have one beautiful, happy child. Apparently, you wish for others to undergo vasectomies because you never had enough viable sperm to reproduce.

  31. On the positive side, law school enrollment has been declining these past few years, so I think you and similar bloggers are getting through to people.

  32. Stating that Jews dominate law and the way the law scams/schools are run is no different than stating that black players dominate play in the NBA and NFL. Its a fact of life. If one is to attack the lawland scams then one has to identify those who mostly perpetrate them. Nando's numbers above only bear out what I, the greatest lawland prophet have stated since 2006. God bless Nando and other commenters for finally addressing the issue of who are the PEOPLE, not just faceless institutions and entities that are scamming so many lemming victims. God bless you all save for the devilish shills who try to hide and support the snakes who make law a living hell for most who are not they. ...The Infamous John Bungsolaphagus.


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