Saturday, November 23, 2013

Unaccredited Texas Trash Pit: University of North Texas at Dallas College of Law

Tuition: This pile of waste has not yet opened its filthy doors.  Of course, that doesn’t stop these pigs from charging non-resident, full-time students $23,760 in tuition - for the 2014-2015 school year.  In-state, full time UNT law students will be charged a rate of $12,540 for 2014-2015, once the $1,500 partial tuition waiver is applied.

Why Attend This Vile Toilet?: In the pigs’ own words:


We are a new law school, with a fresh emphasis on learning by doing. We utilize the best instructional practices, offer engaged, experiential and collaborative learning, and provide ongoing assessment for our students. Since sound legal judgment is cultivated by experience, we give you ample opportunities to do real law. Most of our upper level courses include a “lab” component that applies the subject matter while developing practical competencies. And our students actively participate in practice settings while receiving mentoring and guidance.” [Emphasis mine]

You will still be taught by failed attorneys known as “law professors.”  Most of these dolts will have roughly seven minutes of experience as lawyers.  If "the law" is so wonderful and amazing, why aren't these old bitches and hags practicing?!?!  Plus, this school has no alumni network at all!

Message from the Swine Dean: Arlen Specter-doppelganger Royal Furgeson puts forth the following reason for attending his outhouse:

“So you want to go to law school. Why should you consider us, the UNT Dallas College of Law, a brand new school? Without making any extravagant promises, I can think of a few reasons, and not simply because I am the Dean.

Our goal is to be a teaching law school, concentrating on student learning, but with a different vision of what that means. For one thing, in the first year and beyond, your courses will include periodic feedback and assessments during the course, not the usual single test at the end of each semester. This will help you know how well you are learning the material, and how to improve.  It also will help us monitor how effectively we are teaching. We don’t want anyone to fall behind if we can prevent it. So we will be challenging you, but we will also be supportive.” [Emphasis mine]

Cockroach Specter, you will recall, was the author of the idiotic “magic bullet” theory, in order to help cover up the November 22, 1963 assassination that took place in Dealey Plaza - and he went to Yale Law School!  In the final analysis, Furgeson is also grasping at straws - in an attempt to justify his unaccredited filth pit’s existence.  It goes without saying that this periodic feedback will not create any additional lawyer job openings in the state.  Plus, legal employers outside of Texas will not be looking at UNT Dallas Commode of Law grads.

Epic Flush of UNT Dallas COL: Back on July 6, 2010, Elie Mystal posted a hilarious entry labeled “How to Sell a Law School to Texans.”  Check out this segment:

“Over the weekend, a tipster sent us the pitch North Texas is using on Texans who don’t know any better. Here’s the school’s headline:

Opening a public law school at the right time in the right place

You have got to be freaking kidding me…

As with the travesty at UMass, the North Texas argument is that North Texas somehow deserves a law school, not whether a new law school is needed (or whether its graduates will be able to find jobs). The website has five bullet points for why it’s a good idea to open a public law school in Dallas/Fort Worth. They are exceedingly stupid reasons:

* Since 1980, Texas’ population has grown from 14.3 million to an estimated 23.9 million in 2007, but no additional opportunities for legal education have been added.

I’ll stipulate that the demand for legal education is up if you stipulate that the supply of actual lawyers has totally saturated the market.

* The last public law school in Texas opened in 1967. Since 2000, the number of bachelor degrees is growing at an average rate of 2,400 per year.

Objection: relevance.” [Emphasis mine]

Anyone with an ounce of integrity and honesty realizes that there is no need for another law school in Texas.

The Lawyer Glut in Texas: Catherine Rampell’s piece, “The Lawyer Surplus, State by State,” was published by the New York Times Economix blog - on June 27, 2011.

According to Economic Modeling Specialists Inc., Texas had the SEVENTH MOST GLUTTED LAWYER JOB MARKET in the entire damn country.  Does that sound as if the state needed another piece of garbage law school?!?!

Conclusion: The UniversiTTTTTTy of NorTTTTTTh TTTTTTexas aTTTTTT Dallas Commode of Law is a pathetic joke.  As pointed out above, the Texas attorney job market is GLUTTED.  There are already nine ABA-accredited diploma mills located in the state.  Does anyone with a functioning brain stem believe that Texans are in need of legal representation from waterheads who couldn’t get into a real law school?!?!  Furthermore, will those clients be able to pay for these garbage services?!


  1. I apologize for making a post which is unrelated to this school but I believe is germane to the whole law school scam.

    I am an attorney and have been practicing law for 22 years. I attended a public law school in the first tier (think in the range of UCLA/UTexas) and graduated with little school loan debt. My legal career took over my life and cost me two marriages and I am paying massive alimony and child support. According to the family court judge, I am in the 1% club of wealthy Americans and thus, I must contribute over 50% of my take home income to my former wives and children. Currently I am in a 12 step program and belong to "Friends of Bill W." support group. It is a burden to sustain my income when this profession is in a free fall. It is more difficult to earn money, get clients, etc. If I cannot pay my current alimony and child support, the family court judge told me she will exercise her mighty power to throw me in jail. When I told her that I may have a haircut on my income, she replied "Well, you will have to make due with less." In other words, if my income decreases, my alimony remains the same and I will just have to struggle.

    Anyway, I wanted to talk about a recent fracas I had with my family. My nephew is applying to law school right now. I have tried for years to talk him out of it but he will not listen to me. His mother (my sister) is broke as her ex (my nephew's dad) took off and disappeared somewhere in Asia. I helped pay for my nephew's college but I told him I cannot help him pay for law school because of my financial condition (re: alimony, child support, decline of business, etc.). Recently, my nephew asked me if I would co-sign his law school loans. I told him I would not and I started getting phone calls from my sister, mother, aunts, uncles all reproaching me about why I won't help my nephew. I told my sister if she wants to help her son, take out a mortgage on her house (by the way, she owns a house mortgage free). She gives me some bullshit excuse about how the bank won't give her a loan because she is on disability which I know is a lie because the house is worth $400K and it is all equity. So now I am the bad guy in the family and I have been uninvited for Thanksgiving at my mother's house. I will stick to my guns and not co-sign those student loans. My nephew is looking to attend Brooklyn Law School (which in my opinion is a horrible law school) and I understand it will cost him close to $80 a year for COA. I already helped him with college (he graduated from NYU) and now I am expected to help him achieve is ill perceived "dream." I told my sister that I didn't fuck her and conceive the kid. Perhaps that comment was out of line but I am the black sheep in the family. I will be especially depressed this Thanksgiving knowing I will be alone with no place to go and also knowing that anyone who I ever thought I cared about thinks of me as an ATM machine just because I am a lawyer. Thanks for listening. Nando, keep up the good work.

    1. I meant $80K a year not $80 for Brooklyn Law's COA.

    2. Im sorry to hear that but the other commenters are right. You need to be around people who love + support you. One day your nephew might appreciate the favor you are doing him.

      Surely your 12 step program is having a Thanksgiving get-together for those on bad terms with their biological relatives? If not maybe you could organize one. No need for anyone to be alone on that day.

    3. And that is why I've started to give up on the holidays. It's all BS. The only people who care about you are those (e.g. your ex-wife, for example) who can suck money out of you.

      And that "care" isn't in a good way, either..

      Your nephew is suffering from Special Snowflake Syndrome. You're doing the right thing. The confusing part for me is that he should look at your situation and realize that law is a declining, dying profession. But all he sees are dollar signs, champagne and caviar dreams because he's watched too many episodes of LA Law and maybe Perry Mason and read too many glossy brochures put out by the scamming law schools.

    4. Sorry to hear about your situation. It's always darkest just before dawn. Anyway, you have probably tried this already, but I would tell your nephew that you don't want to co-sign his student loans because, given your knowledge of the legal field, it is your professional opinion that he won't be able to pay them back.

    5. Other things I forgot to mention: $80k is just about right. That's tuition and CoL combined. 3 years would be $250k thereabouts. 1/4 of a million bucks?!? That's quite the tab for a mostly worthless piece of paper which only allows one to sit for the Bar. In other words, $250k gone before even getting set on the starting blocks..

      Second, kids from NYU law are having trouble finding jobs. Fordham, a school for mostly elite Wasps and Jews, can't place more than 25%, at best, of its grads in Biglaw. That figure has probably declined as well as the "recession" has gone on. Brooklyn doesn't even rise to Fordham's semi-elite NYC status on the foodchain, placing its grads in poor relative position in the market for jobs.

      Lastly, he has an undergrad degree from NYU. All a school like Brooklyn will do is tarnish his resume. If he can't use his prestigious bachelor's, what exactly does he think a toilet JD on his resume will do for him?

      Kid is clueless..

    6. I'm sorry for your situation, but I agree with other posters: the kid is out-to-lunch, and your relatives are moneygrubbers who don't seem to understand how f%@ked the Lawl is.

      Find some old friends from college and have Thanksgiving with them, or drop in on the neighbors.

    7. How about volunteering at a Salvation Army or a Church kitchen - even if you are humdrum on religion? At least you'll be around people who appreciate being helped. I wish I'd been denied credit 8 years ago... I'd actually have a friggin' future.

    8. Another Knorps applying for law school?

    9. @11:45 - sorry to hear about your troubles. It sounds like you have an extremely manipulative family. NO ONE SHOULD EVER CO-SIGN FOR ANOTHER PERSON. Keep sticking to your guns.

      I am 2004 law school graduate of a third tier crapper. Passed the bar. I never found a job as an attorney that paid well - so I went into government procurement and do just fine with the exception of my massive student loans. The problem is that my family and some friends actually think I am well-to-do because of my credentials. So, I frequently get hit up for money. When I decline, I get a cold reception. I recently reunited with a childhood friend. She is struggling and has two kids. She called me and asked to borrow $1000.00. I didn't have it to lend and haven't heard from her sense. Then, about 1 month ago, her 20 year old son calls me and asks if I can help pay his rent. OMG I don't have extra money. There is a misconception that attorneys have money these days.

      I hope you have a good Thanksgiving and do NOT spend it alone. Volunteer or maybe find people in your meetings.

    10. please join me in my new website. it has nothing to do with UNT. i also have a youtube chanel where i post video of officials in our "criminal justice" system misbehaving. thank you

  2. Your problem has little to do with law school and much more to do with a dysfunctional family. The fact that Anybody, even your children, would expect you to take out loans for them to attend Law School speaks very, very poorly of these people. Doesn't sound to me like you are not missing anything by not being part of this entitled, dysfunctional family.

  3. I regret that "experiential" legal education, once advocated by law school critics, is now embraced by law school honchos as a persuasive-sounding way to rationalize opening new bottom-of-the-barrel scam factories (Belmont, Indiana Tech, North Texas).

    I am actually glad that lawprofs and lawdeans are talking about experiential education, but unless they also address the far larger, and intertwined, problems of lack of jobs and paying clients, they have not progressed an inch.

    Oh, and speaking of experiential education-- do you really need law schools for that? Do you need six-figure salaried pedagogues and 60 million dollar law school buildings for that? How about a modified and updated version of the old apprentice model instead? Following a doctrinal crash course, you could have a series of clinics and externships, run by actual practitioners, not professors, train students to try a case, write an appeal, and represent clients in a couple of practice areas of the students' own choice.

    1. Right.

      Which do you think would train a reasonably smart (~160 LSAT) law applicant better?

      A. Traditional law school
      B. Three-month Bar review course followed by five full-time six-month apprenticeships in various areas.

      Anyone who honestly answers A needs to be shot in the head.

    2. This school is nothing more than a crass financial scam by desperate, second rate academic hustlers to make a buck.

      You're absolutely right. Cardozo, FDR, Coolidge and countless other successful and intelligent people all practiced law without obtaining a law degree. If one could just apprentice at a law office and gain hands-on experience and pass the bar we'd have a debt-free generation of lawyers now. I learned more during my summer clerkships and judicial clerkship reading statutes and case law than I did in three years of law school combined. We should go back to the old model of allowing people to read for the bar without a law degree. It's unnecessary.

      But then where would the law school pigs draw a salary from?

  4. Brooklyn School of Law is terrible. Over 23% of their 2012 grads are unemployed nine months out. The total COA is more than 80K per year. Being in NYC, costing 250K for three-years at full price, Brooklyn School of Law had less than 5% of their 2012 grads make it into the coveted Big Law.

    Brooklyn is now trying to push a two-year law degree to raise revenue (tuition cost is the same as three years):;_ylt=A2KJ3CbtMJFSwiYAKl3QtDMD

  5. Crooklyn's 2 year program is sure to increase the shithole's ranking. If you're going to eat shit, you might as well eat it all sooner.

  6. What kind of fucktards buy the proposition that a 2-year JD is desirable? You have to be a complete mouth-breather to support this argument. If you can't place graduates in the current market, why would you facilitate the process so more people can try to enter? Are these people fucking dense? They have a deficiency in understanding basic economics: the easier/less burdensome to do something, the more people will do it. Too many people are seeking a JD. Ergo, QUIT FUCKING PRODUCING JDS. When the oversupply stops, the problem goes away. Voila.

    The problem is oversupply of JDs, and therefore underemployment. Debt is the symptom. Until oversupply is fixed, debt will remain.

    ...then again, that proposition assumes that law school administrators give a fuck about those who they "educate".

  7. Is there no hope of mending fences with your family? For example, I think that you should marry your sister. That way you could both work together to find a way to cover that eighty bucks per year. It's seriously not even that much money.

    Your nephew should stay away from BLS, though. NYU is extremely overrated, but even that so-called pedigree would be tarnished by adding Brooklyn Law to the mix.

  8. The legal profession (loosely defining profession) is a pile of shit.

    99% of bad lawyers give the rest a bad name

    - Steven Wright

  9. The Dallas Morning News featured an opinion piece labeled “Q&A: Does Dallas need a new law school in this climate?” - back on March 8, 2013. It was edited by Mike Hashimoto. From the opening:

    "Ellen Pryor started work in January as associate dean for academic affairs at the UNT Dallas College of Law, which is scheduled to open in August 2014 in downtown Dallas. The University of North Texas System didn’t have to go far to find Pryor, who had been the Homer R. Mitchell Endowed Professor of Law at SMU’s Dedman School of Law. Given that law school applications are down and grads are having trouble finding work, Points asked Pryor about starting the region’s first public law school during challenging times for legal education.

    This must be a busy but exciting time as the law school’s opening nears. Is everything progressing as you would have hoped?

    I would say that we feel comfortably challenged in meeting the goals and steps that lie between the present and a successful opening. And, yes, it is exciting as well as a little daunting. The source of both the excitement and the sense of challenge is the realization that we have a chance — and a responsibility — to build something that is different in ways that fit both the goals of UNT Dallas and the needs of the time.

    What is the UNT System’s goal for a number of students in the first year and for the first, say, five years?

    We think that it's important to offer a part-time evening option as well as a day option, which will be full time. Tentatively, we think that a good size for the first class would be 80 students in the day and 45 to 50 in the evening part-time division. We would keep this size through the near-term future.

    Has the UNT System set a tuition rate for first-year students? And how will that number compare to costs at private law school competitors?

    We haven't set the tuition yet. We expect it to be at or below the average public law school tuition in the state. Consistent with delivering the type and quality of education we are planning, we want to be as affordable as possible. To this end, we plan to focus scholarship money on financial need rather than, for instance, on increasing LSAT scores for outside ratings such as the U.S. News & World Report."

    First, “comfortably challenged” is a manufactured term that doesn’t mean anything. I once had a supervisor tell me to be “specifically vague” and I informed her that those words were as meaningless as referring to a “giant midget.” When people put together such phrases, you know that they are stupid, confused or trying to pull a trick.

    Next, the trash pit is aiming high - seeing that Indiana TTTTTech Law Sewer had less than 30 students in its initial class, which was well below its enrollment goal of 100 idiots. UNT Dallas Commode of Law has no shame in announcing that it will provide a part-time evening division. This is the equivalent of community college admissions standards.

    Lastly, since this school is going to be a fourth tier piece of garbage - if it can manage to stick around long enough to gain full ABA accreditation - the tuition rate should be MUCH lower than existing public law schools in the state. After all, these bitches and hags love to claim that they are running businesses. Shouldn't they first show that their product is worth the cost?!

  10. I found this today and I think it is really astounding:

    I don't know, maybe one of the blogs has already gone over the info on this link.

    The problem is that prior blog posts tend to get buried and forgotten- even on prolific blogs like the Campos blogs which have put a lot of information out there.

    It seems that repetition and redundancy are necessary in the blogging world in order to get a message across.

    As for the link above and the information, it really and IMHO reflects an unsustainable system economically speaking.

  11. And if you read here: if you go through the rankings, anything after number 144 in rank has an unpublished ranking and why in the world is that?

    Also, there are a lot of schools that are in a tie for a ranking, but as I say, after 144 it is a secret or WTF?

    Now what was that old term.....uh...."transparency" ??????

    And it seems that there are no more "Tier" rankings either?

    So every school gets a trophy?

    1. No, they get to hide their inadequacies from the public thanks to unpublished rankings.

      I oppose hidden rankings; let's just see how badly some of these schools suck, eh?

  12. Did you fuck my wife?

  13. That volunteering is a good idea!

    At least he would be around grateful people and could feel good about helping. Unlike his current family situation.

  14. A new public law school-in Dallas no less? This has to be some politician's vanity project; there's no other way it would have gotten approval. Who's the guilty party?

  15. Heeeeeelp! Some sick animal just took a huuuuge 'Seton Hall Law' in the office toilet! The janitors have marshalled their forces, but seem powerless against it!

    1. Haha thanks for making an appearance! Always good to hear from you. I agree DO NOT go to Seton Hall law school! It is a pile of shit.

    2. BTW where is Col. Sanders? Been too long since we heard from him. He is a riot.

  16. On June 29, 2009, Christine Hurt posted a Conglomerate entry labeled “Ten in Texas: University of North Texas to Open Texas’ 10th Law School in Dallas.” Check out the following excerpt:

    “I was at the beach last week, but I thought I was keeping up with recent events (you know, Jon & Kate, Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett). So I was surprised when someone yesterday mentioned that the University of North Texas was opening a law school. I did a little Googling today and found very little mention of this in any of the large newspapers of the state. Brian Leiter linked to this, which was the most information in one place I could find. But yes, UNT is opening a law school, the legislature and Gov. Rick Perry approved it, the school will be in downtown Dallas (not Denton, with the rest of the campus), the school plans to open its doors in 2011, and the $40 funding bill is still sitting in the legislature.

    So, being a native Texan, a graduate of Texas Tech and the University of Texas, a former Houston attorney, and a former instructor at the law schools at Texas Tech and the University of Houston, I have a few thoughts.

    So, does Texas need a tenth law school? Well, that depends. Why does any state need an additional law school? It's hard to imagine that a state with nine law schools is suffering from residents having a hard time finding adequate representation. We know that graduates this year are having a tough time finding opportunities to represent clients! I am sure many Texans have a hard time finding affordable representation, but it's not clear another hundred or two attorneys a year will bring down prices, although it could. Now, it could be that some communities in a large state are underserved and lack good legal resources. If you look at a map of Texas, there is a huge part of the state that has no law school, west of San Antonio, south of Lubbock. Also remember that New Mexico only has one law school, which is in the northern part.

    But the UNT law school will put another law school in the corridor that already has nine, in a "metroplex" that already has two law schools. But, the argument must be, Dallas has no public law school (Southern Methodist University and Texas Wesleyan are private, and presumably pricey.) A public law school in an urban center will make a law school education more accessible, if tuition is more public-like than private-like. (This website, using old 2006-07 data, shows U. of Texas being $18k for in-state, more than in-state tuition at Texas Tech, $12k, but less than Texas Wesleyan, $21k, and Southern Methodist, almost $39k).”

    What do you expect from Waterhead James Richard Perry?!?! Click on the video attached to the article below, to see this simpleton’s “mental prowess” in action.

  17. On June 22, 2009, the Dallas Business Journal published a story entitled “Perry signs UNT law school bill.” From the opening:

    “Gov. Rick Perry finalized the legislative session over the weekend by signing off on a number of bills that were sent to his desk by the Texas Legislature.

    Among the bills he signed was a Senate bill sponsored by Sen. Royce West, D-Dallas, to create a public University of North Texas Law School in Dallas.

    Texas. Rep. Dan Branch, R-Dallas, who sponsored an identical bill in the Texas House, called the passage of the UNT Law School legislation a major milestone for the North Texas area.

    "It's a historic day for North Texas because it's the first time we'll have a public law school here in the state," Branch said.

    The Dallas-Fort Worth area has only two law schools -- Southern Methodist University's Dedman School of Law and Texas Wesleyan University's School of Law in Fort Worth. Both schools are private institutions.”

    Yes, there was a dire need for a third law school in the Dallas area, right?!?! Certainly, they needed a public trash pit in that location - as there were “only” THREE state law schools at the time of this deal, i.e. University of Texas, Texas Southern and Texas Tech.

    The article then continued:

    “Branch told the Dallas Business Journal Monday that the UNT law school has $5 to $6 million in start-up costs that will allow the school to hire a dean, an assistant dean and admissions staff. Branch added that while the state did not grant money to fund bond financing, the school has a commitment of $16 million from the city -- $2 million of it in funding and $14 million in bond financing to renovate the old City Hall building to accommodate the school. Branch added that the school also has the building, which was donated, and now it has the governor's signature which allows the law school to search for more private funding.

    The first class at UNT-Dallas law school is expected to be enrolled in 2011.”

    The school had planned to open its TTTTTT doors in 2011. Now, the bitches and hags are getting ready to start classes in Fall 2014. That can’t be a good sign - but the dolts and turds will not be deterred. After all, they have accepted a hell of a lot of state money for this idiotic endeavor. They need something to show for those funds.

    1. Does anyone know if they receive Federal or State money for students with disabilities?

  18. Getting back to the OP's post.

    He says that the lenders wanted him to co-sign a loan. I have no reason to doubt him. This means however, that they are actually doing some sort of underwriting before handing out loan money. This may be a relatively recent development for law school.

    More importantly, it raised a facinating possiblity. Normally Nephew would get his federal loan money, and when he couldn't pay it back, go on the PAYE program, paying off only 10% of his earnings above federal poverty levels. (Or is it 150% I forget)

    So if Nephew escapes to PAYE, what is the effect on the co-signer? Does Nephew get to use the PAYE program, while he is still stuck paying the face interest rate on the loan? Does he have to pay back the remaining amount? Is nephew ineligible because of the co-signing "deep pocket"? Does "Deep Pocket" have to pay back concurrently on the PAYE program or does he have to prove his eligibility separately from Nephew.

    I'm not asking these questions to be a jerk, I'm trying to figure out how the lenders have now figured out to rig the system.

    1. No, that is a good question. I wouldn't co-sign any loan at this point in my life, but for example, I have this gut feeling that as a co-signer let's say Nephew comes to the end of PAYE in a non-public service job. Loan balance, now flush with interest, gets forgiven. Is "Deep Pocket" also on hook for future Tax Bomb? I'd say yes, right? Assuming no changes to the law.

      So, shitty deal for "Deep Pocket" as a co-signer.

  19. Arlen Specter was, is, and always will be a worthless piece of shit.

  20. Sorry, its 10% of the PAYNE receipients earnings, after either 100% or 150% of the Federal Poverty level is deducted from one's yearly earnings. My previous post was unclear.

  21. What's with all these dumbshits going to NYU for undergrad and then going to shitholes like Crooklyn?


    PLEASE destroy this shitbag. He deserves a good old fashioned Nando asswhupping.

    1. Wow, fuck that guy.

      His first reason is no justification for attending law school. Even though applications are declining and standards are falling, it doesn't matter because the jobs just aren't there (hence, falling applications). It makes no difference if you go to [insert T1 trap school/TT/TTT here] or [insert T1 trap school/TT/TTT here]. As more and more law grads come into the market they are finding it difficult to find jobs. And guess what? They have family and friends that they talk to and by word-of-mouth and the web the scam is being uncovered.

      The second reason is total speculation. Baby boomers are not retiring because they themselves need the income. They've been hit hard by the economy as well: 401ks have suffered, house prices have dropped, etc. Or if not, they are of the mind that retirement=death, so they hang on to their employment so they have a justification for getting out every day.

      The third reason is also just speculation. Furthermore, even if the legal job market does improve, it will be with lower salaries and/or short-term gigs (like doc review) that yield hourly pay with no benefits. So even in that scenario, the cost makes law school prohibitive. Why spend $100k and indebt yourself for a doc monkey gig or law job making $40k/yr. when you can make that sort of money debt-free?

      Taken together, there is still no justification for attending law school at the airborne costs of today. Even if you get into a T20 (which we see is no guarantee to a job) you'll most likely pay full sticker price and have to re-locate to live somewhere else. Not worth the money.

      Of course, he's a law school pig. Great hedge in the last paragraph of his "article." Basically closing with "I may be wrong about this but I just want to add to the cacophony of noise out there trying to entice lemmings to apply."

      "Time will tell if the naysayers are right." Translation: I'm just focused on the next payday.

      Rot in hell, Ryan Calo.

  23. To the very first poster. You are not alone. I face the same problems and am a victim of parental alienation syndrome. My only question is why did you get married twice. I'm close to shutting my practice down out of spite. Jail seems like a good alternative to paying a greedy bitch and having to practice law to do it.

  24. NEWSFLASH!!!

    I just got my Obamacare quote and it is 350 bucks a month or 4K a year and with huge deductibles all around.

    So all told I save 100 bucks a month over the former private plan with Empire Blue Cross (NY) only with seemingly a lot more deductibles built in.

    I think the Democrats flopped with Obamacare.


    1. But now they can't exclude you for preexisting conditions, such as paint huffing.

  25. 1156,

    Dude, you would gladly hand every person in this country over to the gulag in exchange for 100 CENTS per month.

  26. Nando-thanks for your follow-up-I knew the politicians were involved. If this school tanks as badly as it appears to be, the next news articles should be very interesting-why was tax money spent on a vanity project which resulted in grads with tons of debt and no jobs. It is unbelievable that tax money went to this project. This is the very definition of boondoggle.

  27. To that guy who's retard nephew wants to ruin his NYU degree by going to Brooklyn Law Scam: you are doing the right thing. Don't co sign his loans and fuck your family. They are devils. Signed, The Greatest Lawland Truthsayer There Ever Was and someone who knows a great deal about Brooklyn Law Scam and NYU. God bless!

  28. No one has mentioned this, but TWU is now Texas A&M Univ School of Law. A public institution in the DFW Metroplex. Now UNT Dallas has unexpected competition. Should be interesting.

  29. This law school is a fucking piece of shit. Tear this shithole down brick by brick.

  30. My goodness... so much negativity. I assume you are all experts at law school and life; so I should totally take everything you guys are saying to heart. Sacrifices have to be made to be successful. If law school isn't a financially viable option for you, then evaluate your alternatives and make a decision. Your alternatives are to choose another profession/education, pursue law anyway, or bitch about it. I suppose a combination of those alternatives is also a possibility. However, only a couple will yield any tangible results. Good luck!

    -USMC Vet/Future Law Student

  31. UNT College of Law should be investigated for misleading applicants. Their so called mission to offer engaged, experiential and collaborative learning, and provide ongoing assessment for students is false information. They do not provide periodic feedback and assessment during the course, in fact they provided a single test at the end of the semester. By doing so students had no idea how to track their progress. The professors provide zero support and does not provide students with any information for improvement. The new Dean Kevin Robinowich that's been there for just about 3 weeks told students the school is just like any other law school and does not provide any support for struggling students. I think the school should implement some academic support to these students. But instead Mr. Robinowich advice was to quit and press a reset button and have a chance at another law school. He's been trying to get students to leave now rather than be on the academic probation and have an opportunity to improve maybe so the school can look good by keeping only the cream of the crop. Overall, Mr. Robinowich is a joke he repeats himself as much as up to 4 times via verbal communication and in person.

    1. Many has had this experience with such staff at the UNT Dallas law school. There seems to be no end in sight because the exact same people continue to be on the payroll and there is no accountability from any staff member.

  32. Omgosh I worked a few years in UNT's system administration building on Teasley. Most f'ed up place in the world!!!! Like a psycho house.

  33. I fully regret my decision to attend UNT's law school. I had opportunities to attend law schools elsewhere, but circumstances dictated that I stay closer to home. SMU was not an option for me financially. However, this law school has been nothing but regrets after attending classes for 1 year. Our Fall 2015 midterm was a complete disaster in Civil Procedure I because they decided to use the EXACT SAME ESSAY from 2013. As you can imagine, this essay found itself in the public domain, where students were able to access it. It was an absolute joke. The mistakes just began piling from there. Cheaters are abound in the classes and the school is very well aware. In fact, the school decided to allow a student who had plagiarized from another student in school. However, none of this matters as this school only wants your money. They will tell you that there is an Honor Code, but read it VERY carefully. The Honor Code is now in the hands of the Student Bar Association at the school. The school expects that students will turn each other in and in fact makes reporting of honor code violations completely voluntary. The professors have never taught classes before and do not know how to teach at all. Go on Facebook and you will see many students posting on "S*** my Professor Says because UNT law has its own edition. Sexist and inappropriate remarks documented by students can be found. There are also many recordings of these comments. Those who really want to know what's going on should investigate why there are so many appeals being filed concerning grades. The Dean of the school is no more than a puppet figure and has no idea at all what is truly going on at the very law school he is supposed to be running.

    1. Did you hear the news about the college risking NOT being ABA accredited? I heard the news about a week ago, and it was confirmed on WFAA's News 8 last night. TOTAL NIGHTMARE. You cannot take the bar exam in Texas if the school is not accredited, so what good would a JD be without the opportunity to take and pass the bar? What a disaster.




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