Sunday, December 22, 2013

First Tier Toxic Sewage: University of Southern California Gould School of Law

Tuition: Full-time law USC law students will be charged $52,814 in tuition, for the 2013-2014 school year.  To put this into perspective, full-time tuition at first-ranked Yale Law School is $52,400 - for 2013-2014.  Does anyone with an IQ above 60 believe that these two schools are in the same league?!?!

Total Cost of Attendance: According to this same document, those first year students living at home will incur an additional $15,061 in expenses - whereas off campus students will face an extra $25,861 in costs. Hell, the swine don't even include the cost of insurance.  As such, the commode lists the total, estimated COA as $67,875 and $78,675, respectively.

Seeing that ABA-accredited diploma mills only base living expenses off of a nine-month school year, we will need to prorate the following items: board; miscellaneous; and transportation.  After making these adjustments, on-campus, first-year students attending full time will have a total estimate of $71,058 - and full-time, first year USC law students living off campus will have a total COA amounting to $85,478!  That is simply outrageous.  Anyone who defends the law school pigs is lower than dog excrement.

Ranking: Based on the latest ratings scheme by US “News” & World Report, this private toilet is listed as the 18th best law school in the entire country.  That doesn’t stop the swine from charging more - in tuition - than Yale Law School.

Published Employment Placement Statistics: The law school notes that 85.5% of its Class of 2013 was employed within nine months of graduation.  Keep in mind that this includes all types of jobs, I.e. attorney positions, non-law, full-time, part-time, short-term, and long-term.  If you are selling insurance or teaching grade school, as a member of this cohort, then you are considered “employed.”  Yes, that is super-fantastic, huh?!?!

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the USC Law Class of 2012 who incurred debt for law school - as $138,858. In fact, 81 percent of this school’s 2012 class took on such foul debt. Remember that this figure does not include undergraduate debt – and it also does not take accrued interest into account, while the student is enrolled.

University Administrator Pay: In order to see how the pigs are doing, in contrast to the debt-strapped students, we head to the 2012 Form 990 for Employer ID No. 95-1642394, i.e. the Univer$ity of $outhern California.  Surprisingly, no member of the law school faculty made it on the list of highest compensated employees - for the tax year ending June 30,  2012.  Then again, look at the following TOTAL COMPENSATION figures that this “in$titution of higher learning” lavished on its sports programs - starting on page 127 of this PDF.

Then-head football coach Monte Lane Kiffin raked in $2,594,091, while his father, Monte George Kiffin, made $1,791,555 in total - as assistant football coach.  Athletic director Patrick Capper Haden rolled around in $2,247,678.  Lastly, Kevin O’Neill, head men’s basketball coach, received $1,717,749.  Heading to non-athletic department officials, you will see that Chrysostomos Nikias made out with $1,439,126 in loot - as university “president.”  However, the school paid its former “president,” Steven Sample, a total of $1,815,643 - apparently to sit on his old, wrinkly ass.  Does that mean that he is performing more “work” than the current rodent in charge?!?!

Garbage Opportunities: As a student at this overpriced toilet, you will have the unique opportunity to write onto the “world-famous” Southern California Review of Law and Social Justice!  From the mission statement:

“The Southern California Review of Law and Social Justice (RLSJ) promotes the discussion and examination of issues lying at the intersection of social justice and the law. RLSJ publishes legal narratives and analyses of case law and legislation that address the law's interaction with historically underrepresented groups and highlight the law's potential as an instrument of positive social change. These narratives and analyses borrow from the perspectives of a wide range of disciplines. The goal of RLSJ is to influence the development of the law in ways that encourage full and equal participation of all people in politics and society.”

Yes, what woman will be able to resist a student editor of this TTT publication?!?!  Employers - especially all of those “social justice” law firms - will be scrambling over themselves, in an effort to gain your services.  [Disclaimer: Nothing of the sort will happen.]

As a USC law student, you can also participate in the Space Law Society.  Here is the description:

“Space Law Society is an organization formed to promote an understanding of space law, encourage participation in its development, and coordinate collaboration between students and professionals in space-related industries. As an organization, we organize social activities, educational events and discussions. We also arrange a team to compete in the international Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot competition.”

One would think that an accredited law school - especially one that is supposedly the 18th best in the nation - would be embarrassed to offer such nonsense.  By the way, who the hell knew that there was a space law moot competition?!?!

Conclusion: USC Gould Sewer of Law is a grossly overpriced, private toilet located in the LEGENDARILY FLOODED California lawyer job market.  According to Economic Modeling Specialists Inc., this state is the SECOND MOST GLUTTED attorney market in the country.  If you don’t have excellent connections before entering, then you will not be served well by incurring an additional $165K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt.  Keep in mind that Biglaw is not secure.  If you manage to land an associate position, but can’t bring in major business and move your way up quickly, you will likely be out on your ass within 3-5 years.


  1. But Nando, you forget. USC puts them in close proximity to beautiful beaches which they'll need to sleep on once they are thrown out of their apartments for failure to pay their rent.

  2. I forgot to add, my house cost less than the $138,858 average debt of graduates. Somebody is getting mega rich on this deal!

  3. "Yes, what woman will be able to resist a student editor of this TTT publication?!?! Employers - especially all of those “social justice” law firms - will be scrambling over themselves, in an effort to gain your services. [Disclaimer: Nothing of the sort will happen.]"

    Now, I have to disagree with you here, Nando. I believe being a member of such a prestigious journal will in fact allow one to marry into European royalty perhaps even at the Borgia level.

  4. The cost of living in SoCal is ridiculous. Although USC is located right in the ghetto. So that might make it a little cheaper.

  5. 52k per year or even close to that is outrageous. Not much difference in the value of a jd from 18th ranked vs 3x vs 4x ranked school. If its not t6-t8 it is too big a risk.

  6. There's no satisfying these greedy cunts. How can anyone looking at law school not bristle when seeing those costs? IMO, only medical school should cost this much because you're going to enter a secure, well regard and well paid career.

  7. The Angry AccountantDecember 22, 2013 at 11:25 AM

    HAHEHAHE! I got scammed with a Master's Degree but if you get scammed by a law degree shame on you! A moot court competition in Space Law? What are you going to argue? Whether my cat Tigger can be sent into orbit around Mars?

    1. Space law lol. Also lol'd about all the social justice stuff. Not that it isnt laudable but there are essentially no paying jobs in social justice. If you want to help poor people there are plenty of ways to do that which dont require you to spend 200k.

  8. I got scammed by a JD in 2006. I really should have known better, but it was before the whole thing imploded. If you are enrolling in the 2014 class, then to hell with you - you have all the info to know that it is a con (info that in pre-Nando days wasn't really out there,) and all you are doing is funding the lifestyles of useless jackass professors. The same is true with MBA's and most non-medical graduate degrees. Save your cash, save your life, save your soul.

    1. ^What this guy said.

      Anyone falling for this shit now deserves their fate. Fuck 'em.

    2. Yeah really. By 2009 the law scam blogs were in full swing and even the mainstream news media was admitting something was wrong. 2008 features massive layoffs across the board for lawyers and it never recovered. These were lawyers with experience and at the top of the food chain, especially for those that are unconnected.

      Let's say you already entered and started in 2010, but that class would be finished by now. That should have been the last class in at the worst, yet the lemmings keep going. I don't get it.

    3. The Angry AccountantDecember 23, 2013 at 6:56 PM

      I do not blame you too much, back in 2006 the economy was different and there was less automation, hence more opportunity for actually good paying document review positions. But now tuition has sky rocketed and automation is destroying the profession just has it affected public accounting, my field. Big Accounting firms have not imploded like Big Law, but there has been extensive consolidation and automation. Plus, you figure, the Deans, LawLeechProfs and USNews controlled all the information. I was suckered into a Masters of Tax degree, same screw job, just different hole.

    4. I don't get why a person would listen to this raving lunatic (Nando). No offense, he's maybe a really nice guy in person, but judging from this blog, I see a child having a temper tantrum. There is NO WAY that I would take this information seriously if I was to enroll in law school in 2014. Thank you.


    You've gotta be joking.

  10. For those who fight the good fight on Twitter, @lawlemmings, @JDSlave, and @LawSchoolScam are the ones to follow!

    1. Whoops .... I meant @JDdebt, not @JDSlave.

  11. In higher ed, it's all about the fuckin' money. Why do you think you see all of these athletic teams switching conferences that are outside of their region? TV contracts. ESPN. All that shit. And it's not just the ADs in on those decisions. You know university presidents and other brass are in on the scam.

  12. This is an irony that applies to all law schools. On December 13th Cooley Law School posted an article in their Cooley News section that in Tampa they are opening a pro Bono clinic to offer free legal advice for underserved citizens of the community dealing with debt. Besides Cooley, it seems all the law schools are offering these pro Bono clinics for debt relief and consumer law programs. Would be interesting if
    unemployed graduates from these toilets walked into the clinics asking for help with their overwhelming student loans and zero job prospects.

  13. Student Loan Debt Drives down car leases:

    1. Student loans are just dead weight on the consumer economy, like a drag `chute behind a small utility airplane. Cut the `chute and the plane can gain speed and altitude. Don't, and it's whamburger time.

  14. If you know someone thinking about attending USC's law school, just send them this recent LA Times article about a grad (who was called a child genius!) with $215,000 in debt who lives with his parents and works at a non-law job:,0,2034018,full.story#axzz2oJLJN1EA

    1. A child genius? Maybe had he attended a T6 law school but his achievement is hardly noteworthy considering it is only USC.

  15. Take a look at these clinical offerings from the Univer$ity of $outhern California Gould Sewer of Law:


    The International Human Rights Clinic gives students the opportunity to work on projects and cases, both local and international, which confront the most pressing human rights concerns of our day. Under the supervision of Clinic Director Professor Hannah Garry, students seek justice on behalf of victims, hold perpetrators of serious human rights abuses accountable and work towards progressive development of the law. Through this experience, students acquire knowledge and skills for effective international lawyering and human rights advocacy while supporting the critical work of human rights advocates and organizations worldwide.”

    Yeah, sure these law students are “holding perpetrators of serious human rights abuses accountable” - and I had Salma Hayek’s toes in the air this morning. Unfortunately, many idealistic lemmings will fall for this tripe.

    “USC Housing Law Clinic

    Clinic Director: Lecturer in Law Craig Keys

    The Housing Clinic provides professional training in housing discrimination law, local affordable housing issues, landlord/tenant dispute resolution. Students enrolled in the clinic provide legal representation to affordable housing tenants under the direction of a supervising attorney. The clinic's client services may include housing information services, legal services and social services referrals, free tenant representation in administrative hearings, and landlord-tenant litigation services. Clinic caseload is limited to matters selected by supervising attorneys as appropriate for law student training, consistent with available clinic capacity, meeting the purposes of the housing clinic. Clients are seen by appointment only. Local affordable housing tenants seeking information or services may contact the USC Housing Law Clinic at:

    Telephone: (213) 743-2165”

    How many of these students will return to the clinic as clients, when they are unable to meet their rent - since they owe $180K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE, student loans?!?! By the way, these types of clinics are social work projects. As many others have noted on these blogs, those working in small law are engaged in this line of work. Make sure not to call your deadbeat clients before 10 am, or while they are busy watching Maury Povich.

    1. What do you mean? When I was at legal aid, most of my clients told me never to call them before noon.

      I never forgot how these 'indigent' clients would drive up in nice cars too. (Wasn't unusual to see one of these assholes pull up in a Jaguar or black Escalade.) The women never missed their pedicures or hair appointments. But they needed free legal help. Go figure.

    2. When the totally clueless Jonathan Lippman, chief judge in NY, deigned that new law grads would be required to do 50 hours of pro bono work in order to be thrown into that state's flooded legal market, some pointed out that many new JDs would themselves qualify to receive such services.

  16. LOL, been waiting to hear what you had to say about U$C after your post of UCLA. In fairness to U$C, they're only charging $400 more than Yale, so it's not as if they're that much more ridiculous than any other law school.

    And, when you consider the weather in So Cal (lower heating and gas bills in the winter compared to Yale), you could do worse than live and die in LA.

    At least U$C has its priorities straight by paying its football coaches more than any law school professor. Trojan Football is so much more important than any law review article by a U$C Gould law professor.

    The real scandal should be Monte's pay. He got $1.8 million to coordinate a no-defense scheme.

    Fight on!

  17. Does USC have a domestic violence clinic? They could name it after famous SC alum (and double murderer) OJ Simpson.

  18. Space Law is a joke especially since NASA laid off thousands after discontinuing the Space Shuttle and sending astronauts into space aboard Russian Soyuz Rockets. You are better off learning Russian and going to a Russian law school for a chance to practice space law. Just another creative program by the law schools to sucker students out of paying tuition. Next they will have an intergalactic law program in case aliens make first contact.

  19. Take a look at this nonsense from the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition:

    "Lachs Competition News
    26 Sep 2013 22nd World Finals of the Lachs Moot Court competition results
    20 Aug 2013 2014 problem published
    2 Jun 2013 Asia-Pacific Regional Round winner announced
    5 May 2013 Asia-Pacific Regional Round selection
    17 Feb 2012 2013 Lachs Moot problem clarifications issued
    29 Jan 2013 Lachs Moot deadline extensions for Asia-Pacific and Africa

    2012 Lachs Moot news archive
    2011 Lachs Moot news archive
    Previous winners

    2014 competition
    2014 problem

    2013 competition
    2013 Lachs Moot competition results
    2013 problem"

    Here is the problem for the 2013 compeTTTTiTTTTion:








    You can’t make this stuff up, people. Again, those belonging to the U$C Gould Space Law Society can participate in this idiotic exercise.

  20. From the 8 page "fact pattern," which contains 28 provisions:

    “Case concerning the Operation of a Lunar Station

    Statement of Agreed Facts:

    1. The Republic of Lydios and the Republic of Endymion are both advanced space faring nations with a long history of competition, rivalry and occasional warfare into the early 20th century. The relationship between the two States has much improved over the past several decades through a series of joint economic, cultural, and science and technology projects.

    2. Since 2001, both Lydios and Endymion have been two of the 15 member States of the Artemis Operation Agency (AOA). AOA is an international intergovernmental organization which established and operates a lunar orbiting platform named Artemis pursuant to the Artemis Implementing Agreement (AIA). The Artemis platform is used to conduct scientific experiments, deploy satellites into lunar orbit, and to deploy other spacecraft such as interplanetary probes. Manned and unmanned reusable spacecraft were used to ferry satellites from Earth to the Artemis platform for deployment. Artemis was registered with the United Nations by the AOA in accordance with the AIA.”

    Yes, that’s really great. Hell, Star Wars and Star Trek geeks are not this damn pathetic.

    “6. Hekate is a non-governmental pro-environment organization founded and headquartered in Lydios in 1990. Hekate has a small but vociferous membership, substantial financial resources, and is politically active within Lydios. Since its founding, Hekate has opposed exploration and use of the Moon, including the Luna-1 project. Ten years after the initiation of full operation of Luna-1, Hekate declared that it intended to procure and place its own remote sensing satellite in lunar orbit to more closely monitor activities that could disrupt the environment of the Moon.

    7. The Kingdom of Kandetta is an island nation that is politically isolated. It has diplomatic relations with only a handful of States. One such State is Endymion, although the two governments are not closely allied. Kandetta has been developing its own indigenous space capability, including launch vehicles and satellites. At the time of the Hekate announcement, Kandetta had successfully launched three satellites into Earth orbit, and one into lunar orbit. Kandetta also suffered failed launches, which outnumbered the successful missions by a two to one ratio. Kandetta had sought to enter the international launch services market, but most States refused to allow their nationals to launch payloads on the unreliable Kandetta launch vehicles, citing safety and foreign policy reasons. Kandetta was determined to be a pre-eminent space faring nation, however, and announced its goal to achieve successful manned spaceflight. Kandetta’s only test of a prototype launch vehicle for manned missions ended in disaster when the rocket exploded three seconds after lift-off.”

    Good luck in the space law moot court competition, Poindexter. The rest of us will be busy doing useful things, such as putting food in the fridge, paying bills, and having sex with our wives or girlfriends.

    1. The American Bar Association published a book you can find on their website called THE LITTLE BOOK OF SPACE LAW. Look underneath the description of the book and the ABA has other titles in that series such as COWBOY LAW, GOLF LAW, BASEBALL LAW. That is how serious the ABA is about delivering justice to society. And soon law schools will offer LLMs in all these absurd subjects.

    2. I thought this was just a joke on your part until I googled this and saw that these books do in fact exist. As if more than a handful of grads will actually get jobs in these legal areas.


    3. Now I am worried about the decline in law school enrollment. There may not be enough young lawyers to prevent Lydios and Endymion from going to war over ownership of the moon.

  21. This:

  22. The Angry AccountantDecember 24, 2013 at 9:28 PM

    I have one question: Why do law students make these dumb "Law Revue" skits which are completely unfunny, but they, the law students who make them, think they are funny? You do not see engineering or biology students making such dumb videos...

    1. We did them in my MBA program. I guess that says something about business schools...

  23. USC = Trap School. Plain and simple.

  24. I read your USC law piece: I onetime recalled a Q and A session were the law school invited some past alums to further indoctrinate and pontificate the 1st year lemmings about their own wonderful experiences and how this law school helped them achieve their career goals, on Youtube.

    Now, being the internet has google, plus I was a little bored. I did some internet sleuthing, and discovered that the wonderful legal eagles had connections, such as: mother is a judge in another state, dad has a legal practice, etc, I mean are connections really that significant??? If the answer is a strong maybe, then why the hell study, why even go to class if I am competing with other non connected lemmings for table scraps, while the Chosen can just show up, especially with the unique and opaque grading system in legal education. This too is also a random thought.

    Anyhow, have a nice day.

    1. They are that significant. And more, in law.

      You make a good point. You are competing for scraps, essentially, on a highly uneven playing field while the Chosen can just show up and win the game.

      You can see now, those sessions are highly staged to suck gullible Lemmings in. It's yet another Dog and Pony show by the law schools in a long list of deceptions.

  25. What the hell is space law? It seems like a totally made-up area of law just to grab the attention of lemmings with ADD.

    @ 2:33- To answer your question better about connections: the answer is a strong definitely. I know countless people who got jobs in the legal industry purely through nepotism and strong family connections. They went into family firms or tapped into a family network to get into a firm or a state/local job. I know a kid who just graduated from st. john's who got an awesome job at a 80 attorney firm in long island ONLY because his father was a successful attorney who knew partners there and had worked with them on a lot of different matters. He was no better than the countless other grads out there. But he had the connection.

    The pigs don't want to give the game away. They need people to think that there is a high enough probability that they can "get jobs" just by passing the bar. You need to have serious connections and/or be top 10% if you are graduating from a non-elite institution. Since 90% of the class simply can't be top 10%, and not every kid can have strong connections in the legal community through close friends and family, the super-majority of grads are totally fucked. But if they knew this going in, less would probably attend. And the pigs wouldn't have jobs.

    That's why the scamblogs and TTR are so important. A handful of unorganized, decentralized, scattered internet bloggers with no funding are winning against a highly-organized, well-funded, well-connected group that has lobbyists and special interest-status in Washington DC. We are literally turning legal education on its head. After ignoring us, suing us, and dismissing us for 4 years, law schools are now writing garbage op-eds, articles (see the previous post on Ryan Calo's piece), and maybe even perhaps acknowledging the risks involved in obtaining a JD.

    The numbers are in: law school applications are at their lowest in 40 years.

    We're winning.

  26. The internet consumer watchdog website called RIP OFF REPORT actually features 2 law schools in their complaint board. ROGER WILLIAMS LAW SCHOOL and also KAPLANS CONCORD LAW SCHOOL. Funny how the first ABA accredited law school found its way to Rio off report. Check it out and get a laugh. Lets have an internet campaign and put all the law schools profiled by Nando on Rip Off Report. Usually Rip Off Report covers dirty dealing car dealerships but when you think about it the law schools are worse than car salesmen.

  27. Here we go..

    International Human Rights (pfft..) Talk to the Chinese on that one, idiots.. And, of all things, Space Law.

    Nando and others were joking about Space Law 2-3 years ago and it has come to pass that the law skools are offering actual, factual coursework and competitions concerning it.

    It's a gimmick.

    If the #17 school is now pulling this shit, law school has officially become a joke. IHR, Space Law, Environmental Law - fucking gimmicks. 1% of grads will ever do any of that shit or anything even remotely related to it.

    It's just a gimmick designed to get gullible, dreamy idealistic Lemmings to sign on the dotted line and give the schools that sweet Fed. student loan money.

    These schools are now officially, IMO, lower than the lowest used car salesmen. More evidence that legal education and law is a complete joke.

  28. I just got in the mail from my law school the day after Christmas their 2014 calender with a letter begging to make a donation to them. Threw everything in the garbage immediately. The letter admitted enrollment is declining and your donation will make a difference. Letter goes on to say the economy is picking back up and lawyer hiring is increasing. Lies, Lies, and more lies. I would not give them a penny even if I won the powerball lottery. To do so would be paying their public relations department and their advertising budget to scam more lemmings. It would be akin to subsidizing a whore house with AIDS infected prostitutes spreading the disease to the unsuspected public.

  29. RE: Getting a mortgage with student loan debt:

    "The rules also set a standard debt-to-income ratio of 43 percent that all borrowers must meet. That means that your current monthly debt payments -- credit cards, auto loans, student loans -- and your monthly mortgage payments cannot exceed 43 percent of your monthly gross income."

    Story here:

  30. Interesting:

  31. "All that said, the aging ’60s generation has far more to answer for. We are handing over a very different America to our young people. They have received a worse education than prior generations at a far greater cost on mostly borrowed money."


    1. Yeah, what else is new. This is why they need young people to enroll in Obamacare to make it succeed so we can subsidize the older, sicker, vampire boomers who just want want want. Us young folk won't need as much healthcare but that doesn't stop the bastards from wanting to collect our health insurance premiums to offset the costs of crusty old bastards who want to suck up the healthcare dollars.

      I wish I could opt out of social security and medicare and leave these fuckers in the cold. They like to call us spoiled brats yet they need to feed off of us in order to survive. If it isn't gotten from higher taxes on younger workers, they just borrow the money, fucking us over later on down the road. Plus, all the professors are boomers. Fucking parasites.

  32. @725,

    Um, you ARE aware that you are replying to Painter, right? He IS a boomer, and he DOES want young workers to subsidize his lazy ass. Also, he had repeatedly said that he loves loves LOVES Obamacare, and that he can't wait to sign up for it.


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