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Great News: First Year Law School Enrollment Hits a 36 Year Low!

The Report: On December 17, 2013, the Wall Street Journal Law Blog published Jennifer Smith’s article, which was entitled “First-Year Law School Enrollment At 1977 Levels.”  Look at this opening:

“First-year enrollment at U.S. law schools plunged to levels not seen since the 1970s, as students steered away from a career that has left many recent graduates loaded with debt and struggling to find work.

The American Bar Association said on Tuesday that the number of first-year law students fell 11% this year. So far, 39,675 full-time and part-time students enrolled in law school, nearly 5,000 fewer than in 2012.

That’s one student shy of 1977 enrollment levels, when the ABA reported 39,676  first-year students. The lowest previous tally was in 1975, when 39,038 students entered their first year of law school and there were only 163 ABA-approved schools (the current count is 202).

The 2013 drop extends a decline that is now in its third year. More than 52,000 would-be lawyers entered their first year of law school in 2010, an all-time high. Many of those students were thought to be seeking shelter from the economic tumult of the recession.

But even then the job market for newly-minted attorneys was contracting.

Many big law firms laid off junior lawyers during the downturn and slashed expenses as clients facing their own financial troubles pressed for discounts. Some lower-level legal tasks that firm associates used to do, such as document review, are now increasingly farmed out to contract attorneys or legal outsourcing companies that can do the work more cheaply.” [Emphasis mine]

You’re welcome, law school cockroaches.  In the end, you greedy bastards brought this upon yourselves.  At any rate, this is a significant development.  The general public is catching onto the scam, thanks to our collective efforts.

Other Coverage: Mark Hansen’s piece, “Law school enrollment down 11 percent this year over last year, 24 percent over 3 years, data shows,” appeared in the December 17, 2013 edition of the ABA Journal.  Check out the following excerpt:

“Law school enrollments nationwide are down 11 percent this year from last year and 24 percent from 2010, new figures show.

The nation’s 202 ABA-accredited schools reported that 39,675 full- and part-time students were enrolled in a first-year J.D. program this fall, according to figures released Tuesday by the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar.

That’s a decrease of 4,806 students from the fall of 2012, when 44,481 students began their law school studies, and a decrease of 12,813 students from 2010, when an all-time high of 52,488 first-year students were enrolled in an ABA-accredited school.”

Now, even the law school pigs are agreeing with the scam-bloggers that the commodes have been enrolling too damn many students:

“David Yellen, dean of Loyola University of Chicago School of Law, says while the figures are not surprising, it is "still kind of stunning" to think that law school enrollments have declined nearly 25 percent in three years. "The last time fewer than 40,000 students were enrolled in law school was in 1977," he says.

Yellen also says that while he thinks 52,000 new law school enrollees a year is too many, we're now at the point where we might want to ask whether the market correction has gone too far and is being driven as much by negative publicity as anything else.

However, new applications are projected to be down another 10 to 15 percent in the coming year, he says, "so we're definitely not at the bottom of the cycle yet." [Emphasis mine]

How will the jackals be able to lower their ridiculous costs?!?!

The Pigs Have Been Forced to Trim the Fat: Back on July 15, 2013, the Wall Street Journal Law Blog featured a post from Ashby Jones and Jennifer Smith, which was labeled “Amid Falling Enrollment, Law Schools Are Cutting Faculty.”  Review this portion:

“Law schools across the country are shedding faculty members as enrollment plunges, sending a grim message to an elite group long sheltered from the ups and downs of the broader economy.

Having trimmed staff, some schools are offering buyouts and early-retirement packages to senior, tenured professors and canceling contracts with lower-level instructors, who have less job protection. Most do so quietly. But the trend is growing, most noticeably among middle- and lower-tier schools, which have been hit hardest by the drop-off.

Hamline University School of Law in St. Paul, Minn., for example, has shrunk its full-time faculty about 18% since 2010, and the school is exploring ways to further scale back its head count. Ten faculty members have retired since the school began offering early-retirement incentives in 2011, and four more have accepted agreements and plan to retire in the coming academic year.” [Emphasis mine]

We have seen the stories at various diploma mills and trash pits. For instance, VermonTTT Law Sewer was forced to cut faculty, staff, maintenance and cleaning services.  This past July, $eTTon Haul Univer$iTTy SOL announced a 10% reduction in faculty compensation.  Last week, on December 12th, Paul Campos noted that TJ$L was cutting jobs and trimming the operating budget by nearly 10 percent.

Conclusion: Due to our work in getting the message out, applications to ABA-accredited law schools are down.  The bitches and hags are now admitting a higher percentage, but this cannot prevent a big-ass drop in first-year enrollment.  The cockroaches are getting desperate, which is why you are seeing so many op-eds from “law professors”/parasites telling people that “Now is a great time to apply to law school.”  In the final analysis, the rodents will do and say anything in order to avoid having to find a real job.


  1. God bless you Nando and the other scam bloggers, for saving thousands of people from eventually living in a debtor's prison without walls for an almost worthless JD and/or LLM.

  2. good start, but we have miles to go before we sleep

  3. And the law schools continue to have no skin in the game.

    But now this law school is lowering tuition:

    As is this one:

    And this one now slashing enrollment:

    And it seems that independent law schools are being affected (which Campos predicted some time ago would happen):

    If it was simply a matter of moving on with life and cutting one's losses, the scamblogs probably would not have become so prominent over the last few years.

    But the debt is non dischargeable and toxic and remains for decades, and that is why the bloggers have been, and still are trying to warn others away from the trap.

    Because to this day the students bear all of the risk (sophisticated consumers that they are).

    Great work Nando.

  4. We are far from market correction. Do you realize that if you close every law school for 10 years, we will still have enough surplus of lawyers to meet the current market demand?

    Law schools have already started to lower admissions standards (e.g., George Washington Law School) in order to bolster its enrollment numbers. The schools don't care that its short sighted projections will doom them. Sure, they can lowers standards and put asses in seats but what happens when these dolts can't pass the bar exam and schools are placed on probation or lose accreditation? The only type of person applying to law school these days are the connected and the dumb lemmings. And the lemmings get dumber each year. If you don't believe me, spend 10 minutes on the law school lemmings website which appears on the right side of this blog roll. A cursory review of the twitter feeds of 0Ls and 1Ls reveal how completely disconnected from reality these stupid kids are.

    1. Entirely right.

      The amazing fact is that, yes, you could literally close all the law schools for 10 years - minimum - and I doubt it would cure the lawyer oversupply issue. The Boomers will hang on for 10 more years easily. Lawyers work into their 70's and beyond as a matter of routine.

      Also exactly right about the cash-grabbing going on. These schools are trying, desperately, to keep the money rolling in even as the train is coming off the tracks. The flow of money is all that matters. I'm surprised they haven't tried to enroll dead people..

      Re: The Lemmings.

      What the hell is it about Twitter anyway?? Has any one of these idiots actually talked to a real practicing lawyer?

  5. I LOVE the law school Lemmings website! very creative and original.

  6. Soft water wears away hard rock, if it persists.

  7. It is still a long road to go. The T-20 will survive via the "prestige" they offer (prestige meaning the chance of an employer immediately deleting your cv from their inbox is lower than candidates from other schools).
    Some few schools will close or merge.
    The other 200+ schools will simply continue to lower standards until the ABA has to admit the innevitable and begins to remove accreditation to many schools. It may take a decade, but had you shown this numbers to a person in 2003, they would believe you were absolutely crazy.

  8. What great news this is. The schools are desperate. Before long they'll start giving preference to a high GPA over the LSAT.

  9. Cooley law school just officially merged with Western Michigan University and you know they did this because it was a lifeboat while the ship was singing. Now I bet Thomas Jefferson Law School is seeking a University that does not have a law program to conveniently merge. Just a way for a stand alone law school to hide itself as just another academic department so less controversy is drawn to it. Similar to a prostitute moving to Vegas from a small town to blend in

  10. I guess the lawprofs had better start "networking," "highlighting soft skills," and "filling the needs of the poor."

  11. Nando has saved countless people from financial ruin with this blog but the last thing we can all do is become complacent folks! Get out there and keep spreading the word. Trash law schools and student debt by negative word of mouth. Write letters to your local newspapers. Go to your high school career day program and advise kids against law school. Bring cold hard statistics with you to distribute. I'm not saying stand on a street corner but when an opportunity presents itself to trash law school and the pigs, take it. I make it my business to talk to one person a week about the shitty legal profession and law schools and send out email blasts on occasion to colleagues and others with articles like this wall street journal one.

    Just talk to one person about it. Keep the momentum going.

    1. I just keep posting it on.Facebook when law school news like this comes out. One of my Facebook friends will take note and pass it around. Social media is the way to go. Same with MBA's.....they are another scam. You ever see MBA course descriptions? All bullshit theories and you could not even manage a lemonade stand with these dumb courses. Law school grads would not even know how to plead down a 5 MPH over the speed limit traffic ticket to a non- moving violation like broken tail light just not to get a point on their license and save on drivers insurance. But you will know some archaic theory instead.

    2. I learned more about lawyering in the first month of my 1.5 years as a legal assistant working at a firm than I did in my 3 years of law school. Your first year of law school is a total joke, you learn nothing practical. Don't expect that knowing the rescuers doctrine in torts is going to help you be a lawyer.

      Again, kudos to Nando. There was a time when the pigs controlled all the data and colluded with USNWR to the detriment of thousands for their greed. Now the Internet has changed all that and we're winning.

      We need to ratchet up the pressure on these bastards and keep hitting them. I wish we could find a big money donor who would buy an ad during the super bowl or take out a full page ad in the NY times.

  12. Private student lenders becoming more cautious and charge offs fall:

  13. On December 18, 2013, Business Journal reporter Owen Covington posted a piece entitled “Law school enrollment dips to lowest levels since the 1970s.” Check out the following excerpt:

    “Law schools nationally saw a significant dip in the enrollment of first-year students this fall to levels not seen since the 1970s, the American Bar Association reported Wednesday.

    According to the latest numbers collected by the ABA, the country's 202 law schools saw 39,675 full- and part-time students enroll in their first year of law school this fall, an 11 percent drop of 4,806 students from the fall of 2012.

    First-year enrollment hit a historic high of 52,488 in fall 2010 following a period of expansion in the number of law schools around the country, and as many turned to seeking advanced or professional degrees during the recession. That 2010 peak was 24 percent higher than first-year enrollment this fall.

    The enrollment decline was naturally preceded this spring by a significant drop in the number of law school applicants.

    As reported in June, the number of [l]aw school applicants dropped 13.2 percent to 56,424 through the end of May compared to the year before, with some analysts saying that law schools were "right-sizing" and adjusting after a period of significant growth.”

    Notice that applications dropped 13.2%, yet first year enrollment only decreased by 11 percent. The law school pigs are becoming less selective in their admi$$ion$ process. After all, they want to maintain large class sizes so that they can receive more money - especially those federally-backed, student loan dollars!

    This news even inspired Paul Campos to post this update on his Inside the Law School Scam website:

    It’s great to watch the law school cockroaches run for cover. As others have noted, we need to keep the heat on these bastards. They will continue to recruit lemmings and give idiotic reasons for going to law school. We must keep the pigs’ hooves and asses to the fire.

  14. With several law schools collapsing in both enrollments and money, it is likely that law schools will close in the future. While this will be good for the legal profession and for law school grads generally, it could be very bad for the law school grads who graduated from the closed schools.

    Any hint of trouble has an adverse effect on a law school's prestige as recorded by U.S. 'News' and World Report. There are entries on this very blog about Rutgers Law school at Camden deteriorating in ranking because of talk of merging with Rowan University Law School. If a school talks of actually closing, things will be even worse. The school will probably become forth tier garbage over night.

    What will happen to people's degrees and careers once their law school closes? Will the degree be seen as worthless? If they are unemployed will they ever be able to get a job? Or if they are employed will they be susceptible to sudden layoffs?

    1. It depends. Before Widener was Widener, it was Delaware Law School. But DLS was established in 1971 and joined Widener in 1975, so it was short lived as an independent school. I'm sure those 4 classes of DLS grads are fine since tuition was at rock bottom and it was different back then. Today, it depends. Because of the pathetic obsession with USNWR rankings "prestige", PR campaigns and politicking, I'd say it depends on which schools are merging. If Rutgers Camden were being merged with Princeton, I'd imagine that school would skyrocket to T10 status overnight. But because it's merging with Rowan it'll plummet.

      It's not the worst thing in the world, the government killing off a law school. I wonder though, Christie is a $eTTon Haul law grad, maybe he's doing this to eliminate the competition in NJ for his alma mater? If his presidential campaign never takes off I wouldn't be surprised to see him made the dean of $eTTon Haul law in 2017 when he's term limited out. He's helping them by eliminating a real competitor. Only a total fucking moron would enroll in Rowan Law School.

  15. Law schools are parasites. Especially, lower ranked law schools like New England law and the outrageously paid dean.

    The greatest service many law schools could do, would be to close. Law schools won't voluntarily do that. Too many cushy faculty lifestyles are at stake.

  16. H. Harrelson Holt-Buttersworth IIIDecember 19, 2013 at 2:59 PM

    You're all having buyer's remorse. What did you expect? The schools gave you an education. You paid for it and got it. They're not supposed to hold your hand and find you a job. Please move on with your lives.

    1. It's not buyers remorse. We were scammed because the schools used manufactured employment and salary data to lure us in. My TTT claimed to have a 97% employment rate for graduates. Turns out they were counting as hired those going on for other degrees after law school and also failed to segregate those working in jobs requiring a jd/bar passage and those not requiring it. It was pure trickery. If we had seen pure, unadulterated numbers showing ~40% of the class in jobs requiring a jd/bar passage lots of us probably wouldn't have gone. Add to that the insane costs and debt and you have the perfect makings for bitter, resentful grads who feel duped. It's not like we're all attorneys saying "I actually hate this", that would be buyers remorse. Many law grads and people here are employed (if at all) in non-legal positions. Lastly, why advertise employment stats or have a career service office at all if they aren't suppose to help students find employment? It's part of the scam. They want you to think there's near-guaranteed employment.

      The fake statistics have been discussed countless times on this blog. Maybe look at one or two entries before opening your ass, um sorry, mouth. Only just now are they getting pressure to show real employment stats, and hence the drop off in applicants.

      Also, most 0Ls are kids, like 22. I'm not saying they aren't responsible for their decisions, but come on, they are just barely adults able to legally buy a beer. That's why lots of colleges have banned credit card companies from coming on campus to get students to open cards. The kids aren't really mature and don't do their own research. To make matters worse, they are being bombarded with faulty data and marketing by the schools. It's not like the schools just sit around and wait for people to apply. They go out there recruiting students pushing these fake stats. But since this generation gets its information primarily from the internet, the scamblog movement has been critical in educating young people to avoid law school. Again, hence the drop in applications.

      You could be doing so much good in this world. Start by playing in traffic.

    2. It's probably a flame. Likely that Knorps faggot.

    3. Now Christopher Knorps is also choking up Campos' Inside the Law School Scam with his demented bullshit.

  17. I love Mr. Green:

  18. ^ I take it "Mr. Green" is an enormous black booty, then? chirpchirpchirp

  19. Everyone agrees that there are too many law schools. Some law schools will merge and few will disappear. And still ABA is going to accredit 4 more these coming years: Belmont, Laverne, U Mass, U Cal-Irvine. So more schools will fight for less students and they will have to develop expensive ads and marketing strategies to entice undergraduates to join their ranks and pay their tuitions. The ABA shows no control in the vision of the legal profession.

  20. And this:

    "One of the more controversial new proposals, to be introduced by Reed, would require colleges with high student loan default rates to pay a penalty to the government that is proportional to the defaulted debt."
    Read more:
    Inside Higher Ed

    1. It will sink the ITT Techs and other for-profit outfits, because the FPs pretty much only survive on Federal SLs.

  21. Law School Lemmings is a hilarious site. It shows the mentality of the idiots now applying to law school. With idiots like that and shittier admissions standards, the schools will stay well fed for some time.

  22. Here is the December 17, 2013 press release from the pigs and cockroaches at the American Bar Association. From the opening:

    "The American Bar Association today released national enrollment figures for first-year law students and non-J.D. students for the fall of 2013.

    The 202 ABA-approved J.D. programs reported that 39,675 full-time and part-time students began their law school studies in the fall of 2013. This is a decrease of 4,806 students (11 percent) from the fall of 2012 and a 24 percent decrease from the historic high 1L enrollment of 52,488 in the fall of 2010.

    Approximately two-thirds of ABA-law schools (135) experienced declines in first-year enrollment from last year. At 81 law schools, 1L declines exceeded 10 percent.

    At 63 schools, 1L enrollment increased from 2012. At 27 of those schools, enrollment increased 10 percent or more.

    At 34 schools, the number of 1L students stayed within five students above or below last year’s figures."

    In the next section, the rodents announced the following:

    “Non-J.D. enrollment

    School reports also show that total non-J.D. enrollment for the fall of 2013 was 11,139, compared with 11,067 for the fall of 2012. Non-J.D. programs offer both advanced degrees, such as LL.M.s, for which an underlying law degree is required, and degrees for non-lawyer professionals that do not require a law degree for admission.

    The figures show that 9,401 (84 percent) of non-J.D. students are enrolled in advanced, post-J.D. programs, and 1,738 (16 percent) are enrolled in degree programs for non-lawyer professionals.”

    The dung beetles keep expanding their non-JD programs - and continue to hype these turds at every opportunity - and the results have been weak, so far. Enjoy looking for real jobs, academic thieves!

  23. An early Christmas!

    Fuck the law skools.

  24. The janitors are talking about resigning. Theres a seven pound Seton Hall Law clogging up the office toilet and building management is demanding that they unclog it immediately!

  25. Here is Knorps' official claim that he isn't Mr. Infinity and that we got it wrong:

    He claims that he has only recently found out about the posts about him and is now taking remedial measures.

  26. Jeff Blumenthal’s Philadelphia Business Journal piece, “Law school enrollment cut, faces 'existential threat,'” was published on June 6, 2013. Read this portion:

    “Law school enrollment was bound to decline in 2012 and 2013 to correspond with a drop in applications. But Rutgers School of Law-Camden saw a massive drop off in 2012 and one of its deans says the school is working hard to recover from “an existential threat.”

    National enrollment figures are not yet available for 2012 and 2013 but enrollment fell by 7.2 percent at U.S. law schools in 2011— the first significant decline in more than a decade.

    But there is school-by-school data available for 2012 and I called around to the local law schools to find out how they are doing for this coming school year. Here’s what I found out.

    The biggest drop off was at Rutgers Law-Camden, where from 2007 to 2011, the school had between 216 and 282 first-year students. But there was a drastic decline from 282 first-year students in 2011 to 116 in 2012. Rutgers Law-Camden Vice Dean John Oberdiek said in addition to the downturn in law school applications nationwide brought on by the economy, the massive enrollment decline was due largely to the uncertainty that emerged from the prospect of a Rutgers-Camden and Rowan University merger that was debated in early 2012 as prospective students were deciding where to apply to law school. The plan, in which all of Rutgers-Camden, including the law school, would have become part of Rowan, was called off by the New Jersey state legislature. But Oberdiek said the merger talk had already done its damage.”

    As you can see, the pigs are starting to defecate all over themselves. The bitches and hags are getting desperate. They know that other commodes will lower their pathetic “standards” even further - in order to get more asses in seats. We can anticipate that many ABA-accredited dumpsters will look to merge with larger universities, in the next few years.

    The law school cockroaches are only concerned about their own narrow $elf-intere$t. They do not give one damn about the students or recent graduates. After all, they need students to believe that more “education” is a wise investment. Once college grads review the numbers and impartial data, they stop applying to law school at such a high rate. The schools need the lemmings to remain ignorant.

  27. Interesting. If you go here:

    Follow the instructions and the PDF form you will be asked to fill out if you so desire will have a link to a resource with the US Dept. of Ed. where you can supposedly download your entire student loan history info.

  28. Nando, you are doing God's work. I predicted most of this long ago and it still stuns me how fast and how seriously law is imploding. I, the greatest lawland prophet ever known, saw alot of this as far back as 2007 but I am still amazed that everything I ever predicted and stated about law is coming to pass faster and in a more lethal way than even I could have imagined. God bless you Nando and may God curse the devils who run lawland from top to bottom. ...The Infamous John Bungsolaphagus.


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