Friday, January 17, 2014

Breaking News: Syracuse University College of Law “Strategically Planned” to Cut Its Class Size by 25 Percent!

Syracuse Commode of Law Spews Forth Orange Waste: On January 15, 2014, the Wall Street Journal Law Blog published Jacob Gershman’s piece, which was entitled “Dramatic Enrollment Drop Was Strategically Planned, Law School Says.”  Check out this opening:

“The historic drop in enrollment at U.S. law schools has been the subject of anxious debate in the legal community. Some view the pattern as a symptom of a sluggish job market and growing skepticism about the value of a law degree.

According to Syracuse University’s College of Law, which has seen a particularly steep drop in its class sizes, the shrinking numbers are the result of smarter planning.

Syracuse’s Class of 2016 is nearly 25% smaller than its Class of 2014, decreasing from 255 to 196 over two years. The law school’s director of admissions, Nikki Laubenstein, spoke to the campus newspaper about the enrollment trend and offered this take:

“Our smaller class size is strategically managed and planned to provide the optimal level of engagement for our students with our law school faculty and programming opportunities,” she told the Daily Orange in an article published Wednesday.” [Emphasis mine]

These lying bastards take dishonesty to a whole new level.  In this country, we are used to seeing CEO pigs, Congressroaches, and business managers employ corporatese and other underhanded tricks.  However, these academic dung beetles have these bastards beat, hands down.

Keep in mind that Nikki Laubenstein is the direcTTor of Admi$$ion$ at 96th ranked $yracu$e Univer$iTTy Commode of Law.  On her school bio, you will notice that she does not even have a damn law degree!  Yet, she sees no problem with “strongly encouraging” young college grads to take the plunge.

The Daily Orange posted a January 15, 2014 article from assistant news editor Ellen Meyers, under the headline “Law school enrollment drops for second year in a row.”  Look at the following excerpt:

“Syracuse University’s College of Law’s first-year enrollment declined for the second year in a row, after reaching an all-time high in 2011.

Enrollment peaked in 2010 and 2011 at 255 students. The number of students slightly fell to 245 in 2012, but that number sharply dropped to 196 for 2013.

Nikki Laubenstein, director of admissions at the College of Law, said in an email the class size is smaller to benefit students and faculty.” [Emphasis mine]

Yeah, sure the school planned these smaller class sizes - and Salma Hayek just dug her nails into my back and locked her ankles around my waist.  When it comes to sheer gall, Laubenstein’s excrementitious statement cannot be topped.  With this type of material, this rodent ought to become a stand-up comedienne.  Now, head to the conclusion:

“Construction on Dineen Hall, the new facility for the College of Law, is well underway and is scheduled to be completed by next fall. Laubenstein said it is an exciting time for the law school.

“This year’s exciting move into Dineen Hall allows us to continue to evaluate and redefine what it means for the student experience and to be a part of Syracuse Law,” she said.” [Emphasis mine]

This is about as exciting as getting hit by a car.

Other Coverage: On January 16, 2014, the Law School Truth Center featured a hilarious entry labeled “…And Syracuse Takes the Prize.”  Here is the entire text of that post:

“I don't know what prize, but this should win something:

Syracuse’s Class of 2016 is nearly 25% smaller than its Class of 2014, decreasing from 255 to 196 over two years. The law school’s director of admissions, Nikki Laubenstein, spoke to the campus newspaper about the enrollment trend and offered this take: 

“Our smaller class size is strategically managed and planned to provide the optimal level of engagement for our students with our law school faculty and programming opportunities,” she told the Daily Orange in an article published Wednesday.


I'm awestruck.

Nikki, you ever come to the Center, there's a golden barstool with your name on it and drinks are on the house.”

Dineen Hall’s Ridiculous Costs:  From the trash pit’s press release, regarding the “gift” from the greedy pig Dineen family:

“The new building is expected to cost between $85 million to $90 million and total approximately 200,000 square feet. SU Architecture alumnus Richard Gluckman '70, G'71, of the Gluckman Mayner architectural firm in New York City, will be the lead architect on the project.” [Emphasis mine]

For $ome rea$on, these funds did not make their way to students, in the form of scholarships, grants, or reduced tuition.  Then again, old-ass, wrinkly, rich white people would rather have buildings named after them - rather than a mere scholarship fund.

Conclusion: Nikki Laubenstein is a lying rat who has no integrity.  Yes, I realize that the wench is hired by an ABA-accredited dung pit.  She doesn’t want to alarm current students and potential applicants - especially with an upcoming move into a shiny, expensive, big-ass, new building.  However, she is still the one uttering such nonsense.


  1. I haven't seen many "lying rats" who look that damn good.

    That girl is a doll.

    1. Time-honored sales tactic. Get an attractive female to stand next to whatever you're selling.

    2. When car companies, bars, and restaurants do it, it's called "exploitation."

      When law schools do it, it's called "progress towards gender equality."

  2. The debt is the most toxic and inescapable in American history, and by now, only an idiot would take on six figures of that type debt for a degree that will not pay off.

    It is that simple, and they should be thankful that their enrollment is not down by 50% or more.

  3. Everything the Federal Government gets involved in becomes corrupt and turns to shit.

    Look at Higher Ed. and look at Obamacare, which is no cheaper than before Obamacare was signed into law, and has incredibly high annual deductibles.

    If there was a free market operating the people that couldn't afford College or Law School would not go and they would not be able to get a loan either.

    The lifeblood of the scam is the taxpayer guaranteed debt. One trillion dollars and growing.

    1. This is so true. I'd add one slight correction.

      Every single fucking thing the federal government gets involved in becomes corrupt and turns to shit.

    2. Housing bubble too.

  4. From their website: total cost of attendance (tuition and fees) $46,063 for ONE year. This does not include housing or food or other expenses.

    However, SU is cheap compared to over-rated Cornell down the road, which charges about $59,500 for ONE year.

    Cornell's enrollment is also dropping:

    From the article above, here's what the extra $9,000 buys you:

    "As of March [2013], 93 percent of Cornell's 2012 graduates were employed; 78 percent of SU Law graduates were known to be employed, according to ABA statistics."

    Overall US unemployment rate: 7%, same as Cornell law grad unemployment, but much much better than SU.

    1. Class of 12 grads who got real legal jobs (bar required FT LT minus solo and school funded) 9 months out:

      Cornell 84.7%
      Syracuse: 45.4%

      Per ETL

  5. "The last time Tap toured America, they were, uh, booked into 10,000 seat arenas, and 15,000 seat venues, and it seems that now, on their current tour they're being booked into 1,200 seat arenas, 1,500 seat arenas, and uh, I was just wondering, does this mean uh...the popularity of the group is waning?"

    "Oh, no, no, no, no, no,, no, not at all. I, I, I just think that the...uh...their appeal is becoming more selective."

  6. Great biting article, man. You've beaten the shit out of the law schools and you don't stop beating them down. I love it!

  7. Yeah, sure they planned to strategically cut enrollment. Just like all the law grads that can't find legal jobs strategically pursue alternative uses for a law degree.

  8. "“Our smaller class size is strategically managed and planned to provide the optimal level of engagement for our students with our law school faculty and programming opportunities"


    Straight out of the Accenture Buzz-Word Speak Playbook..

    Let's revolutionize! Shift some paradigms! Think Outside the Box. Blast-Fax Kudos all around!!

    And now, let's all do the S-A-F-E-T-Y dance!!


    Ya ever wish the J's in academia would just.. shut the hell up?? Ever wonder how the J's lie so well and keep a straight face? Here's a hint: It's all about the money.

  9. After 3 years of law school and 100k in debt you can apply for this job in Syracuse, NY.
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    Jan17, 2014 Craigslist

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    1. My bad:
      This ad was not from Jan 17 but Dec 7. Mistake due to the few posts between Dec 6 and Jan 17. 6 attorney posts.

  10. Nostrodamus predicted the Law School Scam in his last Folio, 1566:

    "After the great wars ended and the wall fell,
    the one who wilt be called Leether shalt sit in the windy city
    and on his throne.

    Thereat a great scam shalt be divulged.
    and upon unsuspecting lemmings great in number
    and young in years.
    And the symbol of the scam shalt be the commode of baked clay."

    1. That's a magnificent prophecy, which goes far beyond time and space yet is somehow applicable to the ongoing financial fraud perpetrated by the law schools and their pudgy, disheveled, hunchbacked professors.

      In their breathtaking beauty, those verses rival anything penned by the great Maurice, who has achieved a sort of secular divinity in his indetectable power and incomprehensible wisdom.

  11. The Angry Accountant, now aircraft hydraulics guru.January 17, 2014 at 9:42 PM

    This Syracuse Crap Law School is such a scam. They hace 10 different deans for a school of maybe 300 students?! It is not that hard to run a law school. I got an airline hydraulic business that is really difficult to run and it is basically me and two guys. What a bunch of hags. I wish I never went to college and I am glad I changed my mind past minute about law school. They also have a bunch of pretty girls who got degrees in the most ridiculous majors runnong their financial aid office LOL.


    “Meet the Staff

    Syracuse College of Law > Admissions and Financial Aid > Meet the Staff
    Office of Admissions

    Office of Financial Aid

    Nikki Laubenstein is the Director of Admissions and has worked in the College of Law Office of Admissions in various capacities since 1999. Prior to joining the College of Law, Ms. Laubenstein worked in the dean’s office of the School of Education. She earned her BA in Psychology from Bowling Green State University, and her MS and CAS in Counseling from Syracuse University.

    Ms. Laubenstein enjoys working directly with prospective law students and their families, and helping students to determine if Syracuse Law is the right fit for them. She oversees the coordination of the first year student orientation program, admitted student visitor programs and the law ambassador program. She also determines admissions committee application and merit scholarship decisions and oversees the LL.M. recruitment and admissions process. Ms. Laubenstein can be reached at”

    Apparently, you don’t need to have a law degree in order to be the direcTTor of Admi$$ion$ at the 96th greatest, most amazing and wonderful law school in the country. Apparently, if you are a cute, young blonde chick, that is more than enough for the job. She is not exactly a doll, but in comparison to the typical female law student, this lady is very attractive.

    Note that Nikki Laubenstein has a Psychology degree. She can easily manipulate idiotic lemmings who believe that they are going to be the next F. Lee Bailey, Gerry Spence or Vincent Bugliosi. For those who feel that they are going to become corporate counsel or Biglaw associates, she simply needs to let them think that they are special.

    This liar also oversees the LLM recruiTTmenTT and admi$$ion$ process at Syracuse University Commode of Law. With regard to these applicants, she may need to tap into her psychology background. After all, she is trying to sell law grads on the idea of more “education.”

    1. Nando, please ease up on the category: "Anything that can be presented as or accused of being sexism." No matter how hot they may or may not seem, we CANNOT give the Nikki Laubensteins and the Nancy Leongs a foothold to play the race/sex card. Let's keep it strictly about these pigs' rotten little schemes.

      If you do want to take the movement into these dangerous waters, let's keep it scientific. For example, there are multiple studies that show beautiful people are more persuasive:

      So I guess, for our cause, we should maybe be explicit that some of these folks are using their attractiveness to add to the sales pitch of encouraging students to make decisions that are good for law school administrators, but not law schools themselves. But I think that you have so much material otherwise, and the pigs are so obviously caught red-handed with their filthy snouts in the trough, that you simply don't NEED the race/sex card to make a better point. Since it could be used to hurt you, just leave it alone.

  13. ^Is that you Cryn?

    1. what? No. Do you want this to happen to nando?

  14. Not one person on the entire admissions or financial aid staff went to law school. That's why they work in recruiting law students; they are smarter.

    1. That proves what they think of their own law graduates. They consider them suckers who have outlived their usefulness. Once you quit borrowing to pay tuition, you're a loser, a social leper, who just isn't allowed in their private club.

    2. That one guy, Andrew Horsfall, Associate Director of Admissions, did graduate from Syracuse Law. Apparently males need higher qualifications than females to join their admissions staff.

      I met Horsfall at a law fair, and he was a nice enough guy, well-dressed and enthusiastic. Like most admissions people, he didn't want to talk too much about scholarships.

  15. It is a disingenuous statement. Actually, it is probably a lie. But at least they didn't drop admissions standards like some schools to maintain class size. If schools maintain admissions standards we WILL see a trickle-down effect where less qualified students go to worse schools. Those really scraping the bottom of the barrel will not be able to get candidates as they will go to better schools, and they will crater and close.

  16. Must admit amazement that these admission people are not lawyers, but face it..all they do is look at lsat and GPA, look pretty and tell people how wonderful their law school. Imagine a non M.d. as dean of admissions of a med school.

  17. I hear Cryn gives great head.

    1. I heard the same about you, but I really wasn't interested.

    2. She does give great head. But her pussy is jut alright.

  18. Syracuse is a cess pool of a law school. Outrageous prices and shit job prospects.

  19. Check out this self-serving nonsense from the private toilet:

    “Dineen Hall:
    Redefining Legal Education

    Opening in the Fall of 2014, the 200,000 square foot Dineen Hall is a state-of-the-art facility that will change the way students attend law school. Built specifically for the demands of legal education, the new Dineen Hall will feature an open architecture design, collaborative learning environment, superior technology and ideal location for a positive student experience. At the forefront of Syracuse University’s new west campus expansion, Dineen Hall will provide a cohesive teaching, research and learning space that will advance legal education at Syracuse to a new level.”

    How exactly is a new building going to redefine “legal education”?!?! It is simply a place, a setting. The curriculum will not change - and the job prospects are not going to magically improve - simply because the commode has a big-ass, shiny, new building.

    Employers care about a law school’s ranking and reputation, lemming. Does anyone with an IQ above room temperature believe that hiring partners or HR managers are going to be impressed with a graduate from the 98th “best” law school in the country?!

    Furthermore, you can have a seat in the TTT courtroom dedicated in your name, for the “low” price of $3,000! This has the tone of a cheesy, late-night infomercial, i.e. “If you order in the next 30 minutes, we’ll throw in a free Chicago Cutlery set and two rolls of ShamWow!”

    “Your name. Your legacy. Your courtside seat!

    Reserve your seat in the Ceremonial Courtroom in Dineen Hall today.

    The new Ceremonial Courtroom is a state-of-the-art 300-seat auditorium which will welcome advocacy competitions, the local judiciary, distinguished lecturers and more.

    A seat can be dedicated with your tax-deductible contribution of $3,000 to the Syracuse Law Annual Fund. You can customize a giving schedule that works for you. Print your Courtside Seating form and mail in today.

    Please contact Lori Kiewe at or 315.443.9532 with questions.”

    It is ALL about the money, people! Do you think - for one second - that these pigs give a damn about the students, the “legal community,” “justice,” or the clients?!?! These swine merely want to sell you on the idea that YOU are special. Does anyone want to email Lori Kiewe, and point out to her that this new building will have no impact on the students’ job outlook?

  20. I went to the website. I read it.


    The appeal to prestige and vanity is blatant and painfully obvious. However, that said, since this toilet ranks 98th and now, thanks to the new and improved US News bullshit rankings, there's nothing below 100 anymore, right??, I'd say: What prestige?!?!?

    They raised 39 million already for this monstrosity. 46 million is the goal. It's named after a large donation from the family of someone who is a 1966 alum (That's just about when "Get Smart' was in it's heyday on TV, kids..)

    This at a time when students need 'kickbacks' on their insane tuition bill. Not a goddamn new building. This at a time when students are in debt to the tune of $120k++ and can't get a legal, or any other "JD Advantage" jerb.

    They don't need a shiny new building. At least not the students. They need reduced tuition, cuts in faculty and staff, a real CSO helping place them in any job they can, etc.

    This is late night TV legal fluffitude designed ala the Trump Touch to get the Lemmings to sign on the dotted line. Because as Nando said, it's all about the money.

    This does nothing to enhance the students' outcomes. It only serves to enhance the school keeping the Scam going by dressing up the front office for potential suckers.


  21. All the appeal of late-night TV indeed.

    I thought of this reading the website:

    "Never Stop Dreaming!"

    Nice home, eh kids?

    Good luck living in one like it.

    With your $125k in non-dischargeable student loan debt, the closest you might get would be working as the gardener or butler while some law professor and his hot trophy also-law-professor wife enjoy living the high life there.

    Maybe if you're lucky, they'll have a guest house and let you live there. Like Kato Kaelin and OJ.

    1. I can think of half a dozen reasons why I could never consider any law professor a trophy wife...

      It's far more likely that a male law professor would have a vaguely North Korean "pleasure team" hanging around his McMansion.

  22. I don't understand what is wrong with you all. I am a 1976 grad of seton hall law. I was able to get a good public sector job when I graduated and am now comfortably retired with a nice pension and benefit package. I graduated with no debt since I commuted from home, worked part-time during school, and had help from my parents. Plus, I still practice law part-time to supplement my income. I also get medicare and social security (which I paid into my whole life).

    You all need to look in the mirror if you want to improve your situations. You can't keep crying online about scams. Grow up and take responsibility for your lives. Go out in the world and takes risks and try to make a go of things.

    1. Hi Old Timer!!

      I mean, Boomer.

      What's a pension?

      A public sector job? That's PSLF. Everyone wants one now.. Hard to get. Doubly hard since Fed/State/Local cutting back in spades.

      It's preeety impossible to pay off tuition today since the rent is too damn high.. No way to pay off an average of $125k (It's not 1976 anymore..) plus any college loans working part-time.

      Risks are for suckers. There's no edge.

      Things are now worse with each passing year.

      Let me repeat: Risks are for suckers. Especially today in the Predatory Education Game.

      Don't worry. Soon the Kick the Can Game will end. There'll be no more road. The younger generations won't see pensions, or Social Security, or Medicare. But you're okay - as long as there are enough younger workers remaining to pay for it.

      Get a clue, old man.

      Times have changed. Radically.

    2. What you call "crying online about scams" is a humanitarian effort to warn another generation not to pay ten times the tuition you paid, and not to incur mountains of debt in anticipation of public-sector jobs that actually attract competitive applicants these days

      Also, you had good parents, but not all parents have the means to help their children at today's scam-inflated tuition rates. If you don't understand that many people live in situations different from yours, then you never should have been hired as a public employee in the first place.

    3. Someone gave me a copy of a book called "The Demographic Cliff" by Harry Dent Jr.

      Basically the book says that there will soon be a massive number of older boomers retiring like the one above who graduated in 76 and who will be sucking all the money out of whatever is left.

      In a nutshell the younger generations will be screwed and unable to support the retired boomers or themselves.

      So what to do? Invest in a company that makes depends undergarments maybe, or in nursing homes.

  23. @5:52

    Hey Boomer parasite asshole. You graduated from law school almost 40 fucking years ago.

    If you want to see who financially drained this county, take a good long look in the mirror.

    Like the other guy said, taking risks is for suckers. Steve Wynn's made a fortune off of suckers. Asshole.

    1. @ 5:52 has no dog in this fight. Yet, like all True Boomers, feels free to preach from his pulpit.

      Like 8:21 said, about 40 years have passed since you entered this "noble profession".

      That may as well be 10,000 years.

      The legal field, along with the rest of the US economy is deteriorating day by day.

      The opportunities simply are not there. The long-term, stable employment (with rising wages, laugh!!) needed to pay off the debt and make law school a worthwhile "investment" (laugh again!) are NOT THERE.

      You Boomers love to preach about what others should do. Tell you what, put your money where your mouth is. Find someone who wants to go to law school. Find the best candidate you can. The only conditions being that they don't come from money (The Social Registry), don't have a trust fund, and are not receiving help from anyone financially.

      The above, btw, captures the typical law school applicant.

      If things don't work out, tell them you'll pay off the entire debt in 5 years. All of it, down to the penny.

      For their part, they have to do the absolute best they can during and after law school to find and secure a decent job.

      Do that.


      Like taking that risk?

      If not, then why should the average 20-Something applicant. It all comes down on their shoulders and is non-dischargeable.

      IBR / PAYE is nothing but controlled bankruptcy and an excuse to not make student loans dischargeable in bankruptcy, again as they were when you went. They never will be again, IMO. Congress has spoken and the debt-slavery will remain, with a Tax Bomb at the end to boot for non-PSLF jobs.

    2. To hell with you, you little wise ass. My father was a truck driver and my mother was a nurse. I lived at home after law school until I got married. I got my public job through connections I MADE MYSELF by working in politics as a volunteer organizer and getting my name out there. That job happened 2 years after graduation. For those 2 years before that job and after law school I struggled and did overflow work for other firms while still being involved in politics. My parents weren't worldly at all and had no contacts I could use. I bartended nights and weekends in law school and worked for free in law offices to build my connections and resume. I even continued bartending after law school and before I got my public job.

      You all think that things should just come easy. Do your own research. If the "jobs aren't there" then why in the hell would you attend in the first place? That's the height of stupidity. Schools are going to lie and fudge data to get you, the consumer, in the door. Buying an education is like buying a car/house/etc. Would you buy a house without having a home inspection done and running a title search, you simpletons?

      I know plenty of people from law school who graduated back in the 70s who couldn't find jobs and instead opened their own practices on bank loans and made something of themselves because they worked hard and committed themselves to the practice of law. Go play video games and keep bitching online about scams. That'll do a lot for you in life.

      Lastly, I paid into my pension, social security, and medicare my entire career. Sorry I'm going to use it now that I'm older. It isn't even enough to survive in this high cost of living environment in the northeast. I guess I should just keep working paying ridiculous taxes for pieces of shit on public assistance forever or idiots who go to grad school on federal loans I PAY FOR.

    3. Fuck you too, you leech. How much was tuition when you went to that shithole?

    4. perhaps you should apply your prodigious legal skill to a different set of Laws-- those of frequentist statistics.

      People attribute to their own skill what is actually luck with survivorship bias. It's as true for research scientists as it is for hedge fund managers, and for lawyers lucky enough to be born in the 1955-65 range.



      Sums up the response from @ 8:39 AM perfectly. And saves me a lot of writing.

    6. 8:39- Someone trying to replicate today what you did in the 70's, putting in the amount of effort that you put in back then, would fall flat on his or her face. The market has gotten dramatically more competitive, and those who graduate often bear large amounts of student loan debt, even if they take the same cost-saving measures that you did such as living at home and working while in school. The rewards have simultaneously gotten harder to get and more meager if you do get them.

      Furthermore, the posters here are posting so that we can warn others of the dangers of law school, not just to complain about cruel fate. I didn't even go to law school, and yet I have been inspired to warn others based on what I have learned about just how bad it is.

    7. @January 20, 2014 at 8:39 AM

      You forgot to tell him to get off your lawn.

  24. 552,

    NO! I refuse to take any risks, you dried up piece of crap!

    If I go to law school, that law school (and the taxpayers) should be absolutely FORCED to pay me a 6-figure income (or high-5-figure, at least) EVERY YEAR FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. No matter what. Even if I don't feel like working.

    Get with the fucking TIMES already!

  25. I'd care if they had a new building with great accommodations if they were building a whore house: Jacuzzis, dancers pool, vibrating water beds, mirrors on all sides and the ceiling, etch. But spending that kind of money for a law school building when you can teach the same bullshit Socratic case studies in a renovated barn is beyond disbelief. And the lemmings are impressed by it.

  26. Syracuse University brass must be punch drunk and not thinking straight. The more people spread the truth about law school the worse it gets for people running a scam.

    So we have this shiny building scheduled to come online. It was planned, financed, and built during a boom in enrollment. People were flooding into the law schools, legal education was prestigious, revenue was large and ever growing, professors and deans were fat and happy. Now enrollments are collapsing, legal education is a scam, revenue is questionable, and deans and professors are fearful, albeit still fat. I would also guess that the students they are getting do not have as good GPA's or LSAT scores as the students they expected or were getting in the past.

    Usually new buildings are for being able to handle even larger classes than before. Syracuse though cannot pull in the number of suckers they did in years past.

    With the mortgage on the building calibrated for expanding law classes Syracuse Law will be in the news again. expect layoffs in their future

  27. Let’s take a look at the toilet’s data on its Tuition and Cost of Attendance page:

    “2014-2015 Estimated Cost of Attendance
    Please be aware that the estimated cost of attendance provided below is unofficial [sic], pending final approval in March 2014.

    The estimated cost of tuition for students in the Juris Doctor program at Syracuse University College of Law in the 2014-2015 academic year is $44,000. Required fees for students in the J.D. program are $2,063.”

    Learn how to spell, Bitch. Hell, you rats don’t have access to SpellCheck?!?!

    Now, head to the budget worksheet for the current school year:

    “2013 – 2014 Full-Time Law Student Cost of Attendance

    The College of Law provides an estimate of the costs that are reasonable for a student to attend Syracuse University College of Law and pursue the J.D. degree program. Figures 1 through 4 (below) represent estimated tuition and fees for a law student engaged in full-time study for the 2013-2014 academic year.”

    Tuition for full-time law students at $yracu$e Univer$iTTy reached $44,000 - for the 2013-2014 school year. Yes, that is the definition of “reasonable costs,” right?!?!

    By the way, Syracuse law students are also eligible to live in the Campus West Apartments. The pigs make a plug for this housing option, on the tuition page. Again, it is ALL about the money!

    “It's Your Life!

    Campus West has everything a Syracuse University student needs - fully-furnished apartments, computer center, modern fitness room and more social activities than will fit in your smart phone calendar. Since you'll be doing some studying too, free internet and study lounges will make life easier. Check out the total package that will make Campus West your home away from home. We are currently accepting applications from all Syracuse University Students.”

    When you reach this sales pitch, just let the slide show run. You’ll see the amenities such as a gym - as well as modernist-style furniture and large common areas. I’m surprised the cockroaches didn’t post pictures of pretty co-eds kissing each other in a hot tub.

  28. Check out this April 10, 2013 Faculty Lounge entry from Dan Filler. It is entitled “New Law School Rankings: Employment Data Cleaned Of School Funded Jobs.” From his opening:

    “I've taken the same data that Gary Rosin used in this post (which ranked schools by percentage employed in full-time, long-term jobs requiring a JD) and cleaned the excluding all such positions that were funded by the law school.

    One concern I have about Gary's list - similar to concerns about US News rankings - is that once you eliminate the top schools, an ordinal ranking suggests large distinctions between schools with small acutal differences. Thus, the gap in Gary's list from the #1 school (Penn) to the #31 school (Georgia) is 25 percentage points; Penn placed 94.4% of its students and Georgia placed 69.4%. But the gap between Georgia and the school 30 places down the list - #61 FIU (which placed 63.6 of its students) - was only 5.8 percentage points. A law school candidate might be agnostic as between Georgia and FIU, based on placement, but not between Penn and Georgia.”

    Filler then ranks the 197 schools, in the following chart, “Class of 2012 ABA Employment Report for JD Required, FT, LT Minus Law School Funded.”

    Syracuse University Commode of Law comes in at number 153, with a placement rate of 45.95 percent. Yes, what a prestigious in$TTiTTuTTion of “higher education,” huh?!?!

    Hell, the following rancid, ABA-accredited trash pits have better job placement numbers - regarding JD required position, minus law school-funded posts - than Syracuse: University of Baltimore, 111; Duquesne University, 114; University of Toledo, 118; William Mitchell COL, 120; Regent, 125; Liberty “University,” 128; TTTTouro College, 131; Crooklyn, 139; Barry University, 141; Widener, 148; and Pace, 149.

    Who in their right mind would pay $44K per year in tuition, for such pathetic garbage job prospects?!?! Avoid this sewer as if your life depended on it, people. After all, how in the hell are you going to be able to afford children and a house when you incur insane levels of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt - while earning a low salary?!

  29. Hey, self righteous boomer asshole...

  30. Looks like WTLS is getting in on the Twitter action .... it ain't gonna end good. >:)

  31. I stumbled onto this blog and can't believe what I see here. Are all of you graduates of law school? If so, what was your class ranking? Are you still actively seeking employment in law or did you give up?

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