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First Tier Eagle Droppings: Emory University School of Law

Tuition: Full-time law students at Emory Univer$ity face a ridiculous tuition bill of $47,500 - for the 2013-2014 school year.  Fees add up to another $674, for a total amount of $$48,174.  At a certain point, you realize that there is no legitimate reason for such outrageous prices.  This is not medical school, which requires large costs in lab space and technology.

Total, Estimated Cost of Attendance: According to this same page, other costs will reach $26,422.  Hence, the commode lists the estimated COA as $74,596 - for first and second year law students.  Isn’t it nice to see that the law school swine put their students’ interests first?!?!

However, one must realize that ABA-accredited diploma mills base their estimates on a nine-month calendar.  Since actual students will require costs over the full year, we will prorate living expenses.  The remaining items will remain unaffected.  The pigs at Emory list living costs as $17,964.  Based on that price, the 12 month figure would be $23,952.  As such, the total estimated COA - for one damn year at this law school -  is $80,584!!  Who the hell has that kind of money?!

Ranking: Based on the rankings from US “News” & World Report, Emory University Sewer of Law is rated as the 23rd most sensational and mesmerizing law school in the country.  Hell, it only shares this distinction with one other ABA-accredited school.

Published Employment Statistics: Let’s take a look at the toilet’s Class of 2012 Employment Report.  You will notice that there were 266 total graduates in this cohort.  Apparently, everyone submitted their employment status.  Only 215 members of this class landed full-time, long term employment!!  This includes non-legal work, as well.  That represents 80.8% of all grads.

Of course, the ABA allows schools to count part-time and short-term jobs in their tabulations.  After all, who didn’t decide to go to law school, with the intention of working such garbage positions, right?!?!  Therefore, the “official” nine-month, employment placement rate is 96.2 percent, i.e. 256/266.

By the way, this school - which is supposedly the 23rd greatest law school in the United States - hired 37 of its 2012 grads in university or law school-funded positions!  Yes, that is the true hallmark of a “prestigious” school, huh?!?!  You will note that 17 of these were full-time, long term - while the remaining 20 jobs were part-time and long term.  Without resorting to this measure, the placement rate would only have been 82.3%, i.e. 219/266.  In sum, the school increased this figure by nearly 14 percent - with this underhanded tactic.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Emory Law Class of 2012 who incurred debt for law school - as $105,838. However, only 76 percent of this commode’s 2012 class took on such foul debt. Remember that this figure does not include undergraduate debt – and it also does not take accrued interest into account, while the student is enrolled.

The Former Home of Super-Bitch Sara K. Stadler: Here is the video of Sara Stadler delivering the commencement address to the 2011 graduating class of Emory University. The speech starts at 36:10 and ends at the 45:20 mark.

As reported by Debra Cassens Weiss, in the May 26, 2011 edition of the ABA Journal:

“Emory University law professor Sara Stadler thinks law grads need to stop coveting high-paying jobs that just aren’t available. And she said so in a commencement speech earlier this month.

"Get over it,” Stadler told law grads. “The one thing standing in the way of your happiness is a sense of entitlement." The Fulton County Daily Report covered the speech.” [Emphasis mine]

Keep in mind that this pile of human excrement is the daughter of former U.$. $olicitor General James Lee Rankin.  The bastard was also general counsel to the Warren Commission, which helped cover up the murder of JFK - which is what it was assembled for, people.

Conclusion: Nearly one-fourth of the 2012 graduating class at Emory Law did not incur a single dime of student debt, for their JD.  You are competing with connected, rich kids for top jobs.  If you are not part of the club, then they have huge advantages over your ass - before you even set foot in law school.  They have real connections, i.e. their fathers can make a phone call and get their kids nice jobs.  Additionally, those students will not be financially ruined by their decision to attend law school.

As a person of modest means, YOU will essentially be required to take on an additional $115K-$170K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt - for a chance to enter the shrinking legal “profession.”  Do you like those odds, Dumbass?!?!  If so, then you should take your carcass to a riverboat casino and bet your life savings on the upcoming Super Bowl.  Hell, your chances of winning are actually better if you do so, lemming. 


  1. Stadler was wrong that "The one thing standing in the way of your happiness is a sense of entitlement." There are a few other things, like massive debts and nonexistent jobs.

  2. FYI on Stadler.

    She did, in fact, move to Nebraska to find work:

  3. $47K a year and the school had to hire 14% of its last class.

    That is fucking outrageous.

  4. The class of 2014 can work for $25 an hour. That will take them a while to reimburse their students loans.
    Craigslist Jan14
    HUGE Project for Attorneys (Atlanta)

    MANY Lawyers sought for a huge project in Charlotte NC. Housing stipend provided.

    Project starts this Tuesday and it is expected to last for several weeks. Long term opportunity as well.

    Kindly submit your resume to us asap and mention the "Charlotte Project."

    • Location: Atlanta
    • Compensation: $25 per hour

  5. I worked with a 2012 Emory law grad. She was paid $30,000, if memory serves. The legal industry is such a joke and will eventually implode if this keeps up.

  6. But Bobby Jones the golfer went to Emory Law. He even quit professional golf to be a lawyer. C'mon. How can you slam this school?

  7. Nando is right about this school being for rich and connected kids. Watch the graduation ceremony Nando posted as a youtube link and go straight to the hooding part of the graduation ceremony. You will note the graduates being hooded by mothers, fathers, uncles, brothers and sisters who are either HYS law grads and/or judges and members of Biglaw firms. Those grads don't have anything to worry about because they will be taken care of. If you are a trying to break into this business (it's not a profession anymore), you need CONNECTIONS who will SPONSOR you. A JD from Emory alone will not get you far in this field.

    As for the school itself, it is used to be known as a strong regional school but since lawyers have been overproduced for the past 25 years, Emory takes a third/forth seat in the Atlanta market to other schools such as Duke, Vanderbilt and UVa.

    This school is a toxic bet unless you are CONNECTED. If you have to wonder whether you are connected, you are not.

    1. @ 5:22 PM

      You are someone who should work for the Feds or in private security. You are detail-oriented to notice that otherwise fine distinction re: the hooding parts.

      And you nailed it. Law is a business. The bullshitters like to talk all this 'noble profession' nonsense but that's just to make themselves feel better about working in a shitty industry where winning is all that counts.

      And you are again dead-on about backing and connections. If you have to ask yourself whether you have substantial backing and connections, you don't. And law is not for you, Lemmings.

    2. BINGO. Law is a business. The old joke from Economics class - There's always a shortage of free labor. That's the new selling point for the pigs - change the world, etc... as more and more suckers discover no earnings to be found in the law and seek work in retail where they can at least earn some damn money.

    3. "This school is a toxic bet unless you are CONNECTED. If you have to wonder whether you are connected, you are not."

      So basically law is like a poker game, you have to look around and see if you can find the patsy. If you don't see this patsy you need to get up and walk away, your role is that of the patsy.

    4. Yeah, that first anonymous commenter is an obnoxious troll. I'm guessing he's one of the many out there who are totally unworthy beneficiaries of nepotism, and that's why he acts like not having connections in the industry makes you a "lemming".

      The stupid people are the ones that can't get jobs based on merit. Today I run circles around kids that weren't good enough for the job but got it anyway, and it feels great to get ahead of them in every sense possible.

      Enjoy middle management at 50, idiot.

  8. Senator Kirstin Gillibrand urges Obama to mention Student Loan debt relief in his SOTU address Tuesday night:

  9. Why you will be paying off your student loans forever:

  10. Student loan repayment options for dummies:

  11. nando,

    Have you looked into unaccredited Massachusetts School of Law at Andover?

    During a newspaper article interview, when asked "how many graduates are employed full-time in legal jobs; how many are unemployed or maybe underemployed," the dean responded "I have no idea. We have never collected statistics on any of that, so we don’t have any notion." See

  12. Law school issues. Do the math:

  13. Priced out of a college education:

  14. Thanks for the update, 8:53 am! Here is the CreighTTTon bio for Sara Stadler:

    “Sara K. Stadler, a native of Kearney, Nebraska, obtained her undergraduate degree, summa cum laude, from Emory University, where she was a Robert W. Woodruff Scholar. She obtained her law degree from the University of Virginia, where she was a Hardy Cross Dillard Scholar and a member of the Virginia Law Review. After clerking for Judge Murray M. Schwartz of the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware, Professor Stadler worked as an associate at Sullivan & Cromwell in New York before specializing in copyright and trademark law, first at Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu in New York and then at Kilpatrick Stockton (now Kilpatrick Townsend) in Atlanta.

    Before moving back to Nebraska, Stadler was an Associate Professor, with tenure, at the Emory University School of Law, where she was voted Most Outstanding Professor by the Class of 2011. She also has taught at the University of Cincinnati College of Law, where she received the Goldman Prize for Excellence in Teaching. Prof. Stadler teaches property and intellectual property law.

    Courses taught:


    I just read Elie Mystal’s piece on this cockroach, from October 1, 2013. It was entitled “Good Jobs Available In The Middle Of Nowhere.” From the opening:

    “A couple of years ago, we had a lot of good fun with the commencement address at Emory School of Law. A professor there, Sara K. Stadler, gave a commencement speech telling students who were graduating into a terrible job market to get over their own sense of entitlement. Then she told them to move to Nebraska.

    Interestingly, Stadler did, in fact, up and move to Nebraska. She is now at Creighton University School of Law. She left a tenured position at Emory to be an adjunct at Creighton, so… living the dream, I guess.”

    It’s great to see this pile of waste take her own advice. Then again, her father was connected to the hilt. It’s not as if Sara Stadler has ever had to worry about finding “work.” As you can see, the piece of trash known as James Lee Rankin did a great job covering up the JFK murder.

    1. I would hazard a guess that this change may not have been 100% planned. I find it odd that someone would willingly go from a fully tenured position at the #23 school to an adjunct position at a TTTT in the middle of nowhere like the "Big C."

      For all intents and purposes, that's quite a step down.

    2. Can we get off the myth that it's ONLY about connections? It is also about brains and aptitude. Connections don't get you to graduate summa cum laude. Stadler would not have trouble finding work, anyway. However the majority of readers -- and applicants to law schools generally -- are NEITHER smart enough NOR connected enough to have an easy time finding employment.

      Incidentally, connections are no surefire bet. I am at a top biglaw firm and work for a Tier 1 Chambers-ranked partner. Brilliant and very respected with plenty of connections. His son is graduating from Villanova this year without a job lined up. Not sure as to grades. Probably middle of the pack. Despite the dad's success, he hasn't been able to engineer a job for the kid (yet anyway). This kid will probably be fine. He probably has no loans and probably will end up getting a job, but a $160,000 one.

  15. Speaking of the name Stadler. See the funny as Hell YouTube video called "Austrian MP Stadler addresses Turkish ambassador" and he speaks German in the Austrian Parliament but the video has English subtitles. He is a lawyer too but the MP Stadler is the only lawyer who speaks with forceful truth and conviction. Someone should rip the ABA a new asshole in Congress in the same oratory style.

  16. Doesn't surprise me one bit that the lying SOB who covered up and white washed the JFK assassination has a daughter who is another human waste product serving as a cockroach Dean of Emory law school. They are sociopaths plain and simple and sociopathy is in the genes and that is where we get our cliche "crime runs in the family" and sociopaths gravitate towards positions of power. Tony Montana in Scarface was right when he said that dinner speech "You guys like to point your finger at me as a bad Guy because you know how to cover up your lies better than never will see a bad Guy like me again." He said that speech while an American Bar Association meeting was going on at the restaurant.

  17. ^Which lying SOB you talking about?

    Gerald Ford and Arlen Specter came up with the magic bullet bullshit. The whole thing was meant for cover. All the assholes on that committee are as equally guilty.

  18. Lee Rankin is burning in Hell for eternity and the rest of the ones who covered up JFK's murder. They are Bo different from the real killers who pulled the trigger. You may fool the people here on Earth but you will not fool God. May everyone of them disgraceful scum rot in Hell.

  19. I think most of the peoples getting good knowledge to read your blog

  20. I wish law professors had to live on the budgets they prepare for law students. Paying full-boat at Emory Law must create a lot of financial disasters. I went to a higher ranked school and it was so not worth it.

  21. Law = White Collar Poverty

  22. I too went to a higher ranked school than Emory and it has financially destroyed my life and my professional future. If you go to law school in 2014, you are literally a retard. Lawyers will scoff at you behind your back for the entirety of your career. By taking the LSAT and applying to law school in 2014, you are demonstrating to the world that you don't understand how to perform basic rudimentary searches on Google.

    1. You know who will be targeted the most from the law school scam? The class of people who have historically been discriminated in all kinds of jobs. The law schools will promote their diversity agenda con game and act like there is no more discrimination. With a tight job market.....there will be more discrimination than ever before. Especially sexy young female graduates.....they will have to learn to get on their hands and knees and blow the senior partner at the job interview. Discrimination always has and always will nlbe here. Human nature

  23. Look at this April 10, 2013 Faculty Lounge entry from Dan Filler. It is entitled “New Law School Rankings: Employment Data Cleaned Of School Funded Jobs.” From his opening:

    “I've taken the same data that Gary Rosin used in this post (which ranked schools by percentage employed in full-time, long-term jobs requiring a JD) and cleaned the excluding all such positions that were funded by the law school.

    One concern I have about Gary's list - similar to concerns about US News rankings - is that once you eliminate the top schools, an ordinal ranking suggests large distinctions between schools with small acutal differences. Thus, the gap in Gary's list from the #1 school (Penn) to the #31 school (Georgia) is 25 percentage points; Penn placed 94.4% of its students and Georgia placed 69.4%. But the gap between Georgia and the school 30 places down the list - #61 FIU (which placed 63.6 of its students) - was only 5.8 percentage points. A law school candidate might be agnostic as between Georgia and FIU, based on placement, but not between Penn and Georgia.”

    Filler then ranks the 197 schools, in the following chart, “Class of 2012 ABA Employment Report for JD Required, FT, LT Minus Law School Funded.”

    Emory Univer$ity Sewer of Law comes in at number 40, with a placement rate of 66.92 percent. That is not surprising, considering that the pigs and cockroaches at Emory had to hire 37 members of its JD Class of 2012. Yet, Vagina Bob Morse lists this commode as the 23rd greatest law school in the nation.

    Let’s put this in perspective. The 23rd ranked law school in the country - according to US “News” & World Report - hired 13.9% of its 2012 graduating class!! If things are this bad at a top tier school, then you KNOW that the pigs are starting to feel the heat. This explains why you are seeing so many excrement-covered, $elf-$erving op-eds by “law professors,” over the last several months. Remember, these bitches and hags would rather die than engage in actual work.

  24. Damn this is funny. My Alma material law school dung pit sent me their glossy quarterly magazine and message from the Dean was don't listen to that mean spirited blogger Nando. He did not say Nando explicitly but we all know who he implied.

    1. Our host Nando and the other scam bloggers have been putting Fear into the hearts of law school officials. Fear that prospective students will read and learn the truth.

      I bet they wish they could turn back the clock, but unless people enroll grads find work, time is running out!

  25. Check out this Emory Wheel article, by Asher Smith, from March 21, 2011. The piece was entitled "After Rankings Drop, Emory Law Faces Questions." Look at this opening:

    "Emory aims for excellence in its graduate programs. It’s a regular refrain of University President James W. Wagner, and it’s one of several reasons why the University’s dentistry program was phased out in the early 1990s. This vision makes last Tuesday’s release of the U.S. News & World Report graduate school rankings — in which Emory’s School of Law dropped eight places from the previous year (22 to 30) — much tougher to swallow.

    The importance of these rankings is inevitably circular. The rankings matter because potential students ascribe importance to them and school administrators are forced to follow suit. Year-to-year fluctuations may spawn public attention but they give the lie to the rankings’ legitimacy. The quality of an institution obviously does not oscillate wildly from one year to the next, so how can these shifts be taken seriously?

    In the law field, however, these measurements matter. Law is a prestige-driven profession, and the quality of legal education is one variable that helps justify the exorbitant hourly rates charged by some firms for the often menial work of junior associates. There are 14 law schools that, since U.S. News began publishing, have always ranked among the top 14. These are the schools with national reach. High-ranking students going to these schools can expect to be competitive for jobs across the country. Emory has never been among those 14, but with a slogan declaring that the University’s law school prepares students for “more than practice,” Emory has pretensions that it does something greater than act as a feeder to regional firms.

    The new rankings hurt. The application deadline for most law schools, including Emory’s, passed at the start of this month. Many admitted students have already begun visiting schools, sitting in on classes and deciding where to send their deposit checks. For those accepted students without pre-existing ties to Emory, the eight-spot fall will make its law school a less attractive option."

    The USN&WR rankings are inherently political. For instance, Emory Law is now rated 23rd - only one spot away from its earlier listing, despite dropping eight notches in a single year in 2011. What specifically did Emory Law do, in order to climb back up the ladder? In the end, perhaps Bob Morse decided that he needed to make a "correction."

  26. Nando, there's a great comment on that Emory Wheel blog:
    "I'm one of the many Emory Law graduates who was ripped off by this school to the tune of more than $100,000. Whether it's 22 or 30, the rankings don't matter. Nobody can find a good job anymore. Law school is just one big scam."

    1. 1-26-14 @ 5:22 PM

      It's a scam for anyone who isn't connected.

      Those people all find jobs and/or come out debt free, have sponsors or parents that take care of them.

      Law school, IMO, right now only serves to further divide the Rich and Poor, the Haves and Have-Nots. Medical school is a lot like this too, I've heard. It's far more likely that someone who has family in medicine goes to med school than the one-off unconnected person who's smart and ambitious.

      So, law school is not a scam for the Connected. They do just fine. It IS definitely a scam for everyone else - who don't and are indirectly subsidizing them.

  27. Hey I just wanted to let you know that this blog helps (in spite of the poop pictures haha). I was thinking of attending law school. I didn't get into the pretty good ones around me (one at the last minute) and was very seriously thinking of going to a crappy one. This blog and others along with TLS Forums helped me realize law school isn't the golden ticket I though it was.


  28. You know what these law school's applications and there websites remind me of....the glossy brochures you get at car dealerships covering their models. You can get Consumer Guide and find out the most unreliable pile of shit cars and cross reference the dealerships' literature for that model and they will use words like innovative, reliable, award winning, making it look like you are buying the Star Ship Enterprise when in reality it is a pile of manure. But at least you can test drive it for 10 minutes and there are lemon laws. Law schools also tout their bogus innovative programs, clinical experience, job placement, obscure awards. In the end you are getting ripped off and Nando is the Law Schools version of Consumers Guide.

  29. What's pathetic is that most lemmings go to law school chasing the biglaw/ law and order dreams. They want to be in NYC or DC running around in brooks brothers suits closing big deals and flying around the world or working as a US Attorney. But if you aren't in the top percent of those top schools, you'll never even see a biglaw firm or the DOJ from the street. The fact that schools like Emory, Duke, and Georgetown are hiring so many of their own grads really says a lot about how bad things are. Not to mention the fact that biglaw itself is shrinking and in serious decline. Look at the Dewey LeBouf bankruptcy. They were making salary guarantees of $20 million to partners. It was outrageous. Those same elite law grads also want all the clerkships and government jobs too. They've even started "slumming it" in midlaw and state government jobs because of sequestration and federal budget cuts. Remember- the law school pigs, many of whom went to these top schools, are NOT practicing law. They are in the (now less) safe confines of academia getting paid a steady salary with weekends/summers off and no worry about getting clients and building a book of business.

    So if you are going to a TT/TTT you are basically relegated to a life of shitlaw with a 1% chance of getting a decent firm or local/state (never federal) government job making peanuts while paying off a massive load of debt (unless you are connected). Plus, you will have NO job security! ZERO! And you can't just graduate from law school and open a solo. Ethically speaking, you need to be competent to represent people and if you have no experience it'd be an ethical violation to represent someone. This is saying nothing about the costs associated with starting a solo and finding a bank to give you a business loan and an insurer to insure you for malpractice at an affordable rate (none will if you are a newly-minted JD). That's why back in the day law was an apprenticeship. So if you can't start a solo and break into the traffic court racket and you have no contacts or ability to be hired by someone else, you are beyond fucked and will be a waiter with a huge debt bill. Also, do not expect to jump into a non-legal field. A JD is not "versatile." It is a highly specialized degree and limits you to a narrow field of careers. You'll just have the debt. And for what, exactly? So some pig like Stradler can prance around a university and teach ONE class? So you can have a less than 50/50 shot of being a legal professional barely making a living wage?! IS THAT REALLY WORTH $150K+, LEMMING?

    Please, for the love of god, think before you enroll in law school. If you are a prospective student reading this then you KNOW how bad it is and you're doing your own research but you are having problems giving up your pipe dream. Be honest with yourself and just look at reality and the numbers. Don't cave to family/social pressures and enroll, unless they are paying the tab and you have connections (and you're sure this is the life you want). Just do a simple cost/benefit analysis. That's all you have to do. Behind door #1: 3 years of your life gone and $150k+ in debt for a less than 50% chance of successfully practicing law. Behind door #2: $0 in debt and the ability to make positive income NOW.
    If your parents or anyone else is encouraging you to attend law school, just send them some articles about law school debt and dismal job prospects. Tell them they should enroll if they think it's such a great idea.


  30. Couldn't agree more with the posters above. Law is about who you know. I see my former classmates on LinkedIn. The rich and connected ones have pretty good jobs tbh. It was easy to spot them in LS, they had beamers/Mercedes/other fancy cars in the parking lot, dressed really well too. You have some that killed it because they were top of the class. The rest are working in shitlaw if they're lucky. Many are still unemployed almost a year out.

  31. A degree from Emory University School of Law alone will not, as this website explains, guarantee a successful law career. Nevertheless, many who have graduated from the school have made it. Graduates include a Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, a Commissioner of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, a United States Ambassador to the Republic of Singapore, United States Senators and Representatives, a Judge in the US Court of International Trade, Chief Judges in United States Court of Appeals Circuits, Federal and Chief Justices for State Supreme Courts, State Attorney Generals, United States Diplomats, District Attorneys and Judges, and President and CEOs of major American corporations.

  32. Emory Bar Pass Rates, State of Georgia, 2012-2014

    July 2012: 98.4%
    February, 2013: 100%
    July, 2013:96.5%
    February 2014: 94.4 %
    July 2014: 87.4%


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