Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hit the Snooze Button: Seven Students at Indiana Tech Law School Make the Worthless Dean’s List

The Super Amazing Announcement: Directly from the school’s press release:

“At Indiana Tech Law School, the Dean’s List is reserved for the students whose grades place them in the top 20 percent of their class each semester.

Alexander said the students on the school’s first Dean’s List deserve more credit than usual.

“As a new law school, our students do not have upper-level students to help guide and mentor them,” Alexander explained. “They have achieved this success largely through their dedication and hard work.”

I’m sure that these students’ parents haven’t been this proud of them since their graduation ceremony from the fifth grade.  Who wouldn’t be proud of this accomplishmenTTTTTT?!

The Morons Need a Math Lesson: According to the unaccredited trash pit’s Consumer Info page, there are only 28 students enrolled at Indiana Tech Law Sewer.  Yet, there are seven lemmings on the Dean’s LisTTTTTT.  In the commode’s statement above, the pigs claim that the distinction is for those in the top 20% of the class.  Apparently, the greedy bitches running this place don’t realize that this number represents a quarter of the students.  “Law professors” love to claim that all lawyers suck at math, but this is idiotic.

Now, let’s take a deeper look at the charter class profile:

“Enrollment Data

Charter Class (Class of 2016) Profile:

Students in class: 28
Median LSAT Score: 146
Median Undergraduate GPA: 3.03
Percent Minority: 20%
Percent Female: 32%
Undergraduate Institutions Represented: 20
States Represented: 6
Percent Out-of-State: 32%
Faculty-Student Ratio: 2.5:1” [Emphasis mine]

Check out that pathetic median LSAT score, for the initial class at Indiana TTTTTTech Law Sewer!  In order to find such odious figures at an ABA-accredited toilet, you need to head to TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law $chool!  From the garbage heap’s Facts-at-a-Glance page, under the Student Profile subheading:

“Median LSAT score is 145
Median undergraduate GPA is 3.02” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, that puts Indiana TTTTTTech in elite company, right?!?!  Who in the hell told these dolts that attending an unaccredited law school in Fort Wayne was a great idea?  Then again, how did the cretins at this “university” decide that it was wise to open a law school

Indiana’s Oversaturated Market: On October 8, 2012, Paul Campos wrote an insightful and hilarious entry labeled “Indiana Wants Me.”  Read the following excerpt:

“Indiana, which contains 2% of the US population, already has four ABA-accredited law schools, including two "top 30" institutions, both of which feature legal unemployment rates for their grads of around 40%, and which are currently placing only 20% to 25% of their graduates in firms of more than ten attorneys.

Chutzpah has been defined as murdering your parents and then pleading for mercy because you're an orphan.  How about setting up another legal diploma mill in a hyper-saturated market, while claiming that what will set your school apart is its emphasis on "ethics" and "professionalism?"  [Emphasis mine]

Wow, that was a truly “brilliant” move, ass-clowns!  It’s no surprise that these selfish bastards ended up with an initial class of less than 30 students.  Their goal was 100 victims.  Hell, you could get more than 30 people interested in having their tonsils removed.

Conclusion: Indiana Tech Law School is a pile of wet feces.  The students at this commode have essentially no chance at landing decent legal employment, upon graduation.  Do you - for one damn microsecond - see these dunces competing for jobs with their counterparts from Indiana-Bloomington or Notre Dame?!?!  Have fun telling your friends that you are in law school, chump.  Afterward, when you have amassed additional sums of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt for a TTTTTT law degree - and are stocking shelves at Kmart - let’s see if your family and pals are still impressed.


  1. When the fuck did upper level students start "mentoring" 1L's? Alexander is just making this shit up as he goes along. Also, any word on whether or not all 28 of these morons returned for spring semester? Imagine being the anchor man of that pathetic group.

  2. Law students are nothing more than student loan conduits. They are used as intermediaries between the federally-backed student loan funds and the law school. As the middle man in this transaction, the law lemming receives nothing of value and only realizes the foolishness of his or her choice after passing the bar and the lack of jobs and adequate pay becomes abundantly clear.

  3. Don't forget the esteemed, too-cool-for-capital-letters "Hip Hop and the Law" professor andre douglas pond cummings is an administrator at that toilet.

  4. This is insanity. Will this law school even last long enough to issue people degrees? Not that it matters very much, these kats are doomed if they stay in law school that long.

  5. Imagine getting rejected from this school. Wonder if their acceptance rate was 100%?

  6. WHat do you have to do to go rejected by this school? Score a 128 on the lsat?

  7. Why is the ABA allowing such a commode? Clean up your act and demand quality. You are sabotaging a profession you are elected to protect.

  8. This is like having the highest SAT's in the NBA.

  9. Haha, that's amazing. 28 students. Wow. Half of them will transfer to State U because law schools don't factor transfer students into their "incoming" class profiles. The pigs sneak the transfer students' lesser gpa/lsat through the back door.

    On another note, Nando is almost at 2.5 million page views! Congrats!

    1. I wonder if anyone will transfer into Indiana Tech. I'm sure they would accept any transfers who applied...

    2. What if you're from Fort Wayne and you got into the notorious shithole (Thomas Cooley LS), would you transfer then?

    3. I'm sure that no one can transfer out of that hellhole, because it isn't accredited yet, not even provisionally.

      God save the victims.

  10. That is without doubt the best looking picture on this blog.

  11. It seems that Robert Applebaum was not all that serious after all. He admits that the very premise for his tag line was a goof.

    ".....and to be honest, it was written with tongue firmly planted in cheek."

    The link to his confession is here:

    May God help us who are serious about the issues, unlike Crapplebaum, and really have no way out of student loan debt until death and as the laws are written in America today.

  12. Nice catch on this story, Nando. Nothing about this school should go unscrutinized as it represents the pinnacle of everything wrong with the legal education system today. These dismal statistics should be made as public as possible. I'm amazed that anyone sane would consider attending this school. I can only conclude that all of the incoming class are on scholarships that make the cost of attendance close to zero - and even then, it's a waste of three years of life.

    If we can keep enrollment down at Indiana Tech (which clearly wasn't a cheap school to set up, and which clearly was anticipating a much higher enrollment to be able to achieve long-term financial viability), the place will fold. And if enrollment remains low, the other students at Indiana Tech, those not in the JD program, should start to look at where their undergrad tuition money is going; chances are, it's propping up the law school - an interesting reversal of the flow of money.

    Regardless, whatever helps shut this school down before it harms more people is priceless. Let's keep the pressure up.

  13. Early this morning I saw a scene from a 1964 Italian movie.

    A young boy was slapped by his father because the boy said that he wanted to work int the factory like his father.

    The father said that he wanted his son to go to school and study, so that the son would not end up working in a factory.

  14. Dear Shit Stain JD on your resume trying desperately to find a non legal job:

    "We have reviewed the qualifications of each candidate and after careful consideration, we have determined that the credentials of other candidates may better fit our needs at this time.

    Please accept our best wishes and thank you for your interest in the XYZ non legal corporation.

    PS: Fuck You to you and the entire legal profession from Corporate America.

    1. Say that you were disbarred for an alcohol problem but you're 3 months sober now....

  15. On July 26, 2013, Business Insider published a piece from Erin Fuchs, which was entitled “Law School Fills Just A Third Of Its Class.” Read the opening shot:

    “A law school ridiculed for even opening has an inaugural class of just 30 people — way fewer than its goal of 100 students, The Indiana Lawyer reports.

    Indiana Tech Law School's founding dean, Peter Alexander, seems optimistic despite the inauspicious start. The school — which says it focuses on ethics — is getting a lot of local support, he says.”

    Yes, opening a law school in a GLUTTED area, while accepting an initial class of students with a median LSAT score of 146 is the very definition of “ethics,” huh?!?! Peter Alexander is merely presenting himself as optimistic about the situation - unless, of course, he truly is mentally deficient.

    “Lots of people, as they learn more about us, realize that we are truly trying to be different so it’s not just another law school,” Alexander told The Indiana Lawyer. “It’s a school that’s trying to blend theory and practice in a different way, to prepare students in a new way. I think people are beginning to hear the message.”

    Alexander attributed the tiny incoming class to the nationwide decline in law school applications. Of course that comment raises the question of whether it should have opened in the first place.”

    In the end, the pigs saw a chance to make some money off of unsuspecting lemmings. Due to the law school critics, the general public has caught onto the scam. Now, this unaccredited trash pit is floundering.

    This old news report from Fort Wayne’s WANE-TV featured a segment that was entitled “Enrollment lower than first anticipated for Indiana Tech Law School.” The reporter was Randy Spieth. The feature aired on Friday, July 26, 2013, and it was the top story on local Channel 15. Check out this portion:

    “University officials at Indiana Tech are not worried about lower enrollment numbers at the new law school when it opens next month for the fall semester.

    When the university announced it would add a law school, which cost around $15 million, the plan was to have 100 students enrolled in the inaugural class.”

  16. Story about why it is not a good idea to go to law school.

  17. This toilet will also ruin the reputation of Indiana Tech's MBA program. Will you want to get an MBA from a university that made one of the worst business decisions and after expending all that money only attracted 28% of the. "costumers" they originally projected? Says a lot about their marketing and financial acumen.

  18. I'm no math genius-that's right, I'm a lawyer-but seriously, how does this school stay open. Even if every student-all 28 of them-is paying full tuition(unlikely) that wouldn't cover the rent/heat/light, let alone salaries. It will be interesting to see if the faculty at the undergrad start trouble after they realize it's their cash going to fund this place. 28 students? Unbelievable.

    1. haven't you figured this out yet. these schools are like the post office. they stay open and are funded by the government as they continue to lose money.

      the goal is to get middle class kids who desire upward mobility to financially ruin themselves to the point of poverty which speeds up the destruction and overall unhappiness of the country.

      our tax dollars fund this all while promoting liberal ideas. The perfect Ponzi scheme. Makes Madoff look like an amateur.

  19. It'd be excellent if a group like Anonymous got involved and protested the law school cartel and began generating press like they did with Scientology.

  20. On that consumer info page, the faculty-student ratio is 2.5:1. How in the name of fuck does this school stay open?

  21. @544,

    An Italian movie from 1964, you say? Clearly you are hard at work looking for a job. Keep watching your movies, though. Who knows, maybe someone will wave around a 1964 newspaper on-screen. You can freeze the frame and go through the want ads. Perhaps there's some high-paying position that's been sitting unfilled for the last half-century.

    1. @Status Monkey:

      Fuck off and go hang out with Virgil Goode.

      He seems to be a white supremacist like you.

      Debbie Schlussel hates you too and your mock Yiddish terminology.

  22. Ah Mentorship.

    This memory goes back to the mid-1990s at a state University Law School. We had a required legal writing class with four papers. The Professor would provide an introduction, and then we would break into our small groups where a third year student would have marked up out papers and provide helpful hints based on a checklist. Given their lack of experience (though a couple were probably on law review) I'm not sure if we actually benefited from such "mentoring" but the school really saved some money by not having to hire more experienced attorneys to grade papers.

  23. President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert CamachoJanuary 31, 2014 at 12:03 AM

    "I know this place pretty good, I went to law school here."

    "In Costco?!"

    "Yah, I couldn't believe it myself, luckily my dad was an alumnus and pulled some strings."

  24. This school needs a large enrollment next year just to stay in business. The university and business school aren't gonna shell out millions to keep this shithole afloat.

  25. Indiana Tech doesn't compete for students with IU Bloomington or Notre Dame. Its intrastate rival for bottom of the barrel student loan conduits (credit to 7:59 for that term) is Valparaiso, a fourth tier slag heap that presently runs an open admissions system in all but name. If you are a bottom dwelling, 140-LSAT prospect, Valpo will welcome you, and despite its precarious situation can sell new marks that it has full ABA accreditation and might, just might, still be open by the time you graduate. Indiana Tech can't even make those promises. Gone by 2017, you read it here.

  26. I'm not sure Indiana Tech administrators understand sunk cost fallacies. I don't see the law school going anywhere for awhile. It may lose lots each year but no Indiana Tech president is going to want to go down in history as "the idiot who started a law school and closed it two years later." Unless Indiana Tech is in bad shape financially I see this law school staying around for awhile and slowly building up classes of 30, 40, 50+ students. Of course this is a horrible, horrible, outcome. Maybe it will drag down Indiana Tech. . that would be probably the funniest outcome possible.

    1. Speaking of sunk costs: one unintended consequence of admitting so many students with scholarships is that they have little to lose by dropping out. If someone is already $40k in debt at the end of their first year, it's easy to fall prey to the sunk cost fallacy and decide he or she has to finish. If the student in question has $0 of student loans, walking away is a lot easier.

  27. The stats on Indiana Tech's class are so depressing. I imagine the students are probably people without a lot of family resources and who graduated from large state schools where you get 200 people per class and you never talk one-on-one with a professor. Before that, they probably went to lower-50% public high schools, where you are in the top 10% already if you have any hope of graduating from any college and the main advice they'd get from a counsellor would be, "go to college, any college, and major in anything at all!" At least, that's what the message was at the below-average public schools I went to.

    The only source of career advice these people had was probably their undergrad advisors and/or college career services department. These people are often tragically clueless. Being in academia for a long time, they have become disconnected from what it's really like out there. I remember going to my (ivy league) college's career services department and getting advice on resume formats that's 10-15 years out of date. These same people are probably not aware of what's happened in the legal job marked in 10-15 years.

    These students are also not fabulously academically talented with 146 LSATs (although they may be very worthwhile people in other ways). In academia, non-superstar college students who are not athletes and not related to donors are all but invisible. This is especially true in big, impersonal state schools.

    So, he typical student probably has no family resources to draw on, no mentorship from undergrad faculty, and incompetent career services departments at their colleges. Without any reliable source of advice, these people made the choice to go to law school at Indiana Tech. God help them.

    1. Yeah, either that or they are just special snowflakes and think there are a bunch of unique circumstances about them that will make their experience different and they are above becoming a statistic.

      Also, you are right on the early life mentoring. I went to a private high school and college and received no guidance from anyone. High school advisors were basically 3-4 meetings just telling you to apply to some area public/private colleges. In college, NO ONE gave a god damn. I remember when I was in business school my first semester of my first year I was thinking of transferring to the liberal arts college of the university and the dean just said "look, are you transferring our or not?" he wasn't the least bit interested in hearing my thoughts or giving me a opinion. Then in the liberal arts college I met with a dean asking what I'd have to do to become a teacher in New York City and she just threw a brochure at me. No question/answer session, no interest in what I really wanted. It was like being in the DMV.

      The mantra for all higher education (undergrad/grad/law) is "churn 'em and burn 'em." While there, you are given a minimum amount of attention. When you're gone, they couldn't care less about you. They got your tuition dollars and are focused on the next crop of lemmings.

    2. The worst career service has to be the university at buffalo. The person in charge made a resume form pamphlet to keep people from asking. Everythihng else there was a filing cabinet containing out-of-date brochures on internships, scholarships. If you asked questions, they got real nasty. The only thing they had was a reference record service, but that was phased out a few years ago. Even asking, in exasperation, how they got jobs there, was met with a blank stare.

  28. @ 5:13 pm,

    Thanks for the message, Charles. Everyone here should read Cooper’s epic OTLSS entry - from July 28, 2013 - labeled “A Brief Open Letter to Those Students Enrolled at Indiana Tech Law School.” Here is the opening:

    “Guys, a few days ago, I wrote a piece about how it’s not too late to really evaluate whether or not you are making the right decision.

    I’ll cut to the chase. You’re not making the right decision.

    Attending an unaccredited law school is always a bad decision. Paying $30,000 per year in tuition alone for an unaccredited JD – and one from a school that explicitly “makes no representation to any applicant that it will be approved by the American Bar Association prior to the graduation of any matriculating student” makes this bad decision even worse. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to pay off that kind of debt, which will be well above six figures – maybe even close to $200,000 – by the time all your living expenses, bar review courses, interest, books, and other fees and charges are added on?

    And do you have any idea how impossible it will be to pay off coming from an unproven, probably-unaccredited law school? Half of all law graduates today find no work as lawyers. There are twice as many grads as there are jobs. For schools at the bottom of the pile (which is where Indiana Tech is, and is likely to remain), the chances of ever working as a lawyer are dramatically reduced. With your unaccredited Indiana Tech JD, you stand a very good chance of never working as an attorney, but paying the same price for your JD as those students who attend some fine law schools.

    Indiana Tech wanted an enrolment of 100 students. As of yesterday, there are 24. On the one hand, this makes me very happy – at least 76 people are seeing sense and being smart about their futures. But on the other hand, 24 clearly still don’t get it. You are one of those 24, who rank as some of the most willfully-blind, poorly-informed individuals living in a snowflake dream world who just don’t see how you will regret this decision for the rest of your lives. Some of the lower ABA-accredited law schools are begging for good applicants right now. Is Indiana Tech really the best you could do? Is law school even right for you? The school is not even open yet, and it’s already giving Cooley a run for its money in terms of being a punch line.

    The scam isn’t some pretend scheme that we’ve made up. It’s not a group of disgruntled grads who failed because they were lazy. It’s a legitimate problem, recognized by many people, clearly documented and based on facts. And you 24 students are about to become its latest victims.”

    This is a brilliant, concise summation of the problem. ABA-accredited schools are pumping out FAR TOO MANY graduates, for the available number of positions. As a student at a non-accredited laughingstock, you are paying outrageous sums of borrowed money - for shamefully low odds of landing decent legal employment. That is sickening!

  29. @307,

    Not sure what's so "racist" about telling the laziest motherfucker in history to get a job and fend for himself.

    On the plus side, by the standards of your MOVIES you are a rousing success; you DON'T work at a factory. Or anywhere else. The trouble with you is you think your "education" from a crap institution somehow makes you too good for manual
    labor. It doesn't. And you aren't.

  30. "Indiana Tech Law School, the law school for retarded people."

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  32. I was trying to figure out what are the standards for acceptance at Indiana Tech Law School.

    My searches brought me to a thread at Top Law Schools Where someone asks my very question and is told that a pulse is all that is required by another commenter.

    The Dean of Indiana Tech responded and in his marketing spiel made this statement.
    "Regarding GPA and LSAT medians, we don't have any history so we can't set them; however, we would like to open in third place among the five Indiana law schools so that would place our medians at approximately 156 for the LSAT and 3.5 for the GPA. Our tuition is $29,500 per year and we have academic scholarships available."
    None of that seems to be even slightly true in retrospect.

    On their Consumer Info Website We see, in addition to the stats Nando shared with us this statement.
    "The Law School offers academic scholarships to students based on their highest score on the Law School Admission Test. Those scholarships are renewable each year of law school as long as the student maintains a 3.0 GPA. The Law School’s median GPA has not yet been established because students have not taken any exams."
    So basically they are telling us they don't know what their curve is going to be yet.

    The Question remains, has anyone been rejected from admission from Indiana Tech Law School? With the low enrollment, low LSAT scores, and mediocre GPAs I'm not sure that that can happen. Although they may have rejected a few absolute bottom feeders in order to not look particularly ridiculous when ranked by US "News" and World Report.

  33. @ 11:24 am,

    Take a look at these admi$$ion$ “standards” at Indiana TTTTTTech Law Sewer:

    “Binding Early Decision Procedure

    If you have determined that you wish to enroll at Indiana Tech Law School, we have a binding early decision application. The application will be available free online from September 15 through December 31. Applying through our early decision process will allow us to assess your application within a smaller pool of applicants (only those for whom Indiana Tech Law School is their first choice) and render a decision within 3 weeks.

    Once we have granted you admission, you will have one week in which to withdraw any applications to any other law school to which you may have applied and to pay a single deposit of $300 to secure your seat in the fall. If you accept seat through the early decision program, you also agree that you will not submit a later application to any other law school.

    The benefit to applying under our binding early decision program is the opportunity to secure your seat months before regular applicants will be able to do so, to be considered among a smaller pool of applicants, and the reduced deposit fee of one $300 seat deposit rather than two deposits totaling $400.”

    What an academic powerhouse, huh?!?! You would think that a supposed “institution of higher learning” would be embarrassed to offer such an application procedure. Then again, it is CLEAR that academic sociopaths have no shame or integrity. Based on the initial class, it seems that anyone with a pulse can gain admittance via the garbage Binding Early Decision Procedure.

    By the way, look at the current picture on that page. You will notice that a student wearing athletic apparel is addressing the student courtroom! The kid is wearing a white, long-sleeved T-shirt, orange shorts, black socks, and white tennis shoes. Apparently, he is getting ready for his future on the unemployment line.

    In sum, the school is a laughingstock. For the benefit of those with IQs lower than room temperature: with very few exceptions, law firms and employers care about the caliber of an applicant’s alma mater. If you are from a wealthy family, or your dad is a federal pig “judge,” then it’s okay if you attend a putrid garbage heap law school.

    However, if you are from a typical background, then it does not really matter how “well” you did at your unaccredited law school. Employers will simply see the name of the commode - and toss your resume and cover letter in the trash. They want no part of your TTTTTT stench.

  34. I was able to find the feasibility study Indiana Tech did in order to justify opening a new law school. The pdf is here ->

    It is full of Spin and PR. It's amazing. You might have already covered this. I'll have to look at it in detail later.

  35. Recent news about Elizabeth Warren on student loans:

  36. Rising Student Loan Debt Cause For Worry:

  37. ^ Let me guess: the student debtors won't be able to buy HOUSES!!!! AND!!!! CARS!!!! Right? Liek, what a disaster for the economy!

    Of course, it's beyond ridiculous to think that the people who receive the repaid money might use it to buy houses and cars. Nah, they're probably burning the money in a huge bonfire, much in the fashion of that Heath Ledger Joker character in The Dark Knight.

    Quite frankly, I would welcome a huge comedown in home prices. It would make them more affordable.

  38. Nando,

    Did you see this?

    Seattle University has an exciting, dynamic opportunity for a Chief Advancement Officer to join our community.

    The Chief Advancement Officer for the School of Law is responsible for the advancement, alumni and annual fund operations in the School of Law. This position reports to the Dean of the School of Law.

    Seattle University School of Law educates ethical lawyers who distinguish themselves through their outstanding professional skills and their dedication to the law in the service of justice. Faculty, students and staff form a vibrant, diverse, and collaborative community that promotes leadership for a just and humane world. The Law School's commitment to academic distinction is grounded in its Jesuit Catholic tradition, one that encourages open inquiry, thoughtful reflection and concern for personal growth. Innovation, creativity and technological sophistication characterize our rigorous educational program, which prepares lawyers for a wide range of successful and rewarding careers in law, business and public service.

    Essential Job Functions

    Develop solicitation strategies for individual, foundation and corporate prospects and implement cultivation activities/events for donor-specific programs and projects.

    Lead the School of Law's strategic planning efforts for advancement, alumni relations and annual fund operations.

    Coordinate and promote the active participation of the Dean in identification and solicitation of major gift donors for the advancement of the School. Coordinate the participation of the faculty, students, alumni and the local legal community in appropriate advancement gift solicitation activities.

    Lead the School of Law's participation in university development and fundraising efforts and campaign initiatives.

    Participate in University fundraising and prospect management meetings and events related to the School of Law.

    Supervise, manage and evaluate the Alumni Relations and Annual Fund team to coordinate cooperative programming and donor relations for the benefit of the School of Law.

    Manage the donor correspondence, acknowledgement and stewardship procedures for the School of Law. Collaborate with the university development office on procedures and policies for these activities.

    Manage the departmental operating budget, prioritizing and matching resource allocations with the fundraising efforts and activities for the School of Law.

    Collaboratively work with the faculty and School of Law departments to provide advancement-related programs and services to our students, alumni and the external legal community.

    Coordinate and position the participation of the Dean in these efforts to maximize the advancement of the reputation of the School of Law.

    Develop and implement innovative development and communication strategies which maximize the reputation of the School of Law in the legal community.

    Minimum Qualifications

    Bachelor's degree and a minimum of five (5) years of increasingly responsible positions in advancement, with significant experience and success in the solicitation of major gifts and major gift campaigns, preferably in a higher education environment.

    1. They are also secretly firing non-tenure faculty.

  39. Nando, there is some truth on your blog. It is incredibly hard for a lawyer to find a job. I spend some time reading your blog and a few of the links. People should read your blog before starting law school. I am curious as to your take on MBAs. Do you think that there are more opportunities for an MBA graduate? Also, do you think that law school helped you a little (thinking skills and so on)? I want to stress that law school is very expensive and there is a time commitment (lost opportunities) that has to be considered.

  40. Something interesting I noticed. If you go back to some of the TTT reviews from 2010-2011 there's usually at least 1 person talking about how they went to the school and have a BigLaw job and that Nando or other commenters are just bitter losers. Don't see those these days.

  41. Take a look at this page, entitled “On the Road”:

    “Let Us Come to You

    Our admissions team will be visiting college campuses throughout the country to share more information about Indiana Tech Law School. If you don’t see your school listed below, please check back regularly. We’ll add more dates and locations soon.”

    Think of how much money these pigs are spending, in their recruitment efforts. The fall traveling schedule included 90 locations - all over the damn country! To say that the rodents are desperate for asses in seats is a wild understatement.

    Look at these “world-famous” in$titution$ of “higher learning” that the commode visited this past autumn - in chronological order:

    Rust College; Mississippi Valley State; McMaster University; Bluffton University; Tougaloo College; Centre College; University of Southern Indiana; Transylvania College; Alabama A & M University; Lake Erie College; Stillman College; Ashland University; Baldwin Wallace University; University of Mount Union; Walsh University; Northern Michigan University; Denison University; Hiram College; Governors State University; University of West Georgia; Eastern Kentucky University; Converse College; University of Indianapolis; Newbury College; Colby College; Bates College; Indiana Wesleyan; Taylor University; and Huntington University.

    Check out the report above, from the National Association of College and University Business Officers and Commonfund Institute. The summary is labeled “U.S. and Canadian Institutions Listed by Fiscal Year 2011 Endowment Market Value and Percentage Change in Endowment Market Value from FY 2010 to FY 2011.”

    Please head to the school ranked 618th in this survey. The Indiana Institute of Technology, Inc. is listed as holding $41,065,000 in endowment funds as of FY 2011. That is a small figure, in comparison to most of the schools on this lineup.

    On July 26, 2013, the Greater Fort Wayne Business Journal reported that the trash pit had 70,000 square feet of space, and cost $16 million - in a piece entitled “Jury’s out on law school.” Even if the state – or private donors - provided most of the funds, the school will incur significant maintenance and staffing costs. Plus, the toilet is racking up some hefty expenses in its recruitment efforts and road trips. Let’s keep the pressure on these pigs, in order to see this commode close its doors!

  42. Just for fun, head to the Admi$$ion$ page regarding the dung heap’s stated commiTTTTTTmenTTTTTT to diversity:


    Indiana Tech Law School is diverse community, welcoming all people regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, and physical or mental challenges. The Law School faculty is currently drafting an official Diversity Statement that will be posted on this page in the very near future.”

    It’s nice to see a bunch of academic thieves patting themselves on the back for making such a statement. Perhaps, the school will start recruiting and accepting those with diagnosed mental deficiencies. I can actually picture this garbage pit admitting students with Down syndrome.


    The Higher Learning Commission has given approval for Indiana Tech to offer a program of instruction that leads to the Juris Doctor degree. That approval was granted on December 3, 2012.

    Indiana Tech Law School is not accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA). Like any new law school, Indiana Tech must be in operation for one year prior to seeking ABA accreditation.

    The dean and faculty are fully informed as to the Standards and Rules of Procedure for the Approval of Law Schools by the American Bar Association. The entire Indiana Tech Law School community is determined to devote all necessary resources and take all necessary steps to present a program of legal education that will qualify for approval by the American Bar Association. The Law School makes no representation to any applicant that it will be approved by the American Bar Association prior to the graduation of any matriculating student.”

    Yes, who wouldn’t want to attend such a law school, right?!?! The pile of excrement cannot be sure that it will be accredited by the ABA pigs prior to any of its entering students’ receiving their law degree. By the way, isn’t it impressive how the school attained approval by the Higher Learning Commi$$ion?! Hell, this body gave its imprimatur to something called the Indiana Vocational Technical College - Southwest Technical Institute.,ShowBasic/Itemid,/instid,1760/

  43. The decision to open a law school may sink the entire university. By any calculation, the school has to be hemorrhaging money. If every one of their students is paying full tuition that only gives them a revenue stream of a little over $800,000. With nine full time faculty, librarians, administrators and support staff, their salary expenses alone must be close to $2,000,000. Add paying off their $16,000,000 new building and other expenses, they are deep, deep in the red. The university has an endowment of around $41.000.0000 which isn't much if the law school is losing more than a million a year in operating expenses alone.

  44. Indiana Tech ran shady deals to get the Law School started and continues to run a sideshow there. The President only wants to slap his name onto building and then abort. The students in general at Tech receive little education and their financial aid should be audited. The school is running its own Ponzi scheme. Someone in the know should investigate. Their full time faculty bleat along like sheep going to slaughter and the adjuncts were abused then obama's them meaning that Tech refused to pay their insurance and reduced their hours instead. Anyone gets into Tech people recently out of jail, some still wearing bracelets, drug addicts, complete idiots, and they keep them their for the tuition. The school should be shut down. Their alumni are stupid for contributing to what was once a school but is now the Presidents toilet. No one is educated there. They are laundering money to finance buildings. That is it. Someone please do a financial investigation of this school.

  45. Everyone here who posts on this page is pathetic. Do any of you have a life? What is the satisfaction of bashing a law school for trying to open and claim to do things differently? The only thing I can think of is that everyone here who posts negatively about the school is afraid that it will succeed and will be successful in the long run. I love how every one of you sit behind your little keyboards and computers ranting and raving about this school, yet have nothing to show for it.

    My advice is simple: Grow up.

  46. Three Indiana Tech Students have transferred to Valpo

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