Monday, January 6, 2014

Profiles in Lying Turd Syndrome: Brian Leiter, “Law Professor” and Douche-Bag Extraordinaire at the University of Chicago

Opening Shot: First off, check out this epic rant by the late comic genius Bill Hicks, regarding another douche-bag, i.e. Rush Limbaugh.  I’ll paraphrase him, in describing the anal cyst known as Brian Leiter.  

“Speaking of academic devils, I was reading Brian Leiter’s op-ed the other day.  Doesn’t Brian Leiter remind you of one of those gay guys who likes to lay in the tub while other men pee on him?  Can’t you see his fat body in a tub while Kant, Hegel and Nietzsche just stand around pissing and defecating on him, and his little piggly wiggly dick can’t get hard?  “Ahhh.  Ahhh.  I can’t get hard.  Nietzsche, pee in my mouth.” 

The Pig’s Moans on Huffington Post: On December 31, 2013, Cockroach Brian Leiter wrote a Huffington Post opinion piece labeled “American Law Schools and the Psychology of Cyber-Hysteria.”  Look at this nonsense:

“Previously, I wrote about how the steep decline in applications to law schools was an unsurprising "consumer" response to the downturn in the legal sector in the wake of the financial crisis and the recognition that student debt was no longer dischargeable in bankruptcy. What was surprising, however, was the new "meme" that took hold in cyberspace: this economic catastrophe was the fault of law schools and law professors. The psychology of this "meme" is our topic here.” [Emphasis mine]

For $ome rea$on, this philosophy “professor” does not mind engaging in the logical fallacy of the straw man argument.  When did critics ever claim that the law schools caused the economic collapse?  I have pointed out for years that ABA law schools have been overproducing JDs for decades - and that the “educators” continue to pump out FAR TOO MANY GRADS for the available number of attorney openings.

Some Facts That the Pig Conveniently Ignored: From the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, under Job Outlook:

“Employment of lawyers is expected to grow by 10 percent from 2010 to 2020, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Competition for jobs should continue to be strong because more students are graduating from law school each year than there are jobs available.” [Emphasis mine]

Did you see anything indicating that there will be an equilibrium of JDs to attorney job openings by the year 2016 - as Brian Leiter claimed - in his garbage piece?!?!  If so, then you too may also suffer from Lying Turd Syndrome.  Perhaps, you merely cannot comprehend basic facts. 

From 1980-1981 to 2009-2010 - a span of 30 years - ABA-accredited law schools/diploma mills collectively pumped out 1,161,863 graduates. For $ome rea$on, Cockroach Brian Leiter failed to mention this anywhere in his article.

According to the NALP Class of 2012 National Summary Report, there were a total of 46,364 graduates competing for 28,567 jobs “requiring bar passage.”  Keep in mind that not all of those positions were traditional attorney openings.  Apparently, Brian Leiter doesn’t care about such facts.

Catherine Rampell’s piece, “The Lawyer Surplus, State by State,” appeared in the June 27, 2011 edition of the New York Times Economix blog.  The article is based on findings from the neutral Economic Modeling Specialists Inc.  Here is one excerpt:

“According to this model, every state but Wisconsin and Nebraska (plus Washington, D.C.) is producing many more lawyers than it needs. (See table after the jump for full data, and additional caveats.)

In fact, across the country, there were twice as many people who passed the bar in 2009 (53,508) as there were openings (26,239).”

Do you see a difference in tactics?  Brian Leiter relies on suppositions from a trade publication that depends on ads from law schools, i.e. the NaTTTional Juri$TTT, and $elf-intere$ted “research” from fellow academics - while I cite to cold, hard facts and figures from the industry and objective sources.

A Brief Look at Brian Leiter’s Psychology: Leiter loves to cite to and quote everyone’s favorite raving lunatic philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche.  The maniac was committed to psych wards for the last 11 years of his life.   It’s fitting since Leiter is also mentally unbalanced.  Brian Lying Turd posted the following entry on August 4, 2010:

“There are relatively few Stanford professors who are candidates for the death penalty...

...under international law precedents, but Professor Rice is one.  But Professor Gilbert is more forgiving.” [Emphasis in original]

Hello, ass-clown.  Since you are such an “expert” on legal and philosophical matters, Brian, could you please cite to the case where Dr. Condolleeza Rice was charged with and convicted of “war crimes”?  You truly are an irresponsible, unhinged, pathetic bitch.  Again, this rodent “works” at a “non-profit in$titution of higher education” - and therefore receives much of his salary from federally-backed student loans.

Conclusion: Brian Leiter is an academic rodent who is personally benefiting from the law school scam.  He has less credibility than a used car salesman.  By the way, cockroach: I met Paul Campos in person last April.  At the end of that discussion, I brought up your vile name.  Campos immediately said that you are “a douche-bag.”  Then again, can anyone blame Leiter for ignoring truth, since it will not advance the academic thieves' agenda?!?!

Lastly, Pig Leiter knows that the scamblogs have effectively pointed out that law school is a terrible risk for MOST students.  That is the reason why he is bitching about it on the Huffington Post.  The number of applicants has declined for three straight years.  In the past, college grads flocked to law school during periods of recession.  Furthermore, Leiter KNOWS that there will not be a shortage of lawyers in a couple of years, since there is already a GLUT of attorneys in the U.S.  Lastly, it is CLEAR that this old swine does not give one single, solitary droplet of excrement  about current or future law students.  He simply wants to keep the student loan gravy train rolling along.  After all, pupils are a means to an end.


  1. If you are hoping for the return of consumer bankruptcy protections for student loan debt, forget about it.

    "Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man."

    Friedrich Nietzsche

  2. "No one lies so boldly as the man who is indignant."

    Friedrich Nietzsche

  3. Ah, Leiter is just on a power trip and in love with his status and power.

    "Not necessity, not desire - no, the love of power is the demon of men. Let them have everything - health, food, a place to live, entertainment - they are and remain unhappy and low-spirited: for the demon waits and waits and will be satisfied."

    Friedrich Nietzsche

  4. Nando, do you have permission from Campos to use a quote from a conversation that happened between you two? Not saying it wasn't funny, and I do believe it added to the piece, but is it kosher to quote Campos calling someone a D-bag without his permission?

    also- it's cool that you guys met. I wonder what else you talked about.


    Doesn't Brian Leiter's face look like the Nietzschean Ubermensch personified? The sagging jowls, the receding hairline, the stained and crooked teeth, the weak chins.

    Truly the visage of a godlike specimen of the Master Race, worthy to rule over the untermenschen.

    1. Whazzamatter, you got somethin' against the Master Race?

      This racial and gender-based harassment of law professors has got to stop!!

    2. Leiter's hairline is no longer receding, and no longer a line. He's as bald as an Me262, the Fuehrer's secret weapon.

  6. nando, you magnificent bastard! You just keep going and going....

  7. Leiter is a wannabe Nietzsche scholar/philosopher. His pseudo-intellectualism fooled UTexas and UChicago but true scholars are not phased by this "academic" poseur. A few years ago, a buddy of mine asked philosopher Thomas Nagel what he thought about Brian Leiter's critique of him and Nagel replied "Brian Who?"

    This huckster obviously has too much time trying to out his detractors while cloaking himself under the security wall of "academic freedom."

    Brian Leiter represents the parasitic nature higher education has devolved into. Of course parasites feed off of others while Leiter and his ilk feed off of the federal student loan gravy train.

    BTW Nando, you should have used Leiter's stock photo where he sports his disgusting yellow stained crooked chompers. You would think someone getting paid a king's ransom would invest some money in personal hygiene/grooming.

  8. Thankfully, there are lots of legal jobs at Home Depot:

  9. What 's his salary? How many hours a week does he work?

  10. No, no, no. See, I drop quotes from Syphilitic mental patients. Therefore, you are wrong.


    From the authors of AutoAdmit:

    “The guy on this IP spends a lot of time here. Or at least an alter ego who uses the same computer does. Just in the past two weeks (we didn't check earlier than that), he's been here almost every single day. And he's become one of the site's most proficient users of the search box.

    For one, he likes to search for "Leiter." A lot. In these same past two weeks, this user has searched for "Leiter" no fewer than 14 times.

    He also has apparently taken to searching for bathroom, racist, and anti-semitic language in thread titles. It's a veritable rainbow of colorful language!”

    After listing several examples, the entry continues:

    “In his spare time, he enjoys clicking on links to Hotornot pages of students from UT, learning more about Paris Hilton, and reading threads about Leiter (such as this one ).

    One can only wonder what other activities this man takes up in his free time. Perhaps long walks on the beach?

    Finally--yesterday, an anonymous "lawprof" wrote to Eugene Volokh's blog about offensive terms like "jew" and "nigger" appearing on this site. Only one person on the board searched for those terms before the article was posted in the blog, and that person happens to have the same utexas IP as that of the mystery individual.”

    When this was posted, Brian Leiter was “teaching” at the University of Texas. The fact remains that this academic is constantly trolling online and spewing his $elf-$erving drivel. That can happen when these overpaid pigs spend a mere 4-6 hours a week in the classroom.

    @ 9:46 am,

    I already flushed this turd once, back on August 25, 2011. Of course, the nugget keeps floating back to the top. In that entry, I used the photo that you mentioned. You can spray some academic cockroaches with RAID, and it doesn’t faze the bastards - especially ones who spend FAR MORE TIME, during "work hours," on the internet than in the classroom.

  12. I think that a lot of people are probably looking at this blog and searching through it to find ways to sue you for defamation. For example, Knorps may have a suit against you, so may Adams. Do you even know which one is Mr. Infinity yet, or perhaps you still have yet to find him?

    One day you are going to have to grow up and stop calling people names on the internet.

    1. Defamation?

      Leiter published false information about Nando in the Huffington Post.

      He said Nando was unemployed. Not true.

    2. Let them sue!

      They can pony up the $10,000 retainer for their own counsel, then have any one of the 100 attorneys who would represent Nando for free (including me) make their lives miserable by trawling through everything in discovery.

      They would spend $25,000 on a case that they would lose even if they won. And what are they going to win? Being called a dick by ten times as many blogs than before, and drawing ten times more attention to the law school scam.

      So let them sue.

  13. From The Princess Bride:

    Vizzini (Leiter): Let me put it this way. Have you ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates?
    Man in Black: Yes.
    Vizzini (Leiter): Morons.

  14. Could you imagine what would happen to the car industry if projections for the next 2 years were that car sales would increase 10% Bit every car company instead cranked production 200%. There would be a glut and every car company would be bankrupt. That's the twisted logic of No Brain Brian. Guy looks like Alzheimer or dementia set in.

  15. Nah. He looks more like an old Bilbo Baggins.

  16. I think this asshat posts as Pushkin on the ABA Journal nearly everyday.

    1. "I think this asshat posts as Pushkin on the ABA Journal nearly everyday."

      Along with a host of other nicknames on other sites.

      It is astonishing that a professor at the University of Chicago would have so much free time.

      Or maybe not...

    2. On September 11, 2014 Brian Leitner emailed me stating (in my response to my expressing my irritation with one of his ABA J Pushkin posts insulting me and my parentage):

      "I do not post under the pseudonym “Pushkin” at the ABA Journal blog; I actually do not post under any pseudonyms."

      If any person reading this post has any evidence to the contrary, you can reach me through my profile page; I would love to read it:

      In the same email exchange the man with the face that only a mother could love threatened to have me investigated by the "campus police" and to report me to the State Bar of California (I emailed the Complaint Form to him in pdf).

      The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

  17. "Ohio University economist and chair of Center for College Affordability and Productive Richard Vedder recommends that President Barack Obama and Congress work together to dismantle or greatly shrink the student loan programs that let young Americans rack up debt."

    Read more:

  18. To the dunce who posted at 4:48 pm,

    Give that name-calling advice to your hero, Cockroach Brian Leiter. The "man" is in his 50s - and he wrote that Condoleezza Rice is a candidate for the death penalty. By the way, if you look at his URL, you can see that he initially entitled that entry "There are relatively few Stanford professors who are candidates for hanging."

    U.S. “law professors” have collectively FINANCIALLY RUINED tens of thousands of people. For $ome rea$on, the bastard does not feel that this willful conduct warrants any penalty. In his warped view, the students and graduates should remain quiet - and allow the academic thieves to rape legions of other students.

    I see how monstrous NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt has crushed tons of people, in this country. Furthermore, I pay my student loans each month. I know the amount down to the penny. I have every goddamn right to complain about these filthy, vile pigs. Plus, the schools have provided misleading and false employment statistics - for the primary purpose of attracting more applicants. Hell, the bitches and hags continued to pump out far too many grads even after the economy went down the toilet.

    Here is another swipe at Leiter’s immaturity. David Bernstein raked Leiter over the coals in his Volokh post, “A New Civility Standard” - back on March 4, 2013.

    “I have a challenge for Prof. Leiter. Let’s take the adjectives with which he has described the correspondence that prompted this round: juvenile, impertinent, and insolent. Let’s get a panel of three neutral arbitrators, perhaps chosen from ABA ethics committees. And let’s take some of Leiter’s choicer blog posts, and let the arbitrators decide whether his posts meet the accepted definition of juvenile, impertinent, and insolent. (We can start with the one quoted above, though that’s a relatively tame one by his standards). And since he obviously thinks there should be professional consequences for juvenile, impertinent, and insolent writings, if the arbitrators agree that his posts meet the definition for which he chose to try to humiliate and punish his hapless correspondent, he’ll take unpaid leave from Chicago for a year.

    Obviously, I don’t expect him to take the offer. It would be foolhardy, and he’s no fool. It’s one thing to try to provoke professional sanction against a hapless young lawyer who sent a single admittedly rude email. It’s another to risk professional consequences to oneself, for one’s own much more significant long-term pattern and practice of juvenile, impertinent, insolent, and may I add obnoxious, public internet blog postings.”

    Again, Brian Leiter is a tool. He got butt-hurt because a practicing lawyer merely asked him a pointed question. Apparently, the sewer rat realizes that he is a douche-bag trying to pass himself off as a "legal scholar."

    1. ^Early nominee for Nando follow-up post for 2014!

  19. If you want to read about the war crimes of Dr. Rice:

    Berkeley professor John Yoo is also guilty of such for memo giving justification for torture in violation of the Geneva Conventions which is a war crime and a crime against humanity.

  20. Stanford students created a petition about the war crimes of Dr. Rice to have her removed from the faculty.

  21. Brian, how about the war crimes of George W. Bush himself? Rice was simply his agent. Bush is the one who started a war on false pretenses and killed hundreds of thousands.

  22. I just want to say to any young kids that are getting out of law school now or are recently graduated with the six figure debt:

    You have a long stretch of years ahead of you and the debt will be with you for the better part of your working adult life.

    Some or many of you will never be able to pay the debt down and will have to resortr to the charity known as IBR and it may well become an emotional burden and you may resort to drinking in excess or abusing other substances so as to temporarily forget about your hopeless debt.

    My advice is to not do that because the next morning you will wake up, and the debt will still be there.

    Over time, drinking too much will raise the blood pressure to hypertensive and unhealthy levels, and if you are drinking in excess on a regular basis now I strongly suggest that you check your blood pressure.

    The funny thing about having high BP is that you will likely not know it.

    If you drink in excess and stop cold turkey your blood pressure will rise for a few days, and so you should consult with your Dr. if you are considering getting sober all at once.

    By the grace of God I have been able to stop, and my BP is now in a normal range again and without medications.

    You have the debt now and are stuck with it as you age, but don't let it lead you to feelings of despair and self destructive behaviors.

    For God's sake, can't someone like Leiter see the misery all around him? Was all of his education for naught?

    1. The debt is there. It isn't going away, in spite of Dr. Leiter's promise of debt relief.

      But don't internalize the debt as self-hatred or self-destruction. If you live an unhealthy lifestyle, you will end up at age 50 looking like Dr. Leiter.

    2. Great advice. Could not have stated it better.

  23. Leiter wants to quiet the students and the graduates: give him some quiet. Boycott his classes. Do not sign for his classes.

    1. Great idea. Then Leiter can troll the Internet 16 hours a day instead of 15.

  24. Nando, I am truly impressed by your tenacity, sticktoitiveness and diligence. You've been hard at work at this for many years after others gave up. For that reason, you are the preeminent scamblogger.

  25. The corner crack dealer has more honesty and integrity about the products he sells than Brian Leiter. When the crack dealer tells a client that his product is 100% pure rock cocaine and worth x amount in street value they usually are right because they want repeat business. Leiter lies and fibs about the value of a law degree. Leiter is below the neighborhood crack dealer driving a 1977 CADILLAC convertible with a bull horn on the Hood and chrome wheels.

  26. The fact that Leiter would mention Nando in his lies is interesting. Leiter has never been fond of this blog. The arguments contained within lower Leiter's prestige and the prestige of his colleagues.
    Scam blogs have gotten the word out and people are starting to believe them over even Leiter's most prestigious 'arguments' (Of which his article du jour is not one, since it appears in the online rag Huff-Po).
    This is probably making him sweat now, and start to behave irrationally.

    Hopefully we'll live to see the day when Leiter leaves the professorate to take a JD Advantage job in the private sector.

  27. Check out Brian Leiter's Wikipedia page. It's full of gibberish philosophical rhetoric and makes no sense at all. Guy has accomplished nothing noteworthy to humanity but just rehashing classical philosophy. He is supposedly a legal scholar and from reading his profile it seems he could not even defend a poodle in court that escaped out the front door and bit the neighbor. These philosophy types are the ultimate con artists because they hide their incompetency in life behind the mask of scholars. They don't have to prove themselves right about anything
    Blue is Green and vice versa is all they argue all day. People who get engineering degrees have to at least provide a working product or they are thrown out on their asses. Hell, the engineer who designed the Trojan vibrator twister made more contributions to society than this clown.

  28. Go to Brian Leiter's blog and you will notice an advertising pop up for the online Diploma Mill WALDEN UNIVERSITY. I admit I do not know how advertisers pay to get their advertisements posted on certain blogs and it Brian Leitner had any control over what pop ups appear on his blog. But when I see one of the worst diploma mills advertising on his wall then it gave me pause. Here is supposedly one of the greatest scholars in America and a person with his own law school ranking and yet an online diploma mill flashes on his blog. Someone needs to look into this.

  29. Brian Leiter seems to really be losing his marbles. He writes this garbled and incoherent message January 6th under some heading regarding Paul Campos "Black Mailing"him and then lightly broached the subject that blackmailing is a crime. Everybody should read it for themselves and see how the recent Chicago winter storm might have partially frozen his brain. What is the ass-clown going to write next......that both Paul Campos and Joe Pesci are trying to extort him? And if you double check his blog he still has that annoying advertisement for the diploma mill Walden University. Ironic a Guy who claims that law schools are not diploma mills has the definition of a diploma mill splashed on his blog. Someone should ask him if he makes any chump change on the side for Walden University advertising a banner on his blog or it is something he is completely unaware of.

    1. You will note that Leiter has decided not to out Dybbuk. So he pretends to be tough, but apparently he worried about what Campos has on him that will cause him much embarrassment if Campos goes public.

  30. On January 23, 2009, Keith Burgess-Jackson wrote a hilarious post entitled "Brian Leiter, Academic Thug." In his words:

    "Oh my god. Brian Leiter has gone completely insane, like his idol Friedrich Nietzsche. (Does he idolize Nietzsche because he identifies with him?) Read this. Leiter has written thousands of words about me in his taxpayer-supported blog during the past several years, including as late as 10 months ago. (Can you say "obsession"?) Most of what he has written is false; all of it is intended to harm me. He "quotes" people without attribution or identification, which is convenient for him, since it prevents me from filling in the rest of the story. (Remember: There are always two sides to every story. Leiter gives you the most distorted version of one side.) Something is terribly wrong with him. Why does he even waste his valuable time on a nothing like me? He's a Big Important Man (at least in his own mind), with things to do, places to go, and people to see. Why do I bother him so much? Is it because I have the temerity to stand up to him? Is it because I inform others of his thuggish and shameful behavior?"

    Even though the pig is now at the private Univer$ity of Chicago, his blogs are still taxpayer supported. What a great use of funds, huh?!?!

    Burgess-Jackson continued:

    "Is it because I have figured out his game, which is to aggrandize himself at the expense of others? Many people have observed how fragile Leiter's ego is. (I believe he suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.) He simply cannot take criticism. He flies into a vindictive rage at the mere thought that someone out there (especially in academia) doesn't idolize him. Instead of responding to the criticism, he attacks the critic personally, with the objective of destroying his or her reputation. (This is called "delegitimization"; it is Leiter's modus operandi.) I feel sorry for Leiter, as well as for anyone who must associate with him. What a sad, twisted, paranoid little man he is. I hope he gets professional help for his mental illness. If his colleagues care about him, they will insist on it. If he refuses to get help, someone (his dean? his wife? his parents or siblings?) should start institutionalization proceedings."

    At one time, Burgess-Jackson was an associate professor of Philosophy at the University of Texas at Arlington. Apparently, he upset Brian Leiter’s fragile ego a while back. What a picture of mental health!

    1. Check out a Scientific America article called MIND REVIEW: CONFESSIONS OF A SOCIOPATH and when you read the article you will not be surprised the self confessed sociopath was a law professor. The ultimate vortex of where sociopaths congregate.

  31. I don't think there is any question about Leiter being a Narcissist given his rants against Campos, Scambloggers, etc. He is a leader in the legal academic community and he reflects the same pathology so many of our "leaders" in the legal practice community reflect. This is evidence of this being a pathetic profession filled with the mentally ill, the greedy, the Narcissistic.

    For what its worth, I am not an unemployed lawyer. In fact I have been highly successful in the personal injury field (as much a matter of luck in getting the right cases as skill), but I recognize after decades of practice how many terrible people are attracted to this profession or become terrible because of what it does to a person's soul. I recognize how many parasites feed off of this profession, including dishonest doctors and expert witnesses of all sorts.

    This is a profession that turns the best of us into jaded, cynical, manipulative beings who care only about ourselves in many respects. It turns us into argumentative, egocentric, unpleasant and sometimes depressed souls. Many of us have no integrity. Being unethical gives a lawyer a decided advantage over the ethical. The Courts could care less and foster this type of practice.

    It has to have that effect on the soul because of the piece of crap people we have to deal with day in and out, many of them being lawyers who are just as bad or worse than a Leiter.

    I recognize there is no other job I could have made as much money as in law over the years, and no other career would have given me the opportunity to be self employed . . but I must admit I was a far happier person before I entered this godforsaken profession, and if I could do it again . . I wouldn't. My house might be smaller, my vacations more on a budget . . . but in the end . . so what.

  32. "This is a profession that turns the best of us into jaded, cynical, manipulative beings who care only about ourselves in many respects. It turns us into argumentative, egocentric, unpleasant and sometimes depressed souls. Many of us have no integrity. ", I think too many grads and current students were already like that before they applied. Law school just honed their skilz.

  33. Campos cannot say anything more to cause further embarrassment to laughingstock Leiter. You cannot blackmail someone who is already known as pathetic. Just his photo of this cretin causes enough embarrassment. Now he is paranoid that Campos is blackmailing him and next he will claim aliens abduct him every night. He might be suffering from psychosis.Someone needs to get the Guy Rogaine by the way.

  34. Which Bill Hicks act is Nando paraphrasing? Is it available on YouTube?

  35. This is a good post, Nando, but it omits one really bizarre episode, almost unbelievable in fact, which maybe why few seem to remember it accurately only nine months later.

    Brian Leiter, in his never-ending quest to destroy scambloggers and others who disagree with him, obtained IP addresses and nondisplayed email addresses of pseudonymous law school critics who posted on Faculty Lounge, a pro-scam blog.

    Leiter did not have personal access to the Faculty Lounge IP addresses and emails. He got them from an inside source. It is very likely that this inside source was Leiter's friend Professor Tamara Piety.

    Leiter then used this material to (1) ascertain or confirm the identity of these posters; and (2) send these these posters threatening emails under the name Peter Aduren.

    Leiter was a little careless, though. He had posted as "aduren" several times on JD Underground, in support of a brownnosing protege of Leiter's named Sevel, whom the JDUers were criticizing. So the recipients of the emails suspected that Aduren was really Leiter.

    Also, Leiter's Peter Aduren account was hacked, and Brian Leiter's profile was discovered therein.

    So Leiter's guilt of cyberstalking seemed increasingly clear.

    Somehow, though, the worm slithered out of it. He issued a hysterical non-denial denial, and then announced that he was going on a lecture tour abroad and would not have reliable internet access for weeks.
    (See March 14 post)

    It worked-- the controversy did not catch the attention of law enforcement, and eventually died down. Leiter even toned down his blog for about three or four months. But now he has resumed his war on scambloggers.

  36. Brian Leiter Chicago Law School profile and his Wikipedia profile makes no mention of the clown ever practicing law anywhere. He comes across as simply an egg-head who who lectures others on what reforms are needed in law schools, tepid reforms at best and just window dressing, yet the Guy never has been in the trenches. Can you imagine someone getting a degree in criminal justice and never working once at the
    police department telling Americans how to fight crime or reform the criminal justice system? He is just a barking dog.

    1. Your comment shows a striking lack of understanding of the close connection between the disciplines of law and philosophy.

      Why don't you try taking a less intemperate approach to the topic?

    2. Your comment illustrates a poor understanding of the relationship between philosophical reasoning and legal reasoning. Also, the tone of so many of the comments here strikes me as disturbingly adolescent. Attacking someone because he MIGHT be gay or because he doesn't have a J.D. but has advanced training in philosophy veers uncomfortably close to an ad hominem attack (in fact, I think it crosses the line). How 'bout you actually try making arguments about the CONTENT of others' arguments instead of resorting to personal attacks?

  37. On March 14, 2013, William A. Jacobsen also attested to Leiter’s mental instability in his post entitled “Brian Leiter’s meltdown.”

    “Brian Leiter of the University of Chicago Law School regularly attacks other law professor bloggers in particularly nasty terms. I didn’t even know who Leiter was when an academic warned me that one day Leiter would target me, and that prediction came true.

    Leiter has an obsession with “crazed right-wing blogs,” which Leiter says includes yours truly. Leiter has a particular fetish for Prof. Glenn Reynolds, who Leiter blames for all the ills of society right wing blogs who have more traffic than Leiter does:

    Key to the success of all these blogs is “Instapundit,” the blog by the reprehensible University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds, whose sui generis combination of ignorance and moral depravity has made him the mainstay of the far right blogosphere (well outside academia), and who links vigorously to any academic he can find who is benighted as he is.

    Leiter also hates the folks at Volokh Conspiracy who, in Leiter’s estimation, are “morally deranged.”

    Through his actions and conduct, Brian Leiter has established that he is anything but a beacon of mental health. Jacobsen then provides this quote:

    “Law professor Paul Campos at Lawyers Guns & Money blog (not my favorite blog for reasons having nothing to do with Campos), refers to the whole thing as Brian Leiter’s slow-motion car crash:

    The truly grotesque level of pomposity displayed in Leiter’s frankly unhinged response to what, after all, seems like a perfectly reasonable question, is difficult to describe. I’m aware from other correspondence that Leiter is indeed frantically striving to identify some of his anonymous critics, so he can expose them to the unspeakable consequences that must surely befall people for having the “insolence” and “impertinence” to criticize Brian Leiter on the internet."

    At the bottom of the entry, you will see the following info:

    “Update 3-6-2013 — Just stumbled upon this interesting post from 2009, Brian Leiter, Academic Thug. Apparently Leiter has been fighting with people since the beginning of time.”

    In the end, Brian Leiter is a pathetic bitch who doesn’t give a damn about the truth. He does not care one iota about the legions of law students and recent JDs who have been FINANCIALLY RUINED by the law school pigs. Cockroach Leiter simply wants the corrupt, filthy $y$tem to continue unabated. After making my student loan payments - and seeing how many have been crushed by NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt - I will continue to stomp these swine in the face, snout and balls, until my leg falls off.

  38. Would Brian Leiter apply to the following job after 3 years of law school and an expense of $150k:
    Attorney Needed (Basking Ridge) New Jersey
    January 10, 2013
    NJ Licensed Attorney Needed

    Landlord/Tenant issues, court appearances and office paperwork, evictions, ect.

    Temp work, come to our office in Basking Ridge and work here.

    $20 per hour, minus lunch break.

    Please reply with your experience.

    • Location: Basking Ridge
    • Compensation: $20 per hour
    post id: 4281029000

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