Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Roger Williams University School of Law to Cut Tuition by 18 Percent, and Pennsylvania State University SOL to Slash In-State Tuition in Half

Roger Williams University’s “Decision”: On January 15, 2014, the Providence Journal published reporter Thomas J. Morgan’s article, “Roger Williams to cut law school tuition by 18 percent.”  Here is the entire text of that piece:


“Roger Williams University announced Wednesday that it is cutting its law school tuition by 18 percent for the 2014-2015 school year.

That means tuition will go from $41,400 to $33,792, the university announced in a news release.

The school said that tuition will be capped at that level for the next three years.

Roger Williams is now the best priced private American Bar Association-accredited law school in the Northeast, the school said.” [Emphasis mine]

We now know that these pigs are desperate.  I love how the newspaper tries to spin this story, in the last sentence.  Hell, it seems that the flea-covered rats wrote the conclusion.  Did Morgan even bother to fact-check, to see if the claim is true?


Based on the current rankings from US “News” & World  Report, Roger William$ Univer$iTTTTy Sewer of Law is floating in the fourth tier of ABA law schools.  What an academic powerhouse, huh?!?!  In the end, nobody gives a damn if a FOURTH TIER PIECE OF EXCREMENT is the best-priced, private ABA law school in the region.  Remember that the commode removed the name of major donor Ralph R. Papitto from the law school, when he used the word “nigger” in a board meeting

Pedophile State University “Chooses” to Reduce Tuition: Alicia Albertson’s piece, “Penn State to cut tuition by almost half for Penn. residents,” appeared in the January 8, 2014 edition of the NaTTTional Juri$TTT.  Look at the first two paragraphs:


“Only a year after it decided to divide into two separate law schools, Penn State University Dickinson School of Law has announced it will cut tuition by almost half for Pennsylvania residents.

Penn State Law will offer residents an annual grant of $20,000 through the Commonwealth Scholars program. The program will be available to any student enrolling in the fall of 2014, so long as they are residents of Pennsylvania. The grant is renewable for three years. Tuition is normally $41,088 for in-state students.” [Emphasis mine]

Later on in the article, we get to the meat and potatoes of this “decision”:

“Penn State has seen applications plummet from 5,326 in 2010 to 1,885 in 2013. Enrollment has also dropped, from 228 entering students in 2010 to 132 this year. This comes at the same time that the school is in the process of splitting into two separate schools.

Penn State took over Carlisle-based Dickinson School of Law, a private school, in 2000. It planned to move the law school to State College but ran into opposition in 2005. Instead, it opened its State College campus in 2006 and has operated the two campuses as one single entity since then. In 2008, it received a $25 million grant from a regional government entity to upgrade the Carlisle campus, but with the caveat that first-, second- and third-year programs remain in the state capitol until at least 2020.

The recent decline in applications and enrollment forced the law school to reconsider that arrangement. The law school asked the regional authority to approve shifting all first-year law students to State College, in order to consolidate and cut expenses. But the regional authority declined. 

So, the faculty voted to separate into two different schools, with Carlisle to be a more regional law school with relaxed admissions standards, and State College to focus on being a national law school. But with the drop in enrollment and reduction in tuition, some say the plan is risky.” [Emphasis mine]

I am smiling from ear to ear, as I write this entry.  It is great to see these swine scramble for applicants.  Keep in mind that this steep decline in enrollment comes at a time when it is easier to gain admission to ABA law schools nationally.


According to USN&WR, Pennsylvania State University’s Dickinson Sewer of Law is ranked as the 64th greatest, most prestigious law school in the entire country.  Their mothers must be very proud.

Conclusion: You know that these cockroaches are getting desperate for asses in seats.  Why else would these scamming bastards slash tuition to such levels?  In both cases, the big-ass reductions are renewable for all three years of law school.  Our collective work in spreading the truth about the law school pigs has led to these measures.  The general public is now MUCH better informed about the insane costs and pathetic job prospects facing debt-strapped law graduates.  The academic thieves will continue to falsely assert that “Now is a great time to attend law school.”  However, these bitches and hags have nothing substantive to back up those claims.  They simply want naïve lemmings to buy into those lies.


  1. See the new January 20 article by BUSINESS INSIDER titled. "CNN asks why trial lawyers are killing themselves" and it is about suicides with lawyers are surging.

  2. Looking at that picture, it won't be long before these schools start trying to enroll dead people.

  3. Excellent news. I think it's quite telling that tuition is being slashed. It's called the free market, bitches.

  4. Nando, all your doubters are now looking foolish!

    I'm smiling with you at the fine news you deliver. Slashing tuition, cutting class sizes, music to my ears.

    Well done on all your hard work and perseverance.

  5. So the people that paid too much and are stuck with the debt for the best years of their adult lives are just fucked because they bought before the big sale and markdown.

    The next thing will be a refund of tuition of the bar exam is not passed or if a 1l flunks out.

    It won't matter to the law school because it will be written off as a business loss in the books somehow.

    So long as the student loan gravy train exists, the scam will live on.

    The lifeblood of the scam are the toxic, nondischargeable student loans.

    Even now, and as I write this, there are young people that don;t realize what the hell I am talking about and will still take the plunge and go to law school and someday and inevitably end up suicidal as the very first comment discusses.

    A life is a terrrible thing to waste.

    kids, don't end up a human piece of shit and garbage because of your having graduated from a law school.

    Save your life and do not go.

    1. Get a god damn job painter.

    2. @ Status Monkey:

      I have a job and also ten thousand dollars of emergency room and other medical bills from 2013 because I had no Health Insurance.

      I also have 360K of student loan debt as well and growing to be carried to the grave.

      The troll that called himself "Status Monkey" from the Debbie Schlussel Blog has pursued me relentlessly and he is a KKK redneck.

      All youse people have to do is google Status Monkey and Debbie Schlussel and Black Booty worship and Obama and you will find the troll that called himself Status Monkey.

      Paul Campos hates me and my banjo music and his OLSS followers hate me too.

      But Campos, who from day one said he was or is a 1st tier customer to be dealt with, and OLSS, his namesake, is not so much about the lower tier Law School Scam as it is about upper tier law school grads that washed out of the legal profession and without student loan debt as much of a factor.

      So they focus on Leiter.

      Again I will say that I don't know Leiter for nuthin and he don't know me.

      Third tier and fourth tier reality seems to be a place for the people with the best ranked credentials and the weakest arguments to slum among and try to get attention from Nando's massive volume of page views.

    3. "I have a job and also ten thousand dollars of emergency room and other medical bills from 2013 because I had no Health Insurance."

      Now you have Obamacare. Problem solved.

    4. For the clueless:

      Obamacare turned out to be a worse deal as an individual major medical policy.

      The monthly premium is almost the same as before Obamacare was signed into law and in addition Obamacare has very large deductibles built in.

      The old standard: Having a job and group health insurance coverage, still applies.

      So in all respects I think and from my street level perspective, the only element of Obamacare that is positive is that pre existing conditions will not be a basis for denial of coverage.

      But I have not ever tested that one out and I am sure in the future we will find out more.

      BTW, any law professor is covered by a group health insurance plan and so they just do not know what it is like to be out there scrounging for an income and without health insurance and with the JD scarlet letters on the resume that turn so many prospective employers off.

      JD on the resume goes into the shredder or the deleted email.

    5. Don't forget the government subsidies for Obamacare as well as no lifetime cap.

  6. Who gives a shit about the Roger Clemens Ted Williams law school?

  7. Lawyers, let's all yell at ABA and the State bars. They need to raise the quality of applicants, require a minimum LSAT and revamp the state bar exams and NO MORE NEW LAW SCHOOL.

  8. Whatever happened to that rascally Colonel Sanders?

    1. He's my boss now. I graduated from USF law school with no career options except KFC.

    2. Interesting. I heard he ate Cryn Johannsen's pussy and died.

  9. Roger Williams is now the best priced private American Bar Association-accredited law school in the Northeast, the school said.”

    And I'm the most beautiful, sexually-experienced (I mean, divorced) middle-aged woman living in apartment 1A.

    Woo hoo!

    1. Well Donna, you're not unattractive, IMO, whereas hooking up with Roger Williams would be the equivalent of a ONS with a meth-addicted, HIV-positive streetwalker who likes killing her Johns afterwards.

  10. If you are a prospective law student, take notice of the tuition decreases. Many people who purchased homes during 2006-2008 got stuck with a underwater property after the recession. They foolishly bought at the height of the market.

    Law schools are in a free fall. Applications are at an historic low and the scam deans are desperate. Coupled with alumni apathy (which has led to decreased endowments), law school profs are sweating and wondering how long can they live lavish lifestyles while teaching 4-6 hours a week.

    If you want to go to law school, ask for a free ride. Or wait until the law students start marking down tuition even further. The saying "the early bird gets the worm" is bullshit. All those K-JDs who rushed to law school from 2009-2014 are suckers for overpaying for a watered down diploma. I prefer "the second mouse gets the cheese."

    I have told my law school to go fuck themselves when they ask me for donations. When they send me their newsletter, I mark it "Return to Sender." Those motherfuckers are dead to me.

    1. If you’re a current law student at Roger Williams, you’ll have the option of keeping your existing financial aid award with the current price of tuition, or waiving your existing award and moving to the new tuition model. Students with aid above $7,608 will probably choose to keep their current level of aid, and students with aid below $7,608 will likely opt for the new model.

      source: http://law.rwu.edu/about-us/affordable-excellence

  11. I've never heard of Roger Williams University before so I initially thought it was a music school named after the pianist.

    1. Never heard of it either, and I thought the same thing. Ive been practicing law for overv10 years, but until I started reading this blog I never heard of dumps like McGeorge (wasn't there a secretary of state named that?), Case Western Reserve (sounds like a bottle of Scotch), or LaVerne (do all their buildings have a giant cursive "L" on the outside?).

  12. Take a look at the current tuition rate at Roger William$ Univer$iTTTTy Sewer of Law:


    "Tuition and Fees

    2013-2014 Academic Year
    $1380 per credit"

    For 30 credit hours, that comes out to $41,400. Remember that this cesspool is a fourth tier trash pit. Of course, the pigs have no shame in these prices.

    Now, let's review the tuition rate for Penn$ylvania $TTaTTe Univer$iTTy SOL:


    "Tuition and Related Expenses

    2013-2014 Academic Year

    University Park
    Direct Expenses:
    Tuition $41,088
    Fees $952

    Direct Expenses:
    Tuition $41,088
    Fees $546"

    Yes, who wouldn't want to shell out such ridiculous amounts of borrowed money, in order to attend the 64th greatest and most astonishing law school in the country?!?!

    Average Law Student Indebtedness:


    US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Penn State Law Class of 2012 who incurred debt for law school - as $121,134. Furthermore, 77 percent of this toilet’s 2012 class took on such toxic debt. Remember that this figure does not include undergraduate debt – and it also does not take accrued interest into account, while the student is enrolled.

    For the Roger Williams “University” JD Class of 2012, these figures are $132,699 and 88 percent. It’s nice to see that these “educators” are looking out for their students’ best interests, right?!?!


  13. I am curious why more do not simply emigrate.

  14. 643,

    That wasn't who you think it was. I haven't been posting here much. As much as I hate to say it, Nando appears to have won the race of discovery - it's now almost impossible (almost, mind you) to post on this page when using a proxy server.

    Health care costs can be high - but most of that pricetag is a nominal cost, much liek the tuition at your favorite law school. Once they factor in all the discounts, Bootycare, whatever, the price that most people pay is far less. You are a good example of this - the bill at your hospital was $10K because the honest people have to pay more to compensate for the deadbeats who pay nothing. Your nominal cost? $10K. The amount you actually paid, or ever will pay? Nothing, most likely.

    You shouldn't be labelling anyone as a redneck. That's just rude! I mean, we can't ALL be elite urban sophisticates who live in our 100-year-old mommies' basements.

    And we can't ALL be smart enough to follow your hip new religion. So you go right on sucking your thumb and clinging to your security bootyblanket - and telling yourself how morally superior that makes you.


    Incidentally, check out this ^ hot little item. It's just perfect for you, wouldn't you agree? And the ditz with the glasses looks exactly oh EXACTLY like you!

  15. It's getting to the point where getting into beauty school will be harder than getting into fucking law school.

  16. When's Walmart gonna open a law school? They can offer falling prices too.

  17. You have a better chance of getting a job in your chosen field if you go to beauty school. True fact: people that work at nail salons can make as much or more money than many of the 50% of law grads that actually find a legal job nine months after graduation.

    1. Beauty school doesn't seem to have the situation where you can have a degree in Cosmetology but it doesn't count because the beauty school you went to exists in a shitty tier.

  18. This is excellent. It starts at the bottom and it's going to work its way to the top. Law schools have destroyed enough young, intelligent lives. The madness has to end. I LOVE seeing the law thieves squirm.

  19. http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20140121006365/en/Villanova-University-School-Law-VLS-Announces-Major#.UuGeKbSIbIU

    If you go to a school where many students are merit scholars, paying zero tuition, doesn't that make students that pay any significant amount of tuition chumps? There is more wealth redistribution in law school than any communist country that has existed.

    What these law schools need to do is close. They are like parasitic organisms fighting for there own administrative survival. The herd would be much better if some of these law schools went extinct.

    It is ridiculous the amount of lawyer glut. Why can't law schools have a universal mandatory minimum undergrad GPA, and a minimum LSAT score? You don't see people get into med school with a 2.7 GPA. Also, all the unaccredited law school roach motels should be banned.

    The profession should overthrow the law schools and the ABA. Law schools have been run for the benefit of law faculty far too long, and look at the mess things have become.


  20. Is Paul Campos too good to post comments here on TTR?

    He has no problem posting comments on OLSS.

    What a two face.

    1. if I had to guess, I'd say that Paul Campos wishes he could post on TTR, but knows that if he did, his own name would get associated with the scat pics and thus the movement as a whole would suffer.

      Viva el Campos!

    2. Yeah but Campos has no problemn being associated with OLSS and the poems about my family,

      I wrote to Campos personally and asked him if he could do me a favor and ask OLSS to remove the poems about my grandfather sucking cocks in construction toilets and sticking fingers in the assholes of construction workers.

      Whatever happens to the financially ruined debtors, Canpos will be just fine.

      And he profited from the scam, although he seems to be feeling a little guilty about it.

      Horray for Campos and whoop de do.

    3. Campos is the one law professor in a thousand whose research actually helps the public. Low teaching loads in return for useless publications are at the heart of the scam, but Campos has returned far more value than he's received.

  21. If we organized ourselves, joined the ABA, and enough of us went to the annual convention, could we get Nando elected President? (I wish)

  22. Back on November 26, 2013, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published a story by reporters Kim Lyons and Bill Shackner, employing the headline “Seeing enrollment slide, Penn State halves in-state law school tuition.” Read this opening:


    “With declining law school enrollment and a shaky job market for attorneys, Penn State University announced Tuesday it was cutting the price for in-state students to enroll in its Dickinson School of Law by almost half.

    The university's "Commonwealth Scholars" program for Pennsylvania residents offers an annual $20,000 reduction off the $41,088 tuition for in-state law school students at Penn State's Carlisle and University Park programs. It is renewable for three years, bringing the potential value to $60,000 for students.

    "We have a superb academic program with some of the nation's finest classroom teachers and experiential learning opportunities," interim law dean James Houck said in a prepared statement. "Yet our research shows that some individuals are unable to take advantage of it because of cost. This program will increase access to legal education for well-qualified Pennsylvania residents who otherwise may not have considered us."

    Yes, sure you have a “super academic program,” Cockroach - and I just put Salma Hayek’s heels behind her ears. Later on, the piece continued:

    “Across the nation, applications for first-year seats in law schools is off this fall by about 12 percent, according to the National Law Journal, the third straight year applications have been off.

    The number of students taking the Law School Admissions Test in October was off 11 percent from a year ago and was the smallest number of students taking the test in October since 1998, according to the Law School Admission Council, which administers the exam.

    Penn State has felt the sting a bit more sharply. Its first-year enrollment in Dickinson School of Law for fall is 17.5 percent below last year at 132 students, Ellen Foreman, law school spokeswoman, told the Post-Gazette in September.”

    The swine at are desperate for asses in seats. What will the bitches resort to next? Perhaps they will offer a 60” Sony HDTV with every seat deposit, in upcoming classes.

    1. Giving away bigscreen TV's would be an ingenious incentive. After all, when the debt-encumbered suckers can't find jobs, the scamdeans could just claim they watched TV too much.

  23. Mr. Infinity/Joshua Adams is up and running again:


    I think the best word to describe Josh Adams, a 2013 Brooklyn Law School graduate, is: intractable.

    On the one hand, he and his wife recounted the entire history of their lives through multiple blogs that must total 15 bogs or maybe even more by now.

    On the other hand Josh Adams seems to think he can troll forever and as anon and that other people are not worried about him as possibly a dangerous person, given his past online abuse of others.

  24. roger Williams has a school?.....trailer for sale or rent...no phone no pool no pets...I ain't got no cigarettes.

    if he didn't deserve to have a law school named after him, no one did.

  25. Check out this excrement-covered press release, labeled "Introducing New Dean, Affordable Excellence," from Roger William$ Univer$iTTTTy Sewer of Law - published on January 15, 2014:


    “As part of a comprehensive strategy for confronting the most pressing challenges facing America’s law schools – the cost to earn a law degree; rising student debt; and the job readiness of graduates – Roger Williams University President Donald J. Farish announced today that the University has expanded its signature Affordable Excellence initiative to its School of Law.

    Simultaneously, Farish named Michael J. Yelnosky – a founding faculty member, former associate dean for academic affairs, and key leader in Roger Williams University School of Law’s two-decade legacy as Rhode Island’s only law school and as a leading institution in Southern New England – the School’s next dean. Yelnosky will succeed David A. Logan, one of the nation’s longest-serving law deans, when Logan steps down this summer to return to teaching at RWU Law.

    The dual announcement comes as RWU Law expands its commitment to offering students a rigorous, marketable legal education that enables graduates to emerge job-ready and prepared to thrive in their early careers, even in today’s challenging legal employment market. Among other efforts during this academic year alone, the School launched a new Community Economic Development Clinic in which students provide business-related legal services to nonprofits and community-based businesses; introduced its expanded Feinstein Center for Pro Bono and Experiential Education; and instituted an explicit guarantee that every qualified student will be afforded a substantial clinical experience.”

    When you see terms such as “comprehensive strategy,” “expanding initiatives” and “dual announcement,” you know that you are being sold a bill of goods. People in this country are tired of such meaningless corporatese and mindless drivel. Just remember that some ass-hat in a monkey suit copied and pasted these phrases, and that someone in management is merely uttering this nonsense.

    Only in the U.$. can people charge you $33,792 annually for a FOURTH TIER PRODUCT - and have the gall to call it “affordable.” This is beyond sickening! Anyone who defends such vile conduct is a piece of garbage.

  26. Back on November 27, 2013, Elie Mystal bitch-slapped the Pennsylvania State University Dickinson Sewer of Law pigs, in his entry entitled “The Law School Version Of Black Friday.”


    “But structuring this as a tuition credit available only to those applying for fall 2014 enrollment makes this the law school version of Black Friday. “Buy NOW!” “50% Off!” “You would pay $41,088 for this product, but we’re practically giving it away with this $20,000 rebate. OUR PHONE LINES ARE OPEN!” It’s like Penn State is trying to sell law school on QVC.

    And it’s not just the marketing that is troubling. Note that Penn State says that people will be able to renew their $20,000 scholarship all three years. But they don’t say that Penn State will hold its atrocious $41,088 tuition in check for all three years. If Penn State raises tuition to $50,000 by 2017 (which is not an unreasonable expectation given the historic behavior of law schools), people who started in 2014 will no longer be getting 50% off.

    Don’t get me wrong: $60,000 off tuition over three years of law school is nothing to sneeze at. You should take it if you were already thinking of going to Penn State. But if you weren’t going to apply to law school at all because of your concerns about the high cost of law school and feeble job prospects of graduates, this Penn State marketing gambit shouldn’t confuse you. To go back to the Black Friday analogy, if you’ve already figured out that paying $50 bucks for an Elmo doll is an unnecessary sacrifice to rank consumerism, your calculus shouldn’t change that much if the doll comes with a $20 mail-in rebate.

    More importantly, this program doesn’t appear to represent a serious attempt to reform the law school price/value discrepancy. If Penn State Law was serious, they’d cut tuition — the actual sticker price — and commit themselves to learning to operate a law school on a budget that makes sense for the students it admits.”

    Mystal is correct. The cockroaches at Penn State Law are not cutting the actual sticker price. In-state students will receive a $20,000 grant from something called the Commonwealth Scholars Program.

    It is CLEAR that the swine are doing this in response to drastic cuts to enrollment. At least, they didn’t have their direcTTor of Admi$$ion$ claim that the school planned smaller class sizes - in order to benefit students and faculty.


  27. Nando, check out this story, front page of NY Times Business section this morning: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/25/business/partner-in-a-prestigious-law-firm-and-bankrupt.html?ref=business&_r=0

    This guy was a Biglaw partner and he had to declare bankruptcy with only $400 in his savings account. These are suppose to be the "big guns" of the legal profession and they are falling faster than shitlaw attorneys. Maybe this guy can get a job as a "professor" at Crooklyn though.

  28. Every year, almost thousands of hairdressing experts are getting passed out from the accredited hairdresser schools.Hairdresser schools

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. One thing is certain to all the literal idiots who are duped into going here; You will become an expert in fighting debt collection, as you are mired in poverty. Fight the fuckers hard, as they do not want the exposure. Thousand of students are in debt up to their fucking eyeballs, and these criminals just rake it in. Go to RWU LAW only under the following circumstances 1. Your uncle Guido already has an established law firm and you can slide right in. 2- Your Uncle Guido has a car dealership where you can work, so the degree means shit. 3- Uncle Guido is employed by the school so your tuition is free. 4-Your hobby is to fight debt collection scum bags and answer petitions suing you for your accumulated Roger Williams debt. 5- Uncle Guido is a politician in Rhode island and will get you some shit easy job at the statehouse 6 -You are in a state of cognitive dissonance and do not believe what this blogger has been writing about roger Williams for years.

  31. If you are reading this and currently attend Roger Williams Law. TAKE HEED. This is your last warning. Use whatever tuition cushion money you have and buy physical gold. Move back to your parents house if that is an option. Withdraw immediately. Most of you do not have political connections in Rhode island, nor are you related to an employee of the school, nor does your uncle have an established law firm in Mafia Rhode Island. Affordable excellence translates to please stay and be fucked over, so our tenured professors continue to skate along with plenty of cash to pay mortgages in Barrington (Scarington). You are fucked. A solid trade will bring you more cash then this scam. and it is a scam. Trust those who have written here. Do not be racked with student loans, Be debt free. Independently study and open a business independently. Educate yourself. if you have money to burn, and then get a formal education at an appropriate place. Please withdraw from this piece of fucking lying tick infested, maggot infested garbage heap. ---Your friends at RWULAW, who want the truth out there.

  32. OK. Year 10: Re-write entire resume to undercut law school education--check, Write back to another debt collector indicating the student loan bubble is bursting and they can't squeeze blood out of a stone--check. Change any reference to the word "law or legal" on any job application to "writing related field"--check. Dump the word Law from any reference to Roger Williams , as their undergrad school will give you slightly more hope and less likelihood of being labelled "overqualified"--check. Tear up alumni related invitations--check. Go to food pantry--check. ARE YOU GETTING THE FUCKING MESSAGE YOU SPOILED GENERATION Y TEXTING, MOMMA'S BOY IDIOTS. It's not LA Law. Oh, I forgot---different generation. if you just took out student loans, either buy gold or give it back now. or just spend it on a crazy hedge fund that invests in toxic student debt. Ha! Ha!. If this message does not help the rate of applications to this institution go down by 80%, then I'll take out another student loan...Ops! can't. At least the loans have been hedged and pseudo-privatized. It has helped one to become an expert in fighting the scumbag banksters that invest in the trash.

  33. There is actually a rumor floating around that this school is to be unaccredited, and perhaps will close within a fw years. Apparently, some current students are quite dismayed by this, after forked out tens of thousands of dollars in subsidized/unsubsidized, and future hedged product _student loans. The rumor is on the low down but the source is good.

  34. http://www.theatlantic.com/features/archive/2014/08/the-law-school-scam/375069/. Read that article from the Atlantic from August 2014.
    For those of you just getting your student loans, immediately take them and invest in student loan debt equity funds and do not attend the school, or withdraw and use the funds at a cheaper school so that you can survive while you invest the funds with the criminal scumbag hedge fund people that literally own many of the law schools/ Roger Williams is very good at press control, as it is in a small market and sucks in much federal money, but the story is the same. This dying school is sucking the last bit of federal loans in that it can from the students in order to get a big pay day before the gig is up. This is the new financial crisis. A class action suit against these criminals is in process. the private equity finds are the criminals running the law schools and it must stop. As is stated in earlier comments. Years ago, folks were concerned that the Mafia ran Roger Williams. Well, the so-called Mafia would do a better job than the white collar criminals currently running the show. The white collar financial equity fund managers are worse than the mafia in their intent and narcissistic tendencies,


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