Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Albany Law School Will Terminate Some Faculty Members in Order to Cut Costs

Glorious News!: On February 11, 2014, Albany Business Review published a piece entitled “Albany Law School offers buyouts to faculty” - by reporter Megan Rogers.  From the opening:

“Albany Law School is offering buyouts to faculty so its payroll better matches the school's declining student enrollment.

While Albany Law School's enrollment decreased by about 200 students in the past ten years, the size of its faculty has remained steady at about 50 full-time faculty. Last week, the board began efforts to downsize, offering a voluntary buyout program for tenured and long-term contract faculty.

The buyouts are a starting point for cost-reductions and the board will have a better sense of potential cuts when it determines how many faculty members take the buyout this spring, said Daniel Nolan, chairman of the school's Board of Trustees. Nolan also is president and CEO at Hugh Johnson Advisors LLC investment firm in Albany.

The board acknowledges that Albany Law School's situation marks a structural change, Nolan said, and will seek other reductions and new sources of revenue.” [Emphasis mine]

It is great to see that the board realizes - and publicly admits - that this is a fundamental restructuring.  In a just world, they would take a wrecking ball to this toilet.  Near the conclusion, Rogers noted:

“The school wants to reduce faculty size rather than lower admittance standards to raise revenue. Albany Law School is the second lowest in the state for bar passage and lowering enrollment standards as employment opportunities dwindle would be "unethical," the board wrote last week in a letter to faculty members.

"Cutbacks are very, very hard. But what is motivating everything about what I'm doing is my student-centric approach," [dean Penelope] Andrews said. "Albany Law School and law schools exist to train students and it's all about the students."

Enrollment fell from 821 students in 2003-04 to 617 students in 2013-14. This year, applications are down by about 15 percent compared to the same time last year, Andrews said. The challenge isn't making sure students apply to Albany Law School, but making sure they enroll.” [Emphasis mine]

In other words, if enrollment continues to drop at Albany Law Sewer, then further buyouts and faculty cuts can be expected.  This is a wonderful day!

Other Coverage: On February 4, 2014, the New York Law Journal posted an article from John Caher and Tania Karas, under the headline “Albany Law Offers Buyouts to Offset Lower Enrollment.”  Free registration is required to view the full contents.  At any rate, take a look at this opening:

“Albany Law School and some of its professors are at odds over plans to reduce faculty size due to declining enrollment, giving rise to a broader question of whether the institution should lower its standards to save jobs.

The school on Monday offered buyouts to up to eight longer-tenured and higher-salaried professors. At the same time, the Board of Trustees, in a statement, and the law school's dean, in an interview, flatly rejected an idea, apparently promoted by some faculty, to lower admissions standards.

"A review of our declining bar passage statistics (we are now the second lowest law school in New York State for bar passage), combined with the extremely difficult employment market for our graduates, compels us to believe that we must focus on quality of applicants, not quantity," the board said in a memo Monday to faculty. "To admit students in order to increase revenues due to projected operating deficits would be both unethical and in violation of ABA standards."

Penelope Andrews, dean and president of Albany Law School, said in an interview that any discussion of lowering standards is off the table.” [Emphasis mine]

The school was nice to offer such buyouts to the academic swine.  It’s not as if any of these rats has done anything useful in their position.  Of course, the "law professors"/parasites wanted to lower admissions "standards" further.  Yes, these cockroaches truly care about the students, right?!?!

Now look at this excerpt:

“The memo from the Board of Trustees, distributed by its chairman, Daniel Nolan, made clear that "the voluntary buy-out program announced today is but one step in a comprehensive strategy designed to bring operating costs in line with anticipated revenues." It said the board "will continue to assess the school's financial condition to determine what other measures might be appropriate as we move forward."

Andrews said it is unclear how many faculty positions need to be cut, either through buyouts or layoffs, and depends on several factors, including admissions, the number of students who drop out after the first or second year and other variables.

"There is no fixed number that will fix the situation because it is so fluid," Andrews said.”

Again, this is merely a single step in keeping costs down.  It’s great to see the law school pigs sweat their tiny balls off.  Thank all of you for helping to spread the truth about the law school scam.  Applications and enrollment have fallen for years, because of our collective efforts.

Conclusion: The administrators and Board of TTTru$TTTee$ at the 132nd greatest, most amazing and terrific law school in the United States have begrudgingly accepted the fact that they must toss many of the overpaid pigs out on their useless asses, if they want to stay in business.  Don’t buy the high-minded reasons given by the school, for this move.  This is about survival.  As we all know, faculty compensation - including benefits - is the biggest expense at ABA-accredited diploma mills.  That is the reason why law school tuition is so damn high.  It’s about time that the administrators start trimming the fat, where it will actually make a difference!


  1. Well, with all of their real world experience, these super shar p legal eagles can do almost anything with their versatile JD! They can hang out a shingle, find lucrative law firm work, lobbying work in the state capital or in-house corporate work. The sky is the limit! The only thing holding them back will be their own laziness. I'm sure they are fired up about getting back into the real world and practicing law with real clients.

  2. Since this law profs are so passionate about the law, they'll be raking it in. They are experts in their chosen area of law. There's no telling how much they can make representing clients in the real world.

  3. But how could this happen to a Top 132 law school?! How ever will our economy progress without legal scholarship??? How can we compete with China and India without expositions on Law & Critical Race Theory?!?!

  4. Is Brian Leiter crying in the corner yet like a little bitch?

  5. Nando, honest question buddy-- how long were you saving that picture, just waiting for a chance to spring it out? :D

    you earned it bro. those pigs are simmering over the coals of the online scamblog movement.

  6. Aaaahhhh, there's a lot more coming where this came from!!! This a-holes should be quaking in their worthless little boots. Just imagine the carnage that would occur to the legal educational industrial complex if the Feds did something as simple as CAP eligibility for Grad Plus Loans. This industry doesn't just need the status quo to survive, it needs the exponential growth in revenue it's seen; which isn't going to happen! Burn, bitch, burn!

    Congratulations really are in order to everyone who has so tirelessly exposed the truth. I didn't find out in time, but thanks to blogs like this one, I helped others find out in time. By my estimates, I steered between $500k and 750k in would-be-lemmings away from my alma mater. So, I guess their profiteering off my ass turned out to be a bum deal, after all!

    I was at the crest of the over-production wave, and knew damn well someone other than my oh-so-fortunate, Class of 2012, was going to get stuck (in what we in Cali call) the "kill zone" of that breaking wave. May the profs and dirty admins alike be whacked like Egyptians in the Red Sea!

  7. where I come from, we don't gloat over people losing their jobs... Truly disgusting

    1. Yeah, I cried when Charles Ponzi went to prison, too.

      These law school school professors have been utterly indifferent to the fact that the vast majority of their students have been ruined financially by going to law school - so much so that they were whining that the Dean of Albany Law School wasn't taking in people from the waiting list, even though the employment prospects of the waiting list people was near-zero (hint, the people on the waiting list are even worse prospects than the regular admits).

      As long as they got their bloated salaries, short work weeks, and summers off, They Did Not Care what happened to their students.

      Karma is a bitch.

    2. You should not think of it as people losing jobs. Law professors love to brag about how they were superstars at the firm or during their clerkships. They constantly remind their students that they left the potential to earn millions to pursue the noble calling of "teaching." I am sure these professors can call the managing partner at SullCrom or Cravath and ask for an equity partnership without blinking an eye. Don't feel bad for these pigs. Besides, I am sure they saved a lot of money by living modest and frugal lives. They are probably in better financial shape at this juncture than you will ever be at the height of your life's earning potential.

    3. That's true.

      As Leiter has noted, law professors are the undisputed superstars of the legal profession, so they can just seamlessly move into Big Law positions if they lose their professorships.

      The world is their oyster!

    4. We are celebrating because for years these people made livings off of the backs of student debtors who were lied to about the realities facing law graduates. The internet has shifted the balance of power with respect to control over that information and less people are applying. The pigs are without any morals or professional ethics.

      9:34 is right. Profs love to talk about their 3 years at Debevoise and how they could be making the big bucks (even though only 1 out of 6 big law associates make partner) but instead "chose" (translation: clerkship/3 year associate contract ended and they needed a job) to become law professors teaching Civil Procedure 4 hours/week for a cool $100k/yr. They are useless wastes of space feeding off student loan dollars which are only acquired by duping applicants into enrolling because the schools offer fake employment/salary statistics as justification for the costs.

      Don't feel sorry for these pigs for a millisecond. Do you have any idea how many lives they have ruined?

    5. Think about all those poor street-tax collectors who were out of a job when John Gotti was sent to prison....

    6. 9:21 am is the piece of shit known as Joshua Adams, a.k.a. the World Traveling Law Student.

      He owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans, went to Brooklyn Law School, and failed the NY bar.

  8. The filthy academic swine are about to get a taste of the same unemployment they condemn their students to. Network, bitches, network!!

  9. This is the best news I have heard in a long time. And, this is only the beginning. Law school enrollment continues to plummet while the law school scam complex struggles to circle the wagons by writing bullshit articles about how a JD is a million dollar degree and how by 2017 there will be more jobs than grads. Of course, this is all crap.

    I personally cannot wait to school these motherfucking law professors in court when they are forced to hang a shingle or work for an oppressive shitlawyer.

  10. Where I come from we do not gloat when people with families to support lose their jobs.

    1. How's the view of the Midway from your office, Brian?

      Where I come from, you don't rip people off for years, and then expect that there won't be consequences.

      Besides, they'll all quickly get Big Law jobs anyway...

    2. And where the fuck do you come from? The land where IQs do not exceed 2?

      JUSTICE will be celebrated, biotch.

      Your pathetically weak schoolmarm cry of MORALITY is just too rich! Or, is it even something weaker than a moral claim; like BEING POLITE? Bwhahahahahahah!

      Tell us, WAS IT MORAL to monopolize and price-fix an entire industry, to commit FRAUD, to prey on blacks, latinos, the poor, the students who were first in their families to go to college, those who wished to rise through the economic ranks through merit and work, ALL FOR OBSCENE PERSONAL GAIN, unapologetically AND FOR DECADES. The fucking legacy of which is in excess of $1 TRILLION dollars in debts that will not be paid , because they cannot be paid, sitting on the public balance sheet.

      They should be in JAIL, NOT FIRED, stripped of every personal asset; stripped of every freedom; their assholes examined, subjected to every indignity. THAT'S THE SIZE OF THEIR CRIME.

    3. Clearly, you're not from around here.

  11. That sound is the wheels of justice grinding very slow, but very small.

  12. How about this Dean Andrews ... was it "all about the students" (as you say) when you school continued to "pump and dump" out ALS's graduates even though it was quite clear that a majority of them would not be able to find suitable legal positions that would allow repayment of the exorbitant tutition charges? This is all a self-serving line of BS by Dean Andrews to give all the students a warm and fuzzy feeling. In fact, it is all about the students, or rather their money! But for that money in the face of eroding job prospects, rising tuition and reduced bar passage rates at ASL, there is no Albany law School. So I stand corrected, in effect it is "all about the students" ... and their money. I hope these ASL pigs go bankrupt soon. Convert that Gothic building into condos!!!

  13. Celebration is premature. The battle is not yet won. No one in this movement should be satisfied until at least 3/4 of American law schools are shut down and the remaining law schools are limited in enrollment every year to half of the percentage of their previous year's graduates who found substantive legal work.

  14. Focus on quality of applicants? Since when? For fuck's sake, their median LSAT score is below the 50th percentile! Only in degree do they differ from Valpo, Indiana Tech, Cooley, Nova Southeastern, and scores of other mephitic toilets. They haven't seen anything approaching quality in decades, if ever.

  15. question here: WHY are these profs getting buyouts? why can't they just be laid off?

  16. To the person who expressed sympathy for the law professors who are being bought out, I would ask how can you possibly feel sorry for these people? For decades, they participating in perpetrating one of the biggest frauds in history on unsuspecting, hopeful and ambitious young people. The tobacco companies employ thousands of people too. Would you feel sorry if these companies, whose products cause cancer, were forced to shut down because information about the harmful effects of their products became widely available, causing a drop in demand? The financial and emotional cancer that American law schools have inflicted on young people for over thirty years is insidious and inhuman. It has crushed the hopes and dreams and stolen the youth of hundreds of thousands of people who believed they could find a career in the legal field that was remunerative enough to create and raise a family with some semblance of dignity. Seeing justice get done should not inspire sympathy for the transgressor.

    1. Your comment hits close to home. Law school stole optimism and hope from my life. It transformed me from a confident, ambitious young person into a dejected, depressed, indebted shut-in. Thanks to law school, I will not be able to raise a family or own my own home. It gives me pleasure to see the law school pigs struggle and I hope and pray this is the beginning of a massive wave of lay-offs and closures. I also hope and will actively support any litigation against these scam artists. They have materially misled their students and they need to pay for it.

    2. Okay, THIS is what I *try* (emphasize) "try" and tell Lemmings / get across to people.

      It's not just 3 years.

      It's 3 years in your mid-late 20's gone. Prime years. Plus the debt, plus the stress, plus lost opportunities. All of the above.

      A person could've gone for nursing and been on his or her way. Instead, you've blown all the above. People seem to idiotically think that switching gears is like.. I dunno... Magic. Just wave your arms and (Poof!) all better.

      "Materially mislead" is an apt phrase. However, we have 15 judges (also bastards in their own right) who disagreed and instead chose to protect the wrongdoers.

      The irony?

      Don't look to the law or the legal profession for justice. You won't find it. It's all about the money.


    On February 11, 2014, the Albany Times Union published a Brian Nearing piece entitled “Albany Law School, professors at odds over job losses.” Read the following:

    “A war of words has been raging for months at Albany Law School, where an effort to reduce the number of professors is being called an economic necessity by administrators while those in the cross hairs say economics are being used as an overblown excuse to weaken tenure and replace longtime teachers with cheaper replacements.

    This month, the school announced a move to trim eight professors — 20 percent of its 40 full-time staff, about half of whom would not be eligible — through a voluntary buyout program. Citing declining student enrollment and projected budget deficits, school Dean Penelope Andrews first publicly raised the possibility of faculty layoffs last fall.

    On Tuesday, Daniel Nolan, chairman of the school's board of trustees, said if not enough faculty members accept buyouts, it is "back to the drawing board" with all approaches still on the table. "This is a problem that we have to get out in front of."

    He said costs have to be cut as student enrollment lags, a trend he said was likely long-term rather than cyclical. Nolan also is president and CEO of Hugh Johnson Advisors LLC, an investment firm in Albany.”

    The chairman of the toilet’s board of TTTru$TTTee$ has made it clear that there will be fewer tenured cockroaches on staff next year. For the bastards who are in their late 60s or 70s, they are lucky to be receiving any compensation package or “buyout.” As far as I am concerned, they should not be offered one dollar – and then tossed out the doors, onto their old, selfish, wrinkly asses.

    1. "He said costs have to be cut as student enrollment lags, a trend he said was likely long-term rather than cyclical."

      This is the key phrase. This slump isn't just the economy or anything cyclical like that. It's people waking up permanently to the idea that LAW SCHOOL IS A FUCKING SCAM!

  18. As if these oppressive bastards who hid the ball from students under the guise of the Socratic Method deserve anything but to be tossed into the street like common trash.

    Of course they don'[t care about admissions standards, it's all about the keeping the gravy train rolling along, all with Federal money.

    These pigs are unconscionable and deserve this mightily.

    1. Albany is a small market.

      If you aren't on law review, you are automatically eliminated from consideration by the rgional Biglaw offices. That's 90% of the class immediately off the top.

      What's left?

      PSLF jobs. Now super-competitive. You can have a reasonably decent lifestyle and career IF you manage to land one. That means State or starting off in one of the county DA/PD offices.

      As far as the State, I only ever saw females in those positions. As far as the counties, likewise. Your average schlubby male need not apply. Because law, at its heart, is a sales job.

      What's left after that?

      Private practice. Now, failing to land a job from Categories 1 or 2, you are left with anything and everything else in the private sector. The scraps.

      If you don't believe you can be working in a 3-5 person firm after 20 years, guess again..

      The people who are successful got on the public dole and stayed there. And that obviously cannot be everyone from the class.. The folks in Biglaw got 3-5 years, maximum, and then they too had to either get a job in Cat. 2 or they fell to 3 like everyone else.

      Applicants: 1193 Enrolled: 182

      They have a long way to fall and I'm not sure what was accomplished by admitting roughly 10%. They could easily hit their monetary needs. My guess is the applicant pool is now so bad that roughly 1000 dumbbells didn't even meet their mediocre standards.

      You will now start to see schools take a distinct line after looking at what happens at Albany. Either they do what ALS did and downsize (not likely) or admit more students and lower standards (more likely). You may even see this done almost in lockstep by the schools so that their relative USNWR rankings do not change.

      It's all about the money.

  19. Dear Nando,

    When you first started this site, I ridiculed your effort. I thought it would fall on deaf ears and get nowhere. I remember your writing was not up to par and I really thought your blog would fail. I was wrong.

    You are entering your 5th year of exposing this putrid and filthy industry (i.e., the law school scam) and thanks in some part to you, the tide is beginning to turn against these avaricious clowns who have lived high on the hog while destroying the futures of countless students.

    Today, I am one of your biggest fans. Sure others may criticize your use of fecal matter and toilet pictures but I agree that law school deserves such connotation.

    Nando, please do not stop your work. Although this story is a minor victory, the war against the law school cartel must rage on. There is still much left to do. I mean just look at the law lemmings website. Those dumb kids are fucking clueless and think a JD is a printing press for money. Nando, I would like to suggest a more active movement. I, as well as many other attorneys, will gladly volunteer my time to talk to college students about the perils of law school, the debt, the practice and the dismal career outcomes today.

    Three years ago, my law school called me to speak to a group of 1Ls. I told them the truth. I told them to drop out if they did not finish in the top 10% or did not have a guaranteed job waiting upon graduation. The law school admins that were present at that event were shocked and treated me like a pariah after the event. Needless to say, I was never invited to come back and talk to the law students.

    Maybe you can feature video testimonials on your site from practicing lawyers about the truth of law school and the legal profession. I would volunteer to come out and speak against shills like Brian Leiter, Don Leduc, Dick Mattassar, Joan Wexler, Dean Yellin, etc. We need to take this movement to the next level if you seriously want to starve the greedy beast known as the law school cartel.

  20. Albany Law fires Professor Hitler:

  21. The law school pigs are getting flame broiled. And I am loving it!

  22. Here is a pro-tip for law professors on the chopping block: If you are offered a severance or buy-out, take it once it is announced. Don't even balk at the idea, just take it. Based on my experience in corporate America, the first round of buy-outs will contain the best deal you are going to get. The subsequent buy-out rounds will be meager by comparison.

    1. Wow, you mean to say that the first offer a worker gets from a shrinking industry is the best they'll get over any later offers as that same industry continues to shrink?

      Thanks for that keen insight, Captain Obvious. I'm sure the pigs know the scoop. You knocking them dead over at KPMG with that analysis?

    2. 2:20, believe it or not, that seemingly obvious conclusion is news to law professors.

  23. These filthy useless professor apes had it coming.

    For years they lied to their students, destroying their lives to get the federal loan cash.

    I mean, these professor pigs say they're all underpaid anyway, so why dont they just piss off and work for a big firm? Thought so.

    More power to Nando and this blog. Lets not stop until these deans and professors have all been sacked, and sued.

  24. At least these assholes are getting a buyout. Which is better than 90 percent of the workforce gets nowadays. And most of those people work a hell of lot harder than these law profs.

  25. @10:11, who said:

    "Where I come from we do not gloat when people with families to support lose their jobs."


    Unless, of course, they are recent graduates, right? In that case, we laugh at them, remind them of how 'entitled' they are for hoping for a job after graduation, and expect them to work for free for the glorious privilege of entering the legal profession.

    Nando, you must be so happy! I, myself, am enjoying the good mews.


    Check out this Jeff Redding entry on Faculty Lounge, from February 3, 2014. It was labeled “The Ethics of Faculty Buy-Outs.” Here is the beginning portion:

    “With the recent news out of Albany Law School, the financial picture of American law schools is again the stuff of student conversations, faculty meetings, and Board of Trustees debates. Few law schools seem to have taken as drastic faculty elimination steps as Albany or Seton Hall have—though, to be sure, one of the more surprising aspects of the Albany Law crisis is how long it took to break nationally: hence, who actually knows what is actually going on at law schools generally speaking?—but many law schools seem to have sought out some kind of voluntary departure of tenured and tenure-track faculty. For example, here at Saint Louis University, the university recently publicly announced a university-wide Enhanced Voluntary Retirement Program (i.e. a buy-out program) for faculty and staff in response to enrollment issues in both undergraduate and law school programs.

    These buy-out programs bring challenges and issues. Surely one challenge of creating a buy-out program is to make sure it is effective. In other words, in creating such a program, you want it to be genuinely attractive (i.e. lucrative) so that some significant number of faculty will voluntarily take the buy-out offer. At the same time (and perhaps orthogonal to efficacy concerns) there are ethical concerns vis-à-vis the design of these programs—and perhaps their very creation—that should also be addressed head-on. To put it crudely (and to temporarily inhabit a fantasy of how I imagine a law school scam-activist thinks), one should probably have a response to concerns that the very creation of a buy-out program rewards ‘scam professors,’ e.g. those who have failed to be consistent producers of both scholarly research and quality teaching. (NB: Since I don’t talk scam-speak, this is surely a problematic translation.)

    Arguing against the very creation of buy-out programs is going to be an uphill struggle at many places. ”

    According to this piece, these types of “negotiations” are taking place at other ABA-accredited diploma mills. Law grads are thrilled with this news, because they recognize that the law school pigs got fat on this scam. After these “institutions of higher education” have consigned LEGIONS to a lifetime of debt servitude and financial ruin, the academic parasites are now starting to feel the heat. Only waterheads such as Joshua Adams, 2013 graduate of Crooklyn Law School, who went by the moniker “Mr. InfiniTTy,” would feel any sympathy for the swine.

  27. Just spoke with the founding partner of an elite law firm in Washington dc he told me it is unbelievable the number of resumes his firm receives from grads of elite undergraduate and law schools who are unemployed and working in internships or as volunteers to get their foot in the door. Good luck Albany and other low tier grads

    1. Exactly. If we could see what he sees in terms of the resumes he receives, you'd see why anything less than a T10, hell..maybe even a T6 now, is a terrible gamble.

    2. Yup. This field is glutted. I had a job interview on Monday for in-house and the attorney interviewing me told me a sad story about how, with 25 years of big law and corporate experience, she was out of work for over 1-1/2 years recently.

      SHe saw my own sad story (STEM undergrad, 10 years of engineering experience, then cum laude at a T50, then underemployment ever since) and said I was somewhat lucky even to have a law related job.

      It should be really freaking obvious to anyone NOT living in a cave - do not go to law school. Do not give these charlatans money. That's all they want and care about. They are all con artists, the whole lot of them, and I can't wait to see them go down.

  28. 'The irony?

    Don't look to the law or the legal profession for justice. You won't find it. It's all about the money.'

    Ding ding ding! We have a winner. This person nailed it.

  29. I am sorry to see the decline of Albany Law. When I was admitted in 89, it had an excellent reputation as a regional law school. I earned the most marketable skills post-graduation, but I am thankful for the degree. I have done well-it has paid for itself many times over! BTW, I was middle of the class and did not land "Big Law." I have entrepreneurial skills.

  30. i referred readers of the Albany business review to this site.

  31. The Hour of Vengeance is at Hand.

  32. You fuck thousands of students and you act surprised these students are cheering when the professors get shitted on. This is a watershed moment.


    Take a look at page one of the 2012 Form 990, for Albany Law Sewer, i.e. Employer ID No. 14-1338309. On line 12, under Revenue, you will see that the school had $34,737,990 in TOTAL REVENUE – for the tax year covering July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012. Of that amount, only $1,484,157 was investment income.

    Now go to Expenses. On line 18, you will notice that the commode spent a total of $31,290,647 that year. Of course, $16,240,075 of the total expenses went toward salaries, other compensation, and employee benefits. In the end, the toilet had $3,447,343 in Revenue Less Expenses. This is reflected on line 19.

    Scroll down to lines 20-22 of the first page. Check out the following End of Year figures:

    Total assets: $90,461,837
    Total liabilities: $24,136,275
    Net assets or fund balances: $66,325,562

    This third tier toilet does not have much room for error. It is an independent law school, which means that it cannot rely on help from a parent college or university.

    The dean and board of TTTru$TTTee$ at Albany Law Sewer are thinking about the long term viability of the trash pit. For $ome rea$on, many of the cockroaches on the faculty are only concerned with themselves. They have become fat off of the federally-backed student loan system - and at the expense of young people.

    In the final analysis, the “law professors” recognize that they are not going to be sought after in the job market. What law firm would hire an ass-hat who is used to writing arcane, non peer-reviewed articles in obscure journals? Who the hell wants to employ a rodent who only “works” 10 hours a week?!?!

    No more staying in your office, while reading the Wall Street Journal and New York Times and various blogs, bitches. Put your nose to the grindstone, academic swine. Get out there and work your contacts in the legal field. Network, douche-bags! You may need to find work in Nebraska, but that will help YOU get over YOUR sense of entitlement.

    In the alternative, these jackals can surely go out and find one of those numerous, prestigious “JD Advantage” jobs that they love to point out, right?!?! If these “professors” are so passionate about the law, that will also come through in their interviews.

    As I have said in the past, these “educators” would rather die than work in the legal field or hold down an actual job. These vile pieces of trash should simply take the buyout, retire, keep their mouths shut, and be happy that they were able to scam the public - and their students - for several decades.

  34. It had to come to this eventually.

    Keep producing twice as many grads - and that's only looking nationally as a whole - year after year and eventually like waves coming in, one after the other, the beach and shoreline will flood.

    In some areas, like Albany and Vermont, the overproduction is much worse than 2:1. These areas could go without new law graduates for 20 years before seeing any small need. In other words, graduate 200 students but I guarantee you that the local market doesn't have 200 jobs available. More like 20..

    Half of the class, today, can't even get a job in law right off the bat.

    But that's not what's killing the law schools like Albany and Vermont. And all the others. The problem is the Internet. Essentially, these institutions were running a mail-order scam for years. The only reason things kept going smoothly was that the word wasn't getting out. A disgruntled, yet vocal grad was quickly dismissed as a "one-off" and forgotten. Believe me, this is the Magic Ingredient to the whole scam. Rob anonymously and quietly because no one believed the Boy who cried Wolf - except in this case he was telling the truth.

    I know for a fact that the schools deploy staff to monitor the Internet and look for anything negative. Google searches are all that's needed, really.

    But they don't control blogging platforms, etc. The Internet grew too fast for them and too broadly. The reach is too great and the speed at which information gets out is nearly instantaneous.

    All of a sudden, you had this explosion of not one, but hundreds of negative stories, comments, blogs, articles, etc. And that, precisely, is what's killing them.

    Like I said above, for years they operated a mail-order diploma mill style operation. People did complain but since the Education Scam Game is legal, no one cared about some "douchebag" law grad with a bad outcome. That's how they saw it. One person. An isolated incident. Which we know, 100%, is not the case. The law schools rely in people being in isolation and not being able to communicate their story. The Internet changed the game and exposed it all.

    You still have asshole judges dismissing suits but it's too late. The fact that 15 suits got dismissed is still out there on the Internet. The fact they happened is out there and says something. It sure stinks like protectionism. Like something is crooked. 15 suits, different grounds, and the politicians in black robes find ways to ensure the plaintiffs lose and the schools win.

    As for the complete asshole telling us not to feel a sense of justice when these profs lose their "jobs", how about a little sympathy for those who incur $150k in student loan debt and can't find one?

    These profs are quick with the condescension and advice when it's the students looking for some cash and a job. Well now they can follow their own ridiculous bullshit - and non-working - advice.

    Even so, I don't feel the least sympathy for the 8 who will go. ALS will retire/buy out the oldsters, who are the most expensive. They lived well for decades, are of retirement age, and have no money worries. I see the strategy clearly. As far as the rest, they won't have the security to oldsters did, but that's this age in general. The Boomers will take all while the succeeding generations won't have the same security. And you will see this now play out in the context of the law schools and faculty/staff reductions and buyouts. The Good Times are coming to and end but the Old Guard still made out. The younger academics are the ones who are now sweating.

    1. Brilliant comment. As associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Louis Brandeis said, "Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman."

      May the law school pigs live out the rest of their days in ignominy, social and spiritual isolation, and abject poverty and may they roast in the deepest, darkest pit of hell and burn screaming in agony for mercy and forgiveness for all eternity.

  35. I'm sure Wachtell, Skadden, and Cravath sent their recruiters running to Albany to hire these legal geniuses. What client wouldn't pay $1,000 per hour to hear a lecture on legal positivism in 14th century Djibouti?


    Today, the administrator at JD Junkyard started a thread based off of the following article. Thanks for the update.

    Check out this Wall Street Journal Law Blog entry from Jacob Gershman, which was entitled "Amid Layoff Fears, Tensions Flare at Albany Law." Read this excellent excerpt:

    "Albany Law School is experiencing what you might call a third-tier problem.

    Last week, the private law school in upstate New York said it’s pushing forward with an effort to shrink its faculty, announcing that it would offer buyouts to up to eight of its 45 full-time professors. The move has raised the specter of layoffs at the school and has inflamed tensions between the administration and faculty.

    Albany’s dean and board of trustees say the school’s deteriorating finances have left them with few options. They say a sharp decline in student enrollment and applications has hurt cash flow, projecting an operating deficit in the year ahead.

    “Unfortunately, we have not been able to achieve a cost-savings solution absent fewer personnel. We have offered generous buyouts—generous by anyone’s standards—and we are now waiting for volunteers,” the dean of the school, Penelope Andrews, told New York Law Journal last week.

    Albany law professors contend that the school is exaggerating its financial troubles, putting tenure protections in peril."

    I love Gershman’s stinging left jab to the pigs’ snouts in the first sentence! That was a brilliant touch. Towards the conclusion, the author noted:

    “What’s not disputed is that significantly fewer students are applying and enrolling at Albany, a problem that law schools across the country are confronting.

    The number of applicants dropped about 45% between 2011 and 2013, according to data posted on the school’s website. The class that entered in the fall is about 25% smaller than the class that entered two years ago. Total student enrollment has decreased to 591 from 687 in that period.

    And even without the proposed buyouts, the number of full-time faculty has already dropped to 45 from 55 since 2011, according to figures posted on the school’s website.

    The dean has ruled out generating more revenue by lowering admissions standards and accepting more students, the New York Law Journal reported.”

    It’s great to see the swine grunting over this situation. The bitches and hags are scared about losing their overpaid positions. Yet, for $ome rea$on, they never showed anything approaching this level of concern over their students’ garbage outcomes.

    1. Looking at the form on guidestar (your link, prior), they have $66m in assets but it looks like physical plant, etc. comprise about $50m of that.

      No liquid assets, in other words, that can be paid to the greedy swine professors.

      Boo-Freakidy Hoo!!

      Now they are getting a taste, albeit a small one, of how their graduates felt and lived for years as a consequence of attending this dump.

    2. Here's a recent article showing how much the professors at ALS care about their jobs:

      Read the entire article for some choice tidbits.

      And, in case you need to read it one more time: It's all about the money.


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