Sunday, February 16, 2014

Catholic Guilt or Mere Desperation?: Villanova University School of Law Doubles the Number of Full-Tuition Scholarships

The Announcement: On January 27, the NaTTTional Juri$TTT published a piece by Alicia Albertson, under the headline “Villanova doubles full tuition scholarships, makes curricular changes.”  Look at this excerpt:

“Villanova University School of Law announced it will double the number of full-tuition scholarships for incoming students, and the Pennsylvania school also announced curricular changes.

The Innovation Scholars program will fund up to 50 full scholarships for the 2014 incoming class, effectively doubling the number of students who receive such. Students will receive the scholarship for all three years of law school study.

To be eligible, students must have an undergraduate GPA of 3.6 or higher, an LSAT score of 157 or higher and must maintain good academic standing with the institution.

“These new Innovation Scholars will find in Villanova a law school that is responding to the new market realities of their degrees,” John Gotanda, Dean of the law school said. “We have listened to our students and to the law firm, corporate and government employers.”

The law school also announced it would lock in tuition for each incoming class so students will pay the same each year for educational expenses.” [Emphasis mine]

In sum, the commode is desperate for asses in seats.  Maybe the cockroaches will toss in free ball massages and an iPad.  This is a marketing ploy, but it will end up costing the pigs, too.  Plus, the requirements are not too strenuous.  You can major in Political “Science” or History and easily earn higher than a 3.6 UGPA.  

Remember, this is the same trash pit where SCHOOL OFFICIALS KNOWINGLY FALSIFIED DATA pertaining to incoming UGPAs and LSAT scores - in an effort to increase the toilet’s USN&WR ranking.  As reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education and Katherine Mangan, in a February 26, 2011 piece entitled “Villanova U. Reveals Its Law School Gave False Reports of GPA's and Test Scores”:

“Villanova University officials announced on Friday that unidentified employees of its law school knowingly reported inaccurate, and presumably inflated, grade-point averages and admission-test scores to the American Bar Association in years before 2010, a scheme that could have affected where it fell in national rankings.” [Emphasis mine]

Other Coverage: Elie Mystal wrote an entry labeled “Law School Offers Free Tuition To 50 Applicants,” back on January 22, 2014.  From his opening:

“We know the new economics for middle-tier law schools. Applications are down, so to convince students with good test scores to come to your school, you have to offer them money. It’s the market, imperfect though it may be, at work.

So when a law school offers “full scholarships” to a number of students with strong academic credentials, don’t think that it’s doing you a favor. They’re trying to fill their seats, not trying to address the fundamental cost problem of law school. If a law school is offering “scholarships” to high-performing students, that means that the low-performing students who are paying full price are subsidizing the people in their class who are most likely to bust up the curve. Addressing the value proposition of law school involves lowering tuition for all students, not making law school free for the kids with potentially better options.” [Emphasis mine]

Tuition: Mystal is correct, regarding the prohibitive cost of admission to this dung heap.  Scroll down to the section labeled Law School Program Rates 2013-2014.  First year law students for the current academic year were charged $39,660 in tuition.  They must also pay a combined $400 in student health and SBA fees.  Therefore, these dolts are paying $40,060 to attend this ABA-accredited garbage pile for one damn year.

Ranking: As you can see, Vanillanova Univer$iTTy Sewer of Law is rated as the 98th greatest, most fantastic and wonderful law school in the entire country by US “News” & World Report.  What an immense accomplishment, huh?!?!  In fact, it shares this prestigious honor with only three other commodes, i.e. Indiana University-Indianapolis, St. John’s University, and the University of South Carolina.  Such elite company!

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Villanova JD Class of 2012 who incurred debt for law school - as $113,283. In fact, 79 percent of this commode’s 2012 class took on such toxic debt. Remember that this figure does not include undergraduate debt – and it also does not take accrued interest into account, while the student is enrolled.

Conclusion: In the final analysis, Villanova University Sewer of Law is a grossly overpriced, vile, Catholic toilet.  These bitches and hags do not give one damn about their students or recent grads.  They simply want to keep the scam going.  After all, the academic parasites are living well off of the federally-backed student loan system.  Their compensation is in no way tied to their students’ outcomes.  The swine are using this scholarship boost to attract quality applicants.  Plus, the pigs believe that it will buy them some goodwill among potential consumers in the area, as well as with the ABA and USN&WR.  Up to 50 new students will receive full tuition, while their classmates will continue to drown in large sums of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt.


  1. A full scholarship to Villanova Law is like winning an all-expense paid vacation to some ugly patch of polluted swampland. It won't necessarily hurt you to accept-- but why would you bother?

  2. The Vince Offer School of Law can't be far behind.

  3. This feces pit is in a death spiral. Granted this $chool at one time had a reasonably good reputation in the greater Philadelphia area. Twenty-five years ago it was a backup for Wharton, Swarthmore, and other worthy undergrads who narrowly missed being accepted at Penn Law. Even before the former whoring dean began fraudulently inflating L$AT scores, Nova had the 2nd highest LSAT scores in the state after Penn. Median L$AT scores were in the mid 160s. Now this dung heap is offering free scholarships with a “minimum” 157 L$AT scores. Can’t wait to see the 2013 law school transparency median L$AT is—probably really bad and showing further decline. Any student who is dumb enough to apply to any non T-7 $chool will be going to Temple, not Villanova. Look at this $chool’s underemployment rate. Highest in the state at 37%. This is even higher than Cooley surrogate 4th tier Widener Law.

    At some point the University is going to have to bite the bullet and order faculty and staff layoffs in a futile attempt to balance the law school’s budget—especially after taking on debt to build a grand new edifice at the height of the lemming bubble.

    1. They've already cut half the staff 2 years ago and then furloughed (without pay - effectively cutting the salaries by 8-16%) another 17 staff members. So more work for less pay. (YAY!) Faculty are tenured so do not get laid off...nor were their salaries touched. Very "Christian" of them.

  4. The Angry AccountantFebruary 16, 2014 at 10:15 AM

    The older generations in this country are feasting on the blood of the younger generstion. This has not happened in a very long time, probably since World War I. The good news about World War II veterans that if they survived the war they enjoyed the post-war boom, which was the most remarkable time of economic expansion in the history of mankind. Baby-Boomers and the generstions before them see the world through the lense of this prosperity. Iraqi War Veterans are double screwed. They get their bodies and minds destroyed in that war and then they come home to no jobs and then they get screwed by the higher education scam. Those college staff and faculty scum are worthless. Everytime these pigs sign the endorsement line for their pay checks they are signing it in the blood of my generation. Those worthless scum, building huge football stadiums, new office buildings and paying their administrators millions for running a scam. They are not subject to the pressures of supply and demand like we are. Well the bubble is going to burst. With so many young people being debt slaves, DO NOT expect the economy to get better. If people are paying their money towards student debts, well they cant consume goods and services, which means businesses cant sell their crap.

    1. If you are an older person, and you actually want to HELP your kids, make sure you own something worth inheriting. Nothing else will work now. Assets - real assets, not fake BS "nobody can take your college education from you" degrees - that is what they need.

    2. The Angry AccountantFebruary 16, 2014 at 12:24 PM

      I agree. I save every god damned penny I have. NO more college degrees for me. Heck, if I had a kid in my family ask me to help them with college, I wouod rather buy them a house with the money. I hope inflation caused by the pigs does not erode the value of my money.

    3. I wish that I had never set foot in a university. And I excelled at my highly regarded law school.

      Generation X is fucked.

  5. Villanova's problem, as with other law schools, is that the more you advertise your scholarship offers, the more it is obvious that people who pay full or almost-full freight are complete rubes.

    1. But many of them will not see themselves as rubes; they'll be delighted to have been admitted to a "second-tier" law school. In fact, Villanova is a mediocre FOURTH-tier law school that shouldn't be attended even free of charge, never mind at $40k+ per year.

    2. This is the central issue. Or close to the center of issues with education today, at any rate.

      It's Edumacatio Arms Racing.

      If it's good for "everyone" to go to college, then the degree is devalued to the point of being worthless. This is what's happened with law schools, in particular, pumping out twice as many graduates year after year, on average, as there are jobs available.

      The rubes have been told by the edumacators that all education is valuable (a lie) so they think more is better. And, more importantly and to the above, they have NOT been told that there are in fact huge differences in outcomes for elite vs. non-elite education paths.

      In essence, all the Edumacation Scam has done, with its reverse Robin-Hooding and stratification, is to enlarge and widen the already huge gap between the Have's and the Have-Not's. Despite the propaganda to the contrary, the gap is not narrowed by education. It's is rather increased by it. We are now living in a new Guilded Age. The serfs (debt-slaves) are more educated, but they are still serfs. And the genius of the Scam is that they willingly put themselves into it.

  6. Another example of racial exploitation. Let the African-Americans and Latinos fund scholarships for Whites and Asians.

  7. They dropped the Price and I got Boned!

  8. A 157 LSAT and 3.6 are not exactly difficult requirements. I would imagine that this will include many URMs and women. Then they can crow about their diverse class to the Liberal press.

    But what this really means is that their incoming students are likely to be in TTT territory well below decent admission standards.

    It smacks of desperation and it looks like their falsification of data has indeed bitten them on the rump.

    I wonder how the clowns at Drexel are doing about now....

  9. Villanova UG is going down the drain too. It used to have a good reputation, it is now a party school. Anyone who can afford the tuition is accepted.

  10. I wouldn't say that law school deans treat minority students like slaves. I would however say that law school deans treat minorities like the rich plantation owners treated newly freed slaves who were sharecroppers after the Civil War.

    1. Yes, that's a much closer analogy.

  11. Hey Villanova is still prestigious; after all, you too can obtain a JD from this superfund site and publish your "guns" in order to leverage yourself into a legal job much like this recent Villanova Law alum:

    1. ^no doubt this poor sap is counted as 'employed' by his shitty law school.

  12. The commenter at 9:28 mentioned the prior dean. Apparently, Mark Sargent - then dean of Villanova University Sewer of Law - had a thing for prostitutes. At least those women are honest about what they do for a living - in stark contrast to the academic whores who claim to be doing their debt-strapped students a huge service.

    On July 4, 2009, Paul Caron posted a blog entry labeled “Villanova Dean Resigns, Is Implicated in Prostitution Bust.” Here is the text of his article, not including the idiotic update from the Mirror of Justice site:

    "Villanova Dean Mark Sargent announced his resignation on Monday, effective immediately, for "personal and medical reasons." Yesterday's Philadelphia Inquirer reports:

    Police investigating a prostitution ring in Chester County relied on two customers, including the dean of Villanova Law School, to provide information that culminated last week in a no-contest plea by the man promoting the business, documents show.

    Mark A. Sargent, who was appointed dean in 1987, resigned suddenly Monday, citing personal and medical reasons.

    According to a report by the Pennsylvania State Police, Sargent was a customer at a Kennett Township house suspected as a site for prostitution when police raided it Nov. 25. He was not charged.

    The Rev. Peter Donohue, the Villanova University president, was out of town yesterday and unavailable for comment, said Jonathan Gust, university spokesman. Gust said that the university had accepted Sargent's resignation and that he would not be returning to the faculty. He declined comment on Sargent's involvement in the prostitution bust. ...

    In 2004, Sargent authored an article in the Villanova Law Review titled "Lawyers in the Moral Maze," which focuses on why corporate lawyers often engage in behavior that violates their own ethics."

    Take a look at the comment from an ass-hat calling himself “Brian.” Who else suspects that this was the ball-less rat named Brian Leiter?

    At any rate, Cockroach Mark Sargent was subsequently banned from practicing law in Massachusetts for three years, due to his role in inflating undergrad GPA and LSAT scores. Seeing that “law professors” typically practice law for about eight minutes before running to the safe confines of academia, the state did any potential clients a favor.

  13. I have never understood how a school with a religious affiliation can have a law or business school.

    Then again, those religious affiliations seem not to mean much anymore.

  14. It is ridiculous to accuse law school deans of being racists. You people are pathetic.

    1. Learn how to read, Dumbshit.

      No one accused law deans of being racist (but it is possible for a law dean to be a racist).

    2. Ah, so you think racism via disparate impact is a ridiculous theory? That's funny, the supreme court doesn't.

  15. They should lower overall tuition. So a bunch of students go for free, but other people are paying full cost? How is that fair? Students that pay significant tuition are subsidizing everyone else. You just paid six-figures in tuition and have a lot of student loans that will follow you for decades, but your classmate gets to walk out with zero debt. I believe a lot of people would not pay tuition if the pricing of their fellow students was transparent. Law school pricing is more warped than any other product or service in the economy. Can you imagine going to a car lot and some people pay $30,000 for a $20,000 car, so that others pay nothing for the car. That is just fucked up.

  16. Exactly 7:40 and those paying higher tuition are generally minorities and the poor.

  17. Well, we're waiting here in Allentown,
    for the Pennsylvania we never found,
    For the promises our teachers gave,
    If we worked hard, if we behaved...

  18. Awesome comment, 8:17. And have I got a YouTube link for YOU!

  19. The law profs and admins don't give a shit about the typical white student. So you know they don't care what happens to the black and brown kids.

  20. Do these scholarships have GPA requirements? Don't be surprised if villanova sticks to the time-honored tactic of stacking a section full of scholarship students.

  21. This may be contingent on maintaining a first semester rank in the top 25% of the class. Won't be surprised if half of these full scholarships are revoked or reduced in year 1. Hell I bet this turd factory has hired some geek to write a pathetic cash management LSAT maximization algorithm to promote optimum demand. Their next step may be to allow
    the mass transfer of 4th tier Widener students that won't lower the median LSAT score. Who cares if they have 149 scores--it doesn't count according to the ABA shills.

    1. This is probably really close to what will happen. There's no "free lunch" when it comes to law schools. At least not for the majority. The top 10% are there for free or on their rich parents' dime. Reverse Robin-Hooding the shit out of the other 90%.

      The schools aren't going to simply hand out 3 year full scholarships to students out of the goodness of their hearts. They are in the business to make money. And that can't be done if you let someone keep attending for free.

      This smells of a classic hook advertising tactic to get people in the door. Or, as Nando often writes, asses in seats. Then, in the fine print no one reads, like 6:34 AM says, the Lemmings will find out that a lot of these scholarships will be gone after 1L, 1S and the rest at the completion of 1L.

      These assholes will try anything to get the cattle through the gate.

    2. To add to my comment:

      Look what they did to this poor chick. Rounding up, anyone? ... -part-iii/

      Recently, the NY Times profiled a Golden Gate University School of Law student needing a 3.0 to keep her scholarship. By the end of her first year, she’d “curved out” at 2.967. Her Teamsters dad drove a tractor before he was laid off, but she and her parents came up with $60,000 in tuition to complete her degree. ... bln2zHLUSw


      We're talking fractions of a percentage here. And they made her pay to finish the degree.

      It's all about the money.

  22. Apparently, Joshua Adams does not believe that “law professors” can be racists. It must be tough having an IQ in the low 70s.

    Look at this comment from Joshua Adams, Crooklyn Law grad from the Class of 2013, which he posted on December 30, 2013 at 7:56 PM

    “Nando, I would like to state that I am pretty much done with the scamblogs and you, but I wanted to say that I did enjoy my time in our battle of wits on the internet. As I am preparing for a new phase in my life (fatherhood and a new JOB), I do not want to argue with you further.

    I will once again say that I am not Knorps. I am my own man, and a man that wishes you nor anyone else on here any hard feelings. Now that I am finding work I am starting to realize why you are all so angry. I just wish you were nicer about it. I never liked the cussing and the fowl language, but I understand why you are angry. It sucks not having a job, and I will admit that I was angry myself these last few months (that is why I did not post here or on my blog). With a baby on the way it is hard to deal with oneself as a man without having a job. You are all right in some ways about the law school scam thing, but in others, I feel that you are wrong. Maybe I just want you to be. Maybe I just hoped it was a lie, as it was too late for me. Either way, I wish you all the best and am done messing with you. JDPainter, I think these last few months have taught me how you must have felt. Nando, as a soon-to-be father, I wish you the best with your daughter. You may hate me, but the truth is, I wish you or the others no ill will. To be honest, I had a lot of fun being "Mr. Infinity" but the truth is, it is time for me to grow up and move on. And, even some of you have to admit the going back and forth with me was fun.

    Thank you all for a good time. Good luck to all of you in life.


    Mr. Infinity”

    Here is my response to the piece of trash known as Joshua Adams. The moron failed the New York Bar Exam, and then ended up moving in with his wife’s parents. You are a loser, Bitch. Get a job, pathetic cockroach.

  23. Here's a fun idea - what if the incoming 1Ls this year at Villanova who are paying full or partial tuition come to their senses and decide to pull out at the last minute. What a hoot that would be to have a 100% non-paying 1L class.

  24. Vince Offer should be a TTT law school dean.

    "It's a Scam--Wow!"

  25. I think that rather than calling law school deans racist we should call them racial exploiters. I think that the term is more accurate.

    1. Remember when Bernie Madoff ripped off the Elie Weisel Foundation?

  26. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  27. From my Analytics:

    “Visitors who live in Villanova

    12:09pm Villanova, PA, USA Quick view 1 action 10s [secure search]
    11:03am Villanova, PA, USA Quick view 1 action 10s
    8:28am Villanova, PA, USA Quick view 1 action 10s
    8:22am Villanova, PA, USA Quick view 1 action 10s
    7:18am Villanova, PA, USA Quick view 1 action 10s
    7:02am Villanova, PA, USA Quick view 1 action 10s
    6:55am Villanova, PA, USA Quick view 3 actions 6m 1s
    6:24am Villanova, PA, USA Quick view 1 action 10s
    6:05am Villanova, PA, USA Quick view 2 actions 3m 2s
    5:55am Villanova, PA, USA Quick view 1 action 10s”

    As you can see, the bitches and hags at Vanillanova Univer$iTTy Sewer of Law are viewing this blog today. People recognize that you pigs are only offering these scholarships in an attempt to attract more lemmings - and to buy some goodwill.

    “IP Information -
    Host name:
    Country: United States
    Country Code: US
    Region: PA
    City: Villanova
    Latitude: 40.0369
    Longitude: -75.3486

    OrgName: Villanova University
    OrgId: VILLAN
    Address: 800 Lancaster Avenue
    City: Villanova
    StateProv: PA
    PostalCode: 19085
    Country: US
    RegDate: 1989-03-13
    Updated: 2004-02-20

    Yes, you jackals are hard at work, right?!?! Are you swine enjoying your place as the 98th greatest, most phenomenal and amazing law school in the U.S.?

  28. They can give away all the scholarships they want to but it does not address the elephant in the room I.e. the overproduction of law degrees in relation to the number of jobs available. To address this means that many schools would close and the schools simply wont do that. But of course that is what needs to happen.


    Check out the entire text of Joshua Adams’ ramblings on his “Journey of Life” blog, from January 19, 2014. The post is labeled “Returning to Seattle.” In the waterhead’s own words:

    “The stay with family here in Eastern Washington is coming to an end. I will soon be returning with Beverly and our child to our apartment in Seattle's Capitol Hill district. I am glad to be going back. I have missed having my own space, and I have always told myself I would never move in with family. However, the reality is that I did, and it is something that I am determined to never do again. I am grateful that we were allowed to stay with Beverly's parents, but I am a very private person and do not do well with living with family. I like having my own space and my own life, and I am thrilled to go back and do just that.

    We are excited to be back in Seattle. Although one day I hope to return to San Francisco, I am going to enjoy living back on the west coast. There is a lot about Seattle and the Pacific Northwest that I am excited about. I am looking forward to going to the Hoh Rainforest, Victoria, Whidbey Island, the Olympic Peninsula and its ocean beaches. I also am looking forward to revisiting Cougar Mountain, going to some of the hot springs in the area, and living in the city again. I am also looking forward to the weather. I do not like the extreme cold.

    Most of all, I think I am looking forward to starting my own life again. I feel that my life has been put on hold while living here. I am tired of being told how I should live it. I am old enough and have seen enough to know what I want out of life. I will not go into more detail here about that, as much of that is private, and I do not believe in putting private information like that on the internet.

    It's time for me to spread these beautiful wings and soar once again.”

    After failing the New York Bar Exam, Dumbass moved in with Beverly’s parents. So much for setting the world on fire, bitch. Your father-in-law should have beaten your ass into the ground, dung beetle.

    After all, the piece of garbage owes HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in student debt - and has no real job prospects. Did you make sure to thank the taxpayers for the birth of your child, ass-wipe?! What man wants to have his wife and kid insured by Medicaid? In sum, Joshua Adams is a waste of resources.

  30. I would not be surprised if Josh Adams or his wife have already applied for some sort of public entitlement. I thought that was an unthinkable outcome coming out of the Crooklyn Law trash heap. Nando, thanks for adding a picture of that asswipe and his wife vacationing on the taxpayer's dime. People like Adams, who lack industry and true intellect, are the reason this country is circling the drain.

  31. Pussy Boy Joshua Adams once again took down his idiotic blog. In the last analysis, the kid is a moron.

    "Welcome to:

    This Web page is parked for FREE, courtesy of"

    As you can see, Beverly Adams and Joshua Adams co-authored an e-book entitled "How to Win at Law School: Setting Goals for Law School Success." Here is the one customer review, posted on January 30, 2014:

    "Excellent job on stating the obvious I have to admit[.] I was a bit intrigued and at a cost of 8 bucks I was willing to take the risk, however, this book was a total waste of 8 dollars. The author simply tells you the very basic any Law School counselor or 1st year prof will tell you in the first 5 min of meeting them.

    Do your self a favor and Do Not Purchase This E-Book."

    The dolt constantly claimed to be frugal on his blog. Yet, the bitch attended law school in Boston for his first year - and then attended Crooklyn Law School for the last two years. Now, the cretin owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt.

    1. "Whether you are getting ready to go to law school or a second or third year student, the system in this book can help you achieve success in law school. Success in law school translates into summer and post-graduate legal job offers, the opportunity to transfer to higher ranked schools, and the ability to become a member of law review and moot court. Getting top grades in law school opens doors for you that will move you ahead of your competition..."

      Did Adams actually accomplish any of the things he's promising to help others achieve? Did he make law review, or land a decent law gig? If not, what business does he have selling this how-to guide? It's the unsuccessful selling others on the idea of being successful. Josh would fit right in with the Herbalife MLM crowd...

  32. Re Josh and his wife

    When did it become legal for a human to marry a dog?

    1. Please take the picture down. For the Love of God.. please.

    2. Hell, when did it become legal to marry your twin brother? They look like carbon copies of one another. Perhaps Adams married his own clone.

    3. "Hell, when did it become legal to marry your twin brother? They look like carbon copies of one another. Perhaps Adams married his own clone."

      Its President Obama's fault.

  33. I get and appreciate the animosity against that kid but I don't think the ad hominem attacks help our movement. We should be focused solely on systemically approaching, analyzing, and dismantling the legal education system's sources of revenue.

    Here are the legs of the law school stool (all meanings are valid in this context):
    (1) the government's involvement in student loans;
    (2) the misguided and ignorant students who continue to foolishly attend law school;
    (3) the law schools' lies about student outcomes and their marketing campaigns;
    (4) the public's perception of lawyers in the media;

    If one of these legs snaps off the law school stool, the entire grifting operation comes tumbling down like the Wall of Jericho. We should focus our efforts on targeting students thinking about law school, on attacking the government's involvement in the student loan industry and how it scams taxpayers, and attacking the public perception of the legal industry. This ad hominem stuff is a distracting sideshow that is slowing our momentum. We need to focus on destroying the law school industry. This kid is a red herring.

  34. Right! We should be focusing on the scammers, the racial exploiters, and the liberal hypocrits.

  35. Beverly Adams = bow wow wow yippee yo yippee yay

  36. Beverly Adams probably doesn't know anything about her husband's obsession with Nando.

    If you want to read all about the history of both her and Josh Adams you can read it in her own words here:

    and here:

    I feel sorry for Beverly. She seems to be mentally dominated by Josh, who is not showing much respect for her at all by spending his time working on half a dozen or more blogs while she is home with a new baby.

    But Josh wants the limelight that Nando has, and so he will never stop blogging because he is addicted to it and hence his choice of title for one of his blogs: "Facebook Detox"


    Here is the link to the Villanova Univer$iTTY Sewer of Law's InnovaTTion $cholar$ Program. Check out this portion:

    "Villanova University School of Law is launching a new "Innovation Scholars" program, funding up to 50 full scholarships for the incoming class of fall 2014. "Innovation Scholars" will receive full-tuition for all three years of study.

    This program celebrates Villanova Law's new Center for Law, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Recognizing that the legal profession has dramatically changed in recent years, Villanova Law has listened to law firm, corporate and goverment employers: Law graduates of the 21st century must have a more sophisticated, hands-on approach to both the legal industry and to the business practices of their future clients. In response to these market changes, new curricular innovations are being introduced under the auspices of the Center to infuse business principles into Villanova Law's core curriculum.

    The Center for Law, Entrepreneurship and Innovation transforms the educational experience at Villanova Law by immersing all students, regardless of their chosen field, in the practical application of their law studies and preparing them for today's business-centric legal practices with required courses such as Financial Literacy for Lawyers and Business Aspects of the Law. In Business Aspects of the Law, legal practitioners along with faculty members explain the nuts and bolts of the structure, personnel and economics of a law firm."

    The academic parasites never get tired of using manufactured, idiotic-sounding terms such as “business-centric.” By the way, the commode might as well teach these students how to open their own law firm. After all, it’s not as if these “professors” could successfully operate a hot dog stand.

    Now, scroll down to the bottom of the page:

    “Innovation Scholars eligibility requirements:

    • Undergraduate GPA of 3.6 or higher (as calculated by LSAC)
    • LSAT score of 157 or higher
    • Innovation Scholars must maintain good academic standing

    How to apply:

    • All admitted students meeting the above criteria are automatically eligible for the program. Any interested candidate should contact the Admissions Office.
    • Click here to learn how to apply to Villanova University School of Law.

    Note: The application fee for all new JD candidates has been waived.”

    As you can see, the desperate pigs have also waived the application fee for all new lemmings. I’m surprised the bitches and hags don’t toss in a free $10 Starbucks gift card for anyone who applies to this ABA-accredited dung heap.

  38. To 6:57 AM, We should do what we like and not to be told what to do.

  39. Ronnie D. Finklestein Dean of Academic Development at Villanova Law SchoolFebruary 22, 2014 at 10:07 AM

    Law school is a great investment that exponentially increases the lifetime earnings of our students. Our tuition rates our competitive as the other costs of law schools are similar to ours. We much charge high tuition rates in order to attract the brightest minds in legal scholarship. Great scholars who are dedicated to their students and are major contributors to law review journals.

  40. Ronnie D. Finklestein Dean of Academic Development at Villanova Law SchoolFebruary 22, 2014 at 10:09 AM

    By the way, anyone who enrolls to Villanova Law School gets free tickets to the Journey concert!

  41. Villanova is struggling, as are all law schools, but I love how they have money for up to 50 scholarships, and are building new clinics left and right. Meanwhile they've laid off half the staff and how did they thank those staff members who picked up the workload slack?: By placing them on mandatory furlough (without pay)!!! And the faculty are still getting tenure. Why didn't everyone get pay cuts? That would have been the "Christian" thing to do. "Veritas Unitas Caritas" Yeah right!!!!

  42. I'm glad for my son who didn't go to VLS. He is making lots of money and has a very rewarding career


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