Monday, February 24, 2014

First Tier Moist Waste: Washington University School of Law

Tuition: Full-time law students at Wa$hington Univer$ity in $t. Loui$ were charged $48,345 in tuition - for the 2013-2014 school year.  It’s nice to see that this commode is looking out for the students’ best interests, right?!?!  This figure does not include mandatory fees, which amount to an additional $1,760.  When you include those charges, the price of admission reaches $50,105.

Total Cost of Attendance: Based on the same document, the rodents list the total tuition and living expenses - for 2013-2014 - as $71,285.  By  the way, this total does not include the Student Health Service Insurance Fee of $1,300 - even though all students are required to carry coverage.  Of course, the vermin try to justify these costs by pointing out the following: “Washington University School of Law is a private institution and top law school, and competition to attend is very high.”

Keep in in mind that the law school pigs base living expenses off of a nine-month academic calendar.  Actual law students will require such costs over the full 12 months.  In order to reach a more accurate, total COA, we must prorate the following items: room/board; and personal costs.  Doing so, we reach a total estimate of $78,772 - for the current year.  This does not even count the optional parking pass of $480.

Ranking: According to US “News” & World Report, WUSTL is rated as the 19th best law school in the country.  It only shares this honor with one other school, i.e. the University of Minnesota.

On January 25, 2011, former Biglaw associate Will Meyerhofer back-handed this toilet, in an article entitled “Are Law Schools Lying to Their Applicants?”  After pointing out that the pigs can charge ridiculous sums of money, due to guaranteed government loans to students, he delivers this forceful slap:

“If it was true supply and demand, #1 ranked Harvard and #100 ranked Hofstra wouldn't have the same tuition. But they do, the same as stupid Washington University, which is so stupid it's in Missouri. "It's underrated." Bite me." [Emphasis mine]

Employment Placement Statistics: Here is the link to the Employment Summary for the WUSTL Law Class of 2012.  There were a total of 300 graduates from this cohort.  Of that figure, 276 were hired in some capacity - within nine months of earning their law degree.  One JD did not report his status to the sewer, while 23 were unemployed.  As such, the placement rate was 92.3 percent, i.e. 276/299.

On page one of this PDF, you will notice that the private toilet put 29 graduates from this class in university or law school-funded positions - in order to artificially increase the placement rate.  The cockroaches were able to boost this figure by 9.7%, using this underhanded tactic.  Hell, only four of these jobs were full-time and long term!  In contrast, 16 of these posts were part-time and short term.  But the law school pigs care about their students and graduates, don‘t they, Lemming?!?!

A total of 130 members of this class found jobs in private law firms.  However, only 44 of these men and woman landed in offices of more than 500 attorneys - as full-time workers.  Another 10 went into federal clerkships.  And this is from the 19th greatest law school in the country!

On April 10, 2013, Dan Filler posted a Faculty Lounge entry entitled “New Law School Rankings: Employment Data Cleaned Of School Funded Jobs” This article is based off of each ABA-accredited diploma mill’s Class of 2012 ABA Employment Report.  As the text and title make clear, the figures pertain to JD Required positions that are full-time, long term - and exclude law school funded jobs. Under these measures, WUSTL placed 67 percent of its grads in such positions.  These are the employment opportunities that one seeks when applying to law school.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Wa$hington Univer$ity JD Class of 2012 who incurred debt for law school - as $117,964. Yet, only 73 percent of this commode’s 2012 class took on such toxic debt. Remember that this figure does not include undergraduate debt – and it also does not take accrued interest into account, while the student is enrolled.

Conclusion: Washington University Sewer of Law is a grossly overpriced trash heap.  In sum, it is a moist turd with sprinkles on top.  Furthermore, more than a quarter of the graduates from 2012 did not incur one dime of student loan debt for their law degree.  This means that you will also be competing against those who are wealthy and connected, for the available number of attorney jobs.  How will YOU fare, as a person of modest means, when you are essentially required to take on an additional $125K-$170K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt - for a chance to enter this GLUTTED “profession”?!?!  If you cannot answer this question honestly and objectively, then you have no business making such a financial decision.


  1. Considering the massive size of the class of 2013, employment statistics should be really bad this year. Really bad.

    1. There's always sales.

  2. Great Craigslist offer of employment for an attorney, sort of:

    "Associate/Junior Associate
    Welcome Spring with this great opportunity. You are a newly licensed lawyer, or one returning to a legal career; have an entrepreneurial spirit, and take full responsibility for your financial future. You are a self-starter, able to work independently, loves to market yourself, have good organizational and networking skills, and ability to develop client base and business. Join a small boutique civil practice with diverse clients. No salary and no benefits. Compensation is entirely based on percentage of work billed and collected. We'd love to speak to you about this opportunity."

  3. They should have a job posting law for a law professor:

    "Law Professor Wanted"

    "Great job opportunity to teach law. Minimal work required. Teach 3-6 six hours a week. Summers off! Knowledge about practicing law not required. Due to new students being less willing to go into debt for meager job prospects, there is no salary or benefits for this job. Instead, you will be compensated based on the amount of law students you can convince to enter law school. Strong cold-calling skills a must. Must be able to come up with nonsensical arguments that are not easily verified, such as a law degree has one hundred uses, many older attorneys will retire creating a huge demand for law grads, there is actually a lawyer shortage in rural areas, you can't value a law degree without looking at the value over a full lifetime, and education is valuable even if it does lead to a job."

    1. Please hold while we transfer you to one of our effete, aristocratic professors. This call may be monitored for fraud, misrepresentation, and the law-school scam.

  4. "Why do so many people hate law school?"

    1. Typical for the asshole scam-dean to change the subject from the shittiness of law skules to the decline in enrolment ("there are a lot less [sic] people going to law school"). He is concerned only about his own ass.

    2. I'm still waiting for any one of these Deans to state the obvious: Tuition is too damn high.

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think I've seen an article where any one of them has said it.

      Because that would mean they'd be essentially admitting that law skule is just a means to the Good Life for them and the professors.

      It's bad enough that fewer people are enrolling, let alone we dare discuss dropping the cost of tuition instead of playing the Scam Take-Away Scholly Game.

  5. Here's the thread on this trap school from JD Underground:

  6. The law grad in the story below, went to bottom-ranked New England Law, where Dean O'Brien may have been the highest paid law dean at $867,000 a year. Law schools would probably call this full-time employment:

    1. "If you have your health, your family, a safe place to live, there's an opportunity to give back. Trust me, the payback forward feels amazing."



      I wonder how many law professors, administrators, and Deans believe that statement?

      Their version of Pay It Forward means: "Pay it to myself." Take everything. Scorched earth. It doesn't matter who gets hurt.

      That right there is how these noble professors and academics think. All justified in their minds because they believe they are superior.

      He's still indoctrinated, despite the $175k non-dischargeable Student Loan Black Hole he now finds himself in.

      If he had stayed working in his parents' pizza business, he'd be living the same way he is now - minus the damn debt. He'd be doing okay. Maybe even coming up with ideas on how to grow the business. Live in a apt. over the business, like so many often do, and work it, every day.

      That's the American Dream.

      Not Higher Education. And certainly not law skule.

      O'Brien is a McPiece of McCrap. I hope he drowns in his beer mug.

    2. Not only is he working for free, he is getting experience in an area of law--foreclosure defense--where I would imagine there are very few clients who could actually pay enough to support a practice. I know nothing about that field however so correct me if im wrong.

  7. Heh. A turd with special sprinkles on it.

    1. That picture is horrible, disgusting, and completely made me sick. Not the turd, the picture in the upper right. Imagine what their children would look like.

  8. What a stupid name for a law school located in the midwest. Shit, George Washington never stepped foot in Missouri. At least Washington State is named after him. Why the fuck name a law school Washington University when it's in St. Louis?

  9. Ronnie T. Finklestein, Dean for Strategic Planning, Diversity Affairs, Student Development and Fax Machines at the Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law.February 24, 2014 at 7:19 PM

    I think the tuition at Washington University (MO) reflects the quality of the education this school provides. Afterall the tuition is in with other law schools. We have to charge high tuition in order to license the use of Wiggler (the giant caterpillar from Super Mario Bros.) as our mascot. We are quite innovative in being the first law school to have its own mascot.

    I mean isn't the purpose of higher education to hire people to do useless things?

    1. ^this is hilarious and not so far from the truth.


    Back on June 14, 2013, Elie Mystal dropped the hammer on the pigs with an article entitled “Law School Tries To Pressure Students Into Snap Decision With ‘Buy Now’ Sales Tactic.” Take a look at my favorite portion:

    “I can only hope that anybody who received this “hard-sell” email from this law school did the smart thing and just walked away…

    The email comes from Washington University School of Law in St. Louis. Our tipster explains that it went out to people who had received partial scholarship offers from the school, but nonetheless withdrew their applications. WUSTL is now making full scholarship offers, but there’s a catch. Here’s the email:

    We are excited to announce that additional scholarship funds have become available. As an outstanding applicant, Washington University School of Law is able to offer you a full tuition scholarship of $48,345 for your first year of law school with the same amount guaranteed for your 2L and 3L years for a total of $145,035 for the three years of law school.

    We can only keep this opportunity open for 24 hours because these funds are limited. If you are interested in accepting this offer and matriculating at Washington U Law this year, you will need to let us know by June 13, 5pm CT.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you here this fall!

    I think we all know why Washington didn’t make full scholarship offers to these people months ago. They were hoping they wouldn’t have to. But, as law school applications continue to fall, Washington University Law couldn’t fill all their seats, and now they’re trying to buy people. So they can cut the crap about being “excited” as if additional scholarship funds just magically became available.

    It’s annoying that the Washington sales people think that their potential students are too stupid to understand that.

    But hey, potentially retarded would-be WUSTL 1Ls, you better respond IMMEDIATELY, because the magic funds could disappear in a poof of smoke at any time! In 24 hours, the funds will self-destruct.

    What’s annoying about the 24-hour thing is that it is an obvious lie wrapped around a more subtle lie. The obvious lie is that there is a timer on the offer. There is no timer. Just like there is no time pressure when you see a commercial for Slap-Chop that says “call in the next 20 minutes and you’ll get a second Slap-Chop free.” There’s no dude on the other end who starts a damn stopwatch after you see the commercial. It’s obvious that WUSTL is just trying to fill their seats, and if the offer had a shred of intellectual integrity, it’d probably say it was on a “first come, first serve” basis. They’ll offer full scholarships until they fill enough seats so as not to be embarrassed, and not one person more.”

  11. Now they're resorting to used car sales tactics?

    Oh, this is classic!

  12. I guess Joshua Adams' new role is to try to go tit for tat with nando's blog now. The loser has a hyperlink to a book about starting your own law practice but can't even follow his own advice because he failed the bar exam and didn't even take the Washington state bar.

  13. Here's the funny thing about the law schools.

    They're all fucking toilets. Unless you want to be a law professor. Then there's maybe 10 that aren't.

    The rest are as follows:

    Cooley and the other fourth tier shitters are dirty Port-a-Pottys. (Avoid them at all costs. You're better off taking a shit at the 7-11 or Circle K.)

    Second tier and third tier schools are nasty public toilets.

    First tier law schools are public toilets in the handicapped stall. They have a bar that you can use for more leverage. You can take a better shit 'cause you got something to hold onto.

    Got that, fuckhead lemmings?

  14. Not to threadjack, but Nando, please roast the dean from John Marshall Law School for the tone deaf comments he made to CNN/Fortune. The guy could really care less that the school's graduates are drowning in debt while he gets paid six figures.

  15. $48,345 for one year of education? Really.

    Think about that for a minute, boys and girls. That's just short of 5 million pennies! If you pay this, you deserve what you get. Even if the profs are scamming pigs.


    On May 31, 2013, OTLSS contributor dybbuk posted an entry labeled “Which law schools are the most overrated by US News and World Report?: A ranking of schools by mismatch between US News rank and placement success.” This is one of the best articles on that site to date. Check out the following portion:

    “In the table below, I have ranked schools by mismatch between their most recent US News rank and their Class of 2012 placement success rank. As to placement success, the rank is based on each law school’s percentage of graduates who obtained bar-required, full-time (FT), long-term (LT) (which includes one year long judicial clerkships), nonsolo non-school-funded jobs within nine months of graduation. I obtained the employment rank by going to this excellent calculator and by clicking "choose your own formula," and then by clicking "bar passage required," "long-term," "full-time" and "exclude from numerator: school funded and solo practitioner." This generates a calculation of each school’s employment rate, within the formula chosen, in rank order.

    The table includes every school with a US News rank at least 25 places higher than its placement rank. Georgetown doesn’t quite make the cut, but it deserves special mention-- its placement rank of 32nd was (by far) the worst among the "T-14," i.e. the 14 schools that have been recognized, more or less accurately, as genuinely elite. And Georgetown's Class of 2012 stats were no fluke--its placement rank for the Class of 2011 was 50th, also (by far) the worst among the T-14. In light of Georgetown’s numbers, perhaps it would be better to refer to the "T-13."

    First tier schools are in italics. These are schools that, by virtue of their US News rank alone, may (in the words of Paul Campos), "attract[ ] the kind of highly-qualified, reasonably prudent 0Ls who would never consider attending the vast majority of law schools at anything like sticker price, and yet still end[ ] up generating a very high risk of financial and personal disaster for its students." Thus, even more than lower-tiered schools, they may function as life-ruining "traps" for some really bright and promising kids who deserve better from society. In addition to those listed, I also want to mention three other overrated first-tier schools that just miss the 25 place cut-off: Notre Dame, Washington U. of St. Louis, and the University of Utah.”

    Dybbuk even takes a jab at Wa$hington Univer$ity Sewer of Law in this post. The chart does not include desperate solo practitioners. This is a solid distinction from Dan Filler’s graphic, since people attend “professional school” so that they can enter a stable career. These men and women want a consistent paycheck, with decent insurance and other benefits. Who the hell really wants to open up their own business as a result of going to law school?!

  17. I'm a boomer and started my own practice after a stint as a prosecutor and then five years in mid-law. Almost all boomer lawyers I know, more or less work for themselves ...except for those who are career government. I've made a nice living and there is lots to say about working for yourself. On the other hand, before law school I had a job with the feds. Sometimes I regret having given that up. Flex time, pension, five weeks vacation....but the bureaucracy would have driven me nuts over time. I think answering only to yourself is the only way to go. Course I recognize things are different these days.

    1. The life you're describing is not really possible for today's law students. Law school tuition has skyrocketed, far surpassing the rate of inflation, and on average, students are taking on six figure debts (think $100-$200,000). Moreover, only around 55% of the class of 2012 actually obtained full-time, long term positions requiring bar admission as measured 9 months after graduation. This is only the tip of the spear. It's a dire situation, and those in the legal education really don't get it. They just keep talking about making people practice ready, and other nonsense instead of realizing that there shouldn't be 200 law schools, tuition shouldn't be so high, and too many students are graduating each year into an already saturated market.

    2. This seems like the perfect example of a Trap School.

      73% took on 6-figure toxic debt. The other 27% were Reverse Robin-Hooding the shit out of them.

      I just have this sick, twisting feeling that the Good 'ol Boy network is how things get done in Missoura. You know, "Deddy got me a jerb at his fiirm."

      Because that's how hiring is done "out here".

      Good luck if you're not from the area. You'd be a damned fool for going there and trying to compete with the local inbreds.

  18. If you have a pulse (and dough), you are in! Yup, your canine might have a shot at law school these days. The National Jurist has compiled a list of 25 law schools with the greatest drop in enrollment since 2010. Here are the 18 schools where enrollment has plummeted by 30 percent or more:

    University of La Verne -66.2%
    Cooley Law School -40.6% Feverpitched - iStock
    Catholic University -39.5%
    New York Law School -38.7%
    University of Dayton -38.5%
    Pacific McGeorge -38.4%
    Widener U. - Harrisburg -36.9%
    U. of New Hampshire -34.8%
    Seton Hall University -34.7%
    Liberty University -33.9%
    Western New England -33.3%
    Case Western -32.7%
    Hamline University -32.7%
    Ave Maria School of Law -31.8%
    Appalachian School of Law -31.0%
    Widener University - Delaware -30.5%
    Vermont Law School -30.5%
    Saint Louis University -30.2%

    1. "If you have a pulse (and dough), you are in!"

      That is true of every for-profit school.

      For-Profit College Accused Of Luring Students Into Predatory Loans

  19. Shocking story about a new law school they are trying to get off the ground, making the usual b.s. arguments.

    Read more here:

    One of the arguments:

    "Tacoma lost its law school in 1999 after the University of Puget Sound sold it to Seattle University. That left a big gap in the academic offerings in the South Sound. Aspiring attorneys now have to travel — or move — to Seattle or Portland for a law degree; nothing else is available between the two cities."

    The driving time from Tacoma to Seattle is 34 minutes. Most people expect to move to go to college or grad school. It is a law school, not a Starbucks. Arkansas does not even have one dental school.

    Washington State already has three law schools, and much more law graduates than available jobs. So, they brought out the mass retirement of older lawyers argument. This argument is getting a lot of mileage from coast-to-coast. The law school proponents care a lot and just want to get ahead of the curve.

    "The legal profession — like many others — is starting to feel the effects of the baby boomer retirement wave. About 25 percent of the state’s practicing attorneys say they plan to retire within the next few years, according to a Washington State Bar Association survey, and almost 75 percent of the bar’s membership is at least 50 years old."

    They will have low admission standards:

    "A new law school isn’t just something that would be nice for the South Sound. It’s badly needed. Competition for entry into the UW’s law school is fierce..."

    They are very confident, and unfortunately they may be right.

    "There’s obviously a demand for a South Sound law school. In 1999, the year that Seattle University moved the campus from Tacoma, it had 850 law students. A new UWT program would be a modest reboot that almost certainly would be deluged with applicants."

    Then, they come out with the most outrageous argument. Hey, if you are short on law grads, I can send as many as you want to your geographic area. Many law grads would move wherever for a pretty mediocre salary. There is a huge national supply. Most are not afraid of flying or driving cars across state lines.

    It leaves a hole in the "social fabric?" Really. What leaves a hole in the social fabric is student debt and lack of opportunity.

    "When aspiring attorneys have to go somewhere else for their degrees, often they don’t come back. That makes it hard for local law firms and prosecutors to recruit, but it also leaves a hole in the community’s social and civic fabric."

    Law firms and the DA's office are having a difficult time recruiting law grads? Really. Someone needs to tell Emory Law School. That is nonsense. I have resumes of over 50 law grads from a small ad looking for any kind of legal employment. Call me, I will start sending law grads. Law grads are more ubiquitous than Kudzu.

    These law school proponents have some ulterior motive that has nothing to do with benefiting future law students, the legal profession, or serving an unmet need.

    1. Where I am, the DA offices now require 2 years of niche experience handling criminal matters.

      It used to be that they took directly out of school. Now, this is no longer an entry-level path.

      In other words, if you can't get a job in the private practice sector of law, you are now foreclosed from that particular DA's offices.

      But yes, we need another law school out there..

      You could close down all law schools and not see any increased demand for at least a decade.

  20. Fuck these schools. The students are finally waking up.

  21. Some really good news. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau just filed suit against ITT for predatory lending tactics.

    Hopefully, law schools will soon follow.


    Back on June 13, 2010, Brian Tamanaha wrote an epic piece for the Balkin blog, with the provocative headline "Wake Up, Fellow Law Professors, to the Casualties of Our Enterprise." He now teaches at Washington University Sewer of Law. Read the entire article, but focus on this opening:

    "It’s grim reading. The observations are raw, bitter, and filled with despair. It is easier to avert our eyes and carry on with our pursuits. But please, take a few moments and force yourself to look at Third Tier Reality, Esq. Never, Exposing the Law School Scam, Jobless Juris Doctor, Temporary Attorney: The Sweatshop Edition, and linked sites. Read the posts and the comments. These sites are proliferating, with thousands of hits.

    Look past the occasional vulgarity and disgusting pictures. Don’t dismiss the posters as whiners. To a person they accept responsibility for their poor decisions. But they make a strong case that something is deeply wrong with law schools.

    Their complaint is that non-elite law schools are selling a fraudulent bill of goods. Law schools advertise deceptively high rates of employment and misleading income figures. Many graduates can’t get jobs. Many graduates end up as temp attorneys working for $15 to $20 dollars an hour on two week gigs, with no benefits. The luckier graduates land jobs in government or small firms for maybe $45,000, with limited prospects for improvement. A handful of lottery winners score big firm jobs.

    And for the opportunity to enter a saturated legal market with long odds against them, the tens of thousands newly minted lawyers who graduate each year from non-elite schools will have paid around $150,000 in tuition and living expenses, and given up three years of income. Many leave law school with well over $100,000 in non-dischargeable debt, obligated to pay $1,000 a month for thirty years.

    This dismal situation was not created by the current recession—which merely spread the pain up the chain into the lower reaches of elite schools. This has been going on for years.

    The law graduates posting on these sites know the score. They know that law schools pad their employment figures—96% employed—by counting as “employed” any job at all, legal or non-legal, including part time jobs, including unemployed graduates hired by the school as research assistants (or by excluding unemployed graduates “not currently seeking” a job, or by excluding graduates who do not supply employment information). They know that the gaudy salary numbers advertised on the career services page—“average starting salary $125,000 private full time employment”—are actually calculated based upon only about 25% of the graduating class (although you can’t easily figure this out from the information provided by the schools). They know all this because they know of too many classmates who didn’t get jobs or who got low paying jobs—the numbers don’t jibe with their first hand knowledge."

    Tamanaha hit the key points in this post. He has since written a book entitled “Failing Law Schools.” How do you like that, WU$TL lemmings?!?!

  23. Babe Ruth discusses how to hit a baseball:

  24. On February 27, 2014, Joshua Ray Adams - the dolt formerly known as Mr. Infinity, wrote a blog entry labeled “I Did Not Take the Washington Bar Exam and Admit Failure on the New York Bar Exam.” Here is the entire text of that post:


    I would like to start this post with an apology for my attitude at times. Again, I would like to state that I do not dislike the people behind the scamblog movement, and I do not believe that the message as a whole is bad. I do have an issue with the thought process that states "you should not get married if you have student loans" or "you can not have children with student loans" or that "your life is not worth living if you have debt." The purpose of this blog is to dispel those myths. If I have hurt anyone, including JDPainter, I am sorry. I mean it.

    I would like to also talk about the Washington State Bar Examination. You may have thought that I may be taking this exam. Rest assured that I did not take it. I have many reasons for not taking the exam, and I am going to spell out those reasons here. You may or may not think that I am an idiot for not taking this arduous examination.

    1. I don't have the funds to take such an expensive test.

    If I was to take this test, I would not be paying rent. I would not be that great of a father if I was taking gold out of the coffers that could be used in raising my first and last born.

    2. I did not have funds to prepare for the test with BarBri or similar.

    Even if I was bestowed with wealth to take the BarBri, number 3 would have prevented me from doing so.

    3. I was preparing for a baby and moving and did not have time to prepare for the test or take BarBri. While I did do some self study, it was probably not enough to pass this behemoth of a test.

    4. I do not know if I want to practice law.

    5. Even if I passed, I may not land a legal job that requires bar passage. It's an expensive gamble and I have always hated gambling.”

  25. The remainder of the piece:

    “6. I am concerned I would not pass Character and Fitness due to criminal history, credit history and the like. Have fun digging.

    7. I do not know if I will be staying in Washington or moving to California or internationally.

    8. I have lost my mojo after taking the New York bar exam, even though I did not study for the test (although I was pretty close to passing).

    9. Although I was very good at law school essay tests, I am really bad at multiple choice tests.

    10. I didn't feel like it.

    I know that some of my critics will have a heyday with this. Even though I spent three years in law school, I find myself wondering if I want to do something else with my life. I may move to Thailand and live off my blog income. I have been doing pretty good lately with it, and I think I could teach English in Thailand, import/export products, and blog and live a decent life. I am also thinking of becoming a missionary and serving God.

    Thank you for reading.”

  26. Jushua Adams keeps talking about the baby being a hindrance. He sounds like a single mother on welfare

  27. Ronnie T. Finklestein, Dean of Fax Machine MaintenanceFebruary 28, 2014 at 9:48 PM

    Hi guys I am sorry the whole law school thing didn't work out, but you guys got to try harder. We law school administrators work hard because we have two fax machines in constant need of maintenance. Our law school The Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law has been paid by Nintendo $2.3 million to change our name to the "Wiggler School of Law" which is named after the giant caterpillar from Super Mario Brothers. We will take that money and invest in new faculty offices to better serve our students. Plus, our tenured faculty are in a much needed raise for their hard work bullying 23-year old idealistic kids and their scholarly contributions to cutting edge law journals like "Journal of Tax Policy and Furry, Orange Tabby Cats".

  28. Do all the wustl folks end up in Missouri positions? What a horrible fate. I lived in st Louis and it is my least favorite place in America.

  29. I was the one that didn't report my status ;)

  30. Dear Nando,

    You should soon do a feature on how these so called top 20 schools have now shifted their focus on international lawyers. They have come up with a 2 year JD for International Lawyers and in return of giving them credit for their law degree (which as per ABA rules makes them equivalent to transfer students; and hence their LSATs/GPAs are not reported) they charge full tuition. I immigrated and have an undergraduate law degree from a common law country; an LSAT score in the 90th percentile; relevant work ex and they still won't consider me for a scholarship because "The law school has determined it will not award scholarships for Advanced Standing JD students since students are able to complete their degrees in a shorter time, there is already cost savings involved." So I should spend another year and only they will use my LSAT score for being considered for a scholarship. This is a new way to scam students; specially ones who are not permanent residents/citizens because there is no way they are going to be hired on H1 visas.

    Here are other law schools with similar programs and notice how they have dismissed the LSAT requirement:

    I would rather borrow this money and open up a restaurant.

  31. seem like a really bitter person. Did you not get accepted into your dream law school?

    1. I had a full-tuition scholarship to attend law school, for all three years, bitch. It was still a bad decision. I had several friends who went through financial hell to become attorneys. Perhaps, you feel that law school is worth an additional $125K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt. In that case, you suffer from severe mental retardation. Get a life, cockroach.

  32. Why are you so hostile to the reader?? I would be way more likely to take this blog seriously if it didn't feel like I was being assaulted every time I read an article.

    ...also if every article didn't feature a close up image of a piece of shit. That would help too. Do you google "close up pieces of shit" or are you a freelance shit-tographer, following around dog walkers with a camera waiting for them to leave behind their dogs' turds? Just curious.

    ...also calling people lemmings and cockroaches and shitheads doesn't help to get your point across. It makes you look like a bitter halfwit who is mad at the entire world for some reason. Are you always this angry or is this some kind of act that only comes out when your on this site? Do you meditate on your general anger in life and then hulk-smash your keyboard until a sentence is formed? Again, just curious.

    On a slightly more important note, I'm sitting for the LSAT in October but I am currently undecided as to whether I will apply to law school or not afterwards. This site has given me no information that I would even consider taking into account when making that decision. I came across this site looking for actual information. That is not what i found. All i have taken away is that the author of this circle-jerk of a blog is really bitter for some reason.

    Now go ahead and call me a cockroach because apparently thats all you do here....

  33. He's right. You are so bitter and offer no real information...did you flunk out of law school or something? People's choices to attend law school should be respected as your not to (that is, if you attended).


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