Thursday, February 20, 2014

Power Flush: Thomas M. Cooley Law School and the University of La Verne College of Law Experience the Biggest-Ass Drops in Enrollment - by Percentage - Since 2010

Toilets Getting Flushed: The NaTTTional Juri$TTT published Alicia Albertson’s piece, which was entitled “Cooley, NYLS have largest enrollment declines since 2010-2011” - on February 17, 2014.  Take a look at this opening:

“The drop in law school applications during the past three years has had a profound impact on enrollment, according to a new study by The National Jurist.

Law school enrollment has dropped by an average of 99 students per school from 2010-2011 to 2013-2014, with only 16 schools enjoying an increase in students.

Eighteen law schools saw enrollment drop by more than 30 percent, led by University of La Verne (down 66.2 percent) and Thomas M. Cooley Law School (down 40.6 percent). Cooley Law School, with five campuses in Michigan and Florida, dropped from 3,931 students in 2010-2011 to 2,334 students in 2013-2014, the single largest drop in raw numbers.”  [Emphasis mine]

This is excellent news.  Only a truly sick bastard would view this otherwise.  Remember, “law professors” and administrators have consigned LEGIONS of students and graduates to a lifetime of debt servitude and financial ruin - over the course of several decades.

At the conclusion of this article, you will see a chart showing the 25 ABA-accredited dung heaps that have had the largest enrollment declines, as a percentage.  Among these commodes: New York Law $chool; Widener University - both campuses; $eTTon Haul; Western New England “University”; Appalachian Sewer of Law; VermonTTT Law School; and Pace University.

Other Coverage: On February 18, 2014, Staci Zaretsky posted an epic ATL entry labeled “Ouch: The Law Schools With The Biggest Drops In Enrollment Since 2010.”  Check out this portion:

“For the past few years, law schools have been in a state of crisis, and it’s getting worse. Prospective students just aren’t as interested as they used to be in borrowing up to six figures of government Monopoly money in the hope of surviving the post-graduation gauntlet of legal employment. At last count, applicants were down 11.1 percent from this time last year, and national 1L enrollment is down 24 percent from where it was in 2010.

Unable to keep up with the changing times and put asses in seats, law schools are doing anything they can to cut costs — up to and including laying off faculty and staff. Amid hefty declines in enrollment, some schools seem to be struggling.” [Emphasis mine]

As scam-bloggers have pointed out for a while, the law school pigs did not “strategically plan” to scale back their operations.  They were essentially forced to decrease enrollment.  Hell, according to Paul Campos, the rodents are accepting a higher percentage of applicants than ever before!

Later on, Zaretsky reported the following:

“All joking aside, the schools that have purposefully reduced their class sizes — by more than two handfuls of students — are doing a very good thing. But when a law school’s decline in student enrollment is greater than 30 percent, we’ve got to wonder what portion of that percentage was planned.

In a recent study, National Jurist compared data from the 2010-2011 school year to data from the 2013-2014 school year using numbers from law schools’ most recent American Bar Association 509 reports. Without further ado, here are the 10 law schools with the biggest drops in enrollment since 2010:

University of La Verne: -66.2 percent
Cooley Law School: -40.6 percent
Catholic University: -39.5 percent
New York Law School: -38.7 percent
University of Dayton: -38.5 percent
Pacific McGeorge School of Law: -38.4 percent
Widener University – Harrisburg: -36.9 percent
University of New Hampshire: -34.8 percent
Seton Hall University: -34.7 percent
Liberty University: -33.9 percent” [Emphasis mine]

You’re welcome, law school swine!  Once prospective students received better information about your garbage product, fewer of them chose to incur insane amounts of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt for dwindling job prospects.

Conclusion: The law school pigs are sweating their little balls off, due to the consistent, steep decline in applications.  Again, these bitches and hags DO NOT GIVE ONE DAMN about their students or recent graduates.  The cockroaches merely want to keep the scam going for as long as possible.  The academic parasites should be happy that they were able to fleece the taxpayers - and financially rape the students - for such an extended period of time.  Instead, the pathetic, selfish whores are sobbing over their supposed misfortune.  In a just world, these vile creatures would be shoved into small crates - and force-fed their own excrement.


  1. This is wonderful news and it restores my faith in karma. For decades, law schools lied about employment prospects and stats by utilizing terms such as "median," "mean" and "average" interchangeably when discussing starting salaries. I remember in the early 2000s, Seton Haul Law School in particular touted starting the median starting salary for 92% of its grads in the $110K range. I knew it was bullshit but to the average liberal arts grad, this sounded like sunshine and lollipops.

    I find it ironic that the shill who proclaimed a JD to be a "million dollar degree" teaches at Seton Haul. I believe his name is Michael Simkovic and he only graduated law school last decade. Yet, he took a 10% paycut since even he can't sell his bullshit findings to the lemmings. College grads are starting to wise up on the scam.

    One last note. Cooley claims it anticipated this downturn in 2010. I don't believe that for one second. If they anticipated a downturn in applicants/enrollees/suckers, why did it open a 5th campus in Tampa, FL?

    Law schools are reducing admissions standards in lockstep fashion so as to not affect their precious USNWR rankings. It won't matter since admitting students who score a 145 will mean low bar passage rates which may force the ABA to place some of these schools on probation.

    P.S. I hope NYLS defaults on the construction loan. Folks like Dick Mattassar and Don DeLuc will have a special place in hell reserved just for them.

    1. Seton Haul is a complete shit hole of a law school - scum teaches there period, I know from experience going there...vermin.

  2. Isn't Cooley expanding their Tampa campus? Talk about institutional idiocy.

  3. Give 'em hell, Nando. Congratulations on keeping up the message despite all the naysayers and detractors. Looks like its about to come full circle.

    1. This is not keeping up the message. What you have here is lunacy, pure and simple. Saying that people deserve to be force fed their own excrement? Are you serious? Calling human beings parasites, cockroaches, and hags? These are people. This type of talk dehumanizes people; the same tactic used by racists and Nazis. It's deplorable. It's one thing to try to "get a message" across, it's another to dehumanize.


      Parity, proportionality, retributive justice, it's not your strong suit, is it?

      How's this, retard: these law school professors and administrators DESERVE to lose very worldly possession they have, have a negative net worth of at least -150k which would render them quite LITERALLY the POOREST demographic in the country; not to mention in a country whose currency enjoys a strong exchange rate value in the world, rendering these people with severe negative net worth, AMONGST THE POOREST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET.

      Then, they should BE STERILIZED; because when you're are so profoundly poor, YOU CAN'T AFFORD CHILDREN. If they're married, they should be FORCED TO DIVORCE, since marriage too is unaffordable to persons with such severe negative net worth.

      THEY SHOULD BE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST SOCIALLY AND FINANCIALLY, with special laws that apply only to them: like special interest rates that exceed the benchmark risk free rate by 830%.


      THEN, they should each be prosecuted under the SHERMAN ACT, fined, and imprisoned for 10 years. THEY SHOULD PROSECUTED UNDER THE FED FALSE CLAIMS ACT AS WELL, and held financially responsible to the taxpayer for LYING in order to obtain federal student loan funds. They should be prosecuted FOR FRAUD and MISREPRESENTATION as well.

      FUCK THEM, and FUCK YOU.

    3. Gawd I agree with you...put them in jail...amen.

  4. This site would be a lot more respectable without the off-putting photographs of excrement.

    1. it grows on you. and by this time it's sort of been lionized as a tradition. And these places really are toilets... the pics are oddly appropriate.

    2. Morón, how do you give respect to repulsive law school deans? I think Nando calling them cockroaches of toilet institutions is not enough.

    3. I too call them toilets, but I don't thrust scatological images in people's faces.

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Somehow that image really seems appropriate for an institution called "Cooley."

  6. The La Verne College of Law is "tea party" affiliated, and we know that the tea party is filled with whackos and nutjobs. Check out this video:

  7. Couldn't happen to a worse group of assholes.

  8. For once I disagree with Nando. This is sad news. Cooley was still able to rake 2,334 students in 2013-2014. That s a huge number. Those poor kids will not be able to find a job. They will have to remove Cooley from their resume when they find out that no one is going to hire from that place. 2,334 souls sad.

  9. My sister told me about this site. Anyway, I'm a property lawyer in Hawaii. And I make a very good living. But I would never recommend law school to anyone. That's because I'm not an asshole.

    I went to a top law school. And when I went, tuition was only $20K a year. That was ten years ago. I just looked it up and tuition is now more than $50K. I also had experience as a realtor before going to law school. Those connections and the name on my degree (not the actual education itself) paved my way.

    And no, I'm not trying to limit competition. Odds are I would beat you without breaking a sweat. I just don't recommend financial suicide for people.

    1. Wow, not cocky at all there bud. Enjoy being a "property lawyer" in Hawaii before all that radioactive water leaking from fukushima hits the shores out there in a few years and land values plummet. I'm sure you'll be okay back on the mainland though with all us working stiffs.

      I went to a third tier law school on scholarship, graduated top 10% on law review and managed to eek out a living for myself in midlaw somehow. So I wouldn't go get a fat head of myself if I were you, legal maven.

    2. I practiced law for a while. Sort of earned a living, until I was laid off. Now I'm in non-law, and getting a job in non-law is no easy task, either. You really get a sense of how much hatred there is for lawyers from people engaged in business - the assumption is that you are going to cause them trouble somehow, and they don't want you around. At all.

    3. because you will. and we don't.

      And I don't mean that cynically or non-constructively-- just accurately. I merely believe there's a better way.

  10. Check out a website in Florida that posts mugshots in real time for even petty infractions like shoplifting. It is called FLORIDA ARRESTS.ORG or something along those lines. They should have all the law school deans on it with their mugshots for grand theft.


    On February 19, 2014, the ABA Journal published a Debra Cassens Weiss piece entitled “Which law schools had the biggest drops in enrollment?” From her opening:

    “Eighteen law schools had enrollment declines of more than 30 percent in the last three years.

    The two schools with the biggest drops are the University of La Verne, with a 66.2 percent drop, and Cooley Law School, with a 40.6 percent decline, National Jurist reports. The Careerist and Above the Law noted the story.

    The University of La Verne saw a drop in enrollment after losing ABA accreditation in 2011, the National Jurist says. It now has provisional approval, but its enrollment numbers are still suffering.

    Paul Zelenski, associate dean of enrollment and student services at Cooley Law School, told National Jurist that Cooley has seen a drop in both applications and enrollment, like most if not all law schools, and the decline was anticipated. He said the lower numbers were spurred by the economic downturn and negative attitudes toward the legal profession.”

    Zelenski is a tool. The rodent does not realize that people now have negative views toward “legal education.” The price is too steep - especially when coupled with shrinking job prospects. The filthy pigs at Cooley and La Verne can thank scam-bloggers and other critics for the decreased demand for law school.

    Check out these comments from readers. On February 19, 2014, at 11:37 AM CST, accountholder “DCW” wrote the following:

    “@3- if the path in your heart leads to Cooley Law School, you should probably have a stent put in.”

    On the February 20, 2014, at 4:24 AM CST, user “Scott Adkins” posted this remark:

    “Every one of these law schools is subpar, to be charitable. Is it any real shock that, in this horrendous job market, that people are shying away from schools that almost guarantee unemployment after graduation even in the best of times?”

    These commenters know the score. They recognize the reality of the situation, i.e. the GLUTTED U.S. lawyer job market, combined with outsourcing, predictive coding, LPOs, and automation. No one in their right mind would incur monstrous sums of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for a mere chance to enter this shrinking, garbage “profession” - especially with all of the information available to anyone with an internet connection.

  12. Negative 30-40% is a real trouncing. However, which 16 law schools enjoyed an increase in students?

  13. Is it possible that no law schools will close, because none of the administrations will be willing to give up what they have going, but instead shrink dramatically? Could we see a situation where we still have 200 law schools, but most of them have dropped to 30 students per class, Indiana Tech-style?

  14. The law schools are lowering their admissions standards and they're still seeing big drops in enrollment. They are accepting a higher percentage of applicants. And the smart students are avoiding law school.

    Can someone find the link showing that those with higher LSATs are avoiding law school at a much higher rate than those with crappy LSATs?

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


    Look at this comment from Pussy Joshua Adams, Crooklyn Law grad from the Class of 2013, which he posted on December 30, 2013 at 7:56 PM

    “Nando, I would like to state that I am pretty much done with the scamblogs and you, but I wanted to say that I did enjoy my time in our battle of wits on the internet. As I am preparing for a new phase in my life (fatherhood and a new JOB), I do not want to argue with you further.

    I will once again say that I am not Knorps. I am my own man, and a man that wishes you nor anyone else on here any hard feelings. Now that I am finding work I am starting to realize why you are all so angry. I just wish you were nicer about it. I never liked the cussing and the fowl language, but I understand why you are angry. It sucks not having a job, and I will admit that I was angry myself these last few months (that is why I did not post here or on my blog). With a baby on the way it is hard to deal with oneself as a man without having a job. You are all right in some ways about the law school scam thing, but in others, I feel that you are wrong. Maybe I just want you to be. Maybe I just hoped it was a lie, as it was too late for me. Either way, I wish you all the best and am done messing with you. JDPainter, I think these last few months have taught me how you must have felt. Nando, as a soon-to-be father, I wish you the best with your daughter. You may hate me, but the truth is, I wish you or the others no ill will. To be honest, I had a lot of fun being "Mr. Infinity" but the truth is, it is time for me to grow up and move on. And, even some of you have to admit the going back and forth with me was fun.

    Thank you all for a good time. Good luck to all of you in life.


    Mr. Infinity”

    Here is my response to the pile of filthy excrement named Joshua Adams. The mentally unbalanced, borderline retard failed the New York Bar Exam, and then ended up moving in with his wife’s parents. You are a loser, Bitch. Make sure to thank the taxpayers for picking up the bill for your wife's pregnancy and the delivery of your child, via Medicaid, cockroach.

    1. Mr. Infinity is sounding more desperate by the day.

  18. Attorney from Hawaii: "Odds are I would beat you without breaking a sweat."

    What a dick. So many assholes in this profession. Just another reason to avoid this profession.

    1. Agree with you here. The arrogance and hubris and assholism in the legal profession is legendary. Think Narcissitic Greedy Pig.

    2. insecurity and arrogance go hand in hand...truly good fighters don't show it or have to blab about it..they get the job done.

  19. Let's get to ZERO law school enrollment. It's just a barrier to entry and barrier to compensation for employment to prevent the poor from rising through the socio-economic ranks. Let us not forget, the ABA is still under a consent decree from the mid-1990s for price-fixing, which it was held in civil contempt for violating just a few short years ago. Yes, there's a conspiracy. There's still lots and lots to be done. Per the ABA total first year enrolled students stats: 2010 was the worst year of overproduction.

    2010-2011: 8% decline in total first year enrolled
    2011-2012: 9% decline in total first year enrolled
    2012-2013: 11% decline in total first year enrolled

    At a consecutive 10% year-over-year rate of decline, it will take 45 damn years to get to ZERO. Let's try and speed that up, yes?

    1. It won't take that long. Many law schools are already in the red ink. They cannot pull out of it by raising fees; after all, the monstrous cost, coupled with the godawful state of employment, is largely responsible for the decline in enrolment. Nor can they easily cut expenses, what with their vast armies of tenured profe$$ors.

      Below a certain level of enrolment, a law school simply cannot operate without subsidies that are unlikely to be on offer. Some law schools are spending down their endowments, but that strategy cannot work for more than a few years. And they can hardly expect to borrow funds when they are clearly circling the drain.

      Just imagine trying to maintain Indiana Tech. Its staff alone outnumber its total enrolment! Suppose that it continues to get 26 matriculants per year. Suppose further that no one quits (either dropping out or transferring) or is kicked out. Next year, then, it will be up to 52 students; after that, 78. Can it go on operating with only 78 people to pay the bills for the entire place?

    2. when, oh when, will we learn Indiana Tech's enrollment numbers for the Fall 2014 year?

  20. This is a shit profession. You know how many days I come home from a 12 hour day and go straight to the bourbon? I've been divorced twice. I stay in this shitty job because I have to come up with alimony for two women and child support. One of the bitches has been dating a guy who makes more than I do. But they're not married so the fucking alimony checks continue.

    My kids are now 10 and 8. I only get to see them on major holidays because they live out of state. But they expect me to pay for summer camp or new baseball equipment just the same.

    I have high blood pressure. My cholesterol is high. You try hitting the gym when you're stuck working 10-14 hour days. Good luck eating healthy. Lunch is usually a sandwich at my desk.

    Being a lawyer is the living shits. Last week, I really thought about driving my car off the I-895. My nerves are shot. I have to have a drink just to get to sleep. And people still want to go to fucking law school. Are these people fucking retarded or what.

    1. You are literally the world's biggest rube if you go to a law school not named Harvard, Yale, or Stanford. Even then, I wouldn't pay sticker at those places.

    2. All due respect, if you have chosen to sacrifice your health for those assholes you work for, you really have no one to blame but yourself. When I worked in midlaw . . I worked out every morning religiously. I didn't get to the office until 9:00 AM, and yea, I was never going to be a partner . . . but tough. Being a partner in a law firm despite the money is not worth it. Only working for yourself, if you can manage, is the way to go in this god awful narcissistic profession.

  21. Has everyone seen this?

  22. Seen this?

  23. This:

  24. From pages 1-3 of Google’s cache of It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on Dec 21, 2013 01:20:30 GMT:

    “Joshua Adams' Summary

    Recent Law Graduate with a BA in Economics looking to enter the financial, non-profit or legal services sector.

    Joshua Adams' Experience

    Legal Asistant (sic, Dumbass)
    Pasternack Tilker Ziegler Walsh Stanton & Romano L.L.C.
    Partnership; 51-200 employees; Law Practice industry
    March 2013 – May 2013 (3 months) New York, NY

    Assisted with client interviewing and screenings for Social Security Disability claims. Maintained case files using ProLaw Software. Created and regularly updated databases on past clients and screenings.

    Legal Assistant
    New York City Bar Association
    Nonprofit; 51-200 employees; Legal Services industry
    August 2012 – December 2012 (5 months) New York, New York

    Worked in the Consumer Bankruptcy Project division. Interviewed clients, prepared bankruptcy papers on BestCase software. Observed 341 meetings at Bankruptcy Court and continued legal education through Bankruptcy seminars put on by the Bar Association.

    Judicial Intern
    Hon. William J. Boyle, Justice, MA District Court
    June 2011 – August 2011 (3 months) Springfield, MA

    Observed arraignments and trials. Discussed litigation strategies and cases with Judge Boyle.

    Law Offices of Roden & Cassavant
    May 2011 – July 2011 (3 months) Springfield, MA

    Conducted research concerning personal injury cases. Drafted discovery requests and analyzed case files. Drafted letters to opposing counsel regarding discovery.

    Payroll Assistant IV
    University of San Francisco Office of Finance
    Educational Institution; 1001-5000 employees; Higher Education industry
    July 2004 – May 2009 (4 years 11 months) San Francisco, CA

    Coordinated payroll activities for the entire campus population. Performed clerical duties, and assisted with managing accounts, direct deposit, and tax auditing. Trained newly hired personnel.”

  25. Everything is predatory in the US at present. Hence, Nando's apt avatar for his blog profile.

    I really don't know what to think when I read the (hilarious) tweets on Law School Lemmings.

    The problem is: When you're 20-Something, you have many distorted lenses through which you view the world: The "Hard Work Pays Off" lens, the "The World is Fair" lens, the "Life is a Meritocracy" lens, the "Horatio Alger" lens, etc. etc.


    Everything is predatory. That's a lesson that it seems only age teaches you. It's a lesson these idiot Lemmings' parents *should* be teaching their precious Special Snowflakes but are not.

    It takes years to deprogram from all the propaganda. And by then, they've got you in debt shackles and it's too late..

    1. True. It's not going to change anytime soon either. We have an official policy of handing (literal) financial criminals $85 billion dollars in freshly printed cash each and every fucking month...which money is promptly rolled into a giant dick with which to fuck everyone in the country who is not among the less than 11% who own stocks, or REITs or homes in bubble markets they've not yet been expelled from.

      $45 billion goes to buy residential mortgage backed securities, so real estate investment trusts can snap up the foreclosed properties of the poor and rent those properties back to them at a nice margin since the rental market is flooded with demand, because everyone got foreclosed on.

      Everyday is a Matt Taibbi article; price-fixing the LIBOR, FX markets, gold, commodities, oil, food, the price of higher education, student fucking loans, HSBC laundering Mexican drug cartel money, MF Global steals 1.2 billion fucking dollars. No consequences, no change.

      But hey, maybe you should VOTE for that guy who will ensure your entitlement to a luxurious life of 175.00/month in foodstamps and maybe a trip to a medicaid doctor who's lost his license for straight fucking incompetence.

      There is no opportunity in this country for the poor; education is not an opportunity it's a fucking fraud. But this state of affairs arose because most people are lazy window lickers who are easily duped. That isn't going to change either.

    2. Brilliant post by 7:56 PM, 2-21-14.

      Everything is geared towards pushing people down and making a profit off their backs. You have the fucking local food nazis cracking down on kids' lemonade stands now. Says it all.


    Look at this ITLSS post from Deborah Jones Merritt, who teaches at Ohio $tate Univer$ity, from February 3, 2013. The piece was entitled “The twenty-year drop.” After pointing out that law sewers are getting ready to face a 30 year low in the number of applicants - and using graphs to back up her point - we reach the following analysis:

    “These graphs persuade me that the drop in law school applicants is not cyclical; it's not related to the recession and jobless recovery; it's not even based solely on the most recent contraction in the legal market. College graduates have been losing interest in law school--compared to other graduate programs or workplace opportunities--for the last twenty years.

    What accounts for that decline? During those same two decades, law school tuition has risen extravagantly:

    [Graph showing the disgusting rise in law school tuition since 1985, in constant 2010 dollars]

    Even with student loans, we live in a market economy: When price rises, demand usually falls. Law schools thought their consumers were "price insensitive" and continued raising tuition. We didn't see that some students were price sensitive, and were turning away from our degree, because we were floating on a cushion of rising college graduation rates.

    Now we've burned through the cushion. The steady decline has reached the point where we'll struggle to fill first-year seats. With poor placement rates, increased transparency about job outcomes, and ongoing shifts in legal practice, it will be very difficult for law schools to reverse this twenty-year trend. If we hope to do so, we have to look candidly at the roots of our long-term slide. One of those roots surely is the price of legal education. Rising cost, falling demand. Simple market economics.”

    On December 17, 2013, the Wall Street Journal Law Blog pointed out that first year law school enrollment hit a 36 year low! We need to keep pounding away at these cockroaches. The goal is to put their vile faces and asses in the dirt.

    In sum, ridiculous prices - coupled with dwindling job prospects and the law school critics blasting the pigs with the truth - have resulted in much less demand for this garbage product. As one commenter noted in a prior TTR post:

    "[T]hat's not what's killing the law schools like Albany and Vermont. And all the others. The problem is the Internet. Essentially, these institutions were running a mail-order scam for years. The only reason things kept going smoothly was that the word wasn't getting out. A disgruntled, yet vocal grad was quickly dismissed as a "one-off" and forgotten. Believe me, this is the Magic Ingredient to the whole scam.”

  27. Don't you think its about time to leave Mr. Infinity alone/ You found him, you exposed him, you trashed him and his reputation. What more do you want? For him to be burned in a pot of boiling water?

    1. Sure and of course. But Mr. Infinity posted on one of his many, many blogs that he is going to "destroy" the scamblogs and he seems to be on the attack now.

      To date, there is no statement by Joshua Adams, graduate of Brooklyn Law School, 2013, that says he will stop that attempt.

      In fact, Adams seems to be launching a full assault with his website in an attempt to draw some of the TTR traffic.

      So one possible theory is that Adams is being egged on by some Legal academics or professors etc.

      The alternative and more likely theory is that Adams is nuts.

      Thank God he was found out and I hope Adams is not trolling others on the internet that he disagrees with, and just as sick and mentally sadistically as he has trolled Nando and others.

      As for a pot of boiling water, a report to Character and Fitness is enough to get his attention and probably tepid water at best, since character and fitness will probably turn a blind eye.

      If only the guy would hang it up and quit.

      But he will not and even after many friendly efforts to make peace and forgive and forget.

    2. How is your mechanic job going, Painter?

    3. Good. I do maintenance. I paint sometimes too and mop floors, fix machinery.

      When I am in the middle of mopping a floor I sometimes think about my law school experiences and my three hundred and fifty thousand dollars of student loan debt.

      But I'm happy for the job and to finally have health insurance coverage again after some three years without it.

  28. And don't forget that finding Joshua Adams was a long and exhaustive effort that was motivated by his extremely upsetting harm caused by his anonymity.

    Joshua Adams was asked over and over and over to say who he really is and he never did.

    Nando and Painter were never anon.

    Campos was never anon except for a brief one or two day period after Campos started ILSS.

    Adams also attacked Cryn Johannsen who was never anon.

    Finding out that Mr. Infinity was really Joshua Adams was not a happy event and it is very sad and creepy and even now Adams wants to continue.

    So what do we say to him? What do we politely ask of him as a favor?

    Close the website?

    He won't do that.

    1. Mr Infinity also now seems to be claiming that he was 'outed' - which is of course, strictly speaking, true. But what he neglects to mention is that he called out Nando on his identity first, and more or less taunted Nando and others that they would never find him. He threw down the gauntlet - he *wanted* people to do their best to figure out who he was. And they succeeded, and it's absolutely astounding the trail that he left across the internet that he his fingerprints all over it.

      And now he tries to cry and claim that they shouldn't have done it. Ridiculous.

    2. Adams made that anonymous youtube video in 2012, in which he said: "I am going to destroy the scamblogs."

      He also wrote to Knorps about the scamblogs: "They are filth and should be eradicated."

      He sat by and let Knorps, a fellow classmate, take the rap and did not come forward and try to set the record straight and did not care if his anonymity would possibly lead to the wrong people mistakenly getting the blame.

      After his stupid youtube video in 2012, I replied with a friendly comment on his Mr. Infinity blog and his response was to say that he wanted to drive me to suicide and that he was also going to defame my family on the internet so that it will show up in google search results.

      The next day he removed his Mr. Infinity blog and the video shortly thereafter.

      But look everybody: the fact that he created a new website with the address and name: shows that Adams is still very much committed to his goal of destroying the scamblogs.

      To try and reason with him is useless as the past has proved.

      He is even now posting on JD junkyard and there is no sense in even trying to reply.

      What do we do? Get an order of protection against him?

      And yes his footprint on the internet is astounding and his whole life story was posted on the internet.

      The missing gaps were filled in by his wife. for instance, she said that he considered enlisting in the Navy before deciding on law school, and that they both worked in a fast food burger joint together at one point in time.

      Did he use student loan money to fund his Egypt vacation? Who knows,

      Now for me to try and blog again, here is what will happen: Adams will read the blog obsessively and visit all the time. The blog will get visits from the US Dept of Justice and Homeland Security and all other relevant surveillance.

      I am sure that TTR and OLSS gets such views from such sources and if they are comfortable with that then more power to them.

      But I am tired of it all and I am just stuck with the debt and there is nothing anyone can do other than express their opinions on blogs and maybe deter a few people away from the trap.

      Law School Lemmings is a new and original comcept and approach and the ignorance LSL reveals in the minds of young people thinking about law school is incredible.

      I sure do wish the defamatory comments on OLSS about my family would be removed, but again there is really nothing I can do.

      I will be 50 years old next year and I started law school at age 27 and went down a financially ruinous path from which there is no turning back and with no second chances.

    3. I like that Law School Lemmings is bringing the fight directly to the people who will get scammed. But it's still insane how some of these people think. Very sad really.

  29. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  30. What client in their right mind would hire Joshua Adams as a lawyer when they do a Google search and see what an ass clown he made himself out to be?

  31. 558,

    Oh, kiss my ass. Paintroach isn't working as a fucking 'mechanic.' He has latched his chapped-up roachlips onto his mommy's teat and Obama's booty (peace be upon it). They are the two most sacred objects in the beautiful Paintroach religion. Why would he waste his time WORKING?

    That being said, I'm sure he's keeping busy. All those YouTube videos aren't going to, like, watch themSELVES, you know.

  32. I love watching the admins and scamprofs squirm. All that talk about a "higher calling" and "giving something back" vanished like a fart in the wind once their paychecks went on the chopping block.

    1. THIS.

      Limousine Liberalism works.*

      (*only when you have the money)

  33. Third tier is defunct right now. Got to give Adams credit. Wrote a book. Tried to be optimistic about Law School. Bought in to the Horatio Alger story. Failure for him will likely be much tougher than many of you, who don't blame themselves. Adams likely will put the blame on himself.

    1. Given the frequency that he's been posting at recently, I think it's a fairly safe bet that he didn't bother taking the Washington bar this week. Loser.

  34. @11:35AM

    No it is not. The site is still there and Josh Adams is redoubling his efforts.

    If he goes away and stops his anon bullying and his attempts to patch up what he cannot patch up all will be forgotten.

    But Joshua Adams will not stop. He will never stop, because he is crazy and needs psychological help.

    Therefore he cannot be reasoned with in a normal way and long experience has proved all of that and there is no more reason to try and even to respond to him.

    I wonder what the Judge he worked for in New England would think about his online obsessions.

    But here is a cute blog that his wife posted. She seems like a nice person and I wonder if she knows about the double life of her husband Joshua Adams, graduate of Brooklyn Law School class of 2013

  35. @329,

    Yeah, HE'S crazy. Right. He did after all think he could make the oh utterly AWESOME little YouTube Roachie stop watching its "stories" and get a fucking JOB. Of course, no rational being could ever be THAT optimistic.


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