Monday, February 3, 2014

Third Tier Toilet Albany Law School to Flush Tenured Faculty Members?

Beautiful News!: JD Junkyard contributor "JohnDoeee" tipped me off to this development.  On January 31, 2014, Bridget Crawford posted a Faculty Lounge entry labeled “‘Financial Exigency’ at Albany Law School?”  Here is the full text of her piece:

“According to a November 19, 2013 letter issued by AAUP President Rudy Fichtenbaum, Albany Law School's "administration and governing board have announced that, because of serious financial difficulties, notifications of faculty layoffs will be issued shortly."

The newly-formed AAUP chapter at Albany certainly disagrees that "financial exigency" exists.  In a letter dated January 11, 2014, that group states (here):

The Chapter maintains that there is no showing of a bona fide institutional financial exigency or of individual faculty incompetence. Accordingly, no justification for faculty terminations exists. Since no faculty terminations are justified, the Chapter takes no position on what the order of layoffs would be if terminations were warranted under a state of financial exigency. In the absence of evidence of anything remotely resembling a bona fide financial exigency, firing any faculty member would depart from nationally accepted standards of law school governance.

The Albany Law School Chapter of the AAUP has made various documents available here.  This situation will be one to watch.” [Emphasis mine]

I want to thank all of you who have helped educate the general public about the law school scam.  As a direct result of those collective efforts, law school applications have plummeted for the last three years.  Hell, first year law school enrollment hit a 36 year low this past Fall.  Now, the bitches and hags at Albany Law Sewer are running scared.

Other Coverage: Paul Campos provided the following insight in his January 31, 2014 entry, “Albany Law School to fire tenured faculty based on merit evaluations?”:

“In this case the AAUP standards seem to be merely precatory, as lawyers say, which means that the only cost Albany incurs by ignoring them is reputational, assuming of course that the school follows whatever procedures it’s contractually obligated to follow when firing employees. (Update: A three year old version of the school’s faculty handbook says tenured faculty can be fired only for cause or financial exigency. See Appendix B at 14).

But that reputational cost could be quite considerable, if the school were to go so far as to fire tenure-track and especially tenured faculty because it’s in such severe financial straits (Ex post facto rationalizations that such people were fired as a result of “merit” evaluations are likely to ring hollow).

A school is likely to go to great lengths to avoid the bad publicity such a move would produce, by firing lower-level staff, offering buyouts to senior faculty, cutting faculty salaries, and taking every step short of the most radical possible interventions, which are, in ascending order of radicalism, firing tenure track faculty, opening a Holiday Inn Express where the library used to be, and not giving top administrators greater than COL raises this year.” [Emphasis mine]

As with any scam, the perpetrators must convey confidence in their product or service.  My guess is that the rodents at this commode will terminate janitors, groundskeepers, and adjunct faculty before getting to the grossly overpaid, failed attorneys masquerading as “scholars.”

Paul Caron published an article entitled “Tenured Faculty Layoffs Coming at Albany Law School?” - on February 1, 2014.  From his opening:

“Tax Prof Bridget Crawford (Pace) reports on the news that Albany Law School's "administration and governing board have announced that, because of serious financial difficulties, notifications of faculty layoffs will be issued shortly." 

Albany's bonds have been downgraded in recent months, and its 1L enrollment has declined 27% over the past five years:

2009:  255
2010:  236
2011:  235
2012:  196
2013:  187” [Emphasis mine]

This school is certainly feeling the effects of a smarter consumer base.  People have caught onto the fact that the U.S. lawyer job market is GLUTTED.  Furthermore, college grads now recognize that they may end up incurring monstrous sums of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt for garbage employment prospects.  Plus, Albany Law Sewer is ranked as the 132nd greatest, most incredible law school in the nation - by US “News” & World Report.

Why the hell should any prospective student take on such risks, especially when the banksters and academics have no skin in the game?!?!  Yes, those reaping ALL of the benefits of this rigged $y$tem bear NONE of the perils!  Anyone who defends this arrangement is a vile piece of garbage.

Conclusion: Albany Law School is an independent “institution of higher education,” i.e. it is not anchored to a larger university.  As such, the pigs must rely on a steady stream of law lemmings.  When enrollment drops, the swine have less revenue to operate.  In the end, the jackals like to act as though they are typical companies.  For $ome rea$on, the cockroaches conveniently “forget” to mention that they are propped up by taxpayer funds and the federally-backed student loan scheme.  Now, the bastards get to exercise their supposed business acumen. 


  1. Current tuition for Albany, a school ranked presently at 132 by USNWR:

    $43,248 (tuition only)

    Tuition at schools like HYS, Upenn: Low $50k, approximately.

    Question: Should tuition at Albany law be forced to more positively correlate with the value of an Albany Law degree?

    Answer: Duh!?!!

    What we are seeing here is a TTT(T) in the throes of being forced to downsize and lower its expenses (faculty/staff/administration) as well as its outrageous tuition (revenue) based on its TTT(T) rank and, ultimately, job prospects for its students.

    And that's a good thing.



    Liar, liar! Pants on fire!!

  3. Check out this Albany School of Trash that has the fanciful belief she'll be a policy wonk in D.C. This lemming "lives with her parents in Saratoga County to save money, stalked by $150,000 in student loans."


    Just ROFLOL at anyone going to law school these days. You're a retard.

    1. Sadly, from LinkedIn, she appears to be doing doc review now.

    2. Just another soul destroyed by the law school scam. I hope the dean sleeps with a smile on his face knowing he's ruined this poor girl's life.

    3. I do feel some sympathy for this poor young woman. Maybe she'll be able to learn something in the next few years, and put together some kind of legal career after all.

      If she really wanted to be a policy wonk, the last thing she should have done was go to Albany Law School. She should have been reading, reading, reading about law and public policy and social science, thinking 12 hours a day about what she really knows and how she knows it. It isn't the degree that gives you the knowledge. All the degree does is sort the good people out of the mostly-delusional applicant pool. And that's only at elite schools too, almost never outside the "Top 14." And even then, good people fall through the cracks all the time due to irrational hiring policies and incompetent decision makers.

      So don't go to a third-tier toilet hoping to be a policy maker, or even a lawyer for that matter. It's not going to work

  4. Fortunately, you don't have to feel bad about firing law professors!

    As Brian Leiter noted so eloquently, law professors are the undisputed superstars of the legal profession!

    Given their astonishing qualifications, they'll easily find new jobs in a jiffy!

  5. I am surprised that they are still able to scam 187 souls. That's a lot of fools. When will those individuals start making educated choices? If they cant decide constructively for their own future how will they be able to make informed decisions for their company/clients?

    1. ^This.

      If these retards can't look out for their own future, do you want to hire one to represent your interests?

  6. This is a school where you'll be Reverse Robin Hood'ed in the extreme. All the connected people have nothing to worry about. Albany is a small market. That leaves everyone else taking it up the pooper.. Big Time.

  7. Average salary for law prof at Albany law school is 139k when the COL in upstate NY is very low. You can get a comfortable 3 bedroom house for 350k.

    1. Bingo.

      And who is affording them that comfortable house? The Lemmings they put into $150k of non-dischargeable student loan debt, courtesy of the Fed. Gravy Train.

  8. This is great great news! The students and grads have been taking it up the ass so long (by the greedy fucking schools). Now it's their turn.

  9. Back on June 7, 2013, Albany Business Review reporter Adam Sichko wrote a piece entitled “Law school cuts enrollment, faculty next.” Read the following portion of that article:

    “As few as 130 students will begin pursuing law degrees at Albany Law School this fall—half the size of the first-year class five years ago.

    The steep drop is the latest sign of the stark new economics confronting law schools nationwide, including Albany Law, the only law school within 90 miles of the state capital.

    The reaction from dean and president Penelope Andrews will set the early tone of her tenure at Albany Law, which began 11 months ago.

    She is remaking the school’s business model. She wants fewer students, which will also mean reductions in faculty. Her moves will impact revenue, bond ratings and alumni donations.

    “We’ve finally come to the place that many industries, such as the automotive industry and journalism, have already arrived at,” says Andrews, the first female dean in Albany Law’s 160-year history.

    Whether rooted in fact or perception, or both, there used to be a gold-plated guarantee of jobs waiting for law school graduates. The recession deflated that expectation.

    Graduates now enter a job market that’s weaker than ever, carrying student loans of $150,000 or more, practically the size of a small mortgage.

    “This is not some cycle. This is fundamental change,” Andrews says. “We’ll never ever go back to how it was the early part of the last decade, when there appeared to be unlimited financial resources.”

    At least, Pig Andrews recognizes that this is not a passing trend or cycle. Now, head to Sichko’s conclusion:

    “Andrews also is exploring ways to raise revenue, including online courses and offering certification for non-lawyers.

    The law school’s annual budget is now $28.2 million, down about 12 percent from a couple of years ago.

    “For us, the gamble is the balance between a rich and rewarding experience for students, and the need to be fiscally responsible,” Andrews says. “Smaller is better for Albany Law School. That’s our legacy.”

    It is beyond sad how these rodents constantly act as if they are voluntarily choosing to become smaller. Yeah, sure it was your decision – and Salma Hayek just locked her ankles around my waist!

  10. "It is beyond sad how these rodents constantly act as if they are voluntarily choosing to become smaller."

    To be fair, the thinly disguised Albany faculty members commenting at The Faculty Lounge were whining that there were allegedly forty people on the "wait list" at Albany who Andrews refused to admit, and take their money.

    She deserves props for recognizing that there has been a permanent downward shift in the demand for lawyers, and is trying to restructure her school to reflect that reality.

    Most law school types are still pretending that this is a temporary downward blip, and that people starting law school in 2014 are going to be rich, since the legal market will be so wonderful by the time they graduate.

    1. Yes, she does deserve props for what she's doing. I don't know how much more she could do, short of taking a drastic reduction in her own salary or shutting down the school completely.

      I hope she succeeds in reducing the number of tenured faculty. If she tries to cut the salaries of the survivors, I hope she succeeds in that as well. She could also try lowering tuition with the savings that result from her getting tough with the faculty.

  11. "Anon2: "I have heard from a reliable source at Albany that Dean Andrews arbitrarily decided –without faculty knowledge- to not take a single student off the waitlist last year- despite the fact that taking 40 or so additional students from the waitlist would not have changed their median LSAT or uGPA numbers! Apparently the Dean is attempting to artificially shrink the size of the law school by any means necessary.

    Maybe she put the employment prospects of these 40 on the wait list over the employment of her professors - oh the evil b****, how dare she! Another 40 would have had an even harder time finding a job - but Anon2 and his pals on the faulty think that was "artificially shrinking"

    Any wonder why, when comments like this are made, so many lawyers and law graduates contempt for professors soars?"


    1. LOL.

      ""Apparently the Dean is attempting to artificially shrink the size of the law school by any means necessary."

      For fans of racial dog whistles, "by any means necessary" was, of course, popularized by Malcolm X.

      Dean Andrews is a black woman - obviously Anon2 is trying to paint her as a dangerous black revolutionary.

    2. I think it took a black woman to neutralize the ridiculous assertions that cutting enrollment hurts minority students.

      Actually, there are plenty of minority students already, and those who aren't admitted are spared a lifetime of poverty and misery.

  12. Wasn't NALP claiming a few years ago the job market would be strong or correct itself (whatever that means) by 2011? The profs are now doing the same thing and they don't have a crystal ball either.

    These assholes just want your money so they don't have to go out and get real jobs.

    1. With the Planet Money financial vocabulary these pigs use, you can tell they justify their ego by touting how great businessmen they are. They are 'winners', the kids are 'losers' for choosing law. The pigs job is just to 'train' them.
      In any event, the obtuse Wall Street journal language and assumptions: Markets correct, Markets are Rationale, Business is Ethical and Virtuous, Law Schools are Businesses, I am a Businessman, etc.

  13. These law school pigs don't deserve a foot in their ass. They deserve to be hit over the head with a fucking meat cleaver.

  14. At the risk of sounding elitist, anyone who attends law schools at places such as Albany, Touro, CUNY, Buffalo, Hofstra, Pace, Brooklyn, Cardozo, St. Johns, are paying a premium for being marginal or mediocre. These schools will take suckers' money for a worthless JD degree. I have met many graduates of these schools, some who were on law review and graduated at the top of their class. I was not impressed. If you can't break into a school like NYU then you have no business going to law school.

    Pro-tip: If you graduated from any of the NY law schools I mentioned above (sans NYU), no NY law firm worth its salt wants you.

    1. Another important thing to remember is that the upper crust (biglaw) is shrinking too. I know Georgetown law grads who are struggling to find work. I know an NYU law grad who worked at the UN that got canned and is now running around trying to find a law school to hire him. He is currently unemployed living with his girlfriend. He took out full tuition loans to attend NYU and barely made a dent in them the few years he was at the UN. He's applied to countless biglaw/midlaw jobs and has been rejected across-the-board. The law school reorganization is going to take a great toll on elite law grads as well. There are only so many big law associate jobs, and even fewer partner jobs (1/6 biglaw associates make partner). Biglaw is "eat what you kill" and a lot of these elite law grads are introverts who don't stand a chance of getting out there and developing a book of business. Plus, with budget cuts and sequestration, those juicy federal government jobs are scarce too. I've met plenty of elite law grads who are shy, impersonable, and just awkward. Sure, they may be smart, but if the paying clients aren't there, they aren't there. Partners will not carry you and let you feed off of their clients that they legitimately went out and signed. I don't care where you went to law school. If you aren't bringing in new clients, your degree is all for nothing

      I practice in NJ and went to a third tier law school but am well-situated at a small firm (~35 attorneys) because I am heavily involved in politics and the healthcare/insurance industries in NJ. My firm also manages its cash flow very carefully and we make sure non-equity partners/associates are pulling their weight, networking, and not hiding in corners just sucking money. My family had some contacts that I used but I also developed much of my own business. A lot of these elite law grads are socially inept and just show up at biglaw thinking they'll be fed work forever. No, you need to develop a book of business or you're out on your ear in 3-4 years. And the natural next move for them, law school faculty positions, is rapidly disappearing.

      Again, this is just my perception given my geographical location. The old guard of elite law schools is just fine, but only 1 out of 6 of those younger elite grads going into the biglaw 4 yr job contract will not make partner and law school faculty positions are becoming scarce.

    2. " school faculty positions are becoming scarce."

      To say the LEAST!! Especially for current faculty!! Good times, LOL!!

  15. We should all stop and reflect for a moment. This movement started out with whispers back in 2008. No one was talking about this. There was still high law school enrollment from 2009-2011. Much of that was scared college grads who thought they would wait-out the great recession for a few years in law school and things would be back now. Wrong. Now, everyone knows this is the new normal. This is the new reality. Legal education must now undergo a market correction like the legal profession already has done. This is a permanent shift. We will never go back to the old law school model of ridiculously high enrollment numbers, unless the pigs (in all their desperation) literally bottom-out application standards. I mean, like, taking applicants who have 140 LSAT scores.

    The tide has definitely turned and it's all been done by a handful of dedicated, unorganized, decentralized bloggers and committed activists. To think that we, with no lobbying/PR machines or millions of dollars, are WINNING against the law school-student loan complex with all its money and revolving door pigs. And all we had to do was shine a spotlight on the truth and dissect finessed statistics. That's it. Nothing more.

    There's still work to do and I know Nando, other bloggers, and we as individuals will not stop. I make it my business to speak to one new person about the law school scam every week. I e-mail links to TTR and other news coverage of plummeting enrollment, student debt, and job prospects. We sound the alarm every day, and it's reaching new people every day. Now, we are reaching the next phase- faculty layoffs. It's truly a high water mark for the scambloggers and their supporters. I am so proud of you all I don't even know what else to say honestly. May the pigs burn in hell for the countless young lives they have ruined through bald faced lies and deceptive marketing.

  16. There is one area that is not changing its perception of law school. Hollywood and directors are still producing movies or series that embellish the law school outcomes. If a kid is going to college, they are going to law school. The scripts must change and read engineering or medical schools if they want to portray prestige, brain and money.

  17. Let me just take a moment to cry a river for the soon-to-be unemployed law professors. I'll shed a tear or two for the unemployed former KGB agents while I'm at it....

  18. I was watching on episode of "Taxi" the other night. Among the main characters are a boxer, an arts promoter, and a struggling actor. They can't make it by on that so they all drive cabs.

    Now why in the fuck didn't the show's writers make one of the main characters a lawyer? Because in truth you had lawyers in the 1970s who were driving cabs.

    1. Or currently drives a cab, such as a "proud" West Virginia University College of Law alum as myself!

    2. Well, dude, the law degree was a huge mistake, but you can be proud of working hard to get out of the hole you're in.

    3. Thankfully. I have two good ears, eyes, feet, hands, a good back, and work in a temperate climate. I also live on my own in a sleeping room (with a communal bathroom and kitchen). I also still get fundraising letters all the time from the West Virginia College of Law. Lol

  19. Alan Collinge rarely updates on his site, but his most recent update after update from last summer (the Matt Taibbi article in Rolling Stone Magazine) is about how Universities and Colleges have been more or less squirreling away student loan money in a slush fund for the lean years ahead.

    I think it is time that Collinge is given his rightful credit due.

    And I think Campos ought to acknowledge the work of Collinge, who was kicked out of Zucotti Park and Occupy in the middle of the night and with no warning.

    I do not think Campos, who is a problematic character, at best- given his divided financial and political interests- should get all of the credit on the backs of the true pioneers.

    1. Why do you have it in for Campos, Painter?

    2. It helps if you just ignore him.. Really.

      P.C. was the insider the scamblog movement desperately needed. Lol! @ "divided interests". He admits, readily, that there's a huge problem and he posted anonymously in the beginning until he was outed. Therefore, you didn't know about his "divided interests" until afterwards, fool.

      Would you prefer a Good Egg like P.C. renounce his job vs. others of the professoriate who gladly live off the backs of their students while publishing worthless scholarshit?

      Like I said, it helps if you just ignore him. He's an idiot.

    3. Because I asked Paul Campos in a personal email if he could try and influence the OLSS blog to remove the Maurice Leiter poems about me and Brian Leitrer having anal sex, and also the other comments about my Grandfather sticking his fingers up the assholes of other Ironworkers in construction toilets.

      Campos never replied.

      I have also personally written to Brian Leiter and told him that I strongly disapproved of the OLSS
      posts and poems about "Maurice Leiter" and that I had nothing to do with all of that.

      I have also personally emailed Nancy Leong and asked if I had ever offended her in a comment, and her reply was: "no"

      Everybody knows my story. I have a destroyed life because of compounded student loan interest and usury.

      Sorry Nando, but here is where we part company.

      I am glad we found Joshua Adams (Mr. Infinity) but my new job is way too physically demanding and hard to have to energy to follow the scamblogs anymore.

      I will go into old age and retirement with my continued destroyed credit, and Campos will be fine.

      My final goodbye and I highly recommend that everyone reads: and learn from a very intelligent author all about student lending and its history.

      Sincerely, the mechanic and no longer a painter or a lawyer wannabe with a horrible GPA from a solidly 4th tier law school.

      And that is all any of you will ever get out of me ever more.

    4. "And that is all any of you will ever get out of me ever more."

      See you tomorrow.

  20. Albany Law School is shittier than shit. No one should shed even a crocodile tears for these assholes.

  21. The problem with 336 is that he, in a manner typical of white trash, is looking at this like a pro wrestling script. For that crapper, it's about personalities, not ideas. Collinge is the heel this week! Now it's Campos! Oh no, Rick Flair has CHANGED his allegiance!

  22. Just hire one of the million doc reviewers to be full-time professors for 45K. It would be a lot cheaper. If you pass the bar, you know enough to teach at law schools. What they teach at law school is pretty far removed from actual practice anyways.

  23. Seton Hall Law: the Harvard of Mulberry Street

  24. Interestingly, a lot of these faculty seem to have degrees from lower-tier law schools. I guess this gig was a lot easier to get a generation ago.

  25. That's right. Why are these parasites ENTITLED to a $150K+ salary for doing less work than 99% of the workforce?

  26. A thought that I must put out there to the 187 people studying law at Albany Law School. Yes, I know that some of you are reading these entries. Our host's Name inspires fear even in certain members of the faculty of the most Prestigious University of Chicago, how can this blog have possibly escaped your attention?

    Now that you are reading, I want you to consider, what if Albany Law School collapses? Yes, Yes, you may have been told by a professor, or maybe even a dean that that is impossible. Humor me though; as they may have once thought that it would be impossible for enrollment at law schools would hit a 36 year low, They may have once thought it would be impossible for the legal industry to still be bad in 2014.
    What it Albany Law School collapses after you have graduated? That would not look good for your resume. Imagine a hiring partner looking at your resume and finding out that Albany Law School doesn't exactly exist. Will you get a job under such circumstances? Do you have a job now, lined up for this summer? If so will the firm hire you if your school goes under or will they select someone from a more existent alma mater?

    If Albany Law School goes under I predict that you will be in a spot of trouble. However, you can prevent this cruel fate via one action.


    Yes, you need to quit, or at the very least transfer to another law school. You have to get out of that place, like your career depends on it. There is no benefit to attempting to ride it out, you cannot do anything to keep Albany Law School from failing, and you risk everything if it falls.
    Also you're in this alone. The professors will keep collecting dough, your dough, until time runs out or they are simply fired. The deans are the same. You have to look out for yourself. Your fellow law students did when they decided not to go to Albany Law School. Don't be the last one out the door, don't be the one with no chair or holding the bag or the patsy at the card game. Consider these words and think about the rest of your career.

  27. 621,

    Who knows? Whatever the reason may be, Campos CLEARLY gets Painter's tiny lint-size roachpecker as hard as fucking iron. Maybe he thinks there's a treasure trove of worshipful black booties at his house or something?

  28. Albany is not affiliated with a college, so it could be in trouble. These are the types of shitholes that are going to close down.

    Those belonging to a university are safe as kittens. I mean, they'll have to cut staff and faculty too, but they're not going belly up anytime soon. Even if they're a fourth tier piece of shit.


    On January 31, 2014, mentally ill philosophy “professor” Brian Leiter lamented this news with his entry labeled “Signs of the times: Albany Law School declares financial crisis…” Here is his take:

    “...and is threatening to fire faculty, including possibly tenured faculty. It is not clear, however, that there really is a financial crisis there (follow the link to the Albany AAUP website). Albany did, however, suffer an S&P downgrade last year. Any firings of tenured faculty are likely to result in costly lawsuits, given the evidence in the public domain.

    Note that Albany Law School is a freestanding law school, and is not part of the State University of New York system.”

    It has been established that Bloodsucking Parasite Brian Leiter does not give one damn about the students or taxpayers funding the professors’ lifestyles. Again, this ball-less piece of trash and pathological liar comes to the aid of his fellow academic thieves.

    Dough Boy immediately invokes the mention of “costly lawsuits” if the school dares to lay off tenured “professors.” For $ome rea$on, Cockroach Leiter does not share the same concern for lower-paid staff, including non-tenured faculty. That shows you the bitch’s complete lack of character or integrity. He only cares about fellow failed lawyers masquerading as “scholars.”

    1. What I found distasteful about that statement was the part about lawsuits. If faculty sue their schools, you can almost bet that some sympathetic judge will find in their favor - because they like cushy teaching gigs.

      When ripped off and scammed ex-students sue, under a variety of different legal theories, 15 times 15 different judges find that there was no wrong done.

      Politicians masquerading as judges in black robes.

    2. Who says Leiter doesn't know anything about legal practice? He's got the makings of a first-rate ambulance-chaser. Can't you see the dollar signs in his bleary eyes?

    3. God, can you imagine hiring Leiter to do some actual legal work?

    4. Expanding on that theme, it would be hilarious to have a requirement that law professors have to take one run-of-the-mill legal case every year - a DUI defense, for example.

      Of course, it would be terribly unfair for the poor defendants stuck with law professor representation...

    5. As a broke criminal defendant in a DUI case or drug possession case, you'd be far better off representing yourself than having a fucking know-nothing law prof represent you.


    Now take a look at this AutoAdmit profile labeled "Why Dr. Brian Leiter Hates Us." Read the entire entry, but focus on the following portion:

    “The guy on this IP spends a lot of time here. Or at least an alter ego who uses the same computer does. Just in the past two weeks (we didn't check earlier than that), he's been here almost every single day. And he's become one of the site's most proficient users of the search box.

    For one, he likes to search for "Leiter." A lot. In these same past two weeks, this user has searched for "Leiter" no fewer than 14 times.

    He also has apparently taken to searching for bathroom, racist, and anti-semitic language in thread titles. It's a veritable rainbow of colorful language!

    cunt: 4 times
    fuck: 1 time
    blowjob: 2 times
    bitch: 5 times
    whore: 1 time
    fag: 5 times
    fags: 1 time
    nigger: 14 times
    blacks: 2 times
    jews: 14 times
    jew: 9 times
    kike: 1 time

    This mystery individual was also the first user to search for all of the terms mentioned in Leiter's blog today--before it was ever posted.

    The above are just about the only law school-related terms this anonymous user has searched for in the records, with two exceptions: after searching for such lovely little treasures, this anonymous user does move on to two respected academic figures:

    bernstein - 1 time
    volokh - 1 time

    In his spare time, he enjoys clicking on links to Hotornot pages of students from UT, learning more about Paris Hilton, and reading threads about Leiter (such as this one ).”

    We have some insight as to why this pig loves the writings of a crazy man who spent the last 11 years of his life confined to psychiatric wards. I suppose that mad "professors" are attracted to other deranged minds.

  31. Nando, you are going to love this:

    The school on Monday offered buyouts to up to eight longer-tenured and higher-salaried professors. At the same time, the Board of Trustees, in a statement, and the law school's dean, in an interview, flatly rejected an idea, apparently promoted by some faculty, to lower admissions standards.

    "A review of our declining bar passage statistics (we are now the second lowest law school in New York State for bar passage), combined with the extremely difficult employment market for our graduates, compels us to believe that we must focus on quality of applicants, not quantity," the board said in a memo Monday to faculty. "To admit students in order to increase revenues due to projected operating deficits would be both unethical and in violation of ABA standards."

    1. It appears this Dean has chosen to do the right thing. I think she understands that they can take the medicine now vs. doing what the greedy faculty would rather do: Keep the Gravy Train flowing until the train literally derails off the tracks or, in other words, until the aging faculty chooses to retire and in the meantime enjoy their perks while Rome burns.

      Taking the hit now vs. later is the difference between the flu vs. cancer or a heart attack.

      It just shows you: The greedy faculty don't give a solitary damn about the students. They are simply walking dollar-signs.

      The new Dean has shown extraordinary character and has good insight into the issues. The question to me after this is: How long will she last? It's clear that the faculty all want the status quo, despite the probability that Albany might even cease to exist if the drastic changes the Dean is implementing are not made.

  32. An ex-student at Roger Williams Law threatened to go postal today. These TTT will admit anyone nowadays. Here is the press release from the Roger Williams Toilet:

    "Students, Faculty and Staff:

    Some of you may have noticed an increased presence of law enforcement officers on campus today, and we wanted to share a brief overview on the situation they are investigating.

    Earlier this morning, a small group of faculty and administrators at RWU Law received an email from a former law school student that included threatening language and raised concerns. They immediately notified Public Safety, which quickly assessed the situation, contacted Bristol Police and is now working with local authorities.

    At this point, the suspect is believed to be located in an apartment in South Dartmouth, Mass., and law enforcement authorities are on site. Out of an abundance of caution, the Bristol Police will remain an active presence on the Roger Williams campus until the suspect is confirmed to be in custody.

    Please be assured that as always, should the University at any point become concerned about a direct threat to the safety of the students, faculty or staff at Roger Williams, the campus will be notified immediately through our RWU Alert emergency communications system.

    Further updates will be shared with the campus community as the situation is resolved.

    RWU Emergency Response Team"

    1. Interesting. The former student loan conduit's parents must live in South Dartmouth, Mass.

  33. More (update) on Albany:

  34. DARTMOUTH, Mass. ( -- Local and state police surrounded an area in Dartmouth and are trying to speak with a man who they say threatened to "shoot up" Roger Williams University in Rhode Island.

    According to an article on, police are at the corner of Richard and Hemlock streets. New Bedford police said the man who threatened violence lives at 209 Richard St. in Dartmouth.

    As of late Tuesday afternoon, police were still working to negotiate with the man, who has an expired license to carry a firearm, and has multiple weapons, according to police.

    Roger Williams University has two campuses, one in Providence, R.I., and the other in Bristol, R.I.

    In an email to students, faculty and staff, Roger Williams administrators said that on Tuesday morning, "a small group of faculty and administrators at RWU Law received an email from a former law school student that included threatening language."

    The email went on to state that the student is believed to be in an apartment in South Dartmouth and that "out of an abundance of caution, the Bristol Police will remain an active presence on the Roger Williams campus until the suspect is confirmed to be in custody."

    Read more:

  35. Unintentional hilarity from the Faculty Lounge from a whiny law professor:

    "in what universe is a law profs job part-time?

    Posted by: altidore | February 04, 2014 at 06:03 PM"

  36. Here's the update but can't determine whether the perp was a law school grad:

    Dartmouth man surrenders to police, taken into custody after day-long standoff
    DARTMOUTH — The suspect in a daylong standoff has just peacefully surrendered and been taken into custody, according to Police Chief Timothy M. Lee.

    State and local police, along with a SWAT team, staked out the corner of Richard and Hemlock streets since late Tuesday morning, attempting to speak with a man who made threats “to shoot up” Roger Williams University's campuses in Bristol and Providence, police said.

    The man has now been identified as Kevin Pacheco, 36, of 209 Richard Street.

    He's a former student at Roger Williams University in Bristol, R.I., police said late this afternoon. They're still negotiating with him, according to Kyle Costa, spokesman for the Dartmouth police.

    The police had considering all threats “credible,” Costa said earlier this afternoon. The suspect has an expired license to carry a firearm, he said.

    When police arrived this morning, the man's father was in the house but later the suspect was the only person in the house, police said. The father told the police the suspect had numerous weapons and that his son would not talk to the police, according to police.

    Police could be overheard saying they are communicating with the suspect by text message during the afternoon.

    Police could be seen moving closer to the house around 3:30, with one SWAT team approaching from Hemlock and one from Richard Street. A state police helicopter was also on the scene, police said.

    New Bedford Detective Capt. Steven Vicente said police received a BOLO (Be On the Look Out) for a man “who made threats of violence” against the RWU campuses.

    Police cruisers and SWAT vehicles blocked off the immediate area after arriving at the scene. Vicente said Dartmouth police were in charge of the scene and New Bedford police and state police were assisting.

    Dartmouth police were originally at the scene to do health and welfare check after they were contacted by Britsol, R.I., police who had been in turn contacted by Roger Williams. State and New Bedford police later responded to the scene.

    The house at 209 Richard is a white cottage-style, with a large, four-car garage on the corner. It is located about a block from the New Bedford town line.


  37. Jeezus, these schools will admit anyone these days.

  38. More:

    It was, in fact, a former law school student.

  39. When is one of these guys gonna shoot up a law school graduation ceremony?

    1. Never, I hope.

      These incidents are quite instructive in laying bare the unnecessary pressures of law school and the legal job search. They also illustrate the lack of moral and mental fitness in deans, professors, and students at law schools these days.

      However, no one should ever think it's acceptable to shoot up a law school. Just keep your distance, as in never going to law school, and you'll be much happier and stay out of prison.


    Today, the Forgotten Attorney published an epic blast entitled “Albany Law School – Who Weeps For the Faculty?” Look at this excerpt:

    “President and Dean Penelope Andrews has announced that due to “voluntary” smaller enrollments and financial exigency, costs must be trimmed. This means taking the painful step of laying off tenured faculty who have served with distinction.

    We shouldn’t feel too bad for the tenured law professors whose jobs will be cut. After all, they have elite degrees, have studied the law backwards and forwards, wrote very useful law review articles on everything from gay animal rights to open road narratives of traffic stops, and have kept in touch with the top graduates who have made it to elite law firms. They have also flown to conferences nationwide networking with other professors, lawyers and judges. They talk about the nuances of property law while drinking expensive wine at the most luxurious hotels all with our tuition money. So with these accomplishments and connections, tenured professors should have great exit options, right?

    Apparently not. The butthurt lawprofs at Albany Law School recently formed a chapter of the AAUP who have the gall to claim that the school is not facing a financial exigency. Their TL;DR arguments are as follows:

    ALS has consistently maintained a profit up to 2012. Note that 2013 is not shown yet.
    Assuming ALS is operating at a loss, they have a substantial reserve account that can be used to offset the loss until the economy improves. lol
    Assuming ALS is operating at a loss and the reserve account will not adequately cover the expenses in time, the school should first lay off staff, renegotiate contracts, and reduce the deans’ salaries administrative costs.
    Admit more students that are on the waiting list. Shoot, while we’re at it, admit more students altogether.”

    While Brian Leiter may believe that “law professors” are the supposed superstars of the legal universe, the fact remains that these bitches and hags will not be in high demand by actual law firms. What non taxpayer-supported business would shell out serious cash to an academic cockroach who bloviates and writes law review articles?!?!

  41. Later on in his piece, the Forgotten Attorney landed this brutal uppercut to the pigs’ snouts:

    “What about laying off administrative staff and untenured faculty? Yeah, that will solve everything. Lay off the janitor, the bookstore clerk and the adjunct legal writing professor. Chances are all three are receiving not much more than minimum wage so this won’t have much effect on the school’s bottom line. And who will replace them? Is the tort professor going to double as the handyman to minimize the chance of negligence lawsuits? Will the tax professor replace the school’s CPA?

    What about admitting more lemmings with no tuition discounts? Lower admission standards in order to improve racial diversity. The law school needs to hear the unique views of 1.0 GPA students with criminal records and bi-polar disorders. Admit them now before the federal government cuts off the student loan gold rush! Dean Andrews has a problem with this and has announced that admissions standards will not be lowered. Now before the lawprofs start calling her racist and sexist, you may want to take a good look at her profile. Yeah, that tired-ass racism charge is starting to look stupid, isn’t it?”

    At this rate, applicants with a 2.3 UGPA and a 142 LSAT will be accepted by Albany Law Sewer. Hell, in a few years, the commode may start admitting students who post a picture of their girlfriend’s feet on their Personal Statement. At least, that would be the case if the pathetic, overpaid, tenured swine had their way.,%20Penelope%20(Penny)

    As 7:38 am noted, it took a black woman to make this decision. Notice that Campos and Tamanaha are also racial minorities. Typically, non-white men and women tend to be more honest and direct in their language. They aren’t as concerned with trying to impress others with their ability to sell BS.

    Since someone else brought up this historical figure’s name, I will add that Malcolm X was a great man - and I rarely use that term to describe a person. He was an effective leader, because he told the truth - even when he knew that it would harm him. You sure as hell cannot say the same about the law school swine. In stark contrast, these pigs would seemingly rather die than engage in an honest, clear discussion about their scam industry.

  42. This last post raises an interesting question. This school has been in operation for, what? 135 years now?

    Every year, the schools are out fundraising - without exception. Continuously and aggressively.

    Where'd the money go?

    1) You have a tax-exempt "non-profit"
    2) With mid-$40k tuition (has risen at 3-6x inflation over time)
    3) Continuously fundraising

    So, I ask again: Where'd the money go?

    In theory, these dumps should have massive endowments. To the tune of gagillions of dollars at this point. Enough to weather any financial storm.

    In theory.

    Apparently, these toilets spend like drunken sailors on shore leave.

    This proves Nando's hypothesis, namely that law schools exist for the benefit of faculty.

    The money was spent on them and on plush facilities and offices. All the comforts of academia.

    And this happens at every school. Every one.

    Only this school is freestanding and independent. It's grads are not HYS captains of finance and industry. They give. But not that much. They play up heavily to institutional donors and push estate gifting. If you can't pick the pockets of the living, why not the dead? Much easier targets. They call it legacy gifting.

    Although this toilet may not have an endowment the size of HYS, by this point, they should have had a sizeable one.

    But they spent, spent, spent.

    And you have professors telling debt-strapped students to get over feeling "entitled". I love it.

    As someone else said, it's not faculty that have to live on the budgets they design for their students.

    SCAM. Like everything else.


    1. I'll answer my own question:

      $38 million endowment

      After tuition levels being sky-high over the last 10 years.

      Like I said, they spent like drunken sailors and now TSIHTF.

  43. Law schools with financial difficulties must adapt to the job market and rebrand themselves into engineering or medical schools. ALS would become Albany Engineering School or Albany Medical School. It could be done in a 5 year plan.

  44. I'll make a prediction.

    This school will cease to be independent.

    They will become part of the SUNY system ala SUNY Buffalo law. Their pitch will be now students have a campus covering all areas of the state. CUNY. Suny Buffalo and SUNY Albany law for the middle, upstate region.

    That is how this school will survive.

    I don't know exactly when, but you'll see some courting taking place in the near future.

    You heard it here, first.

    1. I was thinking along the same lines. There's already a lot of mixing of public and private education in New York.

    2. 2-5-14, 9:18 AM here again.

      Looks like I may win a kewpie doll:

  45. It'll be a while before any law schools shutter. They have the tax exempt status and a lot of these schools put away side money (Thomas Cooley's "nest egg") to weather downturns. It's not like that money would go towards scholarships for students and/or debt relief packages for struggling grads. No no, that's a "nest egg" for the pigs so they can keep lining their pockets. Disgusting slobs.

  46. Nando,

    I don't know much about this guy or this program (link below), but my friend follows it. I am providing the link below because if accurate, I think it's a pretty big deal. Essentially, towards the end of this program the guy who runs this conspiracy site is interviewing a lady who is some sort of policy guru on food (allegedly). This chick claims she met the first lady while doing policy work and the FIRST LADY TOLD HER NOT TO ATTEND LAW SCHOOL AND INCUR DEBT. The first lady told her she could advocate for the truth without taking on the debt or the law degree (I am bringing this up for those that keep bringing up the law degree as useful for careers in public policy).

    I am not sure if this is legit or not, but if true, it seems the highest echelons of society know that law school is not a good move.

    As one of the leaders of this movement, perhaps you can look into this....

    She makes says this around 1:51:40.

    1. I don't believe that's the right link.

      I went to the time index and it's some guy talking about rain and contrails.

  47. Legal Assistant

    Mid-sized Law firm seeking temporary Legal Assistant:

    Temporary Legal Assistant - 1 Month, possibly longer. Assist attorney with files. E-filing experience in MD, DC and VA preferred. No candidates with J.D. degree will be considered. Available to start immediately.

    MUST have recent legal experience. Please submit resume in Word format

    I doubt medical orderly, phlebotomist, and health aide job advertisements have to put, No candidates with MD degrees.

    The law firm was probably flooded before with JD resumes, when they advertised. Maybe they will have to start putting, No Law Professors. One can hope.

  48. @10:55,

    Try this at 1 hour and 51 minutes to about 1 hour and 52 minutes. I am pretty sure it's right.

  49. I should have listened when I saw this website 3 years ago. About to graduate Magna Cum Laude with an E-board position on a journal. And I can't find a job.


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