Thursday, March 6, 2014

First Tier Toilet George Washington University Law School Lowers Its Admissions Standards, in Order to Get Asses in Seats

More Great News!: On March 3, 2014, the GW Hatchet published staff writer Jacqueline Thomsen’s piece labeled “Law school becomes less selective.”  This is an independent, student newspaper at George Wa$hington Univer$ity.  Look at this opening:

“If you want a spot in the No. 21 law school in the country, it’s now a lot easier to get in.

Forty-two percent of applicants secured admission to the GW Law School last year – eroding selectivity by 13 percentage points in a single year as the school tried to amass tuition dollars despite declining application numbers.

But the numbers show an even more extreme picture of how the school's admissions have changed over the past few years. In 2004, GW Law School accepted just 17 percent of applicants, a standard that helped it rise in the rankings and maintain elite status.

Accepting more applicants last year enabled the college to grow its incoming class by one-fifth after record-low enrollment cut into tuition revenue. The college has also had to foot $2 million to $3 million a year to pay stipends to recent graduates who can only find short-term, unpaid legal jobs.

Gregory Maggs, the school’s interim dean, and Sophia Sim, the assistant dean of admissions, declined to comment last week on whether they were concerned by the increase, what selectivity meant for the school or their plans moving forward.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, you read that correctly.  The supposed 21st greatest law school in the nation accepted 42% of applicants last year!  According to this article, back in 2004, this figure stood at a mere 17 percent.  This represents a 147% increase in acceptance rate from 2004, i.e. (42-17/17)100.

This post also contained the following gem:

“GW’s yield rate – the number of students who accept an offer of admission – also dropped this year to 16.7 percent, the lowest the school has seen in at least a decade.

Other schools, like New York and Emory universities, have opted to shrink the size of their law schools, in part because of the decline in legal jobs. Less than half of the GW Law School’s Class of 2012 secured full-time salaried jobs nine months after graduation.

Only one peer school, American University, saw a bigger slide in its selectivity than GW's. Southern Methodist University’s law school had the next biggest jump, increasing its acceptance rate by 7 percentage points this fall.” [Emphasis mine]

How do you like that, bitches?!?!  College graduates and the general public now have much better information about your overpriced, garbage product.  As a result, they are less inclined to consign themselves to a lifetime of soul-crushing debt - for a piece of paper from your commode.  Again, less than half of this toilet’s 2012 graduating class landed full-time salaried positions - within nine months of receiving their degrees.

Real Legal Job Placement: On April 10, 2013, Dan Filler posted a Faculty Lounge entry entitled “New Law School Rankings: Employment Data Cleaned Of School Funded Jobs” This article is based off of each ABA-accredited diploma mill’s Class of 2012 ABA Employment Report.  As the text and title make clear, the figures pertain to JD Required positions that are full-time, long term - and exclude law school funded jobs.

Under these measures, George Washington University Law Sewer has the 76th best placement rate, with 60.35% of 2012 grads landing real jobs.  The following ABA-accredited trash pits had better employment outcomes for their students: Mercer University; Campbell University; $eTTon Haul; University of South Dakota; Northern Illinois University; Florida International; Texas Tech; University of New Hampshire; University of Arkansas-Little Rock.  Who wouldn’t consider this a tremendous accomplishment?!

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the George Wa$hington Univer$ity JD Class of 2012 who incurred debt for law school - as $128,341. Then again, only 84 percent of this commode’s 2012 class took on such foul debt. Remember that this figure does not include undergraduate debt – and it also does not take accrued interest into account, while the student is enrolled.

Conclusion: The pigs at “The” George Wa$hington Univer$ity Law Sewer are starting to feel the heat.  In sum, they have consciously decided to lower admi$$ions “standards,” in order to increase enrollment.  What beacons of integrity, huh?!?!  Keep in mind that this dung heap has the 76th highest placement rate - for real legal jobs - yet is $omehow rated as the 21st best law school in the country, by US “News” & World Report.

In the final analysis, the law school swine have been pummeled with facts, charts, graphs, industry statements, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data, etc.  In response, the bastards can only muster a few weak-ass, baseless claims, i.e. “There will soon be a shortage of lawyers.”  If the bitches and hags at this toilet become any less selective in their admi$$ion$ process, then they will soon start accepting half of their applicants.  Thank all of you for helping to make this possible.  We still aim to put the academic thieves’ faces, snouts and carcasses in the ground.


  1. I'm old enough to remember when American was considered a very solid law school Now it firmly entrenched in the land of toilets. And GW is heading in the same direction. Hell, even G-Town is skating on thin ice with its massive class sizes and the glutted DC job market.

  2. Yeah, there are Georgetown grads working doc review in DC and living with their parents. That would've been unfathomable 10 years ago.

    The law school industry toilet is about to be flushed. There might be a few large floaters that manage to stick to the side of the bowl like HYS, but most of these law school logs are going down the drain where they belong.

  3. Don't think that employers aren't going to be aware of GW's banner year of 2013 where it opened its doors wider to the masses and diluted the law school's name.

  4. In order to maintain employment for a handful of professors, this school is going to flush its reputation down the toilet. This will harm all its living alumni to some degree.

    How many alumni are going to be harmed for the benefit of a handful of profs? It looks like they have about 400 students per year or so. So, twenty years' worth of grads is 8,000 people. I guess the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many.

    1. You got it. The needs of the greedy few profs outweigh the needs of the many. We all know the profs don't give a shit about the students anyway.

    2. The Angry AccountantMarch 8, 2014 at 9:19 AM

      You are absolutely right. They will do anything to keep those lavish salaries intact because they know in the real world to make equivalent salaries they would have to bust their asses and travel to meetings where theres real pressure to perform, not these dumb faculty conferences where like 3 people show up. Higher ed overall is really about maintaining employment for the umpteen faculty, staff and administrators who are all there really "just to do something" like dean of "whatever" or director "whatever" program. Its a pretty sweet deal landing a gig at one of these places. But unfortunately gotta be fraudulent liberal, not a true liberal like myself who has a conscience and sensitivity to the human condition, and cares about young people.

      Most of my professors were arrogant jerks who liked to embarrass me in front of class instead of teach and mentor. I cant imagine these law profs, they must be 10 times worse, especially with their mumbo jumbo.

      All these colleges and universities would save so much money if they got rid of all these worthless programs and staff members. Thus college would be cheaper!

    3. You are one ignorant, dumb turd.

  5. In light of the seismic change in the legal landscape, I believe the concept of the "T14" has to change. I think Georgetown and Cornell are no longer elite law schools.

    As for George Washington (fuck "THE") law school, it was always an overrated trap school and a consolation prize for those who could not get off the Georgetown waitlist.

    Nando, please do a follow up article on the Case Western law school dean who had to resign. I forget his name (Larry something) but I remember his NY Times OP-ED which lambasted the scamblogs and reiterated the retread tripe about how "now is the best time to go to law school." I believe he resigned over racial/sexual discrimination/harassment incidents. Of course, don't feel too bad for him as he is getting a multi-year PAID sabbatical.

    1. Mitchell! Good ol' kimono-wearing alleged sexual predator Larry Mitchell, he of the New York Times propaganda filth.

  6. After 4 years of UG, 3 years of LS, 100k of debt and a couple of years of experience in credit ratings, Georgetown, American and GW graduates can apply to the following:

    Craigslist 3/6/14 $27/hour

    Contract Attorney Needed: Substantive Project (not doc review) (Washington, D.C.)

    compensation: Looking to hire attorneys at a rate of $27.00/hr., there is some flexibility bas

    A downtown DC firm seeks three contract attorneys for a credit ratings agencies matter. Some background knowledge of the credit crisis, mortgage backed securities, and CDOs required. The firm would like the attorneys to begin ASAP (please provide your availability in your response). There is an opportunity for a flex-schedule or remote review in several weeks. This is a second-level review project with a substantial learning curve, so again familiarity with the credit crisis, mortgage backed securities, and structured finance is strongly desirable. Experience with or knowledge of the functions and regulation of the credit ratings agencies (S&P, Moody's, Fitch) would be even better.

    1. Yup, DC legal market is glutted.

    2. I think 100k of debt is a vast underestimate. Most law student debtors have more like 180-240k these days. Especially from a trap school like GW where they think they're going to land a good job.

    3. Welcome to the new normal in the glutted-legal-market-global-economy-outsourcing-part-time job market. As a gen x'er I am old enough to remember when things were different. I worry about the future of my country esp the younger folks out there.

    4. To elaborate I got a BA with no debt whatsoever. Graduated from law school with about 27k in student loans. I cant imagine what it would be like to have 200k debt for a job with mid to upper five figure income.

      I read somewhere that when Mikhail Girbachov first visited a grocery store in the US he was shocked at the food selection, prices, and quality. He said "my god what have we done to our people?" I feel the same way when viewing the current law school landscape.

    5. The Angry AccountantMarch 8, 2014 at 9:26 AM

      Yes, Bam Bam you're right about the youngsters. This country is in deeo trouble. As I have mentioned elsewhere, this is the first time since World War I (yes I said World War I) where the older generation has feasted on the blood of tge younger generation. Now it may not be sending youngsters into clouds of mustard gas, but being debt-slaves with no job prospescts is pretty bad. The so-called free love baby-boomers are tge worst generation since the pigs who sent the youth off to the trenches. At least if you survived World War II or Vietnam, you at least got decent job prospects. Now we can make an exception to the poor mentally ill Vietnam vets we have in California.

  7. A professor at Western New England law:

    He wrote a horrible article titled "Keep calm and carry on":

    Essentially calls the systemic problems in the legal profession, mere "hysteria."

    1. This article says "nearly guaranteed legal employment" up until 2030. Serious question based on my opinion of how this is, (again, my personal opinion), at what point is this criminal fraud? I mean, can the tax payer be looted indefinitely by coaxing naive youngsters into the debt trap?

    2. I misquoted, but substantively, here is what it says:

      "the legal profession market is moving into the direction of close-to-guaranteed legal employment for all law school graduates over the course of the next two decades."


    3. Also, just for perspective, this is a professor at a law school where only 33.8% of 2012 graduates got full-time, long term positions requiring bar admission (lawyers jobs). But he would probably reason that the other 76.2% didn't want to be lawyers anyway.


      It's astounding... I just wonder is this serious? Is it a serious pushback to the scam movement? Willful ignorance? Lying? Starting to sound really dishonest...

    4. His statement is more of a piece with the fake Cooley rankings (repeat something absurd as loudly and as often as possible) than something like the Million Dollar Law Degree study, which weaves a complicated blanket of misleading statistics.

    5. These law schools are worse than the Al Gore Global Warming scammers. They lie, lie, lie and lie again while lining their profits at your expense.

  8. George Washington is opening its doors wider than Paris Hilton spreads her legs for cock

  9. Can we all pool our money together and open up the Jesus H. Tapdancing Tittyfucking Christ School of Law yet?

  10. Cryn Johanssen tweets:

    I gave Cryn my only copies of my tape recorded conversations with GC Services, a Student Loan Debt Collector that made 40K on the collection of my defaulted student loan.

    I asked Cryn to return the tapes and she promised and never did.

    I asked Cryn about 5 or six times more and Cryn ignored me and when her book comes out I just hope she does not mention my name or my story.

    Alan Collinge was right a long time ago when he revealed the truth about Cryn Johannsen:

    If you want any more clarification you can go ask Campos, who took the scamblogs far afield and then conveniently disappeared.

  11. Actually John, Campos still posts a few times a week on the subject over at Lawyers Guns & Money.

    1. Whatever Campos' reasons for backing off from ITLSS blog he still posts insightful articles on the law school scam on LGM several times per month. That blog and this one are still required reading for those concerned about this issue. Props to Nando for hanging in there all these years. If one can get past the pictures and coarse language this blog has a great deal of accurate info.

    2. If you read a couple of posts before he quit, he was mentioning work he wanted to do in the future. Then, suddenly, he mentions 'at least one professor I know who was sanctioned' ... or words to that effect....Frankly I always thought it was he who was sanctioned and that's what made him back off. If you notice the Lawyers Guns and Money blog isn't single focused and has other contributors...anybody else have a hunch that it was he who was "sanctioned" ...


    On February 13, 2012, Paul Campos published a brilliant post labeled “Trap schools.” From the opening:

    “In honor of Wednesday's nine-month NALP reporting deadline, I'd like to introduce the concept of a trap school. A trap school has the following characteristics:

    (1) It's expensive to attend.

    (2) It's located in what the sort of people who go to law school tend to consider a desirable place to live (obviously these first two factors are related).

    (3) It has superficially attractive employment and salary statistics.

    A trap school, in other words, is the kind of place that attracts the kind of highly-qualified, reasonably prudent 0Ls who would never consider attending the vast majority of law schools at anything like sticker price, and yet still ends up generating a very high risk of financial and personal disaster for its students. (Of course as long as law schools can get away with publishing misleading employment and salary statistics there are going to be a lot more trap schools than there would be otherwise, since it will be much easier for schools to make those statistics appear superficially attractive even to the reasonably prudent future victim of institutional malfeasance).

    Under current conditions, some good examples of trap schools include USC, George Washington, and Fordham. (Many other schools qualify as trap schools to greater and lesser extents. In a more limited sense even HYS have become trap schools under current conditions.) Students who enroll this fall at these schools without the benefit of "merit" - i.e., cross-subsidized by their fellow law students - scholarships can expect to spend between $225,000 and $250,000 in tuition and cost of living expenses by the time they graduate. Now it ought to be obvious that, for people who don't come from The Blessed Realm of the One Percent or closely adjacent precincts, this constitutes a ruinous sum of money, given that such people will have to borrow most or all of that sum in the form of very high interest non-dischargeable loans.”

    Hell, Campos singled out George Wa$hington Univer$ity Law Sewer as a trap school in that piece. As noted in this main entry, US “News“ & World Report reported that the average law student indebtedness figure - for those members of GW’s Law Class of 2012 who incurred debt for law school - stood at $128,341. When you consider accruing interest and undergrad student loans, one can easily amass $170K-$200K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt - after earning a JD from this stink pit.

    1. This school is for people who come from money and connections. 95% of the rest - the unlucky ones who don't get the needed high grades and class rank - are being reverse Robin Hooded.

      A mere few years of un/under-employment will capitalize that debt to obscene levels.

      While the Rich and Connected need only make a few discreet phone calls, the Poors will struggle from this trash pit - for life.

  13. "The wheels of justice grind slowly, but they grind inexorably."

  14. Juris Scholae Delenda Est!

    1. Not trying to be a dick, but that gerundive should be plural:

      Juris Scholae Delendae Sunt!

      You could also go with Law School Must Be Destroyed:

      Juris Schola Delenda Est!

    2. My undergrad degree involved mostly rocks and rivers, so I'm improvising on the Latin. Didn't go to a school with a petrochemical program so I still couldn't get a damn job. Bastards. Bastards all of them.

  15. What will these skools do next? Set aside a certain percentage of seats for people with mental disabilities?

  16. Hmmm. I just had a relative that was arrested. His mailbox is full of attorney advertisements sent to him. When he went to court for a preliminary hearing an attorney walked up to in the hall and solicited him to represent him (thought that kind of thing was prohibited by the Rules of Professional Conduct). This is an overcrowded field.

    Can you imagine dentists or doctors behaving that way. "I saw you coughing. I could help you out with that."

  17. It's like an antelope in a death spiral after the first nip on the leg by a pack of Hyenas. GW is staggering around, trying to keep itself upright, but the feral beasts are circling, ready for more nips before the final takedown.

    On the other side of course, the baby boomer cretins that run this festering shitstain dump are maxing out their pension contributions before inevitable wave of law suits that will occur as this school plummets in the rankings due only to wreckless, craven greed.

    GW was already the most pretentious overrated dump, I for one will be happy to watch it wriggle in agony before the pack of animals tear what's left of it to pieces.

  18. Well it looks like Adams is backing off and shutting down his knock off blog.

    So maybe his pic can be removed soon and TTR can get on with business.

    Me? I'm taking life one indebted day at a time and really and at this stage of the game I have hunkered down to a settled life of debt.

    I don;t know how to describe it, but it is kind of like being in a bomb shelter and afraid to come out long after the all clear is called.

    The debt is the story of the lives of several generations of Americans.

    As Alan Collinge said: Student Loan Debt is the most oppressive debt in US history.

    I went to a lower tier law school and thrrew away my financial life forever and until I die.

    End of story and I'm going to focus now on whatever scraps of happiness I can find and enjoyment in the small things in life.

    The antelope analogy is a beaut for sure. And I have read and heard the issues discussed and analyzed and examined in a thousand different ways over the last 4 years or so, and still:

    Not very much has changed.

    As for Campos, let me remind you he blogged during the 2012 year of the supposed great wave of class action lawsuits by Anziska, and as the suits were thrown out one by one, the contrary law professor did his best, but was relegated to the fringe, and thereafter faded away more or less like smoke on the horizon.

    But some of youse people will pray for his return one fine day, and I hope you get your wish.

    Good Bye all and thank you Nando for everything. I am tuning up my computer with a new hard drive and won;t have any scamblog visits on the new hard drive.

    1. "Good Bye all and thank you Nando for everything. I am tuning up my computer with a new hard drive and won;t have any scamblog visits on the new hard drive."

      See you tomorrow.

    2. ^^^^^^^^^^ TITCR ^^^^^^^^^^

    3. See you soon (on this blog) Mr. Koch!


    On September 4, 2013, David Lat authored an ATL entry entitled “A Law School Dean’s Painful Decision.” Take a look at his opening:

    “In this age of plummeting law school applications, many deans must make difficult choices. They must sacrifice one of two things they love dearly: tuition dollars or their U.S. News ranking. It’s the legal academy’s version of Sophie’s Choice.

    As fewer people apply to law school, deans have basically two options: they can shrink the size of the entering class, which reduces tuition revenue, or they can keep the size of the entering class the same, which results in credential dilution — a student body with lower LSAT scores and GPAs. Credential dilution can lead to a tumble in the closely watched U.S. News rankings, which can further reduce applications, setting in motion a vicious cycle.

    So far, most schools seem to have opted for shrinkage. Most deans would prefer to be able to claim that they are taking a “stand for quality,” as Dean Patrick Hobbs of Seton Hall recently stated.

    (Yes, we recently covered one exception. But to paraphrase Chinatown, “Forget it, Jake — it’s Cooley.”)

    Interestingly enough, however, one top law school seems to be going in the other direction. It’s actually increasing the size of its incoming class over last year, even if doing so might lead to credential dilution….

    The school in question is George Washington University Law School. It’s a well-ranked school, #21 in the latest U.S. News rankings and #31 in the inaugural Above the Law rankings.”

    Hell, back in September 2013, ATL was documenting that the law school pigs at this commode were starting to drop their “standards.” In the end, the cockroaches are simply trying to fill up their seats. Apparently, the swine would feel that it is more important to line their own pockets - even at the expense of the toilet’s reputation.

  20. Well I for one would WELCOME the permanent disappearance of the smelly Roach-Turd from the site. He contributes NOTHING (to the site, to the treasury, or in any aspect of life, for that matter). He DID manage to deliver a bountiful treasure chest full of taxpayer gold to his excellent law school at Touro - but that was some 20 years ago.

    All he's done since then is wag his enormous Roach-Ass in the face of every person who visits this site. Big accomplishment, that. Two halves of a huuuuge roachbooty spinning around forever, each in its own independent orbit. For years.

    Haven't we been lucky.

    So here's hoping that the promise to stay away is the FIRST one that pantload actually keeps - unlike, say, its promise 20 years ago to pay back all that fucking money it borrowed. Or to at least ATTEMPT
    to pay it back...

  21. UC Hastings must be destroyed. I have an anecdote for you, Nando. My father is a college professor at a shitty local liberal arts college. He has a student who was just accepted to Boalt Hall with a 154 LSAT. UC Hastings must be destroyed. ("UC Hastings must be destroyed," is just some cato the elder shit I do now. v. cathartic.)

  22. Is your dad's student African-American? Even today, 154 sounds pretttty low for Berkeley, barring sffirmative action. With THAT particular feather in your cap, however, a 154 might actually get you admitted to Harvard.

    1. You can bet your ass he is a non Asian minority. And he will get his ass kicked with the hard curve and class mates with a median lsat in the high 160's.

    2. Not a man, a woman, and hispanic. Yes, it is low, and a couple of years ago, even if your skin was the preferred shade, you would definitely not be accepted at Cal with a 154.

      Isn't racism fun? Naturally there are no poor white people, or poor white people, in whose relevant environment, they are the minorities and treated as such.

      But, I actually don't think Boalt will be doing her any favors as per 2:54 a.m.'s comment. Boalt doesn't have grades though, just class rank, that they only reveal to employers. Hard on the outside and soft on the inside as it were. C'est la vie. Pedigree is horseshit.

  23. The Angry AccountantMarch 8, 2014 at 9:02 AM

    These law school pigs are worthless. All of higher education is about getting asses in seats. The scum bag who is the president of my small college rakes in $400,000 a year. They do NOT give one damn about me, they just want that money $$$ honey. I look back at my college years with detest. Half of my professors were arrogant assholes who were more concerned about their side-projects like earning another degree or writing dumb books of poetry then teaching and helping me find an accounting internship. You figure all the money I paid these bastards they would at least get me a damned internship so I would have some accounting experience and talking points for a job interview. Not be a dumb ass with just grocery store experience which doesn't mean a damn to an accounting employer.

    I feel bad for everyone who has been scammed by higher ed. My college is a joke and most of the kids who go there are party rich kids who would probably get a good job anyway. I was the big dope who studied i nthe library and worked full-time at the grocery store. I was a nice kid who was trying to make something of himself, especially coming from a challenging background where my father was absent.

    SCREW em. I do aircraft hydraulics now. I sympathize with you law grads, most of you are bright hard-working kids who wanted to better yourselves. I am sorry to say, these higher ed scammers are ruthless slime who just care about their money. They line their pockets in a hot second with student loan money. Your blood is their money.

    The higher ed pigs smelled blood when the congressional pigs changed the bankruptcy laws regarding student loan debt in 1999 and 2005, respectively. I am a liberal in many ways, especially living in Cali but academic liberals are hypocritical, arrogant slime who are the worst of all scammers.

    1. Yeah. When I look back I would have just graduated from public high school, debt free, and maybe taken some courses at a community college and went into a vocational training program. You're better off making $60k/yr debt free as a tradesman instead of making (if you're lucky) $60k-$70k/yr. with $150k+ in student loan debt as an attorney. The pay off just isn't there. There are too many white collar professionals in general (lawyers/accountants/financial services). We actually have shortages of specific tradesman. My brother-in-law works in energy construction and said his company had to bring in welders from Vietnam to work on a project in Texas because they couldn't find American welders. Today's society frowns upon those jobs as "blue collar" or "low class." So lemmings go to law school because they watch stupid tv shows like suits or law and order which pollute the airwaves with inaccurate portrayals of life as an attorney.

      Our society has to change and start accepting trade jobs and service jobs as legitimate employment which people should pursue right out of high school and can be proud of doing instead of being shunned as "failures" or "low class." Being called a "plumber" should not be a pejorative. It can't be a pejorative, if we want this next generation to have any shot at a decent life.

    2. Academic liberals are truly evil people for the most part. They soullessly exploit and take advantage of the "do good" gene that many young people have. They financially gang rape these hapless students and leave them destroyed and cynical.

    3. Being a plumber is nothing to sneeze at, especially in a big city. I know many, many plumbers who make 100 - 300k in the NYC construction industry.

    4. It can't be a pejorative, if we want this next generation to have any shot at a decent life.

      --> or decent plumbing.

    5. "I know many, many plumbers who make 100 - 300k in the NYC construction industry."

      Maybe Mr. Koch should talk to them. He could pay back his student loans yet. Another possibility for him is a fracking rig in North Dakota.

  24. It's all about making a buck never forget that. To me, Nando's biggest contribution to scamblogs was bringing administrator pay into the light. Previously there was a lot of anger towards career services for cooking the books but lawprof pay was something new. Those guidestar forms were eye opening. Professors making 300k per year; deans earning half a mil easy. It really shows where the tuition money is going.


    Now, look at Thomsen's conclusion:

    “Like many law schools across the country, GW received about 400 fewer applications this year, but the school increased its class size by about 80 students.

    GW is tied at No. 21 with the University of Alabama School of Law in U.S. News and World Report's top law schools, though Alabama reported no increase in its admissions rate this year. The university has accepted 25 percent of applicants to its law school for the last two years.

    Admissions rate accounts for only a small fraction of U.S. News' methodology. New rankings are set to be released this month.

    Paul Campos, a law professor at the University of Colorado Boulder and author of “Don’t Go To Law School (Unless),” said GW has cut its academic standards by accepting more students.

    “Basically they doubled the percentage of people they admit in terms of what it was two years ago and in course of doing that they really lowered the LSAT number of entering class,” he said.

    The median LSAT score for this year's class fell from 167 to 165, falling to the 95th to 93rd percentile of those who took the test, which Campos said was "pretty significant in terms of law school admission."

    Most of GW’s peer institutions also saw a decline in median LSAT scores, as all but two of the 14 schools had just a two- or three-point drop.”

    As you can see, the applicant pool is not as strong as before. Plus, the pigs and cockroaches at GWU Law Sewer are accepting a MUCH higher percentage than they were a decade ago. In the end, it is CLEAR that the academic parasites do not even give a damn about the school’s reputation. They merely want the scam to continue, until they reach retirement age.

    1. 80 more students looking for jobs (assuming that all 80 eventually graduate) in the glutted and overcrowded DC area legal market is insane.

      Are there 80 additional jobs which have been created to accompany the additional people?

      I think not.

      GW is a bullshit trap school.

      Like I wrote earlier, this school is best suited for Little Richlings whose parents want to send their precious offspring to their firm after a 3 year vacation.

      The rest of the students will be sheared and sent out into the wild to compete for scraps.

      The dimwits think they can hide out at a 20-Something school and all will be well.

      None of that matters.

      In the end, there are only so many jobs. The cutoffs for those jobs are there and will only increase as competition increases because its a fucking sellers market for legal jobs.

      The only winners are, once again, the law schools and the deans and profs.

      This is like pushing more people onto the Titanic to boost revenues before the mf'er sinks. And the owners know it will sink and are rubbing their hands together anticipating that sweet, sweet insurance payout.

      I mean, fuck the passengers anyway.. Who cares?




      And Nando. You. Were There. (music)

  26. Wow this is a pearl of a find! Please check out my blog to get an idea of the kind of giy who geys to be dean at Pace Law. David Yassky is his name stealing people's hatd ratned tips his game.

    1. Prepare to puke:


    Take a look at this Mary Ellen McIntire piece in the September 2, 2013 edition of the GW Hatchet. The article was entitled “Law school enrollment surges amid national decrease.” Here is the opening:

    "The number of students who entered the GW Law School this fall swelled by about 22 percent, bouncing back after a massive decline and amid free-falling enrollment nationwide.

    A total of 484 students entered the school this fall, including about 80 more full-time students than last year, according to the school's preliminary data. That increase – a surprising turnaround amid shrinking law school classes nationwide – is a positive sign for the No. 21-ranked school that saw application numbers plummet in the same year it lost its dean.

    Still, because the law school hasn't released the incoming class' LSAT scores or GPA, or the total number of applications the school received last year, it's unclear if the school changed its admissions standards to attract a bigger class.

    Out of this year's fall class, 436 are full-time and 48 are enrolled as part-time. Interim dean Gregory Maggs said in an email that an 80-person increase "is not a huge fluctuation," but made the school return to a more typical number.

    He added applicants may have been drawn to the school's two new buildings – a new clinic center and the Law Learning Center. He said the school would release its average LSAT score in October when it submits them to the American Bar Association.

    Rich Collins, the associate vice president for law development, said the school considered GPA more than it has in the past, while lowering its LSAT score standards. He also pointed to the phenomenon that fewer applicants with high LSAT scores are applying to law schools, and said GW was also more aggressive with financial aid offers to attract students."

    Back in September 2013, it was disclosed that the supposed 21st greatest law school in the country was relying more heavily on undergrad GPA than it had in the past. Also, Cockroach Rich Collins noted that those with higher LSAT scores are increasingly avoiding law school.

    You’re welcome, bitches! You pieces of trash have collectively ruined the lives of tens of thousands of students and graduates. Then again, in your diseased minds, these young men and women - and their families and futures - are mere “collateral damage.”

  28. Response to Rene Reich-Graefe: Keep Calm and Do NOT Go to Law School:

  29. The Angry AccountantMarch 13, 2014 at 10:24 PM

    I just read that colleges invest their endowment funds into Sallie Mae! What a great idea, boost tuition which boosts student loans which boost the interest revenue for Sallie Mae, which boosts the profits for Sallie Mae, which, lastly leads to stock appreciation and dividend increases for the colleges! Whoa what a great circle of money making. After-all colleges are doing this because they care about society


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