Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fourth Tier Dung Heap Appalachian School of Law is Involuntarily Reducing Staff and Class Sizes

Excellent News!: On March 18, 2014, the Roanoke Times re-posted an Allie Robinson Gibson piece, under the epic headline “Appalachian School of Law to scale back classes, staff.”  Check out this opening:

“A national decline in applicants to law schools and a desire to return to local roots led to a law school’s announcement this week that it will downsize its incoming class of students and tighten its budget belt in other ways.

The Appalachian School of Law in Grundy will whittle down class sizes until they’re more in line with the number accepted when the school opened about 16 years ago, Lucy McGough, dean of the law school, said Tuesday.

“We were about 150 to 200 students when Appalachian Law School was founded, now 16 years ago, and then we rode the rising tide like all other American law schools and grew larger,” she said. “At one time, we had a student body approaching double that, near 300.”

McGough said the school is experiencing a decline in applications, and some of the things added during the school’s expansion have been trimmed.

“[We’re] returning to a smaller school because that’s probably closer to our mission in any event,” she said. “We’re a school … principally for the Appalachian region, a six-state region. The choice to keep it the same size would mean you’d have to take applicants of lesser quality. Given our choices, we think it’s better to return to our roots.” [Emphasis mine]

I laughed so hard when I saw this stupid boar’s comment about refusing to take “applicants of lesser quality,” I nearly had tears in my eyes.  Apparently, Cockroach McGough is not aware that her commode accepts 71 percent of its applicants!  Hell, starving humans are more selective in what they choose to eat.

According to Law School Numbers, the median LSAT score of enrolled students was 146, while the median UGPA stood at an astounding 2.94!  Hell, you could submit a picture of your girlfriend’s feet on your Personal Statement, and underneath the photo scrawl “I like cookies!” in red crayon, and likely gain admission to this festering dung heap.

The Toilet’s Small Endowment: Based on page one, line 12, of the 2013 Form 990 for this pile of excrement, the school received $7,633,055 in total revenue.  On line 18, you will notice that the swine had total expenses of $7,380,681 - for the tax year ending on June 30, 2013.  Line 19 shows Revenue Less Expenses coming out to $252,694.

Go to line 20 of the first page.  You will see that the trash pit had $29,110,621 in end of year total assets, offset by $880,744 in total liabilities.  As such, the pile of rubbish had a mere endowment of $28,229,877 - as of June 30, 2013.

Of course, this didn’t stop the ABA-accredited toilet from paying its dean, Lucy McGough, a sum of $205,600 - in TOTAL COMPENSATION for this particular tax year.  The wildebeest raked in $175,000 in base compensation plus $30,600 in “retirement and other deferred compensation.”  That information is available on page 27 of this tax form.

On Campus Shooting by a Crazy Bastard Appalachian Sewer of Law Student - on January 16, 2002 - Resulted in Three Dead Victims: Please read this CNN article from January 17, 2002. The piece was titled "Suspect in law school shootings arraigned."  Here is one of the key excerpts, from this report:

"Peter Odighizuwa, 43, did not enter a plea. A judge ordered a attorney appointed for him and set a court date for March 21.

Authorities said that Odighizuwa, who had flunked out of law school, opened fire with a .380 semiautomatic handgun just after 1 p.m. ET Wednesday. 

One of those killed was the dean of Appalachian School of Law, L. Anthony Sutin, 42 - a former acting assistant U.S. attorney general.

Killed along with Sutin were another faculty member, professor Thomas Blackwell, 41, and a student, Angela Denise Dales, 33, according to state police." [Emphasis mine]

This shooting rampage occurred while the filthy, vile, decrepit commode was provisionally accredited by the American Bar Association cockroaches.  Yet, those parasites subsequently proceeded to grant full accreditation to this dung heap!  Apparently, the pieces of garbage wanted to make sure that the two academic parasites did not “die in vain.”

Conclusion: This is an important moment in the law school scam, as this could signal that this trash pile could close down.  First, this is an independent $chool.  It is not connected to a larger univer$ity or college.  Second, the endowment is tiny, relative to that of most schools.  In sum, this school needs a larger enrollment, in order to make more money.  If it reduces the number of students/victims, then it will receive less revenue via the federally-backed student loan $y$tem.  Appalachian Sewer of Law does not have much room for error, and the swine cannot sustain many years of low enrollment - especially when the jackals insist on outrageous compensation for their minimal “work.”  In the end, the pigs are cutting their own throats.  And we will be there to shove an apple in their mouth and barbecue their asses!


  1. Imagine the smell from that burning shitpile.

  2. Reminds me of Mercer Law School, whose students are crowing online about the undergrad basketball team defeating Duke's undergrad basketball team. A Mercer law student murdered and dismembered a fellow law school lemming in 2011. An Internet message board post about the murder has been a central piece of evidence in the trial. Perhaps the young murderer honed his writing skills at Mercer's top-ranked legal writing program!

  3. The Angry AccountantMarch 22, 2014 at 10:46 AM

    Since the Higher Ed pigs have no business acumen and no understanding of buisness cylces, youd expect them to over expand and make dumb decisions. These pigs are based on non-dischargeable debt.

  4. The tenured trash in law school will soon learn that all the promises in the world are worthless when the money runs out. The garbage men in Detroit worked hard all their lives and they're going to lose their pensions because the money has run out. Why should tenured "academics" be any different?

  5. 34 Code of Federal Regulations Section 685.214, the Closed School Discharge:

    This federal law allows and directs the Secretary to forgive federal loan balances of students unable to complete their degrees due to closure of the filing paperwork. This is automatic discharge outside of bankruptcy.

    If Appalachian School of Law closes, the 1L and 2L students who were unable to complete their degree there, and who decline to attempt to complete it elsewhere, can leave the Department of Education holding the bag.

    Will the federal government start looking hard at the solvency of these institutions before it agrees to lend their students federal money?

    1. 11:35 here:
      Hahahaha! Right you are!

      Mostly a rhetorical question. The other part of the rhetoric is/was, how in god's name could the persons responsible for setting policy act in a way that makes ZERO economic sense for *every single involved party*: the size of these subsidies makes no sense for
      1. the government (who be smokin' ye olde crack if they think they'll actually substantively collect on these massively loans, because 20 years ago they could collect pretty good on 5k in default!), and

      2. students (who ought to be flipping buses over in the streets!), and

      3. ...dare I say it, doesn't even make sense for the law schools and profs.

      As to 3: Giving institutions - that have proven they can't even run a solvent business with exponential revenue growth, the absolute simplest of business models, and risk-free cash to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars - is like handing an infant a handgun with no safety. The kid is going to blow his own head off. These schools are blowing their own heads off! And fwiw, the wealth of these profs and admins will likely not be preserved for long after they get a pink slip. If this is how they run a school, imagine how they run their personal finances. 10-to-1, you'll see these vaunted professors and administrative 'professionals' attempting to hock their worthless services on Craigslist within very few moons!

      The sheer insanity of it all boggles my mind.

      Then I think, errr, oh yeah, HUD, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac! This latest cabal of @#!%$! has not yet had the honor and distinction of crashing the global economy (2.0), but they sure as shit appear to be working at it as hard as they can!

    2. Oh yeah, there will be hell to pay when the bills for all of this come due. But rightly or wrongly a lot of people involved think they will be well set up before everything collapses. Its just like the subprime mortgages--the crooks selling those loans knew they would never be repaid. But they got their money up front.

      There is no good reason this school should not be shut down immediately--only 36.3 percent of '12 grads got real attorney jobs--but for now its still a cash cow for the community as a whole.

    3. Yeah 25-year IBR is a b.s. accounting gimmick, aka a DEFAULT. But it's really just a drop in the huge default bucket.

      This country has sovereign debt issues now, insane unfunded liabilities coming due, and probably a sovereign default will occur either outright or through currency creation WELL before the 25-year-hence date of final resolution of my personal debt to that broke ass entity known as the United States Federal Government. So, I guess, I'm chillin' despite the crimes perpetrated against my generation by the feds in concert with the law school cabal.

      It's all sovereign debt now, baby, and I just don't care!

      My generation never got to participate in free markets or reap benefits of price competition in free markets. Instead we have to buy in markets fundamentally distorted by inflation - for housing and education - necessitating buying on credit; we have to buy in fundamentally distorted credit markets as well, and in employment markets using labor surplus to make us WORK FOR FREE. If you get paid, huge percentages of your labor will be siphoned off to support the lifestyle of the generation that robbed you before you were born.

      One can watch one's future prospects like a movie trailer occurring all over the planet: governments printing insane amounts of money, monetizing debts, bail-outs and bail-ins, riots, food shortages, pension promises being broken, healthcare promises being broken, housing inflation, homelessness, suicides, gov't's murdering their citizens, EU periphery countries 60% + youth unemployment rate, students being slaughtered in Venezuela...take your pick.

  6. The problem is...

    the federal government cocksuckers don't care 'cause they're playing with our money!

  7. An ABA-accredited school with (laugh) an entering class of 40!

    You know something: DON'T close the school. Just reduce class size further, to around 25. Then fire ALL the faculty, including the tenured rodents, by invoking financial emergency. Then hire well-regarded local practitioners (on a part-time, no-benefits basis) to train that class of 25, using an apprenticeship model. Maybe charge the kids a grand total of 30K for an intensive two year program.

    This nightmare of a school (bottom of the bottom tier, located in the land of the inbred, and enrolling literal mass murderers) could be transformed into an interesting experiment in legal education.

  8. Appalachian School of Law was created in order to revitalize a town that had been in a steady economic decline since the town's Flood of 1977. ASL has brought a positive economic impact on its home town, including spurring construction of rental homes and the opening of additional businesses in the area. ASL has become a success story for the concept of higher education as an economic development tool. The school has brought in $12 million per year to the local economy."

    Here is hoping that another flood will wash away the law school. ASL is a bottom piece of shit law school. It was opened, not for the needs of the students or the legal profession, but instead it was opened to try to bring a dead town back to life. It is located in the middle of nothing and will admit just about anyone. The tuition is substantial. Why would anyone go or take this place seriously?

  9. It is good to see that the comments are now focused on the root of the problem: Blank check federal student lending with all consumer bankruptcy protections removed for private US citizens.


    On March 19, 2014, the Washington Post re-published an AP story entitled “Appalachian School of Law to downsize operations.” Here is the entire text of that piece:

    “Appalachian School of Law plans to reduce its student body and take other steps to downsize operations.

    Dean Lucy McGough tells media outlets that law school applications are declining nationally and there are fewer qualified students.

    She also says school officials want to return the law school to its roots serving students in Appalachia.

    Currently, 222 students are enrolled at the law school in Grundy. McGough says enrollment was about 150 to 250 students when the school opened 16 years ago.

    She says there will be layoffs as a result of the cutbacks.

    Earlier this month, the school’s board of trustees approved cuts to all administrative units except admissions. Other cuts include reducing the number of full-time faculty and faculty salaries

    The school announced the cuts Tuesday.”

    Again, this flaming pile of rancid feces is not anchored to a larger univer$ity or college. It also has a small endowment. And now the number of applicants and enrolled victims is down considerably.

    This is a recipe for roasted pork. Armed with the truth and a consistent message, we critics have raked these bastards over the coals for several years. Now, the law school pigs are starting to feel the heat.

    Let’s see how much lower the swine lower their pathetic “standards” - in order to remain in business a little longer. After all, we know that these academic thieves have NO INTEGRITY and no guiding principles. The only damn thing that they are concerned with is money. If theses cockroaches need to financially ruin an entire generation of young people in the process, then that is fine with them. These sick bitches and hags don’t lose a single wink of sleep over their avarice and carnage.

    1. "less qualified applicants".


      This would mean that the Banks and Boomers college degree Pay-to-Play System is not producing. But she and others will not go there.

      Or it may mean that the Word on law school has gotten out into the mainstream to a great degree.

      It's not the supply side.

      It's the demand side, as in demand for a goddamn JOB when you spend 3 years in law school and upwards of $125-150k in non-dischargeable debt, not including undergrad, and then find out there's less than nothing out there for you.

      As far as this school, the one hundred or so lawyers they need in Appalachia aren't retiring any time soon. They will "retire" when they die. That's how lawyers retire.

      As far as the one or two lawyers in the town where this school is, ditto.

      Good luck getting a job.

      You are not needed. Or wanted. Only your Federal student loan money was.

      Now, fuck off.. No room for rent!

    2. Buffalo law (SUNY Buff.) offering buyouts:

    3. The blood bath is beginning. Love it. Can't wait till worthless law professor grifters start jumping out of buildings.

  11. Lawyers, second most popular profession for psychopaths (CEOs are #1).

  12. Here you go Painter. North Dakota is seeking to fill 20,000 positions. You might be able to pay off those student loans yet.

    1. I have a job now, and with very good health insurance after 3 years without it.

      The job won't ever pay off my student loan debt, but at least I have health insurance again after racking up almost 10 thousand dollars in Emergency room visits and medical bills last summer and fall.

      BTW, I thank God I didn't have to buy Obamacare, because it is just as expensive if not more expensive than insurance was before Obamacare was signed into law, and everybody on the street says the same thing, and about the huge deductibles, and it seems that salespeople kept calling and hounding me to buy an Obamacare policy and I have to wonder why? I thought Obamacare was supposed to be like socialized medicine and cut out the profit motive or something like that.

      Wasn't it Biden that called Obamacare a "Big Fucking Deal"?

      As for fracking, it looks extraordinarily controversial. Here are some "untold stories" about fracking in Pennsylvania:

      Anyway, good morning everybody :) I'm sober Sam and having coffee.

  13. The very existence of this steaming shit pile is proof of the corrupt fraud that lies at the heart of the ABA. Look at its 509 report. The future of the profession got a 143 on the LSAT. Way to go ABA fuckheads!

  14. "James Bowers, [Dean] McGough's husband, will be joining the ASL faculty in the fall."

    When you've got a lucrative scam going, make sure that the family benefits. Madoff did, and now Dean Lucy McGough.

    1. It never ends.

      Same thing happened at my TTT. They actually created a no-show job and plugged them into it.

      It's okay...

      The students paid for it ;p

  15. The guy at 9:42 nailed it.

    If these dumbshits (it doesn't matter if they have a law degree from Ivy League schools) can't run these guaranteed money makers well, you know their personal finances are shit too.

  16. Students are moving away from legal studies due to lack of openings and more students are graduating from engineering and medical schools.
    I recommend that law schools follow the job market as well and adapt to the new demand. Restructure and become an engineering or a medical school instead of a law school.

    1. New program opportunities in Engineering Law anyone? What about space engineering?

  17. I am surprise that the families of the shooting victims did not bankrupt this school. After all, ASL accepted a sub-standard and mentally unhinged (he had a history of mental problems which the school knew about) just to take his money. They probably knew he was going to flunk out (just like Cooley knows it will flunk out 30% of its class-although I doubt it follows this policy in light of the diminishing enrollment numbers) and only cared about taking those $weet federal student loan dollars.

    These academic con men are only interested in money. "Higher Education" has become a joke in this country and it is clearly motivated by greed and profit. In some cases, this has deadly consequences. As Nando points out, the ABA accredited this school without an investigation of the shooting incident. It just goes to show you that the ABA will rubberstamp the creation of any law school.

    1. I don't think the statute of limitations has expired for the family of the Mercer law student who was murdered and dismembered by a fellow Mercer law school student... sayin'

  18. several months ago, i commented on one of Campos's posts about suicide. i said i was surprised that the opposite did not happen i.e. instead of suicide, it would make more sense to shoot up the law schools. of course, he deleted it for obvious purposes

    1. probably for your own safety.


    On March 19, 2014, the Bluefield Daily Telegraph posted Greg Jordan’s piece, which was labeled “Appalachian School of Law announces cutbacks.” Look at the following excerpt:

    “A reduced student body and other cutbacks are part of a plan at the Appalachian School of Law to downsize its current operations.

    Dean Lucy McGough and Judge Keary Williams, chair of the board of trustees, recently announced that the law school was downsizing and returning to the 150 to 160-student enrollment it had 10 years ago.

    Williams said that a small student body was more in keeping with the school’s mission and original design. In the past four years, the student body has been as large of 250 to 300 students.

    Nationally, fewer college graduates are taking the Law School Admissions Test and of that number, fewer highly qualified applicants are deciding to pursue a legal career, school officials said in their statement released Tuesday. The school experienced a decrease in the number of qualified students in the fall of 2013, and a further decline is anticipated this academic year.

    “Although several of our sister law schools in this region are ballooning, in view of the declining credentials of law school applicants, we believe we should take this opportunity to downsize and concentrate on what we do best: Offering a practice-based curriculum in a small, engaged learning environment,” McGough said. “We believe we can offer a student ratio of 12 to one, well below ABA suggestions for professional accessibility.”

    Downsizing will include “several significant belt-tightening steps,” school officials said. At the meeting on March 11, the board of trustees approved cuts to all its administrative units, except admissions, a substantial reduction in the law library’s budget (principally redundant sets of reporters), and to decrease the number of full-time faculty and reduce faculty salaries.”

    In a just world, unemployed law grads would tighten a thick belt around your fat necks - and hang you bastards from a tree. By the way, I love how the swine act as if THEY are the ones choosing to trim down. Sure it was their plan, and I decided not to ask Salma Hayek to wrap her ankles around my waist.

    Keep in mind that the pieces of trash will not die easily. Check out the final paragraph of this article:

    “Although the law school has announced budget cuts, it plans to invested in a “greatly expanded distance-learning capability” that will allow students who live in places too far away for frequent commute to Grundy, Va. School officials said they hope to offer some on-line courses and conferences as early as fall this year.”

    Perhaps, these “educators” can provide online courses in the following areas: Non-Dischargeable Bankruptcy and Education Law, as well as Versatility Law.

    1. Would any of these pictures work?

      Size 12. Come on! That has to be at least T10 if not T6 worthy for admission..

  20. The golden age of law is over and done. If you are going to law school today just to "make a lot of money" you are way off track. Wages are stagnant. If you are going for the security of working at a firm or the govt. you are way off track. Firms of all sizes are shrinking and cutting back hiring. We are always just one election, one budget battle, or one crisis away from shutdowns and budget sequestration, which means less government jobs. There is no stability in the practice of law. The costs of obtaining a law license are way out of whack with the benefits of being a lawyer. Gone are the days where you could feasibly get into a stable firm and make a comfortable living. Firms are always one payday away from shutting down or drawing on their line of credit. Partners and firm equity partners will protect their own interests before they feed work to a little pipsqueak like you. This goes for all white collar professional services nowadays. We have too many lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, consultants, etc. It's been a race to the bottom in all these sectors.

    The law school pigs will feel the pinch though. Brooklyn is liquidating assets to meet debt obligations. Many of these schools sold bonds to build enormous structures when it was boom times for law schools. Now revenues are down but they still need to service that debt. In a way it's a good thing bc they are shrinking but it's still market forces that are driving this change rather than the moral and ethical convictions of the law school administrators.


    Dan Filler posted a Faculty Lounge entry entitled “Appalachian Law Downsizing Student Body, Faculty,” on March 20, 2014. Here is the full extent of his piece:

    “Appalachian School of Law announced that it will downsize. Dean Lucy McGough stated that the incoming class might number approximately 40 students with the law school moving closer to its original size 16 years ago. She also announced that the faculty would shrink to insure a student faculty ratio of roughly 15:1.”

    Hell, with a projected incoming class of 40 students, this fourth tier trash pit is approaching Indiana TTTTTTech Law Sewer’s first year enrollment levels. By the way, one wonders whether this overpaid porker will decrease her bloated salary, for the sake of the toilet.

    Now, check out Paul Caron’s March 21, 2014 post, “Appalachian School of Law to Lay Off 63% Of Its Faculty?” Enjoy the following:

    “Press reports indicate that Appalachian Law School is downsizing to 40 students in the entering class, down from 70 students this year and 100 students in prior years. At its March 11 meeting, the board of trustees approved "across the board cuts to all administrative units, with the exception of admissions. They also agreed to a substantial reduction in the law library’s budget and to decrease the number of full-time faculty and reduce faculty salaries." Dean Lucy McGough reports that three faculty members have left "by mutual agreement," and that other faculty will be laid off to maintain a 15:1 faculty-student ratio. With 22 current faculty members, a 15:1 ratio translates to 8 faculty members, a 63% reduction.”

    I am truly thrilled to watch the law school pigs burn. At this rate, some of the bastards on the bottom rung will be barbecued beyond recognition shortly. Thanks to all of you readers, for your support and for spreading the truth about the law school cartel. This news would not be happening without your diligence.

    1. When law professors, law deans, and admin staff start jumping out of windows, we can break out the champagne. Unfortunately, many law school buildings are high enough.

    2. The movie THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES was allegedly a true story about people seeing the Mothmsn before a disaster struck and then s major bridge collapsed killing scores. I just saw the Mothman on the roof of ASL.

  22. Nando. There is an article on University at Buffalo's law school where Macacca Mulata is starting a new program to admit foreign lawyers to a 2-year program leading to the JD. The pigs are obviously not looking out for the interests of U.S. JD holders and are going out to the far reaches of the planet to find asses to fill seats. Please do an expose' of this d-bag Macaca. He deserves it. Thanks in advance.

  23. I don't know.

    Josh Adams posted on JD junkyard asking or rather telling me to stop posting.

    Whether he asked or told doesn't matter, and here are my thoughts:

    Mr. Infinity was a more than just a pest. He was a really upsetting fellow and troll, and it was a long struggle to find out who Mr. Infinity really is, and I searched very hard, along with others, and even contemplated paying a private investigator at one point.

    What cracked the case was the fact that Josh Adams used his own name and phone number to register his TTR knock off domain/url

    Having discovered that, all of the pieces of the puzzle gradually fell into place and the astonishingly prolific blogging of Josh Adams was easy to find. Maybe 7 blogs in total, but at least six, and his wife's blogs filled in the rest of the life story or autobiographical info on Josh and Beverly.

    It was all there online. A blog about the trip to Egypt. A Linkedin page, another site called "Mr. Metropolitan" and lots of pictures.

    So the Epic Fail blog was a ruse of sorts because Josh Adams posted once about going on a date, and another time about how he was going to get married when in fact Adams had beem married for 7 years at the time at least.

    SO now Adams wants me to stop commenting and with an implied promise that he will not resurrect the offensive blogs. Two or three in total.

    My reply is OK and yes, and if it will make Adams go away and just get on with his life then we are square and all is forgotten.

    Look, none of this blogging has made or lost anyone any money (I don't think)

    If the blogging has caused a law school system to lose some or a lot of money then that is quite an accomplishment. But I am not so sure.

    So I made fun and at the earnest pwople that have no skin in the game at all but seem to think they are do gooders or advocates---kind of like how King Lear's Fool made comments, and in my case they really seemed to get under people's skin, and a lot of the comments were just dumb and silly.

    But in the end the debt situation is for life and will never change, and I know that now.

    All we can do is go on and I have to get up one day at a time and put on my socks and shoes and go to work.

    Naked, and with only my socks and shoes on and with a silly old banjo to cover my willy.

    1. Glad to hear it :)

    2. The reason I want you to leave this movement and not post is for your own good. Nando is enabling your bad feelings. I think you would feel better if you move on with your life.

      You are better than this trash. These blogs are conspiracy theories. You went to law school over a decade ago. There's no reason to keep lamenting here. What Nando is doing to you by telling you that you can't have a regular life is immoral and wrong. Leave this crap behind. This is not a life. Thinking this way will not help you. What's in the past is in the past.

  24. Is this a win or not? A friend of mine went to an elite college and than an elite law school (T-5). He graduated and was hired by the firm where she interned. He is now portrayed on his firm's website as an expert in advising mutual funds, boards of directors of these funds etc. What he does, as I understand it, is help to prepare the Prospectuses that these investment vehicles are required to provide to investors. He is in big law and I assume making a good salary . . . but how soul-draining must such work be? This was a person who majored in Liberal Arts and wanted to save the world. And what kind of experience will this be good for if he does not stay with his firm? Will he be relegated to this type of work for the rest of his career? I get depressed just thinking about it.

    1. That is pretty much the best possible outcome from law school. If he's lucky he'll get to stay at his job for more than 5 years but they'll probably show him the door before then. Turnover at BigLaw firms is really high (like 80%) over a five-year period.

      If he wanted to save the world, he shouldn't have gone to law school. Idiotic move on his part.

      He will be relegated to this type of work for the rest of his life IF HE'S LUCKY. If he gets fired, he may have to work temporary doc review jobs, work at a small law firm making horrible pay and dealing with broke clients, or not finding a job in law at all.

    2. These comments are both very insightful. A lawyer can either do public interest non profit work or make good money (enough to actually justify the cost of getting a jd) but not both. The cost of getting a jd has spiraled out of all proportion to the financial return for the large majority.

      If you want to make the world a better place there are many ways to do that other than taking on six figure non dischargable debt and giving up 3 of the best years of your life. And I say that as a lawyer with over 10 years of experience.


    The piece of trash known as Joshua Ray Adams posted a monumentally stupid comment on a Junkyard thread labeled "Grad school is a debt machine." In the dung beetle's own words - which have not been altered in any way:

    "I owe 300,000 and am totally fine with it."

    Perhaps, he is also okay with raising another man's baby. It's not as if this pussy has a backbone, a brain, or a set of balls. If his wife was banging a real man, then the dolt would forgive her and buy the guy a beer. Hell, the rat is an apologist for Crooklyn Law Sewer - and that is AFTER the pigs financially raped him! Plus, the waterhead will likely remove his remarks in the middle of the night anyway.

  26. OK.

    And no fooling now.

    My bottom line is that we both leave the scamblogs for good.

    Sign a pact or make a promise of sorts.

    At this stage the only remaining bloggers that want to comment are the typical OLSS types: employed in the legal field and doing marginally OK, but are unhappy, or the Law Professors with opinions, the latter of whom are not going to be effected or is the word, affected? financially and no matter what happens in future.

    Bad feelings towards each other and moving on with life are matters that are not necessary to discuss and will never be discussed, and are moot.

    As for me, 350K of a special class of debt that allows five times usurious and outrageous interest is a world class situation and apparently the US government has no remedy or bankruptcy protections, and nor does an entire US nation of law schools which are chock full of lawyers, for this situation, and it is time to leave the field because something is terribly wrong going on around here.

    My out of control debt, and way back when, did come about because of my law school loans, and the interest piled on furiously after 3 or 4 or 5 years and until the monthly payments were crippling.

    Thereafter the debt was out of reach and like watching a ship going over the horizon, or the sun going down.

    I had deferred with Sallie Mae because Sallie Mae always offered the deferment as an option and in my mind I thought the day would come and by virtue of my law degree, that the high income job would be landed and after that handling the student loans would be no problem.

    The job never happened and the interest kept piling up.

    But, and to the uninitiated, there is a special class of loans that allows for incredible interest as well as simultaneously allowing and legally so, for the disallowance of bankruptcy protections for an entire life, and that debt is known as: Student Loans, American style.

    So you quit and I quit and we just put our heads down and go on and on.

    I will ask Nando to remove the pic of you and Beverly.

    But you really have to give up trolling.

    In all fairness to you I believe you want to be a writer and kind of like a nutty John Boy Walton that has internet access and able to create dozens or more blogs.

    Maybe Cryn Johanssen is the most upsetting person of all and caught up in a catch 22 between the lending industry and her hobbies such as writing about student loan debt.

    Anyway, Cryn Johanssen was the very first commenter on the ILSS Paul Campos blog, and she even offered to promote ILSS.

    Things change in life, and the moral is to think ahead and to realize that the so called "friends" you meet on the way might have motives-commercial or otherwise-for making friends.

    It might be called human nature.

  27. I am connected to many recent Georgetown and George Washington law school graduates(2011~2013) with a few other T14 and Fordham grads on Linkedin. If you check out their profiles, there are basically two groups of people. The first group consists of graduates who have full-time permanent jobs. My impression is that these people are in the minority among the linkedin profiles of the GW and GT grads. And these grads, with a few exeptions, are associates in biglaw who usually nag those jobs as summer associates.
    Now the second group, which I find kind of scary and surprising, is made of GT and GW grads who don’t have a permanent job now and gives me the impression it is a much bigger group than the former group by looking through those profiles. These graduates usually put like 4~5 internship experiences from prestigious PIs such federal agencies, courts, and national non-profit organizations. Most of them graduate from law schools during 2011~2013. A few them even graduate from 2010! Yet a lot of them only have internship experiences on their linkedin profile!! Even when they put their non-internship experience, they are mostly waiter or pizza delivery jobs.
    A typical linkedin profile from this group looks like this:
    1. An useless undergraduate major such as Music Business, International Relations, History, Religion Studies, History, Gender Studies, Gay Studies, Museum Studies, Theater Arts, Language Studies…
    Some even list those shit courses they studied in college. Peace and Justice in Middle east…haha…
    2. Usually no permanent job experiences. If they have one, it is a waiter, tutor, pizza delivery job

    3. Law school from GW,GT, Fordham, or Columbia. With some shit moot court, secondary law review experience listed.

    4. Internship experiences looks like this:

    An internship in a division in DoJ, DoD, DoE, or Do Homeland Security for like 3 months.
    An internship(Not summer Associate) in a Biglaw for like 3 months
    An internship in an non-profit organization for like 3 months.(Ex: Peace and justice center for blah blah blah, Yada Yada Foundation and etc)
    Research assistant for so and so law professor.
    A fellowship for XXXX. This is most likely the law school’s pet project to keep grads as employed status.
    Law clerk for so and so court

    All of those grads have some kind of combination of those type of internship experience above and some even have all of them.
    Yet these graduates are unable to find a full-time permanent legal job with their credential and internships in those prestigious organizations.

  28. Appalachian School of Law is a true shithole.

  29. Funny how everyone talk sh*t about a school they know nothing about and hide behind the title "anonymous"

  30. Why is it that the "author" of this rubbish deletes posts that contradict his ridiculous views? Hilarious, coming from a guy who graduated from a school that only received its ABA accreditation AFTER ASL....props to you, loser. Get a job, since you obviously don't have one.

  31. To the piece of trash who posted the ignorant comment on June 7, 2014 at 4:40 pm,

    Get your facts straight, waterhead! Look at this chart from the ABA Section of "Legal Education" and Admissions to the Bar." It is labeled "ABA-Approved Law Schools by Year."

    Appalachian School of Law"

    Compare this to Third Tier Drake, bitch:

    Drake University Law School"

    By the way, cockroach: The first year that any law school was granted full accreditation was 1923. That is a full 78 years before your toilet received this distinction.

    Now, grow a brain stem and get a life, you pile of human waste. You are dismissed, 4:40 pm.

  32. Funny, I heard you went to Drexel, which only received accreditation in 2006 and is currently undergoing lots of "restructuring". And what is your day job, considering the amount of time you spend trolling your blog posts to launch insults to anyone who has a differing opinion?

  33. @ June 8, 2014 on 5:36 pm,

    You need to learn how to read, BEFORE running your mouth, Bitch. On the right hand side of this site - which appears on each page - you will see a section labeled "about me." It has been there since the inception of this blog nearly five years go, Idiot. Here is the description:

    "I am a graduate of Drake Law School. I am employed in a non-lawyer position. My goal is to educate people who are considering law school as a viable option. Do not go unless you are FULLY aware beforehand that you may end up with six figure student loan debt and no job prospects. Furthermore, you will find it very difficult to find work as a non-lawyer, as your J.D. will make you overqualified for most non-law positions."

    By the way, even Drexel is rated higher than the pathetic stool sample known as Appalachian Sewer of Law. What a great "accomplishment," huh?!?!

    As you can see, Appalachian "School" of Law is rated as a FOURTH TIER pile of trash by US "News" & World Report. On the same page, you will notice that Drexel Univer$iTTTy Sewer of Law is ranked as the 129th greatest law school in the nation, along with five other commodes, by the same publication.

    Drexel has only been approved since 2008, a full seven years less than your filthy toilet. Get a life, grow a brain stem, and get your facts straight, cockroach.

    Lastly, one does not troll his own blog, waterhead. For older posts, my approval is required for a comment to be published. I do this in order to limit spam. As you can see, I don't mind permitting stupid remarks from drooling morons such as you. It gives me the chance to educate and bitch-slap those fools.

  34. Appalachian School of Law is a true shithole. It's lucky to be in the 4th tier.


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