Thursday, March 27, 2014

More Academic Excrement Flushed Away: State University of New York at Buffalo Law School Announces Faculty Downsizing

Suck on That, Law School Pigs!: On March 18, Buffalo Business First published reporter Dan Miner’s piece, which was labeled “Downsizing planned for UB Law School.”  Check out this fantastic opening:

“The University at Buffalo Law School is shrinking its faculty footprint and decreasing the size of its incoming classes, Dean Makau Mutua said.

UB has not been immune from the national struggles facing U.S. law schools, as applications have plummeted against the backdrop of a profession that has struggled mightily since the recession.

Mutua said the school will ease its ideal freshman class size from 200-225 to 185-200 in order to maintain the quality of its students.

Additionally, UB has offered retirement incentives to faculty over the age of 55. Mutua said eight people will accept, reducing the faculty from about 48 to about 40.

Mutua said the retirement incentives will allow the law school to avoid layoffs.

“These are valued colleagues who have been with us a long time and made many wonderful contributions,” he said. “So we wanted to do it in a way that was mutually [beneficial].”

Cutting class sizes and faculty has become a standard move at American law schools, where applications have dropped more than 47 percent from 87,500 in fall 2010 [to] 59,400 in 2013, according to Law School Admission Council. At UB law school, the number of applicants dropped from 1,894 to 1,146 in that same range.” [Emphasis mine]

It feels great to watch these pigs burn to a crisp!  Think of the LEGIONS of students that these sewer rats have collectively raped financially, over the course of several decades.  If you still have any sympathy for these academic thieves, then you truly are a moronic piece of garbage.

Of course, Cockroach Makau Mutua felt the need to orally defecate at the end of the article:

“[The ABA-accredited trash pit] has also sought to modernize its home at O’Brian Hall on the North Campus. About $2.5 million has been spent refurbishing the space, with technological, logistic and aesthetic upgrades, Mutua said.

There is also an overriding sense that the both the legal and legal education industries have hit their lowest point and are due for at least some correction.

“While these changes are historic in their magnitude, I think we’ve seen the bottom of it,” Mutua said. “I think the market is coming back and we are stabilizing. I think the future looks bright for us.” [Emphasis mine]

In the end, this is delusional thinking.  For instance, I don’t believe that if I hit the weight room and run more often, that the San Francisco Giants – or Salma Hayek - will give me a call.  The again, the law school swine are actually attempting to further deceive applicants – by trying to inject some false confidence about the commode’s future.

Other Coverage: Staci Zaretsky posted a hilarious ATL entry entitled “The Future At This Law School Is So ‘Bright’ That It Has to Offer Buyouts.”  Read the following excerpt:

“Another day, another law school administrator talking out of both sides of his mouth. Sure, his law school is reducing its faculty numbers because there isn’t enough tuition money to pay their salaries, but everything is going to be fine. According to this dean, “I think the market is coming back and we are stabilizing. I think the future looks bright for us.”

Which law school is politely pushing its older faculty members out the door this time?

It’s none other than the hundredth-best law school in the country (in a four-way tie), SUNY Buffalo Law. In a three-year period, applicants to Buffalo have dropped from 1,894 to 1,146. Ouch, that’s got to sting a little.” [Emphasis mine]

In the end, who cares if a vile pig squeals when you skewer it’s ass?!?!  In a just world, these bastards would be hog-tied and tossed into a river of their own foul excrement.

The Cesspool’s Ranking: In the latest edition of the US “News” & World Report ratings scheme, SUNY Buffalo Law Sewer is listed as the co-100th greatest, most exhilarating and amazing law school in the land!  Their mothers must be thrilled.

Pathetic Legal Job Placement: On April 10, 2013, Dan Filler posted a Faculty Lounge entry entitled “New Law School Rankings: Employment Data Cleaned Of School Funded Jobs” This article is based off of each ABA-accredited diploma mill’s Class of 2012 ABA Employment Report.

As the text and title make clear, the figures pertain to JD Required positions that are full-time, long term - and exclude law school funded jobs. Under these measures, SUNY Buffalo Law School placed 52.15 percent of its grads in such positions.  Keep in mind that these are the employment opportunities that one seeks when applying to law school.  By the way, this figure was good enough for 116th “best” among the 201 toilets listed.

Conclusion: You will not be served well by attending this garbage heap.  Perhaps, if your family is seriously connected or wealthy – and you were simply too damn dumb to get into a real law school, despite all of your advantages – then you may be okay.  You do not need to piss away three years of your life, in the foolish pursuit of an advanced Humanities degree.


  1. Buffalo is an economic dead zone within a dead zone. Their biggest thrills out that way are Wegmans and Wal-Mart. Kodak is in bankruptcy, etc.

    After 3 years, the total bill for someone in-state (tuition only) will be $60k. Out of state graduates will have incurred 33x3 or about $100k. Again, this is tuition expense only and does not count living and other necessary expenses during that time, nor any undergrad debt, of course.

    It's too much.

    If they are placing barely over 50% of grads into bona fide legal jobs, that means the rest are screwed. And of that 50% in legal jobs, how many are good ones? Probably only 10% or less.

    This does not justify the time and money spent.

    New York is a cesspool of too many law schools and a super-saturated, divided, stratified, and highly cut-throat legal market. A market that is declining as well as is the legal landscape in general.

    Going here is not a good idea. In fact, it's a very bad one.

  2. "I think the future looks bright for us.”


    These worthless parasites and leaches who create ZERO wealth and who add NOTHING to society are going to get what's coming to them. This is only the beginning.

    Too many people in this country collectively decided they could be an analyst, professional service provider, support staff, HR person, etc. These positions only exist if there's wealth being created in the first place. They ride on and profit off of wealth created by others.

    A market correction has been in order for a long time. You can't ignore the immutable laws of supply and demand for too long. I, for one, await in gleeful anticipation for the time when these worthless vile academics are forced to produce and create value. When the economy is cratering, we don't need more than one gay diversity women's oppression diversity inclusion space green drone legal and ethnic studies professor. These people are worthless and useless and deep down, they must know it.

    1. Bingo. White collar service professionals can only prosper when their is economic growth in the first instance. Lawyers/Accountants/Consultants/Financial Managers can't "create" wealth or meaningful jobs because they aren't producing anything unique. They just feed off of growth by collecting fees. The "creators" (tech, pharma, energy, industry, etc.) are the forces of economic growth. They are building and making stuff that change lives and society. Lawyers are actually worse than other white collar professionals because for the most part we run the federal and state governments and draw public salaries or bill states for our "services." Look at David Samson (attorney) in NJ. His firm billed NJ Dept. of Transportation MILLIONS of dollars because he is buddies with Christie (attorney). Your tax dollars hard at work.

  3. Something tells me they would say the same about you.

  4. If only 52% managed to get real legal jobs, this is a serious flashing Red Flag. It used to be, historically, that after 10 or so years, half of a graduating class or so would no longer be practicing law.

    Now, you have roughly half the class, starting, being able to secure a job in law. What will the percentage remaining be in 10 years?

    It doesn't bode well.

    So, in reality: What is the value of a law degree today in light of the above. Close to zero? Or negative. I'd go with the latter because of the current tuition levels and current and likely job prospects.

  5. Now the profs get to prove their argument that they gave up big money to teach us mere students. They should welcome the challenge.

  6. "But think of the robust legal market that will blossom once Boomers start retiring or dying."

    --Any Law School Dean or Professor

  7. These law schools are harder to kill than cockroaches. Don't law schools like this one realize the greatest contribution they could provide to the public is to close.

  8. Outsourcing and IT have done a number on lawyers in higher wage countries. Lawyers in England and Canada are also feeling the squeeze.

    Just keep signing those student loan promissory notes, people. That's what the schools want. They don't give a shit about you or your kids or your future. To them, you're just a student loan check.

  9. Take a look at this. George Mason Law Prof pepper sprayed during class:

    I'm curious to learn more about the perp who said he was making a "citizen's arrest". The school said he wasn't a "student" but I wonder if he was a disgruntled grad...

    1. What I found most fascinating about this story is that the law professor in question was in the middle of teaching "Law and Literature." Was this course offered as part of the "practice ready" curricula that the ABA keeps touting?

  10. Rochester New York is midway between Syracuse Law Sewer and Buffalo Toilet and the University of Rochester has one of the best Medical Schools in America and the #15 ranked MBA program in the world. University of Rochester once was contemplating opening up a law school but their better judgment decided against it. If the University of Rochester opened up a law school then it would diminish its World Class reputation and be in the same bottom of the barrel league as next door Syracuse and Buffalo Universities. Today opening up a law program is like offering a PhD in Basket Weaving or a PhD in Interior Design. It cheapened the overall reputation of an institute.

  11. The word is out about law school. The horror stories of monumental debt and the ongoing interest, unemployment, underemployment, big law abusiveness, career longevity uncertainty, low pay, the poverty in solo practice, outsourcing, substance abuse and the overall misery in the profession is being noticed. Nobody in their right mind wants to consume anything this toxic...and nobody half-decent would promote the consumption of it.

    1. Only an asshole or a sociopath would promote going to law school nowadays.

    2. or moron. don't forget moron.

    3. Mr. Infinity qualifies under all 3.

  12. Harry Balzac, esq.March 27, 2014 at 4:05 PM

    The schools aren't in trouble. Plenty of dumbshits like the one in this twitter feed will keep the pigs fat 'n happy.

  13. Hey, Buffalo is still more highly rated than Santa Clara!


    Hell, even Mentally Deranged Ass-Hat Brian Leiter agrees that this toilet should be reducing its faculty. Look at his March 18, 2014 entry entitled "Buffalo offers retirement incentives to faculty over 55. Here is the entire text of the rodent's piece:

    "...and eight accept, bringing the size of the full-time faculty from 48 down to 40. The school is also shrinking its class size slightly. Seems like sensible responses to the current economic climate for legal education."

    What kind of a dolt would even consider attending an ABA-accredited dung pit that has an Idi Amin doppelganger as dean?!?! After all, who wouldn’t want to take classes from an ass-wipe who resembles the deceased Ugandan dicTTTaTTTor?!

    Take a look at Mutua’s faculty bio:

    “Makau Mutua is dean, SUNY Distinguished Professor and the Floyd H. and Hilda L. Hurst Faculty Scholar at SUNY Buffalo Law School. He teaches international human rights, international business transactions and international law. He was educated at the University of Nairobi, the University of Dar-es-Salaam and Harvard Law School. Mutua is a vice president of the American Society of International Law and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

    In 2002-03, while on sabbatical in Kenya, Mutua chaired the Task Force on the Establishment of a Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation Commission, which recommended a truth commission for Kenya. He also was a delegate to the National Constitutional Conference, which produced a contested draft constitution for Kenya.”

    Also, it appears that the bastard’s wife $omehow ended up on the faculty at this trash heap. I’ll bet that her job is safe. From her profile:

    “Athena Mutua received her B.A. from Earlham College, her J.D. and M.A. from American University, and an LL.M. from Harvard Law School. She writes in the areas of critical race and feminist legal theory.”

    Yes, writing obscure articles about critical race theory and feminist legal issues is really sticking it to the man, right?!?! Yet "legal educators” claim that they turned down big money in order to teach law, i.e. financially rape students. In the end, that is a garbage assertion from thieves looking to justify their vile actions.

  15. $1 trillion student loan debt widens US wealth gap

    "At the other end of the spectrum is Zbylut, an accountant-turned-attorney in Glendale, Calif. He's been chipping away at nearly $160,000 in student debt since graduating in 2005 from law school at Loyola University in Chicago. Now 48, the tax attorney estimates he could have $150,000 to $200,000 in a 401(k) had the money he's paid toward loans gone there."

    "I'm sitting here in traffic. I've got a Mercedes behind me and an Audi in front of me and I'm thinking, 'What did they do that I didn't do?'" Zbylut said by cellphone from his Chevrolet. He's been turned down twice for the type of mortgage he needs to buy a home big enough for himself, the fiancee he would have married already if not for his debts and her 10-year-old son."

    Meanwhile, the students are going into six-figure debt so law professors can teach 2-4 hours a week, get summers off and go on paid year-long sabbaticals. That is just fucked up.

    How is requiring tenure and so called "full-time faculty" benefiting anyone besides law professors? The ABA is corrupt.

    1. ^As so many have said over the years...

      the professor scum don't give a shit about the students. Or the taxpayers for that matter.

      They don't care about the shit profession either. And why should they? It's not like these fucking parasites have practiced law in the last 3+ decades.

    2. Yes, the ABA is corrupt!

      The ABA just proposed to officially change the accreditation requirement so law schools can accept up to 10% of their class WITHOUT REQUIRING THOSE STUDENTS TAKE THE LSAT!

      Rutgers got busted for admitting students who did not take the LSAT, but took the ACTs or something.

      This reminds me of something: way back in 1998, Citi group violated the Glass-Steagall Act (that disallowed depositer banks from investing in securities) . To accommodate Shitty bank - which was to require an enormous taxpayer funded bailout 10 years later - Clinton had Glass-Steagall repealed. Too big to fail was born. Except of course, that Citi bank did just fail another stress test by the feds.

      So, let the ABA erode admissions requirements to bailout law schools. Ultimately, the law schools will fail as their less and less qualified students fail in the marketplace. The failure will be larger and more disruptive than it might have been otherwise.

      10% with no LSAT is arbitrary. If other tests - such as the GMAT or ACT or SAT - are adequate measures of aptitude, why require the LSAT of any prospective law student? Indeed, a 10% *admissions* cap doesn't prevent everyone and anyone from applying with no LSAT. And if you ever read a bond rating release on a law school you will notice that selectivity and apparent demand is used in rating law school bond debt. That measure is a ration of applications-to-admits. The ABA is manipulating the system. They're desperate.

  16. I went to grad school at UB and am familiar with the law school and the UB community generally. I left my doctoral program to attend law school (elsewhere) because the entire environment is uninspiring, and makes you feel like you're living in an airport of a communistic block country. Add in the bad weather, and it makes for a horrible experience. Glad I left. The economy stinks in the Buffalo area. last time I checked, there was not a single Fortune 500 company in Buffalo. That should speak volumes. Albany and Buffalo are off the beaten track with respect to New York law schools. UB law is much more local in scope. You're just not going to be able to compete effectively for jobs in NYC. Albany Law may have it slightly better due to the government jobs. But the bottom line is there is a preference for graduates of NYC law schools when it comes to NYC law firm hiring. Go to the law firm websites yourself and search under law school. I'm not saying you won't find some UB grads, but you will not likely find many or any for that matter. UB is an uninspiring, depressing place to study - law or otherwise. I'd recommend anyone attend elsewhere.

  17. This is just the start. Soon they will begin involuntary layoffs. The people running universities, the president, provost, chancellors, whatever, are businessmen first. The brass doesn't give a shit about academic freedom. They care about the balance sheet, and the drain lawprofs put on it. The admins have already seen how an adjunct can teach undergrad classes for $1500 a semester just as well as a $235k salaried "professor." The cost savings of such a switch are enormous. Now the lawprofs will see there is no honor amongst thieves.

  18. Nando,

    Have we thought about getting a petition going to the Justice Department? The purpose would be for the agency to investigate the schools for misrepresenting and fraud (its employment and starting salary numbers to students.) If the department finds that they did, they could be fined.

    Also, what about a letter writing campaign to each state bar? If an administrator and/or dean is a lawyer, we could file a grievance under the licensee's jurisdiction, accusing them of violating the state bar ethic rule that prohibits false and misleading advertisements. They have to be lawyers, but if they are, they could potentially be disbarred.

    1. Interesting hoe Kevin Tredeau went to Federal Prison for 10 years because he sold a $19:95 paperback book that
      the government said was misleading but the scam deans can sell a worthless product for $150,000 and the legal system praises them as paragons of society.

    2. No, Trudeau went to prison for Contempt of Court. If you could put people in Jail for selling a worthless product, there would be more people in jail than not.

    3. The original injunction was false claims in Tradeu's book and infomercials. People at the most sent him $40 forma the hardbound books. They should issue injunctions against the scam deans about misleading facts too and jail them under the RICO Statutes


    The Buffalo News published a story from Melinda Miller, which was entitled “UB plans cuts to law school enrollment and faculty ranks” – on March 18, 2014. Check out this opening:

    “The University at Buffalo Law School plans to trim the number of incoming students and faculty members for the next school year.

    The school will reduce the number of first-year students from the current 200 to 225 to fewer than 200, and will cut the number of faculty members from 48 to 40 through retirement incentives, UB spokesman John DellaContrada confirmed Tuesday.

    UB’s Law School faces the same issues as other law schools across the country: fewer applicants and uncertain job prospects for graduates.

    Makau Mutua, the dean of UB’s Law School, declined to comment.

    UB’s law school tied for 100th place, with four other schools, in the current U.S. News and World Report’s ranking of some 200 law schools across the country.

    UB, with an enrollment of 650 full- and part-time law students, reported a drop in applications, from 1,894 in 2010 to 1,146 last year.

    The American Bar Association has noted a trend in decreasing law school enrollment. What’s more, law schools have produced far more graduates than the job market can absorb in recent years. In 2012, one law job was available for every two new graduates, according to Forbes magazine.

    The track record for UB graduates echoes that statistic: Of 209 graduates in 2012, 109 reported landing a full-time job that required passing the bar exam, the ABA reported.”

    Yeah, sure SUNY at Buffalo Law Sewer “planned” to trim their enrollment – and I “decided” not to ask Rosario Dawson to dig her nails into my back last night. Get real, bitches.

    Notice that Caca Mutua declined to comment for this news source. Apparently, he did not wish to reiterate his supreme, i.e. false, confidence that the school’s future is bright. Good choice that time, ass-wipe. Of course, you shouldn’t have uttered that nonsense to Business First anyway.

    Scroll down two paragraphs:

    “According to the ABA, last year’s first-year enrollment in law programs at 202 ABA-accredited schools was 39,675, the lowest level in nearly 40 years and a rapid decline from the all-time high just three years earlier of 52,488.”

    We helped make these cuts happen, through our concerted effort to educate consumers about this filthy product. Once the truth about the law school scam spread via mainstream media, the cockroaches were in trouble. You’re welcome, pigs!

    1. This is only the beginning. There are still many lemmings out there that believe a JD is the ticket to riches. The higher-ranked schools are the ones still escaping wrath, but there are schools like GW, Georgetown, UCLA, Cornell, etc. where a TON of their graduates are absolutely FUCKED and these grads have tons of debt because they thought these schools would be there ticket to a good career. It's a bunch of fucking bullshit.

      I cannot wait until the filthy ugly pigs are sent squealing into the streets.

  20. That was a fine post, Nando, right on the mark as usual.

    I do, however, find some of the scatological material on your site to be highly offensive. Is there any good reason to continually display that horrible picture of two disgusting turds at the top of your right-hand column? Anyone who noticed an incipient biohazard like that could easily misapprehend your purpose.

  21. Nando, keep up the good work. I have to say however, that I am unhappy about the latest LSAT administration numbers. I read somewhere that they are stabilizing. I would have preferred to see a further plunge. We need to do more to get the message out and keep the applicant pool shrinking and see at least half of these diploma mills close their doors.

    1. How many law schools do we need? The answer is certainly a number between 0 and 200.

      When one of us finds the time we should write a vision statement, of what we thing legal education should really look like.

    2. I say there should be a moratorium on new bar admissions until there is a true shortage of lawyers. No new lawyers until every barred attorney who wants a job can find one. After that, law schools should only be allowed to admit a total of students equavalent to no more than 75% of the projected number of openings for lawyers in the projected year of graduation. The AM A does something like that. It only allows fewer graduates than available residencies, ensuring a shortage of doctors and keeping salaries high.


    Today, JD Junkyard bulldog “John Bungsolaphagus” posted an insightful thread, under the headline “Good Bye Doc Review: Here come the robot lawyers.” In his words:

    “Soon doc review will just be part of tales of the glory days of lawland yore as the devils continue to make unconnected victims of the lawland scams even more marginalized. God bless!”

    Look at James O’Toole’s piece in CNN Money, from March 28, 2014. The article was entitled “Here come the robot lawyers.” Read this uplifting opening:

    The law profession is being reshaped by new automation technologies that allow law firms to complete legal work in a fraction of the time and with far less manpower. Think IBM's "Jeopardy!"-winning computer Watson - practicing law.

    "Watson the lawyer is coming," said Ralph Losey, a legal technology expert at the law firm Jackson Lewis. "He won't come up with the creative solutions, but when it comes to the regular games that lawyers play, he'll kill them."

    That means potentially huge cost savings for clients, though it's not so promising for law school graduates looking for work.

    The good news for lawyers is that no one thinks the profession can be automated entirely. But lots of legal work is already being computerized by some firms, including the drafting of simple contracts and the search for evidence in reams of documents.

    Winston & Strawn is among the law firms that have adopted legal review technology known as predictive coding. Lawyers mark up relevant information in a subset of documents and feed that to a computer program that uses it as a basis for analyzing the entire data set. The software then surfaces potentially relevant evidence for review by lawyers.

    In a recent study, the firm found that its software was more effective than human reviewers in surfacing relevant documents, and helped it complete the review process in about a third of the time.

    "I don't think that the significance of this has caught on yet," said John Rosenthal, a partner at Winston & Strawn. "Probably less than 5% of the complex cases in the civil system are using these technologies."

    Only cockroaches such as Joshua Ray Adams - himself a “higher education” rape victim - are vile enough to still encourage others to take the law school plunge. Will clients and firms go with cheaper, more efficient technology - or with humans that require benefits and health insurance?

  23. It is easy to see that TTR gets so much overwhelming traffic and could easily be sold for a profit, given the exposure etc.

    That may not happen, but the amount of traffic, and any and all comments, sure as hell turn up in google search results and so:

    Roger Waters is wrong and a Baby Boomer geration quasi Intellectual and artistic crank, just as the late American philosophy professor might have said and in so many words :)

    Allan Bloom basically said that Mick Jagger is a piece of shit, and so maybe is Roger Waters and in a logical sense.

    The song Brain Damage was inspired by the anger or nuttiness of Waters, who thought the keep off the grass signs were for humans :)

    But maybe the keep off the grass signs were intended for dogs mainly :)

    Oh the Baby Boomers resurrected usury with Mick Jagger as their champion and Billy Joel buying mansions and Roger Waters being short sighted any myopic and incredibly rich.

    The Brain Damage song is an absolutely overwhelmingly American iconic and cultural song to this very day and IS culture for the Baby Boomer EVIL hippie Woodstock generation whom it seems were bent upon placing their younger s in the chains of debt slavery and with all their commercial music behind it

  24. I do not believe that the LSAT administration is telling the full story when they claim LSAT applications are stabilizing. They must be somehow manipulating the numbers. The Real Estate industry uses the same ploy in regards to home sales and prices and always claim it is the time to buy because things are stabilizing. Nando's blog received over 2 million views so with this information out there, I just cannot believe the LSATS administration's claims. Would you believa cara companies projections of great sales if ' Consumer Guide published ratings that said their models are all lemons knowing how much Consumer Guide subscriptions are out there? The Legal industry is now indirectly trying to discredit Nando but every Dean Cockroach and the LSAT Administration have Nando personally on their minds. Nando is destroying them.

  25. Crack open a window.

    Someone just dropped a SeTTTon Haul in the men's restroom. (cough cough)

    I can't hardly breathe. Help!

  26. Close to one million visitors for TTR according to the Flag Counter.

    Not bad, and 3 million page views won't take too long to pass.


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