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Why Do So Many People Detest the Reprehensible Law School Pigs and Cockroaches?!

Mainstream News Source Asks the Big Question: On February 24, 2014, CNN Money published a Maya Itah article labeled “Why do so many people hate law school?”  From the opening:

“You know law schools are deeply troubled when you ask a dean what it feels like to be under constant fire and he answers the question with a question of his own.

"When you say 'coming under fire,' what are we really talking about?" asks John Corkery, dean of the John Marshall Law School in Chicago. "Which fire are we talking about?"

You can't blame him for seeking clarity. Truth is, law schools have not merely fallen out of favor in recent years, as jobs have become scarce and unemployment among freshly minted JD graduates has soared. Law schools have become the most despised part of the academy.

Most people associate lawyers with misery: an unfair lawsuit, a divorce. But at least previous attacks had come from outside of the profession. In recent years, plenty of criticism has come from insiders, mostly law school professors who acknowledge that schools have supplied far too many lawyers than the market can absorb, and from graduates who now carry six-figure debt loads and can't get jobs in law.

Corkery's school has been sued by its graduates for embellishing employment prospects. When asked if he considers his position difficult, though, he deflects: "The fire I'm thinking of is that there are a lot less people going to law school," he says.

It's telling that Corkery first lists a problem that afflicts the schools rather than the graduates. He's on the mark about one thing, though: Law schools are trying to put out fires from all directions.” [Emphasis mine]

As I have said for years on this blog - as well as on other sites and forums - the law school pigs DO NOT GIVE ONE DAMN about their students or recent graduates.  To the academic thieves, these young men and women are a means to an end, i.e. the cockroaches need asses in seats, in order to get their claws on those federally-backed student loans.

From Pig Face’s Faculty Bio:  Click on the link above, in order to access John Corkery’s JML$ page. Take a look at this portion:

“Dean Corkery has testified as an expert witness in matters of professional responsibility and has been a member of the teaching faculty for the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission's Professional Responsibility Institute. He was a member of the Chicago Bar Association's Board of Managers for two years and has been a co-writer of the CBA's annual Gridiron musical, "Christmas Spirits," since 1973. He is the author of Illinois Civil and Criminal Evidence (2000).”

Of course, this piece of human waste wouldn’t know “professional responsibility” if it bit him on his portly ass.  Yet, he may be well-coached in the area of profe$$ional re$pon$iblity.  By the way, does anyone else notice that Cockroach John Corkery resembles a fatter, paler, slightly retarded version of John Lithgow?!?!  In fact, he seems even crazier than the actor’s oddball character portrayals.

Other Reasons Why People Despise Law School:

Look at these average law student indebtedness figures for the JD Class of 2012.  Remember, these totals do not include interest that accrues while the student is enrolled for three years.  It also does not take debt from undergrad into account.  Yet, this average amount of additional debt stood at $168,800 - for this cohort at FOURTH TIER TRASH PIT TTTThoma$ Jeffer$on Sewer of Law!  Yes, who wouldn’t want to take on such filthy debt from a garbage heap, right?!?!

According to the NALP Class of 2012 National Summary Report, 84.7 percent of this massive cohort was employed within nine months of graduation. Of course, this figure includes non-law positions, attorney jobs, part-time and full-time work, plus long term and temporary posts.  If you worked at State Farm or tended bar, you were considered "employed."

Overall, there were 46,364 members of the JD Class of 2012 – competing for a total of 28,567 jobs labeled “bar passage required.” Keep in mind that not all of those positions were traditional attorney openings. Then again, only 45,434 graduates had their info sent to NALP. Using the entire class size, a mere 61.6% of all JDs ended up finding such legal work, i.e. 28,567/46,364.

From the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, under Job Outlook:

“Employment of lawyers is expected to grow by 10 percent from 2012 to 2022, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Competition for jobs should continue to be strong because more students are graduating from law school each year than there are jobs available.” [Emphasis mine]

For $ome rea$on, the swine continue to squeal "There is going to be a shortage of lawyers soon, due to so many Boomers getting ready to retire." The lying bitches and hags are simply ignoring reality.  What beacons of integrity, huh?!?!

Conclusion: The law schools have been exposed as diploma mills, by various online critics.  Now that college grads have access to better information, ABA-accredited trash pits - such as Fourth Tier John Marshall Law Sewer - are having a much harder time attracting applicants and students.  Hell, this is also the case for decent schools.  You are welcome, bitches.  

In the end, law students and graduates have effectively sandblasted the toilets - armed with the facts, figures and justified anger.  You don’t see too many blogs from dental, medical or veterinary students telling you how badly their school sucks filthy goat balls, do you?!  SKYROCKETING tuition - coupled with pathetic job prospects and lies from the pigs, as well as a lack of learning hard skills - has caused people to speak up about the law school scam.  The “educators” expect these financial rape victims to simply keep their mouths shut.  Now, the only thing these bastards/perpetrators can look forward to is getting pummeled in return, for their horrid conduct.


  1. John Marshall Law School in Chicago average LSAT was 151 in 2010 and dropped to 146 in 2013. Can Dean John Corkery estimates the bar passage rate for his toilet school in 3 years? I bet he will answer that question with another question:" Which bar passage rate are we talking about?"

  2. Corkery will be relying on Corky to get into law school.

    "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da."

    1. People with Down Syndrome are an underrepresented demographic in law school. Of course it can be argued that means that they are smarter than the ones that take out 200k of debt for at most a 50% chance of getting any job.

  3. Don't be so sure about veterinary schools: they too are turning out far too many graduates. Veterinary medicine is another lemming-attracting field: scads and scads of people see themselves playing with cute little puppies and kitties all day.

    1. Agreed. I've seen a few tv shows where this was discussed. Vet. schools have the same dynamic now as the law schools in the sense that tuition relative to the value a new vet can realize from the degree is way out of line.

      As with everything else, established vets are generally fine. New grads have six-figure debt, sometimes starting with a "2" or even a "3" and limited opportunities.

      In poor economic times, people don't treat their animals well. They do indeed cut spending on them.

  4. Are veterinary schools pumping out twice as many grads as jobs like the fucking law schools are doing?

  5. Law School Lemmings is a wonderful site. You should also check out the tab labeled “Damn research.” That is a repository of information easily available to anyone with an internet connection.

    Today, the site highlighted the following, in an entry entitled “And yet endless hordes of lemmings flood into law schools each and every year.” On February 26, 2014 at 9:59 am, Courtney Dredden posted the following on Twitter:

    “It is depressing to read law school graduates resumes and find out they are working at starbucks.”

    Look at her description, from her Twitter account:

    “Courtney Dredden
    NALP / Street Law Legal Diversity Pipeline Program Fellow. I tweet about the legal profession, diversity and other musings. Thoughts my own.
    Washington, DC · law”

    Yet, this black woman is encouraging others to attend law school?!?! In fact, she seeks to increase the diversity of each commode’s class.

    Here is her post from January 31, 2014:

    “Here is this week's #DiversityDish - share at will! “

    From Courtney Dredden, on February 5, 2014:

    “I truly love that I get to train lawyers who are as passionate about #diversity as I am as a regular part of my job.”

    This woman is a complete tool! Should I profile this ass-clown on my blog? After all, she recently showed a little reflection and noted that she is reading resumes from JDs and licensed attorneys working at goddamn Starbucks, serving up frappés and lattes. Those without connections - including racial minorities - are the ones ending up in those garbage positions. In contrast, idiots with the right last name can land secure careers - with a few phone calls from an influential parent.

    1. Wish there were more sites like Law School Lemmings taking the fight against the law school $cam artists directly to the lemmings.

    2. Dredden is exploiting her own people just like the law schools deans. George Wallace did less.

    3. Yes you should go after this lady. Affirmative action is for pussies

    4. Please go after this creature. George Wallace was a hateful little man (yes, I'm old enough to remember him), but at least he built hospitals for black folks. Separate, but barely equal. What is this creature building for minorities? Piles of debt? Disgusting.

  6. Even among the Chicago Toilets, JMLS students are regarded as cretins. And that was 10 years ago. Even their own students admitted the school was terrible. I went to Kent and we thought JMLS was for mouth-breathers. I'm sure U of C and NU students thought the same of us.
    I can't imagine what the graduation ceremony for JMLS will look like in two or three years? Possibly the 100 meter event at the Special Olympics?

    The day is not far off when law schools will accept people with Down's syndrome, and/or functionally illiterate people, hobos and even the Irish (nod to Blazing Saddles). Some Infinilaw schools are already admitting people with 129 LSAT scores, which I believe is pretty close to a score you'd get by circling random answers. These pigs will stop at nothing to get their hands on those federal dollars.

    1. The Irish!?!

      This has gone too far!!

      But seriously.. This just proves that the law degree, the hard work, the 3 years of time, etc. it was just a jumping hoops game for the Lemmings and a means for the schools to extract the federal loan money. The degree means nothing. The student, essentially, was a mere 3rd party beneficiary (cough!!) between the schools and the government.

  7. The federal student loan program exists for several reasons. Chief among them is making sure plenty of fucking parasites get rich off the money. How many jobs does this create for the Dept. of Ed? And you can't forget the banks get rich(er).

    Here's some asshole in a pink shirt and bow tie to tell us who gets off on the students.

  8. Thomas Jefferson?

    An ex-CSO employee admitted, via a sworn statement, to fabricating employment data for the class of 2006.

    Fast-forward to May 21, 2013: An asshat in a black robe denied class action certification, effectively killing the lawsuit against the school. A school where we have hard evidence that fraud was committed.


    The Cure is to walk - no run - away as fast as you can Lemmings from law school.

  9. Was that cocksucking judge a grad of TJ$L or on the board of trustees for that pathetic shithole? Or is he just one of those sensitive egos that can't allow the public to see the inner workings of a law school?

  10. I have always been of the inclination and opinion that scamblogging should be conducted with a merry twinkle.

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  11. The worst scam--reverse robin-hood racially exploitive scholarships. Why isn't Elie Mystal writing about them?

  12. Thomas Jefferson School of Law is a piece of shit. It has one of the very worst placement rates for grads, and their grads have the highest debt of any law school. Close this place down already.

  13. Ronnie T. Finklestein Dean of Fax Machines, Wiggler School of Law (formerly known as the Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law)March 1, 2014 at 6:02 PM

    I can assure you we law school administrators are highly respected individuals. We make sure there are always functioning fax machines. We deserve pur six-figure salaries because we are the best and brightest in the profession. The Wiggler School of Law at Campbell University is a fine institution. Soon we will offer Orange Tabby Cat Law.

  14. I am really tired of the criminal law deans and professors using minorities and the poor to fill their own pockets. They made there careers preaching social justice, but they are parasites who are exploiting the disadvantaged. These people are just evil.

  15. The deans really are criminals. In a just world (we don't live in one) these parasites would be rotting in prison cells.

  16. The deans and law profs are supposed to be community leaders and role models. Instead they are used car salesmen and Bernie Madoffs. I bet Madoff ruined less people than a scam dean like Nora Demleitner.

  17. Dean Demleitner is just like Dean Cockery. She ignores the real problem. She told the Virginia Lawyers Weekly that demands for more practical law school experience are causing at least part of the rise in the cost of legal education. She claimed that more clinical programs and smaller class size are driving up the price of law school.

    No, Nora, the cost of legal education is going up because of the high salaries deans receive, the high salaries of law professors, law professors teaching fewer classes, and more administrators to make your job easier.

    1. I actually support the clinical requirement and mandatory tenure for this very reason--may cause more of the provincial colleges seeing dollar signs to close the law school or not open one.
      This is how dentistry keeps the numbers down. Only a university in an urban area can get enough hobos to attend the expensive dental clinic they must have third and fourth year.


    Read this meaty portion, from further in the CNN Money story:

    “A 28-year-old civil litigator and graduate of Boston College has a different theory. "It's sort of cathartic -- someone finally said it," Benjamin Winterhalter says. Winterhalter, who's written for Salon about the law school crisis, describes longstanding resentment among graduates -- resentment that has exploded in the face of economic conditions that no longer favor lawyers.

    Since the 1970s, an intellectual movement by the name of "law and economics" has steadily crept through law schools, Winterhalter says. The idea is that the law's usefulness should be measured by how smoothly it lets the market function. "I think that ideological shift means that it's often very difficult for people to feel able to critique law school, because they sort of go to law school and they hear, 'Oh, it's the free market, everyone makes choices, I made a choice to go to law school, you get what you get,'" he explains. "There's something very seductive about that sort of thinking, but it also leads to some people feeling kind of powerless.... There's this whole complex repressed anger, and I think that comes out."

    [Cockroach] Corkery maintains that getting a well-paying job has never been part of the deal at John Marshall. "We never promised that, and don't promise it," he says. "What we promise is that you get a really good legal education that can serve you well for the rest of your life."

    Schools aren't fairy godmothers with the power to bestow sparkly jobs upon all of their graduates. But placing little weight on the fact that professional schools exist to help people enter a profession -- to help people move up in the world -- amounts to willful ignorance. Why else would employment rates factor into every popular school ranking? (For the record, only 18.7% of John Marshall's class of 2011 was employed at graduation, according to U.S. News).

    Even worse, Corkery's statement is at odds with the account of Amy Cramer, a John Marshall graduate who left with $250,000 in loans and spent almost two years without full-time work; she just recently started her own firm. She owes much of her staggering debt to an LL.M. she pursued in employee benefits. "I was certainly led to believe that employee benefits was the wave of the future with Obamacare, and that people would be knocking down my door to get me to work for them," Cramer says. "And that has not happened. I don't know if it's a matter of time, but I don't see those jobs out there for Obamacare, and so that has certainly been a disappointment."

    So, then, if getting a legal education isn't about getting a job, why bother selling it like it is?”

    Maya Itah nailed this beautifully. Simply put, PROFESSIONAL SCHOOLS EXIST TO HELP PEOPLE ENTER A PROFESSION. Do you understand that, you few remaining law school shills?!?! For instance, do you see people attending dental or medical school with the intention of becoming something other than a dentist or physician?!

    1. The whole "JD Advantage" spiel is tiresome.

      It's just another means of deflection from responsibility - and the truth. The law schools will say and do anything to protect themselves and keep the flow of student loan money going.

      And yes. Who the fuck pays $125k unless they plan on working as a lawyer? The only reason people work other jobs once they get the JD is because they have to. Because they then find out the hard truth that less than 50% of them will ever work as lawyers due to the market.

      3-2-14 2:08 AM: And that's the Ultimate. There's the rub. You don't get a Do-Over. You are in 6 figures of debt and likely part of the half that never got a job in law. Or say you did and it's on the lower end because only 5-10% will get something good. Or those with connections, of course.

      Your life is most certainly ruined. As the years pass, you realize it because there's literally no way out. Meanwhile, the professors continue living well. Re: Albany: I'm loving watching them sweat. Now they are getting a taste of fear and uncertainty. Well, assholes, you were fine with that when it was your graduates facing it for years, weren't you?

      Now, drop the fuck dead you pampered housecats. You always claimed you could go out into the private sector and make bank. We all know it's a complete lie. No firm, even the smallest, is the least bit interested in hiring someone used to putting in 6-hour work weeks and whose license hasn't been actually used to practice law in decades and may as well be expensive toilet paper.

  19. How many lives have these greedy motherfuckers ruined over the years? That's why people hate these assholes.

    1. And, lest I forget: These scum-sucking maggots have gold-plated retirement plans plus liberal vacation / time off - and sabbaticals - all paid for by saddling their students with bone/soul crushing debt for life.

      Academics, I think, are the worst kind of thieves. White-collar. And legal.

  20. And here's a little taste of how good they have it:

    Avg. account balance is $120k.

    That's not too bad..

    All I know is, it's damn tough for their graduates to pay down $125-150k in non-dischargeable debt, live well, and save $120k of their own for retirement.

    Oh wait...

    That's right. They CAN'T.

  21. Why do people hate law school pigs?

    Try this one on, for size:

    1. :) This is one of my favorite articles on the very conscious, deliberate, intentional scamming by law schools. I am reminded of Michael Burry's observation to graduates of the UCLA School of Economics: when a bubble is credit-fueled bubble is really roaring, one of surest signs it is about to burst is the incredible prevalence of fraud. Burry made billions betting against residential mortgage backed securities. What he saw when he looked at the financials of mortgage originators was fraud, and lots of it. The same thing is happening with students loans. There's fraud by these institutions and lots of it.

      Fraud in inflated LSAT and GPAs causing students to think themselves less competitive as applicants than they actually are, and therefore not demand scholarships, or admission at a "more prestigious" institution with better employment outcomes. Then there's the fraud concerning job placement and wages. Then there's the fraud of Rutgers of late, who was caught admitting multiple students who had never taken the LSAT. Then there is the fraud and inflation within the institution themselves: to wit, I took a required GPA lecture class to graduate from my dung pile alma mater, and lo and behold there was no lecturing from our adjunct professor. No, instead students were graded on their preparation and presentation of ALL course material. Accreditation requirements be damned. And, let's not forget the fraud of the feds themselves with their only disclaimer on student debt being, and I quote, "This loan may be dischargeable in bankruptcy." Then, there is the fraud of the special interest rates for student loans that the fed describes as "simple interest," and is compound, as it is capitalized daily. On and on. This bubble too will burst. They can remove bankruptcy protection, but they cannot remove the reality of the defaults that are occurring and will occur.


    Broke UCLA Law grad wrote:

    I have $200k+ in debt from UCLA School of Law. My debt accumulates at a rate of $44 per day. I’m a licensed attorney and make $45,000. Like “Unemployed Columbia Law Graduate” noted, law schools deceive and lie about job and employment statistics of their grads. It’s not ridiculous to take out a large loan if the school states as an inducement that graduates can expect to earn $160,000 upon graduation. It becomes ridiculous when you realize that schools lie about what law school graduates earn. The employment numbers have no basis in reality. Google “law school transparency,” “law school lawsuits,” or “law grad employment” if you don’t believe me. Law schools are run by greedy, thieving liars who gleefully destroy the lives of their students.

    Law school does not teach you how to practice law. Most solo attorneys are broke and desperate. A JD degree is not portable and businesses are not interested in your legal research and writing skills. It’s not worth going six figures into debt to gain negligible opportunities. And btw, you can’t just hang out a shingle and make a living. Ask any solo attorney. Better yet, ask them for a real honest opinion when no one else is around. Ask them if they would do it again. Most lawyers are miserable, sad, and lonely people who would return their law degrees and the associated debt in a second if they could.

    Law school is gambling. Nothing more. The professors, deans, and staff are obscenely overpaid. Law schools destroy lives and they don’t care because they can get away with it. The ONLY thing law schools are interested in is new hapless students signing away their financial lives by incurring exorbitant federal student loans. The higher education lobby has worked hard to ensure the government guarantees loans for worthless JD degrees and to ensure the loans are non-dischargeable in bankruptcy. If you go to law school at this point, you’re either a complete fool or a degenerate gambler.

    If everyone hates lawyers so much, why not offer non-attorney jobs to law school graduates? Why not set up a Kickstarter fund to help law grads pay off their debt on the condition they will never practice law? There must be creative solution to the glut of unemployed JDs whose lives have been destroyed by law schools.

    1. Juris Scholae Delenda Est!

    2. Agree 100%. But law schools should also be held responsible for their illicit transfer of public funds to private parties obtained by false pretenses.

    3. From the same site (if problems, use Google's cache..):


      summa cum laude JD wrote:

      Do not trust the corporate media’s slant on the law school scam. The media runs off of advertising revenue. Law schools and universities buy ads in the media. The media is a propaganda organ for the law schools. The higher education industries and its ads put money in the pockets of the corporate media.

      The real dirty secret is that the employment and income stats you read in the media are created by the law schools. They launder them through a puppet organization. But the stats are sent to the puppet organization from the law schools. No law school stats have even been audited, and no one has ever been prosecuted or otherwise punished for the bogus statistics. So of course with their high paying jobs on the line the law schools are manipulating or in many cases just making up the numbers. Why not? No one has ever been caught doing it and no authority is checking. So of course these young kids applying to law school are the prey of the law school industry.

  23. Student Newspaper at GW reporting that the law school's "selectivity" is suffering in light of attempts to keep enrollment up as a result of the drop in applications/applicants this year:

    It's a racket.

    Pretty clear.

    Also, GW is a horrible trap school, don't go.

  24. Here's the problem, that I'm realizing... Law schools aren't going to change... People have to start using their brains and NOT signing onto huge amounts in loans to go to law school, or any other school, unless they have the means to pay for it or a guaranteed job based on family connections or something.

    I think people like Nando have been getting the message out, and we can keep doing that, which we should, but hopefully people will start grasping their dire situation and NOT SIGN PROMISSORY NOTES for their crazy ridiculous student loans.

  25. The law school industry is insidious. Once you pull away the veneer it is rotten to the core. They are evil. They could be the antichrist. "Although the Bible does not specifically name who the antichrist will be, it does give us some clues as to what he will be like. He will be a liar and a deceiver."

    Law schools lie, lie, and lie some more. Their main priority is to keep tuition money flowing in and to keep their jobs. It does not matter if law students that graduate are in huge debt and cannot find jobs or if the law schools lower admission standards to the point where your pet would get admitted to the law school.

    After years of relentlessly raising tuition, law schools are facing trouble. They do not care about their students or the profession at all. The greatest thing a law school could do for the profession is to go out of business.

  26. After 4 years of UG, 3 years of law school and 100K + debt and a 2k monthly studio apartment, you can apply to this preftigious job in NYC:

    Craigslist 3/3/14
    Entry Level Personal Injury Attorney (Midtown West)
    compensation: $50K per year with full health insurance benefit

    Busy personal injury law firm is seeking associates
    No experience required
    Must be admitted in NY and NJ

    Please e-mail resume

    Could have found a jobwith that salary after UG. That s why we hate the pigs. They wasted my time and money.

  27. I posted this on OLSS a few moments ago, but they won't print it likely:


    To the kids reading this: These blogs and all comments are under heavy scrutiny from the Dept. of Justice and Homeland Security etc.

    For sure, Campos and Tamanaha are problematic in a moral and human sense, and at the very least heroic in the sense that they both do the best job(s) of publicly holding their noses once in a while whilst accepting their publicly funded paychecks, and for that they are a sort of first wave of morally problematic Heroes among the half ass employed (but doing OK in life overall) complainers of the legal profession that buzz around here like angry hornets who are generally discontented and unhappy and old and getting uglier with age.

    But I forgot, this blog does not champion the causes that it calims it does, and this blog does not accept any disagreement or argument, and OLSS is likely planing a ticker tape parade with C and T on a mickey mouse float, upon which they will roll down the avenue with an independent air as in the Magnificent Ambersons, and break the bank blah.

    BTW, Campos and Tamanaha did absolutely beat the odds and made it to the top of the crap pile and now want to speak for a collective soul of their peers and fellow scammers, and control all dialogue, and so far they are winning, and when it suits their clothes.

    But be sure they probably would not have expressed anything without making sure their pensions were vested.

    Such is the nature of things and in the best of all possible worlds.



    BTW, Josh Adams should go away and he cannot redeem a long stretch of very hurtful anon trolling.

    The eventual finding out that Josh Adams is Mr. Infinity gave no one pleasure, and the search for him was motivated by his outrageous and very upsetting comments and after the repeated requests for his real identity, which Adams refuse to give.

    My recommendation is that Nando remove the pics and any reference to Joshua Adams and all will still be forgiven and forgotten.

    But Adams is like some kind of new age internet 24/7 blogger and he creates blogs like a mentally insane person.

    For sure he wants attention and what else can I say?

    And one last word to everyone:

    We are not mainstream and controlled media.

  28. Don't worry, the law schools are getting theirs. Enrollment is dropping, even at an Ivy like Cornell. The word is out and the party is over.


    On January 13, 2014, Leslie Eastman made a guest post on the “College Insurrection” blog, with the headline “2014 Law School Applications Plummet.” Apparently, Cornell Law clinical instructor William A. Jacobson runs the site. Here is the entire text of Eastman’s article:

    "With recent law school graduates stating that, “I Consider Law School A Waste Of My Life”, it’s no wonder that the American Bar Association is reporting that number applications for entry into these programs is plummeting (hat-tip, Instapundit).

    As of 1/03/14, there are 131,097 Fall 2014 applications submitted by 19,529 applicants. Applicants are down 13.6% and applications are down 15.8% from 2013.

    Here is an easy prediction to make for 2014, too: Enrollment in law schools will hit record-low levels."

    The commenter at 6:10 pm is correct. Even Cornell Law Sewer is seeing its numbers drop. Check out Vivia Chen’s Careerist post labeled “Attention, Shoppers: Law Schools Want Your Business!” The entire piece is epic. However, focus on the following excerpt:

    “Are top law schools losing their exclusivity? Maybe. As everyone knows by now, law school applications have been falling—over 13 percent so far this year. The question is how that drop might affect you—the potential consumer of legal education. just came out with "seven things that you don't know about law school admissions"—and it's quite entertaining. (Bloomberg culled data from the ABA and the Law School Admissions Council about the entering class of 2012 to come up with the list.) I won't go into all the points (you'll have to watch this rather stilted video on Bloomberg's site to get the full monty), but let me share a few trends that caught my eye:

    - You might have a shot at Cornell. "Of the nation's elite schools, Cornell had the biggest drop [for class entering in 2012], with applications down 27 percent," reports Bloomberg. But hurry and apply, because its application rate has been recovering. For the class starting this fall, applications rose to 4091 from 4054 last year, says Kathleen Corcoran, Cornell Law's spokesperson. (She also adds that the law school had "extraordinarily" high applications before the drop in 2012.)”

    Yes, you read that right, folks. Even the pigs at the top are starting to feel the heat. We have been highlighting the law school scam for years now, documenting our case with the facts, charts, graphs, industry statements, etc. In contrast, the bitches and hags can only muster weak-ass, baseless assertions about a supposed “equilibrium coming shortly.”

    1. Yes, Cornell and Georgetown deserve to be dropped from the "T14" when there grads have such huge debt and horrible employment outcomes.

      A school is not "elite" when a huge percentage of its grads face financial devastation and have their lives ruined. That's what Cooley/Florida Coastal/TJLS/John Marshall/etc are for.

    2. Well you've profiled countless "elite" law schools on this blog showing how they themselves are hiring grads to inflate employment statistics. Moreover, those schools are the first in line for federal clerkships, which last 1 year, and biglaw stints, which last 3-4 years. After that little professional fantasyland ends, those grads are out on their ear, scrounging around for work at law schools with their chests puffed out over their clerkships and biglaw stints. But now that applications are done and the tenured boomer pigs will protect their till at all costs, you'll see less young elite law grads getting law school jobs. And since only 1 out of 6 biglaw associates make partner, they'll have to start their own firms, try to get in-house somewhere, or beg for adjunct jobs at law schools. Tenure-tracked positions are a thing of the past now.

  30. Oh well.

    Josh Adams is now coddled by the Junkmeister, and Adams has a new place to haunt, and he can duke it out now with the great lawland prophet and John Doee etc.

    My life is financially destroyed because of student loan debt and has been for many years now.

    If I could go back in time, I would have never gone to a substandard law school in the 4th tier, and I will carry that deep regret to my grave.

    This is your last warning from me kids. Do not take out student loans for any more than 30K.

    It is the one form of debt without any protections for the borrower, and as the slow decades drag on, and the interest piles on, your debt will grow and grow, and become your identity.

    And your identity as a debtor is garbage.

  31. Lawyers, stand up and voice your concerns with ABA and state bar associations. They must demand quality from the diploma mills and NO MORE NEW LAW SCHOOLS!


    On November 3, 2010, former Biglaw associate Will Meyerhofer wrote an epic piece entitled "Extremely Versatile Crockery." As you can see, he comes out swinging from the opening:

    "For the record, a law degree is not “versatile.” Being a lawyer amounts to a strike against you if you ever decide to pursue another career.

    So why do people keep insisting it’s an “extremely versatile degree”?

    A bunch of reasons.

    Law schools are in it for the money. Teaching law doesn’t cost much, but they charge a fortune – made possible by not-dischargable-in-bankruptcy loans. That makes each law school a massive cash cow for the rest of the university. Money flowing from the law school pays the heating bill for the not-so-profitable Department of Neo-Structuralist Linguistics.

    Law students play along with the “extremely versatile degree” farce to justify the three years of their life and the ungodly pile of cash they’re blowing on a degree they’re not interested in and know nothing about. This myth is also intended to calm down parents. You need a story to explain why you don’t have a job, but that it’s somehow okay.

    No one else cares. And that’s chiefly why this old canard still has some life left in it.

    Time to put it out of its misery.

    Why is a law degree not versatile?

    Let me count the ways.

    For one thing, it costs about $180k. Anything that leaves you two hundred grand in a hole is not increasing your “versatility” – it’s trapping you in hell.

    For another thing, studying arcane legal doctrine for three years (a purely arbitrary number) leaves you with no translatable skills. The arcane legal doctrine you learn in law school isn’t even useful at a law firm, let alone anywhere else.

    And let’s talk about the “skills” a lawyer “hones” in his “profession.”

    A litigator is about the worst thing you can be if you want to do anything else.", lemmings?!?! Or do I need to draw you a diagram on posterboard with Crayola markers, bitch?!

  33. ", lemmings?!?! Or do I need to draw you a diagram on posterboard with Crayola markers, bitch?!"


    The Law school Scam Industry is undergoing a similar collapse to what happened with online poker.

    The Big Boom in online poker started with Chris Moneymaker in 2003 and has been since termed "the Moneymaker Effect". Every idiot thought they could become the next Poker Superstar.

    Okay, listen up..

    Online poker is rigged. The sites and their servers are located in offshore jurisdictions and licensed by shady sovereign Indian tribes to make everything appear legal and above-board.

    No one wins. Except the sites themselves. The objective is to increase the rake and keep the money flowing from player to player until the site, through rake, eventually takes it all. Skill differences are negated by the software to keep the money from pooling in the hands of good players. That would scare off the fish. Everyone is basically made to play a 50/50 game to keep the money in play. Eventually, the rake will take it all.

    Action hands are created to build pots, and thus rake, faster. The sites get their money faster.

    2003-2006 were the Golden Years of online poker. The sites and endorsed pros were getting rich. Ivey made $900k per month from Full Tilt.

    Now, all these pros are broke.

    It's the same with the law schools. Without the continual supply of fish, they are contracting and will soon go broke. The money is no longer flowing free and easy and they're sweating bullets.

    The ABA is like the shill Indian licensing gaming committees. They'll rubber-stamp anything - for the right price. It's all designed to lend an air of credibility to the Scam.

    Like the poker sites, all the schools care about is getting your money, as fast as possible. There's no noble profession there. That's just more window-dressing and bullshit..

    Everything, and especially law school, is all about the money.

    At least you can declare bankruptcy from going broke as a pro gambler. With law school, you're on the hook for life. Being down $180k with no way out will doom you.


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