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ABA Cockroaches Release the JD Class of 2013 Employment Report

The Lawyer Job Market Still Reeks: On April 9, 2014, Matt Leichter published an epic blog post entitled “Class of 2013 Employment Report.”  From the author’s opening:

“The ABA has released its employment data for the class of 2013, which is defined as everyone who graduated between September 1, 2012, and August 1, 2013. Employment data are outcomes as of February 15, 2014, irrespective of interim job changes…For those who are truly curious, the ABA has even broken down the employment data for each of Cooley’s branch campuses. There are a few other traps for the unwary, e.g. schools that haven’t received even provisional ABA accreditation, like Lincoln Memorial. Even Peking China made the list. None of these schools have any useful data.

Generally, graduates fared little better this year than last year. 57 percent were employed full-time/long-term in bar-passage required jobs. This is up 0.8 percentage points from February 2013.

On the other hand, the graduate unemployment rate grew while the non-response rate declined. [Emphasis mine]

Later on, Leichter provides a chart of each ABA-accredited diploma mill - by their placement rates for grads in full-time, long-term positions that require bar passage, minus law school or university-funded positions.  Take a look at the following trash pits, by Class of 2013 employment ranking - with the percentage attached:

“81. Ohio State University, 60.4 percent
101. Crooklyn Law School, 57.3 percent;
114. Carbozo Sewer of Law, 54.3 percent;
139. George Mason University, 49.4 percent; and 
174. American University, 38.3 percent.” [Emphasis mine]

Keep in mind that, until recently, American University Washington Commode of Law was perennially rated in the top 50 law schools by US “News” & World Report.  Yes, what a prestigious institution of “higher learning,” huh?!?!

The ABA Questionnaire, by Commode: By clicking on this link, you have the option to view the individual law school summary reports - or you can have the cumulative data in an Excel spreadsheet.  By the way, read this disclaimer by the ABA pigs, on this page:

“The data reported here are submitted by law schools to the ABA. The ABA assumes no responsibility for inaccuracies or for changes in such information that may occur after publication.”

What do you expect from these swine?!  They don’t even hold the member sewers accountable when they CLEARLY and KNOWINGLY publish false data.  Why the hell would they take responsibility for “inaccuracies” or “errors” that may have been reported to them by the toilets?

Other Commentary: On April 9, 2014, JDU denizen “ichininosan” started an thread labeled “Class of 2013 Employment Data.”  Check out this comment from accountholder “heythere” - from April 10, 2014 at 11:54 pm:

“Highest Number of School-Funded Jobs (class of 2013): (as a percentage of grads)

1. George Washington (88)/603 14.6%
2. Georgetown (73)/645 11.3%
3. Virginia (58)/364 15.9%
4. William & Mary (43)/217 19.8%
5. NYU (42)/537 7.8%
6. American (37)/507 7.3%
7. UCLA (31)/332 9.3%
8. Columbia (29)/437 6.6%
9. Berkeley (25)/301 8.3%
10. Illinois (20)/231 8.7%” [Emphasis mine]

Hell, beauty schools don’t need to resort to hiring such high percentages of their own graduates!  You will notice that five of the “top 14” law schools are on this ignoble list, i.e. Georgetown, UVA, NYU, Columbia, and Cal-Berkeley.  Plus, UCLA is currently ranked as the 16th greatest, most amazing and wonderful law school in the nation by USN&WR.

As “fmllawyer,” another decent poster on that site wrote, on April 9th at 12:58 pm:

“GW, Georgetown, UVA, NYU, UCLA, BERKLEY?!

Who in their right mind is taking out loans for law school?! These are not the WNEs of the law school world. At one point, these schools are regarded as close to a sure bet.” [Emphasis mine]

Then again, maybe the “idiots” should have known better than to believe - and rely on - the employment figures and anecdotes crafted by the devils at these august in$tition$ of “higher education,” right?!?!  Apparently, it’s the rape victims’ fault for not doing their due diligence.

Conclusion: If you are still considering a “legal education,” then you truly are a lost cause.  Could you imagine - for one damn second - if AMA/AAMC accredited medical schools featured such pathetic employment placement rates?!?!  Students and graduates would grab scalpels, and head to the dean’s office with bad intentions.  After all, no one in their right mind would piss away several years of their life - and incur outrageous sums of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt - for a 57% or 38.3% chance of working in their professional field.  In a just world, the ABA pigs would be hung up on meat hooks.


  1. Keep in mind, these stats are self-reported by the schools. I suspect the scores are bumped up by a median of a few percent (not by the school-funded jobs, just by outright lying), with a few egregious cases of huge inflation. I can't prove this, but we all know how the law schools operate, and I would be shocked if they weren't doing this. Maybe someone with better knowledge of statistics than I could look through the reports for suspicious abnormalities.

    1. There is really no need. I suspect even these statistics are little more than fabrications that have been smoothed over and massaged to appear legitimate.

  2. What does it matter if the ABA breaks down the employment data for each of Cooley's branch campus when the employment outcomes for each one of them will be horrendous anyhow? I am ashamed to admit I graduated from Cooley years ago and can tell you that going there was the worst decision I made in my life. Having different statistics for each campus is like having different statistics for each branch of Bryant and Stratton business colleges when you know the results will be dismal overall.

  3. I really wish a lawsuit against one of these grifting operations would reach the discovery phase. I wouldn't be surprised if the employment numbers are 20% worse than the reported numbers.

    If anyone has a yearbook from law school lying around, I encourage you to go through the class and research the outcome for each graduate. If they have zero Internet presence, it's safe to say they're ashamed of where they ended up.

    I regrettably threw out my yearbook because I wanted to erase all memory of the Law School Mistake, like a cheating ex-girlfriend.

    1. Right. On. The. Money.

      I went through my graduating class and looked 'em up. A few desperate souls went the solo route. Some in the big city even. Most were doing non-law shit like selling insurance.

      These ABA stats aren't worth much anyway. They're counting solos and insurance sales. If you were going to become a small businessman (shitlaw) you could've (and would've) done it if you had the sales ability and skills before you fucking went to law school.

    2. Yes, @ 8:09 A.M., I keep wishing someone would sue Villanova. Why? Because the theory that has been tested in the courts and has lost (against Thomas Jefferson, against University of San Fran, etc.) is that applicants relied on inflated employment stats. Such was too speculative. Fine.

      What if the theory was applicants relied on published LSAT and GPA data? That notion sells itself, because it's 100% true. Every lawyer, every judge so relied when he/ she was applying to law school. So, Villanova admitted to juicing LSAT and GPA stats. Stats that affect apparent eligibility for scholarships, and the all-important US News rankings, and that also affect an applicant's behavior in terms of demanding money, or seeking a spot elsewhere. Could a suit like that make it to discovery? Maybe so.

      I have zero doubt that once one reached discovery the dirtiness would come out. Law School Lemmings answered a question on its page in re what that blog thought about website Top Law Schools. One of the comments, something I had noticed also, was a guess that law school employees pose as students of the law school on that page to induce attendance of applicants and accepted students. YES! I saw that happening: users claiming to be from my law school - who refused to identify themselves - claiming to be current students, but whose profiles and posts spanned 4+ years, and thousands of separate posts, and who were apparently ALWAYS online. Bullshit. I call total bullshit on that. No current law student gives a flying fuck to be always online trying to pimp the alma mater. No one cares about Top Law Schools after the application process. That's what someone needs to discover, the direct inducements. Fraud? Yup. Reasonable reliance? Yes.

      I'd love to see a school go down hard on that shit.

  4. Look at Washington & Lee. It's supposed to be a top 50 law school but it came in at 100 in the jobs report.

  5. To 8:09 AM above, I am surprised that something didn't turn up in pre-complaint discovery.

  6. These numbers should not be surprising but they are pretty terrible. Most striking are not the numbers from the low ranked schools--its the numbers from some highly ranked schools. There is a private first tier school in my area that charges an arm and a leg for tuition but their real lawyer employment rate for the class of '13 was in the low 60 s %. That is just horrendous.

  7. It appears that Washington & Lee is in trouble because of its third year "experiential" program. Not only are its employment figures problematic it is having trouble attracting students. It had a yield of only 12% of admitted students in fall 2013. Only Davis had a worse yield. The poor yield means that students are not buying the program.

  8. Washington and Lee made two horrendous mistakes. They adopted their experiential program and they hired Nora Demleitner as dean.

  9. Are you saying that W & L had a worse yield rate than Touro, Applachian, Fl Coastal, Liberty, Faulkner, NYLS, Cal. W., Pace, Cooley etc?

  10. Yes. W & L had a worse yield of accepted students than any law school except Davis. Nobody's buying its experiential program.

  11. That top ten list for hiring their own grads is actually pretty troubling. It just shows you that school rank isn't at all tied to employment outcomes for students. Those schools are purely relying on reputation and "prestige" to keep themselves artificially high in the rankings.

    Washington and Lee is a shit school. I knew a grad from W & L. She was a bipolar, socially awkward oddball who ended up getting fired from her job because she went off her meds and stopped billing hours and would disappear for days at a time. Seriously- she was nuts. W & L is one of those tier 1 trap schools that's on the fringes. It's employment stats are awful. Yet it's ranked high because someone there is good at ABA and USNWR politicking. There's no justification for a school to be ranked that high and have employment numbers that awful. It just shows you the ABA and USNWR have zero credibility. Every school lower-ranked that has better employment numbers then W & L should automatically be in consideration for W & L's spot on USNWR. It's a joke.

  12. It's all bullshit.

    Skools like Wash & Lee and American U. are ranked high even though they have shitty job placement rates, because they are in DC and they have a name people recognize. Lower ranked law skools may have better job placement but they don't have the name. Hence they can't be ranked higher. How's that for rankings logic?

    1. Actually, one of the problems with W+L is its isolation from DC. It's in Lexington, Virginia, a long ways out. That's why their "experiential" program consists of simulation games written by career academics.

  13. You'd be better off doing meth and having unplanned children. At least you'll get Medicaid rehab and SNAP.

    1. With law school: Most likely you WILL be on Medicaid, SNAP, unemployment, and other assistance, and your meager benefits may be garnished to pay your non-dischargeable debt.

      Without law school: You probably won't have to be on Medicaid and SNAP, but even if you do, you won't have to worry about garnishment because of non-dischargeable law school debt.

  14. Sadly, these numbers are only going to get worse as legal work continues to be outsourced or flat-out eliminated with technological advances. It's hard to believe that there are so many people who still believe that going to law school is going to land them a good career in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

    If numbers like these can't convince a prospective law student from avoiding the law school swindle like the plague, then nothing will.

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. "Don't Fear the Roach!"

    2. More cowbell!

    3. So, your attempted slur of "Kurzon Strauss plaintiff" is to be read comparatively with your other slurs of "gay" and "has medicaid," no? One doesn't "have" medicaid, btw, one receives medicaid. It's not a state of being. You've got the wrong verb.

      I'll hazard a guess...this isn't the first time you've discovered you suck at persuasion.

      *hint, hint* You just achieved nothing other than a public statement that you are a person who attaches a large amount of negative significance to homosexual orientation and poverty.

      :) Cool. Where I come from, we'd buy you drink for those taunts...then we'd put your teeth on a curb and tap you lovingly on the back of the skull. Feel free to come on over anytime!

    4. 210 am,

      Well, if you'd REALLY like to buy the little freak a drink, his name is John D. Koch. He lives at 92 Simcoe St in Long Island, NY. You could also say hello to his fucking mom while you're there - you see, this 50 year old "man" still lives with his PARENTS. He loooooves to publish people's personal info online, so he'll naturally be thrilled to see his own bio finally come out.

    5. I apologize for above comment. It wasn't necessary, and my apology is not motivated by the threat above to put my face on the curb and beat me on the back of the head.

      The threat comes from someone who knows my home address now, or at least the address of my neighbor.

      Nothing in the statement had anything negative to say about being gay, although as a Catholic I do not believe in gay marriage,

      Nando can simply remove the whole exchange if he wants. It is up to him.

      And as for Adams, I hope the pic of him and wife is removed as well. Enough is enough.

      His wife had nothing to do with all of this and has a new baby.

      As for my address etc. That has been published several times here, and OLSS has let stand numerous anon comments about me and my family and my appeals to Adam B and Campos went unheeded. I have to think about whether or not to report the violent threat to the police.

    6. Painter- stop telling Nando how to run his blog. If anything, he should keep the picture of Adams up. I've been following TTR since almost the very beginning. Do you have any idea how much Adams trolled over the past five years talking nonsense and being an idiot? He did all of this only because he was anonymous. When Nando was closing in on him he tried to walk it all back and say he was "done" with the scamblog movement. He even sent you a nasty e-mail about being in the "shit marsh" of internet infamy because people know your identity. Fuck him. I say let his ugly face and name stay plastered on this site forever. He was and is a terrible gadfly. If anything there should be MORE posts about Adams. I LOVE that the first thing that comes up when you google "Joshua Adams Brooklyn Law" is the TTR entry. This ensures he will be relegated forever to shit employment with no career prospects because employers google applicants today and will see what a immature, clueless, dumbass he is. I LOVE his name being trashed every day. I hope his life remains shit, a living hell making $2k/month, with him and his family suffering to get by, because of the years and years of trolling and shit-talking he did on these blogs encouraging others to go to law school and ruin their lives. Now, instead of acknowledging he was scammed, is riddled with debt for life, and JOIN the scambloggers, he continues his fool's errand. He's a mentally unhinged basketcase and keeping that picture up alerts people to that fact. He's also a cautionary tale for countless 0Ls who visit this site.

      So shut up about Nando taking down the Adams picture. And shut up generally. You contribute nothing meaningful to any of these threads. You just post dumbass shit that makes no sense. Get a god damn job already and move on with your life.

    7. There is the problem of Beverly who never was involved and by now I am sorry I helped Nando discover Adams.

      As a general summation I think the people that have been harmed by the law school scam, whom are too few in number for any legislative help for many years, are all basically in a state of emotional distress and without any definition or remedy and suffering from a lifetime debt depression of a kind, and maybe naturally so.

      And maybe a careful study of the history of usury and a reconciliation of that study with student lending today would make for a helluva doctoral thesis in some department of some university somewhere and the beauty of which would be paid for by private funding.

      In the meantime there is a person that wants to
      do me physical harm.

      And, I want to remind everyone that blogging has no influence whatsoever and no matter who is blogging and the number of page views.

      The best advice I can give is to not drink over your student loan debt, and to not think about suicide because of your student loan debt and push all of that out of your mind.

      We are a bunch of marginalized freaks more or less that have been harmed by a system of some sort and thrown in the trash.

      We talk about the system, and then talk about each other, and there is no where else to direct the anger and it all becomes sick and confused and there is always Campos and Merritt that draw a cool and steady paycheck from the system and shove an oar in once in a while and all of their followers.

      All the while there is nothing that will ever remedy the debt. No bankruptcy protections. No way out.

      Hell, I have hospital bills from last summer and they want to settle now.

      The student loan lenders? They pile on more interest.

      So by now who do I tell all of this to now? A Psychiatrist?

      Do I tell the shrink about the little plaintiff and my debt that I will never be able to repay in my entire life?

      A debt now five times its original size?

      Do I ask Touro, a political powerhouse now integrated in a Federal Court System?

      Do I explain how I went through my 1L year with a below 2.0 GPA and was allowed to get to my 2nd semester of law school with a below 2.0 gpa and without all of my first year grades.

      But I could not attend classes until I was paid in full, and I did so and without all of my 1L first year grades.

      All facts.

    8. ^ Don't change the subject, dude. You like to publish the personal info of people you disagree with.

      Now yours has been published.

      You got what you deserved.

      You like to bash gays and the poor, John D. Koch of Oyster Bay, and it's time for YOU to be named and shamed for your pea-brained bigotry.

      And who the FUCK are you to declare someone is a "pathetic loser"? You look in a mirror lately, you pile of fucking dogshit?

    9. "And, I want to remind everyone that blogging has no influence whatsoever and no matter who is blogging and the number of page views."

      You're wrong, because the number of applicants is dropping and that is due directly to the efforts of the scam blogs, including Paul Campos.

      "The best advice I can give is to not drink over your student loan debt, and to not think about suicide because of your student loan debt and push all of that out of your mind."

      The best advice you can give is not to go into debt in the first place.

      "All the while there is nothing that will ever remedy the debt. No bankruptcy protections. No way out."

      You already have a way out. ICR.

      "Do I explain how I went through my 1L year with a below 2.0 GPA and was allowed to get to my 2nd semester of law school with a below 2.0 gpa and without all of my first year grades."

      Even so, how do you explain years 2 and 3?

      All facts.

    10. ^ Don't change the subject. You decided to "out" an anonymous commenter and show your pea-brained ignorance against gays. And you immediately were exposed yourself instead.

      And by the way, who the FUCK are
      you to call anyone a "pathetic loser?" Have you looked into a MIRROR lately, you pile of fucking dogshit?!

  16. The game's up, people. The greedy cocksucking Boomers are just trying to milk it a little longer.

    In the 1970s, the lawyer market was expanding. A lot of that was due to public investment and an expanding regulatory state. Criminal and civil codes expanded rapidly too. And the internet wasn't around. If you were charged with a crime or served with a summons, you needed to hire a lawyer. You couldn't get online and research legal shit.

    The game's up. The law schools know it. You know it. Fuck, even smart high school kids are starting to figure this shit out.

    1. And see 5:55 PM's comment above.

      Yet, Lemmings still seem to be attending in enough numbers that no school has closed. At least yet.

    2. I went to a fourth tier shithole, and was under no illusion that I was going to have to hustle to get any sort of law job. Then the meltdown of '08 completely changed the entire legal landscape. It's a brutal market out there, and I'm still struggling. It is one kick in the nuts after the next getting passed over for the most mundane of document review projects while I do whatever I can to get a solo practice rolling forward.

      But seeing these kind of numbers hitting the top echelon schools makes me just want to ditch law altogether and try my luck at selling cars. Law schools just don't seem to care that they're churning out way more lawyers than the market can absorb.

      I can only hope that sites like this one keep educating prospective law students of the risks and realities of gambling one's life (and make no mistake that borrowing insane amounts of money to finance a legal education is tantamount to a $150K roulette bet on a casino marker) on a law degree. I know that if I had it to do all over again, I would have never went.

      It's just not worth it.

  17. "Doomsday" stock broker vs. Heidi Fleiss-like Real Estate Agent who said 2008 was the perfect time to buy a house, and was just "trying to help:"

  18. Nora Demleitner must be the most incompetent dean ever. She destroyed Hofstra and now shes doing the same thing to Washington and Lee.

    1. At the very least, W+L needs a branch campus in DC. That way its grads could actually get some legal experience in year three.

      Is Nora smart enough to buy a used campus from Catholic U or American U?


    One post. One single post. From early 2009. What a dud.

  20. Former Biglaw associate Will Meyerhofer posted an article entitled “Extremely Versatile Crockery,” on his blog back on November 3, 2010. Check out this killer opening:

    "For the record, a law degree is not “versatile.” Being a lawyer amounts to a strike against you if you ever decide to pursue another career.

    So why do people keep insisting it’s an “extremely versatile degree”?

    A bunch of reasons.

    Law schools are in it for the money. Teaching law doesn’t cost much, but they charge a fortune – made possible by not-dischargable-in-bankruptcy loans. That makes each law school a massive cash cow for the rest of the university. Money flowing from the law school pays the heating bill for the not-so-profitable Department of Neo-Structuralist Linguistics.

    Law students play along with the “extremely versatile degree” farce to justify the three years of their life and the ungodly pile of cash they’re blowing on a degree they’re not interested in and know nothing about. This myth is also intended to calm down parents. You need a story to explain why you don’t have a job, but that it’s somehow okay.

    No one else cares. And that’s chiefly why this old canard still has some life left in it.

    Time to put it out of its misery.”

    I recognize that this post is nowhere near as widespread as David Segal’s critical series on “legal education” for the New York Times. In my view, this entry is just as significant - in terms of substance. Just look at the source:

    Will Meyerhofer is now a psychotherapist, after leaving the grind of Biglaw. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard, and then earned his law degree from NYU. So the apologist cockroaches cannot refer to this man as a “loser.” He is also an author and appears to have a good practice, i.e. he is also not bitter. The man is merely trying to educate and inform people about the ugly realities of law school and legal practice.

    Every single jackass considering law school SHOULD BE REQUIRED to read Meyerhofer’s stinging analysis of “legal education” - before even registering for the LSAT. Of course, that goes against the devils’ interests, so it would never happen.

  21. Armed with the truth, Meyerhofer then continues his assault on the law school pigs:

    “Why is a law degree not versatile?

    Let me count the ways.

    For one thing, it costs about $180k. Anything that leaves you two hundred grand in a hole is not increasing your “versatility” – it’s trapping you in hell.

    For another thing, studying arcane legal doctrine for three years (a purely arbitrary number) leaves you with no translatable skills. The arcane legal doctrine you learn in law school isn’t even useful at a law firm, let alone anywhere else.

    And let’s talk about the “skills” a lawyer “hones” in his “profession.”

    A litigator is about the worst thing you can be if you want to do anything else. Why? Let’s examine the skills you “master” as a litigator.

    Pumping up billables. Dragging out discovery. Dreaming up and laboriously penning pointless motions to create delay. Behaving in an oddly aggressive and hostile manner at meetings that end in a standstill. Organizing complicated information into folders, and folders of folders and labeling everything and organizing that into lists, and lists of lists, then billing for it by the hour. Researching recondite issues and writing memos you’re not even sure you understand. Wrapping your head around Byzantine procedural rules and forum and jurisdictional niceties and arbitrary court filing deadlines, all so you can trip up the other side with needless delay and expense.

    Okay. Now translate those skills into the real world, where people make products and sell useful services.

    See my point?”

    Can any of you lemmings out there refute - with actual facts - anything that Meyerhofer wrote back in November 2011?!?! As the man stated bluntly:

    “Anything that leaves you two hundred grand in a hole is not increasing your “versatility” – it’s trapping you in hell.”

    If you cannot be bothered to read Meyerhofer’s entire article before going to law school - in order to prevent yourself from financial ruin - then how in the hell can you be trusted to represent potential legal clients in the future?!?! At this point in time, if you make the decision to attend law school, YOU DESERVE a life of destitution. Don’t complain later, Dumbass, because YOU ignored the many warnings and extensive research of those who went before you.

    Lastly, Painter don’t you EVER again post anything about Adam B. on this site. I don’t even know how you could prove what you wrote about him, in your prior comment. Also, quit recommending that I take down the picture of Adams. This is not your blog.

    1. If Lemmings or potential Lemmings can't be bothered reading his article, they may want to spend 10 seconds looking at his bio. This isn't some ordinary run-of-the-mill lawland schlub with their opinion. He has excellent credentials.

  22. LOL - sounds like the rootin-tootin civil rights roach and all-around race agitator might be in need of a gay rights update patch.

  23. Nando, you may want to consider profiling this law "professor:"

    A quick google search of this disgusting "professor" reveals she came from privilege and now blames plebes who attend shitty law schools, such as the one that employs her, of their horrible outcomes. She says those who do not make it in the law profession are the ones that didn't work hard enough or were to lazy to go get theirs. Essentially, she is saying that nearly half of law grads (for which there are no legal jobs as law schools are producing law grads at a 2:1 ration for scarce legal jobs) deserve the blame, not the greedy law administrators and professors, for being indebted with no job. In my opinion, this professor is worse than Stadler, another professor who came from privilege and possessed a cavalier Marie Antoinette demeanor.

  24. Most of the scam law deans must be borderline psychotics. Psychotics aren't always violent, but someone who will destroy so many people, as the scam deans do, must not suffer the same guilt or empathy that normal people do.

    1. That's a good thought, but I think "psychopaths" would be more accurate. Psychotics often don't know what they're doing. Psychopaths just don't care about the consequences.

  25. I was researching pig Richard Matasar to send to an old colleague who went to NYLS. I found some old posts of Joshua's in this article:

    My favorite: "You fiends of nature forget one thing, IBR. Also, you don't need $75,000 to live well. Case in point: I made $30k in San Francisco, a very expensive city, and traveled internationally twice during this period. Once for 2 weeks in Europe and once for over 2 weeks in the Yucatan. I also paid part of my undergrad tuition and lived in a decent apartment. If I make $75k out of law school I'll be sitting pretty. That's a risk, I, top 18%, am willing to take. Also, I threw in an application to NYLS. I hope they accept me. Seems like a fine institution in a very fine city.

    The World Traveling Law Student | Top 18%

    P.S. I got an internship that starts Monday!!!"

    He was making $30k/yr BEFORE law school and is making $30k/yr AFTER law school. He also, at that time, expected to be making $75k/yr. The guy just can't admit he was fleeced.

  26. The law schools are criminal enterprises. They defraud the public and the students. Fuck these parasites.

  27. Here is the article that crushed the law school pigs' testicles. Back on January 8, 2011, David Segal's masterpiece, "Is Law School a Losing Game?," appeared in the New York Times. It was on the first page of the Business Day section, Sunday edition. Take a look at the portion below:

    "Mr. [Michael] Wallerstein, who can't afford to pay down interest and thus watches the outstanding loan balance grow, is in roughly the same financial hell as people who bought more home than they could afford during the real estate boom. But creditors can't foreclose on him because he didn't spend the money on a house.

    He spent it on a law degree. And from every angle, this now looks like a catastrophic investment.

    Well, every angle except one: the view from law schools. To judge from data that law schools collect, and which is published in the closely parsed U.S. News and World Report annual rankings, the prospects of young doctors of jurisprudence are downright rosy.

    In reality, and based on every other source of information, Mr. Wallerstein and a generation of J.D.'s face the grimmest job market in decades. Since 2008, some 15,000 attorney and legal-staff jobs at large firms have vanished, according to a Northwestern Law study. Associates have been laid off, partners nudged out the door and recruitment programs have been scaled back or eliminated.

    And with corporations scrutinizing their legal expenses as never before, more entry-level legal work is now outsourced to contract temporary employees, both in the United States and in countries like India. It's common to hear lawyers fret about the sort of tectonic shift that crushed the domestic steel industry decades ago.

    But improbably enough, law schools have concluded that life for newly minted grads is getting sweeter, at least by one crucial measure. In 1997, when U.S. News first published a statistic called ''graduates known to be employed nine months after graduation,'' law schools reported an average employment rate of 84 percent. In the most recent U.S. News rankings, 93 percent of grads were working -- nearly a 10-point jump."

    This is real journalism at work. Prior to this piece, most news sources simply accepted the law school swine at their word. Or they did not question the published figures. This article also shows that even non-lawyers were aware of the impact of outsourcing, automation, and other cost-cutting measures on the legal “profession” - at least since late 2010!

    In sum, there is no valid reason for any potential law school applicant to not do significant research into the glutted U.S. lawyer job market. You can easily pull up debt calculators, as well as read news/financial stories about the shrinking middle class in this country. Doing so will lead those with an IQ above room temperature to an easy decision. If you cannot be bothered to do these simple things, then how the hell do you expect to read and decipher thousands of pages of gibberish during law school?!

    1. Who wants to hire someone who's clueless enough to go to law school?

  28. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  29. A guy in the town where I live just passed the bar years and years after he graduated from law school. (He had been working as a bartender and in construction in the interim.) People are proudly talking about his accomplishment and excitedly speculating as to whether he will open his own law office in town. Where do I even start?

  30. "You see, now that I have tenure, I am one of the very, very few people living with mental illness who does not have to worry about what might happen at work tomorrow, which irate student or grumpy colleague or persnickety dean might decide that I am just not right for this job. I have a job for life. I can pay my mortgage. I can feed my children. I have health insurance. And I will never want for those things. I will never again have to lay careful plans to ensure that my family gets a payout from my life insurance."

    Professor Lisa T. McElroy

    Law students going into debt are the ones supporting this care free professor lifestyle. It shows how egocentric many law professors are and what truly motivates them. Law students are just a means to an end for tenure, and financial freedom. The Ponzi scheme aka law school needs to completely is evil.

    1. What an idiot. She loses her tenured job if she dies, so obviously her family still needs her life insurance.

      I think she got a bit carried away with the magic, ego-enhancing power of tenure. Do you suppose tenure can prevent panic attacks?

  31. Coming soon to a law school near you.

    Small U.S. Colleges Battle Death Spiral as Enrollment Drops

    By Michael McDonald Apr 14, 2014

    "At a Dowling College campus on Long Island’s south shore, a fleet of unused shuttle buses sits in an otherwise empty parking lot. A dormitory is shuttered, as are a cafeteria, bookstore and some classrooms in the main academic building."

    "“There’s a lot of fear here,” said Steven Fournier, a senior who lived in the now-closed dorm for his first three years. “It’s not the same college I arrived at.”"

    "Dowling, which got a failing grade for its financial resources from accreditors last month, epitomizes the growing plight of many small private colleges that depend almost entirely on tuition for revenue. It’s been five years since the recession ended and yet their finances are worsening. Soaring student debt, competition from online programs and poor job prospects for graduates are shrinking their applicant pools."

    "“What we’re concerned about is the death spiral -- this continuing downward momentum for some institutions,” said Susan Fitzgerald, an analyst at Moody’s Investors Service in New York. “We will see more closures than in the past.”"


    1. Great article.

      I'm hoping to see an entire law library for sale in the near future. If the price is right, I might buy it.

    2. Thanks for the link. When I was living in Chicago, I saw my alma mater embark on a construction spree in the early 2000s. New residence calls, sports venue, fitness center, etc. I'll to follow the news to see if they end up having to slap "for sale" signs on any of the properties.

      I thought about attending law school years ago and am glad I decided against it in hindsight.

  32. The Boomers will destroy America. They will run the system into the ground with social security and medicare use. They are ruining Generation Y through student loan debt since they run the universities and continue to raise tuition (undergrad and grad school alike). They will burn through inheritances and life savings to waste on medical care and their "golden" years, leaving their children and grandchildren with nothing. Even though the boomers' parents gave them everything, they feel content to rob future generations of prosperity and economic stability. All so they can play tennis in some adult retirement community, after wrecking federal and state governments through pensions and subsidized healthcare. They are greedy, thieving, scamming, lying bastards.

    1. "The Boomers will destroy America. They will run the system into the ground with social security and medicare use."

      Where have you been during the last 20 years when that generation started to take over corporations, banks, political offices, academia and non-for profit? We really don't need to wait for the fall out when they become seniors--it's already here!

    2. Well, Libertarian, we must raise the highest bracket of income tax and capital gains to fleece the Boomers. Thank you for that policy goal. I'll look at and join one of the Koch outfits right now!

  33. The idea of law schools hiring their own graduates is odd. What exactly are they needed for? To me, it reeks of Ponzi scheme. They are doing just enough to satisfy the older investors to help lure in new investors.

    This new hiring practice is nothing more than a mechanism to inflate statistics and thus, keep the Ponzi scheme afloat a little while longer. After this one year "fellowship" there will be a different set of investors looking for a return on their investment. It will be their turn to have a bone thrown at them.

  34. "....In a just world, the ABA pigs would be hung up on meat hooks."

    Nando, they're just trying to do their best with the cards they are dealt, just like Scientology. Both groups can't help that they are reviled by the general public, suffered from internal mismanagement, and have crazy final aims (Scientology wants to replace psychiatry; the law schools want to continue training too many lawyers.) At this point it's either play the string out to the end, or just break down and collapse. I think both the law schools and the cultists will hang on to the bloody end, because this mode of living is all they know.

  35. How about an update post on your own law school, Drake Third Tier Toilet of Scamlaw?

  36. Nice to see RuTTgers-Camden with a 20 percent unemployment rate in 2010, and then follow it up in 2013 with an unemployment/underemployment percentage of about the same. Even with the absolute number of the student body shrinking. #deathspiral!


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