Thursday, April 17, 2014

Foul Stench: Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center Offers Buyouts to Tenured Crooks!

Excellent News!: On April 14, 2014, Staci Zaretski posted an ATL entry labeled “Yet Another Law School Is Offering Buyouts To Its Tenured Professors.”  Check out this epic opening:

“Today has been quite the roller coaster. Layoffs here, layoffs there, rescinded offers everywhere. It certainly looks like the legal profession has a case of the Mondays.

To cap off this day of negative news, we’ve got word of yet another law school that’s offering buyouts to its tenured faculty. Yes, tenured faculty, oh my.

Which law school put this offer on the table, and how many professors are expected to take it?

Nova Southeastern Law, whose rank is not published because U.S. News is far too kind, sent letters to all of its full-time faculty members back in March to announce the buyouts. The school hopes to cap acceptances of the offered buyouts at 20 percent of its tenured faculty.

The school has unique eligibility standards for the buyouts, according to the Daily Business Review:

To become eligible, professors must achieve a “point” rating of 60, which combines age and years of service. For example, [Bruce] Rogow is 74 and has taught at Nova for 40 years, so his score is 114.

The faculty has until May 25 to decide whether to take the buyouts….” [Emphasis mine]

I am smiling from ear to ear as I type this sentence.  Yet another ABA-accredited pile of garbage is in financial trouble.  If you feel any sympathy for these bitches and hags, then you are beyond pathetic.  Just think of all the lives that these cockroaches have RUINED over the course of several decades.
Now, read Zaretski’s brilliant closing:

“Also on the bright side, the Nova Southeastern law profs who decide to take the school’s retirement offer don’t even have to travel down to the state that doubles as America’s nursing home. They’re already there.”

Pig Bruce Rogow can eat dinner at 4:30 pm each night, in his own home.  I don’t imagine that the swine even has the common decency to thank the taxpayers for supporting his sorry ass for the last 40 years.'s-Law-School-Offering-Professors-Voluntary-Buyouts?slreturn=20140316221156#ixzz2ys6Hsb6N

Other Coverage: The Daily Business Review published reporter Julie Kay’s piece, “Nova's Law School Offering Professors Voluntary Buyouts,” on April 14, 2014.  Take a look at the following excerpt:

“After 40 years as a law professor at Nova Southeastern University, Bruce Rogow—who has taught at the school since it first opened—delivered his final lecture last week.

Rogow is one of dozens of tenured law professors to be offered buyouts by the school; Nova is also offering “voluntary separation packages” to professors at its Fischler School of Education and its Huizenga Business School.

The buyouts are an effort by the Davie-based school to save money; bring new, younger faculty into the mix; and, in the case of the law school, respond to a changing marketplace that has seen enrollment drop nationally. It is the first time Nova has offered buyouts to its faculty, said Robert Pietrykowski, vice president of human resources at Nova.

“It is not a stated objective or underlying objective to dilute the tenure track,” Pietrykowski said. “We are trying to reposition each of the schools to meet the challenges and opportunities of what’s a constantly evolving, higher education marketplace.”

Nova’s NSU Shepard Broad Law Center is not the only law school to offer buyouts to professors. Several law schools around the country, including Albany Law School, Vermont Law School and University at Buffalo Law School, have offered faculty members buyouts to shore up finances as enrollment continues to drop.” [Emphasis mine]

Does anyone else get physically sick when reading academic drivel/corporatese?  For instance, what in the hell is a “voluntary separation package”?!?!  In the end, the sewer rats are trying to force out the old farts so that they can replace them with younger, lower-paid “professors.”

Ranking: As you can see, Nova $ouTTTThea$TTTTern Univer$iTTTTy $hepard Broad Law CenTTTTer is rated as a fourth tier trash can - by US “News” & World Report.  Of course, this doesn’t prevent the vile whores from charging $35,956 in full-time tuition and fees.  What a tremendous accomplishment, huh?!?!

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Nova $ouTTTThea$TTTTern JD Class of 2013 who incurred debt for law school - as $133,643. Furthermore, 84 percent of this commode’s 2013 class took on such putrid debt. Remember that this figure does not include undergraduate debt – and it also does not take accrued interest into account, while the student is enrolled.

Conclusion: It is CLEAR that the law school pigs are desperate.  Then again, the pieces of excrement have milked the taxpayers dry for decades.  In the process, they have FINANCIALLY RAPED an entire generation of motivated, young people.  The academic thieves must be very proud of themselves.  We know that these sociopaths don’t lose a wink of sleep at night, thinking of their victims.  After all, in their warped minds, they are doing their students a public service.  At least, these fat heifers are going to their final destination.


  1. 74 years old and forced to retire. Nice.

  2. Nando, the law school deans, administrators and professors are sweating. Seat deposits were due for most schools and enrollment numbers are dropping to all time lows. That is why you saw Erwin Chemerinsky and Benjamin Barros write tripe and recycled screeds about why NOW is the BEST TIME EVER to apply to law school. Here is the thing: no one with a brain is buying their bullshit. The cat is out of the bag. Barros is challenging anyone to disprove him yet I bet the shill won't put up one year of his salary to back up his claim that in 2017, legal employment will be at 90+%. These "studies" are mere market speculation much like the same predictions Deans were making in 2010 when they were telling lemmings that by 2013 we will be ushering a new era of legal economic prosperity. How did that work out for the Class of 2013?

    The lies are becoming more strained and desperate. They are sweating Nando. Keep up the good work.

  3. :) Die labor surplus!

    Existential threat to law school shills everywhere...60% of the undergraduate institutions in the country experienced enrollment declines between 5% and 15% last year. Fewer undergraduate degrees = fewer would-be law students.

    I want to see an end to law schools, period. Students should be able to apprentice to a lawyer and sit for the bar exam.

    All law students teach themselves anyhow. Even the kids at Stanford are buying "Examples and Explanations." All law students require training to actually practice law *after* paying for law school! Every "Big Law" firm has a training program...

    It's not the dark ages; the bibles aren't chained up in the churches, and the populace isn't illiterate. Information is free, and law schools are worthless.

    Nando, you may not practice law, but your efforts are bringing justice. It's simply honorable to speak up to try and rescue others when you might instead have remained silent. I know you've been at this a long time. Where other blogs have fallen off, you keep coming fresh and hard. Thank you for having the guts to do this, and for never mincing words. Thank you for the solace.

  4. It would be sweet justice to see a few of these heifers herded into a document review slaughterhouse. That $8/hr one featured on ATL seems to be the most appropriate one to date. But then again, there's this:

    1. Yeah! I just saw that posted on JD Underground also. Stupid people saying it wouldn't go any lower than $20/hr. Maybe $15.

      Well, screw them. Try $8 per hour, people. High school burger-flipper McDonald's wages. Now tell me it's not Game Over for law graduates.

    2. Sadly, a lot of grads have a better shot at landing a burger flipping gig (in spite of being incredibly overqualified) than making the doc review circuit.

      It really is getting bad out here in the trenches when UCLA grads end up taking our jerbs.

  5. Now the sweating pigs are declaring that the plummeting LSAT scores (and concurrently IQ scores) doesn't mean anything. This law professor takes after Chemerinsky, the Baghdad Bob of the law school industry.

    Thirty-two law schools experienced declines in application volume of 50 percent or more. This type of drop would have been unimaginable just a few years ago and has surely caused many sleepless nights among enrollment managers.

    hahahahahahahaha! But the law school deans and professors claim the scamblogs have done nothing. As Campos correctly notes today, the scamblogs began the movement toward transparency. And once prospective law school students have the actual facts before them, they understand that law school is a sucker's bet.

  6. We have a perfect storm. A few years ago, when enrollment was at an all-time high, the pigs got drunk on power and money. They spent ridiculous sums of money constructing buildings, giving themselves raises, etc. The buildings were built by selling bonds and the schools still have to service that debt, all the more difficult with shrinking enrollment and falling revenue. The tenured pigs need to be bought out because their salaries aren't sustainable (not sure what the rules are on forcing salary cuts, if that's even an option). So debt service for buildings/renovations and bloated salaries aren't sustainable with falling applications. Something has to give. Buyouts are the first measure. Tenured-tracked positions at schools will probably disappear and more adjuncts positions will be created. But you still have to service the debt on the buildings. And plenty of schools took on construction projects when it was boom times.

    As the poster at 9:01 pointed out- seat deposits are coming due in the next week or so. See what happens over the summer with tuition increases (to squeeze the already-enrolled students just one more year) and incoming class profiles of LSAT scores and GPAs. Should be interesting.

    Put the champagne on ice because it's only a matter of time before we have our first ABA-accredited law school close it's doors and file for bankruptcy.

    1. My money's on Thomas Jefferson to be the first law school bankruptcy case. It's a stand-alone school, so it may close before LaVerne or Indiana Tech.

  7. 74? That is a long time sucking at the teat of student loans. With law professors teaching at the non-strenuous pace of 4-6 hours a week, summers off, and sabbaticals, that is job that could be done until you die with little effort. Most part-time jobs have greater requirements.

    1. Read the rest of the article. The guy says he's going back into private legal (solo) practice. And that he only stayed in academia for so long because he enjoyed it.

  8. Step right up and spin the wheel, pick the next school's buyout and win a prize. Pick the first school to close its doors for good and you win the grand prize.

    1. Do Cooley branch campuses count? I'm guessing Ann Arbor closes first.

  9. Let's take a look at the stated mi$$ion and Value$ of this vile commode:

    "NSU LAW / ABOUT /

    Our Mission

    To ensure that students develop the knowledge, skills, and values that are at the heart of becoming trusted, highly adept, professional lawyers who are respected for serving clients, their communities, and justice.

    Our Values

    We believe and model:

    *respect for the law and the importance of lawyers in a free society
    *equitable access to education
    *diversity of background and viewpoint
    *excellence in teaching that serves the students and their learning needs
    *high standards of ethics and professionalism
    *evolution of the competencies lawyers need in an ever-changing world
    *support of successful entry and advancement in the bar and other professions
    *assumption of leadership roles and service to the community"

    For $ome rea$on, the pigs “forgot” to mention anything about consigning their graduates to a lifetime of debt servitude. “Equitable access to education” should be read to say “We want to lower the bar further, in order to get more asses in seats - so we can get our filthy hooves on those federally-backed student loans.”

    Apparently, the cockroaches feel that piling on an additional $145K-$165K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, onto their grads’ student loans, is ethical. Keep in mind that this school provides its students with pathetic job prospects.

    On April 10, 2013, Dan Filler posted a Faculty Lounge entry entitled “New Law School Rankings: Employment Data Cleaned Of School Funded Jobs” This article is based off of each ABA-accredited diploma mill’s Class of 2012 ABA Employment Report.

    As the text and title make clear, the figures pertain to JD Required positions that are full-time, long term - and exclude law school funded jobs. Under these measures, Nova $ouTTTThea$TTTTern Univer$iTTTTy $hepard Broad Law Cesspool placed 57.06 percent of its grads in such positions. Keep in mind that these are the employment opportunities that one seeks when applying to law school. By the way, this figure was good enough for 89th “best” among the 201 toilets listed.

  10. This has to be one of the most offensive rants by a law professor but it gives you a good idea how they think.

    Rob Illig, University of Oregon securities law professor, emailing furiously for ANSWERS as to why his school is indulging in "white-man's guilt" by assisting recent graduates working in nonprofit law instead of raising his six-figure salary.

    "I feel that having given up the chance at a seven-figure annual income is charity enough for the students..."

    Many law profs are clueless, evil scum.

    1. ^ Nando, this should be the subject of one of your posts. :)

    2. They're unskilled labor outside of the warm academic uterus.

  11. Ba1 is "speculative grade," and that's what Moody's calls Vermont Law.

    1. Ouch, two notches! These people can't even come up with 10 million to pay their bonds back?? That is pathetic! The downgrades are accelerating. Not long now, and they'll be some pissed off bond holders, some pissed off (but not that pissed off since they get their fed loans written off) ex-Vermont-Law-students, a pissed off federal government, and pissed off taxpayers. That's a lot of people pissed at you.

      Had a friend who went to Vermont and did the environmental law program, plus picked up a masters in science while he was there, and couldn't find any job at all in the field - or a job at all. Same deal with a friend who went to Lewis and Clark. Best gig he got was clerking for a judge in a juvenile court for like 30k/year, for one year.

      Now's the best time ever to go to law school!

    2. Oh my! That is such amazing news.

      "TD Bank could demand an accelerated repayment of the debt, according to Emily Schwarz and Edith Behr, the Moody’s analysts who authored the report."

      "Vermont Law School relies heavily on tuition as a source of revenue and has faced a decline in applicants to the juris doctorate program. Enrollments at the Vermont Law School declined 3.5 percent in 2013 for all programs and a 45 percent drop in the number of new applicants in the J.D. program from the fall of 2009 to the fall of 2013, according to Moody’s."

      Hahaha. I'm literally grinning ear to ear right now. Maybe this will be the first one to collapse!

    3. Vermont is a small, nothing going for it, typical Northeastern state. New York would be in the same position if it did not have NYC and Wall Street to rely upon.

      This school is doomed in its present form. If any school goes to an eventual 50-student model, there will be no permanent faculty enjoying the Good Life and riding high on the backs of students.

      There will be 50 students per year, all adjunct part-time faculty who also work regular legal jobs or otherwise, a small, compact administration, and a strictly no-frills structure with emphasis on black letter law and passing a Bar exam.

      If that model comes to any law school, Vermont may well be the first given its "unique" situation and geography.

      And the above is close to how it should be, IMO.

    4. That model you dream of will never happen as long as unlimited, publicly-subsidized, student loans for all exist. The schools will go bankrupt, and then it will go right back to the feeding trough.

      All these schools are waiting with baited breath for that time they can start living opulently off bad public-sector loans again.

      Boom, bust, boom, bust, always bailed out by the government. What are they, a law school or a bank?

      "If the school goes to an eventual 50-student model..." How can the law school go to such a model? Read Vermont's rating.

      These ratings all say the same thing, essentially: this school cannot borrow further, and it cannot survive at revenue neutral. It needs growth in admitted student numbers AND/OR growth in tuition revenue just to stay afloat.

      Of course, we know that the ability of schools to grow their student bodies is non-existent, or severely curtailed as numbers of applicants drop, and the schools are accepting nearly everyone who applies already.

      So, what I expect is this school will raise tuition after a seat deposit, raise tuition mid-way through the year...raise fees...all while under the hammer of an acceleration clause allowing a creditor to demand full repayment anytime. They shouldn't be getting a dime, not one dime, in public money.

      All these schools picked an economic trajectory at the height of the scamming, and committed themselves to spending money that, as it turns out, would never materialize. Ideology, honesty, the "public good" doesn't drive them.

      Insolvency drives them, and the fraud accelerates.

      How remarkable is it that this "law school" can't find 10.3MM from any source to pay its creditor back? Pretty damn remarkable in my book.

  12. Nando, can you do an update on Dean Patrick Hobbs aka the "Valvoline Dean?" I read this morning that his crony Chris Christie appointed him to a new cushy government job. He will be making an extra $75K in addition to his $400K salary as Dean of Settton Hall Law School. Is he still the athletic director of Seton Hall? How much does he pull in from that? It is criminal that Hobbs will be getting a government position, which will guarantee him a nice pension. This is crony capitalism at its best.

  13. Here is the announcement and salary info on the Valvoline Dean:

    1. E.g. VD called in a favor and just took his Golden Parachute, in much the same way Carly F. did from HP after wrecking the company, because he sees how the wind is blowing and the probable outcome for himself and many others involved in the law school scam.


      But not unexpected. The rest of them would gladly do the same if they could. It's all about that sweet Gravy at someone else's great expense.

    2. you know who this guy reminds me of seriously? Saul Goodman from breaking bad. that guy was just a consummate survivor. Remember when they had him on his knees, about to shoot him, and he talks his way out of it and gets them to each give him a dollar so that he becomes their attorney?

      He is like a cockroach who would survive a nuclear holocaust and thrive. Just like Patrick Hobbs.

      they will never, ever get their comeuppance.

  14. Dear Nando,

    I wrote a post a few weeks ago about me. If you recall, I am the hapless solo who is twice divorced, alcoholic and still paying off the widow of my former law partner who died not before I carried him financially for a couple of years.

    After paying my taxes to the IRS, my bank account was left with $200.00. I was still feeling positive as I just finished paying off my 2009 Honda Civic. No more car payments! Then today, I was served with papers. It seems my second wife hire a private investigator who somehow managed to pull my credit report and told my ex-wife that I was paying off my car this month.

    Now, my ex-wife is seeking a modification of spousal and child support. My car payment was $410.00. Guess how much she wants? She wants me to increase the support by $410.00! Fuck me Nando. I am so fucking miserable right now. I can't catch a break. As I told you before, my law degree is a fucking curse. I wish I could go back in time and beat the shit out of my younger self into not applying to law school. This profession has only caused me grief, anxiety, health problems, alcohol addiction and therapy costs. Obamacare didn't help me. My insurance premium increased by $100 and my coverage decreased. So much for hope and change.

    Anyway Nando, I am so fucking lost. I just feel like giving up. Running a practice gets harder every day as the pool of PAYING clients shrinks as our economy worsens. Sure, the Democrats and Obama supporters keep saying unemployment is down, the DOW is at an all-time high and the economy is rebounding. It is all bullshit. If the economy was so great, I wouldn't have so many deadbeat clients I am trying to collect legal fees from. Now you may say, why don't I sue them? Well, I did once and within weeks I got hit with a fee arbitration proceeding and a legal malpractice lawsuit. Want to know the kicker? The client, who was in immigration removal proceedings, was granted a cancellation of removal. He owed me $1,500.00 and when I tried to collect he told me to go "Fuck yourself." I was so livid that I followed my first instinct and sued him. Then, he gets some fucking newbie solo who has shit for brains to file a legal malpractice claim against me. Where is the malpractice? His newbie attorney who graduated from law school in 2012 is alleging that I failed to secure the client naturalization to the United States. First, the fucker client is a resident and is statutorily ineligible for citizenship. I had to report this malpractice suit to my insurance carrier which just sent me a renewal policy with my premium being jacked up by $2,800.00, which is more than what I was trying to collect from the client. So, if a client owes you money, you cannot sue him. You have to eat the cost. What a fucking great profession. And, to top it off, I cannot write off the loss on my taxes.

    Sometimes Nando, I feel like I work to support other people (e.g., my ex-wives, clients, the Government, people on public entitlements, etc.). I bust my ass everyday and things only get worse. I am sorry to rant on like this buddy. I don't want you to think I am another Painter.

    Anyway, Happy Easter and God bless you and your family. Keep fighting the good fight. Hopefully your blog and its message will reach a poor sap that can avoid the law school trap that I followed as a lemming.

    1. I don't know how Nando feels about you posting, but this attorney appreciates your candor. Stories like yours are more common in our profession than people are led to believe.

      It's hard for me to imagine our profession getting any more miserable that it has become. Yet, $omehow, certain higher ups believe that now is one of the best times to attend law school.

      Don't believe the hype, kids. Law school, and the legal profession as a whole, is an extremely risky bet with dire physical and mental health consequences.

    2. Friend @ 6:30 PM, I feel for you. Don't give up. Take it one thing at a time, take deep breaths, you'll pull through because honestly, if you really think about it, you still live in a first world country with clean air, water, safe food, utilities, etc. That is still worth something. Compare that to some AIDS-infected hooker in some steaming cesspit of a third world banana republic, and I think, despite our situations, it could have been a lot worse. And I'm sure there will be people who will miss you, who love you.

      So hang in there.

      And as for the bitch first year solo who filed a malpractice claim against you, you should countersue him and his client personally for defamation, abuse of process, malicious prosecution, and attorney's fees for willful misconduct if you can find a friend to help. Because you're right, if his claim is that you could have gotten him citizenship, then he has just fucked himself.

      By naming both assholes as co-defendants, you drive a wedge between them, and you also trigger the asshole solo's malpractice insurance if he has some. Force the insurance company to settle, and you come out on top in the end.

      Good luck. I hope things get better for you in the future.

  15. Take a moment to review the prohibitive costs associated with attending this FOURTH TIER TRASH PIT.

    "Tuition and Fees

    Application Fee

    Include a $53 nonrefundable application fee either by credit card through your LSAC account or in the form of a personal check or money order made payable to Nova Southeastern University.

    Seat Deposit

    When an applicant is admitted they will receive a letter informing them of the decision and requesting a $500 non-refundable deposit to be submitted directly to the Admissions Office. Seat Deposit payments can be made in the form of a personal check or money order made payable to Nova Southeastern University. Credit Card payments will also be accepted.


    For 2014-2015 the annual tuition for full-time day students is $35,956 and for part-time evening students, tuition is $26,962. Tuition is charged preceding the Fall and Winter semesters. Summer tuition is charged per credit hour at a rate of $1,506. Student fees for those entering in 2014-2015 are $920."

    Now, let’s see what those ridiculous charges buy the students. We will look at the ABA Employment Summary for 2013 Graduates from Nova $ouTTTThea$TTTTern Univer$iTTTTy:

    According to this document, there were 304 members of the Nova Southeastern JD Class of 2013. Of that amount, only 184 reported landing a full-time, long-term job where “bar passage was required.” Remember that this definition is vague. Long-term can simply mean that the job should last for at least one year. Plus, bar passage does not necessarily mean a traditional lawyer position.

    In fact, 223 graduates from this cohort found full-time, long-term employment - in any capacity. If you were selling insurance premiums or became a hotel manager, then you were counted in this metric. Still, only 73.3% of this graduating class found full-time, long-term work!! Now, imagine the number of grads who found a job that financially justified taking on an additional $140K-$165K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, while giving up three of their money-earning years.

  16. Good Morning Nando, this is 4/18/14 @ 6:30PM again. I want to thank you again for listening and for this blog to being a cathartic exercise while my world crumbles around me.

    I found out today that due to my new Obamacare insurance, my psychiatrist, who is being billed out as a specialist, will now charge me a $100 co-pay per session. Under my old plan, which was cheaper, the co-pay rate was $50. I shudder to think how much my meds will cost. My new Obamacare insurance just took effect on 4/1.

    Anyway, I wanted to expound on what I started to talk about last night, which is how hard it is to practice law as a solo, aside from clients who are all too willing to stiff you out of your fees. I practice immigration law. In the time I have been a lawyer, immigration filing fees on average have increased by 300-400% depending on the application. My fees? I am still charging what I charged in 1999 to represent someone in a removal proceeding. So why have filing fees increased while my fees remained stagnant? Well, the government has to pay the useless and incompetent GS workers their generous salaries and "bennies." Trial attorneys get to work from home 2 days a week. I once ran into a trial attorney at the mall during his supposed "work from home" day. It is a fucking joke how the government agencies are mismanaged. So yes, filing fees are increased to keep up with the largesse of paying these underworked federal employees.

    So why have my fees remained the same since 1999? I blame the law schools. You see, there are about 12 law schools within a 50 mile radius from where I practice. They pump thousands of new lawyers every year into my market. Since most of these new lawyers cannot find work (because the legal market cannot sustain the law school output of grads), they go solo. As a solo, they do not know anything. They charge chump change to take a case. So, when you have thousands of new lawyers charge $500 to do an uncontested divorce, it drives down the fees of other experienced lawyers. The public will be drawn to the cheapest attorney. When money is tight (and in this economy it is), the public will sacrifice "experience" and "results oriented" attorneys to go with the bumbling idiot who charges $500 for a divorce. In my field, immigration, it is worse. You see, not only do I compete with new lawyers, I have to compete with "notarios." For those who don't know, "notarios" are usually immigrants who were lawyers in their banana republic who come to the United States and hold themselves out as experienced attorneys. In my jurisdiction, practicing law without a license is a crime but if you ask me, only a handful of people have been prosecuted for this since I started practicing. For the most part, "notarios" get away with the unauthorized practice of law and the Feds actually prefer dealing with "notarios" rather than attorneys. The "notarios" fuck up cases so it makes the government's job of deporting aliens easier. By the way, a few of these "notarios" are big political contributors and one of them is a dear friend of one of our Senators. Most of them drive European luxury cars. And why not? It's not like they have law school student loans. Fuck, they didn't even need to go to law school in America.

    So yes Nando, this is only just a glimpse of the lovely system I practice under. It gets worse every year. The law schools have exacerbated the problem, which is why I commend your crusade against these greedy institutions that have ruined what I can only imagine was once a noble profession. The days of this being a noble profession are days gone bye. Have a good day Nando.

  17. Nando, I can't believe you're still displaying those two disgusting turds at the top of your right-hand column. Whatever happened to common decency in our society?

    It may get to the point where I can't visit your site any more. I really don't like throwing up when those ugly, sickening images get stuck in my mind. Please, please, won't you take down that picture?

    1. How cute - Painter is shifting tactics. He'e really obsessed with getting that picture taken down. What diabolical cleverness. Probably wants to show what a big man he is - by nag-nag-nagging the actual OWNER of the site like a woman. STFU, Painter - try using your little Jedi mind tricks on a prospective employer instead ... maybe they will give you a JOB. Assuming you even want to work, that is.

    2. There is always the fracking fields of North Dakota.

    3. "STFU" is the credited response. Thank you.

  18. Things are getting desperate at the University of Hawaii law school. They are still trotting out the same bullshit re: rosy employment numbers 15-20 years down the road:

    UH law school offers free LSAT prep classes
    Posted: Apr 14, 2014 6:40 AM HST Updated: Apr 14, 2014 6:42 AM HST

    HONOLULU (AP) - The University of Hawaii's law school is still accepting applications for the fall.

    Dean Avi Soifer says the William S. Richardson School of Law on the Manoa campus is keeping registration open on a rolling admissions basis.

    To help students get in, the law school is offering free prep classes for the Law School Admissions Test.

    Students interested in enrolling at the law school in the fall can register to take the LSAT until May 16.

    The school acknowledges that the job market for new attorneys has been challenging in recent years. But the school cites a new study in Prelaw Magazine that concludes that outlook is changing as more than half of the country's attorneys will be retiring in the next 15 to 20 years.

  19. Josh Adams is now applying to Starbucks.


    1. He says on his blog that he will never admit that law school was a scam. Just because he will not admit that it is a scam, it is still a scam.

    2. Denial.

      It's not just a river in Egypt.

  20. Some idiot named Joseph Bendoraitis just sent me an email telling me that this site “looks like sour grapes.” You can reach the portly bastard at Let’s take a look at the LinkedIn profile for Cockroach Joseph Bendoraitis:

    “Joe Bendoraitis' Education

    Olivet Nazarene University
    Master of Education (M.Ed.), Educational Leadership and Administration, General
    2009 – 2011

    McKendree University
    Bachelor of Health Science, Health and Physical Education/Fitness
    2003 – 2006

    2 Time Academic All-American
    2004-2005, 2005-2006

    2 Time All-Conference Football Player
    2004-2005, 2005-2006
    Activities and Societies: MCK-Football

    Illinois State University
    Health Science
    2001 – 2003
    Activities and Societies: ISU-Football”

    This fat pig majored in Health Science at two garbage colleges. That is extremely impressive, huh?!?! If you want to attend law school, Dumbass, then go ahead and enroll. Make sure to go to the most expensive one, dunce.

    If you want to financially ruin yourself, then go ahead, Bitch. It will not add one cent to any of our student loan balances. You have been warned, but you are free to ignore this sound advice. Waterheads such you keep the law school swine in business. By the way, moron: if you attend a non-elite law school, then you will be lucky to land an insurance sales job - such as the one you have now.

  21. Looks like this Joe Blow guy playing football was hit too many times in the head being tackled. He needs to get a brain scan pronto

  22. What's the meaning of that photograph? Crooks on hooks?


    OMG, this news clip from CNN says it all. This girl graduated from a tier two law school, passed the bar and is now serving coffee at Starbucks.. Nano you have to post this on your blog..


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