Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Second Tier Orange Vomit: University of Tennessee College of Law


Tuition: Tennessee residents attending this trash pit on a full-time basis will be charged $16,078 in tuition – for the 2013-2014 school year.  The unfortunate souls who moved to Knoxville, from out of state, to attend this dung heap full-time will be ass-raped at the rate of $35,422 in tuition, for the current academic year.

Fees will add another $2,884 to the big-ass tab, for in-state law students.  Non-residents will have $3,184 tacked onto their bill.  It’s nice to see that public schools are looking out for their students’ best interests, right?!?!

Estimated Cost of Attendance: Based on this same page, the bitches and hags list a total estimate of $39,978 for Tennessee residents – and $57,722 for out of state, full-time law students.  Keep in mind that ABA-accredited diploma mills only take nine-month expenses into account.

Seeing that actual law students will require costs over the full calendar year, we will prorate the following items: room & board; transportation; and miscellaneous expenses.  Doing so, we reach the more accurate estimated COA for the current year as $44,996 for in-state students – and $63,740 for non-residents!  Imagine the type of job you would need to land simply to justify the cost of attending this cesspool.


Ranking: As you can see, US “News” & World Report rates the Univer$iTTy of TTenne$$ee Commode of Law as the 72nd greatest, most fantastic and amazing law school in the whole damn country. Hell, it only shares this “distinct honor” with the following SIX toilets: American University; Chicago-Kent; Lewis & Clark College; LSU; New Mexico; and Tulsa.  What a tremendous accomplishment, huh?!?!  


Employment Placement Data: According to the sweltering trash pile’s Class of 2012 Summary Report, there were 155 members of this cohort.  Only three graduates did not bother to furnish their status to the school.  Of that amount, 125 responded that they were employed - in some capacity - within nine months of receiving their law degree.  That is a mere 82.2% placement rate, i.e. 125/152.

Furthermore, on page three of this PDF, you will notice that 76 grads reported working in private law firms.  Six desperate fools went into sole practices, while another 25 were hired by firms with 2-10 attorneys.  In stark contrast, a total of seven JDs found employment in firms of 251-500 lawyers – while one member of this graduating class landed a spot in a firm of more than 500 attorneys.  Do you still like your odds, Dumbass?!?!


Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Univer$iTTy of TTenne$$ee JD Class of 2013 who incurred debt for law school - as $72,887. Also, only 74 percent of this commode’s 2013 class took on such putrid debt. Remember that this figure does not include undergraduate debt – and it also does not take accrued interest into account, while the student is enrolled.


Piggish Law Faculty Compensation: Let’s see how well the law school swine are making out – in juxtaposition to the broke, debt-strapped students and graduates– courtesy of the Tennessean.  Enter Law under Department, and choose the Knoxville campus.  There, you will note that Douglas Blaze made $225,000 in annual salary.  In 2007-2008, the cockroach raked in $172,345. Joseph G. Cook, listed as a nine-month faculty member, rolled around in $183,083 in yearly compensation.  Dean Hill Rivkin and his bulbous nose “earned” $192,000 as a supposed “Distinguished professor of law.”

Does anybody with a shred of honesty and integrity want to defend this sick $y$tem?!?!  Again, the “professors” and banksters have no skin in the game.  The debt is federally-backed.  Those loans MUST be repaid.  The student or graduate cannot hope to have the debt set aside in bankruptcy court.  Even gambling addicts have this option.  Yet, the academic pigs who perform such a pathetic amount of “work” are richly rewarded for consigning a generation into a lifetime of debt servitude.

Conclusion: Avoid this horrendous stench pit, as if your life depended on it, Lemming.  There is NO NEED to incur an additional $85K-$130K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, in order to get a chance at a decent job.  By the way, genius: slightly more than one-quarter of the last UT Commode of Law graduating class did not take on another cent in student loans.  Good luck competing against those boys and girls for jobs, dolt.

Those kids can simply rely on daddy to make a few phone calls to get them a nice-ass job.   Can you say the same, Stupid?!  If not, then what the hell are you doing in law school – well after the U.S. lawyer job market has gone down the sewer?!?!  Are you the type of person who needs warning labels on the side of paint cans?  If you want to piss away some money, pay me $10,000 to kick you in the face.  At least then, you won’t ruin your future – and you will spare three years of your life.


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    1. I have much sympathy for the law students, and lawyers, as a fellow graduate in an unrelated field that proved also to be a bubble. However, as one going through litigation now--why are there such high fees for routine work in today's law field. I'm paying 300/hr for a guy to write a letter that took him maybe 30 minutes to do on a mundane topic. What gives?? Why aren't lawyers successful going solo? That fee is way more than psychologists, vets, docs make (I know many docs don't have inventory if employed by the hospital but still)?

  2. The ugliest school colors on the planet. And 72nd best? That's nothing to brag about.

    1. Hey, it's better than Santa Clara!

  3. UT is a shithole. Keep 'em coming.

  4. What a bunch of failed doucherags you whiny fuckfaces are ... get a degree, get a job, pay off your debt & live happily ever after ... it's not that goddamn hard. If you can't manage that, quit your whining & get me some french fries ... oh, & please don't breed.

    1. Boomer asshole,

      Tell your wife to get in the kitchen and make me a sammich...after she sucks my dick. And don't complain.

    2. Shittalking d-bag,

      Enjoy your self-important mouthwash while it lasts. That light you see in the distance isn't a party, craphat, it's the train called debt and it's carrying your Chapter 7, child support judgment, and DUI community service cargo.


  5. Peggy Gordon:

    What it feels like to live with American Student Loan Debt for the best years of an adult life.

    At least in the mind and soul it feels like this:


    America seems to want to punish aspiring lawyers and lay them to waste.

    What was it Tamanaha called it in a clinical way? The "casulaties" of the professon.


  6. I find it funny how the admin of this blog will not let any of my comments go up talking about my own success as a recent seton hall law grad working in NJ midlaw and how no one forced any of you to attend law school. I guess taking responsibility for your actions, doing your own due diligence, and financially planning prior to enrolling in law school isn’t a fair comment to make. It’s easier to bash professors. Enrollment is declining and I’m fine with that. But in the final analysis you knew the tuition, knew you were borrowing to attend, and definitely knew the job market before and/or while attending law school. If you weren’t aware of the realities of the legal job market prior to enrolling or failed to learn them after one semester of law school then you must literally live under a rock. All of you were at least 22 years old when you applied to law school. At that point you were allowed to vote, drive, and buy alcohol. All the law students at seton hall would read abovethelaw.com and knew what the deal was and most of you did too. Don’t lie now and say you were scammed. You could have chosen to cut your losses after a year and left but you thought you could beat the odds. So you stayed and things didn’t pan out for you. It’s not your Torts teacher's fault. They don’t owe you a living. Bottom line- you could have left at any time or chosen to have not enrolled given the mountain of information out there. This was the case as early as 2008.

    1. "...no one forced you any of you to attend law school." BULL. FUCKING. SHIT.

      Yes, people are FORCED to attend law school as the only way he/she will be allowed to engage in labor of his/her choice. Do people "choose" to go to law school? No. Did people "choose" to debt finance tuition? FUCK NO.

      Law school is comparatively a very recent invention for the second son of an aristocracy. It's been filthy horseshit since day 1.

      I chose one thing: to be a lawyer. After that, because of behavior and conditions that violate fraud laws, anti-trust, the federal constitution, my state constitution, and my inalienable, natural, god-given fucking right to work, I had no choices.

      The reality is NO ONE CHOSE to be BARRED from exercising skills and entering a profession by a FUCKING MONOPOLY that is arbitrary and dishonest as fuck (e.g. the ABA all the sudden deciding the LSAT isn't necessary for 10% of a class since the schools cannot keep asses in seats). THIS SHIT IS IMPOSED SOLELY TO LEACH OFF THE POOR AND MIDDLE CLASS, TO PREVENT THEM FROM RISING IN THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC RANKS, AND TO STEAL FROM THEM IN ADVANCE THE FRUITS OF THEIR LABOR.

      DID YOU FORGET WHY BAR ASSOCIATIONS WERE FOUNDED, OR DID YOU JUST NEVER LEARN OF THEIR ORIGINS??? Did you forget their known, undisputed, racist and classist pedigree? They aren't necessary. They aren't justifiable.

      The very same rationale that allegedly justifies barring people from entering the legal profession save for through one narrow and expensive as fuck monopolized, price-fixed, gate known as "law school" could be applied WITHOUT CHANGING A FUCKING WORD, TO... mechanics, tech workers, the guys who work on your natural gas lines, oil rig workers, bankers, brokers, venture capitalists, accountants, real estate agents, ETC. ETC. ETC.

      I've fucking had it with the disparate treatment. I have a right, an absolute, inalienable right, to use my skills and knowledge to engage in work for pay. This fucking country is not the font of that right. The state fucking bar is not the font of that right. The bullshit, objectively false, "rationale" for protectionist economic behavior is a FRONT, and has always been a front for greed, unfair advantage, racism, cheating, lying and stealing.

      It's a dirty fucking guild. And this time, it went too far.

      So cry over this, it is COLLAPSING under the weight of its own sin. BURN BITCH BURN, and all the bad debt that got foisted on people won't get paid back because it can't be paid back...and you can shove it up your taxpaying ass, because you have to bail me out one way or another. Suck on that.

    2. Lighten up, Francis.

  7. No bankruptcy for the borrower and so no skin in the game for the schools.

    Blank check student lending and no risk at all.

    So the tuitions went up and up and the salaries went up and up.

    That was the mechanism, and maybe politics have nothing to do with it, and that is why I have lost all interest in politics and have stopped following the news altogether.

    Liberal or Conservative, everyone knows what money can buy, and that is the bottom line and always has been.

    All of us have to survive in some way, and plundering the US Treasury is one time tested way to do well, regardless of political persuasion.

    But really, enough of the Adams pic. It is dominating the blog and it is really needless.

    @2:53PM is a newbie and will gladly share his or her name, since anyone with such strong views naturally would.

    1. Nope, not a newbie. Just someone who uses their brain and does research before making major financial decisions that can make or break your life. I went to seton hall because they gave me a scholarship and I worked the connections I had in the legal field. I wouldn't have gone if I didn't have the scholarship and contacts (which I made myself).

      Interesting how you still won't acknowledge that you voluntarily signed on the dotted line without a gun pointed to your head. It's fascinating that you didn't read your loans before signing or research the job market before making a $100k decision. I went into law school with my eyes wide open living on a tight budget taking the train into Newark every day, living at home, packing lunch, and working my contacts for summer jobs and ultimately a job after the bar. I know plenty of people who left after their first year because they learned of the job market and bailed. Others laughed it off thinking it almost funny, some thought they were above the odds without connections, and some (like me) went in actively managing their finances and using contacts they made to their advantage.

      Also- having contacts might help get your foot in the door, but it doesn't guarantee you a career. A contact might get you into a firm but you need to perform. No one is going to carry your ass for life just because you are friends or they know your family. So don't go off on a tangent saying I'm connected and don't have to work.

    2. Oh brilliant one, tell us how you worked the connections?

    3. The old fashioned way.

      He worked his boss's dick into his mouth.

      Or just let the old man shove it in his asshole. He's proud of his connections you know.

    4. Bunch of horsey shit..

      He's temporarily lucky. That's all.

      As evidenced by this post on JDU:


      disappearedattorney (Apr 1, 2014 - 1:33 pm)

      I graduated from T14 in 2000 and worked in BIGLAW for 10 years. Now I am a struggling solo, 40 years old, unemployable, and no reasonable chance of improving my lot in life. But I guess all of this was totally foreseeable when I decided to apply to law school in the Fall of 1996?

      How silly of me to be mad at the law schools for what they have done to my profession. Clearly I have only myself to blame, since it was so "easy to discover back" in the Fall of 1996 that this is where I would end up in 2014. But I guess I just wasn't "savvy" like rollinitin. I naïvely listened to academic advisors, college professors, law school profs, law school administrators, other lawyers, and my parents -- who unanimously pointed to my grades and LSAT score and asserted that I would go to a very good law school and, therefore, have a long and lucrative career as an attorney. Their assertions were supported by the reputable and widely read U.S. News and World Report, which had done exhaustive surveys of all law schools, and sure enough, I had been admitted to some of the most elite law schools in the nation -- it was right there in a national magazine and everything. This magazine, based on exhaustive research, had sifted through all of the data and concluded that, if were merely AVERAGE at the law schools I had been admitted to, I would make an enormous amount of money (more than my parents had ever made) in the very first year after graduation, and that was just the FIRST YEAR -- obviously I would make more as I gained more experience and one day became partner.

      As someone who was 22 years old at the time, and therefore an adult after all, I should have realized that all of these people, to a person, and U.S. News and World Report as well, were shills. I mean, it was obvious to rollinitin, after all. How silly of me to "try to blame others for [my] mistakes."

    5. @ 3:26. Yeah, you're clearly a brilliant lawyer. Fallacies are your best friends. Does research into an economic reality negate the existence of the reality? You assume students were not aware of the economic conditions, rather than responding to the actual issue - i.e. that students have NO CHOICE or CONTROL over the nature of the economic risk foisted upon them by the price-fixing cartel of law school, protected by the ABA, accrediting standards, the state bars, as a monopoly. So, says the young maverick: IF BLACKS HAD ONLY RESEARCHED JIM CROW, THEY WOULD HAVE KNOWN NOT TO LIVE IN THE SOUTH. Jackass.

      Knowledge is not choice. You say people "voluntary" assumed a risk, but that's not accurate, since the risk MUST be assumed in order to enter the profession. How exactly is that "voluntary"? The only "choice" is between assuming an unacceptable risk or allowing a monopoly to bar you from becoming a lawyer. This is blatantly and emphatically illegal for private parties to do, but the government takes liberties, don't she?

      Another hilarious aspect of your position: the law recognizes that when the terms of a contract are procedurally and substantively unconscionable, the contract should be rescinded, and is not enforceable against its victim. Federal students loans are procedurally and substantively unconscionable. There's no reason for student loans to be treated differently and far worse than other forms of debt. There's no reason why the disclosure given on federal student loans should be (and is) only, "THIS LOAN MAY BE DISCHARGEABLE IN BANKRUPTCY." The FEDERAL Consumer Financial Protection Bureau agrees with me, not you.

      All this, and we haven't even hit the issue of schools intentionally putting out fraudulent information and not only inviting, demanding, that students rely on it. For instance, false LSAT and GPA statistics (Villanova). Is the student's fault if they relied on those metrics in assessing where they wish to apply and might receive MONEY as they are competitive for SCHOLARSHIPS?

      Also, if you think that badly defrauded law students are especially sophisticated parties, let's look at the LSAT scores from Thomas Jefferson School of Law - applicants whose scores ever so marginally above the score one could achieve blindly guessing on the test. Or, let's look at the eroding admissions standards: law schools are looking to cherry pick the ignorant, stroke their egos, and rob them.

      Or all this can be asked simply: if the system is so healthy, why is it collapsing?

  8. The Best Years Of Our Lives:

    Probably Status Monkey, (The Virginia Mayo Character) who is a lawyer and the troll from the Debbie Schlussel blog, and who said on the DS blog that he donated 5K to the Virgil Goode Presidential campaign.

    So he can be found with more digging.

    It is surprising that Status Monkey went through March madness this year without any racist comments about College basketball players.

    Anyway, if the lemmings want to give the best years of their adult lives to 3 years of law school and the most toxic American debt in history, and for many years after, then there is nothing more to say.

    Virginia Mayo said it best maybe, and as the fanciful voice of the Law School Cartel: "I gave you the best years of my life"

    I lived through all of that, and now the best years of my life are gone and I am heading into old age with the massive, massive debt that is five times it's original amount.

    But watch this. The Greatest Generation gave the keys of the kingdom to the Rock and Rollers, and the Rock and Rollers of the counterculture wanted to plunder the US Treasury and place everyone after them in debt chains.

    It is not hard to figure out.


    1. It is no one's fault but your own if you did not read your loans before signing them or research schools and the job market before making a $100k+ life decision.

      In the end, you knew you were borrowing, you knew the cost of attendance, and you knew the job market. You though you knew better and the numbers didn't apply to you. Law professors didn't kick down your door and drag you to the school to enroll. You can't blame law deans and professors for your situation. You could have chosen not to enroll.

      Please try to acknowledge this basic fact.

  9. I blame myself entirely for believing the salary numbers offered by my law school. I blame myself entirely for believing the office of career services when they told me that although I didn't get a BigLaw job, there were "plenty" of mid-law opportunities.

    I would still strongly caution anyone against going to law school if they're going to take out more than $50,000.

    Hard lesson to learn. My life has been destroyed by law school. I blame myself entirely. I don't think the law schools are honest about job and salary numbers, but it's still my fault for believing them. I hope no one has a life like mine, so I think anyone going to law school and financing it via debt is an idiot when there are resources like Law School Transparency available.

    1. You should have read the terms of your loan before borrowing. Again- most students knew the job situation prior to enrollment or learned about it soon after. You must have thought things weren't going well when you did poorly your first year and you weren't getting any on-campus interviews and only rejections from firms. Those are big indicators of your future prospects. You should have jumped ship after the first year. No shame in cutting your losses in anything in life. You were surrounded by circumstances indicating you wouldn't find paying legal employment but chose to listen instead to some hack in career services? If you weren't on law review, in top 10%, and getting on-campus interviews summer after 1L then you have no one to blame but yourself for sticking around after first year.

      I knew the tight job market going in but calculated my situation and after running the numbers and analyzing the strength of my contacts I saw I had a decent shot. I worked my ass off to keep my scholarship, get on law review, and strengthen my personal connections. I didn't let some administrator in career services be the sole guide post for my life.

    2. I don't blame myself...I went to pharmacy school in 08, when everything from the BLS, career services, media, conflict-of-interest schools and pharmacy organizations said it was the cat's meow. Salaries were high and jobs plentifful. No one told me, or the world, it was all a bubble waiting to break. Many smart kids went into pharmacy the last ten years and they will have lack luster, pseudo employment. Being in pharmacy, the explosion of school openings, etc., it was obvious what would have happened. How the hell can I know everythiing?
      If the only way to make money in this failed market economy is rent extraction, then own up to it, cut the bulls::t and we can all make the transition to something viable and justified...

  10. Someone want to call in to Dave Ramsey next time he's confronted with a parent thinking about fronting money for their kids' law school tuition... "they expect to earn $150,000 shortly after graduating," and he friggin' supports them on it.

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    1. Are you posting here because you are accepting resumes?

  12. This is my alma mater. More on Joseph Cook (who was there when I attended over a quarter of a century ago). He has never taken (and therefore never passed) a bar exam. Never. Even when I was a stupid, naive law student I was stunned to learn such a thing. As for their 72nd ranking, just remember: the Trustees want a law skule the football team can be proud of.

    1. Yes, that's what's going on. That unifarcity, like so many others, is all about its goddamn football team. It's a sports conglomerate that does a bit of ejookayshun on the side.

  13. To the piece of trash who posted the idiotic comments above, from 2:53 pm, 3:26 pm, 3:57 pm, and 6:04 pm:

    How is life in the Newark area, cockroach?!?!


    "IP Lookup Details:
    IP Information -
    Host name: pool-173-70-202-19.nwrknj.fios.verizon.net
    Country: United States
    Country Code: US
    Region: NJ
    City: Bernardsville
    Latitude: 40.7262
    Longitude: -74.5949"

    From my Analytics, bitch:

    Apr 1 2014 6:49pm Basking Ridge, NJ, USA Quick view 1 action 10s google.com [secure search]
    Apr 1 2014 6:27pm Basking Ridge, NJ, USA Quick view 2 actions 8m 40s google.com [secure search]
    Apr 1 2014 6:08pm Basking Ridge, NJ, USA Quick view 2 actions 4m 43s google.com [secure search]
    Apr 1 2014 5:11pm Basking Ridge, NJ, USA Quick view 3 actions 13m 22s google.com [secure search]
    Apr 1 2014 4:44pm Basking Ridge, NJ, USA Quick view 6 actions 13m 23s google.com [secure search]
    Apr 1 2014 4:17pm Basking Ridge, NJ, USA Quick view 5 actions 13m 45s google.com [secure search]
    Apr 1 2014 3:50pm Basking Ridge, NJ, USA Quick view 3 actions 15m 37s google.com [secure search]
    Apr 1 2014 3:26pm Basking Ridge, NJ, USA Quick view 3 actions 7m 12s google.com [secure search]
    Apr 1 2014 3:07pm Basking Ridge, NJ, USA Quick view 2 actions 1m 17s google.com [secure search]
    Apr 1 2014 2:50pm Basking Ridge, NJ, USA Quick view 3 actions 3m 18s google.com [secure search]

    By the way, for someone who is supposedly so "successful," you managed to visit this site 10 separate times today - for a total of 81 minutes and 27 seconds. Yes, this fraud nearly spent an hour and a half of his precious time on this blog - during office hours. On a Tuesday morning, in the middle of the work week! Get a life and grow a pair of balls, waterhead.

  14. Seton Hall success story.

    Does that mean he didn't end up living in the streets?

  15. Don't have a bitch-fit because you couldn't even fit the credentials to get into a 72nd ranked school.

    1. How is life at the University of Minnesota, pussy?


      “IP Lookup Details:
      IP Information -
      Host name: x-160-94-13-40.asr.umn.edu
      Country: United States
      Country Code: US
      Region: MN
      City: Minneapolis
      Latitude: 44.9733
      Longitude: -93.2323”

      From my Analytics, moron:

      Visits: 1

      Unique ID: 535234172 (Tag)
      IP address: (ARIN/RIPE) (Tag)
      Locale: Minneapolis, MN, USA / English
      Platform: Google Chrome 33.0 / Windows 7 / 1920x1080

      Visits by this user in the last 7 days

      Apr 2 2014 12:57pm Minneapolis, MN, USA Quick view 8 actions 15m 1s google.com [secure search]

      I attended Third Tier Drake on a full tuition scholarship, for all three years, ass-hat. How do you like that, cockroach? Do you want me to list my Award totals for 2006-07 through 2008-09?!?!

      Quit trying to defend a mediocre product, Bitch. It makes you look pathetic and weak. You’d be better off looking for a job. If you want to piss away YOUR financial future on a garbage “legal education,” then go ahead, dolt. You are free to disregard solid information about the law school cartel. It will not add a dime to anyone else’s student loan balance.

  16. Hey Bernie Madoff investors, no one held a gun to your head telling you to invest with him! Stop being a whiny baby! So what if he made materially misleading statements! Get over it! Move on with your lives! Don't you have better things to do than whine about something that happened in the past?! Why don't you do something about it rather than whining?? A little bit of research could have easily told you that Bernie Madoff's investment fund was a fraud! Why didn't you do your due diligence?!

    1. To the idiot who posted at 3:48 PM.

      Did you know that Madoff used to be the chairman of NASDAQ which actually does lend someone more credentials than your local neighborhood broker? Did you also know that the SEC actually reviewed his books prior to his collapse and gave him a clean bill of health so to speak? Easy to say in hindsight that investors should have known. If your spouse is cheating on you and contracts herpes or AIDS and gives it to you then you are at fault because you should have known better to trust your spouse. Before Nando's blog you tell me where you would have found out that law schools are ponzi schemes? DOUCHE BAG

    2. Easy there Poncho..

      3:48 PM was being sarcastic. Both of you make good points. Hey, Madoff was cleared by the SEC. He *must* be legit, right?

      He had credentials. He was the former chairman of the NASDAQ. He's got to be on the level, right??


      All his accolades were the perfect cover for his scam. Sound familiar?

    3. lol @ 7:30 for not recognizing a clear and obvious parody of the anti-lawscam crowd.

  17. The Buyouts Have Begun!


  18. The Seton Hall success story must be out of his mind. I am a graduate of a T-10 law school, 2nd in the class, law review editor, Order of the Coif, the whole bit, and I can't even come close to the hubris the Seton Hall success story exudes. Made sure you were on Law Review? Care to try it again? I wouldn't do so on my life, and I was (28 years ago) a very good law student. Yes, hard work matters, but there were scores of people in my law school who worked harder than I did. I did well in law school because of luck and circumstance, but also because I was a Division 1 NCAA All American athlete who did not waver a bit when it came to being comfortable competing, something surely that law school did not bestow on me. No offense Seton Hall guy, but your I was smarter than everyone else attitude was why I disliked so many law students. Law school was just filled with candy-ass (often liberal and progressive, too) wimpy, effete progressives who had nothing in common with the people I used to compete against in the truly diverse and competitive world of track and field. And to take on debt to endure this experience again? Forget it. I do have a successful career, but my clients (they say so) hire me for business acumen far more than my legal skills, so I so far have avoided the commodity trap known as legal services. But this is no thanks to law school. It was a relatively poor value in the 80's and is now an abysmally poor value which harms way too many people. I regret having to mention the credentials up front, but types like Seton Hall seem to put stock in credentials (as admittedly my first employer did), so I feel compelled to do so.

    One more thing. Seton Hall complains that students do not do their financial research. Gee, in an educational system which teaches liberal arts majors every form of "ism" - racism, sexism, classism, and so on - and neglects to emphasize the importance of true critical thinking as opposed to trolling out the turgid, progressive narrative (which is almost entirely devoid of factual content or analysis), it strikes me as unrealistic to think we will have somehow have scores of financially adept 22 year olds rising out of nowhere. I don't mean to sound as political as I might appear, but academia is massively dominated by the left, and in concert with the government, they are doing incredible harm to young people and of course, as always, to the taxpayer.

    We need nando's in the thousands, and then some. I admire his verve.

    1. 7:34 PM, all due respect, but you sound just as pompous as the individual you are taking down. I graduated in the mid 80s. I got mid-law, and I remember being very happy in it. Yes I worked hard, but I played hard also . . and law has treated me very well. But I'm sure track and field athletes at the college level (I was track and field high school level) are just so much better than everybody else, especially liberals and progressives whom you look down upon. Give me a break. You are exactly the type of person you are railing against. That being said, yes Nando does provide a valuable service, but he is somewhat crass about the way he goes about it. On the other hand, he does get attention . . so I guess I can't fault him.

    2. I think lying to students about entry-level salaries and destroying young lives by charging them $100-250,000 in non-dischargeable student loan debt is crass.

  19. Look at all of the visitors from the Univer$iTTy of TTenne$$ee and the Knoxville area - on March 2, 2014.

    From my Analytics:

    "Visitors who live in Knoxville:

    6:35pm Knoxville, TN, USA Quick view 1 action 10s facebook.com/
    1:51pm Knoxville, TN, USA Quick view 1 action 10s facebook.com/
    1:41pm Knoxville, TN, USA Quick view 3 actions 7m 5s facebook.com/
    1:40pm Knoxville, TN, USA Quick view 1 action 10s facebook.com/
    1:07pm Knoxville, TN, USA Quick view 2 actions 9m 24s facebook.com/
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    12:50pm Knoxville, TN, USA Quick view 1 action 10s
    12:46pm Knoxville, TN, USA Quick view 4 actions 5m 18s"

  20. http://ip-whois-lookup.com/lookup.php?ip=

    Host name: 8.natext-192-249-1-1-128.utk.edu
    Country: United States
    Country Code: US
    Region: TN
    City: Knoxville
    Latitude: 35.9901
    Longitude: -83.9622

    OrgName: University of Tennessee
    OrgId: UNIVER-116
    Address: Office of Information Technology
    Address: 2309 Kingston Pk.
    Address: Suite 135 KPB
    City: Knoxville
    StateProv: TN
    PostalCode: 37996
    Country: US
    RegDate: 1992-10-29
    Updated: 2011-09-24
    Ref: http://whois.arin.net/rest/org/UNIVER-116

    Have fun wasting three years of your life on this idiotic endeavor, while incurring mortgage-sized sum of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt. Good luck purchasing a home or starting a family on a weak-ass income - especially when you owe $100K+ in student loans.

    1. I have a family and love it, and make under 30k a year :)

    2. Painter is more successful than Mr. Infinity.

  21. Mr. Infinity's alma mater recently announced it is discounting tuition by 15%. Hey Josh, how does it feel to have overpaid for your TTT degree?

    1. I really do not care. I see it as a donation to a fine school, one I am proud of. I may donate more in the future.

    2. Mr. Infinity is in extreme denial about his situation.

  22. For sale: Pile of Shit. 15% off. Hurry Now!!!


    Law school acts to fix broken system. How about closing?

  23. Nando, not sure if you've seen this recent editorial from a law school newspaper about your handiwork:


  24. The waterhead who posted on April 3, 2014 at 8:09 pm and 8:10 pm was none other than Crooklyn Law rape victim Joshua Ray Adams. Take a look at the following:


    On March 26, 2014, Cockroach Joshua Ray Adams posted a borderline retarded comment on a Junkyard thread labeled "Grad school is a debt machine." In the dung beetle's own words - which have not been altered in any way:

    "I owe 300,000 and am totally fine with it."

    Now, the moron admitted to making less than $30K per year. Yes, law school was a wise investment for you, right, Joshua!?!?!

    To the former NCAA division 1 All-American athlete who posted at 7:34 pm,

    Thank you for the kind words. You are correct in pointing out that the academic "progressives" are intellectual frauds. These bitches and hags ostensibly rail against the $y$tem that benefits them greatly. Yet, they don't want students/consumers to figure out that "higher education" boils down to exploitation of young people - often those from humble circumstances or poverty-stricken backgrounds.

    Plus, the pigs want to control the narrative through politically correct language. They merely want to limit the terms of debate, by imposing this nonsense on everyone else. Check out George Carlin’s take on this idiocy:


    I continue to kick the law school swine in the face, snout and ass - with righteous indignation - because these vile pieces of excrement have financially ruined LEGIONS of young people, for decades. Only pussies, shills and “law professors” would even bother to defend this indefensible filth.

  25. He's fine with it.

    How can someone be fine with non-dischargeable debt that is TEN TIMES their income?

    Not merely 1x or 1.5 times. Which would be bad enough.. but 10 TIMES.

    These Lemmings today are in need of a serious reality check and serious help.

    1. Even if I was a million dollars in debt, I would not regret my decision. Even if I mad 120 thousand and 90k of it per year was used to pay back loans, I would be glad to have went to law school, even if my law degree did not have anything to do with my income.

    2. He is fine with it because he is on a 25 year bankruptcy plan called IBR. If it wasn't for IBR, then he would leave the country or find some other way not to pay for it.

      If I am not mistaken, one of the arguments of this website is basically the proverb that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If the outcome is that more and more people are going to law school and ending up on a 25 year bankruptcy plan because of going to law school and if they are going to end of finding jobs that do not require a JD, then they shouldn't have gone in the first place for the price is way too high.

    3. Yes, @3:55PM is correct.

      I would add that the law school system knows all of this and has known it for quite a while and still the student loan money keeps pouring in so as to enrich the institutions and impoverish the individual fools and citizens who sign up for law school, which might as well be signing up for the 25 year bankruptcy.

      However it is more than 25 years, because the IRS will hand the debtor a huge tax bill on the discharged amount after 25 years.

      If Law School Lemmings can't reach the kids and warn them away on Twitter, then maybe they should be seriously warned when in College about how going to law school might ruin your financial life for decades.

      As for Josh Adams and his comment at the bottom of this string: He is nuts and should have his student loans discharged due to mental incompetence, and then be put in a straight jacket so he can't type on the internet anymore :)

  26. Nando, this is comedic gold!!!!

    Applying to law school is a difficult time for many students. I know it certainly was for me. There is so much to consider when trying to decide where you will spend the next three years. Outside of LSAT scores, GPA requirements, and financial aid opportunities, students generally want to know what a given law school can do for them. The internet being the main source of information these days, students turn to the web to research their prospective law school. For the exuberant young undergrad who has Cleveland-Marshall in his sights, his sense of excitement about our school undoubtedly plummets after reviewing the results of a Google search for “Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.”

    For those of you who don’t know, the sixth result (right there on the first page of results) of a Google search for Cleveland-Marshall is a blog titled “Crusty Turd: Cleveland Marshall College
    of Law.” While I won’t go into the contents of this blog – it being unbelievably off-base and insulting – I do wish to address this blog’s impact on our ability to attract qualified students. Obviously the presence of this blog did not deter nyone reading this article from attending Cleveland-Marshall. But I’m willing to bet that each year many qualified applicants are dissuaded from coming here based on the inflammatory claims made in this blog.

    I know that I, along with many classmates I’ve talked to, were very close to choosing different schools based on some of the things said in the blog. Probabilities being what they are, it’s almost certain that at least some qualified applicants chose other schools over CM Law based on misinformation in the blog.

    This is why it’s time for the school to actively pursue removing the blog from the first page of Google results. We simply cannot expect to climb in the rankings when the world’s most popular way of finding information yields a first-page result branding us a “crusty turd.” It’s bad for business; it’s embarrassing; it’s inaccurate; and it’s got to go. The school needs to look into the use of Google Analytics to somehow get this blog off the first page of results. If this means creating
    secondary “Cleveland Marshall” websites and paying an analytics company to maximize their hits, so be it. Whatever the cost or effort it takes to remove this blog is well worth it. Because I don’t know about any of you, but I’d like to be able to tell an out-of-town attorney where I go to law school without fear that the first thing he’ll learn about our school is that it’s a “crusty turd.”


  27. Good evening folks. For those who want to obsess over my life some more, check out http://strayology.blogspot.com

    This blog is about my life and travels throughout the world, including some of my thoughts on various issues such as student debt, college, and living life on a budget. It's a great way to see that you can have an amazing life on a small income.

    Truth be told: There will not be too much said on Law School on this blog, even though I may throw something in here and there. I have already proven that law school was a recipe for my life and I am very, and I mean very happy to have attended. The way I see this amazing world has changed due to my experience in law school and I truly know just how blessed I am. Phone to bone honesty here, folks: I used to pray that I would get into law school and those prayers were answered. How could I truly be mad at such a gift?

    But, the point of my blog or my post is not about law school. I already write enough about law school on other blogs, as well as my ebook, which I will probably be editing again. Did you know I have sold 99 copies of that ebook? That's $890 made off the book. Law school is still making money for me, and I am truly glad to help those who want my help with law school. You see, if someone asked me if they should go to law school, I would ask if they truly want to, and if they say "yes," than you better believe I will tell them to follow their dreams. Higher education is no way, shape or form a scam.

    So check out strayology, my blog about breaking away from the crowd and the regular way of life. Those who are the most happy with their lives are the ones who live it according to their own design. I am one of those people.

    Thank you for reading!

    1. You are a buffoon. You ripped off the American taxpayer for 300k in debt that you'll never repay, and didn't even benefit from - you handed it to tenured academics who are the only people on the planet less credible than you. I am paying my student loans with the money I earn working the JOB that I settled for once I finally admitted to myself that I'd been scammed. You are now completely at the mercy of the Federal government; a welfare queen by choice and with pride. Our law school decisions didn't just make us poorer; it made the country poorer. We wasted money that wasn't ours on useless toilet paper degrees. I'm trying to fix the damage I've done and move on. You are malingering and rationalizing. Hopefully Nando can steer enough suckers away from the scam that your worthless school is razed.

    2. "living life on a budget."

      Since you are on a 25 year bankruptcy program, you have already exceeded your budget.

      "I have already proven that law school was a recipe for my life and I am very, and I mean very happy to have attended."

      When you shovel it, you use both hands.

  28. Damn, there are more law schools than Subway franchises.

  29. What you guys do not seem to understand is that it is not just law students who are having trouble finding jobs.

  30. It should go without saying that pursuing any higher education comes with costs unless someone is offered a full ride. That is just an unfortunate fact about the education system that we in the U.S. find ourselves at the mercy of.
    UT law is not more expensive than any other school with a similar ranking. In fact, it's cheaper than many comparable schools and even schools with considerably lower rankings.
    Speaking of ranking (and granted, I'm sure this article hasn't been updated) UT law is ranked 52nd, right there alongside the likes of Pepperdine University School of Law (also, 52nd), which has a tuition expense of $49,000 a year, not including living expenses. As far as comparably ranked state schools go—like Georgia State (56th and $16,300 a year in tuition) and Florida State University (50th and $20,600 a year in tuition)—UT law is still relatively inexpensive, and considering its rank, a fairly good bang for your buck. In addition, the Tennessee Law Review has been ranked 81st and 99th out of almost 1400 academic journals by Washington and Lee University's commonly referenced journal rankings and Google, respectively. This is not to mention that UT Law's clinic ranks 16th in the NATION for clinical training. Further, I don't really understand why the stats on post-graduation employment are reported as though they are abysmal or well below average. In fact, having 82% of graduates placed within NINE months of graduation is exceptional, especially in this job market. As far as the "piggish law faculty compensation" is concerned, the majority of the faculty (and by majority I mean between 80 and 90%) graduated from Ivy league law schools. They are being compensated in proportion to their skill and are being compensated far less than what they would be compensated at a big law firm—presumably very high six figures if not more depending on partner status etc. One of the (many) factual errors in this post is that Joseph Cook has worked at UT Law for a mere 9 months. In fact, Joe Cook just celebrated FIFTY years of teaching at UT Law. Also, if you're a believer in capitalism then you understand that a person, education, service, etc. is worth what the market can bear or the market weeds it out. Apparently, UT laws current tuition, faculty compensation etc. agrees with the market even though it does not agree with you.


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