Sunday, April 6, 2014

Smells of Second Tier Desperation: Brooklyn Law School Pigs Announce Plan to Reduce Tuition by 15 Percent!

The Announcement: The 83rd “best” law school in the country - according to Vagina Bob Morse of US “News” & World Report - published a press release labeled “Brooklyn Law School Announces 15% Tuition Cut, Initiatives to Address Law School Accessibility and Affordability” on March 2, 2014.  Try to read the following excerpt, without laughing your ass off:

“Brooklyn Law School’s (BLS) Board of Trustees today announced a 15 percent across-the-board tuition reduction, beginning in the 2015-2016 academic year. The cost reduction program further enhances an evolving package of student-centric initiatives designed to address the national challenges of law school accessibility, affordability, and quality.

Today’s announcement follows last year’s decision by BLS to freeze 2014 tuitions at 2013 levels. It marks an aggressive effort to address law school affordability and signals a significant step toward greater accessibility and diversity in legal education, according to Nicholas W. Allard, Joseph Crea Dean and Professor of Law.” [Emphasis mine]

Of course, the cockroaches seek to spin this as a benevolent move from a financially-sound in$TTiTTion of “higher learning.”  Yes, because law schools truly care about their victims, right?!?! By the way, the term “student-centric” is fabricated nonsense.  Anyone who buys this garbage should be immediately declared too dumb to enter into a contract.

Other Coverage: On April 3, 2014, CBS New York, i.e. WCBS 880, ran a segment from Alex Silverman labeled “Brooklyn Law School Plans to Cut Tuition by 15 Percent.”  Look at this opening:

“The cost of an education seems like it’s rising by the minute, but one law school in New York City is lowering tuition.

Brooklyn Law School plans to cut tuition by 15 percent to $45,850 a year, starting next fall. It currently is nearly $54,000.

Brooklyn Law School Dean Nicholas Allard said prospective students are terrified of taking on enormous debt.

“There’s too few people in America who can either afford to go to law school or who can afford a lawyer,” Allard told 1010 WINS. “The skyrocketing tuitions at law schools are what’s keeping many people who are well-qualified from entering law school and they’re also contributing directly to the high cost of legal services for newly-minted lawyers.” 

The private institution’s applications have declined since before the recession. He didn’t provide numbers. The school currently has about 1,200 students.” [Emphasis mine]

Then again, Cockroach Joshua Ray Adams - from the Crooklyn Law Class of 2013 - is fine with owing $300K in total student debt, while also admitting that he makes less than $30K per year.  How do you like this announcement from your ABA-accredited cesspool, Bitch?!?!

The New York Times featured James B. Stewart’s piece, “A Bold Bid to Combat a Crisis in Legal Education” - on March 4, 2014.  Read this portion:

“Brooklyn Law School is hardly alone in facing a crisis in legal education. Five law schools have closed in the last two years, more than at any other time in American history.

But this week, it announced that it was taking some unusually bold steps to confront the crisis: The school is cutting tuition and abandoning what has become a widespread obsession with climbing the ladder of national law school rankings.

The combination of slumping demand for lawyers and ever-rising tuition has cast a pall on law school applications, which fell to 54,000 last year, from 100,000 in 2004. A generation of new lawyers is struggling under a crushing debt burden. “Every law school dean is talking about this, and every bar association is talking about this issue,” the dean of Brooklyn Law School, Nicholas Allard, told me this week.” [Emphasis mine]

Remember when mainstream news publications were not using terms as “crushing debt burden” when describing “legal education”?  It is great to see that we have been so effective in kicking the swine’s asses, armed with the truth.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Crooklyn Law Class of 2013 who incurred debt for law school - as $109,914. Furthermore, 76 percent of this commode’s 2013 class took on such putrid debt. Remember that this figure does not include undergraduate debt – and it also does not take accrued interest into account, while the student is enrolled.

Conclusion: This tuition reduction is a mere marketing ploy, designed to foster some positive attention from the media and potential applicants.  If the rats running this horrendous sewage pit really cared about the students, then they would slash tuition to around $15K per year.  However, that would require actual sacrifice on the part of these  “educators.”

Again, this cut does not go into effect until the 2015-2016 school year.  Plus, the filthy commode will still be charging those poor bastards/students a sum of $45,850 in annual tuition.  Yes, how gracious of them, huh?!?!  Instead of shoving a Louisville Slugger up your anus, Brooklyn Law Sewer will only cram a New York City phone book up your ass.  The result is essentially the same for the recipient.  


  1. Declining enrollment numbers and less tuition revenue from each student equals Brooklyn Law School closing up shop within a five year window. Ten years tops... These fucking retards don't seem to understand how their scam perpetuates itself, do they?

  2. Good news once again. I'm amazed that anyone can still apply to a law school that is saying, "Yeah, we were ripping off students in the past just because we could, but we're changed now and we're not going to rip the next batch of students off. No, really, we're telling the truth this time."

    A better gesture of commitment to students would be for this school to not just slash tuition, but refund tuition to graduates who, in the past decade, paid above this newly-reduced level to attend. If I was a recent grad of this school, I'd be disgusted that I had been overcharged for a program that the school now admits can be delivered far more cheaply.

    1. And what sort of heel stays on at the old price after hearing that the people coming in a few months from now will be charged much less?

    2. Mr. Infinity would thank them for charging him more.


  4. You guys saved my life. I emailed you about a year ago telling you I was considering leaving my job so I could go to law school. You probably don't remember but I was the guy making $60k in what I called a dead end job.

    Anyway you made me see the error of my ways. I'm still there making about the same as before. But I've got health insurance and very little student debt. (I'm trying to pay off the last $10k this year.) I even dropped my old girlfriend. She used to run me down, telling me that a Stanford grad should be making way more than what I make. The thing is my family's poor so I got in and didn't have to pay any tuition. I got my degree but didn't really make any connections there. I tried the frat thing and it just wasn't for me. I felt out of place there but excelled in the classroom. For me going to a top college was all about finding a good job.

    I was listening to my old gf too much for the last couple of years. I've since dropped her and have a more down to earth girl. And she is cute as hell. In fact we just got engaged. She's fine being with a guy who only makes 65k. My ex was livid that I listened to 'some angry fuckers on the internet' and decided not to go to law school. But I did the research from there. (I was a math major.) It just didn't make sense for me to go and give up what I had worked for. I pulled myself up from the slums to get here. So I dumped her. And I have no regrets. Thank you scambloggers for saving me from financial hell. You really did. I'm fighting back tears when I think of how you guys saved me. All I can say is Thanks.

    1. You made all the right moves. AND you dropped your social-climbing, ill-mannered, ex-cunt of a girlfriend?!?


      That's a 100% Batting Average, Chief.

      I envy you. Congratulations!

      Live the rest of your life to the fullest.

    2. Nando wrote that comment. There's no way that could have happened. Absolutely no way.

    3. I wouldn’t go so far as to call her a cunt. Everything else you wrote is true. She expected me to work all day so she could stay home and go to the gym. Typical Asian woman. But the final straw was when she insulted my family. I probably should have slapped her but I would've really thrown away everything if I did that.

      She went to visit her mom one weekend and I changed the locks and put all of her stuff in a bunch of boxes and put them out on the curb. When she got back, she was yelling and screaming and calling me every name in the book but it was worth it. She even revved up her engine and threatened to ram into my parked car. I moved out when my lease ended, partially because of the embarrassment of having my ex yelling at screaming at me from the sidewalk. I recognize that I pulled myself out of the slums and I'm not about to go back to a life of financial insecurity.

  5. Leave my school alone you JERKS!!!!!!

  6. "Yeah, we were ripping off students in the past just because we could, but we're changed now and we're not going to rip the next batch of students off. No, really, we're telling the truth this time."

    They have been ripping students off for the last 15 to 20 years if not longer because they took huge advantage of the fraudulent notion that if one graduates from their school only in the middle of the pack, they might not make $160K but they will settle in the middle for perhaps $80K and a decent middle class lifestyle, when, in fact, most JD's from BLS are lucky to get doc review or a shitlaw job paying $40K. The demise of Crooklyn law scam and the devils who run it can not happen fast enough. Every day that I pass by there I just want to puke and scream at the lemmings who go in and out of there "are you fucking stupid? You can't google? Are all of your daddies main partners at law firms? Jesus!"

    I will spit on the grave of BLS when it closes down in the next 10 years or so. Clearly they are in BIG trouble if those professorial and administrative devils would even Thanks to the likes of Nando, Campos, Myself, John Doeee and the grandfather of all scam bloggers, Scotty Bullock...among others....the word is out. Law is a utterly BS, non prestigious, poorly paying, ignoble and shitty 'profession' and law schools that spit lemmings out into a market that will not pay them are nothing federal loan money grifting operations. God bless!

  7. Which five law skules have closed in the past two years? They must be unaccredited ones. I have a bottle of Champagne to open on the day when the first accredited law skule shuts up shop.

    1. You got it. 5 CA ones:

  8. Yo Vinny dis is still a bum deal! 45 large for a no chance at decent gig, Fuggedaboutit!

  9. Hello, Joshua Ray Adams. You are butt-hurt because people are pointing out that Brooklyn Law Sewer is still grossly overpriced. You need to be in a padded room somewhere. Since you are making less than $30K per year, waterhead, those costs should be covered by Medicaid, i.e. the taxpayers.

    “IP Lookup Details:
    IP Information -
    Host name:
    Country: United States
    Country Code: US
    Region: WA
    City: Seattle
    Latitude: 47.5951
    Longitude: -122.3326”

    From my Analytics:

    “Visits: 103

    Unique ID: 469004975
    IP address:
    Locale: Kent, WA, USA / English
    Platform: Firefox 28.0 / Mac OS X / 1920x1080

    Visits by this user in the last 7 days

    Apr 6 2014 7:46am Kent, WA, USA Quick view 6 actions 3m 51s jdjunkyard.forumatic...
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    Apr 5 2014 8:58am Kent, WA, USA Quick view 2 actions 3s jdjunkyard.forumatic...
    Apr 4 2014 5:39am Kent, WA, USA Quick view 2 actions 4s jdjunkyard.forumatic...
    Apr 3 2014 1:22pm Kent, WA, USA Quick view 4 actions 2m 7s jdjunkyard.forumatic…”

    Get a life, you pathetic piece of trash. You continue to defend the law school pigs, and they penetrated your butthole with a Boeing 747 - and they didn’t even bother to use lubricant!!

  10. Let's take a look at the Intelius search results for Joshua Adams in Medical Lake, WA. The first entry is for the pile of human waste known as Joshua Ray Adams:

    "Joshua Ray Adams , age 32


    Joshua Ray Adams
    Josh R Adams

    Has lived in:

    Spokane, WA
    Seattle, WA
    Brooklyn, NY
    Springfield, MA
    San Francisco, CA

    Has worked at:

    In-n-Out Burger
    University of San Francisco
    The Jibsheet

    Has studied at:

    Brooklyn Law School
    University of San Francisco

    Related to:

    Beverly Adams
    Amanda Adams”

    You would have been better off staying at In-N-Out Burger, bitch. You could have run the drive-thru window by now, as long as you had remained on your meds. Look at this slim by juicy portion from a Bloomberg Businessweek article, back on April 8, 2009:

    “Store managers at In-N-Out make at least $100,000 a year and are eligible for monthly bonuses tied to store sales.”

    But law school paid off for you, right, broke bastard?!?!

    1. Listen, Lemmings.

      You want to succeed?

      Education isn't the way to do it anymore.

      Go to work straight out of HS. Work at McDonald's or In and Out Burger. Work your way up. Shit, I just saw an add for a sales manager at an auto dealership for $120k.

      You don't need college degrees for any of these positions. And they'll over-qualify you anyway..

      Avoid the Noid.

      Avoid the Education Debt Trap. Avoid listening to your idiot parents and family who think they know better. They don't. They're proles. Like you. They have no clue how the world works anymore.

      Start young. Work your way up. Work hard. Retire young.

      Not saying you'll be super-rich. Or even succeed at that. But it's your best shot with the highest probability of a good outcome. Not the Education Game.

    2. You are obsessed with me lol. I love it and have left such a large mark on this blog that its basically mine now. Lololololol

      Joshua Ray

    3. Adverse possession of this blog, so to speak.

    4. By the way, I was offered management training by at least 3 managers and a district manager before leaving for WNEC law. I said thanks but no thanks.

    5. You really are a stupid piece of shit. You were offered management training and you turned it down. To go to a fucking fourth tier law school.

      Now look at your life. You owe a fuck ton of student debt money and you make peanuts.


    6. As the joke goes, when the lord was handing out brains, he thought that he said pains and said thanks but no thanks.

  11. @ April 6, 2014 at 11:49 AM.

    "You really are a stupid piece of shit. You were offered management training and you turned it down. To go to a fucking fourth tier law school."

    Not only that, he is actually thanking the law school for doing this to him. He is probably going to double down and enroll in an LLM program next. The guy just cannot admit even to himself that he made a mistake.

    1. Or that he is wrong.

    2. I will not admit I made a mistake nor that I am wrong, because law school was not a mistake, nor was I wrong. I am not wrong now. Todaloo.

  12. As a lawyer who has worked in NYC, I never quite understood how BLS was able to draw in so many suckers. It is a stand-alone institution with no University backing it. There are at least half a dozen school in a 50 mile radius that have better reputations than BLS. Yet BLS was charging NYU/Columbia level tuition. Well I have about as much sympathy for a BLS grad that overpaid for a worthless JD than someone who paid $50K for a Hyundai Sonata.

    In liquidating a real estate portfolio and now offering a 15% discount, it shows this school is in the endgame phase. It is trying to squeeze in a few more years of existence but I predict this school will be "busted out" within 5 years. Nick Allard is hoping the discount will bring in lemmings on the fence. He is going to have to do a lot better than 15%. I wouldn't pay $5K for BLS JD.

    BLS's behavior reminds me of those middle eastern electronics stores in Times Square circa '80s/'90s which used to advertise its perpetual "GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE." Kids make no mistake, this school is sinking faster than an anvil in the middle of the ocean.

    If you are dumb enough to even consider attending this school, I would demand as a prospective 0L to see BLS's books as authenticated and verified by an independent auditor. Buying a JD from BLS is akin to buying an Atari 2600 around 1985 when Nintendo was all the rage.

    Schools such as BLS and NYLS deserve what it has coming to them.

  13. Adams is a head case. No one from In n Out offered him management training. He doesn't have the brains to run the fry station.

    1. Actually, I have the information for the manager. I was told I could go back at any time if I chose to. I probably won't though. Kind of moved on from that life, if you will.

  14. Yo Soy Catracho!

    After graduating from college with a good experience and having been taught well by real Professors, I enrolled in a bottom tier law school and went the first three semesters with a GPA below 2.0 and on academic probation.

    That school was Touro, and all of 3 years ABA accredited at the time, and the "hide the ball" game was perhaps in full force then in that nothing was taught in a number of courses in preparation for the Bar Exam.

    Contracts was an abomination and J. Kirkland Grand taught nothing.

    Gary Shaw taught damn little about Constitutional law and was a terrible classroom bully and I always went to his class with a real feeling of fear in my solar plexus.

    When I finally graduated and with a barely passing gpa at Touro, I took the bar review course and the amount of information that I had to learn and for the very first time in the subjects of Contracts and Constitutional law was overwhelming and when I finally sat for the bar exam in NY I had nothing to write for the essays on Contracts and Con Law and I kept asking myself:

    Why didn't they teach me this at Touro?

    Why didn't they teach me this at Touro?

    I sat through the bar exam essay portion, and writing nothing for over an hour. And I did that three times, and I was too ashamed to walk out.

    The Bar Exam experience in the Javitts center was cavernous and overwhelmingly huge, with loudspeakers that echoed and instructed the test takers to start and stop writing, and the proctors were walking all around and it was freaky.

    Today I have a student loan debt loat that is five times the original amount due to compounded interest and is 352K.

    Oh Dear God help me. There is no remedy.

    But please Nando just drop the Adams stuff now. Do not engage him.

    I helped you find him,but this is all too much.

    As for the greeting, I was unemployed after law school and was blessed to get to know some epople from Honduras, whom I worked with, and they restored my faith in humanity, after having been through the horrible abuse of the 3 year wringer of law school mental abuse and the socratic method with no pay off.

    Johnny, the Painter.

    1. Johnny,

      What's up my homie? I, too, went to the Javits center to do my bar exam. I did not study for more than ten minutes total for the bar exam. On the way to the exam itself I did not so much as lift an outline. In fact, I didn't even take an outline with me.

      Sure, the place was loud inside, but I did not let it phase me. I wrote a lot for my essays, even without having studied any law for two months. I almost passed the thing. However, it was all a big annoyance and I doubt I will take it again. For not studying I didn't do too bad.

      I felt that a lot of the stuff on the bar exam was not taught to me, but I could have figured it out using Bar Bri materials. I did not take Bar Bri or any of the others though. The cost of $3,000 for a test prep service was ridiculous to me. I mean, I already spent over a hundred thousand on law school, right?

      As I sit here, today, I do not want to practice law. I doubt I will take the bar exam here in Washington when I really think about it. I realize that I do not need a vast amount of money to survive and that "all is vanity." Even if I made $60-$100k, I have no idea what I would do with it. I do not want nor need a car, I would not want to buy a house, I am happy with a small apartment, I do not plan on any more children, I like being frugal and traveling cheap. I would not want to stay in an expensive resort. Therefore, why should I even try to get a high paying law job? I see people with condos and cars and they are all miserable. They think that they are better than everyone else and they work so hard to protect these "things". You buy a house, then you have to fill it with stuff. You start to make more money and you get more greedy, you feel the need to show off your wealth with "elite" trinkets such as Gucci purses and expensive cellular phones. TBH, I don't even carry a cellular phone and loathe it when people ask me if I have one. I think they are a nasty invention and that they are addictive.

      I do not smoke, drink, party, nor do I care to eat at expensive restaurants. So, tell me, why should I aim at getting a job that pays more than $30k a year? My only goal is to be self sufficient. I do not want the government to pay my way, and I want enough to retire and give my daughter a nice life. However, I do not want nor need the lifestyle that most law students crave. That is all vanity, and to be honest, it's disgusting. That's why I hate this movement so much.

      Engage me Nando. You can not beat me because I think a lot different than most people and I always have a way of winning every single battle I start.

      I, too, once took an IQ test, and scored 145. However, IQ does not tell a lot about a person or how smart they are in day to day life. Anyone who lives their life for the attainment of material possessions is an idiot.

    2. "Engage me Nando. You can not beat me because I think a lot different than most people and I always have a way of winning every single battle I start."

      Another reason you can not beat me: This blog is more about me than about law school. And it has not hurt me one bit. In fact, I LOVE that this blog has turned out the way it has. I have been crafting this since back in 2010 when I started taking over this place at WNEC. Even you have to admit, I have taken this blog over. The topic has always been about and will always be about me.

      You are obsessed with me. The movement is obsessed with me. And you can not go a few minutes without thinking of me. It's so flattering.


    3. "Engage me Nando. You can not beat me because I think a lot different than most people and I always have a way of winning every single battle I start."

      Kind of like the Black Knight from this clip.

      "I, too, once took an IQ test, and scored 145."

      You are misplaced the decimal point. It was really 14.5.

    4. "Engage me Nando. You can not beat me because I think a lot different than most people and I always have a way of winning every single battle I start."

      Apparently passing the bar was not one of them.

    5. " Even if I made $60-$100k, I have no idea what I would do with it."
      "So, tell me, why should I aim at getting a job that pays more than $30k a year? My only goal is to be self sufficient. I do not want the government to pay my way, and I want enough to retire and give my daughter a nice life."

      Paying back what you owe for law school for starters. Considering that the government is already paying your way on IBR and you are therefore not self-sufficient on a $30K a year job, you obviously need one that pays more.

      Once again, Mr. Infinity loses another debate.

  15. ^^ Typos: J. Kirkland Grant, who walked out one day on a class because a few kids hadn't briefed their cases, and with 15 to 20 minutes to spare.

    He screamed at the class that they were supposed to be: "Responsible for people's lives"

    How bitter it all is.

    Grant drove a Mercedes, and came to class in a pinstripe suit.

  16. ♫I went to Brooklyn Law, I make 30K, I wear paper hats.♫

    1. The kid in the video looks just like Josh Adams. But at least that kid doesn't owe $300k in student debt.

    2. Clearly the kid in the video is smarter than Josh Adams.

  17. $45,850 a year is hardly "affordable." Matter of fact, it is flat out ridiculous to think of someone paying that amount of money for three years.

    And where has Colonel Sanders been hiding out lately? Did he end up taking one of those $100K jobs at the In-N-Out?

  18. Food Nazis seem to be all about these days.

    The underlying agenda of the food Nazis is control, and it is a form of abuse, or at least it can be and you figure out the rest.

    If all else fails, the food one ingests is controllable.

    Kind of unusual, but food Nazis are everywhere these days, and a lot of them like Yoga because it seems exotic and they have no humanities education, and no frame of reference.

    And that is because Higher Ed, has failed America.

    Benjamin Franklin was in favor of free public libraries.

    But the American experiment has changed.

    Maybe the ideas of social mobility and education got skewed along the way.

    What disturbed me about Saul Bellow's introduction to the Closing of the American Mind was the boasting of Bellows that he was "autodidactic" and therefore was too smart for any school.

    And so maybe Nando has a point with his tag line about education.

  19. Faggot, you got destroyed by law school. You still failed the bar exam. Try to rationalize it anyway you like. Plenty of people pass without studying for the bar exam.

    And now you make a shit wage. You can't give your daughter a nice life on your shitty income. You are likely on gubmint assistance as it is. You can't admit you were wrong. That's the sign of a weakling.

  20. I LOVE how law school turned out for me. I have no complaints. My life is exactly how I planned it years ago. I'm glad I don't practice law. Even those guys in Biglaw are miserable. Look at the big movie stars making big money. How many of them are drug addicts? They're not happy like I am.

    I married an ugly woman but she was the first woman to sleep with me. Guys who go after the best looking girls are idiots. You shouldn't sleep with more than one woman in your life anyway. Be happy with what you got. Quit chasing after women. Marry the first one to sleep with you.


    1. You planned to fail the bar?

    2. And congratulations on marrying the ugliest woman in the country, Josh. You're a real breadwinner.

    3. The denial is strong with this one.

    4. You planned to take on student loans and then don't pay them, leaving people who actually work and pay taxes to pay your bills?

    5. Honestly, she could have done better.

    6. Everybody, how soon do you think before she leaves him?

  21. Mr. Pickwick awoke, and the great man opened his windows and looked out upon another indebted day.

    BTW, the comments on this post are really awful, and pretty brutal.

    Time to step back and think about it all.

    The scamblogs wouldn't even exist if there were not problems, but the dialogue, and in all forms, has been going on for years and nothing has changed much.

    If the market can sustain an oversupply and continue, and if student lending can continue in its present form and with no checks and balances, then things will not change.

    One can only hope for an economic correction, because the issues have been discussed exhaustively and litigation was even attempted, but that went over like a lead balloon as well.

    It is just upsetting now, and better to get on with life and put the past in the past, try to change what you can, and accept what cannot be changed as they say.

    I mean think about it: Rocky Balboa beat a seemingly unbeatable Ivan Drago, and Clubber Lang, and he did it with Heart!

    And he knocked down Mason the Line Dixon.

    And that kid he was trying to train and help in one of the six Rocky movies who was ungrateful? What's his name? Well, Rocky let the kid have it in a street brawl.

    So listen to a Rocky movie music montage like I did yesterday and get inspired!

    Words to live by.

    1. What are you talking about with claiming the market hasn't changed? Are you not aware law school applications and LSAT numbers are hitting historic lows and have been declining rapidly in the past 4 years?

      The scamblogs are having a HUGE impact. Faculty layoffs are happening. Brooklyn Law is attempting to entice a new crop of gullible suckers with paltry tuition discounts. All of these developments would be unheard of 6 years ago.

      I feel as if there are some out there who attempt to deflate the morale of the scambloggers and to obstruct their progress. As the facts stand, the legal education industry is going through a tumultuous period. And it's due largely in part to information available on the Internet.

      Large change happens suddenly. It's like a bridge that crumbles when its load-bearing capacity is breached. If the bridge can withstand the weight of 10,000 people, nothing will happen to the bridge until the 10,001th person joins the other 10,000 people and destroys the bridge. Similarly, there has been a steady drumbeat of criticism against the sleazy law school industry but we are slowly but surely reaching critical mass. Perhaps a few more NYT stories or another expose on the lives of indebted law school grads in the LA Times or Business Insider will do the trick. But we're getting there. And anyone who thinks the scamblogs aren't having an impact has their head in the ground. EVERY law school admissions dean in the country is aware of the scamblogs and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they check TTR daily, hoping their institution won't be featured.

      Apps are down, LSAT numbers are down (with a brief bit of statistical noise in the last administration due to the prior LSAT test overlapping with Hanukkah), faculty are being offered buyouts, suddenly compassionate and caring law schools are offering tuition "discounts" to entice naive applicants. The wheels are falling off and everyone knows it. The little dirty secret of the law school industry is out - most grads do not end up in good places. It's not uncommon for grads to make $20-40k while carrying $100-250k in debt. This is not a tenable situation and the law schools have ruthlessly exploited their information asymmetry about jobs, salaries, and graduate outcomes to their advantage. But the Internet has leveled the playing field and it's not hard a law school applicant to punch a few searches into Google and immediately learn that law school is an incredibly risky venture with a narrow chance of paying off.

      Keep moving on with your lives. But REFUSE to accept the actions of the law schools. If your law school experience has destroyed your quality of life and seriously harmed your finances, why shouldn't you be angry? Why shouldn't you tell others? Why shouldn't you encourage law school applicants to be very careful about what they're getting into? This pollyannaish idea that we should just forget about what happened is insane. It's like telling someone who was gang raped to "just get on with life." Or an investor who was illegally ripped off due to materially misleading statements to "forget about it." There's a reason material misstatements are illegal. There's a reason Ponzi schemes are illegal. So while I agree with your general sentiment to keep fighting and keep moving on, I also think it's IMPERATIVE that everyone who has had their lives dismantled by the law school industry to speak out and to continually criticize this sleazy industry that destroys young lives.

      Keep moving on, keep fighting, but also keep speaking out so that further lives aren't destroyed by law school.

    2. ^^^I had to get my reading glasses out for that one. Whew :)

      The Rocky Balboa stuff was a tongue in cheek joke and I was poking fun at the Rocky character as being a cartoon, as I once heard long ago by an English Professor.

      You know, like Wyle E Cyote, Rocky gets all physically trashed, and in the next scene or movie or what have you, he has no eye problem or brain damage from having been pounded in the head a million times.

      But real life is not simple, and not a Rocky story.

      Going the distance with respect to law school can leave one's life in shambles and in real life one has to know when to quit or walk away and not be a lemming.

      I mean really, look at Muhammad Ali now and even Joe Louis ended up punch drunk at the end.

      And maybe that is how the lifetime indebted law grads (not all, but some) end up after carrying the psychological and emotional burden of massive student loan debt that cannot ever be repaid, and with no way out other than a tacit bone thrown to them in the form of IBR followed by a whopping IRS tax bill on the post IBR debt and until the best years of their lives are finally over.

      Student loan debt spans youth, the mid life crisis, and goes on into old age and ultimately death when it will finally be fully discharged and without the help of Quist and those other judges that threw out the work of Kurzon Strauss.

      The only reason I remember Quist is because the name is similar to an old breakfast cereal:


      Oh anyway, Rocky is another creepy Baby Boomer generation hero and icon and a lie and the creator of Rocky is an over the top snake oil salesman with respect to morality, culture etc.

      But go to Broadway and watch the Rocky play if you insist.

      Baby Boomers have pretty much ruined America.

  22. This law school should close and many others. If the Fed loan system was not artificially propping up demand, there would be a large number of law school closings. That is how capitalism is supposed to work. Decreased demand, in general, means that law schools will have to lower prices. It is supply and demand, not some benevolent idea from the law schools. Let capitalism do what it does, without student loans, and you would see massive law school closings and much more reasonable tuition.

    Starve the law school beast and you would have a much healthier profession.


    On April 3, 2014, ATL’s Staci Zaretsky posted a great entry entitled “Which Law School Just Cut Tuition By 15 Percent?” Read the following excerpt:

    “As we mentioned in Morning Docket, one New York law school just decided to cut its yearly tuition by a whole lot — 15 percent, actually. That’s right: a top 100 law school is reducing its tuition, across the board, in a move that will take it from being the second-most expensive private law school in New York City to being the cheapest of its kind.

    Of course, by “cheapest,” what we really mean is “still prohibitively expensive,” but at least it’s a step in the right direction. Perhaps this is a trend in the making for the rest of New York City’s law schools.

    So, which law school is helping its students take on a little less debt?

    It’s Brooklyn Law School, whose dean announced today that the school will be slashing its tuition by 15 percent. Here are the details from the Wall Street Journal (sub. req.):

    Tuition at the school currently stands at $53,850—after the cut, set to go into effect for the 2015-2016 academic year, the tuition will be $45,850.

    The change comes during a time of national concern about growing student debt and shrinking job prospects in the law profession.

    “Cost is an issue on the minds of everyone who wants to be a lawyer,” said Brooklyn Law School Dean Nicholas Allard. “They’re terrified of taking on enormous debt…it’s a broken business model.”

    This means that the total cost to attend Brooklyn Law, including tuition, fees, and expenses, will drop from $82,471 to $74,471 (or from $247,413 over three years of school down to $223,413 over the same time period). Will an almost $25K decrease make a difference when it comes to loan payments? It depends.

    While the WSJ says that about 88 percent of Brooklyn Law grads from the class of 2013 are “employed,” we’ll go one step further to note that just 57.3 percent are employed in full-time, long-term positions as attorneys. About 65 of those recent graduates are employed in mid-size to Biglaw firms.”

    Cockroach Nicholas Allard, dean of 83rd ranked Crooklyn Law School, RECOGNIZES AND ADMITS that ABA-accredited diploma mills are operating a broken business model. Then again, anyone with an IQ above room temperature could point out this reality.

    In sum, this is a marketing ploy designed to attract more applicants and students. This tuition reduction is nominal. It doesn’t matter if you graduate owing a total of $150K or $175K, in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt. Either way, your life is ruined. Imagine earning $35K-$45K per year, after graduation. Good luck trying to eke out a decent living, when your debt to income is 4:1 or higher. Who in their right mind goes to law school with the intention of making subsistent wages?!?!

    1. Nando, you are doing God's work here.

      As THE poster who very likely was the FIRST poster, or at least one of the very first posters, to refer to law school as a scam and or a Ponzi scheme....and likely THE first to even tell you to not just focus upon nameless institutions but focus on the devilish real life people who control them and exploit the unconnected, unwashed masses...folks like Wexler, Joan King, non this Allard clown....I, one of the original and greatest lawland truthsayers and posters known, SALUTE YOU!!!!!

      You are saving lives! You are, point by point and stat by stat bringing down the lawland scams .......not just law school scams...but lawLAND in the schools and the so-called 'profession' that is the meat grinder that the schools feed with lemmings!

      I live for the day that I see Brooklyn Law Scam close its doors for good! I cream every time I see its USNWR Ranking slide further down the drain.

      God bless you my son! - The Infamous John J. Bungsolaphagus...The Greatest Lawland Poster and Truth Sayer Known! (The GPK).

  24. Brooklyn Law School is really circling the drain. First, they announced the 2 year JD. Then, they launched an aggressive advertising campaign to lure foreigners into its LL.M. program. Then, they started selling off assets. And now, they are discounting tuition.

    These actions are desperate ploys of a school that is facing an involuntary closure. At this point Mr. Infinity's only shot of discharging his loans will be if this commode closes its doors for good. Too bad he will never get those 3 years of law school back.

    1. That's another thing. NY allows a 1 year LLM degree completion by a foreign law degree holder as satisfactory to sit for the NY Bar.

      AS IF 15 (fifteen) law schools in New York State aren't already providing, I'll put it politely: a "surplus" of lawyers in New York State.

      These places are well and truly vile shitholes.

  25. Shill SilversteinApril 7, 2014 at 9:43 AM

    Piece of Shit Law Degree For Sale
    Brooklyn Law degree for sale!
    Brooklyn Law degree for sale!
    One shitty and slimy yucky law degree for sale!
    I’m really not kidding,
    So who’ll start the bidding?
    Do I hear a dollar? (Or 15 cents off the dollar?)
    A nickel?
    A penny?
    Oh, isn’t there, isn’t there, isn’t there any
    One soul that will buy this old law degree for sale,
    This shitty and slimy yucky law degree for sale?


    Read that and weep, lemmings!


    On April 3, 2014, the Sacramento Bee re-published a PRNewswire report, headlined “Brooklyn Law School Announces 15% Tuition Cut, Adding To Package Of Initiatives That Address Law School Accessibility And Affordability.” Look at this portion:

    "Brooklyn Law School's tuition reduction is a direct reflection of our strong financial position," said Stuart Subotnick, Chairman of Brooklyn Law School's Board of Trustees. "Through the generous support of alumni, opportunistic sales of unneeded real estate, and sensible cost reduction, BLS's finances enable us to aggressively invest wisely in our educational programs and our students."

    Brooklyn Law School's announcement follows a report released in January by the ABA Task Force on the Future of Legal Education, which stated that "a widespread practice is to announce nominal tuition rates, and then pursue certain high LSAT or GPA students by offering substantial discounts (styled as scholarships) without regard to the recipient's financial need. Other students, by contrast, receive little if any benefit from discounting and must rely extensively on borrowing to finance their education." Similar issues have been raised by the New York State Bar Association and the New York City Bar Association.

    "Over its 113-year history, BLS has been a pioneer, opening its doors to women, minorities, and the less advantaged. We have provided a gateway to opportunity. Tuition reduction continues that tradition," Allard said. "This package of student-focused initiatives is the latest and most important step in Brooklyn Law School's ongoing efforts to address the costs of legal education and the ability of law students to meet a fundamentally changing legal profession."

    Allard further asserted that lowering tuition is not just about BLS. "This is about addressing issues that every law school is grappling with – allowing qualified students from all backgrounds to become attorneys. It's about students being able to graduate from law school without crushing debt. In turn, it's about untold millions of Americans being able to have access to quality, affordable legal services."

    Yeah, sure this independent trash pit has a strong financial position - and people take their possessions to pawn shops when they are doing well. Notice how the ABA-accredited toilet pointed to its idiotic initiatives, as “proof” that it is putting its students first.

    In the final analysis, no one gives a damn if your commode has historically opened its doors to women, blacks, left-handed lesbians who weigh more than 300 pounds, transvestites with pink hair, or members of any other “less advantaged” group. You bastards simply want more asses in seats. It is truly sickening how you pigs prey on the progressive ideals of young people, in order to place them in financial hell. This is why I love watching your swine roast to a crisp.

    1. Squeal away little piggies!

      The faculty buyouts will come first, then more real estate will be sold, and then painful layoffs will begin. It will be a great day when a worthless boomer civil pro professor finds himself working at Starbucks for the healthcare.

    2. Their "strong financial position"???? HAH!!!!

      Crooklyn Law had in 2012, $80 MM in bond debt, it was still borrowing in 2012 with a new issuance of $50 MM in bond debt, AT TWO NOTCHES ABOVE JUNK BOND STATUS!!

      They sold their buildings because their bond rating agencies told them they had to!! The building(s) will only get them $40 MM.

      It's all over but the bankruptcy, bitch.

      These are fun. This is Moody's report on Crooklyn, subsequently DOWNGRADED in DECEMBER of 2013, no doubt due to their "strong financial position."

      BBB/negative outlook in the financial world is pronounced: suck a dick and liquidate.

    3. Ahh!

      Now the real story comes out. As always, follow the money. This puts a whole new light on Crooklyn's situation. Excellent work on the above post.

    4. This is the death watch list, and it's exactly who you would expect:

      New York Law School (A-/Negative)
      Brooklyn Law School (BBB+/Negative)
      Albany Law School (BBB/Stable)
      Thomas M. Cooley Law School (BBB/Negative)
      Thomas Jefferson School of Law (B+/Negative)

      The combined total enrollment of these law schools adding up US News figures = 6,189. That'd be a nice dent, huh??

      This is a WSJ published Standard and Poor's Report on law schools generally.

      Note, if your law school has debt, the bond ratings agencies now tell you what to do. For instance, S&P says 'get more asses in seats (pg 10)'; find ways to make law school less than 3 years (ibid.) and lock those undergrads in early; offer 'alternative' non-full-JD degrees, likes 'masters of law.' If you do these things, we will give you a rating that is too high. Oooooeeee, but that sounds familiar!

      These are the schools that should be everywhere highlighted on scam blogs, as Nando has so correctly done. These are the prey with one broken leg. These are the schools that we can close by sharing information.

  28. Maybe in the years to come the whole system will be normalized once more, and we will all live to see better days.

    "“How life is strange and changeful, and the crystal is in the steel at the point of fracture, and the toad bears a jewel in its forehead, and the meaning of moments passes like the breeze that scarcely ruffles the leaf of the willow.”

    As for Adams, I recommend that Nando remove the pic and the comments by him on this thread (one of which he might regret). For his own good.

    Besides, his wife had nothing to do with his trolling, nor with the scamblogs.

    Good luck everybody, and as far as I go, all is forgotten and forgiven Re: Mr. Infinity.

    I'm off to make the best of what is left of my life, and the debt, etc.


    Paumanok. April 8, 2014


    Check out Matt Leichter’s epic piece entitled “What’s ‘Bold’ About Nominal Law School Tuition Cuts?” It was published on April 6, 2014. Read the entire post, but focus on the following:

    “As for Brooklyn’s “bold” move:

    “[Brooklyn] announced that it was taking some unusually bold steps to confront the crisis: The school is cutting tuition and abandoning what has become a widespread obsession with climbing the ladder of national law school rankings.”

    But the real question is, does Brooklyn Law have a choice? For instance, this year it accepted 47 percent of its full-time applicants, up 7 percent from 2012-13 and up 17 percent from 2011-12. In 2012-13, only 16 percent of its full-time students were paying full tuition. Sixty-three percent were paying $35,400 or less, which after cursory investigation makes Brooklyn the most “over-leveraged” law school in the New York City area in terms of merit aid. Even Seton Hall doesn’t subsidize that many full-time students by that much. Clearly, Brooklyn Law School was playing the scholarship game very, very hard.

    And it still lost badly, hence the cuts.

    Aside from the above criticisms, too much of the article relies on quotations rather than real reporting. Specifically, the last three paragraphs might as well have been written as an editorial by Dean Allard.

    “Mr. Allard argues passionately that the legal profession isn’t just for Supreme Court clerks and high-paid associates at elite firms. He noted that 94 percent of Brooklyn’s graduates passed the bar exam and 90 percent were currently employed in legal careers. Many meet the legal needs of underserved populations.”

    To my knowledge, the bar passage rate is right for last July, but the 90 percent employment in “legal careers” would be a miraculous turn of fortune for Brooklyn Law’s graduates. Fewer than half of its 2011 and 2012 grads were employed full-time, long-term in “bar passage required” positions, and less than 10 percent of both classes were in full-time, long-term “JD advantage” jobs. Did I mention that more than a quarter of these grads reported being either unemployed or didn’t respond to the survey?”

    Leichter pays attention to detail, and his numbers and charts are excellent. So when he states that Crooklyn Law School is the MOST ‘OVER-LEVERAGED’ law school in New York City, you can bet your ass that he is correct.

    In the end, Brooklyn Law Sewer is a laughingstock. Hell, the school was sued for fraud by several of its recent graduates. It has been forced to sell off assets. As the commenter at 6:19 am pointed out, the bitches and hags had their bond rating downgraded by Moody’s. Plus, the commode is not attached to a larger college or university, i.e. it is a free-standing piece of garbage. These are not the signs of an in$TTiTTuTTion with a strong financial position.

    1. Crooklyn Law Sewer is a free standing business just like the neighborhood whore house but at least the whore house you know what you really are getting for your money.

    2. You're getting fucked at the whorehouse, and you're getting fucked at Crooklyn too.

  30. DO NOT pay your ABA dues. They continue to authorize limitless numbers of new law school graduates.

    1. Absolutely. Boycott the ABA. Belonging to your own state bar is enough.

  31. Frederick March speaks about Student Loans. Gambling on the future of this country:

  32. And here is the net worth of no talent Grace Slick from the Jefferson Airplane that played at Woodstock:

    My overall impression is that the financial engine that made music an outrageous commodity while targeting American children is a baby boomer generation thing.

    Here is Jourma sort of talking about it:

    And here is Allan Bloom explaining it all:

    And here is another long paste to fall on death ears. And so long as it does the legal system will be a mess, and I will unwillingly have to listen to the music of Mick Jagger and Roger Waters and Led Zeppelin as accompainment to labor in the workforce for the span of 50 plus years:

    In one chapter he examined the philosophical effects of popular music on the lives of students, placing pop music, or as it is generically branded by record companies "rock music", in a historical context from Plato’s Republic to Nietzsche’s Dionysian longings. Treating it for the first time with genuine philosophical interest, he gave fresh attention to the industry, its target-marketing to children and teenagers, its top performers, its place in our late-capitalist bourgeois economy, and its pretensions to liberation and freedom. Bloom, informed by Socrates, Aristotle, Rousseau and Nietzsche, explores music’s power over the human soul. He cites the soldier who throws himself into battle at the urging of the drum corps, the pious believer who prays under the spell of a religious hymn, the lover seduced by the romantic guitar, and points towards the tradition of philosophy that treated musical education as paramount. He names the pop-star Mick Jagger as a cardinal representative of the hypocrisy and erotic-sterility of pop-music. Pop music employs sexual images and language to enthrall the young and to persuade them that their petty rebelliousness is authentic politics, when, in fact, they are being controlled by the money-managers whom successful performers like Jagger quietly serve. Bloom claims that Jagger is a hero to many university students who envy his fame and wealth but are really just bored by the lack of options before them.[3] Although the rock and roll chapter runs 40 pages, Bloom mentioned only three specific bands. Along with the absence of literature in the lives of the young and their sexual but often unerotic relationships, the first part of Closing tries to explain the current state of education in a fashion beyond the purview of an economist or psychiatrist—contemporary culture's leading umpires.

    Baby boomers are morally bad people and now want us to support them.

    What should we do?


    BLS's most famous alum shows his stuff. LOL.

  34. "Starting next year, the ABA will collect and report employment data 10 months after graduation. The change came after law deans in several states argued that late bar exam results were hurting their jobs numbers because students had less time to find a job after being admitted to practice."

    Why is the ABA always going around kissing the asses of law schools and law professors? The ABA is worthless.

  35. Nando, could you please remove that picture of two disgusting turds from the top of the right hand column? I find pictures of excrement to be sickening, and that particular picture is the worst I've ever seen.

    On second thought, maybe those two are worse than turds. It could be that you're forcing us to look at a deadbeat and a welfare queen. Have you no decency?

  36. Nando,

    Please devote a post to the attitude of clueless pig-faced professor Lisa McElroy of Drexel Toilet of Law. She's begging to be shat upon:

  37. Go to @6:55 and you will see what the ABA thinks about the Lemmings and all the people that want to better themselves via higher education:

    But Nando, the Adams/Infinity era should pass now and quietly.

    I am trying to hang on and hang on to a life, and all of us hang on.

  38. They offered me $28,000/ year when I was at their 75th percentile LSAT and then emailed me this news. In the fine print they mentioned that merit award recipients are not given the tuition decrease they must choose between 15% off sticker or their merit award. So, if you received any scholarship there is no tuition reduction so this is actually a lie. Also it doesn't kick in until 2015-2016. While its dropping sharply in rankings and enrollment they are still not responding to obvious shifts in market demand

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