Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cockroach Peter Alexander Scurries Away from the Festering Dung Pile Known as Indiana Tech Law School

Excellent News!: On May 24, 2014, the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette published a piece entitled “Indiana Tech’s law dean leaves; professor fills in.” Take a look at this opening:

“Less than a year after opening its doors, Indiana Tech’s law school lost its dean.

On Friday afternoon, Indiana Tech announced that law school Dean Peter Alexander, also a vice president at the university, stepped down Wednesday.

According to a news release, Alexander said he achieved the goals he had established for the law school and had a desire to pursue other employment opportunities.

The law school opened in September.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, Cockroach Peter Alexander accomplished some wondrous goals, huh?!?! This school attracted less than 30 students to its inaugural class. To be more precise, only 69 people applied to this dump. The toilet accepted 51 of those applicants, and a total of 28 matriculated.

Now, scroll down to this hilarious conclusion:

“Indiana Tech announced andrĂ© douglas pond cummings, who does not use capital letters in his name, will serve as the interim dean at the school.

Cummings is the associate dean for academic affairs and a professor of law at the fledgling law school.” [Emphasis mine]

Pond Scummings better figure out a way to start using capital letters in his name, since he will likely need to spruce up his resume soon. Employers typically don’t like applicants who are trying to be funny or unique.

Other Coverage: The Law School Truth Center blog featured a brilliant post labeled “Good Things Happening to Good People: Charleston Profiteers and Indiana Tech's Newest Leader” – on May 26, 2014. Check out this gem:

"In bittersweet news, Dean Peter Alexander suddenly resigned from Indiana Tech on the Friday before a holiday weekend. Dean Alexander's tenure is to be commended. Although naysayers said a law school in Fort Wayne would not work, Dean Alexander kept it going strong for a year. In a time when most law schools were cutting back on enrollment, Indiana Tech went up +28 students or so. And of course, let us not forget that Dean Alexander went head-to-head with the ignominious Paul Campos.

We wish him well in whatever BigLaw partner, elite foundation chair, judgeship, or other employment capacity to which he is moving.” [Emphasis mine]

Peter Alexander left one hell of a legacy during his short time at Indiana TTTTTTech Law Sewer! Imagine the condition that the school would be in today, if he hadn’t achieved his goals for the commode. Later on, LSTC drops this knowledge:

“Andre Douglas Pond Cummings, d/b/a andre douglas pond cummings, has risen from being a leading scholar in hip-hop and the law and serving youth in the Chicago ghetto to being a prestigious law dean in Fort Wayne, Indiana.”

Yes, the trash pit is in excellent hands, right?!?! After all, what unranked, unaccredited pile of garbage wouldn’t benefit from having a middle-aged white guy who wears sneakers and listens to hip hop as dean?! Hell, next year’s enrollment may even top 30 students – if the university doesn’t shut down the law school, of course.

Charles Cooper posted a great OTLSS piece, on May 25, 2014, which was entitled “Patient Zero – Indiana Tech Law School.” Review the following portion:

“Reading between the lines, it would appear Dean Alexander was given the choice of resignation or dismissal. Why? One can only speculate at this point in time, but my money is on the fact that this expensive failure of a law school has not only cost Indiana Tech a huge amount of money (and will continue to cost Indiana Tech a huge amount of money in the future), but has turned Indiana Tech from a once-respected regional college into the poster child of academic stupidity and greed. Enrollment targets have been hopelessly missed, the money promised is not appearing, and Indiana Tech is left with egg (or worse) on its face. Way to ruin an otherwise reasonable university, although perhaps those in the administration will finally taste what it's like to have their futures wiped out due to law school.” [Emphasis mine]

On May 26, 2014 at 7:32 am, a commenter - using the handle “Camilla Highwater” - pointed out that “[the pigs have] eradicated all mention of [Cockroach] Alexander in great haste.

It’s as if the academic rodent never existed. Remember this, people: “Higher education” is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. The academic thieves are merely interested in getting fat off of federally-backed student loans. They DO NOT GIVE ONE GODDAMN about their students’ outcomes. Since Alexander could not entice more idiots to his school, he was drop-kicked in the ass by his fellow “educators.”

Conclusion: You greedy swine at the Indiana Institute of Technology have no one to blame but yourselves. Frankly, you should have done your research and performed some due diligence, before making this rotten financial decision. Perhaps, you should move to Nebraska in order to find a job – although you bastards would rather die than engage in actual work . Hell, essentially everyone who knew about the glutted U.S. lawyer job market told you idiots that this was a horrible idea. What’s next, morons? Are you planning on opening a VHS rental store, or starting a TV repair program?!?!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Profiles in Tone Deaf Bitch Syndrome: Trash Pit Deans Stephen Ferruolo and Niels Schaumann

The Rodents’ Excrementitious Case for Law School: On May 20, 2014, the San Diego Daily Telegraph published a Doug Sherwin piece entitled “Rising tuition puts value of law degree under microscope.” Look at this stellar opening:

“With law school tuition continuing to rise and starting salaries for attorneys experiencing little movement, the value of a legal education has come under intense scrutiny recently.

The local law school deans say that even with the recent tightening of the job market, a law degree's worth is as high as it's always been.

"Personally, I think it opens up so many opportunities," said Stephen Ferruolo, dean of the University of San Diego School of Law. "The great thing about legal education is that if you're not in the sciences or medicine, it's the most rigorous graduate education. It's the best way to prepare for a whole variety of things." [Emphasis mine]

What do you expect these pieces of trash to say?! It’s not as though they are inclined to telling the truth. By the way, Cockroach Stephen Ferruolo: there is a plethora of articles – written by practitioners, not academics - showing that a law degree is not versatile. This piece then continues:

"I think one of the biggest defects in the current critique of legal education is that they measure its value nine months after graduation, and that's wrong," said Niels Schaumann, California Western School of Law's dean. "There's nothing magical about that date.

"The reality is there have been more responsible economic studies that have been done that show a net positive result from a J.D. over (many) years."

USD's Ferruolo acknowledged the rising price of a legal education combined with the lack of a reciprocal rise in starting salaries makes it easy to dismiss the value proposition of a law degree.

According to figures released in 2011, the most recent numbers available, the average debt incurred by a law school graduate is $100,584. Meanwhile, the starting salaries offered by medium-sized law firms is between $110,000-$120,000, according to Ferruolo, and that number dips to $75,000-$85,000 in the smaller firm or public agency sector.” [Emphasis mine]

Relying on a TT law dean, i.e. Ferruolo, for such figures is the equivalent of asking a child molester if he can watch your child tonight, so that you can go to the movies. Small firms tend to start their associates at $35K-$50K per year, and this is about the same for public agencies as well. Stephen Ferruolo pulled those numbers out of his wrinkly, gray ass.  Niels, you are correct in pointing out the obvious. There is nothing magical about nine or ten months from commencement. So why don’t you law school pigs and the state bar associations require graduates to take part in a longitudinal study to see where they are at 5-10 years our or longer?!?!

Plenty of JDs land work within the nine month window, and then lose their job shortly afterward. Many of those who do land legal lawyer positions are shown the door within a few years. I suspect the reason you cockroaches don’t track graduates after that NALP timeline is because you KNOW that the figures would show that law school is an even worse bet for students.

The Commodes’ Respective Rankings: As you can see, the University of San Diego Sewer of Law is rated as the 79th greatest, most wonderful and amazing law school in the country, by US “News” & World Report. What an academic powerhouse, huh?!?!

If you thought that was pathetic, check out the ranking for California Western School of Law. According to the same publicaTTTion, this school is listed as a fourth tier pile of excrement. I have a question for Cal Western grads: When you tell people that you received a law degree from this garbage pit, how often do they laugh right in your face?

What the Pigs Charge to Attend These Toilets: The Univer$iTTy of $an Diego Sewer of Law has set tuition at $47,140 for full-time student, for the 2013-2014 academic year. The vile swine are “only” charging part-time victims $34,850 in tuition for 2013-2014. You can view the total cost of attendance on the same page. Keep in mind that the whores base their living expenses on a nine-month calendar.

Full-time law students at California We$TTTTern Sewer of Law will be charged $44,700 in tuition, for the 2013-2014 school year. Those attending this pile of rot on a part-time basis will be bent over a coffee table, at the rate of $31,300 for the current academic year. What a great bargain, in order to be a student at a prestigious fourth tier in$TTTTiTTTTuTTTTion of “higher education,” right?!?!

Average Law Student Indebtedness at Each Garbage School: According to this ranking from USN&WR, the California Western JD Class of 2013 had the FOURTH HIGHEST average loan indebtedness for law school! Ninety percent of this cohort incurred an additional $157,748 in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for a TTTT law degree.

The same magazine lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the USD Law Class of 2013 who incurred debt for law school - as $128,731. Then again, at this commode, a mere 87 percent of this group took on such putrid debt. Remember that these figures does not include undergraduate debt or accrued interest, while the student is enrolled.

Conclusion: Both of these sick dogs should be repeatedly kicked in the nuts, and then placed in a small cage. Think of how well both of these bastards are doing on the public dole – while consigning young graduates to a lifetime of debt servitude. You know that neither of these disgusting turds misses a wink of sleep at night, pondering the lives that they have financially ruined.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Slate Burns the “Versatile JD” Argument to the Ground

Setting the Corpse on Fire: On May 14, 2014, Jim Saksa’s ass-kicking piece, “You Can Do Anything With a Law Degree,” appeared in Slate. Check out this epic opening:

“When I was considering going to law school, I asked my dad for some advice. What if I don’t like being an attorney? What if I don’t end up like The West Wing’s Sam Seaborn, jumping between a lucrative private practice and rewarding government work? “Don’t worry,” said my usually sagacious father, “you can do anything with a law degree.”

My dad isn’t an attorney. But now I am, and let me assure you: My dad didn’t know what he was talking about.” [Emphasis mine]

Two paragraphs later, Saksa delivers a one-two combo to the law school pigs’ snouts:

“Getting a J.D. means you can call yourself a lawyer. That’s it. Besides the approval of Jewish mothers (who prefer doctors anyway) and a drinking problem, it won’t give you anything else. And it sure as hell won’t help you get a nonlegal job.

Last year, 11.2 percent of law school graduates were still unemployed nine months after graduation. If you really could do anything with a law degree, then those unemployed graduates would probably be doing something. Meanwhile, the national unemployment rate for recent college graduates was 10.9 percent. So, compared with other recent students, law school grads appear to have a leg down on the competition.” [Emphasis mine]

Do you still want to go to law school, Dumbass?!?! If so, then you likely need a brain stent. There is a now a mountain range of evidence showing conclusively that law school is a terrible bet for the vast majority of students. Later on, the author drops the hammer:

“[H]uman resource managers outside the legal world treat a J.D. as the scarlet acronym. “Generally, I imagine they’re going to be too expensive with not enough relevant experience to justify the salary,” says Maureen Chu, an HR and operations manager in D.C. She believes that law school gives candidates a competitive disadvantage. “It’s lost time. Whatever you learned in law school is not useful to what we need. So every other candidate has three years on you.”

In the last few months, I’ve interviewed for jobs at a nonprofit, a think tank, and a PR firm among other places of business. I know from personal experience that the first question a lawyer will hear in a nonlegal job interview is, “Why don’t you want to practice law?” My answer to that question always elicits, “Well, you know we don’t pay as much as a law firm, right?” A law degree makes an otherwise qualified candidate look expensive, and often carries a rotten whiff of failure.” [Emphasis mine]

Did you read that, Lemming?!?! Now, do you understand how non-legal HR managers view law grads applying for non-law positions? Here’s another thing to ponder, waterhead: when these men and women see a bunch of internships on your resume, they immediately think “Loser.” After all, if you worth a damn, then you would have been getting paid to do legal work – instead of shelling out tuition for garbage placements.

The Lie Was Laid to Rest Years Ago: Former Biglaw associate, and current psychotherapist, Will Meyerhofer posted an article entitled “Extremely Versatile Crockery,” on his blog back on November 3, 2010. Check out his opening statement:

"For the record, a law degree is not “versatile.” Being a lawyer amounts to a strike against you if you ever decide to pursue another career.

So why do people keep insisting it’s an “extremely versatile degree”?

A bunch of reasons.
Law schools are in it for the money. Teaching law doesn’t cost much, but they charge a fortune – made possible by not-dischargable-in-bankruptcy loans. That makes each law school a massive cash cow for the rest of the university. Money flowing from the law school pays the heating bill for the not-so-profitable Department of Neo-Structuralist Linguistics.

Law students play along with the “extremely versatile degree” farce to justify the three years of their life and the ungodly pile of cash they’re blowing on a degree they’re not interested in and know nothing about. This myth is also intended to calm down parents. You need a story to explain why you don’t have a job, but that it’s somehow okay.

No one else cares. And that’s chiefly why this old canard still has some life left in it.

Time to put it out of its misery.” [Emphasis mine]

Meyerhofer put this rubbish “argument” to rest back in November 2010. Saksa set fire to the remains of this detritus-covered filth, nearly three and a half years later.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: Do you want to take out $180,665 in additional NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, in order to receive a JD from Fourth Tier Trash Pit TTTThoma$ Jeffer$on Sewer of Law?! Perhaps, you want to incur another $145,893 in student loans for a law degree from Pepperdine University, the 54th “greatest” commode in the country – as listed by US “News” & World Report. Remember, these figures do not take interest that accrues while you are enrolled into account.

Conclusion: Seeing that there is a plethora of information out there, regarding the law school scam, this choice is simple: don’t even consider a “legal education.” If you still believe that YOU are going to somehow beat the immense odds, then you should be declared mentally unfit to enter into a contract. Hell, you should not be permitted to make a decision that has the potential to affect another person.

Friday, May 16, 2014

First Tier Waste Bin: University of Washington School of Law

Tuition: In-state students attending this public toilet full-time will be charged $30,891 in tuition, for the 2013-2014 school year. Non-resident, full-time victims were bent over a coffee table, at the rate of $43,932 – for 2013-2014. Yes, state schools are so affordable, right?!?!

Estimated Cost of Attendance: On this same document, the pigs claim that other budget items will amount to another $18,843 in expenses. As such, the total COA for Washington residents will reach $49,734, whereas out-of-state students will be slammed with $62,775 in total costs. What a tremendous bargain!

However, ABA-accredited trash pits base their living expenses on a nine-month academic calender. Actual law students will require costs over twelve months, correct? We will pro-rate the following items, in order to reflect reality: room and board; personal expenses; and transportation. Doing so, we reach the following, more accurate estimates: $55,613 for in-state, full-time students and $68,654 for full-time, non-resident lemmings. Who wouldn’t want to attend this toilet, at this price tag?!?!

Ranking: As you can see, US “News” & World Report rates the Univer$ity of Wa$hington Sewer of Law as the 24th greatest, most spectacular and amazing law school in the United States. Hell, it only shares that honor with one other law school, i.e. the College of William and Mary.

Employment Placement Statistics: Let’s review the Employment Summary for 2013 graduates at the University of Washington Sewer of Law. You will note that there were a total of 183 members of this cohort. The school supposedly has the status of everyone in the class. Of that figure, 131 were in positions where bar passage was required. Also, 22 men and women were unemployed after nine months of receiving their first tier law degree. That represents a placement rate of 88.5 percent.

At least the bitches and hags did not artificially inflate their placement figures by putting grads in law school or university funded jobs. Although, only 73 members of the 2013 class landed positions in private law firms! That means that these victims had less than a 40% chance of finding such work – and that includes the six desperate solo practitioners and the 17 who were hired in firms of 2-10 attorneys. This also takes connected kids into account – and their grades or work ethic don’t mean much.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the University of Washington JD Class of 2013 who incurred debt for law school - as $100,867. In fact, a mere 79 percent of this commode’s 2013 class took on such putrid debt. Remember that this figure does not include undergraduate debt – and it also does not take accrued interest into account, while the student is enrolled.

The Commode’s Commitment to “Public Service”: In the swine’s own words:

“Public service is a core value of the UW School of Law. A key pillar of the law school’s mission to be Leaders for the Global Common Good is the commitment to Generous Public Service.

We realize our commitment to Generous Public Service in many ways. To fulfill the Juris Doctor requirement, every student performs 60 hours of public service legal work. The public service requirement provides them with the opportunity to witness the importance of public service and thereby deepens their commitment to justice and the rule of law.”

This is actually one of the hallmarks of a TTT or fourth tier trash pit. By the way, if you want to do some public service, go serve food to bums in a soup kitchen – or volunteer to read to disabled children. Hell, even the people – especially the lazy pigs in management - who get paid to do such work often don’t care about their clients. They simply need warm bodies to “serve,” in order to justify their salaries.

Conclusion: This is a trap school that will not help your career prospects – especially if you are not from the state of Washington. Remember, more than one-fifth of the 2013 graduating class did not take on an additional dime of student debt. That might just be a clue that these are the same people who can rely on daddy to make a few phone calls, in order to land them a good job. In other words, their grades and class rank don’t matter, dolt. So, go out there and commit yourself to finishing in the top ten percent of your cohort. Don’t forget that you will also be competing against the occasional female lawyer with great legs and firm breasts – for the relative few openings. Good luck with that, sucker.

Again, if you want to engage in public service, go volunteer a few hours a week for a worthy cause – while you remain at a real job, i.e. one that pays the bills and provides you with some leisure time. You simply DO NOT NEED to incur an additional $110K-$160K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt to do good deeds, moron. Would you spend $20K on a big-ass diamond ring to marry some plain Jane, merely because she has high arches or freckles on her shoulders?!?! If not, then don’t even consider pissing away three years of your life – and going through financial hell – for a school that prides itself on its false commitment to “social justice.”

Monday, May 12, 2014

Profiles in Human Excrement: Robert Illig, Law “Professor” at the University of Oregon

Due to popular demand, today’s subject is a piece of garbage named Robert Illig. This pile of human waste teaches at the University of Oregon Sewer of Law, the 100th greatest, most wonderful and elite law school in the United States.  That is the ranking from the latest edition of US "News" & World Report.

Mental Illness on Public Display: On April 16, 2014, the Oregonian published Jeff Manning’s epic piece, which was entitled“Oregon law professor's internet rant makes waves, stirs law school debate.” Read the entire article, but focus on the following excerpt:

“Young law grads across the country have struggled to find positions in a shrinking legal job market even as they leave law school with six-figure debts. According to recently released data, just 57 percent of 2013 UO law school grads found jobs that required a law license and passage of the bar. Twelve percent of the grads were unemployed and seeking work.

They left school with average debt of nearly $105,000.

[Cockroach Robert Illig] said he's already sacrificed enough for his students.

"Is this some kind of faculty version of white-man's guilt," he asked in series of posts that quickly spread across the country, including UO Matters and several prominent law blogs. "We see students without jobs and think that if we throw them a few of our dollars we can go back to our scholarship and not worry about whether they are getting real careers and real training?

"The UO and its students are lucky to have me and all the other wonderful university faculty and staff who have sacrificed to be here," Illig continued. "In my former life, I was an M&A lawyer at a large New York law firm, where I was all but certain to be earning more that $1 million annually. No one can tell me I'm not on the students' side."

Illig went on at considerable length. His emails quickly spread to higher ed and law blogs across the country, where an audience of lawyers and law professors took turns ripping llig for his sense of self-worth and entitlement. Illig was not available for comment Wednesday.” [Emphasis mine]

If you can go out and make a seven figure salary, Lying Bitch, then quit your part-time “professor” position – and go out and make those millions. Keep in mind that no law firm will pay you to sit on your ass and regurgitate the same old parsed cases. Plus, you will also need to “work” more than 4-6 hours per week, you piece of trash.

Other Coverage: On April 17, 2014, Gawker posted an Adam Weinstein piece, which was labeled “Law Prof Rips School for Helping Poor Grads and Not Giving Him a Raise.” Check out this epic opening:

“Hell hath no fury like Rob Illig, University of Oregon securities law professor, emailing furiously for ANSWERS as to why his school is indulging in "white-man's guilt" by assisting recent graduates working in nonprofit law instead of raising his six-figure salary.

In what the local media characterized as a "wild rant," Illig insists he could be making a cool million out on The Street as an M&A lawyer, but he stays around UO because he bleeds for his students—"Today, I spent the morning trying to get one of them a summer job at Nike."

Illig, a tenured associate professor who attended law school "tuition-free" in the '90s, reportedly makes more than $138,000 annually, plus a $10,000 university bonus; the average grad at Oregon Law leaves with about $105,000 in debt.

But he can't stand for this injustice, this iniquity, of making only $100,000 or so more than his former students, while the school plans to fund "a post-graduate fellowship program for new law grads, in lieu of accepting a pay increase" for him and his colleagues. So he sent the faculty some stern letters, and the faculty leaked 'em to a bunch of blogs.” [Emphasis mine]

For $ome rea$on, Pig Robert Illig is not happy making such a heft salary – at the direct expense of his debt-strapped students’ financial future. Apparently, the swine needs more of their blood and flesh.

Paul Campos delivered the following right cross to Illig’s chrome dome, in his April 15, 2014 Lawyers, Guns & Money piece, “OK, now you cannot really be serious.” Look at this hilarious portion:

“In a stunning last-minute upset, Erwin Chemerinsky and Carrie Menkel-Meadow’s NYT piece appears to have been nipped at the wire by Oregon Law School professor Rob Illig for top honors in today’s Law Profs Posting Clueless Tone-Deaf Things on the Internet contest. Illig sent a couple of emails around, bewailing a proposal by the dean to dedicate this year’s faculty raise pool to funding public interest sector fellowships for what would otherwise be unemployed grads of the school (Oregon’s employment stats are horrendous).

I’ve watched as our culture has eroded now for almost three years. Everyone is in everyone else’s business, instead of their own. Everyone is worried about what everyone else is getting, not what they can personally contribute. If some professor or professors want to donate their raise to the students – or to some other worthy charity – that’s their business. (Personally, i give to Food for Lane Country, Planned Parenthood, and the United Way. I feel that having given up the chance at a seven-figure annual income is charity enough for the students, and I am particularly saddened by hungry children. Maybe I should move that the recipients of summer stipends donate those funds to the poor and needy?) [Emphasis mine]

Seeing that you are supposedly so charitable, Robert, perhaps you can do us all a favor and wear a hat so that we are not blinded by your baldness. Then again, I would prefer if you would brush your goddamn teeth. How in the hell do you allegedly make $138K+ and not have better oral hygeine?!?!

Conclusion: Robert Illig truly is a vile, despicable human being. Just take a look at his beedy, little snake eyes.  The “man” CLEARLY DOES NOT GIVE ONE DAMN about his students, especially once they have walked with their degrees. After all, at the point they are of no use to the “professors.” The federally-backed student loan checks have cleared, and they are no longer enrolled at the school/sewage pit. Lastly, according to Paul Campos, Illig was an associate for seven years at a mid-sized Boston law firm. As such, where the hell did this bastard come up with being certain to make at least $1 million per year?!?!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Second Tier Moist Duck Excrement: University of Oregon School of Law

Tuition: In-state residents attending this trash pit on a full-time basis will be charged $30,586 in tuition, for the 2014-2015 school year. Out of state, full-time law students at the Univer$iTTy of Oregon will be ass-raped at the rate of $38,056 – for the 2014-2015 academic year. Who says that public toilets are affordable?!?!

Estimated Total Cost of Attendance: Based on this same document, the pigs erroneously list off-campus living expenses as $10,932. This figure should be $10,935, i.e. 12($855 + $360). Take some math lessons, simpletons. Personal expenses are estimated at $2,340. Fees amount to $512, while books and supplies add up to $1,050. An optional parking permit will run you $300 for the 2013-2014 school year. I did not include the cost of health insurance or the costs of a laptop. As such, the commode’s estimated COA for full-time, in-state law students is $45,723, and non-resident, full-time students will have a total budget of $53,193.

Keep in mind that the bitches and hags at ABA-accredited diploma mills only take nine-month costs into account, when coming up with these student budgets. Seeing that actual pupils will require 12 month expenses, we will need to prorate room and board, as well as miscellaneous costs. Doing so, we reach the following, more accurate total COA figures: $50,148 for Oregon residents attending full-time, and $57,618 for out-of-state, full-time law students. What a bargain, huh?!?!

Ranking: At such prohibitive prices, one would expect this in$TTiTTuTTion to have one hell of a reputation among the academic and legal communities. Well, according to US “News” & World Report, the Univer$iTTy of Oregon Sewer of Law is rated as the 100th greatest, most fantastic and spectacular law school in the entire country. In fact, it shares this distinct honor with the following three toilets: Florida International University; SUNY Buffalo; and the University of Hawaii. Yes, what a tremendous accomplishment, right?!?!

Employment Placement Statistics: On this page, the cesspool has provided its Class of 2013 Employment Statistics. As you can see, there were a total of 151 graduates in this cohort. Of that amount, 121 reported being employed, with a mere 99 saying that there in full-time, long-term positions. Who wouldn’t want to spend seven years in “higher education” for such garbage prospects?!?!

Scroll down to the chart labeled Class of 2013 Salary Information. You will note that only 49 of the 121 employed grads bothered to report their income to the school. That represents 40.5% of the lucky ones with jobs. The swine must be very proud. By the way, only 49 members of this class landed law firm positions. Who the hell enters law school for a 32.5 percent chance to work in a private law office?!

At the bottom of the screen, you will see that the rats furnished a chart comparing the employment placement rate for the classes of 2009 through 2013. The moist dung heap admits that only 80.13% of its 2013 cohort was employed, within nine months of graduation. This includes all jobs, by the way. If you went to work for State Farm Insurance or Petco, you are counted in this statistic.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the University of Oregon Law Class of 2013 who incurred debt for law school - as $104,775. Furthermore, 87 percent of this commode’s 2013 class took on such putrid debt. Remember that this figure does not include undergraduate debt – and it also does not take accrued interest into account, while the student is enrolled.

Opportunities to Work Without Pay: From the pigs’ own snouts and hooves:

“Pro Bono Program

The University of Oregon School of Law’s Pro Bono Program is a dynamic, award-winning program that gets results for underserved populations. A nine-time winner of the Oregon State Bar Pro Bono Challenge, (2001-2009), students represent underserved individuals and causes from housing and benefits to complicated federal civil rights matters. Though working without pay or academic credit, students gain legal skills, handle actual legal issues and work directly with clients, under attorney supervision.” [Emphasis mine]

After accumulating an additional $100K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, what makes better sense than to work for free?!?! Also, when potential employers see a bunch of internships and clinic experience on your resume, the typically see you as a loser who couldn’t find a job that pays.

Conclusion: Avoid this garbage heap at all costs. You simply DO NOT NEED to financially ruin yourself so that your underworked “professors” can maintain their upper-middle class lifestyle. Plenty of other lemmings will ensure that this continues. If you have a decent job – with chances for advancement and good benefits – then remain in that position. Also, if you have a spouse or children, don’t even consider law school. Do you want your significant other to support your ass while you are enrolled, with a hopeful payoff of landing a job that pays $40K-$50K per year? Try starting a family or purchasing a home on that income level, while you owe $130K-$170K in combined student debt. In sum, don’t be a moron. You must look at law school STRICTLY as an economic decision.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Attention, Prospective Students: Law School is Still a Bad Bet

Overall Legal Job Placement for the Class of 2013: On April 9th, the ABA Journal posted Mark Hansen’s piece, “Job outlook for new lawyers still bleak, data shows.” From the opening:

“Fifty-seven percent of all 2013 law school graduates were employed in full-time, long-term legal jobs requiring bar passage as of Feb. 15, according to data released Wednesday by the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar.

Still, that’s up slightly from last year, when 56.2 percent of all 2012 law school graduates were reported to be in full-time, long-term legal jobs requiring a law license nine months after graduation.

Another 10.1 percent of all 2013 graduates were employed in long-term, full-time jobs in which a law degree is preferred, which was also up slightly from the class of 2012, when 9.5 percent of all graduates held such jobs.

However, the percentage of 2013 graduates reported as unemployed and seeking work also rose slightly to 11.2 percent this year from last year, when 10.6 percent of 2012 graduates were reported as unemployed and seeking work.

The percentage of positions funded by law schools also increased incrementally this year from last year, from 3.9 percent for all 2012 graduates to 4 percent for the class of 2013.” [Emphasis mine]

Could you imagine if dental and medical school graduates faced such odds of entering their chosen field?!?! They would raise hell, on all fronts. In contrast, JDs seem to have passively accepted this arrangement.

Pennsylvania’s Lawyer Job Market: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published an article from Zack Needles, entitled “Legal job market still tough for law school graduates.” Check out his strong opening:
“Nine months after graduation, area law schools — with the exception of the University of Pennsylvania Law School — were lucky if more than half of their graduating classes had found full-time, long-term employment that required bar passage, according to data recently released by the American Bar Association.

Those numbers were more or less in line with the national average.

As Legal Intelligencer affiliate The National Law Journal reported, only 57 percent of 2013 graduates nationwide were able to obtain long-term, full-time jobs that required bar passage. The single outlier among area schools was Penn Law, which ranked fourth nationally in that metric.

Of Penn Law’s 259 graduates, 222, or 85.7 percent, were able to secure full-time, long-term jobs that required bar passage and were not funded by the school itself, according to the ABA.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, even the University of Pennsylvania Law School – rated as the 7th best law school in the nation, according to US “News” & World Report – could not place 14.3% of its 2013 Class into real legal jobs. What a thriving "profession," huh? Remember, this is the type of school that attracts the best applicants and students. If many of them are in this boat, then how are YOU going to fare with your TTT law degree?!?!

This Was the Case Last Year, As Well: Back on April 9, 2013, Jordan Weissmann’s piece, “The Jobs Crisis at Our Best Law Schools is Much, Much Worse Than You Think,” appeared in the Atlantic. Take a look at this portion:

“The barren job market for law school grads has become a familiar reality by now. But here's something that tends to get lost in the story: The problem isn't just about no-name law schools churning out JD's nobody wants to hire. Even graduates at some of the country's top programs are struggling.

At this point, it seems, there are only a small handful of schools that could reasonably be called safe bets.

The American Bar Association recently released its annual collection of jobs placement data from all 202 accredited law schools, and the big picture was, as expected, dreadful. Nine months after graduation, just 56 percent of the class of 2012 had found stable jobs in law -- meaning full-time, long-term employment in a position requiring bar passage, or a judicial clerkship, i.e. the sorts of jobs people go to law school for in the first place. The figure had improved just 1 percent compared to the class of 2011.

Meanwhile, a full 27.7 percent were underemployed, meaning they were either in short-term or part-time jobs, jobless and hunting for work, or enrolled (read: burning cash) in another degree program.
At some of the most prestigious law schools in the country, the numbers were only marginally better. Below, I've listed the top 25 programs in the U.S. News rankings, along with their underemployment score as calculated by Law School Transparency. Past the top 9, underemployment hits double digits. Outside of the top 15, it mostly hovers around 20 percent[.] [Emphasis mine]

“Higher education” pays off for the academic thieves. The pigs view their victims as mere student loan conduits. Again, the “professors” and deans are paid up front, in you – while you are chained down with outrageous debt totals.

Conclusion: Look at the student debt figures again, people. The U.S. lawyer job market is shrinking, thanks to outsourcing, LPOs, software, greater access to case law and statutes, etc. Wait until predictive coding goes into full effect. At this point in time, you should only consider law school if you fall into one of the following three categories: preferred, protected and seriously connected. Otherwise, you will likely incur an additional $120K-$170K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt – and end up landing a job where you make less than $45K per year. Do the math, kids.
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