Monday, May 12, 2014

Profiles in Human Excrement: Robert Illig, Law “Professor” at the University of Oregon

Due to popular demand, today’s subject is a piece of garbage named Robert Illig. This pile of human waste teaches at the University of Oregon Sewer of Law, the 100th greatest, most wonderful and elite law school in the United States.  That is the ranking from the latest edition of US "News" & World Report.

Mental Illness on Public Display: On April 16, 2014, the Oregonian published Jeff Manning’s epic piece, which was entitled“Oregon law professor's internet rant makes waves, stirs law school debate.” Read the entire article, but focus on the following excerpt:

“Young law grads across the country have struggled to find positions in a shrinking legal job market even as they leave law school with six-figure debts. According to recently released data, just 57 percent of 2013 UO law school grads found jobs that required a law license and passage of the bar. Twelve percent of the grads were unemployed and seeking work.

They left school with average debt of nearly $105,000.

[Cockroach Robert Illig] said he's already sacrificed enough for his students.

"Is this some kind of faculty version of white-man's guilt," he asked in series of posts that quickly spread across the country, including UO Matters and several prominent law blogs. "We see students without jobs and think that if we throw them a few of our dollars we can go back to our scholarship and not worry about whether they are getting real careers and real training?

"The UO and its students are lucky to have me and all the other wonderful university faculty and staff who have sacrificed to be here," Illig continued. "In my former life, I was an M&A lawyer at a large New York law firm, where I was all but certain to be earning more that $1 million annually. No one can tell me I'm not on the students' side."

Illig went on at considerable length. His emails quickly spread to higher ed and law blogs across the country, where an audience of lawyers and law professors took turns ripping llig for his sense of self-worth and entitlement. Illig was not available for comment Wednesday.” [Emphasis mine]

If you can go out and make a seven figure salary, Lying Bitch, then quit your part-time “professor” position – and go out and make those millions. Keep in mind that no law firm will pay you to sit on your ass and regurgitate the same old parsed cases. Plus, you will also need to “work” more than 4-6 hours per week, you piece of trash.

Other Coverage: On April 17, 2014, Gawker posted an Adam Weinstein piece, which was labeled “Law Prof Rips School for Helping Poor Grads and Not Giving Him a Raise.” Check out this epic opening:

“Hell hath no fury like Rob Illig, University of Oregon securities law professor, emailing furiously for ANSWERS as to why his school is indulging in "white-man's guilt" by assisting recent graduates working in nonprofit law instead of raising his six-figure salary.

In what the local media characterized as a "wild rant," Illig insists he could be making a cool million out on The Street as an M&A lawyer, but he stays around UO because he bleeds for his students—"Today, I spent the morning trying to get one of them a summer job at Nike."

Illig, a tenured associate professor who attended law school "tuition-free" in the '90s, reportedly makes more than $138,000 annually, plus a $10,000 university bonus; the average grad at Oregon Law leaves with about $105,000 in debt.

But he can't stand for this injustice, this iniquity, of making only $100,000 or so more than his former students, while the school plans to fund "a post-graduate fellowship program for new law grads, in lieu of accepting a pay increase" for him and his colleagues. So he sent the faculty some stern letters, and the faculty leaked 'em to a bunch of blogs.” [Emphasis mine]

For $ome rea$on, Pig Robert Illig is not happy making such a heft salary – at the direct expense of his debt-strapped students’ financial future. Apparently, the swine needs more of their blood and flesh.

Paul Campos delivered the following right cross to Illig’s chrome dome, in his April 15, 2014 Lawyers, Guns & Money piece, “OK, now you cannot really be serious.” Look at this hilarious portion:

“In a stunning last-minute upset, Erwin Chemerinsky and Carrie Menkel-Meadow’s NYT piece appears to have been nipped at the wire by Oregon Law School professor Rob Illig for top honors in today’s Law Profs Posting Clueless Tone-Deaf Things on the Internet contest. Illig sent a couple of emails around, bewailing a proposal by the dean to dedicate this year’s faculty raise pool to funding public interest sector fellowships for what would otherwise be unemployed grads of the school (Oregon’s employment stats are horrendous).

I’ve watched as our culture has eroded now for almost three years. Everyone is in everyone else’s business, instead of their own. Everyone is worried about what everyone else is getting, not what they can personally contribute. If some professor or professors want to donate their raise to the students – or to some other worthy charity – that’s their business. (Personally, i give to Food for Lane Country, Planned Parenthood, and the United Way. I feel that having given up the chance at a seven-figure annual income is charity enough for the students, and I am particularly saddened by hungry children. Maybe I should move that the recipients of summer stipends donate those funds to the poor and needy?) [Emphasis mine]

Seeing that you are supposedly so charitable, Robert, perhaps you can do us all a favor and wear a hat so that we are not blinded by your baldness. Then again, I would prefer if you would brush your goddamn teeth. How in the hell do you allegedly make $138K+ and not have better oral hygeine?!?!

Conclusion: Robert Illig truly is a vile, despicable human being. Just take a look at his beedy, little snake eyes.  The “man” CLEARLY DOES NOT GIVE ONE DAMN about his students, especially once they have walked with their degrees. After all, at the point they are of no use to the “professors.” The federally-backed student loan checks have cleared, and they are no longer enrolled at the school/sewage pit. Lastly, according to Paul Campos, Illig was an associate for seven years at a mid-sized Boston law firm. As such, where the hell did this bastard come up with being certain to make at least $1 million per year?!?!


  1. Illig is a bald-faced liar. The average partner at Nixon Peabody doesn't earn seven figures annually. Most of these "winners" earn in the high six figures. Also, Illig does mot appear to be partner material. He looks meek and sounds like a whining windbag. Those are qualities that are lacking in most rainmakers.

    Illig is another typical professor who likes to awe his clueless students with bullshit tales of his biglaw years. I would guess Illig never spearheaded any M&A deals and was a mere cog at Nixon Peabody. In the "up or out" model at biglaw, it is clear Illig had hit the ceiling and was no longer welcome at Nixon Peabody.

    Illigs' emails show contempt for U. Of Oregon law school. If he is such a legal maven, why isn't he the GC of Nike?

  2. Like the guy above said rainmakers make millions. They have a certain look and demeanor. They aren't whiners. They get shit done. They don't sit around and write law review articles. This guy was never going to make 7 figs a year. He's lucky to be making good money for teaching a few hours a week.

  3. "Illig is a bald-faced liar."

    Looks more like a bald-headed liar to me.

  4. Your use of expletives and your demeaning comments on the professor's baldness and teeth undermine your efforts at informing others.

    1. Shove it up your hippie ass.

    2. That nauseating picture of Adams and his wife is also undermining your efforts to inform others. Traumatized viewers won't return to this site, no matter how accurate your facts are. Really, Nando, you owe it to posterity to take that picture down.

  5. Another fine exposé on a typical denizen of the law school racket. Doesn't it make you feel wonderful to have enriched such sociopathic tools like these?

    Kids, make sure to read this one; for this professor is not the exception, but rather the rule.

  6. Thanks for the write up Nando. There are too many smarmy little turds in academia and they need to be called out. All these professors (or lawyers) that coasted from day one on the coat tails of their Tier 1 law school and looking down on all the "little people" without jobs. Many never suffered any adversity at all in their collective climb to the top. They should be damn grateful they made it instead of thumbing their noses at all the legal losers. Show some humility and compassion for once you spoiled, overindulgent windbags!

  7. Illig is a typical law school professor who probably never saw the inside of a courtroom. He has no tangible legal skills other than recite the same shit year after year. Is he a securities expert?

    If this guy could earn seven figures, he would not be teaching at Oregon. Illig's mistake was that he addressed his email to people who know the real deal, not some wet behind the ears lemming who hangs on every breath of these douche law professors.

  8. "Your use of expletives and your demeaning comments on the professor's baldness and teeth undermine your efforts at informing others." Not when you consider the audience here. Nando is speaking to angry children and so attacks on the personal appearances of the enemy is fair game. That's why you don't typically see Campos or other classier, adult posters here. They choose Outside the Law School Scam, Guns and Money, Salon, etc.

    I am surprised somebody has not yet brought a lawsuit against Nando . . or perhaps they have but he is judgment proof.

    1. Since there's no tort, Nando isn't liable for any judgments. I'm surprised you didn't know that.

      Your style of writing, including the pseudo-legal terminology, is surprisingly reminiscent of Brian Leiter, the notorious "Professor of Human Values."

    2. If you weren't so boorish and undereducated you'd be able identify Kantian aesthetic judgements and appreciate their inescapable role in a coherent metaphysics, ethics and political philosophy. You are speaking to neutered thinkers who show a preference for the an invented and subjective, collectivist etiquette the whole purpose of which is to avoid the fait accompli already in existence. You've been seen through. The sun also rises, but you do not. Art means nothing to you. So little in fact, that you cannot even recognize it. You are a natural slave; one born without the potential for rational thought that transcends and apprehends more than an accidental quality. Aesthetics condemns you, so you reject it as impolite. The large forehead of the mental deficient can be seen and known for what it marks. This is why you don't typically see schoolmarms comment here. Real men prefer TTR, Penthouse and Grey Poupon, bitch.

    3. Opinions aren't defamatory, particularly against public figures. If a cause of action was brought against Nando, he'd win on summary judgment without a problem.

    4. 12:05

      It takes the actions of a real piece of shit to be featured here on Third Tier Reality, and this professor's idiotic rantings certainly make the cut. If the most esteemed members of this noble profession choose to remain willfully ignorant of the number of lives the law school scam has ruined, then I say more power to folks like Nando who have the stones to point out these professors for the charlatans they truly are.

      These aren't the rantings of "angry children" here. Many of us are attorneys in good standing who have seen and experienced the ugly underbelly of this profession first hand--working endless hours for shit wages with no health insurance. I'm sure a year in the shitlaw circuit might do dickholes like this professor some good.

      If you see this place as less than classy, then stay away. But do understand that most people here believe that inducing some poor 0L to sacrifice three productive years of his/her life, take out six-plus figures of student loan debt, and compete for a shrinking pool of jobs in an already depressed legal job market is negligent at best and criminal at its worst.

    5. Maybe everybody here is not a child, but there are sure a fair number of them posting here. Look at the posters who blame the "BOOMERS" for everything. There was one child who actually, for reasons I don't understand, blamed stuff on "rock and roll". I mean, I am sympathetic to the cause, but some of the posters here truly are pathetic, entitled whiners who live in some sort of fantasy land and see a boogy man behind every rock, in this case the "grown-ups". And yes, I think the insults about physical appearance and the name-calling and the excrement photos appeal to the children who post here. Its at their level and mentality. Its pretty shocking to me, given their obviously lack of critical thinking abilities, that some of these people actually graduated from law school . . . any law school, even the lowest ranked. The message would be better if it appealed to the type of person who is actually intelligent and considering law school. How could some of these people take some of the complaints on this board seriously?

    6. If you don't think some serious inter-generational warfare is going on, you are the child. The Boomers (likely including you, since you sound like one) will drain this country dry and reverse-mortgage their homes and sell off / slash and burn everything before paying it forward like their parents did.

      As far as being pathetic, entitled whiners, I say when the law school scam has put one in debt to the tune of mid-six figures that it's okay to whine about all that non-dischrgeable debt and being underwater at the starting blocks in life. I don't see how people who have given up 3 prime years of their life, and mortgaged their futures for possibly the rest of their lives, asking for jobs that allow them not a middle but lower-middle class lifestyle can be deemed to be entitled.

      Obviously, our definitions of terms must be different. And things are probably a lot different in terms of IQ and common sense as well. But such is life, no?

  9. No other profession will allow you to work for 4 hours a week and earn that kind of salary. Law professors are the worst...

  10. One last remark:

    When a troll is active, the people being trolled will do their best to find out who the troll is.

    I have repeatedly asked Status Monkey for his real name and he refused to give it.

    And so Nando and I have gone through tons of research in trying to find out who the troll is and some wrong people have been blamed for being both Adams and Status Monkey from the Debbie Schlussel blog.

    There was Antonio from the Joseph Cotchett law firm, and then there was Knorps possibly, and then there was the Patterson fellow, although I didn't do much work on Patterson.

    In the meantime the troll sits by and lets others take the blame, and that is what Status Monkey has done.

    But I do recall that Status Monkey did admit on the Debbie Schlussel blog and in the comment sections that he did go to a Prep school and that he wouldn't wish the experience of Prep school on his worst enemy.

    That is telling because Status Monkey has always called me Paintroach and once commented that he wished I had bone cancer after I racked up close to 10K in medical bills last summer because I had no health insurance.

    All you have to do is read the posts of Debbie Schlussel for the year 2012, and all of the comments and look for Status Monkey.

    Debbie Schlussel wrote to me and said that she tried to ban him and that she cannot get rid of him because he uses proxy servers.

    You can read all of the Status Monkey comments, including the one about how he went to prep school, and all of his worshipping the black booty and Obama comments etc. And his signature "pfffft" and " LOL" and all too often use of "dingleberry" linguistic devices.

    He is also an investor in Gold and is a lawyer somewhere in the USA and a great distance from New York as he has said in a comment to me.

    That is all, and I am very sorry that Nando and I havce this misunderstanding about how to handle the post Adams era.

    Busting one troll is enough for a lifetime and I sure don't want to see the real person behind Status Monkey and neither does Debbie Schlussel I have a feeling :)

    I wake up every morning and decide whether or not I will get up and face the day, or go off the rails after two decades of student loan usury and emotional torment.

    Dear God I am so sorry I ever went to a 4th tier law school and God help me and my ruined life.

    There is no way out.

    1. Painter, if you want an oil job in ND so that you can pay off your student loans, check this out:

    2. Mr. Koch, you seriously need psychiatric help. Please explore these options:

    3. Also Mr. Koch, this may be of help:

    4. No, wait, THIS link is the one thst can help Mr. Koch:

    5. Roachie, you really need to get a life. Get off these blogs and try working already. You are a sad, sad case. Try moving to another area for work like the ND oil job guy always mentions. You are wasting your life behind a computer screen focusing on stupid internet fueds. Who cares about status monkey? Even if you discovered who he was, then what? You found out who adams was and did nothing. Just drop this and move on with your life. You still have a chance to salvage some kind of a life.

    6. Painter, what was your undergraduate major?

    7. @May 14, 2014 at 12:29 PM

      I think that he said that it was English.

    8. ^ No, his major was Avoiding Work, with a minor in Watching YouTube.

  11. 329,

    Haha, I like how YOU go around falsely accusing others, and it somehow it becomes my fault.

    Keep facing the day, dude. Someday it'll pay off for you - and there'll be a huge booty just for you to play with in the spirit world.

    Maybe it'll even be Al Sharpton's. Before he went on that starvation diet,I mean. Enormously fat.

    Keep hope alive. Booty will conquer all.

    P.S. You should ask Debbie to give you 360K.

  12. According to Illig's logic, no one should be forced to pay for any do-gooder causes. So, I guess I shouldn't have to pay taxes, and in particular I shouldn't have to pay the taxes that fund law schools and student loan bailout programs like PAYE, IBR, etc.

    If some person or people want to donate their money to the law schools or student loan bailouts – or to some other worthy charity – that’s their business, right Professor Illig?

    Why should a janitor have to pay taxes to fund Professor Illig's salary? Maybe the janitor would like to donate to Food for Lane Country, Planned Parenthood, and the United Way, but can't because he only makes $25,000, and $2,000 of that goes to taxes. Bummer. I guess that giving to charity is reserved for those who take in enough taxpayer dollars that they have some left over after buying themselves a Beemer.


    Let’s take a look at the bitch’s school bio:

    “Professor Illig specializes in corporate, securities, and contract law, with a special emphasis on the governance of pooled investment funds. He is the author of numerous journal articles dealing with corporate governance and legal pedagogy. Currently, he is working on a book that questions the limits of private law to explain and influence economic behavior.

    Professor Illig joined the faculty of the UO after practicing for seven years in New York and London. While in practice, he handled a wide range of negotiated transactions in the US and overseas, including public and private mergers and acquisitions, securities offerings, and private equity transactions.

    Professor Illig earned his JD from Vanderbilt University, which he attended tuition-free as a John W. Wade Scholar. He graduated Order of the Coif in 1996 after having served as Senior Managing Editor of the Vanderbilt Law Review. In 1991, he earned his BA from Williams College, magna cum laude.

    In 2010, Professor Illig was elected by the graduating class to serve as their Commencement Marshal.”

    His is currently “serving” as something called “Dean's Distinguished Faculty Fellow Associate Professor.” Now, we will review some of the cockroach’s recent publicaTTTions:

    “A Business Lawyer's Bibliography: Books Every Dealmaker Should Read, 61 J. Legal Ed. 585 (2012)

    Oregon's Experiment With Sustainable Corporate Governance: A Friendly Critique, 25 J. Envt'l Law & Litigation 189 (2010)

    The Oregon Method: An Alternative Model for Teaching Transactional Law 59 J. Legal Ed. 221 (2009)

    Al Gore, Oprah, and Silicon Valley: Bringing Main Street and Corporate America into the Environmental Movement, 23 J. Envt'l. Law & Litigation 223 (2008)”

    Yes, who wouldn’t pay this whining rodent seven figures per year?!?! After all, it only takes several months to produce one of these garbage articles that is read by perhaps 5-6 people. That is a great and efficient use of resources, right?!?!

    In the end, Robert Illig makes a nice living off the taxpayer. It also comes at a huge cost to the law grads who end up incurring an additional $110K-$155K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for a sorry ass degree. You know that this piece of filth does not lose a wink of sleep at night, thinking about his financial rape victims.

    1. Did you notice that Illig is actually bragging that he paid no tuition? That's adding insult to injury for the victims of the Oregon tuition scam.

  14. Clueless Boomer Syndrome is a serious condition. It has made the Democratic Party the party of check-cashing fascists, the Republican Party a token resistance obsessed with homosexual marriage; it turns parents against children, teachers against students, government against citizens. It turns otherwise rational businesspeople into age-bigoted, hateful, and irrational - they won't hire entry level employees, and then wonder why there is a lack of "experienced labor." College worked for them, therefore kids paying 10 times more today shouldn't have any worries at all - they are actually being coddled.

    If you or someone you love is affected by Clueless Boomer Syndrome, please argue with them until they understand that the world has changed.

    1. Boomer Syndrome is not acceptable, it's extremely dangerous to the youth of tomorrow, not to mention what damage has already occurred.

      I'm thoroughly disgusted with boomers ... they believe that everyone under them has the exact, if not better, opportunities that they did.

      Newsflash: this isn't 1970!

  15. Typical "I got mine, you get yours" mentality. Fuck this guy. I hope this shithole sees a drop in applicants soon.

    1. Well said,

      As far as talking and/or reasoning with the Boomers: forget about it. This is in response to the above. Your argument is sound. But you can only lead a horse to water, you can't make him drink. It's not that they are all THAT clueless, although they often are. Even once they realize the situation, they DON'T CARE.

      Like 5-12-14 11:01 pm says, the mentality is: "I got mine. You [go] get yours."

      They figure it's your own responsibility to go grab whatever you can. This notwithstanding that the opportunities simply aren't the same as when the Boomers were young. The playing field, and thus the odds for and against success, have drastically changed.

  16. Excellent work as usual, Nando. What a low-life animal this chrome dome is.

  17. They'll undoubtedly see another drop in applicants. However, they're in a race with Willamette to see who closes first, and Willamette will almost certainly win. Oregon is propped up not only by federal loan dollars but by state tax dollars. This, of course, makes Illig's fake self-reliance even more absurd.

  18. Nando,

    Perhaps you don't remember me but a few weeks ago, I posted about Walmart's plan to add legal kiosks in its stores. Well, we are getting one step closer to that reality in America:

    Very soon, lemmings will have the chance to wear a Walmart uniform with name tags and flair and announce "Welcome to Walmart, may I draft your lease or submit a letter of representation in your divorce matter?"

    What a fucking laughing stock of a "profession." Anyone considering dropping 3 years and spending over $100K on a JD is a certifiable moron.

  19. The boomers are responsible for a lot of things, but this guy isn't one of them; he graduated from college in 1991, which gives him a DOB well outside the Baby Boomer generation. Not that that excuses anything...


    On April 16, 2014, UO Matters published a piece labeled “UO law school prof angry about plan to use his raise for student fellowships.” Here is the opening:

    “These emails have gone viral, with many hundreds of comments on law blogs like Lawyers Guns and Money, Tax Law Blog, Above The Law, Professor Bainbridge, JDU, Eschaton, Leiter’s Law School Reports, something called Gawker, and Jeff Manning’s piece in the Oregonian:

    This was bad viral. The University of Oregon Law School professor’s wild rant about his compensation made Illig look petty and unsympathetic at the same time. More importantly, it shined a light on the raging debate about higher education, the value of advanced degrees and the mushrooming debt encumbering a generation of students.”

    Now take a look at this gem from Pig Illig, in the second email shown in the article above:

    “We are the most underpaid unit on campus, according to Johnson Hall figures. Is it possible that our third-tier status is actually related to the fact that our incomes are falling as compared to the cost of living? as compared to our competitors? Is it possible that when you pay more you get more?

    And what are the sponsors of the proposal doing to raise law school income? My Summer Sports Institute – which the faculty voted wasn’t a priority – is already projected to bring profit into the law school, not to mention a reputational boost. I’ve got faculty from top 50 schools, plus students from places like Michigan and McGill. Our reputation has spread as far as South Africa and Turkey, with interested students there trying to raise the funds to come to Eugene. The students are also close to 50% minorities. And, again, it’s going to be profitable in its very
    first year.”

    Has anyone here ever heard of the Summer SporTTTs InsTTTiTTTuTTTe at the University of Oregon Sewer of Law? The level of this bastard’s entitlement and self-importance is pretty disturbing. Perhaps, he can form a similar sports institute at a Biglaw firm – and attract clients, while he rakes in seven figures.

    1. "Is it possible that when you pay more you get more?"

      Not likely in Illig's case. He's willing to stay there now, because he has no other options. If they paid him more, they'd still be stuck with the same self-important jerk.

  21. Hello everybody. I have been following this blog and doing research for the past 2 years. Everybody here, especially Nando, makes a valid and important point. However I do have a question open for discussion.
    Everybody here seem to target lemmings that go to law school with useless majors behind their belt such as: philosophy, political science and etc.
    Nando, what about someone who studied a more practical field? For example- accounting. Does it make sense for a CPA to go to law school? I did tons of research and asked professors and tax professors and my alma and everybody says that a JD for a CPA will be a huge benefit, DESPITE the law school that the CPA will go to.
    What are your opinions on this situation?

  22. I was an accountant before I went to law school. When I graduated, I received offers from what was then the "big eight" accounting firms, but I wanted nothing to do with tax law, having been a tax accountant . . so went with a litigation firm. I will say however that my accounting background was a wonderful background to have when delving into financial/ business issues in depositions, and / or dealing with economic concepts such as net present value, etc. I would assume having a law degree and a CPA today would still make you marketable when it comes to working for a CPA firm. But I doubt the CPA will help much with your getting a job with a law firm unless they want somebody who knows how to do financial analysis in depositions.

  23. The guy's complaining that the school he teaches at is now third tier. But he went off on his colleagues. Yeah, that's gonna improve the school's reputation bit time.


    Illig reminds me of the old Phantom of the Opera.


    On April 15, 2014, the Professor Bainbridge blog featured a post entitled “Memo to law faculty, Say it with roses, say it with mink, but ....” From the opening:

    “Apparently Robert Illig has set off quite a kefuffle at the University of Oregon law school:

    Several members of the law school email lists (which included staff, secretaries etc.) have forwarded these two emails from professor Rob Illig (Law) about a plan apparently floated by Law Dean Michael Moffitt (paid $292,800 after a recent raise) to deal with the law school’s enrollment problems and US News ranking, which has fallen from #80 to #100 since Moffitt took over in 2011.

    The plan? Cancel raises for the faculty, and use the money to increase student scholarships create a program to give non-profits money to hire law school graduates, boosting the employment numbers that go into the US News rank.

    In addition to having sent some rather angry emails to his colleagues at the law school, Illig is waging battle in the comments section of the blog post that published his emails to the world. (HT: Caron)

    I am reminded here of a controversy that broke out at the University of Virginia law school when I was a student. When one of the leading professors at the school was accused of racism, he responded with a letter to the student newspaper. Suffice it to say, the letter did not help.

    The next day my Labor Law professor, the great Stanley Henderson, started class by referring indirectly to the fuss and gave us some very good advice:

    "Say it with roses, say it with mink, but never ever say it in ink."

    Two paragraphs later, the author wrote:

    “Especially in these days when the scam law meme remains prevalent, law professors who complain publicly about salaries, teaching loads, or what have you--no matter how justified (and Illig's outrage seems perfectly well justified)--simply can't win.”

    This post obviously comes from an acadmic thief’s perspective. However, even the author notes that Illig should have been smarter. In the real world, no one wants to hear you complain about being underpaid – when you are “working” a mere 4-6 hours per week. Especially, when you are making more than $100K per year. And that is if you consider reciting the same old parsed cases from the teacher’s edition of the casebook as work.

    As everyone here knows, “law professors” are grossly overpaid swine. They do not care that their loot comes at the expense of their students’ financial futures. After all, the pigs feel entitled to their big-ass, unjustified salaries. Plus, in their sick minds, they are performing a “public service.”

  26. Nando, that was an excellent expose of a truly degenerate character who doesn't deserve to be a professor. However, I've got to say that his teeth don't look that bad to me. I've got some dental problems of my own.


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