Sunday, May 25, 2014

Profiles in Tone Deaf Bitch Syndrome: Trash Pit Deans Stephen Ferruolo and Niels Schaumann

The Rodents’ Excrementitious Case for Law School: On May 20, 2014, the San Diego Daily Telegraph published a Doug Sherwin piece entitled “Rising tuition puts value of law degree under microscope.” Look at this stellar opening:

“With law school tuition continuing to rise and starting salaries for attorneys experiencing little movement, the value of a legal education has come under intense scrutiny recently.

The local law school deans say that even with the recent tightening of the job market, a law degree's worth is as high as it's always been.

"Personally, I think it opens up so many opportunities," said Stephen Ferruolo, dean of the University of San Diego School of Law. "The great thing about legal education is that if you're not in the sciences or medicine, it's the most rigorous graduate education. It's the best way to prepare for a whole variety of things." [Emphasis mine]

What do you expect these pieces of trash to say?! It’s not as though they are inclined to telling the truth. By the way, Cockroach Stephen Ferruolo: there is a plethora of articles – written by practitioners, not academics - showing that a law degree is not versatile. This piece then continues:

"I think one of the biggest defects in the current critique of legal education is that they measure its value nine months after graduation, and that's wrong," said Niels Schaumann, California Western School of Law's dean. "There's nothing magical about that date.

"The reality is there have been more responsible economic studies that have been done that show a net positive result from a J.D. over (many) years."

USD's Ferruolo acknowledged the rising price of a legal education combined with the lack of a reciprocal rise in starting salaries makes it easy to dismiss the value proposition of a law degree.

According to figures released in 2011, the most recent numbers available, the average debt incurred by a law school graduate is $100,584. Meanwhile, the starting salaries offered by medium-sized law firms is between $110,000-$120,000, according to Ferruolo, and that number dips to $75,000-$85,000 in the smaller firm or public agency sector.” [Emphasis mine]

Relying on a TT law dean, i.e. Ferruolo, for such figures is the equivalent of asking a child molester if he can watch your child tonight, so that you can go to the movies. Small firms tend to start their associates at $35K-$50K per year, and this is about the same for public agencies as well. Stephen Ferruolo pulled those numbers out of his wrinkly, gray ass.  Niels, you are correct in pointing out the obvious. There is nothing magical about nine or ten months from commencement. So why don’t you law school pigs and the state bar associations require graduates to take part in a longitudinal study to see where they are at 5-10 years our or longer?!?!

Plenty of JDs land work within the nine month window, and then lose their job shortly afterward. Many of those who do land legal lawyer positions are shown the door within a few years. I suspect the reason you cockroaches don’t track graduates after that NALP timeline is because you KNOW that the figures would show that law school is an even worse bet for students.

The Commodes’ Respective Rankings: As you can see, the University of San Diego Sewer of Law is rated as the 79th greatest, most wonderful and amazing law school in the country, by US “News” & World Report. What an academic powerhouse, huh?!?!

If you thought that was pathetic, check out the ranking for California Western School of Law. According to the same publicaTTTion, this school is listed as a fourth tier pile of excrement. I have a question for Cal Western grads: When you tell people that you received a law degree from this garbage pit, how often do they laugh right in your face?

What the Pigs Charge to Attend These Toilets: The Univer$iTTy of $an Diego Sewer of Law has set tuition at $47,140 for full-time student, for the 2013-2014 academic year. The vile swine are “only” charging part-time victims $34,850 in tuition for 2013-2014. You can view the total cost of attendance on the same page. Keep in mind that the whores base their living expenses on a nine-month calendar.

Full-time law students at California We$TTTTern Sewer of Law will be charged $44,700 in tuition, for the 2013-2014 school year. Those attending this pile of rot on a part-time basis will be bent over a coffee table, at the rate of $31,300 for the current academic year. What a great bargain, in order to be a student at a prestigious fourth tier in$TTTTiTTTTuTTTTion of “higher education,” right?!?!

Average Law Student Indebtedness at Each Garbage School: According to this ranking from USN&WR, the California Western JD Class of 2013 had the FOURTH HIGHEST average loan indebtedness for law school! Ninety percent of this cohort incurred an additional $157,748 in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for a TTTT law degree.

The same magazine lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the USD Law Class of 2013 who incurred debt for law school - as $128,731. Then again, at this commode, a mere 87 percent of this group took on such putrid debt. Remember that these figures does not include undergraduate debt or accrued interest, while the student is enrolled.

Conclusion: Both of these sick dogs should be repeatedly kicked in the nuts, and then placed in a small cage. Think of how well both of these bastards are doing on the public dole – while consigning young graduates to a lifetime of debt servitude. You know that neither of these disgusting turds misses a wink of sleep at night, pondering the lives that they have financially ruined.


  1. It's true, but unimportant, that the date of nine months after graduation is arbitrarily chosen. Ten years after graduation would also be an arbitrary time. So what? If after nine months a graduate has not found an initial job as a lawyer, she is fucked: she is very unlikely to practice law at all, except perhaps by pretending to be a sole practitioner. And obviously we do not yet know how the past few graduating classes will have fared five or ten years out.

    Report Ferruolo to the ABA for lying about starting salaries. They won't do anything, but still the matter should be brought to their attention.

  2. Don't be so ready to dismiss Ferruolo. That's a pretty cool moot courtroom he's sitting in.

    1. Putting a moot courtroom in a law school like this is, at face value, a complete waste of money. But I bet its more than paid for itself. Its lemming bait. You have some poor sucker: "being a lawyer is my dreeeaam!"

      Translation: "I wanna be a glamorous court lawyer just like in the TV shows and I'm willing to borrow whatever it takes!"

      So lemming sees that this toilet has a moot courtroom and just assumes, without question, that they'd only put that in there if their graduates had a good chance of being court attorneys. Sold!

  3. Making fallacious and disingenuous arguments is part of their job. It's what passes for a work ethic in the easy-federal-money wonderland of the law schools. I'll bet these guys work much longer hours than most of their professors, maybe even summers too.

  4. The California market is already super saturated. Why in the hell would you want to attend California Western Law unless you have an absolute death wish? You will incur extreme debt and the hole is one of the worst schools in the country as far as rankings go. The likelihood of finding a decent law-related position in slim. Not worth the cost these pigs are charging.

  5. Entry level public sector jobs do not (I repeat do not) pay $75k or $85k. Not even in California. And with a law degree from either of these shitholes and no prior experience in government, you're looking at entry level grunt work.

  6. Schools and the federal government are running the same scam with respect to law graduates' employment.

    Both assert employment will happen and predict it in the future, but that prediction is baseless - it is NOT based upon simply extending the present reality at 9 months out into perpetuity.

    If 60% of your class is unemployed *IN ANY CAPACITY* 9 months after graduation, and you want to predict the future on the basis of some kind of real data, you'd have to extend that state of affairs out into the future indefinitely. That's the only way your predication has an empirical basis.

    But you see, law schools and the federal government just make assertions to suit their propaganda and their goal of continuing the status quo.

    The law schools simply assert unemployed graduates will become employed, and so does the federal government, because otherwise they'd both have to admit that a law degree is worthless and the loans made to attend law school - and pay for that dude on the left's tan - were garbage and won't be paid back.

    If only they could cut out the pesky student middlemen and just draw checks for scholarshit directly from the Treasury!

    While this industry is directly funded by huge amounts of taxpayer money, and protected by a variety of barriers to entry, IT IS NOT REGULATED.

    These guys are worse than the banks on the bail out scene.

  7. Ferruolo looks like a typical slick greaseball.

  8. The admins are making statements based on hope and feelings rather than any substantive data. This works great on liberal arts lemmings - they lack quantitative skills and their curriculum is based on the same happy feelings dreck. If you want to know about a law degree's versatility then read Nando's previous article. The quote from the HR director is gold. Here is someone directly involved in the hiring process in today's job market and she correctly dismisses a JD as useless. Go ahead lemmings, ignore the relevant business professional and listen to some admin who probably never worked in the private sector.

  9. I don't know.

    Campos posted a lament about how the tuition of scholarship students was cross subsidized or in other words paid for by the likely federally student loan backed tuition dollars of other students.

    I well remember a student at Touro, name of Galindez, (spell check) who was a ringer I guess and a graduate of Yale, and used to walk around Touro with Yale sweat shirts and t shirts, and Galindez would aways sit apart from the minority LEAP students at Touro.

    The LEAP students always sat together and were crammed into the front rows.

    I thought it sad that some of the LEAP students at Touro were gone after the first year, and even sadder to learn that two of them that I knew about had taken the "take your first year of law school over" option at Touro.

    They might be practicing in law today and God help the public they are supposedly helping.......or not...hard to say. One never knows about these things.

    But what a process.

    The Galindez fellow with the Yale t shirts was on law review of course out of the starting blocks.

    Wouldn't we all love to know who Status Monkey really is?

    And to Status Monkey, who is the troll from the Debbie Schlussel blog: Yes my boss is African American and my managers are Latino and they are the best and most intelligent people I have ever met and it is a privilege to know them, let alone work for them, and there are very few, if any, tattoos or piercings among them all.

    American white people are all covered in tattoos and piercings, and I can't help seeing the phenom as a gigantic and great failure of education in general and the result of the counterculture's efforts to destroy the Humanities department of Western Civilization and it's universities, as the late Professor Allan Bloom had accurately predicted and as Alexis De Tocqueville might have predicted as well in his very observant views of Jacksonian,Democratic times.

    And Brian Leiter might have to selfishly agree to some extent, having known Bloom, and also having benefitted from it all.

    Oh and Nando was a beneficiary of the scholarship cross subsidization and assuming the Campos info and stuff on all of that was applied across the board in a consistent manner and at Drake.

    "Welcome to every single day of an entire lifetime of student loan indebted, quiet desperation."

    One day at a time.

    But Fuck all! At the age of 27 I felt flattered to be going to the same law school as Galindez the Yale grad. That is how stupid I was (smiley face) :)

    1. I agree so strongly with you, painter. You really were stupid. You have my utmost sympathy.

      I'd like to ask one thing of you. Please join us in the scamblog movement. We're trying to reform federal policy to the extent that stupid young law students wont be allowed to borrow enough money to destroy their lives. It wont help you now, but it will help countless other stupid people. If you have a shred of concern for anyone else, you'll actively help us achieve our goals. Please join us, painter.

    2. "Wouldn't we all love to know who Status Monkey really is?"

      No. Not me. I don't care.

    3. Don't let your detractors win, Painterguy.

      You are, without any doubt, the best reason why nobody--not even your worst enemy--should even consider attending Touro Law. Just look at the myriad articles on ATL to see how other lawyers and prospective employers view this school.

      Don't buy any of their bullshit. Touro is there to milk the student loan gravy train as long as it possibly can, and will probably close its doors the moment any sort of real lending standards are put in place. Unless you have connections already in place, your chances of landing a job with a Touro JD are very remote.

  10. Stupid fucking Paintroach. Nobody cares about finding your little nemesis.

    I seriously doubt your ringer ever got anywhere close to "Yale." He probably just SAID he went there. A true Eli wouldn't be caught DEAD wearing a "Yale sweatshirt."

    Very funny to watch the biggest piece of white trash in American history look down his olfactory sensilla at people with tattoos. Dude, you are a 50 year-old man who still lives at his mom's house - who the hell are you to judge ANYone?

    But please do lecture people on how their tattoos (and I have a few boss tattoos myself) make them "uneducated" and "uncultured." Hey hey, we can't ALL go to elite academies like fucking TOURO. I'm sure your little comment would be right at home with the gay-bashing venom that regularly sprays out of that giant flaming-bag-of-shit roach-noggin of yours. That giant roach-head of yours is so jam-packed with shit that it ought to have STINK LINES coming out of it.

    1. Painter can become a hero. Perhaps he already has.

      If Painter finds out who Status Monkey is, then Nando can put up a picture of Status Monkey. This can replace the nauseating, horrific picture of Adams and his wife. Once normal people feel safe in visiting this site again, the law school scam will quickly unravel. Thousand of parasitic professors will lose their undeserved incomes, and lower student lending will help to balance the federal budget.

      Once the opinion leaders and the general public realize that Painter made all this possible, he will become a great national hero. That would make his seemingly foolish decision to incur $250,000 in debt to attend Touro into the wisest of decisions.

      Keep trying, Painter. Keep trying.

    2. I'm actually hoping that people like Painterguy and Josh Adams are dragged before some sort of Congressional committee to testify against their student loan lenders when the student debt bubble finally bursts. How in the hell could anyone in their right mind have loaned either of these two a dime?

      This is worse than subprime mortgage lending ever was, and there needs to be some sort of accountability on behalf of the banks for such reckless lending.

    3. Thank you for the above. Some things just need to be said.

    4. Paintroach you need to grow the fuck up. Who gives a shit about status monkey? What kind of meaningful impact will discovering his identity have on your life? You are a fucking leech sucking off the taxpayers and your family. Focus on fixing that instead of finding out the identity of some guy online.

  11. Nando,

    When's the last time you painted Cryn's tonsils white?

  12. So what are the numbers-well, not including the "JD advantage" jobs and other nonsense, per ABA numbers(2013), of a class of 318, 62 students who graduated from SD are unemployed. For the math challenged such as myself, that's a perfect 20%(give or take). And of the employed 16 are employed by SD!
    For CW-of a class of 281, 114 are unemployed-a mind-boggling 40%. Can you imagine any other professional school with 40% unemployment? I can't even imagine a medical or dental school with those numbers.
    This lunacy is being funded by the taxpayers through the federal loans; the madness has to stop before more lives are ruined and millions more in tax dollars are wasted.

    1. Forty percent are unemployed? How many of the remainder are employed in some essentially unskilled job that pays the minimum wage or not much more?

  13. The problem with USD is it's not strong regionally. Usually if a law school is weak at least it places regionally. But USD grads won't be able to compete out of market, and in market they are going to have to deal with HYS grads who want to come to San Diego for the weather.

    I'm sure some people out of that school will do okay, but I just don't see much for the majority of those grads. To me it is a trap school on the level of American University. They are selling the location but the problem is the location is a major target for many.

    Heck even USC and UCLA are pretty close by, not to mention Stanford isn't too far either.

    I assume most USD grads head to LA to do doc review or something.

  14. Adams Sock Puppet @548,

    Dude, your lint-size pecker gets as hard as iron when it comes to getting your picture taken down, doesn't it? I hope all your numerous comments about how "disgusted" you are haven't been interfering with your *cough deadbeat cough* job search or anything.

    In all likelihood, YOU (Joshua Adams) are Status Monkey. And your picture is already posted here. Has that picture of you, ahem, made a "national hero" out of that lazy pile of shit John Koch yet? Hmmmmm?


    As I posted on the great forum, JD Junkyard, yesterday, in a thread labeled "USD law dean: "smaller firms start you out at $75K-$85K":

    “Stephen Ferruolo of the Univer$iTTy of $an Diego Sewer of Law is a sickening, vile, dishonest cockroach. The bastard pulled that number out of his old, wrinkly ass - in order to have applicants overlook the fact that they will incur an additional $135K-$160K in student debt to graduate from his commode.

    Plus, the author's article did not cite to the average law student indebtedness figure at this specific school. Instead the dolt referred to the average figure nationwide - which was allegedly released in 2011 - that also included public schools. Here is the journalistic breach of integrity:

    "According to figures released in 2011, the most recent numbers available, the average debt incurred by a law school graduate is $100,584. Meanwhile, the starting salaries offered by medium-sized law firms is between $110,000-$120,000, according to Ferruolo, and that number dips to $75,000-$85,000 in the smaller firm or public agency sector.”

    According to USN&WR, 90% of the USD Law Class of 2013 took on an average of $128,731. Since this figure doesn't count accrued interest or undergrad debt, you know that many of these kids walked away with closer to $200K in student loans.”

    Do you think any of the turds at the American Bar Association will look into Ferruolo’s figures?!?! Of course not! What about the politicians in black robes, commonly referred to as “judges?” No luck there either. Those bitches are too busy blowing representatives of the state and corporate America, in chambers. Hence, all college graduates are “informed consumers” – and they should be able to see through the law school pigs’ lies. As such, the academic thieves are allowed to say whatever they want, with regards to the employment outlook for their grads.

    How many of you have seen freshly-minted JDs and attorneys land public sector jobs, where they start out at $75K-$85K per year?! That appears to be the salary of a career bureaucrat who has managed to stick around for 20-30 years, while moving into management, without getting drop-kicked in the ass.

    Who the hell has even heard of midlaw firms hiring recent grads at $110K-$120K annually?!?! Ferruolo must be referring to the children of law school deans who couldn’t make it into Biglaw or a federal agency. Then again, the old swine – who bears an uncanny resemblance to corrupt dog Warren G. Harding – merely pulled those numbers out of his gray colon.

    1. OT, but Harding was actually a very good president, solidly in the laissez-faire wing of the Republican party. Confronted by a severe depression raging when he took office in 1921, he refused to allow the massive government intervention desired by his sleazeball Secretary of Commerce and future president Herbert Hoover. The result was a quick snap-back followed by 8 years of strong growth.

    2. The cynical bugger is making those figures up, and he knows it. Even the most naïve lemming knows the rule of thumb that your student debt should be, at most, around 1x your starting annual wage.

      Ferruolo is fully aware lemmings know this rule. Those starting wages he pulled out of his ass of 80k-120k closely match that figure he quotes of 100k debt.

    3. That Lassie faire resutled in a massive debt spiral fueled consumerism, stagnating wages and a massive stock bubble, collapsing market activity for over a decade until massive government spending brought it out of the lurch. Destroyed capital stock from the war allowed investment opportunties with a high enough ROI to put forth their capital again...

  16. Was Harding black? How the fuck did a darkie get elected president in the fucking 1920s?

  17. As Cass Mastern had figured out:

    …the world is like an enormous spider web and if you touch it, however lightly, at any point the vibration ripples to the remotest perimeter and the drowsy spider feels the tingle and is drowsy no more but springs out to fling the gossamer coils about you who have touched the web and then inject the black, numbing poison under your hide.(188-89)

    The Spider web is the true meaning of life for the character's lives in this book. None escape without paying for hitting the spider web with any kind of sin.

    BTW, Status Monkey said on the Debbie Schlussel blog that he had gone to a prep school and wouldn't wish Prep school on his worst enemy.

    Status Monkey also made his similar "worshipping the black booty" comments about anyone who voted for Obama on the Debbie Schlussel blog and also said he was a 5K donor to the Virgil Goode Presidential election campaign for 2012.

    So all one needs to do is find a lawyer that donated 5K to Virgil Goode's campaign and also went to a prep school.

    And then Status Monkey will be found.

    He is a horrible racist and also a lawyer in the USA it seems.

    In all fairness, Nando probably benefitted from the cross subsidizing of his scholarship from the federal loans of his fellow students and never knew it.

    There is more about the spider web of life in the novel: "All the King's Men" by Robert Penn Warren, and are the reflections of the narrator Jack Burden.

    But it is true that as we get older we pile up memories, just as I well remember the Touro graduate that was taking the NY Bar exam for the 8th time, and I always thought that there was something terribly wrong about that.

    And I always thought that the way Gary Shaw the Touro professos from Chicago that got in on the grund floor of Touro-seemed to hate the filthy guts of Justice Rhenquist and he would prattle on and on about what a shit Justice Rhenquist was and I always thought it was odd and unnecessary for Shaw to add that shit to his classroom time when he should have been teaching constitutional law.

    I also thought it was really strange when Marjorie Silver one day too some time to make some sort of a moral speech to her 1L Civil procedure class at Touro about how the whole Sol Wachtler business, which was just unfolding, was an example of how people with mental illnesses are misunderstood in some kind of moral universe that she had in her mind.

    Her other non relevant talks during that year were about her husband who made a movie called: "To Heck with Holywood" and was some kind of a half ass movie producer.

    Marjorie Silver was an order of a coif etc and had more degrees than a rectal thermometer, as George Carlan might have said :)

    But really man, Shaw hated Rhenquist

    1. What up Painterguy?

      This may seem futile to mention at this point, but Professor Silver is heavily involved in the NYLAP. Perhaps you could give her a call as it really comes across to me that you're in some serious need of help. It's one thing to see Touro as the festering money pit that it is, but you're really losing it.

      Blogging is not working for you, and your debt isn't going away. You're not dead yet, so PLEASE try to find a way to help yourself.

    2. Poignant reflections, Painter. You've had quite a life. I hope you can get a job soon.

      And keep searching for Status Monkey's identity. Every racist must be exposed and denounced. I have a dream that one day Status Monkey's picture will be up on this blog, every day, for millions of people to see. Only you, Painter, can make this possible.

  18. YOU'RE the one who's a racist, Paintroach. A case in point: Y you no worship **WHITE** booties? Hm? Filthy fucking racist roach John Koch. Maybe the white booties you see have tattoos on them, yes? Speaking of tattoos, you should really consider getting a tattoo on your forehead of a black butt. Let the world know what you love the most.

    What do they make at your "factory," Paintroach? I'm guessing jumbo-size black booties, which are sold to gullible self-hating whites like you. LOL, I imagine a giant conveyor belt of the things stretching out for a mile, with the roach stationed toward the "back end" of the line (if you'll pardon the expression). The roach's job is to wear lipstick and plant a big smack on every single booty on the assembly line, giving it the finishing touch. Of course, the lazy pile of shit can't be bothered to exert himself, so some mechanical contraption is constantly sliding his face to each booty while he takes a little nap. They probably have a second machine to keep a fresh coat of lipstick on him, too, in all the variegated colors of the rainbow: mauve, hot pink, punky electric apple green, turquoise.

    If it's so easy to find your archenemy by looking up campaign contributions, then why don't you do it? Are you waiting for someone else to do that for you, too? Just how fucking lazy ARE you, anyway?

    1. Not funny. This is no joke. Just ask Josh Adams.

    2. Listen 4:28, your racist post is disgusting. You are worse than a law school dean tricking black people into filling his seats, and then hauling all the booty into his retirement account.

      You are so lazy. All you do is talk about racist topics, because they come so naturally to you. Try doing something useful. Go picket the Fuchsberg Law Center, or hand out flyers at Cal Western. Anything is better than your stupid racist comments.

  19. Hey John Koch of 92 Simcoe St. in Long Island, NY.

    It looks like your friend from Touro did go to Yale for undergrad. He was even on the ice hockey team. His LinkedIn says he's the executive assistant and special counsel to the General Counsel of the Navy.

    He's a winner. And you're (surprise surprise) a fucking loser. And you will always will be. Quit rambling like a woman. Better yet, get a fucking job. Lazy bum. Quit mooching off your elderly parents too. Fucking leech.

    1. Put a bullet through your head.

    2. Whoever finds the identity of Status Monkey will be a national hero. Exposing racism is the greatest cause of our generation, or of any generation. Painter can make his parents proud of him again. Don't give up, Painter.

  20. Ferruolo resembles another Angelo Mozilo, remember him? He is the man who founded Countrywide, the company that started giving out mortgages to everyone and their mother. He is the same man that made billions while accelerating the housing bubble that bought this nation's economy to its knees in 2008.

    Take a look, they have the same orange tan and dead white hair:,28804,1877351_1877350_1877339,00.html

    At this point, these deans sound worse than a desperate used car salesman. No one coming out of law school gets they mythical mid-law positions or earns $75K-85K on average. Unless you have pre-law school connections, your future in the law is not guaranteed. What is guaranteed is that you will throw away 3 years of your prime while getting hosed out of six figures in non-dischargeable debt. You will likely live like a debt peon for the rest of your natural life just to keep people like Ferruolo.

    BTW Nando, please ban Mr. Infinity aka Josh Adams and JD Painter. For weeks, JD Painter has high jacked your blog to talk about senseless shit about a status monkey. Who the fuck cares? I have no sympathy for JD Painter. He could be fracking rigs in the oil fields of North Dakota for $95K a year. He chooses to remain a destitute moron.

  21. It's almost unfathomable to think of going from Yale to fucking Touro. I couldn't do it. This guy ended up as roach-bait for fools like Koch - who technically lives in Oyster Bay, not L.I.

  22. Nando, please ban (at least temporarily) both Mr. Koch and his main detractor.

  23. Replies
    1. He's done it again with the Tale of the Honey Hole.

      Paragraphs and paragraphs of meaningless Roach-drivel. TITCR. This person contributes nothing to the discussion. Nothing.

  24. These guys are douche bags. Of course he wants some nebulous value placed to a law degree, that way he does not have to deal with hard statistics like those unemployed nine months after graduation. These guys are scum bags.

    Law deans are like the salesman from Glengarry Glen Ross, "A-B-C. A-Always, B-Be, C-Closing. Always be closing, always be closing." Law deans are nothing more than used car salesmen. I would love to hear one say something like, "You should look into studying medicine, we have far too many grads with large debt that just cannot find a job."

    Law deans are dishonest scum and THEY KNOW IT.

  25. It is with contempt and disgust that I read this blog. The blogosphere and the mainstream media media has been spewing forth this anti-law school message for years, and still thousands upon thousands of people attend law schools. Many of them will be third-tier or lower. And they will continue to blame everyone other than themselves for their predicament. You lied! You tricked me!

    Look, the evidence has been out there. You just thought it wouldn't be you. No one thinks they'll end out with a below average academic record. But half of everyone has to. If you didn't plan for this, it is your fault. You're a college graduate, and the unemployment rate for college graduates now is minimal. Move on and get a job. Face it, you fucked up. You gambled that you would be better than all the other lemmings out there and you came up short. Stop blaming others for your own shortcomings, and stop whining on blogs about how poor you are just a victim.

  26. In your first decade of student loan debt you will be hopeful.

    In your second decade you will see your life crumble.

    In your third decade you will despair and fear old age and poverty.

    Oh hell, I have lots and lots of stories about Touro. About learning about witchcraft and feminism and how they were good-oh reconciled in the great 1990's by a woman that greatly benefitted from the removal of consumer bankruptcy protections and the legalization of usury so that she and her teaching peers could all screw over their students as her boomer/counterculture generation had wished.

    A story about my conversation with then Dean Rosenblum in his office, and more miserable stories.

    But I was wrong. My debt, now handled by Sallie Mae, still earns over 2K a month in interest or 25 K a year or so, which is just about what I make in a year in salary.

    Nando and I will work out the Adams thing. We created it together and will resolve it together.

    I know some of you don't understand, but Status monkey is all over the 2012 posts of Debbie Schlussel in the comment sections. Have a look for yourself. The overwhelming evidence is his use of the "dingleberry" term, and his other linguistic patterns which I have explained before etc. Enough said.

    He even tried to pull rank for having gone to a better college with one of Debbie Schlussel's commenters. But at least hiss parents were smart enough to dump him in a boarding school early on and be rid of him and that is why he resents my close relationship with my elderly parents.

    But as for fracking, it is raping the landscape and destroying small communities all across the USA and is tantamount to evil profiteering by big oil and fuel companies, and some dismal person keeps shoving that toxic idea under my nose.

    The story that follows is about underemployment and is what you can expect pretty much when going from law school to rock bottom in the employment world as a Pariah with a JD from a bottom rung diploma mill that no one wants. There are lots of tattoos getting about as well whilst underemployed and as I have said before, if you end up underemployed, you will never dare mention the fact that you have an education for a lot of reasons. You might even get fired.

    My Allstate Interview story is similar, except that I include the subplot about the student loan debt and how it can destroy marriage and the family etc and blah blah.

    Oh and three cheers for ringer scholarship students and the Navy and all types of government employment in general, for they shall receive PSLF and be "winners" and get a biased 10 year loan forgiveness as opposed to the private sector employees, whom are screwed for 20 or 25 years, and yes, I do not recall ever reading about a fracking person or EE getting a PSLF break.

    Anyway, here is the story:

    The Story About The Honey Hole

    To be continued in part 2

    It was filthy, and it was grubby. It was a House Painting work truck, and, like all the other trucks and vehicles, it had to come to a stop for the sign at the intersection. The driver, the one with the mustache, also stopped speaking for a moment. He was remembering something.....

    1. YES, liberal!

      Everyone should be afforded a middle class existence!

      Surely this will happen when we outlaw fracking and send those evil corporations away to China and India!

      Genius. What law school did you graduate from?

      Are all of you unemployed JDs this liberal and illogical? May be I have less sympathy for you now ...

  27. The Story About the Honey Hole. Part 2:

    I was sitting next to him on the torn vinyl of the passenger seat of the painting truck, trying to conceal a sort of wry look, as well as the way I kept pressing my lips together, and pushing them, while the painter with the mustache delivered one of his usual monologues during our ten minute trip.

    The trip was to "The Job" , which was a House Painting job, that is, at another fancy, upscale house tucked away in one of New York City's suburban hills.

    The painter with the mustache had a very strong personality, and was older than me; so maybe that was why I listened politely to him, and was attentive.
    But he seemed to appreciate my ability to be a "good listener" although I wasn't really trying to be one. In reality, I was a captive and very uncomfortable audience in long, dirty painters pants, and sweating my ass off because the AC in the crappy truck used by the half-ass painting company I was working for at the time happened to be broken on the first 90 plus degree day of the season. (If I remember correctly, it was around mid-June.)

    The painter with the mustache paused, then finally pointed slowly with his chin, and said, in a low and decisive tone:

    "A real Honey-Hole lives in that house!"

    There was silence for a moment as the truck remained stopped for a little bit too long. It was a fairly busy intersection, so the hesitation was bit unusual as well. However, the painter with the mustache was trying to make a point, and needed the time.

    The painter with the mustache thought for a few seconds more, and then added:

    " ....a REAL Honey-Hole."

    The driver in the car behind us gave two polite taps on the horn, telling us to get moving again, and the painter with the mustache scowled slightly, and started rolling forward, while vacantly staring the house.

    I couldn't help being curious as to how the painter with the mustache knew the woman he seemed to be so eager to compliment, and I also remembered that a woman from somewhere else had once agreed to marry the painter with the mustache, so before we got too far away from the house with the honey hole living in it, I asked casually:

    "Did you.....d'you do any work for her?"

    The painter with the mustache shook his head. "Who Me?" He said with surprise. "No, but I was going by one day, and she was out in the yard working on her garden, and she was HOT! She had these tight sweatpants on, and she was bent over man, and you could make out the outline of her Snatch!"

    I laughed a little when he said this, and I didn't have much of a reply, and so I said:


    There was a pause, and then I added: "Oh. I thought you knew her."

    "I wish I did!" the painter with the mustache said. "A Honey Hole like that? Are you kidding?"

    I laughed a little again, but with jumbled and not altogether connected thoughts, vaguely remembering his wife again, and two children, and how maybe he oughtn't to be talking about other women's honey holes if for no other reason than out of respect for his betrothed and kids--stuff like that. I therefore started feeling what you could describe as puritanical, I guess, and uncomfortable with the conversation. But I felt that I had to reply somehow, so I added:

    "Hot stuff huh?"

    "Yeeeeeah!" The painter with he mustache said enthusiastically. "She knew exaaaactly what she was doin! And looovin it! I wanted to bury my face in that twat! A sweeet, sweeeet. Honey Hole!"

    I laughed, and the painter with the mustache didn't notice that I rolled my eyes as well.

    Like so much of his wisdom, and the stuff he talked about, it had nothing to do with putting paint on a house. I got the benefit of hearing it all gratis, and it got handed to me often, and on a silver platter.

    Oh, and he had tattoos :)

    1. Cue a response by Mr. Koch's foil in 3, 2, 1 .....


    On June 1, 2011, Dan Filler posted a Faculty Lounge entry entitled “Stephen Ferruolo Named Dean of the University of San Diego Law.” Here is the entire text:

    “The University of San Diego School of Law announced the appointment of its new dean, Stephen Ferruolo. Ferruolo is a partner in the San Diego office of Goodwin Proctor. Although he comes from practice, he sports impressive academic credentials. He earned his JD from Stanford in 1990 and his Ph.D in history from Princeton in 1979. He was also a Rhodes Scholar. He was a member of the Stanford history faculty from 1979-87 and his book, The Origins of University: The Schools of Paris and Their Critics, 1100-1215, was published by Stanford University Press in 1985. (It now sells for $271.67 used on Amazon.)

    With all these recent dean hires - Wisconsin, Texas Tech, and USD all in one week - we are seeing this year's decanal hiring cycle winding down. In only three months - which will pass in a blink of the eye - we'll be on to next year's process.

    Update: Here is a passage from the introduction of Ferruolo's Stanford book. We'll be very interested to see how he manages a law school at this moment of contentious law school criticism.

    I believe that it can be argued that the university originated, not out of acquiesence to the demands for more specialized and practical learning, but out of resistance to these pressures. The university was a victory, if never a complete one, for a higher educational ideal. The examination of how this important victory was achieved might help to answer the questions of why the university has survived for so long and what are the most serious threats to its future.

    Now seems a fine time to examine this victory once again.”

    Unlike most law school pig deans, at least this swine has experience in the legal field. Although, in some ways, this makes his statements in the San Diego Daily Telegraph even more egregious and sickening. After all, Ferruolo KNOWS from firsthand experience that corporate firms are not going to hire USD Sewer of Law grads – other than the occasional connected, rich kid who was too damn dumb to get into a real law school. Furthermore, he is aware that the California legal job market is GLUTTED. Yet, he still published false and misleading starting salary figures – in an attempt to get more dolts to apply to, and enroll in, his ABA-accredited trash heap.

    1. So Ferruolo was a leader in the fight against specialized and practical learning. Good for him. For everyone else, good luck getting a job without specialized or practical learning. Can he tell us why anyone should go deeply into debt in pursuit of his "higher educational ideal?"

  29. @416,

    So you're saying that your elderly parents give you an allowance of $2K per month? I hope they can afford to rear such an expensive 50 y.o. child!

    Black booty is YOUR honey-hole, dude. You love it. I heard a rumour that when black dudes walk through Oyster Bay, most of them now have to carry around a rolled-up newspaper to shoo away the flying five-foot Paintroach that keeps buzzing around their butts. It's becoming a low-threat menace to society!

    Fracking is harming the environment. PSLF is biased and unfair. It was too dangerous to join the military. My my my, you've got a hatful of excuses for not working, don't you? You're soooo picky about what kind of "work" you are willing to do. It sounds like the only "job" you actually ARE good for (other than the working on the aforementioned booty assembly line kissing the things) is goofing off and watching YouTube videos at a desk all day.

    Instead of complaining about how "biased" PSLF is, why don't you get a fucking job as a janitor at a high school? Or perhaps be a janitor at a qualifying non-profit such as Touro? Oh wait, I know why - it's because you would rather sit on your ass and leech off your parents for 20 years than work for 10.

    It's really as simple as that.

  30. 1054,

    Oh, you mean "disgusting" like the picture of you that's on this site, Joshua Adams? THAT kind of disgusting? How's the job search going? You seem to be slowly metamorphosing into a fucking Paintroach yourself. When are you going to move in with YOUR elderly parents? Whenever your "wife" gets around to leaving you, you should get married to the Paintroach. You could combine your smelly toxic defaulted debts together. Nothing could be clearer than the fact that neither of you have any intention whatsoever of repaying it.

  31. Arthur Conan Doyle created the Sherlock Holmes character, and Sherlock Holmes was quite a depressed fellow and especially when he was not at work and had some spare time.

    I highly recommend to anyone the reading of the complete Sherlock Holmes series by Arthur Conan Doyle, and the prose and writing by ACD, and his ability in the English language is breathtakingly lucid and artistic and masterful.

    In person, ACD was just one of the folks, or so it seems, and spoke like any guy who today might be covered in Tats :)

    But I think ACD knew that finding a troll like status monkey is a very depressing and unhappy business and hence ACD made Sherlock Holmes a very depressed sort of character that went through long periods of depression and took no pleasure in the results of his work, though maybe pleasure in his methods.

    I wonder if any police detective would agree.

    And yes, finding Status Monkey the racist would be a real feat, but an unhappy one.

    To Nando: I am sorry for our disagreements, but Nando is my brother as far as I go, and brothers work things out.

    As for the US Navy, here is something any ringer from a 4th tier law school might dance to :) He said with a merry twinkle:

  32. I have a sick obsession with the horrible scam of higher ed debt slavery (luckily I avoided the peril). I genuinely feel for you guys and gals.

    However, I just can't ignore how many of you blame 'fracking', 'Republicans', 'capitalism', 'the rich', and 'the one percent' for the issues facing young people today. I see these comments on Law Scam blogs ALL THE TIME. It's really unreal ... because almost all of the scam blogs are run by LIBERAL leaning, no, extreme LIBERAL leaning JDs.

    Well I'm here to tell you that the very people you think exploited you, or are exploiting this country, are the EXACT OPPOSITE from the group you blame.

    No business (including my own) wants to invest in a country where essentially half of earnings go to dependent slobs (the federal government ... teachers unions, elderly, and military).

    The real cancer is academia ... the pyramid scheme that it is, is run exclusively by the extreme left. Now they tell the youth to *believe* that credentialism is the path to success ... they tell the youth to *believe* that EVIL CORPORATIONS are the enemy of the working man (funny, where do all those middle class jobs come from?) ... the leftists in academia tell you to *believe* that enlarging government spending and loan eligibility for EDUCATION is all about helping the CHILDREN and expanding egalitarian rights (rather than padding the wallets of nepotistic scum).

    This country has been swindled by leftist scum who have you all BRAINWASHED into believing we can have an economy WITHOUT oil, WITHOUT corporations, and WITHOUT profit, that somehow affords everyone a nice, middle class existence.


    ***I'm not a Republican or a conservative, just telling the truth.

    1. Jon, the one percent restructured society by manipulating tax law, trade law, labor law, investment law, etc to promote capital flight, cheap imports, mass immigration, etc., to increase short term ROI. It caused the collapse of the first world system, which is the engine of consumption. Without this consumption, the system barely toots along.

  33. 458,

    Instead of "fighting" me, why don't you just take my advice and get a job for 10 years as a janitor at a non-profit like Touro? Or at a high school? No, you'd rather sit on your roach-ass for 20 years than work for 10. Do they even pay you at the booty factory? Or is the work, like, its own reward?

    You WOULD have enough time to read every single Sherlock Holmes story, since you never do any work whatsoEVER. You have nothing BUT "spare time" to be depressed. Sherlock Holmes is more like elementary school fare, but I'm glad you find it so interesting. What's next, the Hardy Boys? But hey, it sure beats working. If reading short stories from the 1800s taxes your tiny roach-brain that much, then I'd hate to see what Finnegan's Wake or some shit like that would do to you.


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