Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Second Tier Moist Duck Excrement: University of Oregon School of Law

Tuition: In-state residents attending this trash pit on a full-time basis will be charged $30,586 in tuition, for the 2014-2015 school year. Out of state, full-time law students at the Univer$iTTy of Oregon will be ass-raped at the rate of $38,056 – for the 2014-2015 academic year. Who says that public toilets are affordable?!?!

Estimated Total Cost of Attendance: Based on this same document, the pigs erroneously list off-campus living expenses as $10,932. This figure should be $10,935, i.e. 12($855 + $360). Take some math lessons, simpletons. Personal expenses are estimated at $2,340. Fees amount to $512, while books and supplies add up to $1,050. An optional parking permit will run you $300 for the 2013-2014 school year. I did not include the cost of health insurance or the costs of a laptop. As such, the commode’s estimated COA for full-time, in-state law students is $45,723, and non-resident, full-time students will have a total budget of $53,193.

Keep in mind that the bitches and hags at ABA-accredited diploma mills only take nine-month costs into account, when coming up with these student budgets. Seeing that actual pupils will require 12 month expenses, we will need to prorate room and board, as well as miscellaneous costs. Doing so, we reach the following, more accurate total COA figures: $50,148 for Oregon residents attending full-time, and $57,618 for out-of-state, full-time law students. What a bargain, huh?!?!

Ranking: At such prohibitive prices, one would expect this in$TTiTTuTTion to have one hell of a reputation among the academic and legal communities. Well, according to US “News” & World Report, the Univer$iTTy of Oregon Sewer of Law is rated as the 100th greatest, most fantastic and spectacular law school in the entire country. In fact, it shares this distinct honor with the following three toilets: Florida International University; SUNY Buffalo; and the University of Hawaii. Yes, what a tremendous accomplishment, right?!?!

Employment Placement Statistics: On this page, the cesspool has provided its Class of 2013 Employment Statistics. As you can see, there were a total of 151 graduates in this cohort. Of that amount, 121 reported being employed, with a mere 99 saying that there in full-time, long-term positions. Who wouldn’t want to spend seven years in “higher education” for such garbage prospects?!?!

Scroll down to the chart labeled Class of 2013 Salary Information. You will note that only 49 of the 121 employed grads bothered to report their income to the school. That represents 40.5% of the lucky ones with jobs. The swine must be very proud. By the way, only 49 members of this class landed law firm positions. Who the hell enters law school for a 32.5 percent chance to work in a private law office?!

At the bottom of the screen, you will see that the rats furnished a chart comparing the employment placement rate for the classes of 2009 through 2013. The moist dung heap admits that only 80.13% of its 2013 cohort was employed, within nine months of graduation. This includes all jobs, by the way. If you went to work for State Farm Insurance or Petco, you are counted in this statistic.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the University of Oregon Law Class of 2013 who incurred debt for law school - as $104,775. Furthermore, 87 percent of this commode’s 2013 class took on such putrid debt. Remember that this figure does not include undergraduate debt – and it also does not take accrued interest into account, while the student is enrolled.

Opportunities to Work Without Pay: From the pigs’ own snouts and hooves:

“Pro Bono Program

The University of Oregon School of Law’s Pro Bono Program is a dynamic, award-winning program that gets results for underserved populations. A nine-time winner of the Oregon State Bar Pro Bono Challenge, (2001-2009), students represent underserved individuals and causes from housing and benefits to complicated federal civil rights matters. Though working without pay or academic credit, students gain legal skills, handle actual legal issues and work directly with clients, under attorney supervision.” [Emphasis mine]

After accumulating an additional $100K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, what makes better sense than to work for free?!?! Also, when potential employers see a bunch of internships and clinic experience on your resume, the typically see you as a loser who couldn’t find a job that pays.

Conclusion: Avoid this garbage heap at all costs. You simply DO NOT NEED to financially ruin yourself so that your underworked “professors” can maintain their upper-middle class lifestyle. Plenty of other lemmings will ensure that this continues. If you have a decent job – with chances for advancement and good benefits – then remain in that position. Also, if you have a spouse or children, don’t even consider law school. Do you want your significant other to support your ass while you are enrolled, with a hopeful payoff of landing a job that pays $40K-$50K per year? Try starting a family or purchasing a home on that income level, while you owe $130K-$170K in combined student debt. In sum, don’t be a moron. You must look at law school STRICTLY as an economic decision.


  1. Twenty percent of the class had no job at all, not even an unskilled one paying the minimum wage, nine months after graduation. Jesus H Christ.

    By the way, one profe$$or at the Univershitty of Oregon is the celebrated jackass Illig, who recently sent out über-bitchy mass mailings whining about the denial of a raise and affirming inter alia that the students paying his obscenely inflated salary "are lucky to have" him.

  2. What do you call a recent graduate of the U. of Oregon Law School?

    Answer: A fucked duck.

    1. What do you call a professor at the U. of Oregon Law School?

      Answer: A duck f*cker.

  3. Nando, I am glad you profiled this school because it has a professor which exemplifies confirmation bias and misplaced arrogance.

    Professor Robert Illig worked at Nixon Peabody for 7 years before fleeing to the safe confines of academia. For those who don't know, the 7 year mark used to be critical in Biglaw as it was the juncture in which you would learn whether you would become partner or hit the streets. Illig didn't cut it in Biglaw. Recently, he cried about his paltry salary (which is $140K for teaching 6 hours a week) and stated that he gives enough charity to is students by being there and not making 7 figures in Biglaw.

    When I was in law school, the majority of professors loved to talk about their "experience" in Biglaw. There was one in particular who worked at Cravath who boasted about being the associate who saved the Conoco deal. I later found out he was full of shit as I knew a partner at Cravath who confirmed that he hardly remembered the law professor and that thousands of lawyers worked on the Conoco deal.

    Illig represents the high opinion law professors have of themselves. The reality is that these useless carbon units contribute nothing of value to society. Reciting International Shoe year after fucking year and writing arcane drivel about Blackstone's Laws is the epitome of exercise in futility.

    I wish these law professors get their pink slips soon enough so we can see how they will make it rain in private practice. Law professors are the equivalent of paper tigers. They will bury you with their CVs but at the end of the day, their practical skill set is limited.

  4. I think Northern Kentucky will be the first state school to close, but Oregon could very well be second. That outrageous in-state tuition is a great reason not to attend.

    Academic quacks like Illig should remember that it's the jobs that are supposed to justify all that law school debt. Oregon law admits twice as many students as could reasonably find legal jobs, so there's really no justification at all any more.

  5. I love your blog. You turn an absolutely depressing situation into something I can laugh about. And we certainly do need a good laugh to help us cope with this mess.

    1. Not only that, we can laugh the TTT and TTTT law schools out of business. Life is good.

    2. And since Nando and his fellow scam bloggers have been exposing law schools for the scam that they are, enrollment has been declining with each passing year. And it's not just the weak economy making people rethink higher education. The scam bloggers are getting through to people.

  6. Does anyone know the 9 month employment statistics for "graduates" of San Quentin?

  7. "the pigs erroneously list off-campus living expenses as $10,932. This figure should be $10,935, i.e. 12($855 + $360). Take some math lessons, simpletons."


    And I figured that out without any formal math lessons in the past 16 years.

    1. I think he's discounting three months for summer. 3*(855+360) = 3,645. 14,580 - 10,932 = 3,648.

      Three dollars off, but that's immaterial.

  8. It seems that my Sallie Mae handled student loan debt has stopped accumulating interest at around 351K.

    A cap in other words, and after my loan has grown to five size the original size.

    So there might be a mechanism in place -of which the entire blogging universe does not know about- that stops all interest accumulation after a certain point and after sthe Federal Government has taken over the handling of Federal Student Loans after 2009 or thereabouts.

    Probably a question for higher up financial experts.

    And if all of that is true, then this Deborah Weissens Cass, or vicez versa, knee Jerk article will be entirely wrong :)

    BTW, God bless women with hyphenated names, for they shall inherit the earth :)

    Now, as for the Status Monkey troll that has been hounding me, allz youse people have to do to understand Status monkey more is to read the Debbie Schlussel blog and read all of her posts from say the year 2012.

    Read all of Debbie Schlussel's posts and read the Status Monkey troll comments and see how Status Monkey kept changing his ID so as to get around how Debbie Schlussel tried to ban Status Monkey.

    Status Monkey has so many linguistic writing hallmarks such as "pfft" and the @ salutation and the prolific use of LOL, etc. and is into cartoons and superheroes and all of that is on the past Debbie Schlussel comment sections, and he tormented a couple of the Debbie Schlussel commenters with his little nicknames such as @ Gay Obama and @ Skuzzy and etc. and of course Status Monkey supported Virgil Goode who ran for the Presidential election with the ultra right wing Conservative Party.

    Ironically Debbie Schlussel was not "conservative" enough for the Status Monkey troll, and for a full blown example of the Status Monkey troll that has called me "Paintroach" or "@paintroach" and his past activities elsewhere please read the comments in this link for a wonderful example:

    What is troubling is that Status Monkey is a lawyer as are one in five of the US population if my recollection serves me.

    Now, if anyone wants to hear the word from the streets, I really do think there is a final cap on the interest charges on student loan debt under IBR/ICR.

    I will have to do a little bit more research, but it seems that there is a cap on the interest.

    And so the law grads that are this year handed a final bill may not be subject to a chaos of interest and collection and penalty charges.

    It needs some looking into by a financial expert as I say.

    1. Painter, I am sure that you'll make friends with the status monkey the same way that you made friends with Mr. Infinity. The three of you could hang out together.

    2. If you need a job to pay off your student loans, you could always try the fracking rigs in North Dakota.

    3. Oh Roachie. Some things will never change. You should put as much time into looking for a job and financially planning as you do visiting blogs all day. Give up looking for "status monkey" and just get a job already. It's sad how you're wasting your life behind a computer screen with these stupid internet feuds. Even Nando and others who regularly visit this blog only allow it to take up a finite amount of space in our lives. You live on these blogs. It's pathetic. I guess now that Adams has been exposed you have to focus on your next nemesis status monkey? Just move on with your life and start working. Hell, if I were in your situation, I'd be working two jobs.

    4. Painter, it seems like you're always complaining about something. I thought your buddy Adams proved that anyone with the right attitude can make it with a law degree. Just think positively for a change, and see if that helps.

      If you really want something to complain about, why not complain about that horrifying picture of Adams and his wife?

  9. @May 7, 2014 at 5:28 PM
    What he really needs to do is get a job on the oil rigs in North Dakota. He could pay off his student loan in a few years with that kind of job.

    1. The Roach would never do something like that. It's easier to sit in his parents' basement on a computer all day talking nonsense on blogs focusing on some poster named "status monkey" waiting for his inheritance.

      I will say Rochie's parents should disinherit him so that their home and assets are not reachable by Roachie's creditors. Maybe put the house in some sort of trust so that The Roach can live there, but he never owns it and it can't be touched by creditors.

  10. Methinks Painter's still upset that Cryn sucked Nando's dick and not his.

  11. "On the whole, Moody’s outlook for law schools outside the top tier is grim." As it should be for those used car, hucksters. There is karma.

    1. Beautiful. Watch them squirm.

    2. Nice. In about 600 words Moody's tells you why many law schools have no cards to play:

      Enrollments will continue to shrink; employment will continue to be horrendous; cutting tuition causes "credit pressure" (i.e. schools cannot service or repay their debts).

      These schools have precisely nowhere to go.

      However, the line that law students use price as an indicator of quality, so schools shouldn't cut tuition is laughable, clearly wrong, and self-serving.

      What's the price differential between T4 and T1? Negligible.

      Harvard costs 54,850 next year. Thomas Jefferson costs 44,900.

      That's a pretty tight grouping in price considering one is gold and one is pyrite (commonly known as "fools' gold").

      No student is concluding TJ is in the same league as Harvard. No student is excited about the debt.

      So, Moody's is telling institutions not to cut tuition, because it will cause a death spiral, but not cutting tuition is a death spiral too. Isn't the death spiral underway? "fundamental restructuring of the legal service industry"...just replace "legal service industry" with "legal educational industry."

      Lawsuits still get filed the same way, and argued the same way. Globalization? Whatever. The problem isn't a lack of cheap legal labor in the United States. That's bogus.

    3. I agree in general that the TTT and TTTT law schools will suffer ... but keep in mind that for many young above average undergrads, there aren't a lot of options if you don't like STEM or the trades, or cannot find a gov't job.

      The bleak economic reality for young people will keep law schools in business for another decade, IMHO.

      People want hope.

    4. And after a decade, all the TTT and TTTT law schools will close? Sounds good to me. Just keep your family and friends out of those garbage pits until they close for good.

  12. 458,

    It's too bad that it stopped - the taxpayers deserve to keep earning interest on their little investment in you.

    I seriously doubt anyone here cares about your little nemesis. You are a piece of white booty-sucking trash, so you naturally think of everything in low-class "personality"/"pro wrestling" terms, i.e. "Campos has turned heel! I must discover WHO is behind the Masked Monkey!"

    You are a lazy shiftless bastard. Your sole purpose in life seems to be finding ways to borrow money and never pay it back. You're like the digital 21st century roach version of a common fucking thief.

    As for the other people's little comments, the Paintroach's parents have probably leveraged their mortgage up to the hilt in order to keep their parasitic son's enormous roachbooty afloat with free food and housing. They are probably lazy spendthrift pieces of shit just like him - how ELSE could he have turned out the way he did?

  13. I only care about one thing: what does Brian Leiter think of all this? He's a successful scholar, a deep thinker, and a great philosopher, not some malcontent who's desperate for pity from people who already warned him not to go to law school. You can bet $250,000 that Leiter didn't have any trouble paying off his own student loans.

  14. I'm surprised that so many of you JDs with poor prospects lash out at 'capitalism' or the right for selling you a bill of goods.

    I completely agree that you WERE sold a bill of goods and that your life was ruined by evil people.

    But make no mistake, the student loan scam is perpetuated by LEFTISTS in the academic setting ... if I had to guess, from my own experience, 75% of Law Profs are Democrats.

    1. I agree that the scam only works because of government involvement. Lenders would never give Student Loan Conduits mortgage-sized loans to buy JDs if the government didn't guarantee the loans.

    2. I don't see what you mean. The problems in legal education do not lend themselves to a tidy left-right policy divide.

      Plenty of people are very critical of the faux leftists in law schools - the "social justice" crowd, who take it upon themselves to rip off the "disadvantaged." It's stunningly vile.

      The right in politics is bad too. Consider how Bush - in a bipartisan effort - concluded that removing bankruptcy protection from private student loans in 2005, would "protect the system."

      W's logic (co-sponsored by Ted Kennedy): if we make it illegal to put a cast on a broken arm, no arms will get broken. That's pure idiocy. People weren't defaulting because they didn't care, they were defaulting because they couldn't pay. But, the right wing will say "personal responsibility" while they do everything in their power to nationally price-fix a marketplace, and blow up costs faster than the housing bubble. You will never get a chance to participate in a free market, but they will apply a free market consequence to you as if you had. Bull.

      When I listen to policy solutions, whether it be Lamar Alexander (R-TN) or Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), I hear garbage from both.

      The goal of D.C. is everyone should go to college, or grad school - that the lending programs provide "access" to education. It's all a lie. The programs do the exact opposite. They drive up price, they cause a credentialing arms race with no employment improvement. They pump out worthless degrees and give higher educational scammers money for nothing. Get a college degree so you can compete in a job market the fundamental problem of which is that it doesn't have jobs for everyone who needs one. So, you get a sociology degree so you can work at Starbucks. We're all over qualified, not under qualified.

      So, where is the politician from the right who says we shouldn't subsidize higher education? I don't hear it from either side of the aisle. To hell with them both.

    3. Who told you 'follow your heart and the money will follow? And 'you can be anything you want if you want it bad enough!'

      Why did they tell you that? Because they wanted your money. Ever since K-12, you are seen by educators as nothing more than a meal ticket.

      No question, both political parties passively support the education scam ... but the Democrats are more involved, and the culture of education attracts liberals. Public school teachers, by and large, are lazy incompetent people who are horrible at motivating students of making their subjects interesting.

      This extends into college. Those who can't do, teach ... or become an administrative vampire on the youth.

      Something like 72 percent of college professors are liberal ... they bitch about 'oppression' and 'squeezing the little guy' ... YET THEIR ENTIRE EXISTENCE IS BASED ON THIS PRACTICE.

      There is no reason that 60% of currently enrolled undergrads should even be in college ... it is a waste of their youth and money. Unless you want to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, accountant, nurse, etc. ... why go?

      I graduated in Pre-Med with a 3.8 GPA ... but my degree was essentially useless ... I became an electrician and I bank 75-115k a year.

      The entire (mis)-education system starts with a vile group of useless people called public school teachers. Education is a business, just like oil or wheat crop. However, unlike oil or wheat (evil republican industrites), it has a moral holiness attached ... universities are supposed intellectual cathedrals of learning in America.

      I know 7 law profs at Notre Dame and the U of Chicago ... they are all liberals, one may be moderate.

    4. I hear you. I sat at the equivalent of the University of Babylon at Pyongyang School of Law and gritted my teeth every, single day. I have zero love for those charlatans for the very reason you identify - the self-proclaimed "moral holiness" of a bunch of ravenous wolves in cheap sheep suits.

      The left does dominate inside institutions, but not all people who appear to self-identify as liberal, are bad. Paul Campos isn't bad, although I think he self-identifies as liberal. He's great. I have huge respect for him for having the guts..nay say what he has said.

      In the political realm, I think the right is equally if not more to blame for the way the marketplace is being blown to pieces and so very many lives along with it.

      I just can't identify with a political ideology anymore, if I ever could or did. I think I'm typical of those my age that way. Not such a bad thing though, right?

      Isn't it progress to just assess whether policy is good or bad regardless of who proposes it, and what their ideology is? I just don't see ideology as solving the kinds of problems we have now.

      Can't we just be pragmatic and tell the truth about who is going to get hurt and who is going to benefit from a particular course of action? Everything is a tradeoff.

      I get suspicious when people start citing "morality"...I don't even know idea what they're really talking about.

      So, it's enough to say that the law schools are bad businessmen. Aside from the morality of what they are doing, it's just bad for the economy and bad for the participants. It makes zero economic sense. So, their heads should roll. They should be closed.

    5. Well, I think the left uses egalitarianism to justify the worst offenses; the education bubble, health care bubble, and housing bubble, were all created by government subsidy which over-inflated prices.

      It works because the left always says that we are 'doing this to help the poor and needy'.

      I'm not a Republican, nor am I a libertarian, but I can't stand when the left says "We need MORE government intervention in these areas (which are hopelessly corrupt, a burden to tax payers, and full or pariahs)."

      My point is that the left acts in the same way that they allege the corporate right does; they swindle their customers with false products and ruin lives with their own greed (public unions, Obamacare [what a cash cow for whoever gets specific gov't grants], Fannie and Freddie, etc.).

    6. I don't disagree with you at all. I have come to the same conclusions myself.

      Most of the programs that are "for the poor" are about as salubrious as getting shot in the head. I count myself, accurately, as among the poor. We've papered over a too weak employment market and stagnant wages for decades with credit, by sending everybody into the workforce, and by providing subsistence poverty for those without an opportunity to get enough for themselves. Either we call this 'progress' or we vilify the poor as 'takers.' What a waste of breath.

      It is scary if you stand back and behold how much of the economy we've nationalized since 2008. We take shares. We "invest." Banks, GM, AIG, Fannie & Freddie, 40 billion per month in RMBS, green energy...

      Then consider every nominally private business or industry that is in reality dependent on gov't cash flow. That runs the gambit, from Goldman Sachs to Lockheed Martin to WalMart to the whole higher educational industry. Go through all that, and you still haven't even talked about businesses that run on state and local level tax revenue.

      The private economy is hollowed out and the government is broke - flat damn broke. So I get to live through this slow motion train wreck in my lifetime while people clamor for an entity that is flat broke to come save them. Not going to happen. In the countries that embrace wealth redistribution and have governments with no money, how are the poor doing? If the buck is already stopping at your door...if you've been driven into poverty thus far, expect that to continue. It will happen to more and more people.

    7. Blame the boomers. They don't care, as long as they die before everything collapses.

      It's sick.

    8. It's sick to blame the boomers. They were the first victims of the law school scam, starting in the 1970's.

    9. I never went to law school, but I know quite a few boomers who went to TTT schools and did very well for themselves.

      Law school wasn't a scam until recently.

  15. I can see a private TTTToilet assraping students with that kind of tuition, but for a state school to be engaged in such blatant ripoffery is simply unconscionable.

    Maybe there's some good scholarship and student aid packages available, but paying full fare at this place sure comes across as a risk that I would strongly avoid taking.

    Keep up the good work, Nando. I think that a lot of attorneys wish the scamblogs were up running before they chose to enter this noble profession. I know I do.

  16. Let’s take a peak at some of the garbage journals opporTTTuniTTTies available to students at the University of Oregon Sewer of Law:

    “The Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation (JELL) provides a forum for discussing new ideas and contemporary topics in environmental and natural resources law. JELL publishes this scholarship to better inform practitioners and expand knowledge within the field. JELL encourages students to become effectual editors and serves an integral role at the University of Oregon Law School's nationally and internationally recognized environmental law program.”

    In sum, you can wipe your ass with this journal. That would be putting this publication to its best use. By the way, if you have any intention of practicing “environmental law,” you should realize that representing the corporate polluters/pigs is the only way to make a living for yourself.

    Now, let’s peruse the partial description for something called the Oregon Review of International Law:

    "Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion."
    - G.W.F. Hegel

    Welcome to the Oregon Review of International Law. The Oregon Review of International Law (ORIL) is a student-run journal of the University of Oregon School of Law that publishes articles by academics, practitioners, and students that address current legal topics in international law and policy.

    International law plays an increasingly significant role in domestic law, politics, and everyday life. An understanding and appreciation of international law is necessary for a complete understanding of the national legal landscape. As the volumes of international treaties continue to grow, ORIL seeks to publish timely articles that describe the legal aspects of these treaties and the responsibilities they impose on human rights, taxation, the environment, and a wide variety of other international legal topics.”

    Did Cockroach Brian Leiter, the lazy philosophy "professor," provide that quote to the journal? Also, you should be passionate about things that really matter – such as pussy. Anyone who claims to be ardent or romantic about something as mind-numbingly dull and boring as “the law” has serious problems - and needs to get a damn life.

    1. Nando, engineer here and what you said about the Environmental Lawyers representing corporate polluters is completely true. I wish we could find some environmental lawyer who went into school thinking she'd save dolphins from nets, then realized, upon graduation, that the only company willing to hire her was Bumble Bee Tuna or someone else who kills dolphins on their way to making that $$$.

      but she's got loans so she takes the job.

    2. This is one of the things I most despised about law skule. For some reason, it grated on me. Journal of International Law. Environmental Law. International Environmental Law, etc.

      As if, when you graduate, you truly have a choice to work in one of those areas or specialize because, you know.. You just want to!

      More like, you pray you find a job - any job - and they send you out of the office to do whatever grunt/leg work they need vs. the completely fake dream of sitting in a mahogany-paneled large office working on complex transactional matters while having full Lexis access and a secretary and paralegal to assist.

      Cough! Yeah, right...

      Dream on.

    3. The Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation is not all bad for the law school lemming. At least when they are being bent over financially they are given some JELL to make things slightly better.

  17. You young law graduates . . . there have to be some success stories out there, right? I mean somebody has to be happy they went to law school and are doing okay?

    1. I do not regret going to law school, but in an economic sense, Nando is 100% school is NOT a good decision if you want to be middle class. Other professions are equally bad too, but the point is the person might as well make 30k with no student debt than 30k with 170k of student debt. With high student loans and abysmal starting salaries, only a select few make "good" money, and the ones that do are not happy in other ways. This reflects a wider issues of vast income inequality in the U.S.


  19. Thank goodness! We sure have a shortage of attorneys in Florida.

    Bill to allow Florida law licenses for non-citizens, passes state legislature .....

  20. Where are the 'MBA scam' blogs?

    I have a few friends who should be making those ... I guess 50-80k debt is less infuriating than JDs with 100-200k debt.

    Or may be the MBAs still think they learned something?

    Arguably the MBA is a bigger scam, because the only reason one gets an MBA in the real world is to progress up the corporate ladder with a specific employer ... not to get a job, as the MBA programs specify.

    Whatever, I feel for you guys. Could have been me.

    1. MBA is a scam unless at least one of the following statements are true
      (1) It comes from Harvard or maybe Wharton
      (2) Your employer paid 75% to 100% of the tuition and you kept working your job while going to school.
      (3) You are well connected and too rich to be worrying about student loans

  21. 642,

    Get a fucking life Paintroach. Nobody cares about your little roach vendetta. Go back to sucking your parents dry.

  22. I saw that ugly, horrifying picture of JRA and his wife this morning and I literally threw up my bagel. If you have any decency at all, Nando, you will immediately remove that picture from your site. Then to avoid putting it up again, you can erase the file and destroy your hard drive.


    On April 14, 2014, Staci Zaretsky posted an ATL piece labeled “Law Professor Outraged By Plan To Use His Raise To Fund Jobs For Unemployed Graduates.” Look at this excerpt below:

    “We all know that the employment landscape for recent law school graduates is still looking pretty bleak. Fifty-seven percent of 2013′s law school graduates are employed in full-time, long-term jobs that require bar passage. If we exclude the percentage of full-time, long-term jobs funded by law schools, the legal employment rate drops to 55.3 percent. Meanwhile, 11.2 percent of 2013′s graduates are still unemployed nine months after receiving their degrees. The job market sucks, for lack of a better word, and law schools are sinking in the U.S. News rankings because of their terrible employment statistics.

    That’s why law schools are doing anything and everything they can to try to put their graduates to work. It seems that some schools are even willing to go to extremely unconventional lengths to do so. For example, one law school is thinking about suspending faculty raises and using that money to create a new jobs program for its graduates.

    A law professor there just found out that he may not be getting a raise this year, and he is PISSED….

    The law school in question is the University of Oregon, which already employs about six percent of its graduates in short-term, part-time, school-funded jobs, only four of which require bar passage. The school is apparently interested in transitioning the number of attorney jobs it funds to full-time positions, and boosting the overall number of recent graduates employed in those jobs. Why?

    Because just 50.3 percent of Oregon Law graduates are employed in long-term, full-time legal jobs, and the school has fallen 20 spots in the U.S. News rankings since 2011. Its failures in finding jobs for graduates is seemingly a big part of the problem. Here’s Dean Michael Moffitt’s plan, according to the UO Matters blog:

    Cancel raises for the faculty, and use the money to create a program to give non-profits money to hire law school graduates, boosting the employment numbers that go into the US News rank.

    We’ve reached out to Oregon Law for confirmation of this plan, but have yet to hear back.”

  24. The article continued:

    “This plan invoked rage in Professor Robert C. Illig — a former associate at Nixon Peabody, where according to him he “was all but certain to be earning more than $1 million annually,” had he not decamped for academia. He was inspired to send two emails to the law school’s faculty because, to his “shock and amazement,” someone was “trying to take away [his] one-in-a-decade chance at a raise WITHOUT [HIS] KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT.” Illig missed the faculty meeting where this plan was discussed, and his emails, which were recently made public, are simply wondrous. An excerpt:

    What did the agenda say? “Discussion of Graduate Fellowships.” Pardon my French, but this is absolute bullsh*t. Colleagues do not ambush one another like this.

    How can I trust the administration or any of my faculty colleagues? No wonder we’ve become a third-tier law school. Who’s going to want to come here to study or teach in this kind of poisonous atmosphere? …

    I feel that having given up the chance at a seven-figure annual income is charity enough for the students….

    While we agree that it may be unfair for the school to cancel professors’ raises, this is the kind of educational crisis that requires everyone involved to give a little bit more, lest they find themselves on the receiving end of a faculty buyout offer or, worse yet, a layoff. It’s not like this hasn’t happened at many law schools already. Unfortunately, like the honey badger, Professor Illig doesn’t seem to give a s**t:

    Is this some kind of faculty version of white-man’s guilt? We see students without jobs and think that if we throw them a few of our dollars we can go back to our scholarship and not worry about whether they are getting real careers and real training? We can study the 17th Century and believe we are preparing them for the 21st?

    What we owe them is our time and effort and skill, not our paltry raises (which, by the way, don’t even cover the increase in the cost of living).

    As many recent law school graduates can attest, their professors’ time, effort, and skill — much less their own — are not generating jobs, and they certainly aren’t paying their outstanding law school debts. We understand where Professor Illig is coming from, but he sounds like an entitled baby. Although he doesn’t exactly seem like a winner, perhaps he would’ve fared better if he had stuck it out at Nixon Peabody.

    Robert Illig is a piece of trash who doesn’t give one damn about his students or recent graduates. I have pointed that out about the law school pigs for years now. He is an entitled whiner.

    Listen, Bitch: If you can make seven figures at a Biglaw firm – and you are not making what you feel you are worth – then quit your job and go to work for a white shoe law firm. And then shut the hell up about not being paid enough. Robert, keep in mind that such employers will not allow you to “work” only 4-6 hours per week – reciting the same tired garbage from a casebook. You will need to produce, i.e. bring in and retain big dollar clients.

  25. Painter, if you want an oil job in ND so that you can pay off your student loans, check this out:

  26. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms of lemmings who screwed up their lives so badly by thinking that law school would PREVENT them from having to move back to mom's house in their late 20's. And, we're sorry.

  27. What makes the Status Monkey comments particularly upsetting now is that my boss is African American, and is the best boss I have ever had.

    And no, I won't make friends with Status monkey ever. I feel badly about the Adams situation because I never thought Nando would take it this far, and Nando and I agreed a while back that it was not necessary to involve his wife.

    The factory I work in now is majority operated buy Latino workers-Dominican, El Salvadoran, Mexican, South American, etc. and I have come to know a completely new industry of manufacturing, which is pretty rare in the US these days.

    The energy in manufacturing is inspiring and at times intense and the respect the workers show for each other shows a pride in themselves.

    The white, non military working class is dismally all covered in tattoos and I have witnessed the progression of that in my lifetime

    I'm sorry, but that has been my observation. And when spring comes every year the white people go out, even in the cold, with tank tops to proudly show off the Queequeg tattoo activity from the last winter.

    Unfortunately America is not a manufacturing economy anymore but more of a service economy and in a nutshell, perhaps that is why Law, which is a service, decided to plunder the treasury so as to squeak out the last dollars the legal industry (one of many) can get.

    As for the interest stopping on the debt, it needs a phone call to Sallie Mae and some looking into. It may be slowed down a bit and by degrees.

    I'm sorry to keep shoving the status Monkey crap under your noses, but he was after all my worst critic and a prolific one and I just want to show that he has a trail and a world view that is out of line racist, and is another fellow US citizen and some kind of lawyer too somewhere.

    All he has left in his arsenal is the fact that I live with my parents, and that shows his youth and privilege, because many, many people in my age group live with parents in mother-daughter house set ups and take care of their elderly parents since the family cannot afford full time nursing care.

    Keep in mind that I particularly enraged Status Monkey when I said that I voted for Obama and the Democrats all across the board in 2012 and simply because I thought the Dems were going to relive the student loan debtors at least insofar as the piling up of interest and perhaps offer a settlement.

    Carbon Copy of this attempted comment to:

    Paul Campos, since Campos publicly recommended that the TTR should be read, and also a copy to Brian Leiter, since Leiter seems to loom large in the Scamblog world and takes a nervous interest, it seems :)

    1. Painter, if you want an oil job in ND so that you can pay off your student loans, check this out:

  28. 1118,

    I'm sure all those people will be thrilled to get your very important and interesting message about your
    blogging nemesis.

    You don't work at a "factory." Your "boss" on the other hand IS African-American. It's a huuuuge booty. I assume your "job" is kissing it all day.

  29. Any idea whether attending here would qualify for discharge under the borrower defense provision?


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