Friday, June 27, 2014

Fourth Tier Liquid Waste: Loyola University New Orleans College of Law

Tuition: According to this document, full-time law students at this trash pit will be charged $21,000 per semester – for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015. Can you think of a better way to spend $42,000 annually?!?! This figure does not include fees.

General costs, IT, and law exam fees will add another $555 each semester. Publications will amount to another $20, and the SBA will pound you in the ass with a one-time charge of $250. A graduation expense will run you $275. This accounts for an extra $1,655 to your gigantic bill. Who wouldn’t want to make such an “investment”?!?! This is practically a steal!

Ranking: At these prohibitive prices, this school must have one hell of a reputation among the academic and legal communities, right?!?! If you believe that, then I suggest that you skip over to the next paragraph. Based on the current listing from US “News” & World Report, Loyola Univer$iTTTTy New Orlean$ Commode of Law is rated as a sweltering, odorous fourth tier pile of trash. Imagine how much tuition would be if this toilet was ranked in the top three tiers!

Employment Placement Statistics: Click on the link for the garbage heap’s Employment Summary for 2011 Graduates. Apparently, the bitches were unable or unwilling to provide more recent data. On page one of this PDF, you will notice that there were 231 total members of this TTTT class. According to this report, only 170 JDs from this cohort were employed – in any capacity – within nine months of receiving their diploma.

Four members of this class did not provide their job status to this cesspool. A total of 11 grads were pursuing a graduate degree full-time, while 42 poor souls were unemployed and seeking work. Another four JDs were jobless and not searching for employment. This represents a pathetic placement rate of 74.9 percent, i.e. 170/227. At least, the waste pile only hired two of its graduates in law school or university funded positions.

Now, scroll down to the next section, Employment Type. You will see that 92 grads went into private practice, including five desperate solos and 55 working in firms of 2-10 lawyers. Conversely, only three damn people from this class were hired by offices of 101-250 attorneys – and two went to work for firms of 251-500 lawyers. Do you still like your odds, moron?!?!

Average Law Student Indebtedness: On March 11, 2014, Matt Leichter posted an insightful entry entitled “Record 14 Law Schools Didn’t Report 2013 Graduate Debt to U.S. News.” Look at this portion:

“On average, about four law schools (excluding Widener University’s Harrisburg campus, the three Puerto Rico law schools, and Belmont because I don’t think it’s had any graduates yet) don’t report average graduate debt levels. The previous record was six in 2010. This year, as many as fourteen chose not to. Here’s the list and their last reported average graduate debt levels:

Loyola (La.) – $124,335 [Emphasis mine]

Keep in mind that this figure does not include debt from undergrad or other degree programs. Plus, it does not consider interest that accrues while the student is enrolled in law school.

JD Program Requirement: On this page, you will note the following under Requirements:

Law and Poverty: Students may satisfy the Law and Poverty requirement by fulfilling any one of the following options: take the Law and Poverty course (LAW L781); take the Law and Poverty Seminar (LAW L782); take Street Law (LAW L833); Environmental Justice Seminar (LAW L834); represent low income people in the Clinical Seminar (LAW L897); or perform 50 hours or volunteer pro bono legal services to the poor in one academic year in a setting approved in advance by the coordinator of the pro bono program.” [Emphasis in original]

Yes, after shelling out insane sums of borrowed money to attend this steaming pile of moist excrement, who wouldn’t want to be forced to study “law and poverty”?!?! After all, when you take out ridiculous amounts of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, you will soon join the ranks of the abject poor. Frankly, skid row bums are better off than you financially – since they don’t owe anyone $100K and they can’t have their wages garnished if they default on their loans.

Perhaps, the swine can offer a course labeled “Student Debt and Poverty.” Maybe the whores can design a seminar discussing highly educated debt serfs.  Then again, the rats don’t want the students to focus on how badly they are getting raped by the academic thieves.

Conclusion: Do not even consider attending this private, Catholic dung pile. First, the school is a FOURTH TIER TRASH PIT. Secondly, the pigs and cockroaches did not even supply their average indebtedness figures for the Class of 2013. If the commode is not willing to disclose this basic consumer info, then you know that the bastards are trying to hide something. News flash, Lemming: you WILL NOT BE SERVED WELL by incurring an additional $145K-$175K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for a TTTT law degree!

Furthermore, the rodents also failed to furnish Employment Placement data for the Class of 2012. That info was supplied to NALP more than one year ago! You wouldn’t purchase a used car if the dealer refused to give you vital consumer info. If you would not make such allowances for this type of transaction – which you can walk away from later – then why in the hell would you do so for such a serious financial decision that WILL affect you for the rest of your life?!?!


  1. It really is in the fourth tier. I thought it was in the second or third tier. That's like being cockroach shit.

  2. 26% unemployment for Loyola JDs, way above the US average of 6-7%. Unemployment among Loyola law grads is about the same as unemployment in Greece right now.

    And, according to the one report, unemployment among college grads is ~8%:

    So, Loyola JDs are about 3x more likely to be unemployed than the average college grad. What a great outcome. For a mere $124,355, you can decrease your employ-ability by a factor of three!!

    1. Don't forget to add three years of living expenses.

  3. Going to a shithole like this is worse, way worse, than being an unemployed plumber or factory worker. At least, those guys can collect unemployment. And they're not $100K+ in the hole.

    1. You bet your ass. My friend local 1 plumbers union in NYC. He made 175k for two years in a row. Then, in 2011 he was laid off for 6 months. He made 75k for the six months he worked and another 10kish on unemployment for the time he was unemployed. Last year he made around 110k working on and off (not sure if he even collected unemployment). He has no student loans, no opportunity cost, and when he was unemployed, everyone felt bad and tried to help. If you are unemployed as a lawyer, not one tear will be shed and not one ounce of political capital will be spent to protect you. His worst year beat most attorneys' best year. A lot of lemmings will say "175k, pst, that's peanuts, that's a second year associate salary." Of course that is retarded fucking thinking not just because a big law associate job is tough to get, but because my friend's foreman clears 300k a year ( so if you compare top to top, you still lose in the law). I know someone is going to cite BLS stats which include a first year apprentice salary ( that's a 19 year old kid in the training program that's is getting paid to learn, as opposed to incurring student loans). Alternatively, someone is probably going to cite what a plumber makes in west Virginia or some shit, and so the scam continues.

    2. Bro, do you have any idea how hard it is to get a union plumbing job in NYC? Probably harder than a biglaw job. I saw something on TV when they opened the process up for a dozen apprenticeships and the line stretched 10 blocks down 8th avenue. Those union jobs are extremely competitive and political (like many law jobs). They pay well but they are so tough to get and just as unstable as law. Also, how old is this $300k/yr foreman, 95? Seems like you'd have to have been in the union since it's founding to have a higher paying salary than the president of the AFL-CIO.

      Unions are dying in America. Your anecdotal story about your friend is not representative of the nationwide downward trend in private union membership and flat wages. Just like the one success story in a third tier law school is not representative of the entire class related to job placement.

      Not saying law is the answer. But I hear all these people chirp about union jobs. I know many union workers who have fallen on very tough times. Chronic unemployment, furloughs, and flat wages are an everyday fact of life for many of these people. Public workers might be okay because they can feed off the taxpayers and get pensions, but state governments are drastically altering pension plan formulas and contribution levels. My cousin is a cop and he is going to have to pay half his health insurance in retirement and NO cost of living adjustments anymore. He also has to work 30 years now (used to be 20) to get the pension. He also needs to pay more into his pension and health benefits now. His take-home pay after taxes and pension/benefit contributions is sad. He made like $31k his first year in take-home pay.

    3. ^My dad is a cop and retired at 47, with a 45k pension, now worth over 53k. Greedy boomer. He works today as an investigator making in the high 70s/low 80s, so his combine income is around 135k, plus benefits, company car, and gym membership.

      Your friend WILL NEVER get his pension. That will go to fund the boomer pensions, in twenty or thirty years, they will all be insolvent.

      Being a cop, unless at the state level, sucks today.

      All good paying jobs today, outside of engineering, are political. I have a degree from a T20 undergrad program ... STEM, Navy Reserves, U.S. Congressional intern, two years managerial experience at a F 1000 ... not that that's anything special, but ...

      ... I couldn't land even an INTERVIEW, hell even an invitation to try out, for a police opening in my home town that paid 39k staring.

      This economy is INSANE.

      If you want to get paid, pick a rare trade, and head to the oil fields ... that's what I did and I make in the high 90's, with my housing and health care paid for.

      Consider Alberta, the Bakken, Texas, or Australia as a welder, electrician, plumber, carpenter, or some other specialization.

      It's your best bet. Blue collar is the new white collar.

    4. Before you blame 'evil corporations' for de-unionization, just realize that in a 'flat' world where Indians and Chinese are allowed to compete with Americans, American unions cannot exist.

      The free market is what it is, but the pain of the American worker is also the joy of the India or Chinese laborer who will have an increased standard of living.

      Unions were a luxury because workers could demand high wages because their services were rare ... well, no more. Everyone is basically a replacement cog.

      And unions work the same way country clubs do; you can't get a membership card unless born in or initiated by some strange fate.

    5. If you are lucky to get a cop job in some leafy suburb you'll make good pay. You can make upwards of $150k/yr. before taxes and contributions. But those jobs are rare (suburban towns don't need 1,000+ cops) and political. My friend waited 6 years to get hired in his cop job in a suburban town. And this was only after he got veteran's preference and made it to the top of the "list" and they had to hire him by law. The other three hired people with him all had family members in the PD. The "list" for a cop job in Suffolk County, Long Island is like 10+ years. What do you do in the mean time? You have to take a city cop job making $40k/yr. working midnights dealing with crack heads and gangbangers. No one wants those jobs. Plus, us white guys are at the bottom of the pile with affirmative action quotas for those city jobs.

      There's not enough money to fully fund the pensions AND have money for schools, hospitals, transportation, local grants/assistance, unemployment benefits, help for the elderly and so on. The boomers and their pensions (social security, public employee, medicare) are DESTROYING america. The higher taxes on younger workers are funding the lush retirements of older boomers. OUR tax dollars don't go to help US. It goes into the boomers' fat mouths. They just can't let us breath.

    6. Why the hell don't you all become plumbers then if it's so great? Why sit on here and whine about it?

  4. Loyola actually at one time was a pretty well regarded Regional School that placed lots of its students into the large local firms, as well as those who went on to be Judges and politicians. The Mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu graduated from Loyola mid-eighties, as did his Sister . . Senator Landrieu I believe, plus many of the Local State and Federal Judges. But the entire New Orleans legal market went into a tailspin because of the BP disaster killing fishing and drilling in the Gulf, so not at all surprised Loyola has fallen on such hard times.

    1. I was shocked by the high unemployment rate but then remembered its in New Orleans. The economy there has been shitty for a long time. I looked for jobs there 20 years ago after college but didnt find anything decent so moved somwhere else. The BP spill and current recession made things even worse. And its not like this school will make you competetive for any legal job outside the state.

      I think its a fun place to visit if you like to eat and drink. Living there is another matter.

  5. I used to have a huge crush on Mary Landrieu. I even used to wonder about the color of her nipples. You know, before she became an old fat pig.

    I believe she was first elected to the Senate in the early 90s. She's still there and now I'm drowning in student loan debt. I haven't pictured her naked in my mind for years now. I don't see any relief coming to student debtors in my lifetime. We are all screwed. I'm just holding on till the end. I'll never be rid of my student loans.

  6. ^That's really great painter.

    For the adults out there, is it not completely sickening that a TTTT would charge $42K a year in tuition? Why does anyone even attend these trashy schools?

  7. 427,

    I seriously doubt that comment came from the Roach. He obviously has no interest whatsoever in breasts, women, etc. Now black guys' BOOTIES, on the other hand ...

    The subserviant Whiteroach would never ever dream of hitting on a Black woman. It'd be disrespectful. The humble Whiteroach is in awe of its social betters. It accepts and agrees with its station in life.

    1. I'm a guy, but I want to have your babies. I love you.

  8. New Orleans is a shithole. Southerners with arrogant attitudes, lackluster food that seems to be elated for no reason, price gouging, street urchins, and very unsafe areas. I couldn't wait to leave...and will never return.

    1. If you can't make it in New Orleans, you can't make it anywhere.

  9. Did anyone see the story about THIS pig?

    This law professor is a self-styled "enemy of inequality" who lives in a mansion and gets paid $200K per year for teaching ONE DAMN CLASS.

    You can't make this stuff up.

    1. Yep. Saw that article.

      He may land a place here soon. And deservedly so.

    2. I thought mafia no-show jobs were in construction or sanitation contracting....

    3. Nando, please do an article on this guy. Absolutely unbelievable.

  10. It would be truly unique and awesome if the blog owner, Nando, photographed fecal matter, himself.

    I had my girlfriend check this site out, and I told her that Nando takes pictures of his own feces and posts it with his evaluation of law school. Stretched the truth ...

    but seriously where do you get those pics?

    The idea is novel.

  11. Jon,

    I typically use Google Images to find pictures of cesspools, toilets, trash pits, Dumpsters, raw sewage, and piles of animal feces. There are also a few blogs that are devoted to the topic. I have simply provided a visual to the term TTT.

    Speaking of excrement, let’s take a look at the 2013 “placement” rate for this toilet, courtesy of Law School Numbers:


    Deciding to attend law school requires a large financial investment with the goal of securing employment upon graduation. The Loyola University New Orleans class of 2013 had an employment rate of 61% with 4% pursuing an additional degree.”

    Yes, that is truly impressive, huh?!?! If this rate was much higher, the pigs would likely increase annual tuition to $50K – in order to reflect this “excellence.”


    Loyola New Orleans Law School is considered a Somewhat Competitive law school, which accepts only 68% of its applicants. Comparatively, Loyola Neworleans is Higher than the average cost for law school.”

    Could you imagine an accredited U.S. medical, dental or veterinary school accepting 68 percent of its applicants?!?! If it was as easy to get into those real professional schools, then you would be leery of going to see the doctor or dentist. Hell, you would be scared to take your family pet in for his routine shots.

    1. Great to see that you allow dissent here, Nando. I don't hold the same view you do about capitalism, but you have allowed my posts.

      This site is more of an eye opener to those who didn't go to law school about how predatory educational institutions are.

      The pictures and numbers on this site are horrifying.

      Keep up the good work, despite the naysayers.

  12. Anybody have full text of this Fort Wayne Business Weekly article?

    "Indiana Tech’s new law school got off to a rocky start in its first year, but administrators and backers believe it can persevere. It’s much too soon to reach a verdict on its future, they said.

    Over the next few months, Indiana Tech will focus on retaining students from the law school’s inaugural class, recruiting the next class of first-year students with hopes of improving enrollment numbers and undergoing the process for receiving accreditation from the American Bar Association — all while conducting a search for a new dean to succeed Peter Alexander"

  13. how did you get that pic of the two turds in the top right corner?

  14. What kind of job can you expect coming out of a place like this? I mean, it's a fucking TTTT.


    This person is not a fan of Loyola University Commode of Law. Back on September 9, 2007, a blogger using the handle “Judicial Malfeasance” roasted this toilet, in a post labeled “Loyola School of Law New Orleans.” Here is the full text of that hilarious article:

    “Well, I am reading that Lawrence Moore, S.J., will be giving the Invocation at Loyola School of Law New Orleans this upcoming Friday, August 17, 2007. Please, please, please, will someone in attendance ask that he put his pocket anus on the podium and keep his hands away from his crotch? If for some reason Lawrence Moore, S.J., cannot keep his hands away from his crotch, maybe he should be supplied with a transparent podium so that opinions can be formed as to whether he is scratching himself or masturbating. My wife says I did the entirely wrong thing by seeking a redress of my grievances through the courts against Loyola University New Orleans. Supposedly I have an obligation to use the 'church' chain of command as Loyola University New Orleans is a 'church' school. Well, excuse me, Federal District Court Judge Sarah Vance, you cunt, if this is the case why did you not so state in your dismissal of my action rather than giving so many reasons contrary to the established law? Nope, I do not believe my wife's take on this. In my opinion, Federal District Court Judge Sarah Vance dismissed my civil action to protect her buddies, it seems as clear as day.”

    Yes, this seems to be one hell of a law school, huh?!?! Then again, US “News” rates Loyola University New Orleans Commode of Law as a FOURTH TIER PIECE OF TRASH.

  16. I recently found this blog and decided to post my story as a cautionary tale to prospective law students.

    I have been practicing law for 24 years. I will be retiring next year as my health has taken a severe toll as a result of being a lawyer. I used to be a tremendous physical specimen when I was 25. I had a six pack for abs and could bench press 350lbs. and run 2 miles in 12 minutes. Then I became a lawyer.

    Today, I am a type 2 diabetic with 3 cardiac infarctions. I am morbidly obese as I weigh 310lbs. and stand at 5'11". I am twice divorced and pay roughly around $8K a month in child support for 2 kids. I decided to retire from the practice of law for the following reasons:
    1) Too many recent solos have flooded the market while driving legal fees down. For example, in 1990 I used to charge clients $2K to do a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Today, newly minted solos charge $500-700. I can't and refuse to minimize my self-worth by competing with these bottom feeding fees.
    2) I used to have a diverse traffic court practice. I recall the days of getting a $3K retainer for a DUI case, and charge $5K if it went to trial. Today, newbies are charging $150 to go into traffic court and plea their clients out to a DUI guilty plea. Nowadays, if I quote $2K for a DUI, clients walk out the door. I refuse to charge $150 to walk into traffic court.
    3) I used to have a great personal injury practice. Whiplash cases used to settle for $20K easily back in the day. Now, insurance carriers won't even throw me a $1K nuisance settlement. They prefer to litigate every case. With tort reform, this area of the law has dried up.
    4) I used to charge $1.5K for easy uncontested divorces. Today, pro se kits are available at the court clerks' office.
    5) I used to charge $750 to prepare a will with healthcare proxies. Today, people go to staples and buy the nolo wills software for $29.99.
    6) I used to charge $2K to represent a buyer in a real estate closing. Nowadays, title companies and paralegals are allowed to do this service for $250.

    The problem in general is that there are few PAYING clients and a legion of struggling lawyers who are outdoing each other by slashing fees/services just to get the client. I refuse to be a part of this dystopia. Fortunately, I was able to purchase several properties and with property values rising, I will liquidate my holdings and move to Brazil with my current fiancé, who is from Belo Horizonte. I should be able to live my twilight years in comfort.

    It is sheer madness to take out $200K to attend law school just so you can enter a toxic cutthroat environment where it is all about how low you can charge to get a client. I blame the law schools for this problem. They got greedy, opened new law schools, lowered admissions criteria and enlarged entering classes. Law schools have systematically destroyed this profession, which is now akin to a swap meet market. I consider myself fortunate as I had no student loan debt and was able to make some money in this profession. However, I value my health and have too much pride to participate in this "how low can you go" environment that has plagued the legal profession.

    1. Please put a letter to the editor in your local paper before you leave saying roughly that. You MIGHT be able to catch the attention of a grandma who'll clip it for Jr. and maybe you'll save a damn life.

    2. What does practicing law have to do with not exercising or eating healthily? Nobody has to let their body go to pot just because they are a lawyer. It's a question of priorities.

    3. You sound like an idealistic millennial. You try running a law practice full time, while juggling a happy marriage and time to have a balanced life which includes a healthy diet and a workout regimen. Better yet, why don't you advise women that they can have a happy marriage, have 3 kids and still be a productive partner in Biglaw?

    4. I have and I am. And I am a boomer. Like I said, its all priorities. Women who want to have a happy marriage and three kids for the most part do not go into big law or stay for a limited period of time.

  17. If anyone who reads this blog reasonably believes someone in New York State has or is currently committing income tax fraud (especially in earning an income that would require student loan repayments via IBR/ICR), please contact the IRS at 1-800-829-0433, and/or the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance at 518-457-0578.

  18. I authored the comment at 6/30/14 @ 2:58PM.

    Take a look at these bottom feeding attorneys who charge peanuts for bankruptcy:

    Now mind you, in 1990, I used to charge $2,000.00, not including the filing fee, for a Chapter 7 case. $2,000.00 in 1990 is worth nearly $3,700.00 today. And yet, these barnacles who are "practicing law" are charging $500 to file the same Chapter 7 case, which is more complex today than in 1990 due to the congressional changes to the bankruptcy code in 2005. So my question is, why do kids want to get into a decayed profession, incur astronomical debt (which incidentally you cannot discharge in bankruptcy) to compete for scraps?

    1. Part of your problem appears to be you were a jack of all trades and a master of none. For example, if you do personal injury. .that means trying cases when you have to...not taking ridiculous offers.

    2. $2,000 for a garden variety Chapter 7 in 1990!?! When I was a Chapter 7 Trustee in the 1980s and $1990s we would get memos from the court asking us to review cases like that for outrageous fees and move to disgorge.

  19. Maybe Mr. Infinity should find an oil job in ND. Although he might be prejudiced against people who work, like Painter is.

  20. All these people commenting here with a lot of negativity, won't be surprised none of them went to any college. The picture of excretal and human waste plus the language speaks volume about the author of this blog. Then some people talk about "my dad or brother or friend used to work at this and that place making this and that" talk about yourself!!!, They want to insinuate that that they know everything about law schools. Future Lawyers...DON'T listen to these people, any ABA approved law school is great, it's about yourself and your dedication. Even if you go to Harvard and just sleep through your 4 years, you will fail and will never pass the bar exam. Don't listen to these whininy good for nothing, lawyer wannabes who NEVER made it, and want to discourage others.

  21. To prospective law school students: Don't listen to these bloggers, they failed to get in law schools hence vent their anger online in a bid to malign them. The school he is talking about is ABA approved and as you know, ABA monitors theses schools, any violations will results in their approval and accreditation revoked. Succeeding in law school depends on your hardwork, not going there expecting to be spoon fed, and pass your bar exam!, even you go to Harvard, if you don't work hard, you'll fail. Just look at their picture, and the language, who puts a picture of human excretions as his focus of discussion? And then people talk of "dad or brother or friend make this or that...." tell us your experience, if you've never been to these law schools quit talking about them like you are the dean or you work for ABA!!!!


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