Tuesday, June 3, 2014

News Flash: the Northern California Lawyer Job Market is Still Glutted and Abysmal


Overpriced Toilet Paper: On May 28, 2014, JD Journal published a Jim Vassallo piece, under the headline “Employment Numbers for Sacramento Area Law Grads Dismal.” Look at this opening:

“Despite an improving economy, law graduates in the Sacramento area are not seeing much success. The same thing can be said for much of California, according to the Sacramento Bee. Of the law students who graduated from law school in 2013, 20 percent of them were still unemployed nine months following graduation. This is an increase from the 16 percent in 2012, according to new data from the American Bar Association.

In another category, 25 percent of 2013 law grads in the state were working in part-time positions or in jobs that do not require a legal education.” [Emphasis mine]

That’s no big deal, right?!?! After all, who doesn’t want to piss away three years of their life - and incur an additional $140K-$175K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt - for the “opportunity” to work in a job that does not require a law degree?! Plus, the academic parasites got paid well for their swindle.

Two paragraphs later, the author provides the following gem:

“Graduates from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento are really struggling. Thirty-two percent of the school’s graduates from 2013 were looking for work nine months after graduating. In 2012, the number was just 19 percent. In 2013, just three of the 21 law schools in the state with accreditation from the ABA had a higher rate of unemployment than McGeorge.

“There are people who have been out of school for two or three years and have not found their first law job,” said B.J. Susich, an attorney from Boutin Jones and president of the Sacramento County Bar Association. “It’s a bottleneck. Just because hiring is better than it was, it doesn’t mean that you can burn through the inventory.”

School officials from McGeorge said that the 2013 class was one of the largest in the school’s history, with some 320 graduates. Many of them had planned to stay in the Sacramento area to practice law, but there was not enough demand for such a large group of new lawyers.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, this is a pre$TTTigiou$ in$TTTiTTTuTTTion of “higher learning.” You can see that the bitches and hags at this filth pit are already making excuses for the commode’s pathetic placement rate. By the way, lemmings: scambloggers and other critics of “legal education” have pointed out - for years – that there is a logjam of recent attorneys. Now that the head of the Sacramento County Bar Association has confirmed this, hopefully you will start paying attention. Plus, why in the hell should firms and other employers hire someone who graduated from law school two or three years ago, when they can choose from the latest pool of JDs?!?!


Sharp Decrease in Enrollment at California Dung Pits: On February 18, 2014, Staci Zaretsky’s piece, “Ouch: The Law Schools With The Biggest Drops in Enrollment Since 2010,” appeared in ATL. Look at this portion:

“In a recent study, National Jurist compared data from the 2010-2011 school year to data from the 2013-2014 school year using numbers from law schools’ most recent American Bar Association 509 reports. Without further ado, here are the 10 law schools with the biggest drops in enrollment since 2010:

University of La Verne: -66.2 percent
Cooley Law School: -40.6 percent 
Catholic University: -39.5 percent 
New York Law School: -38.7 percent 
University of Dayton: -38.5 percent 
Pacific McGeorge School of Law: -38.4 percent
Widener University – Harrisburg: -36.9 percent 
University of New Hampshire: -34.8 percent 
Seton Hall University: -34.7 percent 
Liberty University: -33.9 percent” [Emphasis mine]

Apparently, college grads are starting to become wiser consumers – at least when it comes to “legal education.” This had to happen at some point. Although the University of La Verne Commode of Law is in Ontario, it is still located in California – so I have highlighted it above.


Ranking: According to US “News” & World Report, the Univer$iTTTy of Pacific McGeorge Sewer of Law is rated as the co-146th greatest, most amazing and wonderful law school in the entire country. What a tremendous accomplishment, huh?!?! The Univer$iTTTTTy of La Verne Commode of Law is listed as “Unranked,” i.e. a fifth tier piece of trash.


Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the University of the Pacific McGeorge Law Class of 2013 who incurred debt for law school - as $142,784. Hell, 91 percent of this filthy toilet’s 2013 cohort took on such toxic debt. Remember that this figure does not include undergraduate debt – and it also does not take accrued interest into account, while the student is enrolled. The cockroaches at La Verne refused to provide their indebtedness figures to this publication.

Conclusion: Avoid the grossly overpriced sewers in this state. If you are not attending Stanford, or perhaps Cal-Berkeley, on a significant scholarship – or you are not wealthy or SERIOUSLY CONNECTED – then don’t even bother attending law school in California. Unless, of course, you want to end up being a pathetic, broke bastard with no future, i.e. Joshua Ray Adams. Take the cost of living into account too, including the ridiculously high state and local taxes. Lastly, California is also the SECOND-MOST GLUTTED lawyer job market in the country, genius.


  1. McGeorge really is a sad case. It's located in a nice, pleasant, growing city that happens to be the capital of California. It has a decent reputation in Sacramento. There's an obvious need for attorneys there. But they ruined the market by admitting 320 students in 2010 instead of the 120 that reason would justify.

    1. Those 200 extra students brought the school ~$20 million dollars of student loan revenue.

      The taxpayers will be paying this bill plus interest via IBR for the next 20 years. The students have useless pieces of paper. But the deans and profs have an extra $30 million in their pockets. Thank goodness the government is rolling in dough and doesn't need money for healthcare or the homeless, as these problems are all sorted out in our nation, so there is plenty of extra money just laying around to hand out to profs.


  3. Most law profs are liberal scum. They mouth the words for leftist causes. But that's all it is. You think these shitbags care about the homeless or so-called justice? It all about the Benjamins.

  4. "Most law profs are liberal scum" The only difference between a Law prof and you and the other posters on this blog, is they were able to get themselves highly sought after jobs and you weren't. Any who went to Law School went for the money. You just failed and Law Profs made it. You would be where they are if you had the opportunity . . but you never did and never will. Back to serving that coffee please. Your customers are waiting.

    1. Wasn't that the original point? That law professors are just in it for the money, but they have to pretend to care about civil rights, social justice, and the public interest?

  5. Law Professors were once law students. Almost all law students are in it for the money and their own egos. Some make it these days . . many fail. My only point was that there is no difference between those railing against law profs and law profs themselves. All made out of the same mold. The losers are simply angry with the winners. That too is not unusual.

    1. If the professorial class is so able to stand on their own feet, why do they need a 6 billion dollar annual back-door federal bail out just to stay afloat?

      The legal educational industry is propped up by federal spending. Law professors are not necessary to society, and they should be cut loose. They're not competitive in any free, productive marketplace. It's as simple as that.

      And I guess they better be nice to their "loser" students, because after all, graduates could just decide to take a voluntary default, spike the school's cohort default rate, and they'd be closed literally overnight. They'd lose their federal gravy train in 30 days.

      It doesn't take much - a bond rating or 990 fillings - to see that every ABA accredited law school in the country is drawing between 85-100% of revenue directly out of the federal lending programs.

      The law professors are going down with their schools. It's already happening: no new hiring, buyouts, etc.

      The sheer stupidity of not being able to run a solvent entity on guaranteed, risk-free cash flow speaks for itself. The arrogance of the professors will and is destroying them. I want them to get everything they want today, because that ensures that the pendulum will swing back so hard it will destroy their form of graft forever.

      Have a terrific bankruptcy, winner!

    2. The professors simply are subject to the law of supply and demand like everything else. No surprise there. If nobody wants to be lawyers, there will be no law schools or law professors . . but don't count on that happening any time soon. The problem isn't that people don't want to be lawyers, but they don't want to be losers.
      There will always be thousands who will make it big in the law graduating every year. And there will be thousands that won't. Capable and ambitious people are not going to be scared into not trying just because some people on a few scam blogs couldn't make it. And if Students could default en-mass, what is stopping them. Oh yea, that pesky IBR handout they have gotten. Tough Talk means nothing. Only actions speak.

    3. Christ Almighty, 6-3-14 1:52 PM.

      You said it!

      Tax exempt. Money flows in - guaranteed money from the federal gov't - and these complete bloody incest-spawned imbeciles can't make it work..


      Meanwhile, they gladly send their heavily indebted graduates out into a super-competitive field, long oversaturated, and rant about how their "loser students" can't make it work. They, with all the advantages. The students with every disadvantage.

      Oh man..

      When the first law school closes, I may celebrate. Shut them all down.

    4. Look 2:14, it's fine that "capable and ambitious people" can make it big--at least temporarily--in well-paying or important legal jobs. The problem is that about 75% of them won't. That means that absent federal loan money and massive deception of applicants, most law professors would lose their guaranteed and unearned revenue streams. They're hardly the examples of career success you make them out to be. In reality, they're parasites.

  6. Just curious - anyone know how to get to the site to read the actual article Nando is talking about? When I click on the link, which takes me to JDJournal, there is a big ad splashed across the site requiring a reader to submit his or her resume. There seems to be no way to close the ad. Since I really have no intention of scrounging up a resume to submit, just to read the article, I wondered if anyone else was able to get to the site. Or, are you all submitting your resumes just to read it?

  7. Look at the background of today's law prof. Shitbag typically came from a wealthy (or secure middle class) family. They went to the best schools either because mom and dad lived in good neighborhoods or they went to private schools. Several have boarding school under their belts too. Not a day's hard work in their whole lives.

    When they went to law school decades ago, tuition was a fraction (understand that, 1013?) of what it is today. And the job market wasn't as backed up as it is today. They made it, but most of that was due to their family connections or wealth. They had access to tutors. If their parents were lawyers they were already accustomed to legal gibberish from an early age. Legal bullshit language came naturally to them. They're just scamming students most of whom come from lower middle class or lower class to begin with. Celebrate that if you want, cocksucker.

    1. They all worked hard in law school and did well enough to get a Professorship. Most of them did well enough in college to get into elite law schools. Most of them were likely not born with silver spoons in their mouths, but no doubt the losers like to explain away their failures vs another's success by claiming it has to do with pedigree and nothing to do with merit. . . BULLSHIT. Cream rises to the top. Its as simple as that.

    2. Oh really. When I was in law school over twenty years ago, I remember the cream that rose to the top. Anyone who defends these clowns is either one of them or a fool. Their contribution to society is minimal and the only way they can act big is by picking on naive students. If what they utter is so valuable then why aren't employers interested in their pupils? Why are they being forced to accept buyouts?

    3. Yes 103, cream rises to the top, but not in the way you're suggesting.

  8. Give me time and let me do my rehash blog, since there is a lot to rehash.

    I haven't commented on OLSS in quite a long while and don't even read it really since it is too detached and clinical, and is mostly about a group of "nice" people discussing other people's problems and clucking their tongues.

    I did vote for Obama in 2012 because Obama seemed to be interested in the Student Loan Debt Crisis in the past, and I figured that if I was in for a penny I would be in for a pound and so I voted for every Democrat politician in sight as well. In 2012.

    But that was then, and of course the racist troll gave me hell for voting for Obama.

    I believe he might not be a lawyer after all though, since he recently seemed to not know the difference between slander and libel, and said that if I ever exposed him in writing he would sue me for "slander"

    But I think he knows that the noose is closing around him, and that my knowing that he is Status Monkey from the Debbie Schlussel blog and that he donated 5K to the Virgil Goode Election campaign, and that he told a lot of personal clues about himself whilst trolling in the comments section of the Debbie Schlussel blog.

    But as I leave TTR and with fond memories and with regrets over disagreements between me and Nando over the whole Adams business, I want to wish everyone health and happiness in the years to come.

    I am still around, and the thin thread of open line communication is here:


    I leave you with Status Monkey, the expert proxy server troll, and may you all have good luck with him.

    Keep in mind that he has a habit of racistly replying to comments that I have never made, and I am sure he will continue.

    1. Painter, when was the last time you made a student loan payment?

    2. Here are some ND oil jobs so that you can pay your student loan.

    3. ^ 5:46/5:47,

      Fucking racists.

    4. You're absolutely right, Painter. The racist "black booty" troll is close to being outed, humiliated, and indicted for racial harassment.

  9. Shut the fuck up paint roach. You don't wish for any of us to have "health and happiness" - you just want to steal and spend everybody's money.

    Stop posting your stupid shit here! Use your own garbage blog for that.

    1. One of the keys to health and happiness is not going to law school. I think Painter is trying to discourage people from ruining their lives by going to law school.

      On the other hand, the racist "black booty" troll has never spoken out against the law school scam. He prefers to get sexually aroused by taunting its victims, including Painter.

  10. How can you be sure about that, mr roach? He might have said "slander" instead of "libel" just to point you in the wrong direction.

  11. Anonymous said...
    First, I have no idea why the law school apologists-that's you 103-are here. Nothing about this scam has anything to do with supply and demand. It's an artificial market where the cash is guaranteed(govt loans) and there is a non-participating regulatory agency(ABA). It's a fix; the schools lie to gullible and lazy liberal arts grads, who spend taxpayer money to incur massive debt while lining the pockets of the law school faculty and administrators. It's a fix.
    But I digress; I post tonight to sing praise to Nando. It's probably time to retire. As another has coined the phrase, this country is full of Special Snowflakes who will listen to no one. With those employment numbers, all the schools on that list should be closed. Theschools advertised a product-a law job-and didn't deliver. But it hasn't, and it probably won't, because there are countless Special Snowflakes who are going to get rich as lawyers, because...they're special.
    So I'm now afraid that Nando is advising those who are unable to listen. And this will continue until the first accredited law school closes its doors-Brooklyn? Vermont? Still open, accepting applications. Even Indiana Tech is still open.
    As long as the "free" taxpayer money is still available, no schools will close-there are too many Special Snowflakes for that to happen. How could any thinking person attend these schools with such terrible employment figures?

    June 3, 2014 at 6:30 PM

  12. If you are a recent graduate in the SF Bay area, my market, and you want to stay in law, get to work learning the legal business (i.e. how to do something productive that folks will actually want to pay you for it). Stay away if you can from any document review crapola work. Ideally a payable law job that teaches you how to litigate, draft briefs, draft contracts, etc. But, say you have to work part-time and then do legal work part-time as a post graduate internship can you manage? If so, eventually the skills learned on the job will be of value and you will be able to get a fulltime job in the law. Work hard and do good work, your reputation will get out there, as folks will come and see you when they need stuff. Of course note going in, there are exisitng attorneys with good jobs that just don't want you there. They will do everything they can to see that you don't make it. So be careful who you trust in this market. I say this having witnessed way too many times a group of older lawyers, spreading bad reputation gosssip about some new lawyer, ending up hurting such lawyer on the local job market. Networking helps as everyone knows anyone of value in this area. Even if I have a new hire, I don't think I'm going to post the attorney position but just call upon those I already know. Yet if looking for posted jobs go on Craiglist or indeed.com. The fulltime law job game is only over if you say its over. I know far too many folks years out getting back into the legal career and making a good salary at it, and of course good luck to all!

  13. http://www.sfgate.com/business/article/Attorney-glut-a-lesson-for-law-schools-4404663.php

    Back on April 2, 2013, the San Francisco Chronicle published a piece from Paul M. Barrett, which was entitled “Attorney glut a lesson for law schools.” He comes out swinging. Check out this killer opening:

    “The legal education industry has hit a wall. The United States has an oversupply of attorneys. Law schools keep pumping out more. Graduates have huge debts and sparse job prospects.

    "Law schools need to take immediate action to confront today's crisis," said Paul Caron, a professor at the University of Cincinnati. "The current model - convincing 45,000 people each year to assume six-figure debt loads to chase 20,000 legal jobs, most of which do not pay enough to service the debt - is simply unsustainable. Market and political forces are gathering steam."

    Caron, who specializes in tax law, suggests that the legal professoriate look to Jimmy McMillan for guidance. When he ran for governor of New York in 2010, the eccentric McMillan drove around Brooklyn in a car with a loudspeaker on its roof, shouting his memorable campaign slogan: "The rent is too damn high."

    At more than $50,000 a year, "law school tuition is simply too damn high," Caron said. "Administrators and faculty need to ruthlessly examine law school budgets and cut areas that are not essential to the school's mission. Law school is twice as expensive as it was 20 years ago (in inflation-adjusted dollars), yet no one would argue that legal education is twice as good today."

    Remember when the law school pigs were grunting that critics of “legal education” didn’t know what they were talking about, folks? Now, the bastards are supporting our original arguments. Hell, when is a tenured “professor” going to post a picture of explosive diarrhea, when describing the law school scam?!?!

    Now, scroll down to Barrett’s beautiful conclusion:

    “The upshot: The invisible hand will force some law schools of lesser repute to shrink or close, further diminishing the value of their graduates' degrees. Even more prestigious schools will have to trim class size.”

    How do you like that, bitches?!?! Luckily for you old farts, most of you will be able to hold out until you reach retirement. In a just world, these academic thieves/cockroaches would be beaten senseless with bamboo sticks – and then tossed into traffic.

  14. Only 20% of 2013 California law school graduates looking for solid legal work? PLEASE.

    Square that with the 9-month, full-time, JD required 509 employment stats of the 21 ABA accredited California law schools:

    Stanford: total grads 194; long-term JD required: 171
    not really working as lawyers: 12%

    Boalt Hall (Berkeley): total grads 301; long-term JD req: 261
    not really working as lawyers: 13%

    UC Los Angeles: total grads 332; long-term JD req: 252
    not really working as lawyers: 24%

    USC (Gould): total grads 238; long-term JD req: 167
    not really working as lawyers: 30%

    UC Davis: total grads 196; long-term JD req: 138
    not really working as lawyers: 30%

    UC Hastings: total grads 373; long-term JD req: 158
    not really working as lawyers: 58%

    UC Irvine: total grads 62; long-term JD req: 54
    not really working as lawyers: 13%

    Pepperdine: total grads 213; long-term JD req: 121
    not really working as lawyers: 43%

    Loyola: total grads 256; long-term JD req: 131
    not really working as lawyers: 49%

    University of San Francisco: total grads 200; long-term JD req: 72
    not really working as lawyers: 64%

    Cal Western Law: total grads 281; long-term JD req: 99
    not really working as lawyers: 65%

    Chapman (Fouler law): total grads 186; long-term JD req: 89 (maybe)
    not really working as lawyers: 52%

    Golden Gate: total grads 228; long-term JD req: 51
    not really working as lawyers: 78%

    Santa Clara: total grads 332; long-term JD req: 142
    not really working as lawyers: 56%

    University of San Diego: doesn't have ABA required employment stats that I can find on website - does have a link to complain about the same.

    Southwestern Law: total grads 300; long-term JD req: 120
    not really working as lawyers: 60%

    Thomas Jefferson: total grads: 293; long-term JD req: 85
    not really working as lawyers: 71%

    Whittier: total grads 210; long-term JD req: 56
    not really working as lawyers: 73%

    McGeorge Pacific: total grads 318; long-term JD req: 116
    not really working as lawyers: 63%

    Western State law: total grads 123; long-term JD req: 46
    not really working as lawyers: 63%

    La Verne: total grads 86; long-term JD req: 30
    not really working as lawyers: 65%

    1. I'll correct myself: the stats are JD & bar passage required, not just JD required - i.e. licensed attorneys.

    2. Thanks for those helpful statistics, Nando. The factual basis for the scamblog movement can never be overstated.

      I've got to say that those Hastings stats are shocking. Less chance at a real lawyer job from Hastings than coming out of Pepperdine or Loyola! And the Golden Gate stats are genuinely heartbreaking. Those poor deluded people...

    3. I agree: those Hastings stats are shocking, and the Golden Gate stats are genuinely heartbreaking.

      And please, please keep stating the factual basis for the scamblog movement.

    4. What I think is interesting is nobody is placing more than 261 graduates from a class in real legal jobs, regardless of the class size.

      Therefore, no law school in California should have a class size over 260.

      Hastings has not been placing more than about 150 students from each class in real legal jobs in the past half decade. It's too big. It's also a huge scam.

      And still, the picture isn't complete. One still needs to ask about how long these jobs graduates are getting last and what they pay.

      Basically, anything below Boalt is actually a bad deal.

      Davis is garbage, placing 138. USC barely placed more grads than Hastings! Don't touch those schools. USC is one of the schools that is recruiting at the junior colleges in California now. Smell that? That's blood in the water.

      The Northern California market is probably one of the worst in the country when you look at how many grads NorCal schools are placing in absolute numbers. It's horrendous. Add to this a housing bubble number 2 in Northern California and sky high rents, and forget about it.

      California is also flooded with foreign jurisdiction attorneys hoping California is a better market than New York, New Jersey, Boston, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona...and it's not. It's worse.

  15. @1120,

    "You're absolutely right, Painter. The racist 'black booty' troll is close to being outed, humiliated, and indicted for racial harassment."

    Yeah, right - and John Koch / Joshua Adams are "close" to paying back all that fucking money they borrowed. Promises, promises ...

    I assume 1120 is Joshua Ray Adams, and he is typing his roach-fetish comments from the inside of the Roach-ass itself. It must be extremely smelly in there - was there room enough inside the paintroach-booty for you to set up a table for your keyboard?

    1. You assume wrong. Like most racists, you're not very smart.

  16. ^Think about this for a second.

    If Josh Adams owes $300k and John Koch owes $350k, before the end of the year, these two deadbeat assholes will owe 2/3 of a million dollars combined.


    Painter, when's the last time you made a payment on your loans? Just give me a year. Have you made one single payment on them anytime in this decade?

    1. ^ 8:47,

      Fucking racist.

  17. Miles Law School, less than 10% of grads pass state Bar Exam. This is business as usual for Miles. The law school's(opportunistic scum bag) dean argues that you cannot measure the law school by such low bar passage rate. Would you want a dentist or a doctor to work on you, from a school, where less than 10% of grads can pass minimal state licensing requirements? If you pass the Bar does that make you a highly distinguished alumni? The law school is a "diversity" law school, so no one will move to close them down and be called a racist. "Diversity" and "inclusiveness" has become synonymous with low standards, but less than 10% of grads passing the Bar is insane.


  18. 1229,

    O RLY? So it ISN'T Joshua Ray Adams whose is living inside Koch's giant tax-fattened roachbooty, sending out all of the feeble-minded BLS-polished "roach power" comments? Suuuuuure ...

    So who IS the roach's wingman in attempting to wreck this site? It's definitely Joshua Adams, unless it's the Roach himself. If you're that concerned about Painter, Mr. Joshua Adams, why don't you stop posting sex stories about his grandfather supposedly sucking cocks at the WTC construction site? And, Joshua Ray Adams, why don't you stop telling Painter that he should commit suicide? Since you are suddenly so in favor of him and all. LOL, when prospective employers look you up on Google, do you actually want them to SEE that? Will they conclude that they want someone like that (elite Brooklyn Law School pedigree notwithstanding) working at THEIR office?

    Just thinking out loud here, Joshua Adams. There are also some dark rumors swirling around that you may have used the "n-word" on this site to describe college basketball players during the NCAA tournament last year. As I recall, it was the saintly John Koch himself who levelled the charge. It wouldn't surprise me at all - moral consistency isn't exactly your strong suit. No serious employer would ever take a chance on Joshua Adams if they believed he was going around spraying the "n-word" all over the internet. If he did something like that while he was on the job, his EMPLOYER would get sued - probably for millions of dollars.

    1. You're really sick. You get off on taunting two pathetic victims of the law school scam. Tell us about your job, big man. What company is allowing you to harass named victims on company time?

    2. ^ thanks for that.

      The deal is, as I've stated here before, I believe that law schools are the canaries in the coal mine for the education industry as a whole.

      I'm an engineer, and went to a top school. My profs were really great and keen on helping us learn, but after taking a couple of coursera classes for fun, I was AMAZED, in a good way, at the quality of the instruction and the depth of command of the subject that was earned through completing the programming assignments and projects.

      Which got me to thinking: do I really need my fancy engineering degree?

      The answer is yes, but is there seriously a case for the old classroom-and-lecture model, or can't it be done in a more efficient manner?

      I expect massive changes of one sort or another to happen in the legal education industry, but I also expect to see it in my own industry as the years roll by and folks realize that education actually doesn't have to cost all that much.

      Why am I typing this?

      Because I applaud 11:26 for calling out 3:07 on being a mean dickhole. I see this website as part of a movement in which we all learn together, as well as vilify the cockroaches and pigs together, and calling out Joshua Ray Adams, who has publicly admitted he was wrong, is not cool.

      Sooner or later, all schools will be in the position of the legal education market. We're in this together.

    3. ....and this is where anonymity in comments falls apart because I can't tell who is who.

      I told JD Painterguy YEARS AGO that he was screwed in America and that he needed a fresh start in Canada or Britain. I told him this here and at any number of his blogs (which he would open and close for no damn good reason.) He never truly listened.

      I can see why people want to go anonymous at this website; a number of them have claimed to be attorneys, but then we have this legion of drama-creators and it makes dealing with this site unpleasant (which is why I rarely write in anymore.) Fake names would be better than no names at this point.

    4. The Russian should send Joshua Adams on a one way ticket to Donbass, Ukraine to do some fighting and hopefully he gets captured. Only job Joshua Adams will get where he can be combative because he will never make a trial attorney or even document review. Send a dumb ass to Donbass as cannon fodder.

  19. Another fine piece of work, Nando. With each passing year, the legal job market will continue to tank; with graduates from high-ranked institutions having an increasingly difficult time finding work. Those fortunate enough to find work will find their positions less rewarding and secure.

    If the law school scam, along with the spineless gladhanders at the ABA, cared one iota about the legal profession, they'd have done something about lawyer overproduction a long time ago.

    How anyone still considers law school a safe bet in this worsening job market just baffles me. Shame on all who shill for this filthy industry.

  20. 1126,

    Two pathetic victims?!


    John Koch and Joshua Ray Adams are no victims. They are two of the rootin-tootinest world-class racist hunters who ever lived. Who, um, like to use the n-word when they aren't accusing others of racism.

    Maybe the two great dingleberry racism inspectors should take some time to inspect each OTHERS' butts - when they aren't taking turns inserting their heads INTO each other's butt, that is.


  21. http://seattletimes.com/html/businesstechnology/2021994037_lawschoolsxml.html

    On October 8, 2013, the Seattle Times re-published a piece from San Jose Mercury News writer Katy Murphy. That article was entitled “Too many lawyers, too few jobs.” Look at this opening:

    “Across the country last year, 46,000 newly minted law-school graduates hit the job market bearing the crushing weight of their student-loan debts.

    Nine months later, only 27,000 had found full-time jobs as lawyers.

    “Legal education is in crisis,” said Frank Wu, chancellor at University of California’s Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco. “Nobody has seen anything like this. There are too many lawyers, there are too many law students, and there are too many law schools.”

    Once considered a sure bet for a stable, well-compensated career, law has become a riskier gamble. Not only is it harder to become a lawyer now; it also has become much more costly.

    As states withdraw support from public universities and schools chase rankings that reward them for spending more, tuition goes up and up, forcing students to borrow $100,000 or even $200,000 to earn their degrees.

    Would-be applicants are taking note; across the country, the number of people applying to law school has fallen by nearly a third since 2010, the lowest number in more than a decade.
    Law schools are under pressure from all sides: Prospective students balk at the high tuition, while firms assert that graduates leave school unequipped to practice law. Even President Obama made waves last month by suggesting that law school take two years, instead of three.”


    Apparently, Murphy was referring to the NALP’s Class of 2012 National Summary Report. According to that document, there were 46,364 members of the overall JD Class of 2012 – competing for a total of 28,567 jobs labeled “bar passage required.” Keep in mind that not all of those positions were traditional attorney openings.

    Scroll down to the section labeled “Private Practice Jobs,” on the bottom of the first page. You will see that only 17,740 ended up in “bar passage required” posts – under that category. This also includes desperate solo practitioners and those who went to work for firms of 2-10 attorneys. In sum, 38.3% of this class landed positions as private lawyers, i.e. 17,740/46,364. Could you imagine if dental, medical or veterinary schools offered such pathetic job prospects for their graduates?!?!

  22. Later on, the piece continued:

    “Last week, an American Bar Association task force described the crisis in stark terms, noting mounting financial pressures on law schools, high student debt, years of sharply falling applications, and “the predicament of so many students and recent graduates who may never procure the sort of employment they anticipated when they enrolled.”

    The report called for sweeping changes in legal education, such as greater flexibility in what law schools must teach and how, and new licensing programs for basic legal services now too expensive for most Americans to afford.

    The financial crisis forced the bar association to consider solutions that had been floating around for decades, said Bob Gordon, a professor at Stanford.

    “I think it’s pretty clear it’s going to be a shake-up in this market, given the drastic decline in applications.”

    In Spokane last month, Gonzaga University School of Law cited both the ABA task-force report and Obama’s remarks in its announcement that it would begin a two-year accelerated-degree program in fall 2014 in addition to the traditional three-year sequence. Gonzaga said it will be the first Pacific Northwest school to offer a Juris Doctor degree in two calendar years.”

    And the piece concludes with a lemming named James Giacchetti offering some false positivity nonsense. News flash, Stupid: when employers Google you and find this quote, they will not see your attitude as charming. They will view you as a loser who will take whatever is pounded up his ass, with no complaint.


    By the way, isn’t it nice that Gonzaga University Sewer of Law – currently ranked as the 107th “best” law school in the country, by USN&WR – is now offering a JD in two years?!?! Keep in mind that the pigs are merely squeezing the hours in a compressed amount of time, and charging the victims the full price. The bastards are simply accelerating the federally-backed, student loan money spigot. Yes, these “educators” truly have their students’ interests at heart, right?!?!

  23. @1235,


    I think we all know the REAL reason that Strelnikov (who, let us never forget, lieks to play with his own turds) has been gone - he's been busy sculpting his turds into his latest masterpiece. Considering how long he's been at it, it's probably a real beaut. Probably the size of a cathedral.

    For your next project, maybe the roach John Koch will hire you to sculpt a gigantic black booty for him and Joshua Adams to suck on. A friendly word of warning, however - demand your commission in cash and up-front. DO NOT let the paintroach pay you with something that it calls "credit."

    1. ....And the shitbag troll whose IP should be banned shows up.

      Nando, ban him.

    2. ^ Yeah! Ban him, and then remove that DISGUUUUUSTING picture of Joshua Adams from your site!

      Chop, chop!

  24. 748,

    LOL, sounds like the Russian licker of roach-anus can't take it. Maybe he should sculpt one of his turds into a gun and use it on himself - though I seriously doubt the smelly thing would even work. It's kind of like John Koch in that respect, n'est ce pas?

    1. You don't have much to do with your life but hang around a scamblog all day, making sixth-grade jokes about shit. People like you chased off the interesting posters, and you are too dickless even to come up with an avatar.

      Fuck you and your subhuman YouTube trolling horseshit.

  25. You said Joshua Ray Adams is a loser with no future.

    On his blog, he mentions he's now a sandwich artist.


  26. On May 26, 2014, the piece of trash known as Joshua Ray Adams posted an entry labeled “First Day of Work – Non Legal Employment After Law School.” Here is the full text of the piece:

    “Yesterday was my very first full day of work. I donned my work garb and walked over to my workplace to be greeted by my coworkers. They are a nice lot of people and so far I have got along with everyone. Nobody there knows me as Mr. Infinity. Actually, nobody there knows I graduated from law school (other than the person who hired me). Someone asked me where I used to work and I said the name of the fellowship location. However, they did not suspect me of being a law guru.

    It is a whole different world at the place I work for compared to that of law school. And not in a bad way. I notice, so far, that many of my coworkers seem more down to Earth and could care less about the rule against perplexities. Many are just trying to survive. I mean, the job does not pay that much and it is in a city that is known to be more expensive than most. My rent is about $940 a month and if I get a full time work schedule, I will be making $1500 per month. That does not give me much extra to live off of.

    To be honest, I was offered an interview at a law office. It's not the kind of job that requires a law degree, and it pays between $13 and $15 an hour with a set 40 hour workweek (9 to 5). They were not put off by the fact that I am a graduate of law school. At the time I told them I was working in a fellowship and would like to interview later. They told me to contact them when the fellowship ended. I have not. I believe that I would be depressed in a legal environment at this point. Plus, the subject matter would make me feel like a real douche.

    So, what did I do on my first day? Well, throughout the night I was taught how to make sandwiches, where to take the trash, where to put the broken down boxes, how to cut meat and cheese, how to run the scale, how to make wraps, how to deep fry, how to do the evening cleaning, and how to clean the slicer. I helped a few customers and people were overall pretty nice and understanding of my blunders. I gave service with a smile, and I even got a couple smiles back.

    Many people kept asking me how I liked the job. It has a high turnover rate and many people see it as too challenging. Well, the truth is, I found it to not be that hard and am seeming to learn it all pretty quick. I have worked a few "real jobs" in my life, so this is nothing new to me. I told them that I was fine with it. Maybe the high turnover rate was why the manager gave a law graduate a chance in the first place. I think mentioning that I am going back to school also helped me get my foot in the door. I straight up told her I was not "keen on ze law." I did not say "on ze" or even "keen" but I said something of the sort.

    Posted by Mr. Infinity at 9:53 AM”

    Shut up and make me a sandwich, Bitch. In the final analysis, you are a pile of human waste. Joshua, you were encouraging others to attend law school, even though YOU were financially ruined by this decision. By your own admission, you owe $300K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE student debt. And now you are hoping to earn $1,500 a month as a “sandwich artist”?!?! At least, you are now doing something that is at your intellectual level. Congratulations on landing a job that is for high school kids, Dumbass. At age 32, your family must be so proud of you!


    1. This "kid" (even though he's 8 years my elder, I use that term to describe his psychology), Mr. Adams, seems like the type of idiot who deserves what he got.

      In fact, I can't believe that he's even a real person.

      There's a stigma out there that a lot of you JDs out there who couldn't get jobs were lazy and mediocre students/workers who couldn't make it in the real world. That's why people aren't sympathetic.

      I don't believe that, but the more young, unemployed lawyers I meet and hear about the more I question whether many of these guys and gals didn't scam themselves into believing they were better than mediocre (not denying they weren't lied to as well).

  27. 752,

    So I "chased off the interesting posters?" Ha, now you're just begging the question, dude - IS someone like you who posts comments about playing with your own turds, makes infantile threats, etc, etc, really all that "interesting?" Or perhaps someone who posts roachpoems and YouTube roachlinks? Or Joshua Adams's comments? Are THOSE the comments that you find "interesting?" I say good fucking riddance.

    Glad to hear you think you're such a roaring Russian lion of courage for, um, having an AVATAR. But not posting your real name, of course. Because there's such abhuge difference.

    Go back to your high-minded "sculpting" projects, dingleberry. The people on this blog are WAY too simple-minded to deserve the high-brow comments of someone who plays with his own turds all day. The "sixth grade" should be an ASPIRATION for you - from your position, the sixth grade must look like the School of Athens.


    1. "Because there's such abhuge difference."

      What the fuck is "abhuge", Shitbiscuit?

      I mean, you can't even look over what you write!

      You bring nothing to this blog or this planet. Kill yourself and save humanity from your blight.

    2. Or better yet, this racist troll can turn himself in to the US Attorney, along with his computer. He's obviously addicted to pornography, and maybe he got a little too excited one day and downloaded some illegal material.

  28. Josh Adams got fucked by the law schools. But look at his picture. Was any law firm going to hire someone that looks like him? He looks semiretarded. The schools took your money (or should I say federal taxpayer money) knowing you wouldn't have a shot in shit of ever being a lawyer.

    1. I may look retarded, but I give great oomox.

  29. I see that Strelnikov and Status Monkey, who is the troll from the Debbie Schlussel blog, are going at it.

    I just came back here to say that my new blog is just one post and a novel, but all of what I think is the most relevant from my past blogging efforts will be woven into the story.

    And that is the best way to do it all by now, and I think I finally have my new angle and approach.

    For instance, I posted my Touro Law School Transcript as a part of the story.

    After getting out of Touro, I felt really ashamed and like I was trying to enter a profession for which I was totally incompetent.

    A classmate, now deceased, name of Mark Chiapetta, was very sharp and intelligent and seemed to pick up on the whole way a law student was made to feel ashamed at Touro,and used to goof in the classroom about it and I even sat next to him for one semester in a criminal law class. He was very funny.

    I learned of his death by strange coincidence as I was reading the obits in the local Newsday, which I rarely read.

    Nevertheless, Touro let me graduate, and as one friend tells me today, Touro should have kicked me out very early on.

    I have already mentioned the two minority students that took their 1L years over again at Touro, and I have already mentioned the other classmate that I saw wandering around the halls of the Javitts center like a ghost and who was sitting for the bar exam for the 8th time and four years after graduation.

    I have always thought that there was something terribly wrong about all of that. But that was just me.

    Afther thinking it over, I do not want to mess up my blog with the search for the Status Monkey troll, but if anyone cares to ask, I can provide lots of clues as to the identity of Status Monkey, who by his own admission was a supporter of Virgil Goode's 2012 Presidential run, and he sounds like a white trash cracker that is all covered over with tattoos and is still fighting the Civil War.

    But he is of a type, and is not alone.



    1. "For instance, I posted my Touro Law School Transcript as a part of the story."

      Yes, but you never responded to the question as to when you last made a student loan payment. When was that?

    2. Good choice, Painter, don't defecate your blog with that ugly racist troll. Just catch his ass and prosecute him.

      By the way, he may be lying about contributing to Virgil Goode, or lying about the amount. He seems to be a chronic liar in other respects.

  30. http://www.bostonglobe.com/opinion/2014/05/09/the-lawyer-bubble-pops-not-moment-too-soon/qAYzQ823qpfi4GQl2OiPZM/story.html

    On May 9, 2014, Boston Globe write Jeff Jacoby swung his dick and connected with Joshua Adams’s face, in a piece entitled “US legal bubble can’t pop soon enough.” Check out the force of his opening shot:

    “Is America’s lawyer bubble getting ready to pop?

    Critics have long bewailed our national glut of lawyers, to little effect. Chief Justice Warren Burger predicted 35 years ago that America was turning into “a society overrun by hordes of lawyers, hungry as locusts.” At the time, the population of attorneys in the United States had surpassed 450,000, and law schools were graduating 34,000 new ones each year. By 2011, the annual production of law degrees was up to 44,000, and at 1.22 million, the number of lawyers in the country — which included me — had nearly tripled. Over the same period, the population of the United States had risen just 40 percent.

    But the wind has changed. In 2011, the number of students entering law school dropped by 7 percent, an unprecedented fall. In 2012, the drop accelerated: Enrollment of first-year law students sank another 8.6 percent. It plunged still further in 2013. According to the American Bar Association, 39,675 new law students matriculated last fall — an 11 percent decrease from 2012, to a low-water mark not seen since early in the Carter administration.

    Much of the flight from law school reflects the brutal reality of the employment market for lawyers. The National Association for Law Placement reports that fewer than half of lawyers graduating in 2011 eventually landed jobs in a law firm. Only 65 percent found positions requiring passage of the bar exam. At a time when many law school graduates are shouldering student-loan debts of $125,000 or more, compensation has declined painfully — the median starting salary for new lawyers in 2012 was just $61,000. And quite a few can’t find any work at all: Nine months after receiving their law degrees, 11.2 percent of the class of 2013 was unemployed.

    Only some of this is cyclical. The legal profession, like so many others, has been permanently disrupted by the Internet and globalization in ways few could have anticipated 10 or 15 years ago. Online legal guidance is widely accessible. Commercial services like LegalZoom make it easy to create documents without paying attorneys’ fees. Search engines for legal professionals reduce the need for paralegals and junior lawyers. Maurice Allen, a senior partner at Ropes & Gray, is blunt: “There are too many lawyers and too many law firms,” he said in a published interview last week. That means less work for new law school grads, and therefore less reason to go to law school.

    And who, except perhaps for law school admissions deans, would be sorry to see America’s lawyer bubble finally burst?”

    The only other piece of garbage who bemoans this fact is a little bitch named Joshua Ray Adams, even though he was FINANCIALLY RAPED by the law school pigs. After all, he wants to remain positive.

  31. 1219,

    Am I?

    White trash mooches off of and lives with its parents into its FIFTIES. By the way, where do your parentd get THEIR money? My money's on the taxpayers, in one form or another.

    White trash sits on its roachbooty all day and refuses to work. White trash takes out and spends massive loans without ever INTENDING to pay it back.

    White trash SAYS it works hard, but somehow never has anything to show for all that hard work. It certainly isn't paying for any rent or servicing its debt. So where does the money GO? (SPOILER: the trash doesn't really do any work at all, it just SAYS it does.)

    White trash wants to get paid good money to sit in an office and goof off all day. White trash has a sense of entitlement, what with its false belief that it is 'educated' and therefore deserving of admission to the middle class. Its so-called writing skills are somewhere south of the average high-school student's, but it thinks its moronic drivel is positively scintillating.

    And there's the problem with the higher education bubble, folks: certain people - who are nowhere CLOSE to being smart enough to even go to college - ARE going. And they are even graduating! The problem with this process is that it has made some of these unworthies decadent, entitled, and just plain nasty.

    1. .....and you have a miserable obsession with people you've never met, Shitbiscuit. I've never met John Koch or Nando, and I don't endlessly focus on their lives, silently mocking how they went to law school X or Y. As I wrote before, you bring nothing to this website.

      Really the problem is that we have an economy that is out of whack with the higher educational system, and that the people who run the colleges and profession schools have been captured by this corporate mentality that nickles and dimes the students (and their parents, and the taxpayers.) Shitbiscuit is an asshole who found a miserable situation to exploit, so he's like a guy selling fresh water to flood survivors.

      I wish the Coin'el was still around.

  32. 319,

    Um, kill myself - over a typo? LOL, the Russian licker of Roach anus is quite the perfectionist, isn't he? When he plays with his turds and makes "sculptures" out of them, the tiniest flaw causes him all sorts of artistic agony.

    At any rate, it sounds like the typo police have a hard-charging new enforcer on the beat. Do they pay his salary in cash, or do they just give him unlimited access to their septic tank?

  33. "Um, kill myself - over a typo?"

    Shitbiscuit, kill yourself because you bring nothing to the table here.

    "....it sounds like the typo police have a hard-charging new enforcer on the beat."

    If there were such a police force, then I could legally beat you to death. Count yourself lucky there isn't.

  34. 1005/1242,

    Beaten to death by the typo police, huh? LOL, that must be one massive typo. You think you might be exaggerating the enormity of those typos? Just a little?

    At any rate, you didn't answer the question about whether the typo police "pay" you by just giving you access to their septic tank. They do, don't they?

    As for your little 1005 comment, some of it is (surprisingly) correct. I hardly ever make fun of Nando, but colleges HAVE become businesses - 20 years ago they started treating their students more like "customers" - and you don't help your customers by flunking them out, right? Of course, by turning higher education into a facile joke, they have gratly harmed their customers in the aggregate - simple tragedy of the commons stuff, really. Not that it takes a keen eye (or a brown one, in your case) to notice that or anything.

    Although I don't have any brief for the colleges, I fucking DESPISE lazy grifters like the roach - bums who basically sit on their asses and demand a huge handout from the taxpayers. They also refuse to do any work. I have no sympathy for people like that. They're basically human locusts.

    Glad we had this little heart-to-heart. Now go back to playing with your turds. Maybe paint your face with them and pretend to be Braveheart - I don't know, man, whatever works for you.

  35. The majority of legislation profs are usually generous scum. That they oral cavity what with regard to leftist will cause. Although that is certainly most it really is. You think these types of shitbags cherish the particular homeless or maybe so-called the law? California jobs

  36. I have been self-representing for 5 years now. I would have gone bankrupt hiring a lawyer to represent me. It doesn't take a high IQ to file a legal brief and show up to court to defend it. What pisses me off is the legal scam going that is preventing those of us who are self representing from hiring the SAME paralegal services who are doing all the P&A research work for them. The whole legal system is a scam for lawyers to force Americans to support them.


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