Wednesday, June 18, 2014

TTT Smells of Desperation: Two ABA-Accredited Law Schools Lower Barriers to Entry and “Increase Diversity” for Alaska Residents Who Want to Become Lawyers

Seattle University Sewer of Law’s Overture: On June 10, 2014, the Anchorage Daily News published a piece from Michelle Theriault Boots, under the headline “New Seattle University "satellite campus" will let Alaskans finish law school in Anchorage.” Read the following excerpt:

“This is the second partnership extending law school access to Alaskans announced in recent weeks.

In May, the University of Alaska Anchorage announced a "3+3" program with the Willamette University College of Law in Salem, Ore. that would allow UAA undergraduates with three years of credits to enter the law school early.

Both programs are intended, in part, to lower barriers to attending law school.

The Seattle University program has found an enthusiastic backer in Alaska Supreme Court Chief Justice Dana Fabe, who the university says wrote a letter to the American Bar Association in support of it.

An announcement from the university quotes Fabe as saying she expects the satellite campus to "open doors to legal and judicial careers" to Alaskans and to increase the diversity of lawyers practicing in Alaska.” [Emphasis mine]

I wonder why Dana Fabe has such an intere$t in this project. After all, the bitch is from Cincinatti, Ohio, and went to Cornell for undergrad and attended Northwestern University School of Law – before moving to Alaska in the 1970s.

In the very next paragraph, the article states that there are 2,456 active members of the state bar association. According to the US Census Bureau, Alaska has an estimated 2013 population of 735,132. This means that there is one licensed attorney for every 299.3 residents. Do you think that there are many corporate attorneys out there, or a huge need for broke-ass legal aid dolts, policy advocates, or Public Defenders, i.e. plea bargainers?!?! Clearly, the state does not have a shortage of lawyers – even though it lacks a law school.

WillameTTTe Univer$iTTTy Commode of Law Offers a 3+3 Law Degree: On May 7, 2014, Alaska Public Media posted a Josh Edge piece entitled “UAA, Willamette University Partner To Offer New Law School Opportunity.” Look at this opening:

“There isn’t a law school in Alaska, but the University of Alaska Anchorage is launching a new program to make it easier for Alaskans to attend law school.

It’s a partnership with Willamette University College of Law in Oregon.

Prospective law school students in Alaska face a lot of obstacles, including cost and having to attend school out of state.

Deb Periman, the UAA Legal Studies Program Coordinator, says the goal is to create more options for Alaska students.

“This partnership is designed as a way for very high-achieving, very highly-motivated and focused students to reduce their education costs and be able to get that law degree and their undergraduate degree in six years rather than seven,” Periman said.” [Emphasis mine]

Isn’t it nice how these “educators” are looking out for the students?!?! Of course, the real rea$on is to get more asses in seats, so that the swine can get their hooves on more federally-backed student loans.

In the penultimate paragraph, Edge provided this nonsense – which appears to have been supplied from the toilet, verbatim:

“Job prospects bode well for students who graduate from the program. For the class of 2013, Willamette ranks fifth in job placement among West Coast law schools.”

Nice “fact checking” there, Josh. For some reason, the author failed to mention exactly how many ABA-accredited trash pits are located on the West Coast.

Average Law Student Indebtedness at These Trash Pits: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the $eaTTle Univer$iTTy JD Class of 2013 who incurred debt for law school - as $129,548. Hell, 89% of this clogged toilet’s 2013 cohort took on such filthy debt. At Willamette, the numbers were $120,531 and 91 percent, respectively. Remember that these figures do not include undergraduate debt – and they also do not take accrued interest into account, while the student is enrolled.

Conclusion: The law school pigs are getting desperate for asses in seats. Lily-white VermonTTT Law Sewer is now preying on undergraduate students at historically black colleges and universities. Charleston SOL is starting to target 13-18 year old children. The human waste piles on the ABA recently decided that accredited diploma mills can waive the LSAT requirement for up to ten percent of each class. Now, two law schools – located in different states – are trying to get their hands on Alaska lemmings.

At this rate, law school recruiters will start walking up to strangers in malls and ask them the following: “The U.$. $upreme Court is part of which branch of government: legislative, executive, or judicial?” Those who answer correctly will be signed on the spot and given a $5,000 annual scholarship to attend their commode. Follow-up questions may include: “Oh, your girlfriend has her navel pierced, and she likes to stick her finger up your ass while giving you head?! Congratulations! We’ll add another $2,500 to your yearly award.”


  1. make it easier for Alaskans to get into law school?


    There's something like 200 ABA schools all over the country. And all you need is a 140 LSAT to get into several of them.

  2. How many more law schools are going to compete for lemmings in Alaska?

  3. You are too funny. That comment about recruiters in shopping malls had me cackling.

    Now being serious, these tactics will NOT work. It's only a matter of time before schools start closing and/or consolidating. Sadly, that day isn't coming as fast as I would like.

    1. Actually, I don't think Nando's joking about that-military recruiters have been doing exactly that for years-going to shopping malls and approaching enlistment age kids with their military sales pitch.

  4. Painter took down his blog yet again. I'm surprised he stuck it through 3 years of law school.

    1. No it's because of Internet shitbiscuits that he does these things. I told him that he could make a life in Canada, away from the debt collectors, but he would not listen. Meanwhile, I'm researching this Virgil Goode-backing troll.

    2. Yeah he takes it down every year or so (this is like its fifth incarnation like the fucking Matrix or something) and he puts it back up under a different name and posts exactly the same posts all over again. He's a fucking idiot who should be widely ignored by the scamblog movement because he makes us all look like cunts.

    3. What is amazing is that Touro law gets new students after this very public failure.

  5. "According to the US Census Bureau, Alaska has an estimated 2013 population of 735,132."

    So that's what, two to four students a year? If even that? That will save Sat U.'s lawl skool for sure!

  6. The 3+3 doesn't even make financial sense for a student. You're giving up one year of undergrad which is much less than law school tuition (especially if it's a public school). And then you're going to be charged around $40k a year for three years at a shithole. No thanks.

  7. The mania of 3+3 programs is everywhere.

    The University of California system is doing it too. Then there are the 3+1 JD and MBA, or JD and Masters in Social Work. Boalt Hall, baby.

    The bond rating agencies were encouraging this maneuver.

    So, my question is: what happens with your undergraduate degree if you only do 3 of your 4 years? Nothing good, I'd suspect.

    I see these 3+3 programs as a tactic to stem attrition, which to my casual observation seems to be picking up steam. Plenty of people leave after 1 L year.

    So, get 'em young, dumb, disadvantaged, and lock 'em in. Play on their hope and their sense of self-worth. Play on the stratification of society and 'prestige.' Tell them that in your vast experience, they are wunderkind.

    Take their youth, take their money, take their futures, take it all. Leave them broken and destroyed with no way out.

    It gets worse and worse and worse and more nakedly predatory all the time.

    1. "to stem attrition"-EXACTLY! Even some of the big name schools are seeing major attrition after the first year, taking advice given here-if you aren't going to get OCI, then get out at Christmas.

    2. That's it.

      6 years of school completed in full, or no degree for you!

      Someone very rightly points out below, a JD is toxic for the "new normal" service sector jobs most college graduates land.

      What you're really doing with these 3+3 degrees is actually worse than law school alone.

      One cannot help but notice, the year shaved off is from the undergraduate degree, not the law degree.

      This is disgusting.

  8. At otlss they mentioned that last year 66 people passed the alaska bar exam and there were 40 attorney job openings. At least those odds dont suck as much as in many other places.

  9. @1250,

    I agree! Paintroach should be able to post his feeble-minded drivel ANYWHERE he wants if it'll make him feel good about himself - and every man, woman, and child in America should be FORCED to read it. Otherwise the roach's feelings might get hurt.

    So are you now taking up the search in the name of the fallen Paintroach? Is your search computer sculpted out of your turds? LOL, your boyfriend is going to be surprised when he notices all the searches you are running for "black booty."

    Have fun with your search. You'll obviously point to the wrong guy - again - because you are a feeble-minded moron, but at least you will have something to keep you occupied. It's just too bad that it can't be actual work that keeps you busy. But I guess you lazy little roachies have a lot in common with each other. Do you still live with YOUR parents, too?

    1. .....And Shitbiscuit speaks up again. I would love to see you dissected if only to find out if you are a human being or a weird automaton under the control of intelligent cockroaches.

  10. The Chuck Woolery Law School has a program in 2 and 2.


    As you can see, $eaTTle Univer$iTTy Sewer of Law is rated as the 87th greatest, most phenomenal and amazing law school in the entire damn county, by US “News” & World Report. In fact, it “only” shares this prestigious honor with the following five ABA-accredited dung heaps: Indiana University-Indianapolis; Loyola Marymount; Michigan $TtaTTe; Louisville; and Wayne State “University.” What a tremendous accomplishment, huh?!?!

    Now let’s take a look at the reputation of the other trash heap highlighted in this post:

    According to Vagina Bob Morse, WillameTTTe Univer$iTTTy Commode of Law is co-ranked as the 121st “best” law school in the nation. It shares this “distinction” with these SEVEN cesspools: Campbell “University”; Depaul; Duquesne; Hamline, Univer$iTTTy of Akron; Arkansas-Little Rock; and Montana. Yes, what a fantastic “institution of higher learning,” right?!?!

    Full-time victims/students at Seattle University Sewer of Law will be charged $41,010 in tuition – for the 2014-2015 school year. Yes, Alaska residents will get one hell of a bargain!

    I love how the cockroaches at Willamette preface their ridiculous tuition rate, with the following nonsense:

    “Willamette University College of Law remains one of the greatest values in private legal education in the Pacific Northwest. The college is able to set a reasonable tuition policy that also protects the quality of the educational experience. In addition to being located in one of the more affordable small cities in the West, the school’s strong financial aid program helps make Willamette a wise choice for many students.”

    Tuition for the 2014-2015 academic year is set at $37,625. If that is their idea of “affordable,” then let me provide them with a few “painless” kicks in the throat and snout.

  12. Only in the law school con game can there be a five-way tie for 87th bestest, most excellent, law school in 'Merica Fuck Yeah!!!

  13. Being the 87th best law school is about the same as finishing in 22nd place in the miss America pageant.

  14. Respectfully, I think you scambloggers and scamblog commenters don't get it.

    The American middle class is GONE. There is little to no opportunity for young people outside of STEM, trades, and perhaps the military (if you call that a good opportunity).

    Regardless, the law scam will continue until it is clear to everyone that the American Dream is OVER. The dream of becoming a rich and powerful lawyer is a bourgeois fantasy concocted in the 50s ... many Millenials view Law School as their 'only good option' after getting a useless BA.

    Selling a ticket for that dream ... that's what Law School is. Whether or not that dream comes to fruition or what the odds are ... I don't think enough lemmings care. LS admissions, along with the rest of college attendance is still sky-high ... because young people have few options.

    This will not end until it is apparent to the masses that America is a third world country.

    I suggest everyone prepares accordingly.

    1. I just saw a chart that said that the average 25 year old will pay into the system about 350k more than s/he will get out, to keep the U.S. gov't afloat, while the average 65 year old will get out roughly the same amount more than s/he put in.

      My point is this the end of the Western middle class ... the establishment just wants as much blood as possible before the host dies.

      Every part of the economy is a PYRAMID SCHEME operating in a similar fashion to law school. There is nothing unique about the horrors of law school debt ... it mirrors the rest of the political and economic world.

    2. Jon,

      I came to the same conclusion some time ago. It isn't just law school, although that is, perhaps, the most glaring / obvious example.

      It's everything.

      Very wise observations and you are 100% correct.

    3. Nah that's not really true. Plenty of people are still doing well outside of law school. Most people land in something, and while it might take a few years eventually they have some sort of a career. There's still a middle class although it's declining.

      The problem with law is it cuts people off from the middle class pretty much entirely. The debt load alone is enough to stick someone into poverty, but the albatross of the JD prevents people from nailing any of the multitude of middle class jobs they can get to out of college. So it's very bi-modal, it's pretty much get one of those high paying legal jobs and have an actual legal career, or it's muck around on doc review and shit law and have really nothing and make less than someone without the JD 10 years out of school.

      JDs are like some sort of untouchable caste. It's truly extremely toxic.

      Most undergrad doesn't even put out that much debt. So someone from Alaska might have to work in a big city for a year or two but then can move back to their hometown where there really aren't many jobs, but they can get by with a little money and maybe inherit their parent's stuff when they die. A law graduate is going to have to get something in a big city because jobs tend not to pay much at all anywhere else, and then if they inherit the student loan vultures are still there.

      If the middle class was entirely dead, we would be in another Great Depression. Instead people still go to school and people still buy new cars and houses and things like that. Without a middle class, I guarantee you Apple is worth pennies.

    4. "JDs are like some sort of untouchable caste. It's truly extremely toxic."

      Truer words were never spoken.

  15. Maybe the gov't is planning to give student loans to salmon and kodiak bears and the law school deans got a sniff of the plan. Salmon could probably pull a 140 on the LSAT.

  16. A kodiak bear could score a 140 and that's if someone is rubbing his balls during the lsat.

  17. "Those who answer correctly will be signed on the spot and given a $5,000 annual scholarship to attend their commode. "

    Why do you propose such an Unfair Barrier to Entry?
    Surely the eager would-be law students who were challenged by that totally unfair question are more in need of of education!

  18. Let's be real here.

    I was shaving this morning and it just hit me.

    I haven't accomplished shit in this world. Sure I got good grades in grade school and college. And I got into law school. I even have kids. But I haven't accomplished anything of note. Being good at video games doesn't count. I suspect this is true of most JDs out there too.

    Shit, you watch March Madness and you're looking at 18 and 19 year olds that have more talent than you. These kids have accomplished more than you have, and you're on the couch and you know it too.

    Higher education thrives because they give you (or reinforce) the belief that you're among the best minds. But in America today, you purchase degrees. How many fail out of law school or their bullshit Master's degree programs? So my law degree is just proof that I did well enough in college and on the LSAT to get into one of the 200 law schools out there. And it proves that I was willing to take on more debt for the degree.

    1. Higher Ed is bullshit. I had an A- average as a Pre-Med major at a top university.

      I thought I was great. Real world hits ... I find out that my degree only means something if I want to go to med school ... which I didn't.

      Now I'm a tradesman. Making good money.

      Moral of the story; higher ed is ego-building BULLSHIT that has NOTHING to do with the real world.

      70 percent of college kids should not be there. Period.

    2. Well it's too late for me, but how did you learn a trade and get started?

      I'm 32 now and have a law degree, is it too late to learn a trade?

    3. I paid for my UG by working summers learning a trade ... I was very lucky in that sense. When I got out of UG, my white collar options were OK, but nothing more than 40k a year ... which is less than half of what I make now.

      If you are willing to move and have a good work ethic, you can make more money than you know what to do with in blue collar work ... the problem is you have to start from the bottom ... that takes time, and your pay isn't great for the first 2-3 years.

      32 is not too late ... as long as you take care of your body. I would suggest electrical ... but there are tons of different options and specialties ... do NOT pay for a trade school, unless it is excellent ... most are a waste of time and money, like college.

      I suggest looking into the Bakken Oil fields or some other place desperate for labor ... why? So you can be trained at a high wage. That's awesome.

      You can find apprenticeships in the Bakken that pay 20 dollars starting, which is much better than going in debt to acquire training.

  19. Sadly, the scam will continue until the US gob continues to give money to schools for free, while charging the taxpayer.

    1. Or we could adopt the Continental model--government funds seats in schools based on supply vs. demand, or we could have dischargeable debt again:)

  20. Any study showing 70% of kids shouldn't be in college who are?

    1. Unless you have a specific plan of action leading to a career, college is not worth it.

      70 percent have no specific plan of action.


    On June 13, 2014, Joe Patrice posted an ATL entry entitled “Guess What This Law School Is Doing To Attract More Students?”

    “If you don’t remember the old show Northern Exposure, a fresh-faced New York med school student had his education paid for by a wealthy Alaskan on the condition that the young doctor open a practice in the small, remote town of Cicely, Alaska, for a vague period of time. Cicely residents needed access to medical services, and the town’s prominent citizen went out and bought them some access.

    But what about lawyers? Alaskans need legal services as well, right? And yet they are the only state without a law school to call its very own. While there may be more lawyers coming out of law school than there are available jobs, there is a distributional problem with tons of out-of-work associates in New York while rural communities, like most of Alaska, suffer a dearth of options.

    Now there is a law school making an effort to build the Alaskan legal community. But will this bring more lawyers to the people of Alaska, or is there another shadowy beneficiary?
    Sadly, nobody is offering to pay for your legal education to move to Cicely — since it’s not real anyway — but Seattle University School of Law has opened a new satellite campus in Anchorage, Alaska.

    If the program gets final approval from the American Bar Association, students will be able to spend summers and their entire third year attending Seattle University law classes on the campus of Alaska Pacific University, starting in 2015. There’s no cap on the number of students who could participate, but organizers anticipate starting with 10-15 per year.”

    There’s no question that this scheme will get the ABA’s stamp of approval. These cockroaches do not give one damn about the students. If an accredited toilet asked for permission to recruit inmates and child molesters, the American Bar Association dung beetles would approve the measure – and then praise it as “furthering justice.”

    Remember, full-time tuition at $eaTTle Univer$iTTy Sewer of Law will be $41,010 – for 2014-2015. The pigs at this toilet are hoping to snatch 10-15 Alaskan lemmings each year. Tuition will continue to increase annually. In short, the pigs are hoping for roughly an additional $400K-$650K in yearly revenue – via the federally-backed student loan $y$tem, of course. But the bastards are all about “public service” and “making sure that the underserved are represented,” right?!?!

  22. Nando can do a full profile on me, but I hope he wont do that.

    If he wants to do that I can send him pics of me today and in my work clothes all covered in grease.

    Last week I cleaned out both the mens and womens bathrooms after a sewer backup and with lots of bleach and lots and lots of mopping.

    I have absolutely fallen in love with the people from the Mexican Panhandle, and look very much askance at the white people all covered over with the tattoo work from last winter and whom both lower and higher education has failed, as Allan Bloom accurately predicted.

    As I have said in the past and still, I regard Nando as a Brother and we have gone through too much together.

    We may disagree on an issue or two, and about fancy Campos, but without Nando I wouldn't have made it to NPR radio, although it was a miserable failure since Cryn ended up profiling a glamour gal blue eyed pic with a neck dripping with jewels or whatever on AEM.

    Maybe all of us are crazy, and maybe Status Monkey is a shill for the current, steamroller financial industry.

    I hope Debbie Schlussel gets a lot of traffic from TTR and although she is a Conservative, she has fairly and politely dealt with me and has been frank about Status Monkey.

    I will vote Republican in the next election cycle since the Obamacare thing is a real problem and I have a dear friend and law grad that cannot find employment anywhere and she is all freaked out about the overwhelming expense of Obamacare and the punishment or penalty tax for not buying it.

    To me, it seems that the promise of socialized medicine and "insurance" are mutually exclusive.

    Insurance is a Capitalistic concept, and the smaller the premium the larger the deductible.

    The larger the premium the smaller the deductible.

    So Obamacare is not Government altruism, but rather another way to tap the taxpayer funds.

    It is not a matter of Liberalism or Conservatism and is just banking. Nuff said.

    I make one final and last appeal to Status Monkey and ask for who you are? And in the spirit of due process.

    Every morning I walk outside and think that Status Monkey is waiting around somewhere to wack me.

    Please tell me who you are and what you do for a living?

    As for Campos, he is doing just fine and surrounded by colleagues and back patting peers and he can take the criticism and turn to Mack K or others to tell him about how good a fellow he really is.

    Oh Dear God, and may God help me and the whole situation.

    1. Why would any working person support the Democrats?

      I see nearly 40% of my income go to fund other people's lives ... pensions, public school systems (high paid babysitters), health care, SS, etc.

      I also have relatives working at B.C. ... and take it from them, the entire law school prof team are Democrats ... same is true across the nation.

      Law School scam is the product of lazy liberals wanting to parasite on the youth. They act in the exact way they claim 'evil corporations' exploit people without producing an actual product.

      Production is king. Gov't only robs producers.

    2. Jon, don't you see that you're buying into the false labels of "Republican" and "Democrat?"

      It's a false 'battle' between these to parties, who have exactly the same fundamental policies but differ only on emotion inducing issues like abortion and gay marriage, that really don't affect anything important like our economy or foreign policy.

      Get "republicans" and "democrats" out of your head. it's a false dichotomy.

      There are only those with power and those without. The different arguments they use to justify it are beside the point.

    3. I'm not a Republican.

      Everyone wants power, and those who claim they are powerless, would probably be even more corrupt and ruthless than those whom they criticize, if given such power.

      This is the problem with liberals ... they hate 'the rich' and 'evil corporations' ... but when given the chance, they run the government in a worse fashion than most corporations they hate. Teachers unions, professors, and big gov't politicians who hate 'the private sector', steal from producers so they can subsist.

      There have been numerous articles written on the practice of public welfare ... whereby only 35 cents on the dollar actually goes to welfare recipients and the rest goes to payroll and service of the gov't.

      Same is true with college, non-profits, and basically all unions ... they exist to skim from the top, not provide for clients or 'the children'.

    4. 40 percent of your income goes to social wellfare? Where do you live, the Soviet Union?
      Try 2 percent of OVERALL taxes, someone would pay far less of that two percent if they are not in the top income bracket. Are you talking about FICA? IF so, that is a pay-as-you-go scheme. It's not a graduated tax. Go back to FreedomWorks, you paid PR shill!

  23. University of Baltimore School of Law has a similar program as Vermont targeting HBCUs--its called UB Scholars Program. The other day I was at Columbia Mall in Howard County, Md and there was a big drop down, blue vinyl advert from UB about final semester free. Howard County has alot of rich people like parts of Montgomery and Prince George's..the sign was tacky and desparate.

  24. 455,

    If you love Mexicans so much, then why don't you move to fucking Mexico? Let me guess: (1) no giant welfare hammock to support your giant tax-fed roachbooty, (2) no parents down there with a financial sugartit for you to leech off of, and (3) Mexico itself actually has a fucking SANE immigration policy - one that keeps out human tax parasites.

    I seriously doubt you have a job at all - let alone one that requires you to perform physical labor. But if you do, you are a fucking moron - you could just as easily be a janitor at a GOVERNMENT agency and have your loans forgiven in ten years.

    As for your little questions, you can just figure out the answers yourself. Besides, I've already told you my name. It's Mitch Connor. Just your run-of-the-mill con man. I've been moving from town to town - scamming people since I was fifteen. But I'm tired of running. I've been a cheater all my life. And now I've ruined a sculptor's career, lost a record company millions, and cost this minuscule paintroach some of its unlimited fucking leisure time. Mostly I'm sorry to you, Ben. I'm sorry I played tiddlywinks with your heart. But it's over now. The cyanide pill I took should be taking effect very soon. Hm. Looks like the sun is going down. I wonder - will I dream?

    1. Jump off that bridge, Shitbiscuit.

      Jump off that bridge.

  25. To be fair, a guy who can get a girl who's into oral and ass play, probably has the chops to make it law and deserves the scholarship. Same is true of the girl.

    Jon is a douche. Painter is still weird.

  26. I get the over supply but I think back to when I went to law school in WA and there were some folks that would have liked to be closer to home, but because of no law school in Alaska had no choice. So seeing the satellite campus change as good.


    Check out these two responses to my JD Junkyard thread entitled “Two ABA schools target Alaska.” The first was from the site administrator, posted on June 21, 2014 at 3:05 pm:

    “Wi[l]lamette is a pathetic joke of a law school that no longer has any reason to exist. It will be the first school to go under in the NorthWest. Does Oregon really need three law schools? Nope, the U of O and Lewis and Clark are more than enough, fighting for the sparse jobs from hordes of Ivy League and other top law school grads. Willamette provides a chance for about 5% of their grads, unless connected, the rest are dumped out like garbage out onto the streets. Seattle U is not a whole lot better and falls victim to the same problems, with a tier one law school in Seattle along with tons and tons of out of state imports every year.

    Seattle also has a big night program, cranking out hundreds of toileteers per year.

    Part-Time Program

    Seattle University School of Law is the only institution in Washington offering a part-time legal studies program, a comprehensive evening program designed for the area's working professionals who want to earn a law degree while continuing to work full-time.”

    User “John Doeee” – an excellent commenter on the law school scam – then dick-slapped the pigs on the side of their mouths, on the same day at 8:38 pm:

    “I saw somewhere / sometime back, can't really remember how I came across it, that someone from my law school wound up in Alaska working a legal job.

    I can assure you, Alaska has all the lawyers it needs as of right now.

    This whole law school scam thing just gets more glaringly silly and pathetic the more these skules try to hang on and keep the Gravy Train rolling along the tracks and not derailing off.

    And, double that sentiment for the pathetic Rubber Stamp organization we know as the ABA.”

    Get the picture, Lemming?!?! YOU are not special. If you are not from a wealthy, connected family – or you are not attending Yale, Harvard or Stanford – then you have no business in law school. Why in the hell would you willingly choose to incur an additional $130K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for an increasingly smaller chance to practice law, where you are hopeful to make $45K per year?!?!

  28. Yoko Ono is the most wonderful artist and teacher that the human race has produced, and look here:

    But Happy First Day of Summer!

    The Planets are aligned just right now and the spirit is one of forgiveness and mercy and Faith in God and in humanity.

    Life is everywhere and everyday and begins again with every new day and is what you make it.

    The poor racist and tattooed white hillbilly called Status Monkey doesn't even know that there is a geographical Panhandle to Mexico, and doesn't know the difference between Slander and Libel.

    By now I think the Status Monkey Troll comes from a dangerous, albeit intelligent, white supremacist fringe, and I came on his radar after being on NPR with Cryn in July of 2012 since that is around the time he first came about and started commenting on TTR and after having done his work on the Debbie Schlussel blog.

    I did mention TTR in that NPR interview and at the time was glad that I could get the plug in for TTR.

    Look and let us all be honest for once in our lives and say that blogging is exciting and interesting, but most of it is anon, and so the end result is a lot of wild west expressiveness that amounts to nothing, and even less so as the world matures to the internet and the possibilities of the internet.

    Cryn Johannsen was the very first commenter on ILSS, and she offered to help promote ILSS.

    Then, Campos had a tie to publicity and to media that he hid in his back pocket, which he cashed in on later and made ILSS explode.

    Then he did a very old political trick and pulled out of the arena and did the old Ross Perot in a vote splitting sense and managed (knowingly perhaps) to massively diffuse the message of the scamblogs, and the OLSS blog is the result.

    After all of the dust has settled, nothing has changed.

    But usury still reigns and is alive and well and is a form of original sin for having tried to better oneself through Higher ed.

    Forgiveness, as Cryn said once, implies that one has done something wrong, and by now I just do not know who is right and who is wrong, and, as Cryn also said a long time ago and before she distanced herself, there is a lot of finger pointing and I will add, pure politics in bed with the banking industry, and so who wouldn't cave in and be bought out if the problem is not about them?

    Penance, Forgiveness, and Mercy and Redemption:

    May you never spend every single day of your post adolescent adult life as a debtor and punished for having tried to better yourself through higher ed.
    Nando figured he had a friend with Campos and maybe still does, but Campos retreated and still maybe waves at nando from 300 yards away and winks possibly and I hate to see Nando drawn into the political arena by a senior and more sophisticated customer like Campos and Mack K, his biggest supporter.

    Debs Merritt is a soft coffee clutch and some kind of an older college town future pensioner and will once in a while show up at her public library to listen to some inconsequential author like herself read in the middle of nowhere.

  29. 418,

    Pfft, you didn't try to "better" yourself - unless wanting to get paid to goof off all day at some office counts. You wanted MONEY. That's not unusual, but it isn't especially noble.

    And LOL, how very "white supremacist" to think that a lazy lily-white Paintroach shouldn't get paid 350 large to sit on its fat fat FAT roachbooty all day watching YouTube. Um, paging Dr. Goebbels. Or something.

    "Slander." Cut me some slack, P.R. - we can't all attend ultra-elite academies like TOURO. I gather that you matriculated under their exclusive 4-year "executive roach" program.

    Next time I'm in NY, I think I'll pay a little visit to Touro. Take a tour, maybe even buy a t-shirt for a goof. I'd like to say that I admire Touro because they fucking destroyed you, but that wouldn't really be true. You destroyed yourself - almost from the day you came out of that ootheca - with laziness and an overpowering urge to spend other people's hard-earned money. By that measure you have been a preternatural success. You never work, and you live off of your parents and the taxpayers. So what are you complaining about, anyway? In your mind, you've got it made.

    1. Re-watching the NBA Finals.

      Instead of "Birdman! Birdman!!", it's "Roach Man! Roach Man!!"

      He'd be in heaven if he was the water boy for a team. All that glorious, sweaty, glistening Black Booty!

  30. @6:56 pm,

    The next time you are in New York, make sure to get yourself a T shirt from Brooklyn Law Sewer. After all, those pigs financially raped Joshua Ray Adams. Then again, if he was nearly as "frugal" as he claimed, then he would not have taken on such ridiculous amounts of debt for a garbage law degree.

    If the money wasn't going to support this independenTT, i.e. free-standing, sewage pit, I would order a Crooklyn Law shirt. In fact, I would use it to wash my car and smile knowing that the swine wiped their asses with Adams's future. He ignored the sound advice of everyone on these forums and, in effect, he ruined himself.

  31. @4:55 PM

    "Last week I cleaned out both the mens and womens bathrooms after a sewer backup and with lots of bleach and lots and lots of mopping."

    Good for you Painter. I see that degree from Touro is finally paying off.

  32. 1008,

    Yep. In America's home-grown Soviet-style demonology, we constantly hear about how the "wealthy" are preying on the middle class. To SOME extent this is actually true of the law schools (even though few of them make anywhere near enough to be considered truly "rich"). The roach and Adams, on the other hand, are lazy grifters from the lower class who prey on the taxpayers and the middle class from the LOWEST end of the economic scale. They aren't even TRYING to pay the money back.

    1. Middle class jobs don't come from the sky or the gov't, they come from wealthy people. Hatred for the rich is misplaced class envy.

      Upward mobility is caused by one historical factor ... huge economic growth ... which can't happen when taxes are high and no one wants to invest in an over-legislated, corrupt sewer of a country.

      America is bankrupt for one reason; big government and big education. Both run by liberals, although I do acknowledge the military industrial complex is a Republican outfit.

      But anyone who believes you can 'legislate' job security, wages, and benefits is delusional. There is no free lunch, especially in a global economy.

    2. the wealthy buy and employ our labor and knowledge to make them a service or product when there is a market demand guaranteeing a return of investment (they need at least 12 percent). Otherwise, they sit on the wealth. They are rentiers.

    3. @943,

      A "guaranteed" "12 percent" return? LOL, I doubt it, but I would LOVE to have some specifics about that sweet investment. Please share.

      Of course, a "guarantee" is no stronger than the actual guarantor making the promise.

      P.S. It is virtually impossible for people to "sit on" their money as you claim. Unless these rich demons that you despise are emptying out their bank accounts and literally burying a lot of cash in the ground (like pirate booty), or using it all to buy gold, the money is CONSTANTLY turning over. Even the money "in" a bank account is immediately lent out by the bank to someone else at 3 to 6 percent.


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