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Four Alarm Bowel Movement: Thomas M. Cooley Law School May Close Down One Campus by End of Year

Fantastic News!: On July 29, 2014, Michigan Live published Brian Smith’s piece, “Cooley Law School may close Ann Arbor class in December.” Look at his killer opening:

“The upcoming semester at Thomas M. Cooley Law School's campus in Ann Arbor could be the school's last, but plans are not set in stone, school officials said Monday.

Cooley's president, Don LeDuc, and the dean of the Ann Arbor campus, Joan Vestrand, met with students at the school last week to outline possible transition plans for current students, Cooley spokesman Jim Robb said Monday.

An email to students obtained by legal blog Above the Law described the potential assistance the school would make available to students if the campus is closed at the end of the fall term, which begins in September.

Robb confirmed the email's authenticity, but cautioned that no decision had been made on whether or not the campus would close.

"We're developing a plan in the event that it should happen," Robb said. "No decision to close the campus has been made yet." [Emphasis mine]

Don’t you love how these schools constantly engage in doublespeak?! In the end, ABA-accredited toilets are simply doing what they can – in order to entice lemmings to take the plunge.

The article then continues:

“The plan will include early registration for affected students, cash payments to offset increased costs for travel and other expenses while completing a degree, a stipend for graduating students to defray costs for bar review and additional advising help, Robb confirmed.

The school announced last month that it would not enroll incoming students at the Ann Arbor campus as part of an overall cost-cutting move.

Robb said that plans are not being made for closures at the school's other satellite campuses in Auburn Hills, Grand Rapids and Tampa, Fla., or at the school's main campus in Lansing.” [Emphasis mine]

TTTThomas M. Cooley Law Sewer is merely one player in this game. However, this school is notorious due to its gigantic enrollment, five campuses, and the fact that it is rated as a fourth tier trash can. What a “prestigious” in$TTTTiTTTTuTTTTion, huh?!?!

The Email in Question: Staci Zaretsky’s entry, “Cooley Law May Be Forced To Close One Of Its Campuses,” appeared in the July 28, 2014 edition of ATL. Check out the following excerpt:


To Ann Arbor JD Students:

This past Thursday, President LeDuc and Dean Vestrand outlined at student meetings in Ann Arbor the assistance Cooley intends to provide to JD Ann Arbor campus students who will be affected should the Ann Arbor campus be consolidated with other Cooley campuses at the end of the Michaelmas 2014 term. For your convenience, a recap of that assistance (available to JD students graduating May 2015 or beyond) appears below. Affected Ann Arbor LL.M. students will be addressed on a individual basis.” [Emphasis mine]

This is excellent news, for those who are concerned about students. The swine will not be thrilled, but they have fed on too many victims anyway.

The Situation from Less Than One Year Ago: Thankfully, Grand Rapids CBS affiliate WZZM archived an epic Lansing State Journal article entitled “Cooley Law School weathering decline in enrollment.” Enjoy this portion below, especially when juxtaposed with the recent news:

“From the outside, what was happening at Thomas M. Cooley Law School in the fall of 2010 looked like another chapter in the school’s explosive growth.

Enrollment topped 4,000 students, spread across four campuses in Michigan. The newest, in Ann Arbor, had opened the year before. And, though it’s a nonprofit, Cooley was pulling in money. It began that fiscal year with $90 million in net assets and closed it with $111 million.

In retrospect, it was a high-water mark. Students had flocked to law schools after the economic meltdown of 2008. Cooley’s leaders didn’t pass on the opportunity.

Enrollment has fallen sharply since. Cooley had 3,219 students last fall, even after the opening of a fifth campus near Tampa, Fla. Don LeDuc, Cooley’s president and dean, said the entering class this fall will be “significantly smaller” than the previous year. As for the money, he calls it a nest egg.

“Our model has basically been the grasshopper and the ants from your fables,” LeDuc said. “We set aside a fair amount of money to weather what we thought the storm would be. Our only concern is how long this lasts.” [Emphasis mine]

Apparently, this frugality was not enough to prevent a possible campus closure. Then again, when enrollment drops and “professors” insist on being grossly overpaid, this is the likely result. Perhaps, these “educators” should take a basic economics class.

Conclusion: TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer is typically considered a laughingstock, among accredited law schools. The name on the diploma elicits chuckles from HR departments and hiring managers. The school is a true diploma mill, as the pigs wantonly pump out FAR TOO MANY graduates, each year, for the available number of openings in Michigan and Florida. This is a great development. Hell, if this campus closes as expected and announced, then this will be a watershed movement in “higher education.”


  1. What various people miss when they say that the schools can remain open is something you pointed out from the Guidestar filings. Physical plant. These schools borrowed (Humm... borrowed money bad.. where have I learned that before...) money during the recent law school admissions peak (c. 2010) to finance new construction / rehab of their facilities.

    They *must* make payments on that debt (Humm.. where have I learned that before?) It's that simple.

    Student loans are the cash flow in. Very simple. Enrollment declines and BOOM! Not enough money to cover gold-plated salaries and pensions PLUS the new real estate.

    So, yes. Some schools will be forced to close when they cannot meet payments. I look forward to that day.

    Some shitholes that are independent (Vermont, cough! cough!) are scrambling to merge with public schools to get on the taxpayer dole. They are desperate. Those that cannot succeed will fail.

    1. "They *must* make payments on that debt (Humm.. where have I learned that before?) It's that simple."

      My theory has been that several standalone schools will close before the first university-attached school does. The latter have some ability to be subsidized. The standalones live on cash flow and credit, and both have got to be bad.

  2. Shutter this school completely. The tenured pigs have made enough money they can walk away.

    Or can they? Something tells me these assholes are leveraged to the hilt in their personal lives. They might make $180K, but many of them have vacation and summer homes to take care of. Plus, I'm sure they have expensive tastes.

  3. The school won't close completely. It's tugging hard on its safety line -- The ABA and Higher Education Council (or whatever it is) approved Cooley's affiliation with Western Michigan University today.

    1. Not that I'm support Cooley by any means. In fact, students at that campus have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to re-evaluate a poor decision. Closing of the campus could mean discharge.

  4. we lawyers are prostitutes. we advocate zealously for our client, even when he's a lying piece of shit. or it's a job destroying, polluting, union busting shithole of a company. but we get paid to take sides. if you beat a 91 year old grandma to death with a meat cleaver and you have money, you'll find a prostitute/lawyer to take your case.

    this profession is shit and it always has been. most lawyers are assholes. you can't say that about doctors. they're paid to heal people and treat them. they're not being paid to disparage the reputation of a rape victim or the deceased.

    you make a lot of good points with this blog. but you guys are mostly upset because this shitty profession got oversaturated before you had a chance to represent scumbag humans and shitty corporations.

  5. Probably wont hurt Cooley's bottom line. The only way to put shitholes like Cooley and other TTTToilets out of business is to cap student lending. So long as there's a steady stream of easy cash, these places will be happy to crank out tainted JDs.

    I don't know how to begin lobbying Congress to institute some sort of student loan reform with regards to law school, but I'm beginning to think that it's high time to start.

  6. Now that Cooley lost their (ludicrous, POS) defamation suit against critics/scambloggers, it brings a smile to my face to see Cooley get more and still more negative press.

    I graduated from a different TTTT that Cooley, but Cooley has become, to me, the case study for what is wrong with legal education today. Burn, baby burn, disco inferno, burn, baby burn.

  7. Cooley is a shithole.

    Google "cooley law school reputation."

    'nuff said. It's a piece of fucking shit.

  8. I wouldn't hire a Cooley grad if he was at the very top of his class. When nonlegal employers have to look up the school (because they haven't heard of it before) they quickly see that it's a pile of rubbish.

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  10. This blog has received more than 3 million page views, since I started keeping track on November 19, 2009. Skadden Farts, unperson, JD Underdog, Angel from BIDER, Jobless JD and many others deserve credit for the decline in applicants nationwide. David Segal’s epic New York Times piece, from January 8, 2011 - coupled with Paul Campos’s blog Inside the Law School Scam - really brought this filthy indu$try into public view.

    Thank all of you for your support. The readers have done a good job of informing others about the scam. It has been a long road to get to this point. For decades, ABA-accredited law schools/diploma mills pumped out FAR TOO MANY grads – for the available number of attorney openings each year.

    From 1980-1981 to 2009-2010 — a span of 30 years — ABA-approved commodes collectively pumped out 1,161,863 graduates. Do you see how this DIRECTLY LED TO THE GLUT of attorneys, in this country?!

    Take a look at this data from the U.S. Department of Labor BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook, for lawyers:

    “Job Outlook

    Employment of lawyers is projected to grow 10 percent from 2012 to 2022, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Competition for jobs should continue to be strong because more students graduate from law school each year than there are jobs available.”

    This department has reached this conclusion in prior editions. Again, this was not written by a scamblogger – but by statisticians and labor economists. In contrast, “law professors” and other leeches claimed – with NOTHING to back up their assertions – that the U.S. attorney job market would rebound by 2012.

    Under the Quick Facts chart for this “profession,” you will see that the Bureau of Labor Statistics prognosticates an Employment Change of 74,800 – for the period 2012 through 2022. Yes, what a thriving industry, huh?!?! For $ome rea$on, the law school pigs continue to admit too many students. It’s as though they don’t give one damn about their pupils that they claim to “serve.”

    “James Leipold, NALP’s executive director, is predicting lower employment numbers for the class of 2010 and probably 2011, but others think things could pick up.”

    When these scamblogs first came out, many thought it was foolish to take on the law schools. Others felt that these “institutions of higher learning” would never stoop to propping up their employment placement rates. With the help of other sites and individuals, we have supplied solid information to prospective law students. Armed with better data, many of these potential marks have decided to avoid the trap. After all, who the hell wants to incur $125K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for a chance to enter a grossly oversaturated field?

    1. Good work, Nando! You gave us the "writing on the wall!"

  11. Nando, congratulations on your 3 million page views. I have been following your work since 2009 and applaud your efforts to expose the filthy and corrupt law school industry. Over the years I truly enjoyed some articles which really shame this business (law is not a profession and hasn't been for at least 20 years).

    I still think your best article was about that dean you exposed as having a conflict of interest as a board member of legal shield (another veiled scam). On the one hand, this hustler was encouraging students to attend his dump of a law school while working with an organization that undercuts wages of entry level attorneys. I wish you could do a follow up on that story. Some of the comments to that article addressed the lack of ethics and backhandedness of the law school industry.

    You also convincingly defeated that mentally infirm Stockholm Syndrome eunuch known has Mr. Infinity a/k/a Joshua Adams. Congratulations Nando. The law school industry is quickly approaching the rubicon (law school closings) and moment will signal the success of your collective efforts.

    1. For our Readers:

      Stepped down as Dean in 2012 but is still a faculty member at Akron.

  12. I only wish this site was around before I went to law school.

  13. When a few of these schools close does anyone here think the profs will even get hired by law firms?

    1. Highly unlikely, unless they have a book of business sufficient to cover firm profit, firm overhead, and their salary. At my school, prof's worked only the first 3 or last 3 days of each week, freeing 2 days as a block, for research or consulting?


    I believe the students at this branch have a Golden Opportunity to get out of their Debt Shackles. I believe the analysis by ichininosan is correct.

    But will they take it?

    1. 21 years ago, I told my then 6 year old, oldest child, that he was not going to be a lawyer, that I would not encourage it, that I would not approve, nor would I pay for it.
      He is a physician. When he completes his residency, his starting income will be somewhere between 2.5 and 3.5 times my current income after 38 years.
      Lawyers are not doctors.
      On the other hand, even bachelor degree engineers, with a major company, at half the work years as mine, are twice my income-cash. They also have $25K to $35K in benefits.


    Here is a solid JDU thread started by user “ichininosan” on July 28, 2014. The topic is labeled “Cooley Ann Arbor campus.” Scroll down to the July 29, 2014, 11:34 am, comment from “onehell”:

    “34 CFR 685.214:

    "“School” means a school's main campus **or any location or branch of the main campus.**"

    So it would appear that the closure of a campus constitutes the closure of the school; i.e. an offer to let you matriculate at another campus of the same school will NOT prevent discharge. That makes sense, given the fact that the student would have to move.

    Wow. This means that every student at that place may end up with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to unwind the biggest mistake of their lives. On the other hand, Cooley will offer them $1,500 to stay plus a free bar prep course.

    What is sad is the number of students who are likely to take them up on it.”

    Frankly, many of these dolts will accept this stupid offer. If these students had an IQ above room temperature to begin with, then they wouldn’t have enrolled at TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer.

    Exactly two hours later, accountholder “raskolnikov” posted the following response:”

    “Holy crap, I cant imagine how good it would feel to be able to absolve $150k+ of debt from Cooley law school. This is probably the closest thing to resurrection anyone will ever experience.”

    If the analysis above is correct, then these morons have a shot to cleanse themselves from this toilet’s rancid stench and filth. Evidently, the victims can wash away the debt they incurred for a TTTT law degree, if: (a) this branch does close down as expected; (b) the students do not accept the commode’s offer to attend a different branch; and (c) they do not transfer to another ABA diploma mill.

    If you are currently enrolled at this TTTT campus, and you stumbled upon this blog or the JDU thread above, then walk away from law school THE MOMENT that this branch closes! Don’t waste another minute on this no-brainer decision. After all, why continue forward to the end – when the likely result is a low-paying, non-legal job and $140K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt?!?!

    Let me put this into perspective for you, Cooley student. I will small words so that you understand. Imagine the following scenarios: you have been diagnosed with cancer, and the doctor gave you six months to live. Then a miracle happens, and you have a chance to be cancer free by simply adopting a healthier diet and lifestyle. Here is another hypothetical: you have been charged with a crime. However, the state has misplaced the paperwork entirely and it cannot be found. The prosecutor then tells you that they will not file charges. Do you argue with him and demand to have your day in court?

    In either case, would you sit and ponder on your course of action?! Of course not! In both versions, you would drop to your damn knees, pray to God above, and cry tears of joy. Don’t let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass you by, Stupid.


  17. Now that they're streamlining their system, they'll be able to rank themselves as the number one law school in 'Merica fuck yeah!!!

    1. No, like this:


    2. I see Painter is back. So who got the $1000?

    3. STFU. LIke I said in the other thread, I posted the YouTube link about the video from History of the World. I posted the above, to keep things a little light around here.

      So dude.. SHUT THE FUCK UP. I am not Painter and the above wasn't posted by him, you goddamn paranoid asshole.

    4. Yeah, keep posting your one-line paranoid shit about JDP being back vs. something constructive or humorous. You're worse than he was. Maybe you're him, right? Just about as useful..

      Fucking idiot..

    5. Put down your name and address, and maybe he will send the money to you?

  18. Q - What's the difference between shit on a stick and Cooley Law?

    A - The stick.


    Here is the post that 3:31 mentioned in his remarks. On July 31, 2014 at 12:13 pm, ichininosan posted the following comment, in the JDU thread "Possible Cooley Law School closure in Ann Arbor has students upset":

    "Federal student loan law allows for 100 percent discharges of loans when a school or a branch campus closes, but only if students are currently enrolled and do not complete their degrees at another institution."

    This gives students at Cooley, where fewer than 37% of graduates find full time legal employment (excluding solos), a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to undo a dreadful mistake. But...

    "'A forecasted retirement boom coupled with a steep downturn in enrollment means that future graduates may be facing a job market where they can be more selective than they have been able to in recent years,' [SBA President] Taylor said."

    Never underestimate optimism bias."

    When the hell have TTTT Cooley students and graduates EVER been able to be “selective” in the job market, ass-wipe?!?! Apparently, this lemming has accepted the line of BS fed to him by the pigs at this commode. Older attorneys typically do not retire at age 65 or 67, kids. These old fossils tend to stick around courthouses and offices well into their 70s and 80s.

    On July 31, 2014, 6:31 pm, user “lolskewl” provided this message to the idiots:

    “Cooley students lurking: this is your chance. You can get out now with no more money down and your loan discharged. IDK if they discharge COL loans too but even if not that's only 15-30K. If you leave after a year you won't even fall into the trap of being perceived as overqualified because you have a JD or underqualified because you spent too much time out of the workforce. You can legitimately, credibly say you gave it a shot, learned some analytical skills, but that it just wasn't for you.”

    How many Cooley students at this campus are even thinking about not completing their TTTT legal educaTTTTion?! My guess is that these are die hard fools. They enrolled in this school KNOWING BEFOREHAND that it was a fourth tier pile of excrement. Hell, when one applies to such a dung heap, they are showing that they will settle for anything!

    Such dolts decided to attend this cesspool, in part to show their friends and relatives that THEY will succeed – regardless of the odds. In their feeble minds, they believe that they will overcome this obsTTTTacle as well. In the end, if these proud waterheads accept the toilet’s offer, and complete their degree, then they deserve the FINANCIAL RUIN that awaits them.

    1. If 100% is discharged, then who pays? Does the school return the money?

  20. One important aspect I have not seen discussed anywhere is the long game for 0L's.
    As a solo boomer I had virtually no law school debt. (I doubt undergrads did either, so it is not a boomer era law school phenomenon.)
    But, I am NOW in more debt, at the end of my career, than ever.
    How can that be? Kids. THEIR college tuition.
    My point, 0L's will be approaching the end of their law school loans just about the time they will, as parents, be signing on for the full ride again for their kids' school loans.
    The long game for 0L's is that their law school loans is only the first half of the game.

    1. Why pay for your kids' college? Tell them to pay for it themselves, and then recommend 3 years in the military (followed by the GI bill).

    2. I do not recommend.

      I have heard stories in the past of people getting shafted when it came time, or so they thought, for the military to honor the agreement they thought they had and pay up.

      At this point, I just don't trust anything anyone says very much.

    3. Excellent idea, however, they cannot get a loan in their own names.
      I haven't actually paid for ALL of it, just some, and, as a parent, I am willing to do that, gladly. My point is that I am indebted more than ever.
      The kids have to sign the loans also, so I trust, hope, that they will pay when the time comes. The physician will have it aced. He believes he can have it all paid off in 3 years once out of residency. This is important for the 0L's. THAT is the kind of income an MD can command. I understand that not everyone can handle becoming an MD, but one needs to work the analysis backwards. If you can't see your way clear to paying off your educational debt in a time frame you are comfortable with, do not incur it.
      My oldest, got straight A's in chemistry-mostly organic. The point is, having a son who is that determined is entitled to some support, and I have provided it.
      My overall point is that life happens after law school. Issues arise. Who can predict what tuition will cost, or the method of funding it will look like in 10 or 15 years.
      I understand the purpose of this blog is to provide practical information to 0L's regarding the industry of practicing law.
      I graduated law school in 1977, top 1/4 of a T 21 school, at the time now T 40 or so, took 2 years to find a JD job in a firm of 5 attorneys. Offered partnership after 1.75 years, declined. Opened my own practice about a year later and been on my own ever since.
      Becoming a lawyer, though challenging and I truly enjoy helping folks, was the worst decision of my life. I would never do it again. The hours invested are outrageous. The income marginal compared to my clients with considerably lesser educational investment, and, frankly, personal skills.
      At 38 years practicing law, 2 unemployed, 3 with a small firm, and 33 as a solo, I figure I have worked at least 56.5 years of 2,000 hours per work year years. At age 62, I have 5 more years to go.
      This is the reality of my world. It is not everyone's in my age bracket, but for solo practitioners practicing "door law" (I handle whatever comes in the door-an acquaintance of mine coined this phrase) is fairly typical.
      The military option is always there. I am not sure that all are emotionally able to engage in that and survive emotionally. At my age, as a former NRA instructor, I have dealt with a number of folks with military experience. Clients also. I personally know a man who would sit for 2 days in cover in Viet Nam, spring, and knife a human being to death, and vanish. Another was a sniper, not the historic, "longest shot ever"type, just your run-of-the-mill sniper, killing humans to defend the camp. Dozens. Seemed like normal folks to me. Just be careful what overweight grey-haired dude you pick a fight with in a bar.
      I am not interested in debating the weaknesses of anecdotal evidence-I got an A in statistics. None of which I mention is intended to be braggadocio.
      I am desperately trying to impart a sense of historical perspective to motive 0L's to ponder…

  21. Cooley has a "Michaelmas" term? Do they honestly think they are Oxford or Cambridge? What ego-hyper inflated scumbag fools. Hard to even feel sorry for dolts stupid enough to attend, but anything is possible with stellar 143 LSATS.

  22. Cooley students should be looking into states like NY that allow a combination of 1 year of law schools plus 3 years of clerking. Start contacting small firms or sole practitioners. Even if they wont pay much, better than paying for law school.

  23. I think this is interesting: the very allegations leveled (reasonably and correctly) against law schools - i.e. misrepresenting employment outcomes, LSAT scores, GPA's etc., going after minorities for the student loan funds - are, generically speaking, the same type of allegations being leveled by the California Attorney General against Corinthian Colleges, and the California Art Institute.

    Some law schools are for-profit as the entities mentioned above.

    I applaud the CA AG for what she is doing, and the CFPB for going after ITT Educational Services.

    Why are the law schools not a target for similar suits? Is it just politics?

    Will we ever see the kind of creative, correct, and aggressive public litigation against law schools that we're seeing against undergraduate for-profit universities?

    Also, if the President sees fit to the listen to the New American Foundation vis a vis Georgetown law's gaming of PSLF, why is there now DOJ false claims act litigation?

    The California AG also got a court order requiring Corinthian to disclose its shaky (just about in bankruptcy) financial status in advertising to prospective students. Why is the same not required of, for instance, Vermont Law, which is under a call from its bank creditor anytime the creditor desires?

    How politically connected are law schools?

  24. The comment from yesterday, at 2:34 pm, as well as the post from today at 10:27 am, came from a user in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Unless, Painter drove 45 minutes to an hour in each direction, to post those remarks, it was not him.

    I received an email from Painter earlier today, where he asked me to look up the IP to show that he was not the commenter. I told him that I would look it up, but not publish the actual IP or any identifying info. He stated that he continues to read this site, but has not commented since he promised to no longer post here.

    For the last few weeks, the comments have been more on point with regards to the law school scam. Let's continue to roast the pigs, and keep the focus on those vile cockroaches. Thank you.

    1. ^ Amen to that. The problem with Painter's comments wasn't that they were from Painter; the problem was that his comments were all stupid and irrelevant.

      If someone else is posting similar garbage that looks exactly the same, that person is just as worthless. Maybe a step in the right direction would be an absolute ban on ALL comments that include youtube links? Just a suggestion.

      Incidentally, Nando finally took down the picture of Joshua Adams from the "wall of shame" right about the same time that Painter went away. Was there some kind of deal? Adams definitely deserves to be named and shamed, but if there's a deal to make that other idiot go away, it's definitely a fair trade!

    2. Go hang yourself 8:28.

      You're worthless and you are not the arbiter of what is and is not a worthwhile, valid, or funny response.

    3. @11:05,

      I'm not the "arbiter?" Oh, and you ARE?

      What exactly HAVE you contributed to this blog, other than garbage youtube links?

      You and your clone Painter are both autistic fucking morons who think everyone is fascinated with your personal YouTube playlist.

      WE DON'T FUCKING CARE. And I am literally speaking for everyone who visits this site (other than you) when I say that.

    4. What an arrogant little smerg POS you are. You're speaking for everyone now, is it?

      I wasn't responding to you when I posted that. Too bad, crwwybaby.. Nor do I care what you think, such as your "thoughts", moronic as they are, may be.

      People without a sense of humor and who bitch about 2 responses out of hundreds have mental issues, notably a lack of wit and intelligence.

      And, btw, how do you know what other entries I have posted and have not, since we post anonymously?

      In sum, if some prick like you gets offended over a few YouTube links: FUCK YOU.

      Got it? Or was that too complicated a thought for you, Dear, Sweet Baby.

    5. ^ Isn't this great, everyone? We lose one Painter and immediately pick up another.

      Sure wish I had the elegant "wit" and profound "intelligence" of a fucking PAINTER clone! Ha!

      Say hello to Painter2, everyone - he's got a whole bag of fooking AWESOME YouTube links for you, and if you don't like them then FUCK YOU.

      Maybe we should ask Painter2 how the search for "status monkey" is going?

      New Painter in the HOUSE! OH YEAH, fucking awesome!!!!

  25. I hope that Cooley collapses because it's a bottom feeder; i.e., it sucks in people waay over their heads, saddles them with debts, then sends them out into a completely oversaturated market. Hell, if they shut down all of the law schools in America, it would take fifteen or twenty-five years to hire all of the "surplus" law students from the last decade and a half, assuming that all those people would want to work in the field.


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