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Fourth Tier Noxious Filth: Northern Illinois University College of Law


Tuition: According to this document, Illinois residents attending this dung heap on a full-time basis were charged $21,398 in tuition and fees – for the 2013-2014 school year. Out-of-state, full-time law students at NIU were slapped across the face with $37,022 in tuition plus fees, for 2013-2014. What a great bargain, huh?!?! After all, tuition alone at co-fourth ranked Univer$ity of Chicago Law $chool stands at $54,462 for the upcoming academic year.


Ranking: At these prices – especially for non-resident victims – one would expect this school to at least have a somewhat decent reputation, correct? Well, according to US “News” & World Report, NorTTTThern Illinoi$ Univer$iTTTTy Commode of Law is rated as a fourth tier piece of trash! Of course, Bob Morse labels these garbage heaps as “Rank Not Published.” Once a turd reaches these depths, it is a herculean task to remove the toilet stain.


Published Employment Placement Statistics: Select the NIU Commode of Law Class of 2012 Summary Report. Apparently, these bitches and hags are not charging enough in tuition, since they cannot produce more recent data.

Based on this chart, there were only 91 graduates from this class, which seems pretty damn low. Scroll down to the area labeled “Employment Status Known.” You will see that only 88 members of this cohort reported their employment status to the school. Of that amount, a total of 78 were allegedly employed within nine months of receiving their TTTT law degree. This represents a “placement” rate of 88.6 percent, i.e. 78/88.

Supposed Starting Salary Figures: On this same PDF, you will note that of the 91 JDs from this class – and the 88 who supplied their job status – only 46 furnished their income to the fourth tier garbage heap. These are all full-time, long-term positions, by the way. With that in mind, the 20 female JDs who supplied this information came out to a median salary of $47,500. For the 26 men who gave this data to the toilet, their median income was $50,000.

Since there were 32 employed grads who did not either include their salary or have it calculated by the pigs, this skews the figures upward. The fact that this benefits the school is just a mere coincidence, right?!?! Remember, it’s okay if these omissions always favor these “institutions of higher education.”  Plus, you can’t fool college grads, i.e. “sophisticated consumers.”


TTTT NeTTTTworking OpporTTTTuniTTTTies: Sometimes, it is best to let the bastards make your case. In the cockroaches’ own words:

“Networking Opportunities

Networking opportunities are strong and plentiful due to the strong sense of camaraderie at NIU College of Law. Our Alumni Association is committed to actively working with current students to provide guidance, support and assistance with employment placement. Throughout the year the Office of Career Opportunities works with the Alumni Association to coordinate social receptions and speaking engagements to facilitate the networking opportunities for our students.” [Emphasis in original]

Read: We will occasionally provide artificial settings where piss poor students, in their ratty-ass JC Penney suits and Payless shoes, can mingle with struggling solos – who are also wearing cheap attire and drowning in student debt. In fact, many of these practitioners are only there for the cheese and crackers.

Here is a simple fact of life, Lemmings: CONNECTED people network with those in their circle of friends who hold down great jobs or have access to someone else who makes hiring decisions. They are not thrown into stupid environments where they are expected to laugh at dumb jokes and show off their mock trial “skills.” Rich kids don’t even have to put forth much effort. Hell, their fathers can make a couple of calls on the 16th hole to law firm managers and judges, and land their son a great job – even if Dumbass spent most of his three years in law school getting drunk and tossing coed salads.


Average Law Student Indebtedness: Since Vagina Bob Morse has evidently taken down his graduate debt rankings – because he is a pathetic, weak bitch – we will rely on another site. NIU swine, if you are mad about this development, then demand that Pussy Boy fix the link or provide a newer version soon.

Law School Transparency lists the projected debt at repayment for graduates of Northern Illinois “University” College of Law as $159,680 for in-state grads – and $222,932 for non-residents. Now ask yourself the following: Are you going to earn anywhere near the amount of money required to service that debt?!?! If you were smart or shrewd enough to earn such a salary, then you would not need to attend law school in the first place, dolt.

Conclusion: If this is the best school that you can get admitted to, then YOU need to go into another field. Do you honestly think – for one microsecond – that you will have a realistic shot at earning enough money to pay back your student loans and have a good lifestyle, coming from a FOURTH TIER DUNG PIT?!?! The stench of such a degree never leaves you, if you are seeking legal positions. In the event that you seek non-law work, be prepared for employers to ask “Where is that located exactly?” and “Is that an accredited school?”

Now, imagine trying to repay $150K-$200K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, with a TTTT law degree from something called the Northern Illinois University Commode of Law. That is about the equivalent of trying to win Miss America pageant, armed with nothing more than the best shoulders. At least, the contestant who finishes as 10th runner up will likely snag some rich athlete. Plus, these women are not pissing away three prime years of their lives – and incurring monstrous amounts of student loans, in the process. If you are still considering this pile of rot, then you need to grow a brain stem.


  1. Jesus H Christ, $223k in debt for this dive.

  2. Even if you take the school's salary numbers at face value, this is a horrible idea. $200k for a $50k job? GTFO.

  3. The numbers are so bad as to be almost unbelievable, even for a jaded scam-blog reader like me.

    Someone at the federal government should be called onto the carpet for issuing loans to these students. This is absurdity, absolutely indefensible.

  4. While some of your comments are quite realistic and reasonable --- with others you seem to confuse seperate issues. No College or University can promise that each or even most of its students are going to be great successes. Success, be it career wise or financial, that will largely be dependent on the individual. Hard work, committment and ethics are invalauble aspects of the legal profession. With that said, are there a lot of lawyers out there? We already know the answer to that question. In America, there are high levels of competition for everything. You name it prestigous post docs, big-law, clerkships, the best IT and engineering jobs...you name it. However, in a dynamic rapidly changing market like the Bay Area, the state of California or the USA in general there will be opportunities for newly minted and hungry lawyers. It really depends on the individuals desire, acumen and commitment to work hard & smart.

    While I agree, law schools are heavily over-priced, whats not over-priced now-a-days? Look at real estate here in the bay area. You need about $650,000 (much of it in cash) to purchase a modest home in a comfortable neighborhood and that's in Oakland (across the bay form San Fran)! So with that said, is law school expensive ...yes...but Law schools Tier 1 to Tier whatever do not operate or exist in isolated silos unconnected to the rest of the universe. Costs are passed on and therefore, as the saying goes "s#@t roles down the hill" (thought you might like that considering your fascination with "s#@t").

    With that being said is it becomming harder and harder to make it as a lawyer as in most other professions? Absolutely yes. The academic year 2014 law graduates will face career prosects far worse than the 2004 graduates. The 2004 graduates faced worse prospects that the 1994 graduates as a whole. Potential law students should be keenly aware and prepared for this. However, there will still be amazing new opportunities for skilled and hard working lawyers willing to put the time into it. There are emerging legal issues that did not exist 10-20-30 years ago. Newly minted lawyers will be needed to tackle them. Successful lawyers in today's market will need to specialize and find marketable and/or interesting niches and excell within them.

    Raise up off me!
    An aspiring lawyers perspective-

    1. Shit ROLLS down hill you stupid bastard. Not "roles."

      You are a clown, and you are going to fail.

    2. Hard work? What do you know about that? I have no college degrees, nor any debt, but I've worked my ass off just to get a decent life!

      The real hard-working people that did everything right didn't believe the lies or the propaganda, and they are going to be hit the hardest by this bullshit system when it falls!

      (Then again, they will self-correct the fastest and be better off first.)

      I am so sick and fucking tired of people claiming they "did the right things" (by going to college) and ended up screwed by the system. NO! The right thing was never to trust the system to begin with!

      Over one trillion in college debt will NEVER be paid off! It must be forgiven or inflated away! The people who did the "Hard Work" or "Everything Right" will be screwed!

      Honestly, I feel for the lemmings somewhat, but they not only screwed themselves, and they screwed everyone else!

    3. People are socially pressured into college at an early age. There aren't too many options.

      I would suggest the trades to young people as a better form of work than college, unless you have a specific profession in mind.

      Regarding law school, I would say a good number are genuine victims, but also a good number of LS students are greedy bastards who just want to get rich.

    4. Your spelling is horrifying.

  5. ^You're an aspiring lawyer.

    Which means you don't know shit about this gutter profession. There are ways for people to make it. But you left out one key ingredient. You have to have a steady stream of clients that can afford your services.

    1. "Skilled and hardworking"


      The students that made it in the legal field from my school were neither skilled nor hardworking. They were snide, arrogant morons who had fabulous connections.

      The skilled hardworking students made it alright - into their own solo practices if they were lucky after being bounced from Biglaw after a short stay.

      Skills and hard work have little relation to success in law. Who you know, on the other hand, matters a great deal.

      You're a clown 8:33 AM.

      You have no idea of the Fate that awaits you and countless others after 3 years at Camp Law School.

      Law is not for the unconnected. And you are definitely that. Proles get killed in this field every day.

    2. "Proles get killed in this field every day."

      You mean that figuratively, right?

      Because when this shitstorm comes, the "Proles" will be the warlords, and the lawyers will be literally killed.

    3. Yea ... those proles! I really want them leading society as opposed to the 'one percent'.

      Didn't the proles have their way in the 60s? Aren't they the current generation of parasites who f*cked the world up so bad, that our country will never recover and their grandchildren's lives will be ruined?

      **Roll eyes**

      Hate the man for what he has... become the man ... consume and destroy everything. That's the proles for you.

    4. I think you confuse the term "Prole" with "Baby Boomer."

      Don't you understand that the term "Prole" is highly offensive to some people?

      *Rolls Eyes* That's the core of the problem here: "Proles" are fool; lawyers are above it.

      Young people, lemmings, want to be seen as successful, so they will risk the biggest rip-off available (law school), because that means success, right?

      I haven't seen the term "Prole" anywhere outside of the book 1984 or a lawyer forum.

    5. You people know nothing of the legal profession or the real world work and employment. I mean you sound like a bunch of bitter 20 somethings who have no skills or $$ or education - just pissed off at the world because you can't compete, so you sit on your computer complaining and making crazy, slanderous, uninformed, ignorant statements.

  6. That part about the difference between networking was gold. That might have been the best summary ever on this blog.

    PPC students don't really have to do much but show up (and not drop out of school). Poor students have to work their asses off and know how to answer essay questions like a law professor. If their grades don't place 'em in the top 10% or so, they have to go to countless meet and greets. (At a fourth tier shithole they probably have to be in the top 1%.) Hit the pavement so to speak.

    So good luck to the fool from 8:33. You're just another delusional asshole for the schools to feed on.

  7. Law school is a bad idea. And anyone with any semblance of intelligence knows that. Shit, this was common knowledge 5 or 10 years ago. If you don't have a huge scholarship or a job lined up (for sure) before going to law school, you are a certified dummy.

  8. Ah 8:33; a Special Snowflake, this one.

  9. http://law.niu.edu/law/admission/diversity.shtml

    It doesn’t matter if this sewage pit is in the fourth tier, because the swine are all about “diversity.” Who wouldn’t want to take out ridiculous amounts of student debt, in order to attend this garbage heap?!?! Look at this pro$e:

    “Diversity at NIU Law

    Hello and thank you for your interest in Northern Illinois University College of Law (“NIU Law”). We have a unique and special community that our students love. At NIU Law, we are “small by design” and we offer a close-knit, collegial community that is enhanced and strengthened by the diversity of our students and faculty. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and a myriad of life experiences. As the only public law school in the greater Chicagoland area, we have both the responsibility and the honor of offering our students a high quality legal education at an affordable price. We are passionate about educating successful lawyers. Thus, we reach beyond the traditional classroom to provide students the opportunity to experience the hands-on practice of law in our four clinical programs.

    For the past several years, our faculty has been recognized nationally as one of the most diverse in the county by The Princeton Review. Nearly 40 percent of our full-time faculty members are from minority groups, and 43 percent of our full-time faculty members are women. Our Dean and Professor of Law, Jennifer L. Rosato, is one of only four Latina law school deans from the over 200 law schools accredited by the American Bar Association. Recently, NIU Law was named a top five regional law school for black students in the 2014 Lawyers of Color “Black Student’s Guide to Law Schools” edition. Finally, in the November 2012 edition of National Jurist, NIU Law was once again named as one of the most diverse law schools in the nation.

    At NIU Law, we are strongly committed to maintaining and increasing the diversity of our student body and faculty. We believe that a law school classroom needs to mirror society. In turn, our students experience varied perspectives, thus learning how to best serve their future clients.

    I look forward to helping you learn more about our vibrant community at NIU Law.

    Terea Turner, Esq.

    Assistant Director of Admissions and Financial Aid”

    Does anyone else laugh at how these cockroaches cling to the virtues of “diversity”? The pigs act as if crushing brown and black students with mountains of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt is honorable or valliant. In their sick minds, these “professors” are providing these men and women with a great opportunity.

    No employer gives a damn about you having a law degree from a school that is supposedly committed to diversity. Has anyone ever seen such nonsense sway a hiring partner or HR director? This school is still a FOURTH TIER trash can. No amount of diversity will remove that stench. By the way, save your “passion” for the bedroom, idiots.

    1. These schools are tailor-made for liberal arts majors. The lemmings don't realize that companies want students with quantitative skills and applicable work experience. Talking about your feelings and passion for Sumerian pottery will not impress hiring managers.

  10. NIU's law school is a notorious shithole. I wouldn't go here if they gave me a full scholly and a stipend. This school should've been on this site long ago.

  11. Your paragraph that begins, "Here is a simple fact of life...", is the best statement I've read. It is also the truest. Law is not like the entertainment industry where you can be discovered from commercials, soap operas, bit parts or even walking on the street. If you don't know anybody, then law is a very big risk at a very big price.

  12. What 8:49 said.

    If you're a struggling actor, the worse thing to happen to you is you wait tables until you're 30. And you don't make any inroads in another career field. But no student loans.

    Law school is supposed to be professional school. When you go to medical school you know you're going to be entering a secure profession. Short of failing your board exams or dropping out, you're going to be a doctor when you get out if that's what you want. That makes the debt worth it for most. What's in it for most law students?

    1. I didn't go to Med School because I was afraid of the debt. It's not a rosy profession anymore either; doctors are no longer doctors ... they are pain managers and red-tape navigators.

      This societal change has devastated a lot of what was previously held in regard. I would suggest avoiding debt and long-term educational commitments in such an unstable and shifting paradigm.

  13. How many law schools are in the state anyway?

    1. Captain Hurska Carswell, Continuance KingJanuary 15, 2016 at 1:32 PM


  14. There's no shame in admitting defeat because you weren't admitted to a top 8 school. The real shame is being stupid enough to attend shit trap schools like this one in spite of all the evidence presented by this blog and others like it. You only have one life. Don't be another law scam statistic.

  15. dogshit > NIU College of Law

  16. For all of you that hate 'the rich' for their nepotism, I would like to point out that the 'working class' are twice as bad at this practice. I grew up lower middle class, and went to Notre Dame UG, so I have seen both sides of the coin.

    Try getting into a public or private union that pays a living wage for a family ... oh wait, you can't ... for that you would need almost as decent connections, say to become a paid fire fighter, state trooper, or big city union truck driver, as you need to succeed in law.

    Group discrimination (based on social networking) exists in all sectors of society.

    My suggestion: find a field where competence is more valued than nepotism; avoid the gov't, law, finance, and MBA programs ... focus on hard skills like medicine, engineering, trade jobs, and small businesses.

  17. Take a look at these numbers, provided by this filthy toilet - under its "Quick Facts" page:


    Fall 2013 Admissions Statistics as of August 12, 2013:

    • Number of Applications: 621
    • Number of Matriculants: 103
    • Minority Percentage: 28%
    • Female Percentage: 49%
    • Average Age: 28
    • Number of States Represented: 6
    • Number of Schools Represented: 57

    • Undergraduate GPA:

    o 75th percentile: 3.36
    o Median: 3.10
    o 25th percentile: 2.82


    o 75th percentile: 153
    o Median: 150
    o 25th percentile: 146

    Yes, what a pre$TTTTigiou$ law school, huh?!?! Hell, you could walk to the 7-11 and back - and grab yourself a bag of chips and a fountain drink - during the LSAT, and still score high enough to gain admission to this rancid dung pile!

  18. Hey Nando,

    Apparently, the Brain Trusts over at JD Blunderground just caught on to something you figured out about 2-3 years ago:


  19. In this day and age anyone going to a fourth tier law school deserves what they get. When you go to such a shitty school, you know (or should know) you'll need to be at the top of the class just to get a good job.

    For the slow people out there (e.g. the dummies even considering places like NIU for law) let me repeat this. (Read and reread this several times if you have to.)

    You have to be the top 1 or 2 students at a shithole like this just to get a good job. That's a lot harder and unlikely than top 10%. That's more like top 1%. Good luck with that.

  20. Here follows the Lay of Reema Bajaj
    A girl of doable beauty and merchant sensuality
    Who found men were willing to pay
    Biglaw hourly rates to be balls-deep inside her
    She did ply her trade on Craig’s List
    Servicing Chicago’s northern suburbs and neighborhoods
    Then she heard the siren’s call
    Of law school carnival barkers
    With graduate employment numbers as fake as her tits
    And fabricated starting salary information
    She thought she could bill the same
    At a desk as on her knees
    Away she did flee, from her past
    To Northern Illinois University College of Law
    Upon graduation she found
    The promises made at the law school entrance
    Unfulfilled at the law school exit
    Like a disappointed John
    Having dropped two Benjamins for an unsatisfying quickie
    With no offers from firms
    She was forced to open her own practice
    With no clients coming in
    She was forced to open her old business
    Down came the States Attorney to file charges against her
    Down came the ARDC to suspend her license
    For doing literally, what most of the State Bar’s other members
    Only did figuratively
    Northern Illinois University publically condemned
    What it privately rejoiced
    For the tricks she turned ensured her place
    As “employed” nine months after graduation

  21. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northern_Illinois_University_College_of_Law

    "Northern Illinois University College of Law (NIU Law) is one of three public law schools in the U.S. state of Illinois. It is the only public law school in the greater Chicago area. The College of Law was originally founded as the Lewis University College of Law in Glen Ellyn, Illinois in 1975. It became part of Northern Illinois University in August 1979, and in 1982 moved to the DeKalb campus, taking up residence in Swen Parson Hall. The College of Law offers the Juris Doctor degree in both full-time and part-time programs.

    According to NIU Law's 2013 ABA-required disclosures, 50.4% of the Class of 2013 obtained full-time, long-term, JD-required employment nine months after graduation." [Internal citation removed]

    What a fantastic in$TTTTiTTTTuTTTTion, huh?!?! Who wouldn't want to attend this fourth tier trash pit?

  22. I made the mistake of going there. I didn't really do any research into schools because I wasn't able to relocate. It happened to be nearby and they offered me a full Dean's scholarship. I was seriously astonished that half of the students even managed to get undergraduate degrees because they were barely even capable of forming coherent sentences. Most of the students that I actually talked to have family members who already practice and will hire them as soon as they have a JD in hand and pass their bar exam. If that's your primary objective, I guess it might work out alright for you. I wanted out during my very first semester, but was convinced to stay by the Dean of Students. I finished off that semester doing well, but really had no interest in a JD anymore. I dropped out and never looked back. I hadn't really read up on the topic beforehand because I figured law school was law school when you live in the middle of nowhere, right? I wish I had done some research first. I'm just glad I'm not one of the suckers who ended up in debt up to my ears because of that money pit. Leaving that dump is the best move I ever made. Another drop out sent me this link and I had to comment. The place is a joke. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

    1. No deans tried to talk you into staying - I guarentee that doesn't happen! Dean of Students huh? Yeah well then you're an idiot for not making your own decisions more wisely and researching schools - sounds like you aren't the kind of person who gets kicked out of law school then gets on a blog to make up lies to excuse the embarrassing fact that you probably got kicked out of this law school and couldn't hack it!

    2. If someone can't hack this school, they'd have to be retarded. I'm not sure why you'd think that someone would have to make up lies to express what a shithole this is. I think someone is just a little angry about spending so much time and money on their worthless education.

      Go ask Dean Mandel (if he's even still there) what they do when people want out. I'm not the only one he tried to get to stay. I'm just glad I didn't end up with a dime of debt from them since I was on a full ride. I just had better shit to do...and I went and did it. I ended up with a great degree from a different school and am not stuck with a law degree...which is worth about whatever the paper the degree is printed on unless you get into a great school. If you're posting shit like that and can't even spell simple words, I'm going to assume that was not an option for you.

    3. You're welcome to believe whatever you want, but it just looks like you've got a sandy vagina because you spent time and money and thought this shithole was difficult. You can't even spell (or have the smarts to use spell check). Don't pretend you had any options other than this dump.

      If you ever had any dealings with Dean Mandel, you'd know that he tries to convince any decent student to stay when they inevitably want to leave. Then again, based on your entirely unnecessary response here, I'm going to go ahead and assume you weren't a great student and even a dump like this would hope you didn't stick around.

  23. Northern Illinois College of Law is a piece of shit.


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