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Profiles in Gluttonous Pig Syndrome: Gene Ray Nichol, Jr., Poverty Law “Professor” at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Outrageous Salary Exposed: On June 27, 2014, Lauren Cooley – presumably no relation to Thomas M. Cooley – wrote a College Fix article entitled “Law Prof Who Specializes in Poverty Makes $205,400 – Teaching One Class Per Semester.” The author comes out swinging:

“A controversial, outspoken law professor who frequently bashes Republicans and specializes in poverty issues as a self-proclaimed champion of the poor earns $205,400 per year – for teaching one class per semester.

The University of North Carolina School of Law pays Professor Gene Nichol $205,400 annually for his one class per semester workload. On top of his teaching salary, he receives a $7,500 stipend as director of the law school’s Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity.

The News & Observer maintains a public database of public employee and educator salaries, and lists Nichol’s salary at $212,900. Nichol, in an email to The College Fix, confirmed the figure is accurate.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, what a just reward for such a “hardworking” man, huh?!?! As I have said before, typical housecats are more productive than these “educators.” At least, the felines keep mice out of your home.
Later on, Cooley reported the following:

“Yet while Nichol champions the poor – even chastising Republicans in a March News & Observer op-ed for its “unforgivable war on poor people” – it’s unclear how well he can relate to those living in poverty.

His wife, chief of staff for the UNC Health Care System and the UNC School of Medicine, earns $407,000 annually. Combining his and his wife’s salary, the couple makes at least $612,000 per year.

The Nichol family lives in a Chapel Hill home with a tax value of more than $1 million. They also own a bungalow on the beach at Emerald Isle, valued by Carteret County at more than $512,000. In the summer months, Nichol rents his four-bedroom bungalow for nearly $2,000 per week.

When asked by The College Fix about the large inequality between his income and the income of those in poverty, Nichol refused to respond.” [Emphasis mine]

Remember, these academic cockroaches often spew leftist views, but they don’t really give a damn about poor people. They simply need something to talk about and study, in order to appear productive.

Other Coverage: On June 27, 2014, the admin of JD Junkyard started a thread labeled “Anti-poverty law professor makes $200k per year.” On the same day, at 6:08 pm, “JohnDoeee” responded, in part:

“He's 63?

He'll be meeting The Lord soon enough. Then he can explain himself personally.

Just one more Atheist godless [Democrat] politician - and Boomer, of course - who says one thing and does many others according to the Standard PC Agenda of himself and his ilk.

Only too happy to collect his paycheck on the backs of his students, I'm sure.” [Emphasis mine]

On July 4, 2014 at 1:54 pm, the site administrator followed up with this gem:

“No decency whatsoever. As long as the "Me Generation" gets its retirement and fat salaries who cares about anyone else? Some random ass-kissing retard with 149 LSAT is no[t] somebody they have a smidgeon of respect for, just a warm body, student loan delivery vehicle. It pains these arrogant pricks to "teach" these increasingly dense goons but alas the schools still require them to take at least one class per semester. Is there [group more] worthy of loathing than the run of the mill, asswipe, [S]ocratic method slinging ABA approved law profs?”

It’s great to see that people are calling out this fat swine for his role in the law school scam. By the way, in-state victims paid $22,215 in tuition, for the 2013-2014 school year – while non-resident law student were hit with a big-ass bill of $38,846 – for the same academic year.

Check out this brilliant post on the JDU topic “Anti-Poverty Law Professor Makes $200k Teaching One Class at Public University...” – courtesy of user “dtejd1997” from June 28, 2014:

“What is so funny is that HIS ACTIONS directly contribute to poverty!

How many students will be hopelessly buried in debt to pay his salary?

How many grads will never be able to repay their loans and be the "working poor"?” [Emphasis mine]

Evidently, Pig Nichol sees no problem with consigning legions of highly-educated young people to a lifetime of debt servitude, while regaling them with tales of “the poor.” You can tell that this rotund cockroach has missed precious few meals in its life.

Conclusion: Gene Nichol is not concerned with those living in poverty. He might have an interest in the “subject,” since he can research this area and pretend to be a productive member of society. However, it is CLEAR that the rodent cannot relate to the working classes. Hell, the bastard has roughly $1.5 million in real estate assets alone. As others have noted, the thief is making such a hefty salary – for minimal “work” – on the backs of his students. After all, he’s not the one who has to repay a monstrous sum of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt.


  1. Link:

    These people have tapped into the Higher Ed. racket and are making a killing. The money has to come from somewhere and it is - students. That's the bottom line. Students and taxpayers. They have positioned themselves at the mouth of the spigot, occupying the highest echelons of that food chain, and are feeding, feeding, feeding.

    These aren't private sector jobs. They are based off of the Education Industry. Students and taxpayers.


  2. Typical odious boomer. I hate their whole goddamn generation.

  3. I'm here on a mission of mercy!


    Always be closing! Guy don't go to law school unless he wants to get fucked. The lemmings are sitting out there waiting to give you their money. Are you gonna take it? Are you man enough to take it?

  4. I noticed no mention of pro bono.

  5. A white poverty pimp for a change. I'm surprised they didn't get Sharpton to run the center.

    1. I doubt Sharpton would agree to run a center whose name contains the word "work."

  6. Excellent post, Nando. Keep the heat on the policy pigs and the poverty pimps.

    I wonder why this guy doesn't let poor people stay for free at his beach house. Could it be that he doesn't really like poor people?

  7. As I've gotten older, I've grown far, far more liberal, and yet I shun the term and would never self-identify as "liberal," because of people like this professor.

    Some of us have a front row seat to the gaping divide between political labels and the real world outcome of political policy.

    These are the things I see and I live. A friend, sweet and virtuous girl, drops out of law school to work as a waitress to try and help her parents - both immigrants without high school diplomas - save the family home from foreclosure after her parents got suckered into a terrible mortgage - into which was rolled the proceeds from a home they had fully paid off.

    She did not return to law school during my tenure, and I sincerely hope she never did or will.

    There is a new feudalism afoot in this country by virtue of essential marketplaces - for housing, education, medical care - being captured by rent-seeking scammers, by people unfit to loosen the sandals of the people they scam. "Poverty pimp" is exactly right.

    Our generation has learned to hate fraud, profiteering, predatory behavior, people who do not respect labor and capital.

    We have learned to care for and sympathize with the poor and the least powerful in society, because we are the poor and the least powerful in society. 40% of the long-term unemployed are 30 and under. More than any other age demographic.

    As a consequence, high and low I see a generation more open-minded, less dogmatic and more energetic than those that have come before us. We are the educated, working poor, and eventually our ranks will grow so large that we will shape what comes next.

    Three cheers for scamblogging and truth-telling.

    1. The entire for profit higher education scam is captained, exclusively, by those liberals who love helping the poor. Evidently.

      This nation is bankrupt in large part to the Republican led wars, but equally so the entitlement system created by FDR's new deal, which was completely unsustainable from the day it was created ... the ponzi scheme replaced 'the new deal' in the 70s, when the U.S. monetized debt.

      Let's be honest. The older,hippie generation hated 'the rich' because they didn't want to work. So now they parasite off of the youth to make a living.

      It's disgusting. Don't blame 'the free market', when the people who misled you were professors and admins who's politics are a far left monolithic.

      There is no free lunch. Unless you are the lunch for someone else.

    2. I am a capitalist, Sir!

      I do not blame the free market. These markets are not free. However, I vociferously object to the selective deployment of a free market principle in an un-free market so as to punish innocents and captives.

      So, for instance, I object to the removal of bankruptcy protection for student loans - both federal and private - under the guise of "pay back what you owe, you didn't have to borrow it."

      That view is so narrow as to be indistinguishable from a lie. Students did have to borrow it, because of the dynamics created in the economy by older generations. Similarly, no one got to avoid the inflation in the housing market. You ate their inflation - ppl rushed to buy homes because they were terrified they'd be unaffordable soon and forever. People got screwed.

      To wit, a lack of jobs driving demand for credential to compete for jobs; a price-fixed, and wildly inflated tuition market that results from federal government intervention, reduction of competition via accreditation, and a whole host of discriminatory barriers to entry.

      I didn't have the benefit of participating in a free market, so anyone who wants to talk to me about how I should suffer the consequences attendant upon voluntary participation in a free market can kiss my ass.

      I say I've grown far more liberal because I can no longer listen to mainstream Republicans talk about issues about which I am at least marginally informed without spotting the utter lies and blowing a fuse.

      If the economy is tanking and it's going to be a fist fight between generations for who gets a few okay years before this place blows. I'm accepting that.

      I'm accepting that I should vote for whomever will punch hardest for my special interests.

      I'm not going to seek reform to a more pure capitalism, and more free markets, because I don't think that will work before our national debt sinks this place.

      I think this country is going to go through some very nasty economic issues very soon. I bet any amount of money second quarter GDP was also severely negative, and we're in a recession again.

      It's get yours for as long as you can for tomorrow we die.

      So, I've grown more liberal in that sense. I'd vote for Elizabeth Warren if I thought she were the best shot at a few good years for me. I don't approve of bail outs, but I no longer care about ideology. If the government wants me to pay it back, it had best go about restricting supply of degrees so that my degrees function again as competitive tools in the economy and I can pay them back. Do I disapprove of the entity that centrally controls supply restricting supply of degrees to drive up wages and employment? No. They created this mess. I had no say in whether the market for higher education would be free or centrally controlled. I've accepted that it is and demand only that they centrally control it well: i.e. restrict supply for their own sake and for mine. The schools should be cut loose.

      I've only got so many years on this earth, and the social contract has been shredded. So, I don't care about political ideology or purity. To paraphrase Milton Friedman, don't tell me about the intent of a law, tell me about what it does.

    3. I'm not a Republican and I don't vote.

      But I despise liberals because, working people, like myself, have to give well over 40 percent of our income to welfare bums.

      (25 percent income tax, 14 SS and Med, 4 state and property taxes). I include SS and Obamacare mandates in that number for myself, because they do not benefit young people.

      Do you want to know where the jobs have gone? When people are taxed to death, they don't hire, they offshore or close up shop.

      Liberals killed America. Liberals killed the future of the youth that voted for them.

      Morons. All of you, blaming 'the one percent' who have the capital which produces jobs. Jobs don't come from the gov't or the sky, they come from rich people who invest.

      Sorry for the rant.

    4. Right, you're a libertarian, correct? Jon, I'm not sure if this is a place for you. This is a movement dedicated to informing students of the law school scam, and higher academia in general. We do not recognize this as more big guv intrusion. This is rentier capitalism as its finest: global corporate restructuring pushing down labor way past the value it offers in the products it makes due to a few share holder/CEOs ownership. This causes lack of any middle class opportunities. Concomitant high jacking of goverment by said billionaires, using lots of cash due to lowering upper income tax rates, evasion, and low capital gains, destroys public school funding and creates a student loan market. No one could ever afford to participate in said market, so the gov gives the loans. Later, as academia expands, loans are made non-dischargable, framed in corporate media as 'taking responsibility'---see wage slavery is more productive than chattel slavery.
      Jon, I am, in all seriousness, asking this question: are you a lawyer? Are you being remunerated to post on this site, as opposed by a libertarian front group?

  8. This is the same type of guy that would encourage broke, indebted law grads to work for free.

    1. All in the name of creating greater "access to legal services."

  9. This guy even looks like a pig. Nice teeth btw, asshole.

  10. How much of the leftist/academic mindset is just simple transference? If you, the enlightened professor, got your houses and all your money from patronage, scamming, and nobless oblige, then clearly everyone else with money must have done something even more unsavory to acquire it, right?

    1. Also known as "projection," in which utterly immoral people, especially criminals, assign their own despicable motives to other people's actions.

  11. Why are you guys ripping on this guy? This was smart as he'll. distract people by pointing to the poor vagabond outside and pick all of their pockets while they're looking the other way. Brilliant. The problem isn't this guy. He's moving his own invisible hand. The problem is the suckers who fall for this crap. But thanks to Nando and scam blogs there are fewer and fewer each year.

    Once this scam ends I'm sure this guy will go on to sell penny stocks or something like that.

  12. I believe that one reason lawprofs make a big show of their progressive politics is for the sake of their self-image, to obscure the rich exploitative scammer staring at them in the mirror.

    A one percenter? No better than a subprime lender or a tobacco exec? How dare you! Haven't you read my latest law review article on the intersectionality of critical gender racial class justice? It is chock full of progressive jargon, just to show how I side with the oppressed. Now that we have established what a barricade-charging radical I am, please give me a six-figure salary, a big allowance for travel to exotic locales for academic conferences, and a microscopic workload.

    1. No, college professors are your typical leftists.

      This is your alternative to the 'one percent.' Hey, at least the real 'one percent' run businesses, college leftists run for-profit scams.

      Did it ever occur to you that that the for profit-education system, just like the public unions run by left, act in the same fashion as the 'evil corporations' who evidently exploit workers? Except it's worse because teachers and professors don't really produce anything of value.


    Back on February 13, 2008, Inside Higher Ed featured a piece from Scott Jaschik, which was entitled “Presidential Ouster at William & Mary.” He documented the reasons why Gene Nichol was tossed out by the Board of Visitors. Take a look at this excerpt:

    “The issue of the Wren Cross was among the incidents cited in Nichol's letter as leading to his undoing. The cross is a two-foot gold altar cross, donated to the college in 1931. While the cross is relatively young in the history of William & Mary, its name comes from its place in the chapel of the Christopher Wren Building, a prized spot on the campus, and a place used for a variety of meetings and ceremonies -- most of them not of a religious nature.

    Nichol ordered the cross removed from permanent display in 2006, saying that it was inappropriate for such a prominent space at a public college to be identified with any single faith. He noted that William & Mary is no longer an institution where there is a common religious background for most students, and said that he had heard from non-Christian students who felt unwelcome or uncomfortable participating in events in the chapel.

    The response was immediate and intense -- with angry alumni barraging legislators and board members with complaints, and some large gifts were withdrawn. Nichol was accused of disrupting history by altering the chapel (even though the cross wasn't part of Wren's design and wouldn't have been consistent with Wren's approach to religious symbols). Nichol was accused of being hostile to religion, with critics going out of their way to tell reporters that he had done legal work for the American Civil Liberties Union, as if that would make his views clearly wrong.”

    Too bad Gene Ray Nichol didn’t shove that two-foot long cross up his big, fat, smelly, portly ass! Hell, take a look at the humongous pig. I’m sure there was enough room for the symbol to fit comfortably in his rectum.

    Later on, the piece contained this nugget:

    “Nichol also noted controversies - most recently involving an art exhibit by sex industry workers - that offended legislators. Here he said his First Amendment obligations required that he let these events take place.”

    Apparently, this idiot didn’t realize that making these foolish decisions in conservative Virginia would upset legislators, students, alumni, and taxpayers, i.e. those who help fund this public toilet. It’s nice to see that this filthy swine landed on all four feet – in a cushy “job” at another state-supported in$titution of “higher education,” right?!?!

    Also, thanks to the commenter at 7:02 am, for that link to the Pope Center article on Ass-Hat Gene Nichol. In the comments section, I found a reference to Minding the Campus.

    1. Landed on all four feet! Brilliant!

  14. From The American Spectator:

  15. Let me trot out this video. Which, I think, is somewhat appropriate here:

    1. John Koch @ 612,

      I see you have broken your promise and posted here again.

      Ready to pay that $1000, you fucking cockroach and deadbeat?

    2. I posted that. Last few entries. JDP couldn't even begin to appreciate the irony of that video..

    3. @710,

      Nice try Painter. You aren't fooling anyone with your little sentence fragment-youtube link posts. Nobody wants to hear it.

      Pay up, and fuck off.

  16. Remember this when your law school calls/emails/writes asking for money. These hypocritical rent-seeking assholes are living very well off the backs of the students and taxpayers.

    Do you really want to further contribute to a system which produces these outcomes? Especially considering that you, yourself, are 6 figures in non-dischargeable student loan debt with *zero* hope, or chance, of ever living even a modest middle class lifestyle, let alone what scum like these law profs and deans enjoy?

    Think about it.

  17. The rent seeking comments are spot on. This is exactly what these pigs are doing.

    And they're relying on government funding for their extravagant lifestyles. Why? Because no private actors would pay for such nonsense.

  18. From American Thinker:

  19. Academic leftists are the spiritual brethren of limousine liberals. neither one gives a shit about poor people. They just mouth the words. And yes they are worse than the corporate assholes because at least the corporate assholes are honest about what they want.

  20. He has nothing but time to post political rants, due to his make-work "job" at a PUBLIC university. Poor NC taxpayers. And federal taxpayers. To think of all the people who could be helped with the money this couple have drained from society over the years.

    Real leftists should be the ones most outraged. He makes a mockery of their views. Boomers also should be outraged, as he is in his 60s and so has probably been sucking money from taxpayers for 40+ years. Boomers have been feeding and housing him for a very very long time. Looking at him, he doesn't seem to be a candidate to live to 90+, so at least we younger workers won't be paying him to write his self-indulgent rants for THAT much longer.


    On February 21, 2008, Charlotte Allen of Minding the Campus roasted this pig, in a piece labeled “No Quarter for Nichol.” Look at this opening:

    “Although the mainstream media would have you believe he was a martyr to religious fundamentalists and moral Pecksniffs, Gene Nichol lost his job as president of the College of William and Mary in Virginia for only one reason: he was a lousy administrator who seemed not to be able to get it into his head that one of the main jobs of a college president is to raise money from alumni and others and thus to cultivate good public relations for the institution he represents. Nichol seemed to think that he had been hired by the college’s governing Board of Visitors in 2005 to thumb his nose at sundry traditionalists, and his in-your-face actions cost William and Mary at least one $12 million donation along with a great deal of good will among Virginia citizens toward the venerable and highly rated liberal-arts school.

    Yes, William and Mary, located adjacent to the famous colonial-days tourist site in Williamsburg, Va., is a state-run institution, as Nichol never ceased reminding the many critics of his unilateral decision last November to remove a 70-year-old cross from the altar of the college’s historic Wren Chapel, which dates almost to the college’s founding in 1693. Like many quality state schools, William and Mary is highly dependent on private donations to cover its costs, especially since the state of Virginia has been steadily reducing its contribution to the college’s budget, cutting $3 million in 2007. Alumni and generous Virginia citizens are important stakeholders at William and Mary.

    The cross, donated to the chapel by a William and Mary alumnus in 1931 and symbolizing William and Mary’s Anglican heritage, had been the subject of no known complaints by students. The Wren Chapel has been regularly used for non-Christian religious services as well as secular functions for several decades, and when non-Christians used the space, they simply removed the cross temporarily. Nichol decided, in the fall of 2006, without consulting anyone, that the cross violated the First Amendment’s ban on establishment of religion so he had it removed. After a huge uproar among students, alumni, and members of the Board of Visitors, Nichol allowed the return of the cross, although in a glass display case.”

    In her conclusion, Allen reported that, according to critics, Nichol deliberately omitted a dropped $12 million pledge from a report to the board:

    “Actually, as Ziegler pointed out, the “firestorm” was actually over the way Nichol had handled his one-man civil liberties crusade. Although he probably had a valid constitutional point that a cross should not have been so prominently displayed at a state institution, sudden and high-handed sudden removal of a venerated object cost William and Mary a $12 million donation from an irate law-school alumnus. Furthermore, Nichol omitted the dropped pledge from a report to the board in February 2007 claiming that William and Mary had fully met its $500 million fundraising goal under his watch. Critics said the omission was deliberate and that Nichol covered up the revoked donation a second time in an e-mail that later became public (see this opinion piece in the student paper).

    Whether or not Nichol deliberately deceived the William and Mary board, he was most certainly an administrative and public-relations disaster who fully deserved the vote of no-confidence he received. But judging from the obscene anti-board graffiti with which Nichol’s radical student supporters have been defacing campus buildings in the wake of his departure, he won’t be remembered that way.”

  22. Typical Limousine Liberal. You need programs that promote poverty and racism so you can have something to talk about so you can get a big fat government salary off the backs of working lawyers in the trenches day to day and other working americans.

    Anyone who supports a liberal or their causes deserves what they get because guys like this and the affirmitive action non american president are the results of it.

    I wonder how dumb the black folks are voting for a man who allows all these hispanics to come accross the border and push them further down the social ladder. Their hero is killing his own race just like africans sellling each other into slavery 300 years ago.

    Atleast there are good blogs like this pointing this stuff out even if nothing will be done as long as there are easily accesible big screen tvs and SUVs.

    1. Blacks are aware of this. Working class blacks have told me they are resentful of the power of hispanics and the fact that a lot of them don't speak english in public. They economically are a threat.

      I don't have an opinion on the issue.

      I'm not taking sides, but clearly hispanics will be the big winners in the next century.

  23. Let's get all the poor people in the region and have a barbecue at his house. Details below.

    Gene R Nichol
    6604 Ocean Dr
    Emerald Isle, NC 28594

    1. We might even let him have some of our ribs and chicken. But given that he's grossly obese, he gets a smaller portion than everyone else. Redistribution of limited resources is a moral imperative.

  24. This guy's a fatshit. He got that way on a taxpayer-supported diet. See how that works, people? Go to academia, do less work than a toddler, spout some useless PC drivel and get a fat check.

    1. Isn't "useless PC drivel" a bit redundant?

      Is there anything about political correctness that's useful or rises above the level of simple-minded drivel?

  25. if you had a barbeque for 1000 people (at Nichol's house), how many of you would let one man walk away with food for 9/10 of the people?

  26. Let's attack the guys looks. Typical for the quality of people here. I just can't imagine why so many of you can't seem to make it in society. A real shocker. Here is a suggestion that may help. Grow up and develop some class.


    Here is a look into the pig’s mindset. On June 21, 2014, Gene Nichol posted an opinion piece in the Charlotte Observer on the subject of private schools receiving public funds. The article was labeled “Law takes a beating in NC voucher saga.” Look at his opening:

    “North Carolina’s move to introduce a voucher program, offering millions of public dollars to fund private schools, says much about the General Assembly’s desire to debase public education. The unfolding voucher saga also illustrates, pointedly, the temper, arrogance and overreach of governance in the new North Carolina.

    The “Opportunity Scholarship Program” – passed in the 2013 session – appropriated $10 million to fund “scholarships” for eligible children to use at private primary and secondary schools. In turn, it reduced the public system budget by about $11.8 million.

    Schools receiving tax dollars are not required under the statute to be accredited by any state or national agency, to hire teachers who are licensed or have any stated set of credentials, to meet any meaningful curriculum standards, to demonstrate any level of student achievement or to show they won’t discriminate on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, disability or religion.

    Such is our fervor to turn over scarce education funds to 700 private, mostly religious, schools without a whiff of accountability. All that is demanded is they not be deemed “public.” No matter what nonsense (or venom) they teach, we stand ready to subsidize it.”

    For $ome rea$on, this bastard does not say word one about private college$ and univer$itie$ receiving BILLIONS in federally-backed student loan dollars – every, single damn year. Apparently, that is a good “investment” since those funds go toward his fellow academic swine.

    In the end, Nichol believes the following:

    (a) Public funds going toward private K-12 schools = terrible travesty of justice; and

    (b) Massive amounts of taxpayer dollars for private colleges = amazing and fantastic.

    By the way, Ass-Clown Nichol: You went into academia in order to avoid accountability. I’m sure it came as a shock to you that William & Mary flushed you down the commode for your idiotic actions. Plus, only complete fools would openly discriminate against certain groups in their hiring process. Conversely, stating EEOC objectives does not mean that a company or agency will be unbiased – or that job postings aren’t a mere formality, since someone’s nephew already has the position lined up in advance.

    Lastly, when is the last time YOU stepped into a public elementary school in a rough area of town, Gene Nichol? Those teachers and administrators are going through the motions, douche bag. The kids are generally not learning much. The intelligent students are quickly bored with the curriculum. Why do you feel that they should be confined to these cesspools, instead of going to Magnet schools or private academies if they are offered scholarships?!?!


    From the cockroach’s Wikipedia entry:

    "Gene Ray Nichol, Jr. (born May 11, 1951) was the twenty-sixth president of The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, United States. He succeeded Timothy J. Sullivan and officially served from July 1, 2005 to February 12, 2008. It was the shortest tenure for a William & Mary president since the Civil War. During each year of his presidency, however, the College continued to break its own application records. The 2007–08 school year—Nichol's last as president—topped 11,500.

    Nichol spent his prep years at Bishop Lynch High School in Dallas, Texas (Class of 1969). He then attended Oklahoma State University (Class of 1973), where he received a philosophy degree and participated on the varsity football team (although he never played in a varsity game). He received his law degree from the University of Texas (Class of 1976), graduating Order of the Coif. He then became the dean of the University of Colorado School of Law from 1988 to 1995 as well as dean of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law from 1999 to 2005. He previously worked at William & Mary as Cutler Professor of Constitutional Law and director of the Institute of Bill of Rights Law from 1985 to 1988. His other positions have included teaching law in the undergraduate and law schools of the University of Colorado, the University of Florida, the University of Exeter, the University of Oxford, and West Virginia University. Nichol made a bid for the United States Senate representing the state of Colorado in 1996 with the Democratic Party, but was defeated in the primary. He also made a bid for the U.S. House of Representatives and was again defeated." [Internal citations removed]

    Apparently, Nichol was once an aspiring politician. When he realized that he had no shot at office - despite his phenomenal people skills – he decided to stay in the safe confines of academia.

    Thanks to the JD Junkyard for this tip. In particular, user JohnDoeee provided the Wikipedia info above in his thread comment.

    1. The entire education system is a scam.

      The new bs is to push STEM. Fuck off..

      Companies don't want Americans. Go ahead. Go through all the motions. Spend 4 or more years between college and above doing a ridiculously hard STEM path.

      You'll find out.

      That's the next field where wages need to be collapsed. I say "need" because the corporations "need" low-wage STEM to increase profits, which is all that matters.

      That collapse is going on now and has been for about 2 decades through increased offshoring and having project resources managed remotely, etc.

      That is why I've maintained, for years, that a high school degree and no debt is what is needed for an individual to avoid the Education Debt Trap and succeed in the New World Economy. The exact inverse, as a matter of fact, of what the pundits, media shills, and those invested in the Education Game sell to potential Debt Slaves (students).

      Law is already dead. STEM is next. Look at Pharmacy..

    2. STEM is a scam. We're told this all the time in my area... "Huge shortage of STEM trained labor" but when you look for a job, it's 9/hr Temp work. All of it. Unless you know how to weld.

    3. Exactly!

      In all fairness, engineering is still a good shot.

      Get a trade, make bank. I do.

    4. 1:21 PM again:

      You know, I used to see those HVAC and welding commercials on late-night tv all the time, usually sandwiched in between some infomercial or other.

      I thought they were a scam.

      How could some "low-skilled" blue-collar worker make "good money" doing THAT, I thought?

      Now, I know better..

      They weren't scams. What I wasted 9+ years of my life on (multiple advanced degrees) was.

      If only I knew then what I know now.

    5. I went to Notre Dame UG with a Chem degree, did well academically. But in terms of getting a job, there wasn't much available. I didn't network properly, so that much is my fault.

      Anyway, I already had a background in the trades from working with in a family business in the summer.

      I can tell you right now, I wish I had started my trade at 16 ... I would be a millionaire by 30. No lie.

      It's not easy work, but your odds for success are much greater than white collar jobs, unless you are an engineer or extraordinary at networking.

  29. I wonder whether the good prof thinks of himself as part of the 1% or the 99%? Either way, he laughs all the way to the bank.

  30. Nice job hoisting this pig into the barbecue and smoking him properly. A few more hours and he will be ready to be served.


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