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Third Tier Corroded Waste: Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law

Tuition: In tuition alone, those enrolled in the Catholic University JD program were slapped with a $44,000 bill – for the 2013-2014 school year. For $ome rea$on, the pigs listed this on a per semester basis. When you take fees into account, including health insurance, this total reached $47,134, for the same academic year. In fact, the commode charges a New Student Fee of $425. Then again, part-time pupils were only hit with $34,375 in tuition and fees. At least, these “educators” are looking out for the students, right?!?!

Total Cost of Attendance: According to this same page, the school lists its estimated nine-month living expenses as $23,503. This figure includes $1,500 in books. I will prorate the following items, in order to reflect the entire year: housing; food; transportation; and miscellaneous costs. Doing so, we reach an amount of $30,837.

In the worst-case scenario, i.e. enrolled full-time and not living with family, a student will face a total estimated COA of $77,971, for one damn year at this ABA-accredited filth pit. No employer will care that this toilet is located in DC. By the way, if you are this gullible, would you pay $30K for a 1995 Toyota Corolla with 235,000 miles on the odometer?

Ranking: Based on these prohibitive costs, one would expect this school to have a superb reputation in the academic and legal communities, correct? Well, according to a ratty-ass magazine called US “News” & World Report, CaTTTholic Univer$iTTTy of America Columbu$ Sewer of Law is ranked as the 107th greatest, most amazing and wonderful law school in the entire country. Hell, it merely shares this distinction with the following five trash cans: Gonzaga; Santa Clara University; St. John’s; Syracuse; and TTTexas TTTech UniversiTTTy. What a tremendous accomplishment, huh?!?!

Employment Placement Statistics: On the law school’s website, the latest info on job placement is from the JD Class of 2012. Apparently, the swine are not charging enough to cover the costs of entering data on their page.

You will note that there were 246 members of the 2012 graduating class. Of that humongous figure, 199 reported that they were employed within nine months of receiving their JD – either in full-time, part-time, long term, short term, legal or nonlaw positions. In fact, only 165 grads from this cohort landed long-term posts. Since three souls did not supply their status to the garbage heap, the “placement” rate was a pathetic 81.9 percent. Yes, that is certainly worth the ridiculous price tag!

Under Employment Type, you will see that only 52 grads, from the Class of 2012, ended up working in law firms. Of that amount, 27 were in offices of 2-10 attorneys. Conversely, five members went to firms of 251-500 lawyers. In fact, 11 landed employment at offices with more than 500 attorneys. Do you like your odds, fool?!?! These 16 JDs represent 6.5% of the entire class at CUA Columbus Sewer of Law.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the CaTTTholic Univer$iTTTy of America Law Class of 2013 who incurred debt for law school - as $144,801. Notice that 86% of this clogged toilet’s 2013 cohort took on such foul debt. Remember that this figure does not include undergraduate debt – and also does not take accrued interest into account, while the student is enrolled.

TTT Catholic Identity: From the festering excrement pile:

“Catholic faith is at the heart of The Catholic University of America. This part of CUA's identity is reinforced through the many options for service and formation on campus, as well as by the integration of faith and reason in each of the University's 12 schools. Many student organizations provide opportunities for fellowship while serving others. CUA's Office of Campus Ministry helps students follow Christ and live the values of the Gospel within the context of the Catholic faith.” [Emphasis in original]

After taking on sickening levels of student debt, you will need to do more than pray for your future. By the way, charging students $47,134 in tuition and fees – for one single year of law school – is very Christian, correct?!?!

Conclusion: Avoid this cesspool as if your life depends on it, college grads. After all, you will not be in a financial position to start a family or purchase a home, when you end up incurring $170K-$220K in total NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt. Imagine trying to feed yourself – let alone others – on an income of $45K per year, with your TTT law degree. No one cares whether you are “passionate” about the legal $y$tem, either.

Being an adult means taking responsibility for one’s bills, rent/mortgage, and other living costs. Try doing that when you are FINANCIALLY RUINED! The only way in hell to justify attending this commode is to land a Biglaw position, which by nature is not very secure. You saw the numbers above. Do you think that YOU will be one of the lucky dozen or so grads who will make the cut in a few years? If so, what is the basis for your belief?!?! Do you come from a wealthy family or have sterling business or political connections that can lead to good jobs? Earnestly ask yourself those questions before even considering this dung heap.


  1. Let me guess. This school's all about social justice. Try making a living at that with all those student loans.

    1. They all are, especially the religious schools. It is "justice," you see, to "socialize" the salaries of all the Deans, Profs, and administrators on the backs of naive 22 year olds. See? What could be more fair?

  2. A five way tie for 107th bestest, most awesome law school in teh country...

  3. I knew this school wasn't ranked high, but I'm a little surprised it's in the third tier. And they have the audacity to charge $44k.

  4. Integration of faith and reason, my ass. The two are incompatible.

    Imagine paying $240k—plus interest and other loan-related expenses—to attend this god-bothering toilet.

  5. "Catholic" universities are a joke these days. The president of Georgetown walks around practically holding hands with turds like Bill Clinton (a guy who is so rabidly pro-abortion that he might as well be performing them). One fraud knows another, I suppose - and CU is no exception.

  6. There is no way-none-to justify this price tag. But what are people thinking, with the poor ranking and the huge average debt? How do places like this even stay open?

  7. Apparently, the pigs at this Catholic toilet don't recognize that they are DIRECTLY CONTRIBUTING to their graduates having fewer children. Then again, strapping down students with monstrous debt is money in the hand/hoof for the academic swine.

    I go after so-called "religious" school with particular vigor, because they pretend to stand for such high principles - when in fact they are even more vulgar, Let's enjoy watching this sewage pit sink even further in the USN&WR rankings. Hell, recently this commode was rated 82nd "best" in the nation.


    Academic staff 105

    Employment Outcomes

    According to CUA Law's official 2013 ABA-required disclosures, 46.6% of the Class of 2013 obtained full-time, long-term, JD-required employment nine months after graduation.[3] None of those jobs were school-funded positions.[3]

    CUA Law's Law School Transparency under-employment score is 26.1%, indicating the percentage of the Class of 2013 unemployed, pursuing an additional degree, or working in a non-professional, short-term, or part-time job nine months after graduation.[18]

    The majority of CUA Law 2013 graduates were employed in Washington, D.C., Maryland or Virginia nine months after graduation.[3]

    Costs and Student Debt

    The total cost of attendance (indicating the cost of tuition, fees, living expenses and health insurance) at CUA Law for the 2013-2014 academic year is $72,287.[19] The average annual increase in tuition and fees at CUA Law for the past five years has been 4.02%.[20]

    The Law School Transparency estimated debt-financed cost of attendance for three years is $269,220.[21] According to U.S. News & World Report, the average indebtedness of 2013 graduates who incurred law school debt was $144,801 (not including undergraduate debt), and 86% of 2013 graduates took on debt.[22]


    What a bargain!!

    You have a slightly less than half chance of actually working as a lawyer (which goes down the longer you are un/underemployed) after graduation!!

    And all it cost you was: $$$ TWO-HUNDRED and SEVENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!!

    Now, that's a deal!

    Where do I sign up??

    105 academic staff? That's a lot of mouths to feed and feeding at the trough. I'm surprised the tuition is so low.. Pig slop ain't cheap and there are an awful lot of pigs at this commode.

  9. I worked for a boomer who went to Catholic law back in the 1970s.

    He, totally unconnected to the scam movement, asked me in a raised tone of voice, and spontaneously one day, "They [Catholic] are accepting 50% more students than they can get jobs, HOW IS THAT NOT A SCAM?!"

    I told him that was the least of the scam.

    When he heard of debt burdens of recent grads from a young relative who had graduated from law school in 2011 he said he, "almost fell out of his chair."

    The neutral parties see the scam for what it is, immediately.

    The academy tries to desensitize persons to the issues, to price, poor "teaching" and employment outcomes, by acting as if and insisting that nothing is amiss.

    Take the denizens of the Faculty Lounge, for instance. There dilettantes concoct "studies" guaranteeing future results: the class of 2017 will be fully employed!

    Woe to the law schools if they ever have to face 12 people off the street and convince them they've perpetrated no fraud.

    1. The Boomers aren't really the enemy we sometimes make them out to be..... they just don't freakin' know what the situation is, and many are too stubborn to listen. It's too easy to just say "Kids are lazy, entitled, stupid, video-gaming addicts" and leave it at that. We need to gently encourage them to do research. Or, insult them so badly they feel motivated to try and prove us wrong, and run face-first into a wall of facts.

    2. Remember that - when it's your turn to collect SS or be covered by cheap health insurance.

      Oh wait...

      Never mind.

    3. Oh.. and something called a decent pension.

      And maybe a middle-class lifestyle?

  10. It is fitting that this school, which bends students over and forces itself inside of them, is named after Christopher Columbus. Columbus was a rapist and an all around bad guy.

  11. It's the same story everywhere... the schools talk about pro bono, serving the greater good, and giving something back, while laughing themselves silly to the bank.

  12. Nando,

    May I suggest another part of your "DO NOT ATTEND UNLESS" disclaimer language?

    If you enroll in and attend any law school outside of the very top programs, and fail to finish your first year in the top third of your class, drop out.

    All of the law school message boards talk about the "Law School March of Death" that is in regards to what I am suggesting. The fact is, law firm hiring is based on a graduate's grades more than anything else. And of course a graduate's grades determine whether they are eligible for the moot court and law review competitions, which are also very important in securing the kind of jobs that remotely begin to justify the average law grad's student debt load.

    I work at a law firm as a litigation paralegal (and once deeply wanted to attend law school. F- that.) Let me suggest to these lawyer wannabe's that learning to cut your losses and "settle" when you're not going to win is a valuable life skill, certainly for attorneys, and should be applied to the law school game itself.

  13. Catholics have a great tradition of giving to charity, and also a tradition of not giving very much. Catholic law schools tend to have small endowments and give very few scholarships. As a consequence, trap schools like Fordham and Catholic U charge the highest effective tuition rates in the business.

    I hope that Catholics of a "social justice" or "liberation"' bent can figure out ways to moderate the greed, vanity, and utter heartlessness of the law professors. At Catholic law schools, pomposity and narcissism need to give way to the mercy and charity that used to such a prominent part of the Catholic faith.

  14. Supply and demand!

    Idiots are demanding law school, so someone will supply it, at crazy costs, and they accept the crazy price. Why are you guys complaining?!? The reality is this.

    It has gotten to the point where only the most stupid will try, and the most stupid will always pay, but oh no, he won't pay but someone else will.

    DTA--DTJ. Death to Amerika-Death to the Jews

  15. It is fitting that this commode is named after a mass murderer, since the pigs at this school are FINANCIALLY RAPING the students. What an "elite" in$TTTiTTTuTTTion of "higher learning," huh?!?!

    These cesspools get away with charging such outrageous sums for two primary reasons: (a) waterheads continue to apply to and attend these garbage pits; and (b) the federally-backed student loan $y$tem.

    If lemmings had to come up with this money via private scholarships or grants, then many of these trash heaps would fold. Hell, if applicants were required to put up collateral for these loans, then the schools would have much smaller enrollments - and could not then "argue" that they can charge whatever the hell they want because they are meeting such intense demand.

    The "educators" at these institutions are the scum of the earth. They CLEARLY do not give one damn about the students. When you realize that, you soon recognize that these supposed liberal academics could care less about "historically disadvantaged" individuals and groups.

  16. Well, who is the government? Or perhaps a better question is, who runs the government? Goldman-Sachs maybe?

    I know blaming Jews instantly makes people regard me as crazy, so I'm going to try to avoid that trap, but really, it is the whole system, not just law schools and higher education.

    I have some sympathy for the students that are quite young and have no idea sometimes what they are getting into with these loans, but at this point so late in the game?!

    Do some searches on college debt horror stories and learn about some of the lemmings. OMG some of these guys are so stupid it will make your head spin: people going six figures in debt for art degrees or degrees in "Leisure Studies"--Yes, that's a real degree.

    We are in the looting phase of capitalism right now, and nobody better say this isn't real capitalism, it is *crony capitalism*. Yeah right, and the Soviet Union wasn't real communism, it was *crony communism*.

    I'm starting to think this whole system is only designed to last until the Boomers are gone. Then, he comes the shitstorm!

  17. Wow didn't know this school had fallen to TTT status. I remember when it was ranked in the middle of the second tier.

    Isn't DC law school such a scam? All the kids who go there for school think they'll be working on The Hill or K Street not realizing all the ivy league people flood into DC and a lot of people are transplants from other areas who came up through political parties back home and graduated from their state schools with a fraction of the debt who worked for a home state congressman or senator. No one hires from DC schools. They have no national credibility ans their hone "region" is flooded with people from all over the country and world.


    Take a look at this TTT clinic:

    “Consumer Protection Project

    In 2010, CCLS was selected as a recipient of a portion of unclaimed proceeds from a consumer class action settlement. CCLS used this generous gift to form the Consumer Protection Project (CPP). Today, the Consumer Protection Project equips at-risk consumers who might not otherwise be able to afford or access legal representation with the information and advice they need to protect their legal rights in Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, and the District of Columbus.

    As part of the Consumer Protection Project, students attend a weekly seminar, participate in community legal educational outreach, and provide direct client representation. Students assist low-income Maryland and District of Columbia residents on a range of consumer-related matters such as debt collection, wrongful repossessions, identity theft, and credit scams. Students also develop "know your rights" outreach programs, and conduct limited advice clinics for Maryland and District of Columbia residents.

    CPP is open to all 2nd and 3rd year students and there are no course prerequisites. Students may sign up for either 4 or 5 credit hours. Both options include mandatory attendance at the weekly class seminar. The 4 credit option requires students to commit 13 hours per week to the project, and the 5 credit option requires students to commit 17 hours per week to the project; this time commitment includes the weekly seminar.”

    Too bad this project doesn’t represent unfortunate or idiotic college grads who might not otherwise be able to afford to incur an additional $155K-$190K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for a garbage degree. Apparently, the pigs at this school do not feel that leeching off the taxpayer-backed student loan system – and filling applicants’ heads with visions of success in various fields – falls under the definition of credit scam. Then again, the swine know that the cockroaches in black robes have decided that anyone with a degree is a “sophisticated consumer.”

    Isn’t it nice that these academic hacks can continue to financially ruin legions of students each year?!?! Now you can see why these “educators” are not too keen on accountability, for themselves. In their eyes, this is a principle that should apply to everyone else.

  19. Catholic University Law has many parallels with a sister Catholic institution in suburban Philadelphia—Villanova School of law. Both are overpriced in$titution$ in saturated legal markets, although Philadelphia has lower housing costs than D.C. Both were once respected 2nd tier regional schools that have fallen into the 3rd tier abyss. Other haunting similarities: Law school transparency employment scores (47% CU v 53% VLS). Percentage of graduating seniors landing big firm employment: (10% CU v 13%VLS). Both are loser’s bets. Lemmings would be better served learning a trade than attending one of these feces pits.


    Check out this TLS thread, from 2009, labeled “Catholic University Columbus School of Law.”

    Accountholder “smartypants” posted the following comment – on April 9, 2009, 2:42 pm:

    “I graduated from CUA Law School. I found the law school oppressively conservative and regretted my choice of law school because of it. For example, one constitutional law professor does not teach Roe v. Wade to his students. He simply ignores the case, as though it never happened. I can provide more shocking stories if you personal message me.

    I chose CUA over higher ranked schools in both DC and NYC because CUA gave me a generous scholarship. At the time, it seemed I was making a wise financial decision. Unfortunately, I did not fully investigate CUA's LRAP (which was boasted about during my tour by an admissions office staff member). I practice public interest law and CUA's LRAP basically exists in name only. I believe since 2006 CUA has only given one grant. So, while at the outset, my legal education cost less, with no assistance for my loan payments from CUA, I'm actually paying more in the long run. Obviously, another reason I regret my choice.”

    On April 23, 2009 at 4:02 pm, user “parallax” wrote the following:

    “I came across this site after I heard that CUA had falling in rankings. I believe it was in the mid 40s when I was the school several years ago. While I do not believe that rankings should dictate why you choose a school, one should question why the law school has declined in the rankings. I think part of the problem is that the school deliberately shifted to the right and attempted to become more doctrinaire (to compete with the Ave Maries of the world). While it is perfectly within the school's right to do so, it may have negative side effects. For instance, I know this has created an apathy from alumni who attended the school before the shift. In addition, I believe it has limited the ability for the school to obtain outstanding and credentialed professors who can be invaluable in helping you obtain a job or internship.”

    Does anyone else still want to jump aboard this fast-sinking turd?!?! In the final analysis, CaTTTholic Univer$iTTTy of America Columbu$ Sewer of Law is a rancid dung heap. By the way, is anyone else glad that this stench pit clarifies that it is the Catholic University of America – as opposed to France or Italy?! Then again, morons are still applying to this toilet. Perhaps, the school needs to be specific in this regard.

  21. Seems like they have stats pretty similar to Howard University, also in D.C.

  22. I detect a sentiment among many people that attendance at a particular school should grant an entitlement to employment and wealth. Maybe that was true twenty years ago, and perhaps it is still true among those who are smart and fortunate enough to get into T-14 schools.

    But most folks cannot get into those schools, and those schools do not produce enough lawyers to fill the entirety of market demand. So most people will have to go somewhere else. Where they go depends on various propositions of value, including cost, strength of alumni networks in recruiting, and institutional name recognition.

    I lived and worked in D.C., and I didn't get into other schools in the area. I could go to UDC for free, but it wouldn't prepare me for the work I wanted to do. So Catholic was my best option.

    For all that the school is not, I still made it work for me. Yes, it is a generally conservative Catholic school that rankled my ideology at times. No, it is not well-ranked compared to other D.C. law schools, and none of my friends or family fawned when I told them where I went. Yes, it is overpriced, and I wouldn't go if I had to pay full price. But if you commit to doing well, you can get a scholarship. If you're at the top of your class and network, you can get a lucrative job...I did, even as a night student. A lot of grumblers that did not get jobs are the same folks that were unprepared in class and didn't treat law school like what it was--a serious commitment and a massive financial investment in themselves.

    I hate to be the Dutch uncle, but no school owes you anything but the education. I don't know anybody who finished at the top of their class--at any school--and cannot find work as a lawyer. Unless you are prepared to do what it takes to be the best, at whatever school you attend, you shouldn't gamble a dollar of your own money or a minute of your time on law school.

  23. Wow, looks like we got some muslims here spewing their hatred. I'd hate to see what they write in the Jewish schools reviews.

  24. There was absolutely nothing Catholic about Catholic.

  25. Recently, this school--of which I am THANKFUL SO FREAKING THANKFUL--that I do not attend, altered its GPA requirement for 1L's. Not at the beginning of the year, but in the middle of second semester. This took effect in February. Any student with a GPA lower than 2.5 was kicked out according to their rules, just 3 months later.

    If I had the time and money, I would spend my life trying to sue them for intentional misrepresentation, fraud, and the most basic law there is--breaching the covenant of good faith.

    DO NOT ATTEND THIS SCHOOL. If you want to work in DC, I promise any school will allot you the opportunity to work in the area.

    I am fortunate to attend a great school that truly cares about their students. All of my staff and professors are forthcoming and honest. There aren't any tricks, unlike Catholic. My heart breaks for the students who have been conned into thinking it's a good institution. Just because you have a religious stance, DOES NOT MEAN THEY DO THINGS IN GOOD FAITH.

    All they care about is extorting money from their students and scaring the shit out of them. Every different "tactic" they utilize to help their Bar passage rate fails. Not only does it fair, IT IS STUPID AND COUNTERPRODUCTIVE.

    Yet, they catch students cheating on exams, multiple I might add, and they receive a slap on the wrist. Even though the blatant writing on their body is proof enough of their mens rea to cheat and violate the honor code. Basically due to the fact they need those students to ATTEMPT to help their ranking. Nothing is going to help. Everyone's true colors show, and no one wants a lying and cheating lawyer to represent them.

    The curriculum is pathetic, the professors teach from their own ideology and ignore differing perspectives. It does not teach the students to grow into prominent lawyers, but intimidates them and requires them to only focus on their professor's liberal views of the world. Moreover, the professor's narrowly tailored views do not expand the student's mind, but teach them to only apply one rule of law, and their reasoning is all almost identical.

    Diversity makes this world go round right? Well, if you fail to be a Catholic girl from a stuck up family, I promise, Catholic is not the place for you.

    The lack of a worldly perspective is what this institution lacks. They are so focused on their own internal matters that they fail to ignore the remaining schools skyrocketing past them.(They do not actually ignore them, I feel they obsess over it knowing they will never reach that level of success). There is a reason Georgetown and GW are superior, just speak with their admissions office. You cannot deny the personal relationships that are built there, when compared to Catholic. Further, those schools desire students who want to be lawyers. At Catholic, they do not care who you are, who you will be, where you will go, where you have been, what you could offer, nor your ambition. All they care about is the bottom line, money and statistics.

    I hope this gets read by future law students. I will point out I am an American girl with a Christian background. I do not attend this school, but have a very close relationship with these matters from friends.

    I won't even name my school because I want this to be read as sincere and not some type of reverse psychology, or promoting any other school. The mention of the other DC schools is strictly to acknowledge the insane contrast.

    Best of luck to all future lawyers. Pick the school that is the most practical (Catholic will never be practical, tuition is more than the price of 2 brand new cars a semester). PLUS you don't know when they will amend their rules, thus you could have two brand new cars instead of a crappy first semester 1L year. Pick a practical, consistent, and reliable school. Be observant, you can tell what type of school it is by the people and their energy. Also remember, they are always trying to sell you.


    an angry law student


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