Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fourth Tier Thomas M. Cooley Law School Will Undergo Massive Cuts to Faculty, Even After a Name Change

Five years ago today, I posted my first blog entry regarding the law school scam. Now, after 406 posts and over 3 million page views, I am proud to see that this site has helped cause a large decrease in U.S. law school enrollment. It has been great to be part of such a just cause and noble movement. After seeing the following development – featuring the laughingstock of American “legal education” – I am leaning towards winding this blog down in the next few months.

In the last year, my physical health had declined, and I have worked extremely hard to get back on track. I also recently received good news, regarding a biopsy. However, maintaining this site has become a chore. I realize that I need to focus more on things that are truly important. If I decide to stop blogging on this topic, then I need you guys to continue the fight. Get off your asses and expose this filthy, vile industry and the swine involved – since they have collectively and willingly destroyed so many lives, for their own personal gain. Thank you for your support, and for informing others about this scam.


Excellent News: The Lansing City Pulse published a Belinda Thurston piece entitled “Cooley right-sizing” – on August 15, 2014. Take a look at this opening:

“Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School is delivering pink slips to faculty and staff in all of its Michigan campuses.

Sources in Lansing who are being laid off say the cuts are deep, upwards of 50 percent, according to one. Another said the impact could be as high as 70 percent. A Cooley spokesman disputed the amount, but said he did not have numbers.” [Emphasis mine]

When you shed light on a nest of cockroaches, the bastards scatter to dark corners. These parasites simply cannot handle the truth – as their entire “business model” relies on lying to potential applicants, publishing misleading employment figures, and making baseless claims as to the future of the U.S. lawyer job market.


Other Coverage: On August 15, 2014, Staci Zaretsky posted an ATL piece labeled “Large-Scale Layoffs Come to Cooley.” Check out the following portion:

“Since last week, we’ve received various tips from readers concerning faculty and staff layoffs at Cooley Law. On August 8, a tipster told us that the Lansing campus suffered a major blow. On August 11, another tipster informed us that Cooley was “laying off tons of professors and staff from its main campus.”

Now, the story has made the local news, with sources saying “the cuts are deep, upwards of 50 percent” of Cooley’s faculty of 271 law professors. One angry professor had this to say to the Lansing City Pulse:

“We have non-disparagement and confidentiality clauses upon which our severance packages hinge so I cannot say anything on the record and very little off the record other than to confirm that the cuts to faculty and staff are significant and I am among those in that category,” shared one faculty member, who spoke under condition of anonymity. “Plus I am really, really pissed.”

The source continued: “I was notified last week. My last day is August 31 … I honestly don’t know if they are done. If enrollment continues to decline then maybe not.” [Emphasis mine]

You’re welcome, Bitch! Of course, you as an academic leech feel entitled to FINANCIALLY RUINING people for life – and getting fat off of the federally-backed student loan system. Seeing that you “sacrificed” to teach, you should have no trouble landing a job as a Biglaw hiring partner.

Now, scroll down to the author’s conclusion:

" [Senior counsel to the toilet, James] Robb says that the school regrets having to go through this “painful but necessary” process, but all Cooley is trying to do is put itself in a better position to teach the would-be lawyers of America. We suppose that the key word there is “would-be,” as only 26.9 percent of last year’s class found full-time jobs as lawyers nine months after graduation. At least they got an “outstanding education” as a consolation prize.

As for the many, many law professors who are losing their jobs thanks to Cooley Law’s financial predicament, we’re sure they’ll be pleased to know that the Cooley Law School Stadium, home of the Lansing Lugnuts, will not be impacted. After all, we hear concessions sales is a “J.D. Advantage” job." [Emphasis mine]

Perhaps, these academic thieves can work the concessions stands and charge $25 for one beer and $12 for a stale hot dog. Then again, the fans in the stands would likely string them up by their hooves and beat them senseless.


What a Difference a Year Makes: Hell, on August 18, 2013, Don LeDuc – dean and “president” of this FOURTH TIER TRASH PIT – claimed that Thomas M. Cooley Law Sewer was in great financial shape. That was a mere one year and two days ago!

Conclusion: We have played a central role in the decline in overall law school enrollment. This is quite an achievement. Think about that for a moment: a few dozen, highly-committed individuals beat down a billion-dollar indu$try. We did so, armed with nothing more than the facts, truth, charts, graphs, industry statements, BLS data, and great writing and imagery. As a result of our collective work, MANY ABA-accredited schools are now laying off faculty members and staff. Others have had their bond ratings downgraded.

In the final analysis, these selfish “professors” and administrators behaved as though the numbers of students would never decrease. Dozens of law schools/diploma mills engaged in huge spending sprees – in order to construct “state of the art” law libraries and buildings. As such, many ABA schools are weighed down with the cost of these capital projects. Apparently, the law school pigs failed to recognize that the “higher education arms race” is futile. After all, when lower-ranked commodes increase their expenditures – for the purpose of increasing their ranking - the decent schools and the elite in$titution$ do the same damn thing.


  1. Nando, you have done enough for the cause. If your health is becoming a problem, then focus on that. The issue is now mainstream.

    1. So is a career path as a Patent attorney a horrible idea?

  2. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

    Margaret Mead

  3. I wonder why you have so much hate? Are you a law school failure or graduate with no legal work? Terrible that you have so much hatered, but to each his own.

    1. If you really want to know, read through all the posts here and on the other scamblogs. Also check out the New York Times, Slate, Atlantic, Wall Street Journal, and Forbes articles on the same subject. Then come back and comment.


    2. Are you a disgruntled laid off Cooley professor?

    3. This ass-hat talks about hate, this is not about hate. It's about doing the right thing! It's about fraud and corrupted data distributed by the law schools as they rape the federal student loan system. The only thing we hate is morons, making stupid comments.

  4. Nando,
    You are hero and have saved countless people from financial and personal ruin. Thank you. Coast Guard Lawyer

  5. Nando,

    If this is goodbye, thank you again for your efforts. You and the other early scambloggers (JJD, BIDER, Esq Never) saved me from the scam and who knows how many others.

    1. A had a family member who was considering law school. I knew it was bad out there for law grads, but I never knew how bad until I started searching the scam blogs a year and a half ago.

      Some of the things I found were simply stunning - half(!!!) of recent grads not having full time lawyer jobs a year after graduation. Normal debt loads of 100 - 150K. Professors who make 150,000 to teach 6 hours a week. It was unbelievable to me... and to my family member who assumed a "bad" law job paid 60K. But a steady diet of the facts I found on the scam blogs helped change their mind.

      So thanks to you and the scam-bloggers Nando. You have changed many lives. I'm going to miss your whit. Hope you end up writing on some other topic that you enjoy.

  6. The good news is that this has now gone mainstream, and that law schools are held to a modicum of accountability now. The bad news is that the ABA still refuses to de-certify any of these scam operations, and no real student loan cap or reform measures have been seriously debated in Congress.

    Thanks for your continued work, Nando. I'm sure you could be doing better things with your time, and you really ought to keep your health a priority. I don't know of too many law school graduates who don't regret letting their overall health slide while enduring the law school nightmare.

    It would be kind of interesting if somebody created a full-on law school scam forum where people could contribute at their own pace and ability. I'm sure it could be done, and all it would take is someone with some scamblog cred to set it up. Think about it.

  7. TTR - speaking truth to law school power for five years.

    Nando, rest up and bask in the glow of Cooley crumbling to the ground. I hope that this is not the complete and utter end of TTR, but if so then never forget that you helped some people turn away and helped others speak up about our common enemy, the law school scam.

  8. God bless you man. You fought a good fight when most of us were too scared to say anything, myself included. One of the problems with this profession is that if you complain in anyway you are labeled a loser, and if an employer finds out, you could lose everything. You didn't care about that. You did the right thing and you saved a lot of lives in the process.

    I hope your health recovers.

  9. Hey all you ex Cooley profs, just move to Nebraska

    1. The Student Loan Gravy Train has failed you in some way. But you law profs need to move beyond your sense of entitlement. Move to Nebraska. Get over it.

    2. There are always the fracking rigs of North Dakota.

  10. Nando, I am very sorry to learn of your ill-health. I appreciate your thorough research and fierce commentary, and TTR's millions of page views establishes the magnitude of your contribution towards ending the scam.

    I agree that the rest of us need to continue this effort a little while longer, until we can savor the joyous spectacle of mass law school closings. We are almost there.

    1. Law school lemmings!

      It's like Nando 2.0.


  11. The Margaret Mead quote is so apt here. The law schools kept scamming people and never saw this coming. Good work.

  12. Cooley grad here who graduates in the 90's. I myself have buyers remorse for ever attending Cooley and can attest that my degree was completely worthless. The psychological blow to come to the realization you have wasted so much time and money for something useless is difficult to convey to people who never attended law school. My diploma is in my basement literally collecting dust. In all fairness, it is not only a Cooley issue and I am certain 100s if not thousands of grads from various law schools suffered the same predicament. It causes tension with family and friends who demand more from you having a law degree. I also felt Copley's career services office, as students complained about their other respective law schools CSO too, simply was ineffective and even dismissive. I have warned countless people never to attend law school.

  13. * graduated in the 90's

  14. On August 15, 2014, the Detroit Free Press re-published an AP article entitled “Cooley Law School cutting faculty, staff positions.” Here is the extent of the piece:


    “Thomas M. Cooley Law School is cutting faculty and staff positions at its Michigan campuses.

    Cooley associate dean James Robb this week confirmed the cuts to MLive.com and WLNS-TV.

    Robb says Cooley is making the cuts to “right-size the organization” to match enrollment. He didn’t say how many faculty members and staff had been let go.

    According to Robb, the employees involved are being offered severance packages.

    The confirmation of the cuts comes as the school announced it is formally adding to its name an affiliation with Western Michigan University. Cooley’s campuses in Lansing, Grand Rapids, Auburn Hills and Ann Arbor are being branded with the WMU name.”

    For $ome rea$on, whenever these pigs “right-size” an organization, they never cut the fat at the top. It never dawns on these cockroaches that they can save more money by terminating the useless pieces of trash who happen to make the most money. Then again, the swine are not going to eliminate their own positions.

    Affiliating with Western Michigan “University” is a desperate measure. It’s not as though this will add any “prestige” to the commode. The law school is still a rancid, stench-filled, pile of excrement. Plus, it seems that WMU is pushing the faculty and staff cuts at Cooley.

    By the way, I am not on my death bed, guys. In the last year, I have been sicker than normal – and I experienced several weight gains and losses of 10 pounds, which is very unusual for me. Plus, maintaining this blog has nearly become a second job. In the past, I thoroughly enjoyed profiling these ABA-accredited dung pits. Now, I occasionally post out of a sense of obligation.

    If I decide to wind down this site, I plan to keep the entries up for posterity. I may post when something major occurs, such as a law school closing its doors. In the end, it is much more important for me to take care of my kid than to keep sandblasting these toilets and individual law school pigs several times a month. Thank you for your support. I know that someone – or a group of dedicated people – will take up the flag and keep the heat on these bastards.

    I feel that I have done a solid job of furthering the work of L4L/Skadden Farts, Loyola 2L, Tom the Temp, unperson, Jobless JD, BIDER and others. Paul Campos, Brian Tamanaha and David Segal of the New York Times took this movement to another level, when they documented the law school scam. Once they weighed in, the academic thieves were on the ropes. I am proud to have pummeled these vile pigs relentlessly, with the facts and invective, for the last five years.

  15. Nnnoooo! I'll be so sad to see you go!

    You've done more than most of us have done, and you deserve your peace. I look forward to maybe seeing you do a memorial post when the first trash heap closes.

    Thanks for the information, thanks for the company, thanks for your stamina.

    New victims are created every year. The word will continue to spread, and the heat will keep coming.

  16. This has to be welcome news for Michigan State. As co-residents of Lansing, the reduced quantity of Cooley School of Law and Diploma Sales' graduates bodes well for other schools placing grads into the area.

    Who knows? MSU might finally hit that elusive 40% mark of FT/LT Bar Passage Required figure on LST.

  17. Nando, thank you for your tireless efforts in exposing law school for the scam that it is. While I'll miss your regular posts, your health takes top priority. And if this blog became more of an obligation than a source of fun, then it's a time to stop or take a sabbatical.

    On a related note, this video covers a wide range of ways robots are taking over day-to-work, and at 9:12 it gets into how software bots have impacted the legal profession. That topic could have its own post, I know, but it's definitely a point worth repeating time and time again to people (prospective law students in particular) who think there will always be a great need for lawyers.


  18. Nando, I hope you will get around to flushing all of the toilets before you take your leave.

    Will Yale be the final law school to be reviewed on Third Tier Reality?

  19. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke

    Thank you for being a good man, Nando.

    I hope you will continue your blog. You and Campos saved me from being a seriously duped, pathetically old, non-traditional law student.

  20. Burn Baby Buuurn !!!

  21. Thanks Nando for all your hard work and your willingness to stand up to these fraudsters and blow-hards. Good luck if you do decide to stop blogging for now.

  22. Well Done. To Nando and all of the scamblog movement, you have truly done The Lord's Work in getting the truth out to the lemmings. Now, the kids know of The Scam, and they can calculate their own cost/benefit analysis in an environment where stark reality has been brought to the fore.

    --The Detroiter

    1. A cost/benefit analysis is a misnomer when there is absolutely no benefit and a complete loss. We are talking here an average $230,000 COA for law schools and that does not include undergrad debt. I am sure theoretically you can do a cost/benefit analysis of taking thar kind of money and blowing it in Vegas by claiming at least you got free drinks at the Casino. I was duped by the law school scam and sometimes the intelligent thing to do is admit you were duped and try to move on. Just like the Madoff victims. It is not easy though.

    2. You are smart to factor in combined debt from both undergrad and law school because after all, debt is indeed debt.

      Re: Cost / benefit.

      Point taken. NPV can be negative. And I don't see how the **** you can come up with something positive considering that kind of end debt figure - unless of course your ASS-UMTIONS are wrong (hint..)

  23. Nando, long time reader, first time poster.

    You were like John the Baptist for the movement. To 0Ls who came across your blog, it was really revolutionary to see a profession we grew up thinking was the height of respectability covered in shit.

    Yours was writing that took chances, surprised, and illuminated. There's a lot of hatred in your blog, but there's some profound love in it too. It's a hatred of people who victimize others and then turn around and blame them for their victimization. Without you, a lot more grads would turn their anger inward as opposed to seeing their plight in the context of a larger scam.

    You did a really good job and you have a lot to be proud of. It's kind of funny that you have no humility about this whatsoever, but, I suppose that confidence should be the reward of people who live justly.

  24. This blog did a lot of things well. I'd heard of third tier toilets or TTTs but never did I imagine someone would one day make people think of shit when they thought of law school. Great work!

  25. Nando,

    You are probably the single largest force in my decision not to go to law school. My life's plan was get a Liberal "Arts" degree and go to law school. One day while searching some school your blog post popped in google. It probably saved me. That was years ago now. I have managed to make a nice career for myself in B2B sales. I decided my new boss was a dick so I sent out some applications on CB. I have 6 interviews scheduled. SIX. All for anywhere between 70k-100k per year.

    If I had wasted the past 3 years in law school my skills would be laughable and the 40k a year job i started with 5 years ago would be the best I can do.

    I have had 3 interviews this week and 2 offers and 1 maybe depending on whatever. 3 more interviews coming up then I will pick the best fit for me.

    I know a law grad from last year who has had like 2 interviews out of 1000s of applications. I have had 6 interviews out of like 15 applications. No lie.

    I am stating this plainly with no flare so the hard numbers can get through to those who plan to take out 150k at 8.25%. I will have a more successful career mastering my craft they you can paying that obscene, absurd amount back.

    Find something you like doing, get good at, be proactive and never miss on any opportunity to grow in said career. Don't pay for a possibility. Find a craft and master it. Not a craft that costs 150 @ 8 to get into.

    Thank you so much Nando. God knows what I would have done. I had an idea the market was shit, but you cemented it in my brain and made law school a hell no for me. Now I have a good job in a niche industry that I can get a job in virtually anywhere, any city at any time. Godspeed.

  26. I want to thank all of you for the kind words and support over the years. It has been a blast to be part of such a great cause. I remember when industry shills and tools kept saying that it was foolish to take on the law schools. Now, I am hearing from people who avoided the trap due to our collective efforts.

    I started profiling individual ABA-accredited trash pits, because I knew that it would be an effective method. Unperson, author of the now-defunct blog Exposing the Law School Scam site, and I spoke once and he recognized it as a brilliant move. Again, I decided to employ pictures of filthy toilets and piles of excrement, in order to provide a visual to the term TTT.

    Seeing that I have helped save tons of people from committing financial suicide, I can say that I have performed a public service. Since starting this blog, I have been able to sleep with a clear conscience every night. I suppose “law professors” do the same thing. Except they do so because they are sociopaths who don’t give one damn about their students.

    Former Biglaw associate, and current psychotherapist, Will Meyerhofer posted an article entitled “Extremely Versatile Crockery,” on his blog back on November 3, 2010. Check out his opening statement:


    "For the record, a law degree is not “versatile.” Being a lawyer amounts to a strike against you if you ever decide to pursue another career.

    So why do people keep insisting it’s an “extremely versatile degree”?

    A bunch of reasons.

    Law schools are in it for the money. Teaching law doesn’t cost much, but they charge a fortune – made possible by not-discharg[e]able-in-bankruptcy loans. That makes each law school a massive cash cow for the rest of the university. Money flowing from the law school pays the heating bill for the not-so-profitable Department of Neo-Structuralist Linguistics.

    Law students play along with the “extremely versatile degree” farce to justify the three years of their life and the ungodly pile of cash they’re blowing on a degree they’re not interested in and know nothing about. This myth is also intended to calm down parents. You need a story to explain why you don’t have a job, but that it’s somehow okay.

    No one else cares. And that’s chiefly why this old canard still has some life left in it.

    Time to put it out of its misery.”

    For those still considering law school as a “career” choice: do YOU know more about the U.S. legal job market than Will Meyerhofer?! He graduated from Harvard, and then earned his JD from NYU Law School. Furthermore, he was an associate at Sullivan & Cromwell.


  27. I only wish this site was around before I went to law school. Oh well, none of us can go back in time...yet. We can move forward though so take care of yourself. There's a few more law schools that will need to be shit on.

  28. Nando: thank you for your blog. For 25 years I have lived with the shame of having graduated from a second tier law school and never secured any legal employment. I finally had to erase law school from my resume to start at an entry-level management position in a small company. In retrospect law school was a completely useless waste of time. At least 25 years ago tuition was 1/3 of the current inflation adjusted rate.

    Your blog, along with Paul Campos’s blog have made me realize that my failure is not just personal but a function of larger economic forces. The shame led to avoidance of classmates who I had assumed were doing well. At a recent retirement party I learned that virtually no one from my law school class was involved in law; all were in my same shoes having built alternate business careers. You have created a virtual community that has been a great comfort to me, and I am sure to many others whose career aspirations were never realized. You have helped me and others move along. Your blog also helped me persuade my son to pursue alternative graduation education and avoid the maw of the scam. You have saved countless young people from debt penury and life-long depression. You have genuinely helped many. Well done!

  29. Right-sizing? The right size for Cooley is zero.

  30. What does it take to get a rejection letter from Cooley?

  31. Vaya con dios my friend.

    You done good.

    /s/ retired scamblogger

  32. You have cast light upon this dark and destructive scam; take time now to get well.

  33. @ 1:31 pm,

    Thank you. The reference to John the Baptist is about the highest compliment I could ever receive. The fact remains that others laid the groundwork before I ever came on board. I merely viciously blasted the law school pigs in the snout, face, and ass until they fell to the canvas.

    To the retired scamblogger who posted at 5:54 pm,

    It was a blast exposing the scam together. Even now, I have great feelings about this movement. I remember when fools and shills told us that it was a waste of time and effort to go after the swine. In the end, our work attracted the attention of mainstream publications such as the New York Times, Slate, and the Wall Street Journal.

    On August 18, 2014, Paul Campos urinated on Cooley in a blog entry labeled “Cooley Law School changes name, fires a lot of its faculty and staff.” Check out this opening:


    “The Thomas M. Cooley School of Law is now officially Western Michigan University Cooley Law School.

    In an awkward bit of timing, the school announced its name change the day before reports appeared in the media that the school was laying off a large chunk of its faculty and staff[.]”

    Campos then cites to the quote from the Lansing City Pulse. He then continued:

    “Cooley’s JD enrollment has fallen from just under 4,000 (!) three years ago, to around 2,300 last fall, and seems likely to be lower this fall. On the other hand, the school’s FY2012 tax disclosures showed it clearing a $12.6 million profit enjoying excess revenues of $12.6 million over operating expenses of $108.5 million, and that the school’s net assets increased from $81.6 million to $118.6 million between July of 2009 and July of 2012. That was two years ago now, and it seems certain Cooley’s current balance sheet is not as robust, but the apparently radical nature of these faculty and staff cuts raises some interesting questions (I’ll have more to say in another post about the possibility that some law schools are exploiting the contraction in law school applicants for the purpose of eliminating expensive and/or troublesome faculty).

    Anyway, it’s unfortunate that a respectable state university like WMU has agreed — no doubt for valuable consideration as lawyers say — to allow its name to be slapped on Cooley’s letterhead. The agreement between the two institutions appears to be essentially a legal and verbal fiction:

    This is an affiliation between Cooley and WMU, not a merger of them. Thus, the affiliation does not change the governance of either institution by its respective board. The institutions remain autonomous.

    Cooley remains a private, independent, non-profit, 501(c)(3) educational corporation. It is not a public or taxpayer-supported institution. . . The affiliation will not involve an exchange of funds or financial support, although as the relationship builds the institutions might enter into subsequent agreements, for example relating to the use of the other’s facilities.”

    What did the pigs do with all that money?!?! In the final analysis, Cooley is the laughingstock of U.S. “legal education.”

  34. DON'T STOP BLOGGING! We likely have 38k law students this fall. According to the last NALP report, there were 28k full time, long term, bar pass required jobs available. We need less people to go to law school. Your blog has been the most effective.

  35. Nando, for five years you were the rallying point for the movement. You were essentially called out by pig le duc when he referred to bloggers that one time. You should feel proud. All we ever had were facts, the truth, and the internet. Look what we've accomplished in five years. Im sure almost every person enrolling in law school has been on the internet and has seen your blog and others talking about the scam. If they choose to enroll or not leave after one year they are ignoring solid facts and reality.

    While i hate tobaee yiyr blog end your family and health are always top priorities. I'm sure the other scambloggers will keep the flag hoisted on the mountaintop. You're like an elder statesman for the law school scam movement. You should have a dedicated farewell entry showing where we were five years ago and where we are now, showing enrollment decline and moves like crooklyn selling real estate, Vermont "partnering" with black colleges, etc. Think about it.

    Thanks again for everything you did and live the rest of your life to the fullest.

  36. Nando, I can appreciate the importance of good health, especially as we get older. You have carried the torch for over 5 years and asking you to carry it longer would be selfish of us. I think your blog should keep going. Would you be open to the idea of contributing articles? All you would have to do is edit them before posting. There are about 40 other law schools that need to be profiled, although you did cover the most offensive ones (e.g., Cooley, Florida Coastal, Seton Hall, Ohio St., etc.). At some point I will email you and go into detail about this proposal but is that something that may interest you? It would be a collaborative effort similar to "Outside the Law School Scam." Although I think the levee is breached, the movement cannot claim victory until the first ABA accredited law school is forced to shut down. I believe we are closing in on that event and we should not let these motherfucking scammers off the hook so soon.

  37. Oh Captain, My Captain!

  38. Antiro posted an OTLSS entry entitled “Cooley’s Michigan Campuses going to take a Faculty Haircut” – on August 23, 2014. Here is the entire text of that article:


    “This was the next logical step after Cooley, now known as "Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School," instituted a "Financial Management Plan," was to swing a battleax at Rapunzel's way-too-long hair and lay off large amounts of faculty and staff.

    The Lansing City Pulse reported on Friday, August 15th, that Cooley is "right-sizing." According to the newspaper:

    Sources in Lansing who are being laid off say the cuts are deep, upwards of 50 percent, according to one. Another said the impact could be as high as 70 percent. A Cooley spokesman disputed the amount, but said he did not have numbers.

    Thus, Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School, which has a total faculty of 271, reports the LCP via WMUTMCLS's website, could be looking at RIF's of 135 to 190

    Coupled with a 9% tuition increase this year, it becomes apparent that the law school is trying to have its cake and eat it too by apparently getting more $$$ per student (it may be that increased scholarships will cause real tuition per student to faltline, decrease, or increase slightly, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there).

    Cooley Associate Dean Jim Robb (who is an alumni of Wayne State) declined to confirm any layoff numbers, and said that Cooley may not end up releasing any layoff numbers. An anonymous source in the ABA article said that the faculty who were bought out signed "non-disparagement and confidentiality clauses," so we may end up only with speculation as to the how many people got the axe.

    As an aside, isn't it Cooley-esque that the professors they are buying out have to sign a "non-disparagement" clause? It is reminiscent of Cooley suing an anonymous blogger for criticizing Cooley. Gotta keep the bad press to a minimum, even if it means paying ex-professors to keep their mouths shut or to sue poor law graduates to stop complaining.

    This article is fairly short, but others have already done it better, so I'll end with a couple links.

    This story is a reminder that there are extreme consequences for over-enrolling, over-charging, and under-delivering.”

    In a just world, we would shear the pigs and castrate them – before barbecuing them beyond recognition. Just think of all of the young lives that they have RUINED with their garbage product. The academic thieves have grown fat on the corpses of their victims, as well as off of the taxpayers. Thousands of graduates from this one school alone have been ground down with mountains of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt. Plus, no employers take this “credential” seriously.

  39. Nando--You are one of my heroes. No one has a right to expect anything more of you. Do what you need to do to make yourself well and, most important, happy. You deserve no less than that.

    A war photographer once said he hoped to be unemployed one day. Perhaps in some not-so-distant time we will meet in a world where scambloggers--and anything having to do with war--will be unnecessary.

  40. Nando,

    Thanks for all the hard work. The torch will be passed to a new generation...

    Get well and keep fighting the good fight.


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