Thursday, September 11, 2014

UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law Pigs Facing a $3 Million Budget Shortfall

The Swine Need More Money!: On September 1, 2014, the Las Vegas Review-Journal published a Bethany Barnes piece entitled “Financial stresses challenge UNLV law school.” Look at this opening:

“In a state with few higher education bragging rights, UNLV’s law school stands out.

The law school is ranked among the top 100 by U.S. ["News"] and World Report and its graduates are in demand locally, with students doing well on the state bar exam.

But the school’s success could plummet quickly if something isn’t done about the gap in its budget.

Law schools nationally are seeing lower enrollment. UNLV’s 16-year-old William S. Boyd School of Law is no exception.

The school once saw 150 students enrolling every year; the new norm is 110-115. The result: A $3 million shortfall.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, being ranked in the top 100 ABA-accredited diploma mills is a real cause for celebration, right?!?! By the way, USN&WR rates this public toilet as the 83rd greatest, most fantastic and mesmerizing law school in the entire country. Could you imagine medical schools making such much noise about being mediocre?

The author then continued:

“The University of Nevada Board of Regents is asking for $1.5 million in state funds to help the law school adjust to the economic reality.

The rest of the loss likely will be absorbed through cost cutting, a tuition hike, philanthropy and new programs.

It’s a critical time for the school. The request for additional state funds easily could not survive the legislative process, especially when several big-ticket projects for higher education, such as a medical school for UNLV, also are looking for state funds.” [Emphasis mine]

Does anyone with an IQ above 75 think that pissing away an additional $1.5 million on a middling, trifling law school would be a good use of state taxpayer funds?!?! If these “professors” and deans want to be businessmen, then let the bastards sink or swim on their own acumen.

Other Coverage: On September 2, 2014, Las Vegas CBS affiliate KXNT featured a story labeled “UNLV Law School Facing $3 Million Deficit.” Read the following excerpt:

“Nevada university regents are asking the state for $1.5 million to fill half of a projected $3 million budget deficit at the William S. Boyd School of Law at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that administrators blame the shortfall on an enrollment decrease from about 150 students per year to 115.

Officials say enrollment is down at law schools around the nation.

The dean at Boyd, Daniel Hamilton, says cost-cutting, private donations and programs like an international recruitment push could help make up the other half of the shortfall.” [Emphasis mine]

If Cockroach Hamilton is so sure about his ability to save or raise $1.5 million, then why not make the bastard come up with the full amount of the shortfall?!?! In the real world, if you cannot manage your books, then you go out of business. Of course, these “educators” don’t understand such basic concepts.

The National Jurist posted a staff article on this topic, on September 5, 2014. The piece was titled “UNLV asks taxpayers to make up $1.5M budget shortfall.” Check out the conclusion:

“The university has plans to increase tuition by 4 percent each year for the next two years.

The university is also seeking private donations and cutting costs to help fill the void. [I]t has implemented a hiring freeze and planned phased-out retirements of faculty. It is also considering voluntary buyouts for faculty.” [Emphasis mine]

Enjoy “early retirement,” bitches! Maybe you academic hacks can serve as valet parking attendants at one of Steve Wynn’s casinos. At least then, you would be doing something useful.

Conclusion: The pigs suck on the public teat for all of their nutrients, and then the vile beasts demand more milk! Then again, what the hell do you expect? The academic parasites have no shame, decency or honor. Seeing that they will get the funds, taxpayers should at least require that the law school swine bathe in excrement – in return for the money.

In a just world, the state would tell these dung beetles to go to hell. Make every filthy member of the faculty donate a portion of their bloated salaries, in order to cover the cost overruns. My guess is that these “scholars” would not go for that idea. After all, in their sick minds, the citizens who had nothing to do with the budget deficit should have their pockets picked further.


  1. LOL at ScamDeans and LawProfs whining to the State for more funding. Meanwhile, their graduates have been and continue to deal with the vicissitudes of the market.

    "Bailouts for me, non-dischargeable debt for thee!"

    1. Absolutely. This school expects the taxpayers to fund the difference at a time when Las Vegas hasn't recovered from the housing crisis and recession. Nevada doesn't have a monopoly on gambling anymore as many states have casinos including table games. Pennsylvania has twelve, four in the vicinity of Philadelphia, and New York has eighteen, both of which has directly affected Atlantic City, which will be closing its fourth. Vegas has also felt the impact as there is less gambling and more nightclubbing...a result of competition nationally AND internationally. Plus, their poverty rate is growing rapidly. But let's give the law school money anyway.

    2. Agreed. Since Vegas and Atlantic City no longer have monopolies on gaming, why take the trip? At this point, most people live within a few hours' drive of a local casino. And there are more soon to come online in places like NY.

      And that doesn't even consider online gaming, especially in Europe and the rest of the world but still somewhat accessible to most of the States.

      There's no reason for people to visit places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City like they used to. They are no longer the Mecca's of the gaming world.

      Having a law school in a place like Las Vegas seems like a terrible idea anyway. You can lose your money faster: One, by being in law school. Two, by gambling after class, etc. not to mention legalized prostitution.

      Asking the NV taxpayers for money right now is definitely looking for more blood from a stone.

    3. Prostitution is legal in Nevada but not in Vegas, technically speaking.

    4. Prostitution is legal in Nevada but not in Vegas, technically speaking.

    5. You can be certain that no law professor salaries will be cut. Heck, the dean will probably end up getting a fat raise if he/she gets a good fat check sent their way.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Painter is complaining about the racist comments of one poster, while completely oblivious to his own bigoted comments about homosexuality. The parallels escape him.

      Maybe he is mad that he cannot find a husband.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. Now that he has outed the "black booty" troll, we can consider his work to be done. Congrats, painter. This one's for you.

    4. That was perfect. Thank you for sharing.

    5. Painter is an idiot, but he doesn't drip pure evil like the racist "black booty" troll. Part Nazi, part slavetrader, that guy just can't quit hating on the lesser breeds and the "cockroaches."

      For what it's worth, the racist troll doesn't care about the law school scam. Painter isn't a law school dean or professor.

    6. ^ YES HE DOES. He's a lazy parasite and blackmailer who is constantly on the lookout for new ways to live off the sweat of another man's brow. He used Touro as a conduit to glom onto almost half a million dollars of taxpayer money. He craps all over other people's blogs (like the invasive species that he is), and then blackmails them for goodies.

      I wonder if his "grandfather" taught him that little habit as well?

    7. I'm absolutely certain that none of our mentally ill visitors have borrowed half a million dollars for law school. Notice that the racist "black booty" troll approves of the exorbitant interest and penalties that make the law school scam so much more repugnant to decent people.

    8. 941 apparently does not understand the concept of money having a time-value - probably doesn't even understand the more basic idea that you should pay back the money that you borrow.

      Look, dude: you don't owe the money to fucking TOURO or wherever. You owe it to the taxpayers. Once upon a time, you were a bright little roachie with big Touro dreams, but you had no savings. The taxpayers loaned you some money and made your Touro dreams come true. This would be exactly the same if you had been smart enough to get into Harvard Law School. They basically gave you a handout by affording you more credit than you deserved. Now it's time to pay the bill. If you thought the "exorbitant" interest rate was too high, then I'd say you shouldn't have signed the loan documents.

      The American people gave you a loan. You decided on your own to give their money to a TTT. Give back the money that you borrowed. The U.S. of A. isn't exactly running a huge surplus right now, in case you didn't notice.

  3. I double dog dare unlv to cut salaries. Then the profs will just move to Nebraska and make millions.

  4. OHH NOOES!!

    First, Atlantic City. Now this?!?

    What has we come to?

    Btw, I've seen this "school". I drove through the UNLV campus when I was out in Vegas. School out there, well, I think it's mainly to keep the kids off the Strip and out of the casinos - at least until they graduate.

    It had the look of a party school. And coming from the Northeast and close to all of the highly-ranked party schools, including the #1 nationwide, that's saying something.

    Basically, the campus looked like it was the Western version of daycare for young adults. The girls - were hot! Stunners. Awfully hard to study when the majority look like that.

    85% of land in Nevada is owned by the Fed. Gov't. Look it up. Beyond Vegas, there is nothing but long roads in the desert. There's no need for a law school out there.

    With the gaming (gambling) industry contracting as it as been for the better part of a decade, I'd imagine that 150 grads is far too much for a state with the dynamics of Nevada and Las Vegas.

    1. UNLV is close to the Strip and the airport. I'd like to see them fly in practicing lawyers to teach any future lawyers who accidentally got admitted. That would be a "win-win," unusual for Vegas.

    2. "CLE junkets".

      Do they hold them in conference rooms at the hotels and then you can go downstairs and gamble afterwards?

    3. You are right about the 85% figure, most of Nevada is nuclesr testing ranges and top secret military installations. Nevada is basically Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe and a bunch of crappy meth labs locations like Battle Mountain! Battle Mountain not joking, has a giant BM on the side of a mountain LOL!!!

  5. I give the admins credit for reducing enrollment. And without the clueless entitled profs, they could still balance the budget.

    Watch the admins demand bonuses for having made some "hard choices." Right.

  6. UNLV's a weird school to peg. It's only been around since 1998 or thereabouts. It's one of the few schools that sees big increases and drops in its usnwr ranking. I recall it was as high as 70 within five years of full accreditation. Since then, it's dipped into the third tier (outside the top 100) a couple of times. Each time, it seemed to land right back around 75 or 80.


    On September 3, 2014, Paul Caron covered this development in his TaxProf piece, which was entitled “UNLV Law School Faces $3 Million Budget Shortfall Due to 25% Enrollment Decline.” He merely re-hashed the Review-Journal story. Scroll down to this brilliant comment from “Unemployed Northeastern” – posted on the same day, at 8:19:44 am:

    "The law school is ranked among the top 100 by U.S. News and World Report and its graduates are in demand locally, with students doing well on the state bar exam."

    That's some interesting reasoning there: students are in demand because they pass the bar exam. Of course, here in Massachusetts we have one of the highest bar pass rates in the country, and we also have nearly 4x the number of bar passers as we do legal jobs for them.”

    Apparently, the “professor” scum expect to attract mindless drones, with such anecdotes. Remember, bar passage does not equal legal employment. Law firms and government agencies still need to hire your ass – or else you are merely a jobless, broke bastard with a license to practice. You need actual clients paying you for your legal skills - i.e. drafting documents, reviewing files, researching case law, perusing statutes and ordinances, providing advice, etc. - before you can really call yourself a lawyer.

    JDU user “ichininosan” started a new thread, “Desperate Times at UNLV Law School,” on September 2, 2014. Read his original post below:

    “Calling on the state coffers. Philanthropic opportunity!

    "The school once saw 150 students enrolling every year; the new norm is 110-115. The result: A $3 million shortfall.

    The University of Nevada Board of Regents is asking for $1.5 million in state funds to help the law school adjust to the economic reality.

    The rest of the loss likely will be absorbed through cost cutting, a tuition hike, philanthropy and new programs."

    The "new program" of course is "gaming law." Skipping the potential marks currently working the tables along the Atlantic City boardwalk and the riverboats of the Mississippi delta, UNLV "will recruit internationally, targeting Macau and Singapore for students."”

    What’s truly disgusting is that the useless law school pigs are not ashamed of their conduct, at all! We would all be much better off if philanthropists donated large sums of money to accredited U.S. medical schools and hard science degree programs. We already have a GLUT of lawyers in this country. Then again, "legal educators" don't give a damn about anyone but themselves.

  8. The State of Nevada does not need new lawyers. UNLV Boyd School of Law should close down as it is an albatross and drain on the taxpayers.

    I stopped going to Las Vegas 10 years ago. You can gamble in better venues (e.g., Panama, Monaco, Aruba, etc.) and get better hookers abroad (e.g., anywhere in Central/South America and Asia). I do remember the last time in Vegas, I saw the highway littered with billboards featuring attorneys doing bankruptcy and divorce for $500. In fact, Nando featured a poser Italian lawyer who tries to pass himself as Hispanic by calling himself "El Pelon (aka Baldy)." El Pelon has a huge advertising budget and can afford to hire Boyd graduates on the cheap so he can churn and burn them while he reaps the cash. Good luck going to Boyd and then trying to set up a practice in Nevada where you will have to compete with blood seeking sharks.

    The dean has balls to ask for a taxpayer bailout when the school does nothing to contribute to the local economy. As it stands, the school exists to fund the cushy salaries and pensions of the deans, professors and administrators. Let these motherfuckers starve.

    1. Good catch for remembering that entry, which is here:

    2. In a wreck? Need a check?

      Now handling testosterone therapy cases...

    3. I turn wrecks into checks!

      Santa: You saved Christmas!!


      And he also runs ads in Spanish.

      That's right kids. It's called a solid advertising budget. How are you going to compete with that??

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. Shut the hell up you fucking idiot.. If you can't see the connection to Las Vegas, the area, and the school, and pointing out competition there, you're an even bigger moron than JRA and JDP combined.

    6. ^^ As you can see, "Painter2" is VERY protective of his garbage YouTube roachlinks.

      Get used to it, kids ...

    7. P.S. In all fairness, nobody and I mean NOBODY actually clicks on Painter's YouTube link spam bullshit.

      We already know it's trash. Just like the idiot who posted it.

      Take it to the bank.

    8. ^^It's safe to say that painter is no longer welcome here after last night's little stunt. So the knee jerk reaction to a youtube link just might be a little over the top. If the sight of youtube links gets you so worked up, then perhaps you ought to whine to Nando. If he says so, then I'll stop posting them.

      In the meantime, though, check out another gem from one of the 702's finer outfits. Enjoy!

    9. What little stunt? You mean like replying to your own posts 3 times? JDP is right. You're creating posts as him and then replying.

    10. ^Sorry, little one, but you got that one totally wrong. But you can always call Ed for help. He probably handles extreme butthurt cases.

    11. I thought you didn't like YouTube links, bitch?

      Who's the one trolling?

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  9. DUIs for $500 a pop. You can't even get this type of gutter law work with prices like that. What if you're a newbie lawyer trying to drum up business. You can't take cases for $500 and pay back your student loans and make enought to feed yourself. Guys like El Pelon make money because they're getting a huge volume of cases. They assign it to some stooge, and you get your plea bargain entered quickly.

  10. "It’s a critical time for the school. The request for additional state funds easily could not survive the legislative process, especially when several big-ticket projects for higher education, such as a medical school for UNLV, also are looking for state funds."

    I can't see their $1.5 million request passing the Nevada legislature (At least not without a lot of bribery). Why would you choose to invest in a law school instead of a medical school? It just doesn't make sense.

  11. $1.5 for a public law school that can't stay in budget? Fuck, they'd be better of burning that money in the desert.

  12. By the way, the image at the top evokes the reality of the law school scam quite vividly and effectively. We can always warn people not to attend law school, but we can't warn people not to pay their taxes. Yet, through state schools and federal loans, it's taxes that pay for the vast majority of law professors. Pretentious careers and luxurious lifestyles have their cost.

  13. "It’s a critical time for the school. The request for additional state funds easily could not survive the legislative process, especially when several big-ticket projects for higher education, such as a medical school for UNLV, also are looking for state funds."
    The solution is reduce or close the law school and use the remaining space and the fund for the medical school. You kill 2 birds with one stone. LV must adapt to the demand as we need more medical doctors not lawyers

  14. This is the only time I am going to address this issue – or allude to a certain former poster. It is clear that any direct mention of his name, by anyone, will drive him further mad.

    From now on, comments need to stay on point. This site is designed to inform potential students about the law school scam. Making fun of people suffering from various mental illnesses does not fall into this category. Some people are especially sensitive about any criticism. As I pointed out to Painter, when you Google search his name – including his old handle or law school – virtually nothing comes up under that query. His interview with NPR is the main item that appears.

    He has been very fortunate to have left such a small footprint, despite his Internet activity. This is likely due to his common name. The fact remains that Paul Campos has even paid a higher price than this man, in terms of pissing off his colleagues and having his name dragged through the mud. If you perform an online search of Campos, dozens of articles from Leiter pull up – where he is referred to as “crazy” or “mental.”

    In the end, I don’t get paid a dime to administer this site. Hell, it takes up my time and energy, which could be better used on hobbies or my family. As I tried to tell Painter, I can monitor comments as best I can – but I am not a wizard. I typically do not check this blog during work hours. I do not want to make it so that every single comment must be approved before being published, but that will happen unless we can all stick to the issues concerning “legal education.”

    To those who insist on pestering Painter, refrain from doing so. After all, his financial life is ruined due to his pursuit of a law degree. What is distressing is that this guy seems to HATE his fellow scam victims – including the ones who actually make monthly student loan payments or have families to feed – more than he does the scamming pigs. Trying to “out” certain law school critics as homosexuals, due to some perceived slight years ago, also shows a lack of character and integrity.

    I certainly do not understand why someone would persist in visiting sites where they are not welcome, or where they may run into unkind comments – especially when they know that such remarks affect them so profoundly. Lastly, I will note that this former poster has burned a lot of bridges due to his conduct. Notice that the men and women on OTLSS and various other sites want nothing to do with this person. That says a lot, when you consider that he initially started out as a sympathetic case.

    Painter has stated that he will no longer even view this blog. I still need you guys to avoid mentioning him by name. Don’t even refer to him by his old online persona. This site is designed to provide information on the law school pigs. Academics charging prohibitive tuition – and pumping out too many grads into a GLUTTED lawyer job market – are the culprit. Anything else is a distraction from the main purpose of scamblogs. Thank you.

    1. You're the man, Nando. You finally faced down the mentally ill and racist trolls who were ruining this blog. You've accomplished too much to let a few freaks divert your readers into their distorted fantasy worlds, where the hatred, terror, and self-loathing never go away. Good riddance to that.

  15. Tell the Troll - who thinks anyone who posts a YouTube link is Painter - to fuck off. Then, curiously, resorts to posting them himself. His posts are clearly meant to incite. They're no better than Painter's in the sense they contribute less than nothing. It appears you have 2 disturbed individuals. Painter, who no longer posts here, and some Troll who thinks he does.

    1. ^ Dude. Nobody is interested in reading your feeble-minded 75-I.Q. roachlinks and YouTube bullshit. Because of your autism and rock-bottom social I.Q.,, you can't grasp that fact. I suppose you think your YouTube links and banjo songs are absolutely DESTROYING the law school scam, right?

      Nobody gives a fuck if you are actually Painter, or if you are just his AMAZINGLY-similar twin. Your brain-dead comments and roachlinks are garbage, Painter2 - just like you are. Nobody cares about the name of the person who posts your stupid roachlinks. YOU seem to think it's of colossal importance, though, which is yet another thing you "anazingly" have in common with Painter1.

      Your comments and links stink like shit, and we can all smell them a mile away. They stink - no matter what your name is.

      It's really as simple as that.

    2. The best way to deal with that asshole is to no longer respond to him. Since the individual about whom he loves to post flamebait is no longer here, there's no point in replying to him anymore.

      It's been too easy to lose sight of the big picture here--warning potential law scam victims not to make the same mistake we made--all in the name of beating up on one of the saddest examples of the scam.

      Just do as Nando requested and try to stay on point. In time, this drama will be behind us. Exposing the scamprofs and scamdeans as the academic thieves and grifters they truly are is what matters.

    3. Somewhere in the Northeast ...September 13, 2014 at 3:13 PM


      Hello. I am a senior lecturer at a 4th-tier law school in the metropolitan Boston area. I'd like to know that your endless diarrhea-stream of YouTube links are BURNING MY FLESH! They're killing me!

      Most people would never guess it, but YouTube linkz are the deadliest weapon ever to be devised against the law schools. They are, in fact, the PERFECT weapon for poo-encrusted warriors like you who so fiercely demand that we not be distracted from the law schools. These links are ESPECIALLY deadly to the law schools when they are about banjos or some stupid fucking movie from the 1970s. I really think that -


    4. You got on the wrong boat out of Herculaneum.

      And now all is ash.

      (Can one believe this-THEY educated us, and not complain that we paid attention! "And so be that which is.")


  16. You should consider roasting the pigs who charge money for case briefs, such as

  17. Law school supports a lot of cottage (parasite) industries like CO companies, bar prep, index cards. Fuck all of these guys.

  18. Kids, google Las Vegas attorney Glenn Lerner. This guy has TV as in Spanish featuring former boxing legend Julio Cesar Chavez endorsing him. Unless you have connections to the rich and famous, how do you intend on competing with the big heavyweights who are established and have $$$ to spend on slick ads. Do you really think "google ads" are going to jump start your practice?

    1. Exactly. Those ads - they are stock modified. I briefly worked for an ad agency. They have a basic template and customize it to the client. And they are *not* cheap. Now, notice, he's not doing 60-second spots either. It's 15-30.

      If anyone thinks these ads are cheap, I suggest contacting your local ad agency and asking directly.

      He's had them professionally produced and has them in a digital format which is what he uploaded to YouTube.

      And it seems he has a *lot of them*.

      As said above, he's even had some done in Spanish. This is the NV market where Spanish is now common, along with CA, of course. So, he's aiming at that market as well.

      So you have him out there, along with El Pelon, etc. and like one commenter said, these folks work on volume. There is no way you, as a newbie solo, are going to beat these guys. They have 6 bullets in their gun. And they have 2 guns plus a few extra in their belts and some in their shirt pockets etc.

      You don't even have but 1 bullet, if your lucky. Heck, you probably don't even have the gun.

    2. Some other points: These guys are spending a lot of money to drive "One-Offs".

      Think about it.

      Personal injury. Bankruptcy. One-time events. It's not like the client will be coming by next week to file another injury lawsuit or to declare bankruptcy.

      Established people throwing big money down in all areas out there. How will you compete with them as a solo?

      And the ads: YouTube isn't likely his only avenue. And he may have someone optimizing (ranking) his vids. That costs money.

      Radio spots. TV. Beyond production, how much is spent on running the spots across different media?

      And this is before you get a single cent in the door and in your pocket.

      Good luck competing.

    3. Just look at the Craigslist legal services section to see the despair here. It's an incredibly saturated market where it's near impossible to get a solo practice off the ground. Working for the rich PI firms, from what I hear, is very stressful with very low pay.

      The only thing Vegas has going for it is the low cost of living. It's still a shit job market all around, but it's not like NYC where you're stuck paying $2000/mo rent for some Brooklyn shithole.

  19. Why in the world would anyone contribute to a law firm? Give for cancer research, climate change, whatever.

  20. Las Vegas still has a shitty real estate market (home and commercial). Why the fuck give away another 1.5 mil to these greedy law school assholes?

    1. Those professors need raises to pay off mortgages that are twice the value of their houses.

    2. Don't forget the expense of prostitutes. Those women aren't cheap (at least the legal ones).

  21. I've got YouTube links to the 3 best guitar solos in human history. I'm saving them for the first reader who documents admission to 3 Top 20 law schools but declines to attend any of them.

    1. What? Did you say YOUTUBE LINKS?! Can we, liek, just BUY them from you instead?!

      Fuck the Bitcoin. On TTR, YouTube links and black booties are the REAL medium of exchange. Each YouTube link and black booty is like a nuclear BOMB being dropped on the law school scam!

  22. But remember folks, it's the only law school in Nevader! If you want to get a legal education and set up a practice that will play well in Reno and Carson City, UNLV is still a dyn-o-mite option!


    As you can see from the comments section, readers don’t want to piss away more taxpayer funds on this trash heap. I have highlighted a few remarks:

    “KeepItSimple” wrote this gem 11 days ago:

    “40 less students enrolled equals $3 million shortfall = $75,000 per year for tuition? No wonder I get charged $400 per hour when I want to talk to one of the graduates.....

    Guess this article means a trip to NPRI website to see what the budget for the law school is. I am sure they tried to scale back on expenses before asking for more money from the taxpayers......”

    User “Bluemarlin” posted this hilarious response 12 days ago:

    "graduates are in demand locally"??? What? Our cab driver was a boyd graduate. Board the place up, no more lawyers....”

    Someone using handle “n7v” provided the following, also from 12 days ago:

    “The last thing that taxpayers need are more lawyers.

    Abolish Boyd Law School! The subsidy money saved should be REBATED to taxpayers.

    Let Boyd's law student go out-of-state to learn how to ruin an economy; wherever they might end up, may they please STAY THERE.”

    From “Jeff Webb,” published 13 days ago:

    “How about if UNLV puts the focus on academics instead of a lousy football team and proposed Taj Mahal stadium. No doubt that most UNLV law grads end up as greasy haired ambulance chasing lawyers so that "YOU can get a check if you are in a wreck". Seriously however, the best law students are going to apply to out of state universities.”

    Read the whole section. See how many commenters want to give away another $1.5 million to the UNLV law school pigs. Sadly, I’ll bet the state shells out the money for these bastards – without getting anything in return. God forbid that the dean and “professors” take a SIGNIFICANT pay cut. It’s not as if the cockroaches are productive.

  24. Las Vegas has too many lawyers. And guess what? The law school is only about 15 years old. The market was flooded with California and Arizona trained lawyers back then.

  25. So much for a law school being a cash cow, hahahah!

  26. So much for a law school being a cash cow, hahahah!

  27. Boyd Law is a Joke. They don't realize that everyone is laughing at them and not with them. To put it better, they are the home-schooled kid who gets to college and brags how he graduated first in his class in high school and was the prom king and starting QB and head cheerleader. Get Over yourselves Boyd. People aren't enrolling because you are not friendly.


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