Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fourth Tier Excrement Pile Thomas M. Cooley Law School Will Flush the Ann Arbor Campus on December 31, 2014

The TTTT AnnouncemenTTTT: This is such a wonderful development, I will let the pigs tell you in their own words:

“Statement of Intent to Close

Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School has notified its students that it intends to cease operations at its Ann Arbor campus on December 31, 2014, subject to the approval of teach-out plans submitted to its accrediting agencies, the Higher Learning Commission and American Bar Association - Section of Legal Education and Admission to the Bar. 

This action follows implementation of a financial management plan announced July 1, 2014. Anticipating the possibility of the closure, the Law School told its Ann Arbor students in August of accommodations it would provide them should the campus close. Those include: 

• early registration at other campuses 
• $1,500 cash stipend to help cover costs of attending a different campus 
• $3,500 stipend for a bar review course for graduates 
• specialized advising for registration, financial aid, housing and other issues 
• possible adjustment to available financial aid 
• additional consideration to students with special circumstances.” [Emphasis mine]

You’re welcome, bitches! Enrollment continues to drop at this certifiable trash pit, among other ABA-accredited toilets, due to the collective efforts of scambloggers and other critics of U.S. “legal education.” When we first embarked on this effort, many ass-hats told us that we were wasting our time and energy. This news is a testament to persistence and truth.

Coverage of This Development: On October 3, 2014, Staci Zaretsky posted a great ATL entry labeled “Troubled Law School To ‘Cease Operations’ At One Of Its Campuses.” Check out this meaty portion below:

“This summer, we began reporting on the uphill battle the Thomas M. Cooley Law School faced with regard to its declining revenue and student enrollment. In early July, we were the first to break the news that Cooley Law would stop accepting first-year students at its Ann Arbor campus as part of a “financial management plan.” At the time, James Robb, the law school’s associate dean of external affairs and senior counsel, said there were no plans to close the campus. 

Plans apparently changed quickly, because at the end of July, we learned that Cooley Law was considering consolidating the Ann Arbor campus with other Cooley campuses by the end of the fall 2014 semester. Once again, Robb assured the media that no definitive plans had been made yet. 

Now that we’re almost halfway through the fall 2014 semester, it seems that Cooley Law has begrudgingly decided to lie in the bed that it has made. This may be the first law school campus closure since the public started learning that legal education wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be… 

Late this afternoon, Cooley Law students were greeted with the following message on their web portal:

‘Notice of Intent to Cease Operations at Ann Arbor Campus 

Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School intends to cease operations at its Ann Arbor Campus on December 31, 2014, subject to the approval of teach-out plans submitted to its accrediting agencies, the Higher Learning Commission and American Bar Association – Section of Legal Education and Admission to the Bar. Students are requested to contact their Enrollment and Student Services Coordinator with any questions or need for assistance they may have.’ 

One has to wonder what the American Bar Association’s reaction to this announcement will be. Law schools across the nation are in trouble, and the ABA had an implicit hand in their downfall. By failing to institute measures that would keep law schools from deceiving their students as to their likely employment and salary prospects after graduation until the last minute, the ABA invited disasters like this to occur. Law schools were inevitably going to suffer once prospective students learned that all was not as good as it appeared — and was marketed — to be.” [Emphasis mine]

The foul waste piles at the American Bar Association - and the law school pigs - do not give a damn about anyone but themselves. It is great to see the end result of their rampant greed and indifference to their students and graduates. May these bastards burn to a crisp.

Conclusion: TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer is a foul, steaming, odorous pile of dog excrement. This supposed “institution of higher learning” is a true laughingstock. The dung beetles who run this place prey on those students who are too damn dumb to figure out that they are pissing their futures away on this toxic product. Now, the sick bitches are forced to close down one of their garbage campuses. 

More importantly, how will this reduction impact Cooley’s 2nd best overall rating in the vaunted TTTT Cooley law school rankings guide?!?! Seeing that total enrollment and volume of law books figure so prominently in this calculation, one would expect this to affect the listing greatly. Then again, this “report” was compiled by Cockroach LeDuc and Old Fart Brennanhardly objective sources. Hell, I’m surprised that these two rodents placed Harvard Law ahead of their own cesspool.


  1. Excellent news, and I hope this be a sign of more campuses and law school closures to come. The market is doing what the ABA and politicians can't bring themselves to do to correct the overabundance of attorneys in a contracting industry.

    I'm reminded of what someone on Above the Law wrote in the comments to a story about faculty layoffs at some law school, that he or she looked forward to a reality show about their job search process: it could be a cross between Law & Order and Bum Fights.

    1. Has anyone heard from the ABA in all of this?

      Where is it?

      Is not the ABA proud of its progeny?


  2. Note to the current Cooley Lemmings @ Ann Arbor:

    Dear Morons:

    You have ONE chance - one only - to walk away and have your loan balance discharged by the Fed. Gov't.

    I suggest you TAKE IT.

    That is all.

    1. If you attend Cooley then reality doesn't intrude into your worldview. Debt is an abstract concept you'll never grasp.

      Stop disparaging morons by identifying them with Cooley students.

    2. It is not clear to me that this closing will qualify for loan discharge. The discharge rules do NOT apply if only a branch of a school is closed. Cooley says that students are admitted to the school as a whole and can attend any campus.

    3. Incorrect. 34 CFR 685.214(a)(ii)

      " (2) For purposes of this section—
      (i) A school's closure date is the date that the school ceases to provide educational instruction in all programs, as determined by the Secretary; and
      (ii) “School” means a school's main campus or any location or branch of the main campus. "

    4. Exactly. That's it, 12:55 PM.

      So yes.. They CAN get out from under. The question is: Will they?

      I think the "reality" quote above sadly nails the answer. These dimbleheads are self-screwed.

  3. Hi Nando, I have some pictures I would like to send you. Serious inquiry. How can I send you the pics? Thx.

  4. The students who attend the Ann Arbor campus of this cesspool have been given a mulligan on life. They have won the lottery in the sense that they can walk away from their foolish decision to attend this putrid school. If they don't take advantage of the campus closure discharge, they deserve the penurious outcome that will plague them for their entire natural lifespan.

  5. I am a Cooley graduate and agree 100% with Nando's opinions of the law. school scam. Many of the unemployed graduates who refuse to recognize their degrees are worthless are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome where they have misplaced sympathy for their captors who ass raped them in student loans. I am seeing law offices in my city around for 30 years close down due to lack of business, how do recent grads expect to get in when experienced lawyers are thrown out the door? Noticed law schools use new marketing gimmicks to attract students and the latest ones are"diversity" and equal opportunity which in my experience is just lip service. Even if you are a so called member of a diverse class, nobody will even know about it if they throw your resume in the garbage before even offering you an interview. Its almost like applying for a job with a felony record.....they don't want to know you if you did not graduate towards top of your class at a top 5 law school. I believe prospective students with physical disabilities. or women are in the most danger because their disability would make them gravitate towards law schools, realizing most of them cannot be police officers, construction workers, or mechanics. Then when they have $250,000 in non-dischargable debt and few job prospects either in the law or outside the law, the debt will only compound their problems. They would have to graduate Valectorian at an Ivy League and then submit a resume to a law firm to even accuse the firm of not hiring them based on either gender, race, or disability. Everybody else the law firm could claim they were passed up for another graduate with better academic qualifications.

  6. 12:55 is correct. But I don't see many Cooley dumbshits taking advantage of this get out of hell free card. If they don't drop out and stay out of law school, they have absofuckinglutely nobody to blame but themselves. In that case, they deserve to owe $200k in student loans.

  7. Only one campus? They need to shutter the entire shithole.

  8. Is anyone trying to get the word to these students that they have a new lease on life? Flyering the campus? How do we make sure they know their options?


    On October 9, 2014, the Detroit Free Press published a Nathan Bomey piece entitled “Cooley Law School closing Ann Arbor campus.” Look at this opening:

    “Thomas M. Cooley Law School is closing its Ann Arbor campus amid a nationwide downturn in law school enrollments.

    The Western Michigan University-affiliated institution on Wednesday confirmed its plans to shutter its Ann Arbor operations by the end of the year.

    The school had previously announced plans not to offer classes in Ann Arbor for the fall semester as it considered its future. Accrediting agencies, including the American Bar Association, must approve the wind-down plan before it becomes official.

    Cooley said existing Ann Arbor campus students can take classes at other locations in Lansing, Auburn Hills, Grand Rapids or Tampa Bay, Fla. It said it would offer a $1,500 payment to help cover the costs of taking classes at one of the other campuses, as well as a $3,500 payment for a "bar review course for graduates."

    The school said it would also consider a "possible adjustment to available financial aid" and would provide "specialized advising" for students.

    The closure comes as Cooley is conducting what it called "a system-wide review of each program for capacity and quality." The school has cut some faculty and staff jobs and is seeking cost cuts.”

    As 7:22 am and 12:55 pm noted, and his analysis seems rock solid, the affected students have a golden opportunity at having their student loans discharged in bankruptcy. How often in life do you get a mulligan after such an idiotic, foolish decision? You can see why the pigs are offering some cash to keep the morons enrolled.

    Later on, the article continued:

    “The decision affects 139 students, said Jim Robb, associate dean of external affairs and senior counsel for Cooley.

    "They may attend classes in later terms at any campus they choose, which they have always been able to do and many have already done, Robb said in an email.

    The school owns its 84,500-square-foot building on Plymouth Road on Ann Arbor's north side, a facility formerly occupied by Catholic luminary Tom Monaghan's Ave Maria School of Law.

    Robb said the school plans to sell the property after the closure.

    "We have already received expressions of interest in what is a great facility and location in the Ann Arbor area," he said.”

    Too bad the swine don’t pack that 84,500 square foot building right up their portly asses. At least they will no longer financially ruin young people at that location.

    1. I hope it's a rule that the new owner has to keep the bronze statue of Thomas M. Cooley:

  10. Wish Nando's blog was around when I graduated friend from Cooley more than a decade ago. There were no scambloggers back then exposing the statistics like the fact working at Starbucks counted as "employed" for ABA reporting purposes. I did not take part in the class action lawsuit for fear if the judges dismiss it then your name is splattered all over the internet as a law graduate. I took the law degree off job applications. Never found a job at any law office and realized that if your family has no connections or you graduated HSY then it is better to let your law license lapse since continuing legal education is a waste of money and time. Problem was my parents were uneducated immigrants were English was a second language and none of my siblings attended college. So you have no connections in the legal field and nobody can tell you the actual risks associated with attending law school. As for the concept of a law
    degree being an advantage in a non
    legal setting, that is just rhetoric. The only thing my passing the bar exam did for me was get me an automatic public notary license and a notary stamp and I notarized a few documents for friends and was in return given a beer for gratitute. And because years went by since my law license lapsed, I am told the gap or lack of employment will mean I can never ever get a law job the rest of my life. A catch-22. You cannot get a job initially because you have a law degree from a non-member Ivy League school and after passage of time you cannot get a job due to employment gaps. And the whole concept of an alumni base is meaningless. These alumni never met you and could care less you graduated at the same institute.

    1. * I meant from Cooley a decade ago

    2. "A catch-22. You cannot get a job initially because you have a law degree from a non-member Ivy League school and after passage of time you cannot get a job due to employment gaps. And the whole concept of an alumni base is meaningless. These alumni never met you and could care less you graduated at the same institute."


      This sums up the worst part of the Scam, second only to the debt incurred.

      Well, and the time wasted..

      What you describe is exactly what I found after graduating. A total Catch-22 scenario. And yes, every alumni I contacted was more pissed off about it than anything else. They don't care nor do they want to be bothered. So when a school touts it's alumni network, it's a huge joke.

      You find out eventually that getting your money was all the school cared about and that it was worse than nothing because unless you go T14 (today T10 or better) and get the right pedigree on your resume, it's far, far better to have not gone at all and done anything else, literally, with your life.

      Of course, by the time this is figured out, it's pure hindsight and too late.

    3. Exactly, sadly, true. That is why getting into a T13 (10? 7? 5?) is all that matters if you have no connections, as the alumni network from a TTT will be too busy husling, themselves, to care about your problems as a new grad. They already know all about it and are still trying to stay ahead of the curve.

      Of course, even graduating from the ivy-est of ivys is unacceptably risky now. The economy is the great leveler, and you come to find out that even if you mange to be the Great Gatsby, what really matters is being a Buchanan.

  11. If this profession (so called) had any standards shitholes like Cooley wouldn't even exist.

  12. Ann Arbor is *not* a big enough community to have the U of Michigan and this sewer. (if a t3 is a toilet, is a t4 a sewer?)


    Back on August 23, 2013 at 2:48 pm, JDU member “friendlybum” started a thread labeled “Cooley 25% LSAT is 142!” Look at his original post below:

    “Their 25% LSAT is 142. That is below the 20th percentile of all takers. I know we talk about open admission but we are actually basically there.”

    Now, let’s head to Cambridge LSAT Prep’s chart, “LSAT Percentiles Table.” First, from the preamble:

    “LSAT Percentiles Table

    LSAT percentiles are an important metric in evaluating your overall competitiveness in the law school admissions process. For each admissions cycle (June through February of the following year), LSAC releases a new table which gives the aggregate percentiles for the prior three cycles. For example, test takers in the 2013–2014 cycle are given the numbers on the far right.”

    Then scroll down to the 142 score. Go to the far right column on that line. You will note that these cretins did better than a mere 18.1% of other test takers. That is simply embarrassing!

    On June 8, 2014, Evan Jones posted a LawSchooli entry entitled “June 2014 LSAT Discussion and Score Release Post.” Head down to the area “UPDATE 07/01/2014 3:16PM — Here’s our first look at the score conversion table.”

    According to this source, there were 101 questions on this version. In order to score 142 on this stupid test, you would only need to correctly answer 41 questions. That is not much better than random guessing. To put this into perspective, one would need to give the right answer on 64 questions, to attain a 155 LSAT score – and that is not considered a strong result.

    Could you imagine if AMA-accredited medical schools admitted applicants who performed as poorly on their entrance exams?!?! Hell, there would be a firestorm. After all, no one wants a dumbass performing surgery or to treat their illness or condition.

    In sum, the numbers SHOW BEYOND ALL DOUBT that TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer is a seething, rank filth pit. The administrators and “professors” at this commode – and similarly siTTTTuaTTTTed trash heaps – do not give one damn about their students and recent graduates.

    Simply put, if your entrance exam score places you in the 19th percentile, then you should not be admitted to any graduate program – especially a supposed “professional school.” You do not see accredited medical, dental or veterinary schools stoop to such “standards.” In a just world, this would not be acceptable in law school either. If these students are too damn dumb to even score decently on the LSAT, then they have NO BUSINESS representing people in real-life legal matters. Then again, we know that most of these men and women will not pass a bar exam. This means that they are truly pissing away three years of their lives, as well as their financial future. Again, the academic sociopaths don’t lose one wink of sleep over this fact.

  14. I wish my presTTTTigious alma maTTTTer closed its campus after my first semester. I would have dropped the hell out and never looked back. Of course, hindsight is always 20/20.

    As has been stated above, the kids at this campus have a real opportunity to save themselves from a life of pure misery and debt servitude. I can only hope a few souls manage to perceive this as a good thing.

    Meanwhile, the sound of crickets continuing their chirp over at the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar....

  15. This idiot gives a host of reasons to go to law school. Ugh.

  16. My cousin just turned 24. she makes $60k a year with chances to move up. 4 year degree. That's all.

    I'm 29. Law degree. From a top 20 school. I owe $110k and I make less than half that. I feel like I fucked up somewhere.

    1. HAHAHAHA! YES! I attended this cesspool for a year before I was academically dismissed. I take great delight in this monumental fuck up by LeDuc and his cronies. Back when I attended Cooley there was only the Lansing campus, and they'd probably be fine if they would have just kept it at 1 campus. But these greedy mofos had to expand and now it's starting to blow up in their faces. I hope this is just the beginning, and I hope some of the board of trustees, laid-off professors, and students start calling for LeDuc's resignation. He has made some really boneheaded decisions as dean and president that have hurt the school and its graduates. As bad as some of the students Cooley admits are, they pale in comparison to the deplorable administration. They could pay someone a lot less than LeDuc and his $600 K to polish that turd and to use common sense by not opening 4 law school branches at a time when the legal field is oversaturated or to author rankings that just make your school look like a joke.

      I only wish Cooley would've closed during my law school career. I would've killed for the opportunity to have my debt discharged. That would've been so freeing. I've barely put a dent in the 30 K I have to pay back and I have nothing to show for it. A group needs to go to Ann Arbor and talk some sense into the ass clowns there. They need to understand that leaving Cooley is the only good option.

      The $1500 they're throwing at them won't be enough to cover the move, and $3000 for a bar review course is worthless because they won't likely be able to find jobs after a first-attempt bar passage anyway. The sad part is a lot of these kids (especially the 2L and 3L students) have already drunk the Cooley aid and will justify continuing because they're close to graduating. There's a need for some to finish what they started, but in this case, it's a bad idea. Most of these students could end up with a JD and admission to a state bar and still have nothing to show for it except for a mountain of debt.

      Hopefully all the branches of this shit hole close soon.

    2. Does not surprise me your cousin is literally doing twice as better as you. She also did not waste three years in law school giving her time to advance up the company ladder. Last winter I was stopping over a friends house to play cards and there were always two other guys who were there. One was an aluminum siding contractor with a beat up pick up truck. A month later discovered the guy was a graduate of Albany Law School and when I heard that I admitted I graduated from Cooley. The first month we both kept our law degrees a secret thinking the other did not have a law degree and did not want to explain our plights to non lawyers. It was when our mutual friend blurted it out we realized there were 2 lawyers playing cards all the time. What are the chances 4 guys get together every night and two are unemployed lawyers from two different law schools? His depression over the whole ordeal caused him to have a drinking problem now. So that is another consequence of the law school scam.....broken dreams and substance abuse.

  17. People have to be aware that there is a subtle and silent form of discrimination at the law schools and the legal industry as a whole. I experienced it first hand. The law schools and ABA is always screaming at the top of their lungs the concept of equality, diversity, and inclusion in the profession. Physical disability is one such class. But the reality is that the ABA admits only a quarter of a percentage of law partners are physically disabled and even fewer numbers of associates. We are talking .0025. What the law schools and ABA will do is advertise they embrace physically disabled students because such student is paying the tuition, just an ass in the seat churning business. Once the student graduates there is only nominal or non-existent support for a physically disabled alumnus. Especially if that person graduated a lower tier school. The resume shows a lower tier law school and thrown away so if there is never a job interview then it follows there is no opportunity to explain a physical
    disability and request accomodations. Even though the NALP and ABA claim they promote diversity and the rights of the physically disabled, the truth is a physically disabled person would consume a lot of time and energy for career services, the bar association, and law firms, to find the right job or environment while they are laying off staff. Disabled alumni will simply be given the silent treatment. And a disabled student thinking of attending law school is really putting himself/herself in the most precarious situation because if they cannot find a job in law to pay off the student loans, they cannot fall back on other labor intensive jobs. They cannot even bar tend in Vegas at a high end Casino that pay well in tips. And the disabled student will be in the hole for law school expenses. Desperate law schools more than ever will be touting the diversity scam. Don't fall for it at all. I did and learned my lesson.

    1. ^ Dude. It sounds like you have mistaken your "alma mater" for your actual mater. SHE's the one who is supposed to financially support you, breast-feed you, and wipe your bottom for you until you turn fucking 70. Not your law school?

    2. The person who posted at 7:18 will learn the lesson the hard way if he or she attends law school and graduates with a $250,000 in student loans with no job prospects. You will end up moving back in your mother's basement. See the Bloomberg news YouTube video about giant law firms collapsing. These were entrenched law white-shoe law firms made up of the White. Male Anglo Saxon Protestant establishment. It's a good please boys country club. So when these lawyers are being laid off do you think the ABA will be so concerned about their diversity pledged for women, minorities, or the disabled? Don't be naive. Discrimination is a fact of life even I'm the professions or even more so. Diversity is a ploy only to get your ass in a law school seat as a chump paying tuition. When these diverse classes are graduates and it is time for them to find a paying job they will learn the reality there is an establishment with an unwritten glass ceiling. Just look at the statistics who are the partners of major law firms.

    3. "The person who posted at 7:18" (ahem) would never take on that much debt in the first place - nor would I ever assume that three years of tuition money somehow obligated the law school to care for me for life, like some kind of "mad banker" supercharged annuity plan.

    4. Holier-than-thou Boomer alert at 7:18/11:55! You can spot the wild Boomer by the air of superiority literally dripping from them like the stench of a skunk. That, and the cheshire-cat-like grin of getting orgasmic pleasure from enjoying the suffering of absolute and complete strangers.

    5. @1137,

      Um, chances are you're older than I am. At any rate, I'm not the one wishing for other people to "move back into their mother's basement." All I see in your post is a bunch of ad hominem nonsense. How very surprising that a bottom line-focused employer doesn't want to turn itself into a lifelong sugartit/free health care factory for you. Oh wait, I forgot - that's the law school's job!

      Note also that the mooch thinks having to look for work and fend for himself is akin to "suffering."

    6. To All:

      I am a "boomer" but I am "full tilt bozo" as was said back then, on the side of the scambloggers.

      The scam is not recent. It dates back decades.

      There are many boomers who make a good living, partially due to the incredibly low tuition back then.

      I don't make an incredible good living, but not bad, however, my income does not affect my analysis of the problem.

      My legal education from a good school was worthless as far as training me to practice law.

      Were you to "go under the knife" you would probably want to know that your surgeon has cut "something" before cutting you.

      Well, that is NOT the law school model, at least in 1974. Law students then, at my school, were not taught anything practical.

      The ABA should be condemned.

      Its role is to support the model which supports professors droning on of rules long dead, so they need not prepare a lecture more current than James IV, and keep their jobs, be held in prestige, and write articles nobody reads or needs.
      This mess could not have grown to this level without the ABA.
      The ABA wants to be the "gatekeeper," well the time is coming to measure its performance and to hold it in account. It is time to "take tally."

    7. @3:54. When it is common now for less than half of law school grads to find full time/ long term work and owe $250,000, not including undergrad, non-dischargeable student loans with interest accruing then that is the definition of suffering. I think you would suffer if you could not even pay your credit card bills that are dischargeable let alone student loans. Are your bills all paid up front in cash?

    8. @113,

      Very few people these days pay their bills "in cash" - but sure, I pay all my bills up-front.

      The reason why a $7K credit card bill is dischargeable and a $250K student loan is not should be obvious to even the most simple-minded observer: there is no way that a bank or credit card company would EVER make an unsecured loan for $250K to someone with no income or assets. Student loans are a special exception to the rule, allowing people to borrow huge amounts of money. But there's a catch: they'll lend you the money, but you have to actually pay it back. The taxpayers can't afford to lend people a quarter of a million dollars and then have those people immediately turn sideways and disappear.

    9. Even when they tout diversity, they generally mean white female. If you are any other race or male, you are completely out of luck.

      And since white males are leaving higher education in droves, chances are you are a minority male getting suckered. Even for these white women, a lot are looking to just get married. The minority women unless they're at the very upper echelon will have serious issues (Mrs. Clooney is atypical).

    10. Non sequitur bankruptcy comments? Check! Non sequitur "supercharged annuity" comment? Check! Smug sense of moral superiority? Check!

      Witness the resurrection of Bankruptcy Jesus!

      All together now: "Pay your bills, dude!"

  18. Everybody, don't forget an unintended consequence of being an unemployed lawyer versus the public at large. If you ever get into even minor the IRS Audits you for a minor clerical mistake, or your license was suspended only for a day because you failed to pay a parking ticket on a timely basis but the very next morning you want down to the Motor Vehicles Department and resolved it, the Judiciary Committee will send you a subpoena to explain yourself to their commuter. Something Joe 6 pack does not worry about. Even if you won the Powerball lottery and officially retired from law and was pulled over for speeding in a Ferrari way over the speed limit or drunk on New Years Eve in that Ferrari with a blond Bimbo, around 6 stiffs at the Judiciary Committee will haul your ass in and inconvenience you to explain what happened. You think a construction worker deals with that crap? He just tells his coworkers what happened at the DMV, pays his fines, and moves on.

  19. This entire school (all campuses) should be shut down. Everyone knows that a law degree from Cooley means you were too stupid to get into a real law school.

  20. Nonsense. First of all, IRS audits are confidential so the Bar would never know about them unless you were indicted for tax evasion, and then you face consequences only if "convicted". Ever hear of the concept of innocent until proven guilty? Drunk Driving conviction . . . never heard of the bar going after anybody UNLESS there was an injury involved. Not paying a parking ticket. . . you will never hear from Bar. Speeding? No chance. The Bar does not require you be a perfect human being, only that you be honest and above all, do not steal from your clients.

    1. Parking and speeding tickets won't get a lawyer in trouble unless he/she fails to pay them in which case a bench warrant will be issued and if executed, the bar may take action, especially if you have an overzealous snitch prosecutor or judge.

      I don't know if an IRS audit will trigger a bar investigation but if the IRS auditors see an attorney co-mingle business and trust accounts, I am sure they will alert the bar authorities. I do know that if you bounce a check on your trust account, for whatever reason, in my jurisdiction the bank has to notify the bar. Also, if an attorney files bankruptcy or is convicted of DUI, the clerk of the courts are obligated to report the attorney's name to the bar authorities. I am not sure what they do with this information but only attorneys are subject to this reporting requirement. Medical doctors are not.

      Also, I do know that in NJ a few years ago, an attorney was suspended for 6 months for a domestic violence conviction. WTF does a domestic violence incident have to do with the practice of law? I don't know.

      I guess the point of the earlier poster is that attorneys are often scrutinized. In my jurisdiction, it would appear only the non-connected lawyers are scrutinized. If you are part of the "good old boys network," you will get a pass.

    2. I think there is a BIG difference between a domestic violence conviction and a minor traffic offense.

    3. The bar examiners ask you if your license has ever been suspended. You could be pulled over by a cop for something as trivial as a broken tail-light and because of a family emergency overseas or out of state simply failed to show up to court and have your license suspended for maybe just a day or two. Happened to a friend who is not an attorney but he went to the Motor Vehicles Department and fixed problem immediately. But the bar examiners and Judiciary commuter simply wants to know if your license was suspended and you can explain the circumstances later. You think a construction supervisor deals with that crap? Nope, usually only lawyers and even retired lawyers. The judiciary commuter will be a part of your life forever no matter how many years you were retired
      Once you pass the bar and you are sworn in, even as unemployed, they are your new Big Brother.

  21. You would be surprised how much the judiciary commuter finds out about lawyers, even retired ones, for any mishaps they get involved in and it does not matter if the attorney was arrested or not. Your life is like a fish in a fish bowl. The judiciary committee even wants to know if you are living with a member of the opposite sex in an unmarried relationship and attorneys have at times been asked that question. As for the issue of law schools obligations to their graduates, read the NALP Career services best practice guide that most large schools claim they are members. The protocol does say the law schools should in good faith and in a professional manner help unemployed graduated attain a job, and also try to promote diversity and inclusion, but with so many unemployed law graduates that is an impossible task and they obviously failed at it. The NALP protocols is simply rhetoric for an unattainable goal. The law students should be aware of this at enrollment.


    On October 6, 2014, the ABA Journal published a piece from Debbie Cassens Weiss, which was entitled “Cooley Law School to close its Ann Arbor campus at year’s end.” Here is the full text of that article:

    “The Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School intends to close its Ann Arbor campus at the end of December.

    Students at the Ann Arbor campus can take classes at any of the school’s four other campuses, including at Lansing or Auburn Hills about an hour away, according to a notice published on the school’s website. Above the Law broke the news Friday evening.

    Ann Arbor students will get a $1,500 cash stipend to cover the costs of attending classes at the other campuses, and a $3,500 stipend for a bar review course when they graduate. The announcement follows the school’s July announcement that it wouldn’t enroll any new students at the Ann Arbor campus. At the same time, the school said it was laying off faculty as part of a plan to reduce expenses and “right size” the school.

    At its height in 2010, enrollment at Cooley was about 4,000, according to prior news coverage. By 2013 the number had fallen to 2,477 students.

    Closing of the Ann Arbor campus is subject to approval by the school’s accrediting agencies–the Higher Learning Commission and the ABA’s Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar.”

    If the numbers cited above are correct, then this trash pit’s overall enrollment has declined by roughly 1,500 students. The current figure is only 62% of where it was in 2010, i.e. 2,477/4,000. This truly is excellent news for the consumer. In the final analysis, Thomas M. Cooley Law Sewer is a foul-smelling, atrocious pile of vile excrement that ought to be shut down entirely.

    The affected victims should tell the pigs to shove that proferred $1,500 cash offer up their filthy asses – and then walk away from law school. Sadly, many of these dolts will take the pathetic offering and incur insane amounts of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt for a TTTT degree.

    1. I doubt barely any law students will just reject Copley's offer and completely drop out. Think about it, Nando's blog has been around since, correct me if I am mistaken, 2007. and yet law students across the country continue to enroll. Nando's blog warns prospective students don't go to law school unless you get into a top 5 law school. Clear as the day itself. Its like a person wanting to hire a corrupt contractor to renovate their house without contacting the better business bureau or just doing a Google search for that name. People don't even buy a $30,000 car today without checking the Consumer Guide ratings but will incur $250 K in non-dischargeable debt without more than reading the glossy law school brochure. Thanks to Nando's efforts there were a flurry of law suits against various law schools and people can read the complaints online and realize right there the risks they took. Yet these future "lawyers'" don't have the inclination to read the complaints.

  23. As a warning to all college students thinking about attending any non-elite law school. Just look at the job placement rates on all the law school's Wikipedia pages because Wikipedia is now even including long time full time statistics 9 months after graduation. Many law schools are in the paltry and pathetic 25% range. Look up Wikipedia's page for Loyola Las Angeles where famous trial attorney for OJ Simpson graduated.......Shapiro. Quite a low employment number but I am sure even Loyola in their literature will just advertise the fact that OJ Simpson's lead counsel graduated there and the employment stats will be in fine print on PDF format to download. And once the 9 month after graduation point passes and you still have not found any job from your respective law school career office, the surveys are already in from your graduating class and you literally will never be counted again. In form you will be considered an alumnus but in reality they will cut ties with you and you will never get any assistance from career services. So if you are jobless after the 9 month benchmark consider yourself jobless for life and go back to your former job before law school. That is the cold hard facts. Buy an occasional lottery ticket. You have a better chance at success.

  24. $1500? Hell, Cooley should refund all of their tuition money.

    Then again, some of those students just might not be smart enough to take that money and run.

    1. Don't even wait around for a refund. Drop classed and leave town like the batmobile.

  25. I have found a great law school.

    It has courses on bar tending, shelving-Librarian Second class with oak clusters as a minor, and lawn mower repair.

    The more I read about the nightmare that is law school "education," the more it looks like it was written by The Onion.

  26. I will say it again: I am a 60 year old solo who has clawed his way to the gooey, warm center of the dung heap. I have a going-concern law practice, such as it is, and my three sons will not be lawyers. I will kill my practice to put an end to it.

    I told my sons that I would not approve them becoming lawyers, that I would not pay for it, that I would not support their efforts, and that if they became lawyers, it was their own damn fault.
    One is a physician, and at 32 will have a starting income about 3 times mine-and he will have 8 weeks vacation (Minimum!)
    Let's just put it this way, at 60, I cannot afford to pay current law school tuition with a going-concern practice.
    So why do you 0L's think you can do so?
    Realtors with a two year degree can make $350,000, if they are talented and hard workers.
    Another way to say it, if you, a 0L graduated today, took over my practice, you would have a very hard time paying your law school loans (not to mention your undergraduate debt).
    Why listen to me?
    Well, I have had about 4,500 clients, and they come back from time-to-time, and hire me again.
    With THAT base of contacts, paying off current law school debt would be very difficult and a 10 or 20 year proposition.
    It took me 37 years to build that client base.
    Another way to look at it, if you believe me, and do not go to law school, send me $50,000 and you will be about $90,000 better off!
    Would you send me $50,000? NO. So why send $140,000 to a law school? My advice is worth $50,000 (about a third) and your law degree is not worth $140,000.
    As an aside, the tuition at the University of Illinois College of Law was higher than its tuition at its medical school.
    The typical law grad might earn $45,000 to $60,000. Their typical medical grad might earn $250,000 to $350,000.
    So, where is the sense (or justice) in that?


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