Saturday, November 29, 2014

Seventy-Nine Cockroaches/Law School Deans Demand Full Transparency from the National Conference of Bar Examiners, Because Their Schools Lowered Admissions Standards and Bar Pass Rates Plummeted in July 2014

Demand Letter from the Academic Thieves: On November 25, 2014, Cockroach Kathryn Rand, dean of Third Tier University of North Dakota Sewer of Law, sent a letter addressed to Erica Moeser, president of the National Conference of Bar Examiners. Hell, the parasite even put this letter on official law school letterhead. Rand seeks to kiss Moeser’s ass on page one, before issuing this comical salvo:

“Statement of Law School [Pigs]

We, the undersigned law school deans, respectfully request that the National Conference of Bar Examiners facilitate a thorough investigation of the administration and scoring of the July 2014 bar exam. The methodology and results of the investigation should be made fully transparent to all law school deans and state bar examiners. 

In particular, the investigation should examine the integrity and fairness of the July 2014 exam as well as the overall reliability of the multistate components of the exam. We request that the NCBE provide all data in its possession on reliability and fairness of the July 2014 exam and all data necessary for independent review for independent expert review of the same. 

We also request that the NCBE provide the evidence it relied on in making the statement that the takers of the bar exam in July 2014 were less able than those in 2013. 

Moving forward, we ask that the NCBE work with the law school deans and state bar examiners to release to law schools detailed scoring and scaling data for our respective graduates.” [Emphasis mine]

For $ome rea$on, these bitches and hags don’t believe that THEY should submit their job placement figures or incoming class data to an outside, independent review or audit. Conversely, these jackals feel that other organizations should submit to the demands and whims of these “educators.” By the way, I have profiled 75 of the 79 dung heaps represented on that list. The highest-ranked in$titution on that lineup is the Brigham Young Univer$ity J. Reuben Clark Law $chool. The toilet is currently rated 36th “best” in the nation, by US “News” & World Report.

Then again, what do you expect from a university named after a man who – according to the LDS Church - had only 11 damn days of schooling?!?! The univer$ity still bans beards on campus – even though Brigham Young sported a big-ass beard for most of his adult life.

WSJ Law Blog Reports: Jacob Gershman’s piece, “Law School Deans Question Sharp Decline in Bar Exam Scores,” appeared in the November 26, 2014 edition of the Wall Street Journal Law Blog. From the opening:

“Law schools are turning up the heat on the nation’s leading bar exam group over what they say is an inexplicable drop in student scores on the most recent test.

Dozens of law school deans across the country attached their names to a letter sent to the National Conference of Bar Examiners on Tuesday demanding a “thorough investigation of the administration and scoring” of the July 2014 bar exam. 

The letter followed reports of many states, including Texas, Idaho, Iowa, Oregon and Washington, seeing an unusually steep decline in bar exam scores compared with last year’s performance. Passage rates plunged by more than 10 percentage points in some cases. 

The NCBE, the Wisconsin-based non-profit that prepares widely used standardized portions of the bar exam, says the results of the July test are troubling, but says the tests aren’t to blame. The group says students this year just didn’t do as well as previous years’ cohorts. 

Law schools — many of which are straining to keep up enrollment in a time of sagging demand for law degrees — have bristled at the response.” [Emphasis mine]

This is the likely result when ABA-accredited law schools have collectively become LESS SELECTIVE. This is compounded by the fact that many of that those with high LSAT scores are now declining to apply to law school, while dumbasses continue their pursuit of a “legal education.”

Other Coverage: On November 27, 2014, the Law School Truth Center published a hilarious entry entitled “Happy Thanksgiving; I’m Thankful for These Seventy-Nine Heroic Law Deans.” Check out this portion of his conclusion:

“[T]he war is all about whether you want rigid bar examinations by a cold, opaque NCBE or open, fair, and flexible bar examinations whose administrators cower to threats of auditing and mass criticism, helping the status quo to carry on for another year. Heck, just by sending a few letters, they've already virtually guaranteed that bar examination pass rates will improve next year in several states. No way those bureaucrats want to further ruffle feathers with law deans. 

So hail these brave patriots, and let us celebrate the institutions that they serve. Albany, Ave Maria, Barry, Capital, Charleston, Drake, Golden Gate, Hofstra, JMLS, La Verne, NYLS, Northeastern, Pace, Roger Williams, St. Marys, St. Thomas (2x), TJLS, Touro, Cooley, Vermont, Whittier, Widener, and all the others are fortunate to have leaders who understand the need for transparency and accountability when the law schools may have an adverse result. God bless them, every one.” [Emphasis mine]

Seeing that the typical law dean practiced law for roughly 8 minutes, before running to the safe confines of academia, I doubt that the NCBE bureaucrats are afraid to scuffle with these tramps. However, they probably don’t want to put up with the hassle and constant bitching and moaning. Look for next year’s July bar results to improve dramatically, even though applicants continue to devolve. I wouldn't be surprised to see law school deans next start a campaign against LSAC, complaining that the entrance exam is too difficult for many applicants.

Conclusion: These 79 pieces of trash DO NOT GIVE ONE DAMN about their students or recent graduates. They simply want to give the appearance of caring about their former pupils – in order to attract more applicants. Anyone with a full scale IQ above 70 can see through this nonsense. However, seeing that idiots with 140 LSAT scores are still applying to law school, plenty of morons will be taken in by such empty, cynical gestures.


  1. R. Lee Ermey is fantastic. He'd physically beat all 79 deans to a pulp with his bare hands.

  2. I see that Hofstra's Eric Lane signed the letter. His law school plunged from 89 to 135 in just two years. Is he blaming that on the MBE too?

    1. Hofstra's problem is law school transparency. Its fall coincides with the beginning of law school transparency. It could no longer hide how bad things were.

      I actually feel sorry for Lane. He has to pay for Nora Demleitner's deception. Of course he accepted the job.

  3. Sgt. R. Lee Ermey: What tier are you in?

    Law School Dean: We are proudly in the 2nd Tier.

    Sgt. R. Lee Ermey: 2nd tier? I didn't know they stacked shit that high.

    1. They don't even have the decency to give their students a reach-around, either.

    2. Sgt. R. Lee Ermey: What's your name scumbag?

      0L: Josh Levenstein and I am going to Cardozo law school this Fall.

      Sgt. R. Lee Ermey: I'll just call you Private Snowflake.

    3. Second tier schools aren't bad per se. It's the fact that we have 3rd and 4th tier schools that's the problem.

      If we could only get rid of 100-120 schools, we'd be in pretty decent shape.

    4. Cooley isn't bad per se, assuming that you eliminate every other law school in the country.

  4. The investigation demanded by these scam-deans would only show that the test was as valid as last year's and that indeed the quality of the cohort is plummeting.

    Scam-deans care only about themselves. They may appear here to be defending their graduates, but they're only defending the law-school scam. Contemptible swine!

    Old Guy

  5. "For $ome rea$on, these bitches and hags don’t believe that THEY should submit their job placement figures or incoming class data to an outside, independent review or audit."

    That's exactly the problem. The deans whined "but the employment numbers would be soooo much better if it were 10 months instead of 9." They needed the rules to change for their unethical quest to continue. What's worse: the ABA gave in. Now these same stupid deans are saying "we can't teach our current morons to pass the NCBE's test - it needs to be easier. Someone needs to change this standard, just like the employment data, for us too. We're too inept to deal with market forces and the consequences of growing our schools' administrations without employers' demand for our graduates. This ineptitude is why we've hidden in academia all our lives. We can't handle reality."

    This is what a bubble looks like. It'll be fun to watch it all fall down. I only wish it would be as rough on the deans as it has been on the students they've conned into six-figures of non-dischargable debt.

    1. Maybe send a note to Moeser and let her know she has your support and should hold her ground.

  6. Next thing you'll know these Dean's will be clamoring to make legal work easier, easy enough that anyone can do it, even a below average, unmotivated "college graduate" who has no little or no theoretical training in the law, and no practical training or experience in law whatsoever.

    No, wait. That can't be right. Um, what we mean to say is .... um, err.....

    1. Ummm ... legal work is already easy. Frankly, 75% of everything a lawyer does is so damn easy and mindless that a high school graduate can do it while the TV is playing.

    2. TITCR.

      Cut 'n paste, cut 'n paste. Trained monkeys could do this job.

    3. The hardest part is actually getting the job and then being given the resources to cut and paste from.

      There's a reason why employers don't want to hire and then don't want to pay anyone anything, most people can branch off to their own firms pretty quickly if they have a client base and any experience at all.

  7. Dean Fisher of UCONN Law signed the letter even though his school's first time pass rate and overall pass rate climbed slightly during the last year, and has been higher then the overall totals. Counting only July tests.

    Year total P 1st time TP UCONN TP UCONN 1st TP

    2014 77% 85% 85% 88%
    2013 74% 80% 83% 87%
    2012 77% 80% 85% 87%
    2011 72% 81% 87% 92%

    UCONN is a TT. It's last four year performance helps undermines the argument that the change in the multi-state exam has resulted in fewer bar passes. Indeed The overall July pass rate in Connecticut indicates no impact from changes in this test.

    I have no idea why Fisher has joined up with these other law schools since there is no evidence that the test changes have impacted his law school or state.

    As a UCONN Law grad I'm dismayed he joined these other law school deans.

    1. I went to Ohio State Law School in the late 90s. I had a great job which included free housing. I even had a new company car for my personal and business use. I decided I was better than that. So I signed on the dotted line for law school like a dummy.

      My wife was on board with me going to law school. She was my biggest supporter. Fast forward several years and she left me for some other guy. Funny how that shit happens isn't it?

      If I can only get one thing through to young people it's this: don't fucking go to law school. Ever.

    2. Funny?

      Not really. She supported you because she felt there was something in it for her, namely money. The only thing women really care about. Secondarily, perhaps, status which she thought would attach to her through you.

      Believe it or not, women have pissing contests too. More of them than you might think.

  8. Greed knows no bounds. I'll bet these assholes will demand an easier MBE so more dummies will pass the bar exam. Make it like the SATs where you get 400 points for spelling your name right.


    Drill Instructor: Private Pile, why is your footlocker unlocked? If there's anything in this world I hate, it's an unlocked footlocker! Well now, let's see if there's anything missing? Holy Jesus. What the fuck is that?

    Pvt Pile (of Shit): A jelly donut, sir!

    Drill Instructor: You people have not given him the proper motivation to pass the bar exam. So from now on whenever, Private Pile fucks up and fails the bar exam, I will not punish him. I will punish all of you! And the way I see it ladies, you owe me for one jelly donut.

  10. Yo Nando-why don't you send an "open letter" to each dean-and the local paper(and cc all to the NYT)- requesting a "thorough investigation of the admissions and employment statistics" for each law school. I can't imagine how helpful the results will be...


    Let’s look at some of the comments, to the Jacob Gerhman piece cited to, in the main entry. Of course, quite a few ass-hats and waterheads posted remarks – but we will focus on those who understand the game.

    For instance, at 4:50 pm on November 26, 2014, “Matt” wrote:

    “Please let this news be widely disseminated to undergraduates considering law - law schools can't guarantee you a job in the law, cost a fortune in debt, and now can't guarantee you pass the bar exam. Choose something useful with your lives, rather than joining the great parasite class!”

    Two minutes later, accountholder “Mr. Hand” delivered this right cross:

    “Easy to explain the sharp decline in scores: The students simply are not as smart! The best minds,given the poor prospects for lawyers, are going into much more lucrative professions. The remainder, with little else to do, go to law school. Hence, you get lower scores. Not hard to figure out.”

    Here is my favorite comment, from “Almost Lifelike” – posted on November 26, 2014 at 5:50 pm:

    “We don’t know what evidence you have to support this surprising (and surprisingly disparaging) claim,” wrote Brooklyn Law School Dean Nicholas W. Allard in an earlier letter to Ms. Moeser" Perhaps Ms. Moesser could follow this line of logic. A- Bar exams are used to judge whether prospective lawyers are ABLE to do their jobs. If Brooklyn law school did not agree with this, I presume that they would look at getting rid of the bar exam as being irrelevant. B-The most recent cohort did significantly less well on this test than before. That a law school dean would fail to see the evidentiary value to the exam results may offer some insight into the "surprising" results.”

    This observer nailed Nicholas Allard’s little nuts to a T! As I wrote in the LSTC blog entry:

    “I wouldn't be surprised to see these 79 cockroaches lobby state legislatures HARD - in order to remove the bar exam, as it "may disproportionately affect dumbasses and other special or protected groups." That appears to be the endgame. We all know that these academic swine do not give one goddamn about the students, graduates or the public. They merely want to be able to get as many asses in seats as possible.

    Hell, Nicholas Allard basically said it is unethical to have students shell out a few thousand bucks more - for bar prep courses and the exam - after having already taken out large sums of student loans for their law degrees. Next step for the pigs: push for waiving the bar exam for those who graduate from an ABA-accredited toilet. That way the commodes can keep admitting morons with 139 LSATs and 2.81 UGPAs, and then not even have to worry about embarrassingly low exam passage rates.”

  12. More gems from the Gershman article:

    On November 26, 2014, 5:58 pm, user “James A. Kirk: quipped:

    “No great loss. The last thing we need is more lawyers.”

    At 6:29 pm, on November 26, 2014, “Alan Leventhal” stated:

    “And maybe the students are not actually performing to par here? How could this be possible after decades of decline inculcating critical thinking skills and academic integrity; combined with twin entitlements of, on the one hand - tenure for the established, and on the other, instant rewards due the millennial? By all means - re-level the bar exam to suit downward expectations, rather than demanding a given modicum of performance.”

    Accountholder RobS responded with this nugget, on November 26, 2014, at 6:36 pm:

    “One more reason not to go to law school. And the response by law schools is predictable - kill the messenger.”

    At 12:15 am on November 27, 2014, someuse using the handle “LaCosaNostra” wrote:

    “Times have changed - and how quickly too! The smart youth of today do not want to become lawyers. There are more respectable and lucrative careers to be pursued.”

    Lastly, on November 29, 2014, 2:07 pm, “Boulder lawyer” blasted the law school pigs with this hammer:

    “I'm not surprised by the Deans' thin-skinned reaction. Each year's crop of lawyers are indeed "less able" than the prior year's crop. This has been trending since the middle of the last century when law schools began slowly but surely converting into profit centers for the universities to which they were attached. In my estimation, law schools today are only a quarter step above the for profits schools such as U of Phoenix. The revenue in tuition and alum donations that law school deans must generate to keep their jobs are strong incentive to bully the MBE folks.”

    These commenters KNOW that this is a rigged game. As John Doeee on JD Junkyard has pointed out – several times - the bar passage rate drop is a red herring. The fact remains that MANY who pass the damn bar exam will NEVER practice law – because the legal “profession” is GLUTTED. Of course, the law school cockroaches who feast on the dead carcasses of their students and recent graduates are making an issue out of this decline, because it may affect their individual commode’s overall ranking in US “News” & World Report. What beacons of integrity, huh?!?!

  13. I had lunch last week with a law school classmate who is now a U.S. Magistrate. We talked about family, other former classmates and the state of the legal profession today. My friend told me that he has definitely seen a decline in quality of lawyers in the last 10 years but it has gotten worse in the last 4 years. Many newly licensed lawyers are cutting corners and as he remarked "it seems like law schools are just teaching students the art of cut and paste." I told him about the recent decline of bar exam passers and he didn't seem surprised. One thing I respect my colleague for is the fact that he refuses to be used as an example of marketing material for our law school. He happens to be half minority so imagine his advertisement value, especially to URM candidates. He told me that the law school has tried to get him in to speak in symposiums, guest lectures or to be used as an alumni example. He has flatly refused each invitation and wrote a letter to the current law school dean stating that he did not authorize the use of his name or image on the law school's marketing materials.

    Do the law school deans or lemmings dare label my former classmate a loser or a washout who didn't network or work hard enough? Anyway, it would appear the deans are trying to further dumb down the bar exam, which would be death blow to this profession. There are too many John Moron, Esquires out there who are driving the profession down in terms of prestige and value. In the end, the law school deans know the end is near and are trying to use liberal outlets such as the NYTimes and WSJ to push their greedy agenda. I predict it won't work. Imagine if the medical profession did away with board licensure requirements? People would be up in arms about it.

  14. There are what now, 201 or 202 ABA-accredited law schools, but only 78 [did I miss one?] deans signed this affront?!

    There you go kids, this is the worst of the worst in terms of Deans/ administrators.

    This list is a veritable 'who's who' of off-brand leeches!


    1. Albany Law School [top 10 scammin']
    2. American University [heinous pit]
    3. University of Arkansas
    4. University of Arkansas - Little Rock
    5. Ave Maria [God will not forgive them]
    6. Barry University [ROFL!!]
    7. Brigham Young University [something's rotten in Provo]
    8. Brooklyn Law School [top 10 in scammin']
    9. University of California - Hastings [worst employment stats save 2 out of 200]
    10. California Western Law School
    11. Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law [WTF??]
    12. Capital University School of Law [WTF???]
    13. Case Western Reserve School of Law
    14. Charleston Law School
    15. Cleveland State
    16. University of Colorado
    17. University of Connecticut
    18. Creighton University Law School
    19. City University of New York Law
    20. University of Detroit - Mercer
    21. David A. Clarke School of Law [WTF??]
    22. Drake University Law School
    23. Faulkner University Jones School of Law [Isn't that a truck-driving school? Nah, that'd be a step up!]
    24. Fordham
    25. Golden Gate University
    26. Gonzaga
    27. Hamline
    28. University of Hawaii - Manoa [new lawyers: new jobs in Hawaii is 7 new lawyers for each new job! BEWARE!]
    29. Hofstra
    30. University of Idaho
    31. John Marshall School of Law
    32. University of Kansas
    33. University of La Verne [are they accredited? LOLZ]
    34. Loyola University - Chicago
    35. University of Maine
    36. Mississippi College School of Law [off-brand of an off-brand]
    37. University of Mississippi
    38. University of Missouri- Kansas City
    39. University of Montana
    40. University of Las Vegas - Boyd
    41. New York Law School [no, that's not NYU!]
    42. North Carolina Central University School of Law
    43. University of North Dakota [ND also has a 7:1 new bar admits to new jobs ratio! YUCK! lawyers don't work in the Bakken field]
    44. Northeastern
    45. Ohio Northern
    46. Oklahoma City University School of Law [NOT OU]
    47. Pace Law School
    48. McGeorge Pacific
    49. Quinnipiac University School of Law
    50. Roger Williams University School of Law [WTF??]
    51. Saint Louis University School of Law [off-brand!]
    52. St. Mary's University School of Law [huh??]
    53. University of St. Thomas [no-no-notorious!]
    54. Seattle University School of Law
    55. University of South Dakota
    56. South Texas College of Law
    57. Southern Illinois University School of Law
    58. Texas A&M
    59. University of Texas - Austin
    60. Thomas Jefferson [aka Tijuana School of DEFAULT.]
    61. University of Toledo
    62. Touro [4-PROFIT.]
    63. University of Tulsa [that's barely even a city]
    64. University of Utah
    65. Valparasio [LOL, this place still exists???]
    66. Vermont Law School [Tijuana School of DEFAULT, NORTH.]
    67. Wake Forest [TRAP.]
    68. University of Washington
    69. Wayne State [2-3 students attend]
    70. West Virginia University [highest paid PIGS]
    71. COOLEY!
    72. Western New England [just, no.]
    73. Western State College of Law [malt'o'meal!]
    74. Whittier
    75. Widener [scammin' hard, voted most likely to fail by Standard & Poors]
    76. Willamette [poor oregon...]
    77. William Mitchell College of Law [WTF????]
    78. Yeshiva

  15. I am surprised Touro is on the list. Shouldn't they have closed by now? Who in their right mind would go to Touro?

    1. Touro is a gigantic shithole. The government still issues student loans to people enrolled there. Which basically means they'll support any fraudulent scheme if the words educational institution are attached.

    2. Here's the problem.

      Inevitably, the people who go to some on-campus visit at these places wind up talking to the #1 or #2 person in the 3L class who has "a great job lined up" paying $160k.

      Somehow, these asshole Lemmings and their idiot parents manage to find the *exact* wrong person (or right person) to talk to about attending the school.

      And then they go.

    3. Actually, when Touro was founded back in 1980, it did make some sense, if you consider the local, ethnic makeup of the community it served.

      It was Jewish law school (it even had a Kosher kitchen), and it trained practitioners that served the local, middle-class Jewish community, as well as the other middle class communities of Long Island and Queens.

      Growing up on Long Island in the 1980s and 1990s, I do remember quite a few Touro graduates that seemed to do pretty well for themselves dealing with generally mundane things--closings, non-contested divorces, etc. Of course, this was long before the lawyer bubble, during a time when hiring a NYC or Brooklyn lawyer was outside the budget of most middle class families.

      Today, of course, Touro is a waste of space, but it did serve a purpose for a brief period.

  16. I'm embarrassed to say that my alma mater signed on to this demand letter. While I already knew that I had graduated from a TTToilet for some time now, this just further demonstrates what a low-class cadre of "schools" these institutions have become. Embarrassing and dispicable.

    Own your failed means and methods, TTToilets. People with actual class and moral high-ground have nothing to argue about, and nothing to defend. Scammers, on the other hand, will whine, blame, and obfuscate.

    1. Same, same. Can't say I am surprised, more like outraged. There's nothing below these "schools" but sky if/when the umbilical cord of SWEET, SWEET FEDERAL $$$$ gets cut. At this point, Bernanke is/was right: this is sovereign debt; it goes BOOM when the federal government has no 'credit' and her 'full faith' is a monstrous joke.

  17. great news! My only question would be - how were the 2010 average LSATs vs. the previous years? I think it would be the people who took the 2010 LSAT who are reflected in this year's bar results, right? 2010 LSAT leads to 2011 admission and then 2014 bar.

    If we see a decline from previous years LSATs up til 2010's, we could establish a positive correlation...then we'll know we are in for several years of LULZ as the ever-more-gullible graduates of TTTTs get pwned by the bar exam and the schools get rolled in response.

  18. I noticed Valpo’s dean Andrea Lyon signed the letter. The median LSAT for Valpo’s entering class in the fall of 2013 was a 143 and the 25% LSAT score was a 141. What Ms. Lyon think is going to happen when these geniuses sit for the bar exam in July of 2016?

    1. I enrolled at Valpo over 30 years ago.

      There was no housing for grad students. Very depressing.

      I got a call from my Dad on the Friday before classes started saying that the Dean of a T22 school had called and had a seat for me. I said I would take it. I went back to my alma mater, and I was thrilled. My girlfriend was still in school there.

      I was admitted in the bottom 1 or 2% of the class.

      I Aced statistics. Very strong in math and science.

      I particularly resented being "told" that my law school performance was in the bottom 1 or 2%.

      I graduated 2 and 1/2 years later, in a 3 year program, one session of summer school, right at the top 25% of my class.

      Statistics can't measure determination.

      I told a managing partner of a firm, a week ago, of about 40 attorneys, that I thought I could design a law school course that would teach all of the first year course legal principals in 3 weeks. He smiled. He is not a theorist.

      I did not learn how to pass the bar exam in my T-22 law school. I did NOT learn how to practice law from my T-22 school (or maybe T-24, or so-the tier rankings change over time and T22 or T24 was the current ranking until the relatively recent great scandals, but my time, it was a long time ago).

      A medical student headed for a surgery residency has actually CUT something prior to graduation. Medical students, regardless of their residency interest, have done rotations (some weeks of service and study) in: ER, internal medicine, psychiatry, nephrology, neurology, cardiology, and so on, through all of the medical field divisions.

      In my day, law students were not taught the structure of legal authorities, the structure of statutes, the relationship among statues and regulations especially where there are both
      Federal and state statutes and regulations, ordinances, subdivision restrictions, deed restrictions…

      I graduated from a top 22 or 24 law school in 1977, NEVER having drafted a Deed, a Will, a contract, a Motion (of any sort-to continue, to dismiss, for Summary Judgment, In Limmine, or anything else), a letter of any sort (engagement, termination of engagement, to settle, to take action against legal advice, and so on), a Complaint, an Answer to a Complaint, a Third Party Answer, a Memo To File, well, we don't have time to list all that I NEVER learned about in law school. Nothing that had any bearing on the practice of law was taught.

      I am a particularly determined person, and though there are certainly others (now known as "Lemmings") who might be able to follow in my footsteps, I doubt few to none would find any satisfaction there.

      Well, enough. (Though there is more to say, perhaps later.)


    2. When the tide goes out, you see all the sunken boats.

      I am not a believer in the legal theory approach to law school "pedagogy" either. When's the last time a client paid you to have an opinion about what the law *should be*? Anything less than administering the moot practice applying the areas being 'studied' is just plain lazy. And hell, if one is going to moot practice, one might as well apprentice. And if one apprentices, what is the point of law school?

      The tide going out is the price, the risk, the job market, the interest rates, etc. design, no less. The 'market' could tolerate training new attorneys how to *actually* practice law - a thing never done by schools - when all the participants were not under the gun financially. Now, they all are. The schools are insolvent, the students are borrowing, the clients are stretched,the employers are struggling. Scalia asked at the William & Mary commencement (citing Paul Campos extensively in his speech) who would take time away from practice to train new lawyers if law schools were derelict in their job? Ha ha. Was that rhetorical? Said without irony?

      When the price has so insanely as to be only purchased on high interest credit, all the sudden the reality that employers were bearing costs of true education becomes very, very apparent. Now neither employers nor clients are willing to bear the cost of education and training. How many law firms have gone to a policy of not hiring new law graduates and laterals instead because clients will not allow billing for marked-up-as-F new associate labor? Law schools are, after all, offering only what can also be obtained via a library card, a JSTOR account, for free download, for a greatly reduced fee from BarBri, etc. etc. etc.

  19. Legal education is lame. It is not run for the benefit of the profession. Law school is a scheme designed for faculty to be paid six-figure salaries for working part-time. In case anyone has not noticed, many law schools will admit a bag of hammers as an incoming student, so long as they can get student loans. Now, law schools are complaining about lower bar pass rates, when admissions are set so low. Law schools are the enemy of the legal profession.

  20. I like the meme. The only fault I see is where it says Crybaby...

    The header should read Tissue? But the bottom part should say, "Well, here's your shitty law degree!"

  21. These pimps have no shame. That is all.

  22. Signing onto this TTTT petition cements your school's reputation as a toilet. I notice you don't see the deans at Yale, Stanford, Berkeley or U Chicago up there.

    1. Nor have you seen a single Dean of a barber college, all of whom presumably hold themselves in higher esteem.

  23. When I think of the law school pigs (faculty, deans, college presidents), I think about this famous quote:

    “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

    ― John F. Kennedy

    The law school pigs have taken from the legal education system for their benefit. They have raised tuition, lowered admission standards, offered poor training, flooded the market with graduates, lied and deceived about job prospects, politically influenced the ABA standards to keep job benefits, taken fat salaries for working part-time jobs, bristled at the attempts to end tenure, created large numbers of debtors, and so on. The legal faculty are the enemy of the legal profession.


    Back on January 28, 2013, Paul Caron reported the decrease in applications among high LSAT scorers. That piece was entitled “NLJ: Applicants Are Avoiding Law School in Droves (Especially Those With 170+ LSATs).” He cites to a National Law Journal story. Here is the full text of the Caron article:

    “Nearly everyone in legal education expected the number of law school applicants to fall off this academic year. But they weren't prepared for this.

    As of mid-January, 27,891 people had applied for seats in American Bar Association-accredited law schools. That represented a 20 percent decline since last year (and 2012 was hardly a banner year itself, as the number of applicants fell by nearly 14 percent.) If the trend holds through the final months of the admission cycle, law schools would see a 38 percent crash since their peak in 2010. ... At the present rate, between 53,000 and 54,000 applicants will vie for places in ABA-accredited schools this year, down from 68,000 in 2012. ..

    Law schools basically have two options at this point. ... They can reach deeper into their applicant pools and take students with lower academic credentials, risking their U.S. News and World Report ranking; or accept smaller classes by continuing to insist on higher LSAT scores and undergraduate grade-point averages — both of which are weighted heavily in the magazine's law school rankings. Most schools will probably decide upon a combination of approaches, according to a survey of incoming class sizes and the academic credentials of this year's crop of students at U.S. News' top 100 schools, as reported on their websites.

    Interestingly, the decline in law school applications is greatest among those with the highest LSAT scores (170-180, 24%-25% decline) and is least among those with LSAT scores below 140 (15% decline) and 165-169 (16% decline).”

    In the final analysis, the law school pigs have lowered their “standards” further. This has DIRECTLY RESULTED in dumber students and bar applicants. Instead of manning up and accepting responsibility, these 79 pieces of trash seek to pass the buck. What "men" and "women" of integrity, huh?!?!


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